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Venezuela in the News

The often unstated subtext in Venezuela is the role of race & identity.  For the white upper class, which controls sections of  the press, Chavez was a "mico mono," a long tailed monkey, a reference to his African heritage.  In reality, Chavez had African, Indian, and European heritage, was elected 8 times by Venezuela's poor, and  was a practicante de la religion Yoruba. His death by no means signals the end of bolivarianismo, which has its recent roots in the Caracazo, the 1989 pitched battles in Caracas' streets when the euro elite lost their grip on society. The opposition's white terrorist campaign is designed to continue fighting the Caracazo by intimidating the heavily afrodescendant poor.  See Racism Sin Vergüenza in the Venezuelan Counter-Revolution 5/27/2014 The Januray 2019 coup attempt backed by Trump is a complex affair, the best discussion we have found so far is Is the US Orchestrating a coup in Venezuela? 1/23/2019 Real News Network. The self proclaimed alleged president, Juan Guaidó, comes with instructions for gringos to pronounce his name: One White Dog, and cut his teeth in the far right party responsible for initiating the use of violent demonstrations as a terrorist campaign.

El ministro de Comunicaciones de Venezuela, Jorge Rodríguez, da una rueda de prensa
con videos de las confesiones del coronel Oswaldo García Palomo, quien fue capturado
el pasado 31 de enero de 2019 y es uno de los organizadores del golpe de Estado que
pretendían dar factores de derecha a finales de enero de este año.
Ilhan Omar Grills Venezuela Envoy Elliott Abrams on US-Backed Genocide  2/14/2019 Truth Out: "Yes or no, would you support an armed faction within Venezuela that engages in war crimes, crimes against humanity or genocide, if you believe they were serving U.S. interest, as you did in Guatemala, El Salvador and Nicaragua?"

Danny Glover on the Conflict Over Venezuela  2/12/2019 Real News: "One picture of this is the picture of Venezuela with I think the most egalitarian usage of national resources that we’ve seen in a long while. I mean, in that period of time of taking those resources and turning the resources into places where they benefit as people and everything else is a dangerous precedent. What do we draw from this? We can talk about all the liberal ideas that we want and all the ideas of independence and self-sufficiency and everything else. But when a country attempts to become self-sufficient in its own way, and thereby its self-sufficiency allows them to place demands on themselves and place demands on those who attempt to alter and change that, that’s another reality."

The Real Reason the U.S. Wants to Overthrow Venezuela  2/12/2019 Truth Dig: "A logical person would look at these U.S. initiatives—the attempted U.S. coup in 2002 and the FTAA—and conclude that the U.S. government has more concern for corporate interests than for the interests of the poor. After all, what bothered the United States with Chávez was that he demanded that oil companies pay higher royalties for the oil that they sucked out of Venezuela. Such audacity has to be repaid with a coup attempt."

Haitian and Dominican governments betray Venezuela at the OAS; Popular sectors mobilize for resistance  2/11/2019 Haiti Analysis: "Ironically, it was Venezuela that helped to develop the island’s energy infrastructure in recent years. A key part of this is the REFIDOMSA oil refinery in the Dominican Republic which the Venezuelan government helped to develop and partially owns, and which has also been used to help alleviate increased fuel demands and shortages in Haiti. For more than a decade Venezuela has aided the governments of Haiti and the Dominican Republic through a preferential system known as Petrocaribe, which provided subsidized crude oil prices to meet the countries critical energy demands."

Red Cross, UN Slam ‘Politicised’ USAID Humanitarian Assistance to Venezuela  2/11/2019 Venezuela Analysis: "USAID is an arm of the US State Department, and has been involved in a number of scandals in recent years which have led to its expulsion from Russia for political meddling and Bolivia for conspiracy. The press release explains that the plan is to supply Venezuelans with vegetable oil, flour, lentils and rice which they claim will feed 5,000 Venezuelans for 10 days. Also reportedly included in the shipment is ready-to-use food supplements for 6,700 Venezuelan children for two months and high energy bars for 10,000 children for one month."

Russia and China will Participate in Military Exercises in Venezuela  2/10/2019 Orinoco Tribune: "The civic-military exercises for the Angostura Bicentenary, which will be held from February 10 to 15 in Venezuela, will have the cooperation of allied countries such as Russia and China, this Friday, February 8, said the head of the Operational Strategic Command of the Bolivarian National Armed Force (Ceofanb), Remigio Ceballos…"

Western Media Fall in Lockstep for Cheap Trump/Rubio Venezuela Aid PR Stunt  2/9/2019 FAIR: "Despite dozens of media outlets giving the impression (and sometimes explicitly saying) that the Venezuelan government shut down an otherwise functioning pathway into the country, the bridge in question hasn’t been open for years."

Venezuela: US Aid Gambit Fails – War Plans Lack Support  2/9/2019 Venezuela Analysis: "The U.S. intent to establish a ‘humanitarian aid’ supply line into Venezuela has a secondary purpose. Such aid is the ideal cover for weapon supplies. In the 1980s designated ‘humanitarian aid’ flights for Nicaragua were filled with weapons. The orders for those flights were given by Elliot Abrams who is now Trump’s special envoy for Venezuela. While the trucks from Colombia are blocked at the border other ‘humanitarian aid’ from the United States reached the country."

Caribbean women demand non-interference in Venezuela  2/8/2019 Haiti Analysis: "We are deeply dismayed by the betrayal of these principles by the governments of Guyana, Jamaica, Haiti, the Bahamas, and St Lucia which on January 10, 2019, with the majority of the members of the Permanent Council of the Organisation of American States, followed the lead of the United States of America and voted not to recognise the second five-year term of Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro. This position and that of the USA, Britain and Canada have escalated divisions in that country and led to further violence and a possible increase in loss of life. The conflict in Venezuela has been accompanied by the threat of increased militarization of the Caribbean region. We oppose all attempts to establish a foreign military presence in the Caribbean, including a reported proposal for a British military base in the region. Any such presence can only further militarize our region, erode the principle of sovereignty and compromise the principles of non-alignment that are critical to regional autonomy and independence."

Did Venezuela’s President Really ‘Steal’ the 2018 Election from an Unknown Who Didn’t Run?  2/8/2019 Haiti Analysis: "Guaidó didn’t even run in the 2018 presidential election. Henri Falcón was the opposition politician who finished a very distant second in that election, over four million votes (47%) behind Maduro. Nobody has shown or even attempted to show that any votes, never mind millions of votes, were stolen from Falcón. In Venezuela’s electoral system, a very small amount of ballot stuffing is detectable in any contested election. That’s why, in 2012, Jimmy Carter said the electoral system was the best in the world. That soundness of the electoral system helps to explain the vitriol Falcón received from other Maduro opponents over his decision to run in the election. US officials threatened Falcón with sanctions if he ran. During the campaign, one of Falcón’s top advisors became exasperated enough to publicly ask the opposition party Voluntad Popular (Guaidó’s party) to “stop spreading lies” that a secret pact existed between Maduro and Falcón."

Venezuela’s Bolivarian Revolution Embraces its African Roots  2/8/2019 Orinoco Tribune: "We want to offer courses online because many Afro-Venezuelan communities have requested we do so. Moreover, we work with the Simón Rodríguez University and we offer courses at all their locations, creating a multiplying effect. We also are building our programs to take them directly into the communities. The CAACW is considered the heart of all the Cátedra Libre África [Free Africa Departments]."

How Washington Funded the Counterrevolution in Venezuela  2/8/2019 The Nation: "Thereafter, USAID/OTI largely shifted its efforts toward the burgeoning student movement that developed in the mid-2000s—the movement in which Guaidó “cut his political teeth,” according to a report in The Guardian. A former USAID/OTI member who helped devise US efforts in Venezuela said the “objective was that you had thousands of youth, high school, and college kids…that were horrified of this Indian-looking guy in power. They were idealistic. We wanted to help them to build a civic organization, so that they could mobilize and organize. This is different than protesting.” In other words, USAID/OTI sought to take advantage of racialized fear of Chávez to organize middle-class youth around a long-term strategy to defeat him."

Juan Guaidó: The Man Who Would Be President of Venezuela Doesn’t Have a Constitutional Leg to Stand On  2/7/2019 COHA: "The Venezuelan news outlet, Ultimas Noticias, reported that prominent opposition politician Henrique Capriles, who had run against Maduro in 2013, “affirmed during an interview that the majority of opposition parties did not agree with the self-swearing in of Juan Guaidó as interim president of the country.” Claudio Fermin, president of the party Solutions for Venezuela, wrote “we believe in the vote, in dialogue, we believe in coming to an understanding, we believe Venezuelans need to part ways with the extremist sectors that only offer hatred, revenge, lynching.” Key opposition governor of the State of Táchira, Laidy Gómez, has rejected Guaidó’s support of intervention by the US, warning that it “would generate death of Venezuelans.”"

El Pueblo Negro de Colombia no puede estar contra la resistencia del pueblo de Venezuela  2/7/2019 Mina Candela, Facebook: "¿Podemos estar de acuerdo entonces que lo mismo le suceda al pueblo Venezolano, donde la mayoría de quienes sufrirán las consecuencias de la guerra que se está promoviendo será gente como nosotras y nosotros? Gente negra, gente negra con nuestra misma historia de despojo y racismo que resiste contra las sanciones imperialistas y colonialistas de Estados Unidos y Europa; gente negra que ocupa territorios deseados por estos intereses de dominación económica y se arraiga para prevenir abrir la puerta del imperio sobre America Latina, como lo ha hecho Cuba en el Caribe."

Diosdado Cabello to Marco Rubio: Las Tienditas Bridge has Never Entered into Operation  2/7/2019 Orinoco Tribune: "In his Twitter account, Republican senator Marco Rubio tweeted that Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro allegedly moved containers to the bridge to “block the entry of humanitarian aid for the people of Venezuela,” while the US Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo, tweeted the same photo saying that “the Venezuelan people desperately need humanitarian aid. The United States and other countries try to help, but the Venezuelan military, following orders from Maduro, is blocking the passage with trucks and fuel tanks. ” In this regard, Cabello explained during his program Con El Mazo Dando that “the Venezuelans and Colombians who live around that bridge know that this bridge has never been used. It’s closed since 2016. ”

In Venezuela, White Supremacy Is a Key Driver of the Coup  2/7/2019 Orinoco Tribune: by Greg Palast - "First, we have Juan Guaidó, self-proclaimed (and Trump-proclaimed) president of the nation, with his wife and child, a photo prominently placed in The New York Times. And here, the class photo of Guaidó’s party members in the National Assembly. They appear, overwhelmingly light-skinned — especially when compared to their political opposites in the third photo, the congress members who support the elected President Nicolás Maduro. This is the story of Venezuela in black and white, the story not told in The New York Times or the rest of our establishment media. This year’s so-called popular uprising is, at its heart, a furious backlash of the whiter (and wealthier) Venezuelans against their replacement by the larger Mestizo (mixed-race) poor. (Forty-four percent of the population that answered the 2014 census listed themselves as “white.”)"

Russia Reports: US Preparing a Violent Change of Government in Venezuela  2/7/2019 Orinoco Tribune: "Zajárova stressed that, “in view of the activity of the US military delegations that literally flood the region lately, a detailed preparation of a variant of regime change by force that includes logistical support is being carried out.” She stressed that in Colombian territory, specifically in the border areas with Venezuela, “a single command post is being created for the so-called humanitarian operation and, if we call things by their name, simply humanitarian intervention.”"

Venezuelan Intelligence Play Garcia Palomo to Dismantle Coup Last Weekend  2/7/2019 Orinoco Tribune: "Jorge Rodriguez, vice president of Communication of the Venezuelan government, unveiled a series of videos this Thursday of the confessions of Oswaldo García Palomo, colonel captured a few days ago and who was in charge of the planning of several coups d’etat against President Nicolás Maduro, who were finally frustrated by actions of the Venezuelan Intelligence. García Palomo was wanted by Venezuela since last year (Maduro’s assassination attempt with drones) and, despite that, he freely entered Colombia, Brazil, Chile and the United States in November and January. In his testimonies, the detainee confirmed that he coordinated with a CIA agent in Colombia, and that Antonio Rivero, former director of Civil Protection and promoter of the 2014 guarimbas, was the one who put them in contact. He described Julio Borges as one of the people who was most mobilizing around the coup."

Gobierno de Venezuela muestra pruebas del plan de golpe de Estado con participación de EE.UU. y Colombia  2/7/2019 teleSUR: "García Palomo en su testimonio reconoce que contactó en Colombia a un funcionario de la Central Intelligence Agency (CIA): "En Colombia me reuní con Parsifal de Sola y un policía nacional de ese país, quienes me dieron apoyo". "Ellos hacen su trabajo de conexión, militares, amigos de ellos, lo que permite armar un grupo importante para realizar la operación militar (...) los dos objetivos principales eran la Carlota y el Palacio Presidencial", acotó."

Venezuela Reveals Evidence, Plotters Behind Recent US-backed Coup Attempt  2/7/2019 teleSUR: "He denounced that the U.S. and Colombian governments supported the coup attempts, once in May 2018 in the framework of the presidential elections; and another in January 2019, which have already been defeated. Rodriguez reported that García Palomo coordinated from Cucuta the regime change operation and had had numerous trips to Miami, despite an Interpol's request for capture by the Venezuelan government. After his capture, García Palomo has given numerous statements and in view of the seriousness of his confessions, the Venezuelan prosecutor approved showing part of his confessions to the public and the media."

The Venezuela Myth Keeping Us From Transforming Our Economy  2/7/2019 Truth Dig: "In a Feb. 1 post on the Daily Reckoning, Brian Maher darkly envisioned Bernie Sanders getting elected in 2020 and implementing “Quantitative Easing for the People” based on MMT theories. To debunk the notion that governments can just “print the money” to solve their economic problems, he raised the specter of Venezuela, where “money” is everywhere but bare essentials are out of reach for many, the storefronts are empty, unemployment is at 33 percent and inflation is predicted to hit 1 million percent by the end of the year."

