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 African-American Artists and Abstraction
Travel to Cuba: July 28th to August 6th, 2014

African-American Artists and Abstraction 

Habana, Cuba --------July 28 to August 6, 2014
( Tentative Schedule of Activities 12/29/13)

Monday, July 28 – Arrive to Habana - Orientation and Tour Old Habana.

Tuesday, July 29 – Orientation – Visit Museo de Artes Universales meet Administration and Staff,
Tour Museum; Visit Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes. Afro-Cuban Filmmakers Gloria Rolando and Rigoberto Lopez. Welcome Dinner at Café Oriente

Wednesday, July 30 - Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes, Lectures on Afro Cuban History, Art, and Culture. Lectures and Dialogs with prominent Afro Cuban scholars and artists. Gathering at home of artist Roberto Diago (meet the Afro Cuban cultural Community).

Thursday, July 31 – Yoruba Cultural Center and Casa de Africa
Artists. Dialog with Afro Cuban artists and Afro-American artists. Afro Fashion Show at Casa de Africa. Press conference

Friday, August 1 – Tour cultural centers in Old and Central Habana
Opening Reception for AFRICAN AMERICAN ARTISTS AND ABSTRACTION (Museo de Artes Universales).

Saturday, August 2 – Meet Cuban artists, Tour galleries and visit cultural centers in Old Habana. Attend Sabado de Rumba; Jazz club

Sunday, August 3 – Callejon de Hamel; Visit artists studios. Lectures on Afro Cuban Arts and Afro Cuban Religions. Jazz Club

Monday, August 4 – Art Schools , Galleries , Cultural Center

Tuesday, August 5 – Lecture – Contemporary Afro Cuban Art ( Museo de Artes Universales ).

Wednesday, August 6 – Return to USA



Abstract 9: Portraits in Black  5/30/2014 IndieGoGo: "Our film captures 9 unique self-portraits of the artists from their studios to Havana Cuba. Through their voices, Abstract 9 gives a vivid insight into the history of Black Abstract Art from the late Jim Crow era until today. The film examines the obstacles black abstractionists hurdled to gain acceptance in and outside of the black community. The average museumgoer easily recognizes Pollock, Rothko or de Kooning but would be hard pressed to name even one major black abstractionists like Norman Lewis, Al Loving, Mel Edwards or Howardena Pindell. Our film highlights the active presence and unacknowledged influence of black abstract artists on the 20th century American art scene and examines their marginalization from the mainstream galleries and institutions."


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