Etubom Asuquo Etim: Maskmaker, musician, Obong-Nyamkpe in Efe Ekpe Eyo Ema / Nnyaya Kunya 2014-2
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Nnyaya Kunya 2014-2
Nnyaya Kunya 2014

According to legend, Nnyaya Kunya (or ‘Nyanyaku’) was the first Ekpe masquerade of the Efik people. This is the same mask as Ekong Ikong Ukom ‘plantain leaf mask’. But in 2013, ‘Bambam’ was inspired to create his own version, with a crown that includes three symbols of royalty: the Ntinya crown, a symbol of Ndem (Water power), and a symbol of Ekpe (Basonko, the red plumed-rod that points forward). This mask was made in 2013. Bambam is at the front of the procession of chiefs, at right.