Jorge Rodríguez, rueda de prensa sobre Oswaldo García Palomo, 7 febrero 2019  2/7/2019 YouTube: "El ministro de Comunicaciones de #Venezuela, Jorge Rodríguez, da una rueda de prensa con videos de las confesiones del coronel Oswaldo García Palomo, quien fue capturado el pasado 31 de enero de 2019 y es uno de los organizadores del golpe de Estado que pretendían dar factores de derecha a finales de enero o comienzos de febrero de este año. En los videos, confiesa que trabajaba con un contacto de la CIA que contactaba en Colombia a través del exdirector de Protección Civil Antonio Rivero."

US Media Ignore—and Applaud—Economic War on Venezuela  2/6/2019 FAIR: "The US government acknowledges that it is knowingly, consciously driving the Venezuelan economy into the ground, but US media make no such acknowledgment, which sends the message that the problems in Venezuela are entirely the fault of the government."

Roger Waters’ Response to a Venezuelan Expat  2/6/2019 Orinoco Tribune: "Roger Waters, the legend of Pink Floyd, just published a note on his facebook account responding to a letter received by a Venezuelan expat friend of his (whom he prefers not to identify) criticizing him for his stand on the current situation in Venezuela. Waters’ answer is memorable in terms of showing his level of social consciousness and clarity to identify what really happens in the South American country. When referring to the criticism he received after standing in defense of President Maduro, he wrote : “I got the usual hail of flak from every one who speaks for the Venezuelan people, most of them are white, middle class, and live in New York City.”"

What’s the Deal with Sanctions in Venezuela, and Why’s It So Hard for Media to Understand?  2/6/2019 Orinoco Tribune: "It appears as though there is increasing acceptance of the basic fact that the US sanctions on Venezuela will have a negative impact on the people of Venezuela, but all this analysis misses two important points. First, the Trump administration had already imposed broad economic sanctions in 2017, though apparently both The Wall Street Journal and New York Times were unaware of this development."

CARIBBEAN WARNED OF DUTCH RE-COLONIZATION AND MILITARIZATION AS THE CRISIS IN VENEZUELA INTENSIFIES  2/6/2019 Overseas Territories Review: "As the discussion is fundamentally based on the issue of democracy and human rights, the so-called ultimatum headed by these colonizing powers is directed towards a new election to re-elect a democratic president and government for the peoples of Venezuela we would like to illustrate herewith the hypocritical position taken by the government of the Netherlands (member of the UN Security Council) a front-runner in this provocation and escalation of this crisis. The autonomous democratic Caribbean islands forming the country Netherlands Antilles in the Dutch Kingdom was dissolved and disintegrated on October 10, 2010. The Netherlands which maintained ultimate unilateral legislative and judiciary powers in the Dutch Kingdom abused these powers to continue with colonialism in the Caribbean region."

Jornada Internacional Somos Venezuela: Democracia y Paz  2/5/2019 Consejo Nacional para el Desarrollo de las Comunidades Afrodescendientes de Venezuela: "“Cuando uno escucha el nombre del “Che” dice, que magnifico, que gigante, que extraordinario ser humano. Me hubiera gustado vivir y correr con la suerte del Che Guevara, como revolucionario lo digo en serio, porque nosotros estamos preparados para dar las batallas más encarnizadas y salir victoriosos por encima de la muerte, por encima del riesgo”."

Recognising Juan Guaidó risks a bloody civil war in Venezuela  2/5/2019 Guardian: by Temir Porras Ponceleo, former chief of staff to Nicolás Maduro

Inside Trump’s ‘Cubanization’ of America’s Venezuela policy  2/5/2019 McClatchy: "It’s not that Cuba isn’t seen as a malevolent force in Venezuela, Feierstein and others say. Cuban officials are training and embedded in intelligence and security services. Few doubt those ties, but critics question Havana’s true influence on the South American country’s 30 million Venezuelan citizens. “Are the Cubans doing things to help, of course, but it’s more on the margins than it is a kind of real threat that they are the propping up the regime,” said a person familiar with the discussions."

Venezuela crisis: Guaidó ridicules 'civil war' threat  2/4/2019 BBC: "But in a speech on Monday, Mr Guaidó said: "There is no possibility of a civil war in Venezuela, it is a Maduro invention." [Venezuela has a rich history of civil conflict and Guaido's side lost in the Caracazo of 1989.]

Venezuela's Maduro Slams Donald Trump Government: 'White Supremacy Governing the White House Despises Our People'  2/4/2019 Newsweek: ""Let's respect each other, or is it that you are going to repeat a Vietnam in Latin America?" he said, referring to the Vietnam War that took place between 1965 and 1973. “The white supremacy governing the White House despises our people,” Maduro added."

Venezuela’s Oil Enough for World’s 30 Year Energy Needs  2/3/2019 Covert Geopolitics: "Venezuela is still sitting in the largest recoverable oil deposit on Earth — much bigger than any of the members of the OPEC oil cartel."

Hoja de ruta sin retorno  2/3/2019 Gerencia Politica: [Buena analisis, pero desde un punto de vista de los elites sin tomar en cuento el afro. Excelente escenario del caballo de troya respecto a la ayuda internacional.]

Elliott Abrams: A Human Rights Horror Show in Three Acts  2/2/2019 AntiWar: "Last Friday, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo announced that Elliott Abrams would once again be returning to government, this time as President Donald Trump’s special envoy to help “fully restore democracy and prosperity” to Venezuela. Abrams, 71, is best known for abetting dictators and genocide in Latin America and for his role in the Iran-Contra scandal during the Ronald Reagan administration, as well as for his ardent support for the 2003 invasion of Iraq and for green-lighting a failed coup in Venezuela while serving in the George W. Bush administration. He is as reviled by countless Latin Americans as he is revered among neocons who pine for a more muscular US role in the hemisphere and beyond. What follows is an overview of the human rights horror show that has been Abrams’ government career, which now spans three presidential administrations over four decades."

Crisis en Venezuela: "Estoy dispuesto a morir por la revolución", hablan "los colectivos" que resisten en la defensa de Nicolás Maduro  2/2/2019 BBC: "Él ya se prepara para un conflicto armado. "Nosotros somos milicianos. Cuando llegue el momento, tomaremos las armas", dice. Asegura que está dispuesto a dejarlo todo en combate. "Yo entregaría mi vida por el ideal bolivariano, más que nada por dignidad, para no humillarme ante los norteamericanos"."

High-Ranking General Rejects Maduro, Who Proposes Earlier Parliamentary Elections  2/2/2019 NPR: "Several factions of Venezuela, including its Military Aviation and the Academy of Aviation, used Twitter to denounce the general. They tweeted a photo of Yanez in his uniform with the word "TRAITOR" scrawled across. The Air Force Command also accused him of switching sides because his father is facing an investigation into corruption."

ELN interview: Colombian Marxist guerrillas 'will fight' US troops if they invade Venezuela  2/2/2019 Telegraph: "In a rare interview from temporary exile in Cuba, leaders of Colombia's National Liberation Army (ELN) told the Sunday Telegraph they were drawing up a strategy to help Venezuela repel a possible invasion. The Marxist group's comments demonstrates the prospects of a messy and protracted conflict if the US chooses to use force against Mr Maduro, the Venezuelan president."

'Yiiiiikes': John Bolton Threatens to Send Venezuela's Maduro to Offshore US Prison at Guantánamo  2/1/2019 Common Dreams: "It is a campaign aimed at regime change and it's being promoted openly as an opportunity to steal Venezuelan oil for the benefit of U.S. corporations," Scahill noted on the podcast. "This is not some insane Twitter thought spewed by Trump after guzzling down gallons of Fox and Friends. It's an open imperialism that is being embraced not just by Republicans and Trump supporters, but powerful Democrats as well."

CIA in Venezuela: 7 Rules for Regime Change  2/1/2019 Venezuela Analysis: "2. Package covert operations as "public diplomacy," "promoting democracy," and/or "protecting human rights""

The Racist, Imperialist War on Venezuela  1/31/2019 Black Agenda Report: "The same forces that resist Black community control of police and schools in the United States seek to overthrow any government in the formerly colonized world – that is, non-white nations -- that claims the right of self-determination and national sovereignty. U.S. imperialism is inseparable from white supremacy – which is why the United States has paid no domestic price for its role in the deaths of at least 20 million people since World War Two -- six million in the Congo, alone. U.S. “liberals” and “progressives,” much like their counterparts in Europe, speak endlessly of democracy at home while supporting their War Party abroad."

Venezuela to Sell 15 Tons of Gold to UAE in Return for Euros  1/31/2019 Haaretz, Israel: "The United States, which is backing an attempt by the opposition to force Maduro to step down and call new elections, warned bankers and traders on Wednesday not to deal in Venezuelan gold. Republican U.S. Senator Marco Rubio sent a tweet to the United Arab Emirates embassy in Washington on Thursday warning that anybody transporting Venezuelan gold would be subject to U.S. sanctions."

Opposition Protests Flop As Chavista Marches Surge  1/31/2019 teleSUR: "Altamira square, ground zero for the opposition saw almost a thousand demonstrators. The vast majority were members of the privileged classes of Caracas society, however, according to reporter Felipe Yapur who was interviewing people on site, there were groups of young people filtering through the crowds from apparent lower classes paid to participate when and if violence ensues."

Petition calls for end to US interference in Venezuela  1/30/2019 ABC, Australia: with Sujatha Fernandes, Professor of Political Economy and Sociology, University of Sydney

Donald Trump and the Yankee Plot to Overthrow the Venezuelan Government  1/30/2019 The Intercept: "Let’s be clear here, Elliott Abrams is an unrepentant war criminal. He played a central role in the mass-slaughter of tens of thousands of people across Central and Latin America in the dirty wars of the 1980s. He was a player in the Iran-Contra scandal. But we’re told Abrams is an adult. Abrams is an old Latin America hand. It’s sickening. This administration brought in Abrams because of his immorality and his willingness to support mass murder. It’s the only reason he is there and no one with even a flimsy grasp of morality should be welcoming his appointment as special envoy on Venezuela."

Rebel Venezuelan Colonel Calling for Uprising Is Arrested  1/29/2019 Bloomberg: "The retired colonel was among scores of officers and special-forces troops across all four branches of the Venezuelan armed forces who launched one of the most serious failed coups last year, known as Operation Constitution. The plan was infiltrated and dozens of his fellow plotters were arrested; he escaped and continued to agitate."

The Making of Juan Guaidó: How the US Regime Change Laboratory Created Venezuela’s Coup Leader  1/29/2019 Grey Zone: "While Guaidó is today sold as the face of democratic restoration, he spent his career in the most violent faction of Venezuela’s most radical opposition party, positioning himself at the forefront of one destabilization campaign after another. His party has been widely discredited inside Venezuela, and is held partly responsible for fragmenting a badly weakened opposition."

86% of Venezuelans Oppose Military Intervention, 81% Against US Sanctions, Local Polling Shows  1/29/2019 Greyzone: "English-language media outlets frequently ignore local polls done inside Venezuela, and if they do report on them, they tend to publish the results of polling firms run by pro-opposition figures. The Grayzone has translated the findings of a Hinterlaces study conducted between January 7 and 20. The following data is based on direct interviews with 1,580 Venezuelans from all across the country, and was reported on the program José Vicente HOY on January 27."

Régimen de Maduro captura a García Palomo, uno de los insurgentes más temidos  1/29/2019 Nuevo Herald: "El coronel retirado Oswaldo García Palomo, considerado por el régimen de Nicolás Maduro como uno de los insurgentes más peligrosos, fue capturado en Venezuela, informó la senadora colombiana María Fernanda Cabal. García Palomo está acusado por el régimen bolivariano de haber participado en distintas operaciones militares que buscaban derrocar y asesinar a Maduro."

Venezuela's TSJ Approves Precautionary Measures Against Guaidó  1/29/2019 teleSUR: "The court decreed as precautionary measures against Guaidó the prohibition of leaving the country without authorization until the end of the investigation; prohibition of transferring of assets, and the blocking of bank accounts in Venezuela."

Why the Black Alliance for Peace opposes U.S. intervention in Venezuela  1/28/2019 Mundo Obrero: "There can be no equivocation in the face of injustice and the psychopathology of white supremacist ideology that is unable to respect the rights and humanity of people of the Global Majority — Black and Brown people who are the ones who suffer from these imperialist adventures mobilized by the U.S./EU/NATO axis of domination. The idea of a benevolent hegemon might be a comforting myth that assuages the conscience of left and progressive forces who engage in open class/race collaboration with the white supremacist, colonial/capitalist patriarchy that is the Western European project. But for those of us relegated to what Frantz Fanon called the “zones of non-being,” we cannot afford any illusions about the nature of what we are up against."

Venezuela Propaganda Debunked - People Are Against Coup  1/27/2019 Jimmy Dore Show 

Trump, Almagro y su combo de fracaso en fracaso  1/26/2019 Aporrea: por Jesus Chucho Garcia - "El Chile de Salvador Allende fue como ese primer ensayo ¨pacifico¨ en America Latina para llegar al poder con un programa socialista para beneficio de la mayoría de los chilenos sometidos a siglos de pobreza y asesinato sistemático de los indigenas Mapuches y negación total a los afrochilenos. Allende tomo el poder respetando el juego jurídico de la institucionalidad de la burguesia chilena, pero en la medida que se fue radicalizando la burguesía Chilena y su ejercito fascista en combinación con Estados Unidos cuadraron toda una estrategia desastabilizadora, bloqueo economico, financiero, entre otras, que culmino con un baño de sangre, torturados, desaparecidos y asesinatos masivos en el estadiun nacional que hoy lleva por nombre Victor Jara, canta autor revolucionario a quienes el cortaron las manos los fascistas chilenos."

John Bolton Says Ultimate Goal In Venezuela Is To Take Their Oil  1/26/2019 Crooks and Liars: ""Venezuela is one of the three countries i call the Troika of Tyranny," Bolton told Trish Regan. "It would make a difference if we could have American companies produce the oil in Venezuela. It would be good for Venezuela and the people of the United States." Why would it be good for us and them, you ask? FREEDOM. Sweet freedom from the tyranny of socialism, he explains."

Cutting through the lies about Venezuela  1/26/2019 Liberation: "The reactionary opposition is not starving for “democracy.” They’ve have been invited to collaborate and dialogue by the Chavista movement for decades to resolve problems, but they’ve refused, saying that this huge movement that commands the respect of Venezuela’s workers and poor should have no voice, and should be silent and acquiesce to U.S. corporate domination. The opposition affirm this whenever they purposefully burn foodstuffs and use financial mechanisms to manufacture artificial scarcity for commodities and necessities, in a cynical effort to diminish support for Maduro’s government and punish his support base. The class character of the opposition is also affirmed, when in their guarimbas, right wing thugs belonging to the opposition commit hate crimes, including lynchings and other forms of torture against Afro-Venezuelans and other supporters of the Chavista movement."

Bank of England refused to return $1.2bn in gold to Venezuela – reports  1/26/2019 Orinoco Tribune: "By some estimates, Venezuela holds more than $8 billion in foreign reserves. According to earlier reports, the amount of Venezuelan gold kept in the Bank of England doubled in recent months, growing from 14 to 31 tons. The South American nation has reportedly experienced problems in extracting its own gold from the Bank of England in the past. Bankers in Britain were allegedly concerned that Venezuelan officials would sell the state-owned gold “for personal gain.”"

Caracas Reporter Says: ‘US Plot in Venezuela Failing’  1/26/2019 RT: "Can the US get enough countries to follow its lead and recognize opposition leader and claimant to the Venezuelan presidency Juan Guaido to make a real difference in Venezuela’s government? Which countries are backing Guaido already? Rick Sanchez breaks it down. Then we’ll hear from journalist Lucas Koerner in Venezuela, who argues that Guaido is “getting his marching orders from Washington” and ought to be in ordinary neighborhoods learning the problems of everyday people."

Ongoing Coup in Venezuela: What If Same Scenario Happens in France  1/26/2019 teleSUR: "Before going any further, let us remember that the National Assembly has been in a situation of contempt of court for almost two years. After the election of deputies in December 2015, the United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV) candidates in Amazon State filed a complaint because their opponents had purchased votes to win the election. The court subsequently condemned the fraud and the Electoral Power Tribunal demanded that the election for these three seats be redone. Since the Speaker of the National Assembly refused to comply with the judicial and electoral authorities, the National Assembly was declared in "contempt of court." Decisions and votes emanating from the legislative power are therefore null and void as long as the speaker of the National Assembly fails to authorize the return to the polls."

The Invisibility of Protester Deaths in Poor Areas  1/26/2019 Venezuela Analysis: "We have seen testimony indicating a high turnout of young people linked to criminal practices in these protests. If that data is analyzed along with allegations in 2017 that young people linked to criminal practices were paid to do what they did in a violent way, it is possible to think that this is a repetition of this tactic by the political opposition. What are being promoted are small concentrations of violence in popular sectors in order to symbolically and materially undermine the main base of support of the government. In the case that this is true, we urge state security bodies to respect the standards of progressive and differential use of force in the course of legitimately controlling these actions. In the middle of a peaceful demonstration, there may be people employing violence and the state is obliged to treat them differently, protecting life in any case. We also urge the government of President Maduro to refrain from criminalising generalizations, which put the population of these areas or the legitimacy of their right to protest at risk."

The Radicalization of U.S. Policy on Venezuela  1/26/2019 Venezuela Analysis: "The Trump administration has promoted a similar radicalization throughout the hemisphere. Most of the countries that have recognized Guaidó are on the right (as opposed to the center). But the rightist presidents of Chile (Sebasián Piñera), Argentina (Mauricio Macri) and Brazil (Michel Temer) rejected the statement by OAS secretary general Luis Almagro that military intervention in Venezuela should be considered. Trump, Bolsonaro and recently elected Colombian president Iván Duque have pushed these rightist presidents to an even more extreme position on Venezuela. But just as there are moderates in the Venezuelan opposition who support dialogue, which the mainstream media have pretty much ignored, there are moderates in the international community who are also in favor of dialogue. These figures include Mexican president Andrés Manuel López Obrador, Pope Francis, UN secretary general Antonio Guterres, and the UN’s High Commissioner for Human Rights and ex-president of Chile Michelle Bachelet. What they are proposing represents the best hope for this battered nation."

Elliott Abrams, veterano del intervencionismo en Nicaragua y El Salvador en los 80s, coordinará acciones de EEUU en torno a Venezuela  1/25/2019 Aporrea: "Abrams es conocido por su papel central en la política de la era Reagan en Nicaragua, Guatemala y El Salvador, por el cual fue acusado por Human Rights Watch y Amnistía Internacional de encubrir las atrocidades cometidas por fuerzas militares apoyadas por EE.UU., como los Contras en Nicaragua."

Statement by the Conference of Heads of Government of CARICOM on the Latest Developments in the Situation in the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela  1/25/2019 CARICOM: "Antigua and Barbuda, Barbados, Belize, Dominica, Jamaica, Montserrat, St. Kitts and Nevis, Saint Lucia, St. Vincent and the Grenadines, Trinidad and Tobago; Foreign Ministers of Grenada and Suriname;, meeting by video-conference on 24 January 2019, issued the following statement."

How Washington’s Devastating “Economic Blockade” of Venezuela Helped Pave the Way for Coup Attempt  1/25/2019 Democracy Now: "The sanction that prohibits Citgo from remitting profits to Venezuela is a very important measure. It means that the Venezuelan government is being deprived of approximately $1 billion a year. But in addition to that, the sanctions also stipulate that Venezuela practically cannot refinance its foreign debt, which is something logical that any country facing a difficult economic situation would do. The sanctions prohibit U.S. financial institutions from having any transaction, any interaction with the Venezuelan government and the Venezuelan state oil company, PDVSA. But, Juan, in addition to that, there is a major impact in terms of discouraging commercial and financial interests throughout the world from any kind of transaction with Venezuela."

Venezuela is not alone  1/25/2019 Granma: [From 1/26 to 2/2 at least, Facebook has been censoring this article.]

Venezuela’s US-Backed Coup Leader Immediately Targets State Oil Company, Requests IMF Money  1/25/2019 Grey Zone: "Guaidó is attempting to fire the directors of Citgo Petroleum, which is owned by Venezuela’s state oil company PDVSA, and seeks to appoint his own new board. Reuters described Citgo as “Venezuela’s most important foreign asset”; Bloomberg calls it “the crown jewel of PDVSA’s assets.” Citgo is the largest purchaser of Venezuelan oil, although crippling sanctions imposed by the Trump administration have prevented the company from sending revenue to Venezuela, starving the government of funding."

Hands off Bolivarian Venezuela!  1/25/2019 Struggle - La lucha: "Venezuelans were in the streets the morning of Jan. 23 in a massive show of support for President Nicolás Maduro and the program of the pro-working class Bolivarian Revolution. They expressed determination to push back the latest counterrevolutionary attack emanating from Washington."

The US’s “Economic Blockade” Paved the Way for Venezuela Coup Attempt  1/25/2019 Truth Out: "But, Juan, in addition to that, there is a major impact in terms of discouraging commercial and financial interests throughout the world from any kind of transaction with Venezuela. There is a list of 70 — approximately 70 Venezuelan officials who are being sanctioned. And that translates into a situation in which the US government, and specifically Steven Mnuchin, the secretary of the treasury, has undertaken different investigations, workshops with representatives of Japan, Europe, Latin America, in order to find out where the shell companies are. In other words, he has created a situation in which commercial interests throughout the world are afraid to have anything to do with Venezuela. That amounts to virtually a block — an economic blockade."

Is a Foreign Military Intervention in Venezuela Imminent?  1/25/2019 Venezuela Analysis: "With this absence of the FARC, the presence and activity of Colombian paramilitaries has grown and intensified. As previously mentioned, on August 4 2018, Venezuela’s President Nicholas Maduros was targeted in an assassination attempt using drones. Venezuela says it has evidence that Colombian paramilitaries were involved. In October 2018, the Venezuelan military captured three Colombian paramilitaries in the state of Tachira along the border, citing evidence that the paramilitaries were in coordination with Colombian police and military. On November 5 2018, at least three members of the Venezuelan National Guard were killed in confrontations with Colombian paramilitaries in the state of Amazonas. On December 24, 2018, Venezuela captured nine Colombian paramilitaries entering the country to carry out a “mission in Caracas.” Maduro maintains that as many as 734 Venezuelan and Colombian mercenaries are preparing to commit false flag operations attacking military units on the border in order to escalate and confuse popular opinion, and to justify a potential intervention."

Call U.S. Move on Venezuela What It Is: Regime Change  1/24/2019 Bloomberg: "In fact, Venezuela’s constitution doesn’t allow for impeachment by the National Assembly, of which Guaidó is the leader. Instead, it specifies that the president can be recalled by popular vote. Article 233 doesn’t say that the assembly can remove the president. It just says that the president of the National Assembly can fill the office of the presidency for 30 days if the president “shall become permanently unavailable to serve.” It lists the bases for permanent unavailability, which include removal from office by the Supreme Tribunal of Justice, physical or mental disability, or abandonment of office."

Principal opositor venezolano, Enrique Capriles, asegura que Guaidó no tiene el poder para dirigir Venezuela.  1/24/2019 El Caminante: "Henrique Capriles Radonski, ex gobernador del estado Miranda, aseguró este domingo que la Asamblea Nacional no tiene el poder físico para asumir la Presidencia de Venezuela. Señaló que dicha situación podría provocar el fracaso del Parlamento y dijo que su verdadero rol es dar soluciones que permitan generar un cambio político en el país."

Maduro Squeezed as Trump Recognizes Guaido and Protests Expand  1/23/2019 Bloomberg: "Venezuelans took to the streets in the biggest opposition protests since mid-2017 to back Guaido and increase pressure on Maduro. While the leftist government crushed violent protests two year ago, this time poorer areas of the capital are leading angry demonstrations over failed public services, food scarcity and rising prices. Local press showed crowds gathering in major cities."

US Backs Coup in Oil-Rich Venezuela, Right-Wing Opposition Plans Mass Privatization and Hyper-Capitalism  1/23/2019 Grey Zone: "The US government, its right-wing allies, and an obeisant corporate media have repeatedly referred to Venezuela’s actual president, Nicolás Maduro, as an “authoritarian dictator.” What they have failed to mention is that Venezuela still has regular elections, but the US-backed right-wing opposition, which is notoriously disunited and incompetent, has chosen to boycott these elections, preferring to call for foreign-backed military coups instead. One of the only elected officials in the US who has spoken out against the coup is left-wing California Congressman Ro Khanna. Other progressive and anti-Trump US politicians, including self-declared “democratic socialists,” have remained silent on Trump’s effective declaration of a coup in Latin America."

The Rubio doctrine: U.S. recognition of new Venezuelan leader is Florida senator’s work  1/23/2019 Miami Herald: "“I went to the White House yesterday and spoke with the president about what to do in Venezuela,” Sen. Rick Scott said at a news conference on Wednesday. “We need to declare Venezuela as a terrorist state. Clearly it is. The way Maduro has treated his citizens is disgusting.”

Is the US Orchestrating a coup in Venezuela?  1/23/2019 Real News Network: "Yeah. I’ll go back to what Greg pointed out, that according to that data analysis poll I cited, the National Assembly had, as of October, a 70 percent disapproval rating. Which, you know, Maduro’s disapproval rating is around 80 percent. And the Opposition parties themselves, their coalition has a higher disapproval rating. And you know, Guaido was previously unknown, you know, just about–you know, two weeks–a little over two weeks ago, you know, no one knew who he was. And you know, he’s a young politician. He was educated in the neoliberal think tank EISA, which is the home of the Chicago boys. So I think that, you know, to say that it–I think it’s very fallacious to extrapolate the hundreds of thousands of people who took to the streets today in different parts of the city in support of the Opposition, to say that they, that is necessarily an endorsement of Guaido as President of Venezuela, especially because it was not–it was not known that he was going to do this, take this step that he did."

Facebook’s ‘verified account’ tick used to interfere in Venezuela – Russian parliament speaker  1/23/2019 RT: " The head of the Russian State Duma has blasted US tech giant Facebook for giving the Venezuelan opposition leader’s accounts a blue verification badge while denying it to its elected president. “It’s quite surprising when such big social networks, which claim to be independent, act in this way, playing to the tune of Washington,” Vyacheslav Volodin, the speaker of the Lower Chamber in the Russian Parliament, told journalists on Thursday. He added that Facebook was serving as a tool of US foreign policy."

New Coup Attempt In Venezuela Led by Juan Guaido  1/23/2019 teleSUR: "Guaido was a protagonist of the violent actions of the opposition in 2007, 2014 and 2017 usually known as Guarimbas."

In Images: Venezuelan People Mobilize In Support of Maduro  1/23/2019 Venezuela Analysis: "During a hectic day in Venezuela, the mainstream media coverage focused on the mobilization of the opposition and the opinions of a select group of international figures, ignoring the thousands who took to the streets in defense of democracy, national sovereignty, peace and the Bolivarian Revolution. brings you some of the images captured on the ground by the Revolutionary Bolivar and Zamora Current (CBRZ) press team from the January 23 mobilization in Caracas."

Five Hundred Cuban Medical Specialists Arrive in Venezuela  1/19/2019 Five Hundred Cuban Medical Specialists Arrive in Venezuela: "A group of 500 Cuban health specialists arrived in Venezuela on Thursday to deploy throughout the country to offer their knowledge to the health service of Venezuela. The deployment of Cubans will be done through a government program dating back more than 10 years ago called “Barrio Adentro Mission” that offers health care services to Venezuelans free of charge and has thousands of physical headquarters in the more remote places of the country."

POR QUE DISCRIMINAN A AFROTV BARLOVENTO?  1/18/2019 Aporrea: "Hace mas de un mes, Afrotv Barlovento, fue incendiada y se robaron los equipos básicos para el trabajo de comunicación comunitaria, educación formación, vocería permanente al pueblo, denuncias a especuladores, entre otros aspectos. Afrotv Barlovento era el único espacio audiovisual, con muchas limitaciones, donde la gente expresaba sus necesidades y clamaba por la solución de sus problemas. A un mes de eso, no se a obtenido una respuesta eficiente. Como todos sabemos Barlovento es una región afrodescendiente con componentes indigenas, con una rica diversidad cultural, la segunda región productora de cacao de Venezuela, que por cierto produce toneladas de cacao para el exterior y no se esta viendo un retorno de esas ganancias para nuestras propias comunidades."

‘US Administrations Have Been Intervening in Venezuela Since at Least the Early 2000s’  1/16/2019 FAIR: "So what isn’t generally mentioned by the media is that a critical factor in the outcome of the election was the approach taken by Venezuela’s opposition. Much of the opposition, many of its parties, decided to boycott these elections, for a variety of reasons. At any rate, the media did not examine that fact. And we’re still not seeing it very much. I think one of the few exceptions is the Washington Post, in the article that appeared today, that did mention the divisions within the opposition, and their decision not to participate that had, obviously, a huge effect on the election result."

Affaire ExxonMobil: Nicolas Maduro publishes his evidence  1/10/2019 VoltaireNet: "Then on Wednesday 9 January, Venezuelan President, Nicolas Maduro, presented proof that his country’s territorial waters were violated on 22 December 2018. He denounced this as an international manoeuvre against Venezuela. He has published videos and recordings of conversations between the captain of one of the two ships at issue and the Venezuelan Navy. In this exchange, the captain gives his precise location and he admits being in waters that are internationally recognized belong to Venezuela. The captain provides an authorization given only by the government of Guyana which had fallen just the day before. The Venezuelan Navy then invites him to leave Venezuela’s territorial waters. This evidence negates the communication of ExxonMobil, the main supplier of oil to the Pentagon and the company previously led by Rex Tillerson (the former US Secretary of State of the Trump Administration) [2]. This evidence also robs the United Kingdom of any justification for its proposal to install a military base in Guyana. Finally it delays the war between the Latin American states that the Pentagon is preparing [3]."

DEL BLOQUEO HAITIANO AL BLOQUEO VENEZOLANO  1/5/2019 JRA: "Poco se habla de la contribución de Haití a la independencia de Estados Unidos y su ejemplo de inspiración para África subsahariana y la misma Europa. En una investigación que hemos realizado durante estos tres últimos años en la ciudad de New Orleans, hemos conseguido valiosos documentos entre el periodo que va desde que esta ciudad estuvo bajo el colonialismo francés, luego el colonialismo español hasta su venta por Napoleón Bonaparte a Estados Unidos."

Las heridas del racismo: Efectos psicosociales de la discriminación racial en las personas afrodescendientes en América Latina  12/28/2018 Iberoamerica Social: "La racialización, deshumanización y esclavización de la población africana durante el proceso de colonización europea en América, sentó las bases de la discriminación racial contra las personas afrodescendientes que persiste hasta la actualidad. Pese a la existencia de la narrativa del mestizaje que desconoce e invisibiliza la experiencia concreta, desigual y vulnerada de las personas afrodescendientes, estas siguen siendo víctimas de discriminación racial, la cual ha encontrado formas cada vez más sutiles e imperceptibles a través de las cuales realizarse. Este hecho no es inofensivo, el racismo tiene efectos psicosociales para quien lo vive, pero ¿cuáles son esos efectos del racismo? ¿Cómo reaccionan las personas afrodescendientes ante el racismo? ¿Cómo enfrentan la discriminación racial? Ante esta problemática se propone esta investigación para la cual se consultó a través de la técnica del cuestionario electrónico a cien personas afrodescendientes de América Latina, sometiendo posteriormente sus testimonios al método del análisis crítico del discurso."

Venezuelan president blames Colombia for electricity outages  12/28/2018 Radio Havana: Classic steps orchestrated by the CIA as described in Philipn Agee's books.

Russia bails out Venezuela, pockets key energy assets  12/24/2018 Mercury News: "In exchange for modest loans and bailouts over the past decade, Russia now owns significant parts of at least five oil fields in Venezuela, which holds the world’s largest reserves, along with 30 years’ worth of future output from two Caribbean natural-gas fields. Venezuela also has signed over 49.9 percent of Citgo, its wholly owned company in the United States – including three Gulf Coast refineries and a countrywide web of pipelines – as collateral to Russia’s state-owned Rosneft oil behemoth for a reported $1.5 billion in desperately needed cash."

Venezuela denuncia plan de sabotaje eléctrico en Zulia  12/23/2018 Bohemia: "En entrevista telefónica con el canal Venezolana de Televisión, el ministro indicó que se trata de un plan ejecutado por grupos asociados a sectores de ultraderecha en el municipio Mara. Trabajadores de la Corporación Eléctrica apoyados por funcionarios de la Fuerza Armada Nacional Bolivariana se trasladaron al sitio para iniciar los trabajos de reparación y las investigaciones pertinentes, precisó la fuente. Los especialistas lograron realizar una transferencia de carga para ayudar a restablecer la energía, y evitar los perjuicios provocadas meses atrás a causa de otro sabotaje vandálico."

Thomas Sankara: Africa's Che Guevara  12/21/2018 teleSUR: "Sankara pushed against the hegemonic power of France in West Africa, by calling for the end of African nations' debt to international banks, he refused to take World Bank loans and instead focused on strengthening local production of food and textiles. Sankara also called on every village to build a medical dispensary and had over 350 communities build schools with their own labor. Moreover, his commitment to women's rights led him to outlaw female genital mutilation, forced marriages and polygamy while appointing women to high governmental positions and encouraging them to work outside the home and stay in school, even if pregnant."

U.S. Reaction to Russian Bombers in Venezuela  12/21/2018 Venezuela Analysis: "For many media commentators, Maduro sought to strengthen his position internally by putting on display the support he counts on from powerful international allies. Fear of a U.S. military response may be a more plausible explanation for his motives. Indeed, President Trump’s threats of military intervention and implicit support for a military coup in Venezuela are veritably without precedent in the history of U.S. diplomacy."

WaPo: Trump Needs to Destroy Venezuela to Save It  12/17/2018 FAIR: "Propaganda works primarily through repetition. The vilification of Venezuela’s government in the Western media has been relentless for the past 17 years, as Alan MacLeod pointed out in his book Bad News From Venezuela."

Business as Usual: Washington’s Regime Change Strategy in Venezuela  11/23/2018 Counterpunch: "Because the sanctions prohibit Venezuela’s state-owned company CITGO from sending its profits home, the Venezuelan government is losing $1 billion a year in revenues. Ultimately, the sanctions are imposing greater hardship on the Venezuelan people because, as Weisbrot notes, they “exacerbate shortages of food, medicine, and other essential goods while severely limiting the policy options available to pull the country out of a deep depression.”

Venezuela to Offer African American Course at US University  11/21/2018 Venezuela Analysis: "The agreement between the Venezuelan consulate in New Orleans and the Southern University at New Orleans (SUNO) to offer the “Africa and its Diaspora in Hispanic America” course as part of the topics offered by the university was proposed in 2017 by General Consul Jesus Garcia and the head of African American studies at the SUNO Dr. Clyde Robertson. The agreement to offer the university course was signed in August this year, and it is unclear when the course is due to begin."

Femicidio: misoginia, sexismo y sentido de propiedad  10/27/2018 EPG Consultora: "El término femicidio fue acuñado en 1976 por la escritora feminista Diana Russell, con el objetivo visibilizar el asesinato de mujeres realizado por hombres motivado por odio, desprecio, placer o un sentido de propiedad sobre las mujeres, y por tanto diferenciar este tipo de crímenes de los homicidios comunes. La confusión se inicia en el año 2006 cuando Marcela Lagarde traduce al español los textos de Diana Russell y sustituye el termino femicidio por feminicidio; no obstante, con independencia de que se emplee un término u otro en los diferentes países y legislaciones, el significado apunta siempre a lo mismo: el asesinato de una mujer por el hecho de ser mujer."

Black Internationalism and the Colonial Challenges Facing Haiti and Venezuela  10/18/2018 Venezuela Analysis: "The most recent US efforts to isolate Venezuela from the region, demoralize its people through a concerted economic war, and intervene in its political process—by working with international collaborators to ultimately punish its black majority revolutionary process—have their historical precedents in Haiti. Haitians experienced these counter-revolutionary attacks as they fought to defend their own revolutionary process under the leadership of Fanmi Lavalas President Jean Bertrand Aristide and earlier, throughout the era of Haitian Independence."

Anti-Maduro Poll Shows a Coup in Venezuela Would Require a Horrific Death Toll  10/1/2018 Venezuela Analysis: "Case 3 is the only scenario which renders the poll internally coherent: a negligible number of government supporters contradict themselves by saying they support the government but want it overthrown. About 30% support which is consistent with Datanalsis polls (to be clear, the ones it has done very close to elections) and actual election results. Obviously, different percentages of opposition and “neutrals” are possible in which about 30% back the government, but case 3 shows one possible coherent scenario. Disagreeing with 30% of the population on violently ousting the government is not like disagreeing over regular government polices like taxation. Moreover, under Venezuela’s dire economic conditions, that 30% or so would be very “hard core” government support, so about 6 million people would have to very brutally repressed after any US-backed coup in order for it to succeed."

Maduro in NY: Harlem Stands with Venezuela as US Allies Appeal to ICC  9/27/2018 Venezuela Analysis: "Maduro’s participation in New York had earlier been cast into doubt when he cited security concerns over travelling to the USA. Nevertheless, he made the journey for the first time since 2015, only to be greeted by the announcement of further sanctions by the US Treasury Department and talk of a military uprising by US President Donald Trump. His presence was, though, greatly appreciated by the 2000 strong Harlem crowd."

Traditional groups sowing sustainable crops could save Venezuelan park  9/24/2018 Monga Bay: "The new park conserves the region’s biodiversity and forests, but its founding didn’t automatically protect the ancestral homelands of the indigenous people living there. However, these 52 indigenous communities in El Caura are claiming a legal right to continue to live and pursue sustainable livelihoods within the park. The government has yet to grant their claim."

US officials secretly met with Venezuelan military officers plotting a coup against Maduro  9/8/2018 CNN: "US officials met secretly with Venezuelan military officers who were plotting a coup against Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro, both a current and a former US official confirmed to CNN. American officials met with the renegade Venezuelan military officers several times over the last year after the Venezuelan officers made contact, but Washington ultimately decided against supporting the coup, the two sources said."

The Paranoid Drive for Military Intervention in Venezuela  9/6/2018 Counterpunch: "Previously, the warmongering “humanitarian” interveners went straight to looting but, over time, they refined their rhetoric and began to talk about trade and investment opportunities, increases in GDP and other more subtle forms of robbery."

Marronage Meets Bolivarian Socialism: Maroon Comix, A Review  9/5/2018 Venezuela Analysis: "Along Venezuela’s coastal towns and its mountainous countryside, entire Afro-Venezuelan and Indigenous communities have deepened their political commitment to studying anti-colonial struggles and incorporating these orientations, tactics and struggles into their current struggles. Since 1999, the Bolivarian Process has radically transformed the political landscape of the nation by: unearthing maroon historical figures and inscribing them into Venezuela’s national identity, even elevating figures such as Guaicaipuro, Juana La Avanzadora and Negro Primero to the National Pantheon, implementing educational initiatives; developing political, economic and cultural ties with other nations heavily inspired by maroons such as the Caribbean; as well as empowering political campaigns responding to the interests of the African and Indigenous working class and poor majority."

The Spirit of Black August in Solidarity with Venezuela  9/4/2018 Venezuela Analysis: "The majority, Black and Brown working class in Venezuela do not want a US model. The people are fighting everyday against these attacks in their collectives, cooperatives, communes and grassroots social movements. The Bolivarian State, a revolutionary government determined to human rights and guaranteeing a life with dignity and happiness for all stands with its people. The Venezuelan people support their President Nicolás Maduro and are manifesting their vision for 21st Century Socialism."

Blockading Venezuela: the linchpin of the US strategy of aggression  8/22/2018 Morning Star: "REVEALING examples are emerging of the cumulative impact that US sanctions against Venezuela are having on the Venezuelan people in the field of health, one of the key priorities of the Bolivarian revolution. In July 2017, the US bank Citibank refused to handle Venezuela’s payment for the import of 300,000 insulin doses to meet the needs of 450,000 registered patients. Three months later, the US blockade prevented Venezuela from depositing funds with the UBS Swiss bank, delaying a purchase of vaccines for months and disrupting the country’s vaccination schedules. In November 2017, transnational pharmaceutical companies Baster, Abbot and Pfizer refused to issue export certificates for cancer drugs, making it impossible for Venezuela to buy them. And in 2018, a $9 million payment through an international account for dialysis supplies for treating 15,000 patients, free of charge, was similarly blocked under threat of US sanctions. These illustrative examples and similar ones about the blocking of food imports put the lie to the US claim that it is concerned about the well-being of the Venezuelan people."

'Mini-Maduro': RNC Attacks Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez — Compares Her to Venezuelan Dictator  8/18/2018 Alternet: ""The RNC knows that the American people support our policies by wide margins. They want universal health care. They want Wall Street to pay their fair share of taxes. They want to raise the minimum wage," Corbin Trent, the communications director for Ocasio-Cortez's campaign, told CNN. "I guess if you can't beat our ideas, you have to lie about them. Meanwhile, the Republican Party is standing in lock step behind a President who abuses human rights and wants to crush the free press which, to me, sounds like a Mini Maduro in the making.""

Naming Names: The Actors Working to Take Down Venezuela  8/17/2018 MintPress: "Now the successor of Juan Manuel Santos (Colombia), the already president of Colombia, Uribe’s Ivan Duque, agreed in his visit as president-elect with the White House with U.S. Vice President Mike Pence (July 5, 2018), to continue pressuring the Venezuelan government. “We talked about the situation in Colombia, about our security agenda, we also talked about the situation being experienced in the continent by the dictatorship in Venezuela,” Duque told the press. For his part, Pence told a Tweet that he had spoken to Duque about the bilateral “strategic alliance“”in the fight against drug trafficking” and that they had “reiterated the need to maintain pressure on the regime of (Venezuelan President Nicolás) Maduro to face the tragic collapse of democracy in Venezuela”."

Venezuela crisis: Petro CRYPTOCURRENCY to become official currency alongside bolivar  8/15/2018 Express: "The cryptocurrency is designed to be propped up by Venezuela’s vast oil reserves, with each digital token supposedly backed by one barrel of oil. Nearly 100 million coins, worth some £4.7billion ($6bn), were made available in the initial sale, with discounts offered to attract overseas investors. The Venezuelan government hopes to use the digital currency to skirt sanctions imposed by the United States and European Union, as well as reduce hyperinflation which has plagued the South American country’s economy."

'Deeply Disturbing': For Second Time This Year, Facebook Suspends Left-Leaning teleSUR English Without Explanation  8/14/2018 Common Dreams: [FB also censors Black Lives Matter.] "Max Blumenthal, editor of The Grayzone Project, called Facebook's decision "deeply disturbing." He also noted that the platform recently banned, which like teleSUR offers a leftist perspective on Latin America, and raised alarm about Facebook's work with the Digital Forensic Research Lab, a project of the Atlantic Council, a NATO-backed, D.C.-based think tank:"

teleSUR English Removed From Facebook for Second Time  8/14/2018 teleSUR: "Meanwhile, followers and supporters of teleSUR English sent out tweets and posts on Facebook and Twitters and other social media websites denouncing the unexplained action by Facebook and arguing that such move is rooted into Facebook's own bias against outlets and news organizations that do not fit within the mainstream media landscape."

Capturados presuntos implicados en asesinato de lideres campesinos  8/13/2018 Alba TV: "Tras solicitud del Ministerio Público venezolano, fueron detenidos Joel Eduardo Garrido Lobo y Gustavo Enrique Carrillo Pérez, por su presunta responsabilidad en la muerte de Reyes Orlando Parra Delgado y José del Real Aguilar, voceros del Consejo de Productores Socialistas Los Lanceros de la Pascalina de Zaz, en el estado Barinas, Venezuela."

Who is to blame for the Venezuelan crisis?  8/9/2018 Daily Sabah, Turkey: "But it's a very well-known fact that almost every government, when threatened by a superpower like the U.S. gets stressed, becomes paranoid, tries to take control of everything to protect its sovereignty, and inevitably becomes more authoritarian and finally makes mistakes. That is what the U.S. does to the many countries that it cannot control, and it is exactly what it did to Venezuela."

A Deeper Look Into US Military Interference in Venezuela  7/20/2018 Venezuela Analysis: "They have already affected us. And it's not just about the economic effect, the absence of some goods, but also more abstract things. There are already a lot of people to whom the uncertainty of their daily lives has a psychological impact. We are isolated from other countries and nations, from ways of thinking; therefore we exist in isolation even towards the access to ideas. We cannot understand what stage we are experiencing, if we cannot see it from a different perspective. The lack of access to ideas means that we cannot understand how they will wage war against us."

Integration Can't Be Rhetoric, Must Be Real: Venezuela's Arreaza in Africa  7/9/2018 Venezuela Analysis: "During an interview in Pretoria, Arreaza talked about the necessity of building south-south relations between Africa, Latin America and the Caribbean to improve sovereignty and take care of natural resources. “The whole world, all of humanity needs to resist the rhythm imposed by capitalism. Even from Africa, Latin America and the Caribbean we can change that rhythm and generate anti-capitalist processes so humanity can exist in the future,” he said."

Integration Can't Be Rhetoric, Must Be Real: Venezuela's Arreaza in Africa  7/9/2018 Venezuela Analysis: "We're building an agenda. We want to build a mixed commission of several ministries from both countries to solve problems. Integration can't be only rhetoric, declaratory, it must be real, it must solve problems,” said Jorge Arreaza, the Venezuelan foreign minister during his visit to Mozambique. Arreaza has been touring African countries in an effort to keep building south-south relations and national sovereignty. In South Africa Thursday, he met with government officials and celebrated the Venezuelan day of independence in front of a Simon Bolivar's memorial at the African country."

VENEZUELA NO SERA SOMETIDA POR EL IMPERIALISMO  7/6/2018 8 Mandamiento: "El activista, Urbina, del Grupo Amigos de Nuestra América, (ANA) expreso en su análisis que “Estados Unidos esta practicando lo que el fascista Adolfo Hitler practico contra los judíos en la segunda guerra mundial que quemo a millones en campos de concentración. Hoy Trump persigue a millones de latinoamericanos, los separa de sus familias, los encarcelas y los tratas de escorias, solo faltaría llevarlo a las bodegas de cremación, y lo mas triste es que los gobiernos traidores del pueblos latinoamericano como Honduras, Guatemala y hasta ahora Mexico aceptan todas las vejaciones de este señor que a enloquecido en el poder."

We need to talk about the fact that Trump seriously considered invading Venezuela  7/6/2018 Vox: "According to multiple reports, Trump continuously asked his top advisers last August about a military option for overthrowing Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro and quelling the growing political and economic crisis his mismanagement of that country has wrought."

Donald Trump INVASION plot revealed - Venezuelan Army warned ‘do NOT lower your guard'  7/5/2018 Express: "Venezuela has been hit by economic chaos in recent years resulting in civil unrest, starvation and the imposition of sanctions by foreign states. Mr Trump suggested during a meeting with advisors last year the US could go one step further and launch a military invasion of Venezuela. A source close to the conversation said the president was immediately shut down and urged in the strongest possible terms not to give the idea further consideration."

Trump asked advisers about invading Venezuela in 2017  7/4/2018 CNN: "President Donald Trump last August asked several top foreign policy advisers about the possibility of invading Venezuela during a meeting about diplomatic sanctions the US was enacting on the autocratic government, a senior administration official familiar with the comments said. Trump's aides, including then-national security adviser HR McMaster, vigorously urged him against the notion of a military invasion of Venezuela, warning him it could backfire and explaining that US allies in the region were firmly opposed to such drastic action."

Why Venezuela Reporting Is So Bad  6/27/2018 FAIR: "Rare exceptions to this over the last two decades would be found in the state media in some countries that are not hostile to Venezuela, like the ALBA block. Small independent outlets like also offered alternatives. In the US and UK establishment media, you are way more likely to see a defense of Saudi Arabia’s dictatorship than of Venezuela’s democratically elected government. Any defense of Venezuela’s government will provoke vilification and ridicule, so both Alan MacLeod and his publisher (Routledge) deserve very high praise for producing the book Bad News From Venezuela: Twenty Years of Fake News and Misreporting. It took real political courage."

International Observers to Venezuela’s Election Pen Letter to the EU  6/26/2018 Venezuela Analysis: "We noted, in particular, not only the sophistication of the voting system which, in our collective view, is fraud-proof, but also that every stage, from the vote itself to the collation of returns, their verification and electronic submission, was conducted in the presence of representatives of the contending parties. As for “reporting irregularities”, we would be interested to hear of examples, since the reporting system is exceptionally rigorous and tamper-free. We doubt you have any evidence to back up the EU’s claim of “numerous reporting irregularities”."

US Mayor Comments on Venezuelan Electoral System & May 20 Elections  6/14/2018 Venezuela Analysis: "Speaking whilst on the international electoral accompaniment mission, the Mayor of Magnolia City and president of the Association of Afro-American Mayors of Mississippi, Anthony Witherspoon, tells of his impressions of the Venezuelan electoral system, the May 20 elections, and the country's National Electoral Council."

Venezuela’s Narrowing Options  6/8/2018 Counterpunch: Another good progressive analysis that fails to mention white supremacy, one of the most important drivers of the Venezuela conflict.

Media Delegitimize Venezuelan Elections Amid Complete Unanimity of Outlook  5/23/2018 FAIR: "Apart from spelling the president’s name wrong, the only source that could be an “independent” observer quoted was the Washington-based, State Department–funded conservative group Freedom House, a rather questionable example of an “independent observer.”" [Freedom House is well known to Cuba as a hard line anticommunist org applying the same tactics and rationals to Cuba as to Eastern Europe, two very different theatres.]

Venezuela election: Maduro wins second term amid claims of vote rigging  5/21/2018 BBC: 'Amid food shortages stemming from a severe economic crisis, just 46% of the electorate turned out to vote… With more than 90% of the votes counted, Mr Maduro, 55, had 67.7% - 5.8 million votes - National Electoral Council chief Tibisay Lucena announced. Mr Falcón won 21.2% - 1.8 million votes - she said."

TRES ODUM DE IFA PARA VENEZUELA  5/19/2018 Ngo Batalla Ifá Omí Loyeimo: por Jesus Chucho García - "Dice ogbe yono: "con violencia no se resuelve nada, la soberbia al final cuesta la vida "(IFA)"

The U.S. is Meddling in Venezuelan Election  5/18/2018 Consortium News: [No discussion of how white supremacy drives the conflict] "Far more blatant and frightening is the Plan to Overthrow the Venezuelan Dictatorship – Masterstroke, dated February 23, 2018. Masterstrokewas leaked on the website and picked up by Stella Calloni in the reliable and respected Resumen Latinoamericano. Although Masterstroke is unverified, the contents as reported by Calloni are entirely consistent with U.S. policy and pronouncements."

Chamanes en Berlín: Venezuela recupera la piedra Kueka  5/11/2018 Aporrea: "Una representación de indígenas Pemones realizó este viernes un ritual de sanación ante la piedra Kueka, actualmente ubicada en un parque en Berlín, Alemania, como antesala a la repatriación de este patrimonio cultural de Venezuela."

The “Masterstroke” of the United States Against Venezuela  5/9/2018 Resumen: [Another fine progressive analysis that makes no mention of white supremacy] - "One of the last paragraphs of the document is about “securing” or showing the use of violent means by the “dictatorship” to obtain international support, using “All the capabilities of the Psychological War of the United States Army.”"

US slaps more sanctions on Venezuela, urges suspension of 'sham' vote  5/7/2018 7 News: "Pence's address came as the United States imposed sanctions on 20 companies -- 16 of them in Venezuela, and four in Panama -- as well as three Venezuelan nationals including a former top intelligence official indicted in the US for narcotics trafficking. "We will deny corrupt Venezuelan regime officials access to the US financial system as we work with international partners to support the Venezuelan people in restoration of democracy and a return to prosperity," said Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin in announcing the measures."

Afro-Venezuelans of African Ancestry  4/29/2018 Kwame Selikem Okatakyie: "Afro- Venezuelans are descendants of Enslaved Africans who were brought from different parts of Africa such as Angola , Cameroon, Mozambique , Nigeria , Gabon , Congo , Ghana , Ivory Coast , Senegal , Gambia , Togo , Benin , Equatorial Guinea , Guinea including Guinea Bissau and some parts of Central and Southern Africa . They came from ethnic groups such as Wolof , Mandinka , Kikongo , GA Dangme , Ijaw , Igbo , Edo , Fon , Tikar , Bamileke , Adja , Egu , Ewe , Yoruba , Akan , Fulani , Hausa and other ethnic groups in Africa."

Los aborígenes caribes no habrían sido "caníbales salvajes", como afirmaron los colonos europeos  4/24/2018 Aporrea: "Durante siglos, los historiadores han afirmado que los primeros habitantes del Caribe, los arawak, fueron exterminados alrededor del año 1300 por los caribes. Sin embargo, las nuevas evidencias encontradas en un sitio arqueológico de Antigua y Barbuda contradicen esas aseveraciones, dijo al diario el arqueólogo Reg Murphy."

A Report on the Afro descendants Gathering in Venezuela  4/12/2018 IBW21: "The purpose of the visit was to see what was happening first hand in Venezuela and to witness President Maduro’s signing of the UN decree for the Decade of People of African descent. President Maduro did not hesitate in naming Reparations as one of the key issues he will discuss in Venezuela. Before the event ended, he committed to hosting an International Committee for the Reparations of Afro Descendants against Enslavement, Racism and Imperialism in May. The Venezuela we saw and felt is a Venezuela of Afro/Black faces that continue rising in the midst of the struggle. Yes, there is a crisis that the economic blockade has brought upon them but they continue moving in that Maroon Warrior light because the message of inclusion of their voices in Venezuela’s Bolivarian process feeds their commitment."

Afro descendants Visit Venezuela to Witness President Maduro sign UN Decree  4/10/2018 Black Activism: "“Soy Afro, mi gente, Soy Afro, Afrodescendiente” This song of pride to be an Afro descendant in Venezuela became the song of all who joined them on this journey to uphold the Bolivarian message. Afro descendants from the US, Uruguay, Brazil, Puerto Rico, Peru, Bolivia, Argentina, Haiti, France, St. Vincent’s, Barbados, Colombia and Ecuador participated in a Forum of Afro descendants and Neoliberalism in Latin American and the Caribbean. The purpose of the visit was to see what was happening first hand in Venezuela and to witness President Maduro’s signing of the UN decree for the Decade of People of African descent."

ARAAC: EL NEOLIBERALISMO AGUDIZÓ LA EXCLUSIÓN Y EL RACISMO A LAS/LOS AFRODESCENDIENTES EN LAS AMERICAS Y EL CARIBE.  4/5/2018 Diafar Diaspora Africana de la Argentina: "Reunidos en Caracas durante los días 23, 24 y 25 de marzo, en el marco del Lanzamiento del Decenio de los Pueblos Afrodescendientes en Venezuela (2014-2025), nosotras y nosotros, miembros de la Articulación Regional Afrodescendiente de las Américas y el Caribe (ARAAC), una organización democrática, progresista y revolucionaria, agradecemos las atenciones y la oportunidad que nos brindó el gobierno Bolivariano bajo la dirección del presidente Nicolás Maduro, para realizar nuestras reflexiones sobre el retroceso que han venido sufriendo millones de afrodescendientes en países que han retornado al neoliberalismo salvaje como Honduras, Brasil, Argentina y Paraguay, pero al mismo tiempo la agudización de la exclusión y los asesinatos de líderes y lideresas afrocolombianos/as desde el gobierno Uribe Vélez y continuado por el actual presidente Santos, donde aún después de haberse firmado un proceso de paz, cada día continúa la violencia contra las comunidades negras, indígenas, campesinas y populares y sus dirigentes, lo que revela la complicidad contínua entre los intereses de la burguesía nacional, la clase política y las empresas del gran capital transnacional."

Venezuela solicitará a la Unesco declarar Tambores de San Juan como patrimonio de la humanidad  4/4/2018 Aporrea: "El presidente venezolano, Nicolás Maduro, informó este miércoles que el Gobierno Nacional inició el proceso para que los Tambores de San Juan sean reconocidos por la Organización de las Naciones Unidas para la Educación, la Ciencia y la Cultura (Unesco, por sus siglas en inglés) como patrimonio cultural de la humanidad. Durante la conmemoración del 50 aniversario del asesinato de Martin Luther King, que se realizó en el Palacio de Miraflores, en Caracas, el jefe de Estado precisó que instruyó al ministro para la Cultura, Ernesto Villegas, iniciar el proceso. El ministro se encuentra en París, Francia, para participar en en la reunión mundial de la Unesco en París."

¿Resucitaran los afrodescendientes con agenda propia ?  4/2/2018 Aporrea: "Ante una delegacion Internacional con representacion de lideres afrolatinoamericanos, Caribe, Europa y de Estados Unidos, los cuales gozan en sus respectivos paises de mucho respecto por sus activismos a favor de las y los afrodescendientes, quedo demostrado una vez la disposicion del proceso Bolivariano de retomar una agenda que viene planteando el Movimiento Afrovenezolano en sus distintas Corrientes para acabar con los vestigios de la discriminacion, el racismo, la exclusion y los desequilibrios regionales en cuanto a los desarrollos locales de las comunidades afrodescendientes."

DE LA ABOLICION DE LA ESCLAVITUD AL DECENIO AFRODESCENDIENTE  3/25/2018 Aporrea: "En la década de los años setenta comenzaría un lento despertar protagónico de las y los afrodescendientes en exigir sus derechos, en aplicar la convención contra la discriminación racial, en proponer reconocimiento en el sistema educativo y en otras áreas estratégicas sobre todo de la mujer liderizada por Argelia Laya, Irene Ugueto Josefina Brington, las tomas de tierras en Yaracuy, Barlovento, las luchas en el sur del lago de Maracaibo, la reivindicación cultural afro en San Agustín del Sur, La Vega y Caricuao. Con la llegada del presidente Chávez y el surgimiento de la Red de Organizaciones Afro, con profundo conocimiento de la exclusión histórica, comenzaría un proceso de reafalbetizacion dentro del proceso bolivariano para incluir con la agenda propia afro nuestra participación protagónica como sujetos de derecho, protagónica y participativa."

Miranda: Decenio Internacional de los Afrodescendientes recibe a activistas internacionales  3/25/2018 Aporrea: "Como parte de la jordana del Decenio Internacional para las Personas Afrodescendientes, capítulo Venezuela, el embajador de buena voluntad de la ONU, Danny Glover; el activista para los derechos humanos, James Early y la experta de la ONU, Mireille Fannon, junto a invitados internacionales, realizaron un recorrido por distintas comunidades de Barlovento, en el estado Miranda de Venezuela, informó prensa MPPRE."

EL NEOLIBERALISMO AGUDIZÓ LA EXCLUSIÓN Y EL RACISMO A LAS/LOS AFRODESCENDIENTES EN LAS AMERICAS Y EL CARIBE.  3/25/2018 ARAAC/RCA: "Afro descendientes progresistas en las Américas llaman a todos los gobiernos en las Americas a seguir el ejemplo del Gobierno Bolivariano de Venezuela a organizar en colaboración con sus Afro descendiente ciudadanos discusiones y proyectos de políticas públicas y regionales con resultantes, fondos y personal para que puedan mejora la calidad de vida del Afro ciudadanos."

Ejecutivo firmó el decreto para la ejecución del Decenio Nacional para Personas Afrodescendientes  3/25/2018 AVN: "Con esta firma, Venezuela cumple con la resolución de la Organización de las Naciones Unidas (ONU) que proclamó el Decenio Internacional de los Afrodescendientes en el periodo 2015-2014, con el propósito de repudiar la discriminación y la segregación, así como promover el goce pleno de los derechos económicos, sociales, culturales, civiles y políticos para la población afrodescendiente."

Venezuela's Maduro Moves to Eradicate Racism from the Americas  3/24/2018 teleSUR: "Historical reparation, recognition and justice is pending; that is our commitment," said President Maduro as he signed the International Decade for People of African Descent."

Venezuela's crisis explained from the beginning  3/23/2018 Al Jazeera: "In January 2016, the Supreme Court suspended the election of four legislators - three that were enrolled with the opposition and one with the ruling party - for alleged voting irregularities. The opposition accused the court of trying to strip them of their super-majority, and went ahead and swore in three of the legislators in question."

Exonerating the Empire in Venezuela  3/22/2018 FAIR: "The United States has for years undermined the Venezuelan economy with economic sanctions, but US media coverage of Venezuela’s financial crisis has gone out of its way to obscure this. The intent of the sanctions is clear: to inflict maximum pain on Venezuela so as to encourage the people of the country to overthrow the democratically elected government. SUNY professor Gabriel Hetland (The Nation, 8/17/16) pointed out in 2016 that the Obama government “prevented Venezuela from obtaining much-needed foreign financing and investment.”"

Exonerating the Empire in Venezuela  3/22/2018 FAIR: "The United States has for years undermined the Venezuelan economy with economic sanctions, but US media coverage of Venezuela’s financial crisis has gone out of its way to obscure this."

Defender y desarrollar el legado de Hugo Chávez  3/16/2018 Diafar Diaspora Africana de la Argentina: por Danny Glover - "Los ataques políticos contra sus políticas públicas e internacionales y los despectivos ataques racistas personales no pudieron disuadirlo de confrontar el hecho empíricamente evidente de que las políticas de gobernanza global de la élite, que favorecían a los ricos y poderosos entre las naciones y los ciudadanos, eran destructivas y mortales para la mayoría de los países y las masas de ciudadanos en todo el mundo. Fue claro y directo al observar: "El racismo es muy característico del imperialismo y el capitalismo. El odio contra mí tiene mucho que ver con el racismo. Debido a mi gran boca y pelo rizado. Y estoy muy orgulloso de tener esta boca y este pelo, porque es africano"."

La fuerza del viento o las hijas de Oyá  3/11/2018 Revista Caracola: "La Negra Argelia Laya, vieja y querida amiga, miitante revolucionaria, comunista que empuñó las armas para enfrentar al adecaje corrupto, criminal y pro imperialista de Rómulo Betancourt. Supo siempre hacerle honor a su origen negro aunque ella siempre siempreme decía una frase de Martí: ‘hombre es más que negro, más que mulato, más que blanco (más que indio, agregaría yo; dígase hombre (o mujer) y se han dicho todos los derechos’. Murió luchando por esos derechos femeninos."

Venezuela, irreconocible cinco años después de la muerte de Chávez  3/4/2018 Havana Times: "Ramírez acusa a Maduro de haber traicionado el legado de Chávez. En varios artículos publicados en el portal Aporrea, el ex jefe de PDVSA y ex embajador en las Naciones Unidas denunció que Maduro le cerró el paso hacia una candidatura presidencial del chavismo. Además, señala a Maduro como responsable del “desastre” económico. “Se insinúa que Chávez tiene la culpa de este desastre, al ‘tomar decisiones equivocadas’, al insistir en ‘vivir con un precio de petróleo a 100 dólares el barril’, que ‘era muy fácil gobernar así’."

Movimiento afroamericano debate ideas de las relaciones entre afrodescendientes de Venezuela y los EEUU  2/28/2018 Correo del Orinoco: "Destacó la labor de Obi Egbuna quien desarrolla a lo largo de EEUU un programa de educación para niños con las escuelas afro, al igual que la profesora Sheila Walker que creó un programa en Antropología de la diáspora africana en la Universidad de Texas, Spelman College y Grupo de análisis afro en América latina. Para superar los desafíos de las comunidades afro en las Américas, García opina que la educación es la clave, en ese sentido se refirió a W.E.B Du Bois que planteaba el problema de la mala educación “estamos haciendo contribuciones para que seamos nosotros los afro que transformemos el currículum porque si no lo hacemos seguiremos produciendo más Condoleezza Rice y más Colin Powell”."

Plan to overthrow the Venezuelan Dictatorship – “Masterstroke”  2/23/2018 VoltaireNet: “Uniting Brazil, Argentina, Colombia and Panama to contribute a good number of troops, make use of their geographic proximity and experience in operations in forested or jungle regions. Strengthening its international status with the presence of combat units from the United States and the aforementioned nations; under the general command of the Joint Chiefs of Staff led by the United States.”

El racismo macrista y el re-blanqueamiento de América Latina  2/20/2018 EPG Consultora: [Macri, preidente de Argentina] - "Mauricio Macri ha asumido una postura abiertamente etnocentrista, en la cual de acuerdo a Michael Biuig (1986) se centra étnicamente, es decir, acepta a aquellos que son “parecidos” a él y a rechazar a aquellos que son “diferentes”. Pero esto no es un hecho casual, no son “comentarios desafortunados” como algunos han querido hacerlo parecer, por el contrario, son una toma de posición ideológica racista, que pone en evidencia su explicito rechazo y desprecio a la diversidad de nuestro continente, pluriétnico y multicultural; postura que además determina y direcciona sus actuaciones políticas, económicas, sociales y culturales."

Rex Tillerson...Un pirata recorre el Caribe  2/12/2018 Aporrea: por Jesus Chucho Garcia - "Hoy es el jeque petrolero de la compañía Exxon y ahora secretario de Estado Rex Tillerson quien por cierto fue derrotado en una demanda que hizo contra Venezuela cuando el presidente Chávez renacionalizo el petróleo e impuso nuestra soberanía energética. Ademas esta compañía fue la que influyo para que Donald Trump expresara que el cambio climático que afecta al planeta eran tenias falsas, Claro esta compañía es la que que mas esta contaminando el plantea."

Derecha USA y sus aliados fraguan golpe de estado en Cuba y Venezuela  2/10/2018 Descubriendo Verdades: "No resultan extrañas y fuera de contexto las coincidencias sobre los recientes llamados de personajes de la extrema derecha en USA a los miembros de las FANB venezolanas y a las FAR cubanas a rebelarse contra la gobernabilidad en ambas naciones para propiciar sendos golpes de estado con vistas a buscar derrocar por la violencia a los gobiernos de Nicolás Maduro y Raúl Castro."

Sabotaje a la democracia en Venezuela  2/9/2018 Cuba Debate: por Atilio Borón, economista y periodista argentino, quien dirigió Clacso.

“La cazadora de tiranos”: ¿Quién es la fiscal de la CPI encargada de investigar a Maduro?  2/9/2018 Panam Post: "Este jueves ocho de febrero la Corte Penal Internacional (CPI) en La Haya anunció la apertura de un examen preliminar contra Nicolás Maduro por crímenes de lesa humanidad. Quien velará por el caso será la fiscal jefe de la Corte, Fatou Bensouda, quien dejó claro que ha seguido “de cerca” la crisis en Venezuela. No se trata aún de una investigación, sino del proceso preliminar para determinar si se debe proceder con una investigación. No obstante, luego de varios años de demandas contra la dictadura chavista, finalmente se da el segundo paso decisivo para que eventualmente la Corte Penal Internacional actúe."

The Battle for Venezuela | The Big Picture | La batalla por Venezuela  2/9/2018 YouTube: "The Big Picture: The Battle for Venezuela examines how the exploitation of oil created the modern nation of Venezuela and, how the oil industry helped create a divided society as well as endemic inequality. We chart the impact of industrialisation and the flux between dictatorships and democracy, highlighting the legacies of prominent leaders to shed contextual light on the troubles afflicting Venezuela today."

De Patricio Lumumba a Amilcar Cabral  1/28/2018 Aporrea: por Jesus Chucho Garcia - "El mes de enero fue testigo de dos asesinatos en la historia de la lucha de los pueblos africanos por conquistar su libertad con dignidad a través de de dos grandes líderes quien se opusieron con audacia inteligencia, constancia y una sostenida posición ideológica, ideología sustentada con mucha transparencia y ejemplo de consistencia en la lucha por la igualdad de sus pueblos."

U.S. senators want probe of drug trafficking tied to Venezuela government  1/24/2018 Reuters: "In a letter to U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions seen by Reuters, Republican Senator Marco Rubio and Democrat Robert Menendez said they were concerned about possible connections between Maduro’s government and drug trafficking organizations and wanted an investigation “in order to better understand the nexus between criminal actors and members of Maduro’s inner circle.” [We could start by investigating both senators for their ties to narco politicians.]

Comunicado: Condena enérgica a Donald Trump por sus declaraciones racistas sobre Haití, El Salvador y estados africanos  1/18/2018 Aporrea: Por: Movimiento Social AfroRevolucionario Juan Ramón Lugo - "El Movimiento AfroRevolucionario Juan Ramón Lugo, condena enérgicamente las declaraciones racistas, denigrantes y groseras del Presidente de los Estados Unidos de América Donald Trump, sobre Haití, El Salvador, estados africanos y de otros continentes, en el transcurso de una negociación sobre el programa migratorio conocido como DACA, que tuvo lugar en la Casa Blanca, en el día viernes 12 de enero de 2018."

NIñO JESUS DE CURIEPE…CUANDO TE VAYAS ME AVISA  12/24/2017 Aporrea: por Jesus "Chucho" Garcia - "Curiepe, fue el primer pueblo en la Venezuela colonial, fundada por africanos libres de origen Congo, dentro de los cuales se encontraba Marcelino Ganga y Juan del Rosario Blanco. Porque eran libres estos africanos?. Ellos se habían fugado de la isla de Curazao, que estaba en posesión de Holanda, y este país era enemigo de la Corona Española."

Venezuela mestiza, pero profundamente racista  12/6/2017 Climax: "En 2013, de acuerdo con un estudio publicado por The Washington Post, Venezuela resultó ser el país más racista del continente americano. Los datos compilados por Max Fisher y recogidos por el World Values Survey señalan que los países nórdicos, anglosajones y latinoamericanos son los más tolerantes a aceptar ciudadanos de distintos orígenes." [Por esto, el gobierno EEUU mata a los afro, lo que no se ve en Venezuela.]

Insight - Pleas to flee, a desperate video: Inside Venezuela's oil industry purge  12/4/2017 Reuters: “I told him: ‘Go!',” said one of three people who described the leadup to the former minister’s detention. “But he told me ‘I haven’t done anything wrong. I trust that they’re not going to do anything bad to me.'”

Trump Doubles Down on Sanctions and Regime Change for Venezuela  11/14/2017 Venezuela Analysis: "On November 3, President Maduro of Venezuela proposed a meeting with creditors, for November 13 in Caracas, to discuss a restructuring of Venezuelan public debt. On November 8, the Trump administration reacted by warning US bondholders that attending this meeting could put them in violation of US economic sanctions against Venezuela. Such a violation can be penalized by 30 years in prison and up to $10 million dollars in fines for businesses."

The Governorship Elections in Venezuela. The PSUV Wins By a Landslide, Opposition in Disarray  11/10/2017 Venezuela Analysis: "The governing party of Venezuela, the PSUV (United Socialist Party of Venezuela), has recently obtained a resounding electoral victory for State governorship. The election was called by the CNE (National Electoral Council) at the instance of the ANC (National Constituent Assembly). Soon after, the opposition group MUD (Democratic Unity Coalition) seemed to be in disarray. Enrique Capriles of Primero Justicia (Justice First) party, for example, resigned from the MUD coalition questioning Henry Ramos Allup of the AD (Democratic Action) party who in turn expelled the four AD governors who dared to be sworn-in in front of the ANC in acceptance of the election results."

COMO SOBREVIVIO EL CIMARRON GUILLERMO? REINVENTAR EL CIMARRONAJE  11/6/2017 AfroCubaWeb: por Jesus Chucho Garcia -- "Hay que reinventar el cimarronaje en la compleja crisis que estamos viviendo. Mientras no exista producción diversificada por mas que se aumenten los salarios, la estánflacion (inflacion con cero producción) seguirá reinando. Guillermo RIBAS fue asesinado por tropas españolas el 10 de noviembre de 1771. Murió libre,"

¿Qué paso con el proyecto Belen Palacios?  10/29/2017 Aporrea: "Antes de su muerte, Belen con el Grupo Elegua, fue invitada por la exministra de la Mujer Maria Leon para una actividad con el presidente Chavez, ante el cual ejecuto de una manera especial sus quitiplas. Tanto el presidente como Maria Leon, quedaron impactado por el Grupo Elegía y la versatilidad de Belen."

FORO EN BOSTON SOBRE VENEZUELA: UNA VICTORIA POR LA PAZ Y CONTRA EL INTERVENCIONISMO  10/24/2017 Gobierno de Venezuela: "La directora de ARAAC, capítulo Estados Unidos, profesora Yvette Modestin, expuso la necesidad de fortalecer los lazos de solidaridad con Venezuela, donde las y los afrodescendientes han tenido un rol protagónico en las luchas por la construcción de la democracia participativa, así como las relaciones con África y la diáspora africana. Por su parte el Cónsul de Venezuela en Boston, Omar Sierra, explicó en detalle las tácticas de la derecha al querer desconocer los poderes constitucionales, al entrar en desacato a poco tiempo de haber obtenido la victoria en diciembre del 2015 en la Asamblea Nacional, lo cual llevó a incidentes de violencia política con apoyo internacional, dejando a su paso miles de heridos, jóvenes incendiados vivos y ataques a instituciones, como hospitales materno infantiles, escuelas y centro de acopio de alimentos."

Derrotada la violencia, racismo e intervencionismo  10/22/2017 Aporrea: "Una vez mas, las mayorías, por no decir todas, las comunidades afrovenezolanas apoyaron con sus votos al proceso Bolivariano, lo cual demuestra que, pese a la severa crisis que se vive en estas comunidades, su lealtad al proceso bolivariano es indiscutible. El articulo de Freddy Pollito Blanco, develando el racismo de Carlo Ocariz al calificar a los ¨negros¨de Barlovento como ¨jediondos¨, tuvo su efecto. A eso se le suma que fue en el Estado Miranda (PLaza Altamira) donde quemaron e hirieron a jóvenes afrodescendientes por ser chavistas y ¨negros¨."

Venezuelan socialists make election gains  10/17/2017 Liberation: "Venezuela held its second election in four months, the 22nd election since the beginning of the socialist Bolivarian revolutionary process in 1998. These elections, for the governors of Venezuela’s 23 states, saw a turnout of 61.14 percent of registered voters, much higher than expected, second only to 2008 where regional elections saw a 65.45 percent turnout."

Las estrategias de la derecha venezolana  10/15/2017 Aporrea: "La Salida uno, fracaso. Por ultimo, con apoyo de dinero ensangrentado internacional promueven la salida II, iniciada después de una visita que hacen al presidente de Estados Unidos Donald Trump, la esposa de Lopez, Lilian Tintori, Julio Borges y Freddy Guevara, recaudando dinero sucio para iniciar acciones violentas en las calles, creando grupos paramilitares conocidos como la Resistencia, apoyados por el expresidente colombiano Uribe Velez, incendiando personas por considerarlas Chavistas y afrodescendientes, un poco a la estrategia aplica en Rwanda en la década de los noventas, entre Hutus y Tutsis (ver película Hotel Rwanda o Siempre en abril). Asesinar a Chavista. Incendiar instituciones publicas creadas por el gobierno Chavista, trataron de criminalizar y vivir al pueblo venezolano entre chavista y no chavista, la táctica de Rwanda entre Hutus y Tutsis."

Movimiento Malcolm X… Venezuela es soberana  10/3/2017 PSUV: por Jesús Chucho García - "El autor del famoso libro We will shoot back (Regresaremos para disparar), donde expone los asesinatos raciales cada 24 horas en Estados Unidos, ve con mucha preocupación como el modelo de la supremacía blanca racista estadounidense se ha replicado en la burguesía blanca racista venezolana cuando ha incendiado vivos a afrodescendientes, como hemos visto en algunos videos que nos han enviado un activista del Movimiento Afrorevolucionario Juan Ramón Lugo de Venezuela."

Travelling Through the Heart of Afro-Venezuela  10/2/2017 Venezuela Analysis: "We were there for two days as part of the Venezuela Analysis international solidarity delegation visit that took place at the end of August. The aim of the delegation was to get firsthand experience of the gains and challenges facing Venezuela’s pro-poor Bolivarian Revolution. We were met by a member of a local community council, which are grassroots participatory bodies found across Venezuela, in which neighbours organise to deal with local problems."

Maduro sustituye a dólar por yuan chino para cotizar petróleo  9/16/2017 HispanTV: "Ya estamos vendiendo el petróleo y todos nuestros productos en una canasta de monedas y ya a partir del día de hoy se cotiza en yuanes, las nuevas monedas del mundo nuevo y Venezuela va a la vanguardia financiera contra el neoliberalismo”, destacó el viernes el presidente Nicolás Maduro. Tras apuntar que las sanciones de EE.UU. “nos obligaron” a tomar tal decisión y acabar con el dólar, el dignatario venezolano calificó de “ilegales, arbitrarias y agresivas” las medidas del presidente estadounidense, Donald Trump."

Junto con Irán y Rusia, Venezuela neutralizará sanciones de EEUU  9/15/2017 HispanTV: "Arreaza ha indicado este viernes en una rueda de prensa en Caracas, la capital, que todo tipo de sanciones “ilegales” contra Venezuela son rechazadas, mientras ha subrayado que el Gobierno venezolano se hace solidario con los países que también viven estas arbitrariedades de Estados Unidos, como “Irán y Rusia”."

Betsayda Machado's Afro-Venezuelan Rhythms Take on the Land's Crisis  9/12/2017 NPR: "The field recordings - the first time ever that La Parranda El Clavo was recorded - were produced by Juan Souki of Imaginarios and Jose Luis Pardo (aka DJ Afro, founding member of Venezuelan indie stars Los Amigos Invisibles as well as Los Crema Paraíso), so there's a contemporary freshness in the capturing and mixing of the rich ebullience of a music with a centuries-old legacy."

Why Won't American Media Tell the Truth About What's Happening in Venezuela?  9/7/2017 Alternet: "As the U.S. steps up its regime change efforts in Caracas, many leftists in progressive and social media have expressed confusion or equivocation. Their difficulty in distinguishing between an embattled social democracy and a violent, right-wing rejectionist opposition is a testament to the weakness of anti-imperialism in Western politics at the moment. Progressives should have no such difficulty. Chavismo is an incomplete, flawed, ongoing democratic experiment. The alternatives on display are clear: terror, occupation and austerity."

¿Comisión contra el odio sin afrodescendiente?  8/30/2017 Aporrea: "Venezuela no escapa de ese eclipse de Trump que contagió a Monseñor Antonio Castillo quien le echó agua bendita a los guarimberos quemadores de afrodescendientes y azusando a una guerra civil y de razas en Venezuela."

Are US Libertarians Stirring Up Trouble in Venezuela?  8/30/2017 Buzzflash: "Fang, a journalist examining the influence of organized interest groups and wealthy donors on politics, pointed out that "The Atlas Network spans dozens of other think tanks across the region, including prominent groups supporting right-wing forces behind the unfolding anti-government movement in Venezuela…"

Venezuela’s long history of racism is coming back to haunt it  8/16/2017 The Conversation: 'In the early years of Hugo Chávez’s rise to power, right wing criticism of the government was frequently couched in racial and cultural terms. The private media portrayed government supporters as hordes of “monkeys” moved by base emotions and swayed by an authoritarian leader. One anti-Chavista told me in 2005 that a president should be a “señor” who speaks English, and not someone from such a humble background that he only started wearing shoes at the age of eight. Chávez was not fit to be president, she elaborated, “because of his culture, the tiny bit he has … He wants us all to live like he used to live”.

FOTOS, INFOGRAFÍA Y MAPA | 157 muertos en protestas en Venezuela hasta el #13Ago  8/13/2017 Run Run: [This set of photos is used by the Venezuelan opposition to characterize their movement as multiracial. It's complicated by the fact that Latin Americans hold to the one drop rule in reverse, if you have a drop of white blood and are aspiring to be upwardly mobile, you are white.]

Trump says he won't rule out military option in Venezuela  8/11/2017 CNN: "This is our neighbor. You know, we are all over the world and we have troops all over the world in places that are very, very far away. Venezuela is not very far away and the people are suffering, and they are dying. We have many options for Venezuela, including a possible military option if necessary." [It is rich white people causing the violence, but that white supremacy is much to Trump's liking.]

Trump was making friends in Latin America — before he raised Venezuela ‘military option’ Read more here:  8/11/2017 Miami Herald: "But above all, Trump risked losing the alliance that, in one of the most striking recent examples of Latin American unity, came together in an emergency meeting held in Peru earlier this week. It drew 17 countries that denounced the “breakdown” of Venezuelan democracy following the inauguration last week of an all-powerful new legislative body loyal to Maduro. For once, Latin America’s biggest players came together to make the rarest of admissions: When it came to Venezuela, they agreed with Trump."

Sphere of Influence: How American Libertarians Are Remaking Latin American Politics  8/9/2017 Intercept: "Chafuen pointed to numerous Atlas-affiliated leaders now in the spotlight: ministers in the new conservative government in Argentina, senators in Bolivia, and the leaders of the Free Brazil Movement that took down Dilma Rousseff’s presidency, where Chafuen’s network sprang to life before his very eyes."

Here’s Your Guide to Understanding Protest Deaths in Venezuela  8/8/2017 teleSUR: "Right-wing opposition leaders have attempted to portray the deaths as examples of state repression and evidence of the "dictatorship" that they are aiming to topple. Mainstream media have by and large echoed this version of events, using titles like “Venezuelan Regime Has Blood On Its Hands” and “Venezuela's Tiananmen Moment." Some outlets have even gone as far as claiming the elected government of President Nicolas Maduro as engaging in “a campaign of state genocide.” The reality of the situation on the ground, however, demonstrates something very different."

Venezuela arrests over 'uprising attempt'  8/6/2017 BBC: "Army chief Gen Jesus Suarez Chourio said: "What happened today was a terrorist, paramilitary, mercenary attack paid for by the right [the opposition] and its collaborators, paid for by the North American empire" - a reference to the US, which has denounced President Maduro's recent actions."

Guerra híbrida contra Venezuela (II): Trump, la CIA y los publicistas  8/4/2017 Notas Periodismo Popular: "Las acciones de guerra convencional siempre vienen precedidas por declaraciones y acciones político diplomáticas. En el caso de las potencias con escala imperial también son habituales las sanciones o los boicots económicos, dentro y fuera del país. Todas ellas, a su vez, son anticipadas por operaciones de prensa que invariablemente se mantienen hasta el final y a cada momento realizan balances y proyecciones de cara a la opinión pública."

Venezuela chief prosecutor to probe election fraud claim  8/3/2017 BBC: "Ms Ortega, a fierce critic of President Nicolás Maduro, called for an independent audit of the vote."

As US Sanctions Maduro and Hints at Regime Change, a Debate on Resolving the Crisis in Venezuela  8/1/2017 Truth Out: "The government claims that 8 million persons -- the Electoral Council claims that 8 million persons came out to vote. That's not a very credible claim. We did some independent polling, exit polling, and we actually estimate it was about 3.6 million persons. The last election that you had, the last uncontested election, in terms of the results that you had, Maduro got about 5.5 million votes. It would be very difficult to believe that he's actually regained two-and-a-half million votes in the context of one of the deepest economic contractions in world history."

Strange Fruit: Venezuela has an Opposition that Nobody Should Support  7/29/2017 Venezuela Analysis: "Bolivarian University Professor Chris Gilbert addresses the racism and white supremacy of the Venezuelan opposition in light of recent lynchings against Black and Brown Venezuelans accused of being "Chavistas" or "thieves" by opposition militants."

There is Still Time to Prevent Civil War in Venezuela  7/28/2017 Counterpunch: by Eva Golinger - "I believe there is still a chance to prevent a full on civil war in Venezuela, but concessions must be made by both sides, starting with a return to rule of law. In order for that to happen, government efforts to usurp the powers of the democratically-elected parliament and judicial maneuvering by the country’s highest court to silence critics should cease. Voices of moderation need to emerge without fear of being branded traitors or opportunists, as has been happening to anyone publicly criticizing the government or opposition. The opposition leadership and its international backers must immediately condemn all violence."

Boaventura de Sousa Santos: En defensa de Venezuela  7/26/2017 Question Digital: [Buena analisis, pero no mentiona raza o racismo como factor esencial en el conflicto.]

Venezuela leader’s foes levy new sanctions and fresh strike  7/26/2017 WaPo: "Meanwhile, opposition leader Leopoldo Lopez called on Venezuelans to support the strike in his first direct public message since being moved from prison to house arrest this month. The 46-year-old former Caracas-area mayor, who was sentenced to 14 years in 2015 after being convicted of inciting violence during a previous spate of protests, also appealed to the military not to deploy for Sunday’s election."

CIA And Sen Marco Rubio Accused Of Plotting Regime Change In Venezuela  7/26/2017 Zero Hedge: "Interim Ambassador to the Organization of American States Carmen Velasquez also criticized US threats of sweeping sanctions during a nearly two-hour discussion at the Venezuelan residency in Washington this week. For his part, Rubio has warned of a “very strong response” from Trump if Venezuela goes through with the “fraudulent vote,” vowing to recommend that a host of other senior Venezuelan officials also face sanction."

Venezuela on the Edge of Civil War  7/25/2017 Counterpunch: "Venezuela has been caught up in violent rioting backed by the right-wing wealthy class, and they have been responsible for most of the murdered and wounded, which the corporate Fake News ignores. Instead the corporate Fake News keeps repeating the numbers of those murdered as if all the deaths have been caused by the Venezuelan security forces, which is just not true."

Opposition Violence Responsible for 23 Venezuelans Burned Alive  7/23/2017 teleSUR: "According to, the majority of the burnings were based on either social status or political beliefs, a description which fits the U.N.'s definition of a hate crime: "Hate crime is a form of dehumanizing crime, because whoever commits it deems that its victim lacks human value because of their color, sex, sexual orientation, gender, gender identity, origin, ethnic origin, civil status, birth, physical or mental disability, social status, religion, age, religious or political beliefs," as described by the U.N. Office of the Special Adviser on the Prevention of Genocide."

Will Trump Boycott Venezuelan Oil?  7/22/2017 Havana Times: "Piñon notes that at an average price of $45 per barrel x 700,000 per day, the US market represents approximately $31 million per day or around $11.3 billion per year of income for the Venezuelan State Oil Company (PDVSA) The oil expert says that a loss of cash revenue could have extreme consequences for the Venezuelan economy already in crisis. He believes that nobody else has the capacity to process the crude currently going to several US refineries, including CITGO owned by PDVSA."

¿El fascismo es una amenaza real?  7/22/2017 Jiribilla: "El plan de EE.UU. de estimular a los sectores fascistas de la oposición venezolana, para llevarnos a una guerra civil, como lo hicieron en la invasión terrorista en Iraq, Libia y Siria, continúa en pleno desarrollo. Todos los días se promueve la guerra sobre la Venezuela Bolivariana (la económica, el terrorismo y la mediática para incendiar el país) se utiliza al hampa común y los paracos junto con los partidos políticos de Voluntad Popular y Primero Justicia para mantener el estado de angustia y tratar de intimidar a los chavistas para que no salgan a votar en la elección de los Constituyentistas a la Asamblea Nacional este 30 de julio. "

Entrevista Afroepistemologia - Jesús Chucho García - Julio 2017  7/21/2017 Caribe Nuestro: "En esta edición conversamos con Jesús Chucho García, coordinador del Centro de Estudios Afroamericanos Miguel Acosta Saignes de la UCV, editor de la revista Africamerica y coordinador de la fundación Afroamérica y la Red Afrovenezolana. Con él conversamos sobre la herencia africana en el Caribe, la espiritualidad, la identidad y la cultura de resistencia. Además profundizamos sobre su libro Caribeñidad."

The State of the Left in Latin America: A Disillusioned Revolution in Venezuela  7/21/2017 NACLA: "The Venezuelan government over the last year— in fact, over the last several years— has become incredibly incompetent in managing of the economy. It has also been reaching out to international and domestic capitalists. The government has even signed deals with multinational corporations to open the country to mining."

Queman a dos hombres señalados de chavistas en una protesta opositora en Venezuela  7/19/2017 RT: "La jornada violenta opositora dejó un saldo de dos personas incineradas y un herido que escapó de ser quemado vivo. En algunas ciudades del país se llevó a cabo el cierre de vías y el impedimento del libre tránsito convocados por la dirigencia de la oposición. "

Why Can’t the U.S. Left Get Venezuela Right?  7/13/2017 Counterpunch: "Instead of denouncing rightwing violence that aims at regime change, many on the U.S. left have stayed silent, or opted to give an evenhanded analysis that supports neither the Maduro government nor the oligarchy trying to violently overthrow it. Rather, the left prioritizes its energy on lecturing on Maduro’s “authoritarianism” and the failures of “Chavismo.”"

(Declaración) Conferencia Panafricanismo Hoy: Los pueblos y organizaciones de África defendemos la Revolución Bolivariana  7/10/2017 Alba Movimientos: "Las organizaciones presentes en la Conferencia “Panafricanismo Hoy”, reunidas en Túnez entre el 30 de junio y el 2 de julio de 2017, condenamos enérgicamente los ataques y la violencia sistemática que está sufriendo la revolución bolivariana por parte del imperialismo norteamericano y sus lacayos de la derecha venezolana. Rechazamos los más recientes crímenes ocurridos contra militantes del chavismo y el pueblo en general, así como los ataques a instituciones del estado."

The Struggle For Venezuela and Its Afro-historical Component  7/8/2017 Black Star News: "It is no different in Venezuela today. How do we account for the burning by anti-government demonstrators of a 21 year old Afro Venezuelan, Oscar Figuera, simply for identifying as a Chavez supporter? The anti-Bolivarian opposition is also anti-Black. These are the stories you don?t hear about during these ?peaceful? opposition protests; just as few knew about the lynching of Black Libyans and ethnic cleansing of Tawergha and other abuses due to the media blackout except for a few outlets. This opposition is really no different than the Right-wing that supports President Donald Trump and here in America they include Neo-Nazis and the KKK."

Qué son los colectivos y cómo operan para "defender la revolución bolivariana" en Venezuela  7/7/2017 BBC: "La amenazante pintada destaca en los muros. Es la silueta de un hombre rodilla en tierra y apuntando con un fusil. Sobre ella, una leyenda: "Los colectivos toman Caracas en defensa de la ¡Revolución!"."

CARICOM deals a blow to US plans for regime change in Venezuela  6/25/2017 SF Bay View: "U.S. diplomats in Guyana, and for that matter throughout the Global South, are not diplomats in the strict sense of the word, and can be better described as political activists. They are constantly meddling in the internal affairs of the country they are stationed in, giving directives to the compliant neo-colonial regimes and actively undermining and destabilizing independent and anti-imperialist governments, such as the government in Venezuela."

Caribbean People do not Need Instruction from US on Venezuela Crisis  6/23/2017 teleSUR: "Indeed, Ms Taglialatela seems to think that she knows the situation in Venezuela even better than Ms Ines Esparragoza, the mother of the late Orlando Figuera — the 21-year-old Afro-Venezuelan who was brutally beaten by a crowd of white Opposition supporters, stabbed six times, doused with gasoline, and set on fire. Orlando Figuera was burnt to death simply because he was black and was a supporter of the socialist party of Chavez and Maduro."

Venezuela Is Under Attack for Asserting That Black Lives Matter  6/23/2017 teleSUR: "Chavez was the first president in the Americas to openly acknowledge and embrace his Indigenous and African heritage. The privately owned Venezuelan media often referred to him with racist slurs. In 2005, Chávez declared that, "hate against me has a lot to do with racism. Because of my big mouth and curly hair. And I'm so proud to have this mouth and this hair, because it is African." That same year, Chávez created the Presidential Commission for the Prevention and Elimination of all Forms of Racial Discrimination in the Venezuelan Educational System."

Venezuela Is Under Attack for Asserting That Black Lives Matter  6/21/2017 Truth Out: "It is important to note that while the vitriolic right-wing government opposition is concentrated among the white and economically elite elements of the population, the barrios, shanty towns and rural areas that are home to the poor, Indigenous communities and the Afro-Venezuelans have not erupted into protest for the most part because they support the government."

Abby Martin: World Ignores Opposition Violence at Venezuela Protests  6/12/2017 Real News: "Empire Files host Abby Martin just returned from Venezuela where she saw first hand how violent opposition protesters attempt to intimidate reporters and thereby give a false impression of what is happening."

Identifican el arma "de alta tecnología" con la que indujeron cáncer a Hugo Chávez  6/6/2017 RT: "Según detalla el portal, la "nanoarma" fue desarrollada mediante "nanotransportadores o nanocápsulas con direccionamiento controlado que contenían nanopartículas inductivas con aceleradores de metástasis de dosis controlada"."

Venezuelan Youth Burned for 'Being Chavista' Dies from Injuries  6/4/2017 teleSUR: "Orlando Jose Figuera was burned alive on May 20 in Caracas’ Altamira neighborhood, one of the capital’s affluent areas, after opposition protesters suspected that the 21-year-old Black man was a government supporter."

Venezuelan Opposition Spreads Lies About U.S. Journalists, Inciting Violence, Death Threats  6/3/2017 Alternet: "“For doing my job –– for interviewing government officials, protesters at los guarimbas, average Venezuelans and peaceful marchers –– I am called a spy who should be killed by the same people called ‘peaceful freedom fighters’ by Western press,” Martin told AlterNet in an interview. “These unsuccessful attempts to intimidate us reveals how much they really fear accurate reporting that might undermine their narrative.”"

Racism and Hate Fuel Right-Wing Terrorism in Venezuela  6/1/2017 teleSUR: "Rhetoric aimed at vilifying all Chavistas, often mixed with racism and bigotry, has motivated a growing number of hate crimes and assaults."

Belizean organization celebrates Afro-Venezuelan History Month  5/31/2017 Amandala: "The organizers explained that even the understanding of Venezuela as a “very Black country” is greatly lacking in Belize, attributing this to corporate efforts that globally “exclude the stories of African and African-descendant peoples”. One member said, “Afro Venezuelans look no different than Afro-Belizeans. We are all one family…. We have been so cut off from our culture and from ourselves and our knowledge of who we are, that we don’t immediately recognize each other”."

Movimiento Afrovenezolano y la Asamblea Nacional Constituyente  5/29/2017 Aporrea: "Al igual que otros movimientos afrovenezolanos, suscribimos esta convocatoria como también lo ha venido haciendo el recientemente creado movimiento de carácter político, denominado "Movimiento Afrorevolucionario Juan Ramón Lugo" que en su carta abierta a la Comisión Presidencial para la Asamblea Nacional Constituyente en el Manifiesto titulado "Afrodescendientes de Venezuela ante el proceso constituyente" donde muy especialmente expresan: "Consideramos que la Comisión presidencial por la Asamblea Constituyente, formada en su mayoría por los constituyentitas del año 1999, no deben caer en el mismo error de aquel momento histórico donde fuimos excluidos.""

“Corazón Salsero” viaja a La Habana  5/29/2017 Ultimas Noticias, Venezuela: "Este domingo 4 de junio se presentará el proyecto Corazón Salsero en el Salón Rosado, en La Habana, en el marco del espectáculo Un son por la paz, según informó su presidente, Javier Key. Desde Venezuela viajarán los artistas Luis España “El diablo del son”, Ángel Flores y Jimmy “El león”, quienes cantarán acompañados por agrupaciones de son cubanas, entre las que se encuentra Matancera son, entre otras."

Three Dead in Venezuela as Violent Protests Enter 9th Week  5/29/2017 Venezuela Analysis: "The incident is the third instance of Afro-Venezuelan men being taken for “infiltrators” and attacked by mobs of anti-government protesters in recent weeks. On May 18, Carlos Ramirez was beaten and set on fire by demonstrators shouting “he has to die because he’s Chavista”. Orlando Jose Figueras was likewise burned alive by opposition supporters two days later and is currently in a coma."

Venezuelan opposition attempts to disrupt London meeting  5/28/2017 Hands off Venezuela: "The attempt to disrupt the meeting in London is not an isolated event. Venezuelan opposition supporters have organised a lynch mob against chavistas abroad, publishing the names and addresses of supporters of the revolution, government and embassy officials as well as those of their children and relatives and encouraged opposition supporters “to get them”. In Madrid, a threatening mob of opposition supporters besieged a cultural building of the Venezuelan embassy where a solidarity meeting was taking place and did not allow anyone out (with threats of violence) for 5 hours."

TERRORISMO RACIAL EN LA PLAZA ALTAMIRA  5/27/2017 JOVENES AFROVENEZOLANOS: "Recuerdo que casi inmediatamente después del golpe de Estado Contra el presidente Chávez y el paro petrolero, cuando los militares tomaron la plaza Altamira, esta fue convertida en una especie de Apartheid. Si la memoria no me falla en esos tiempo pasaba una indígena y la golpearon por ser india chavista. Posteriormente a mi amigo Cesar Quintero quien tuvo que pasar por esa plaza a pie para llevar al profesor japonés Jun Isibashi para su hotel, un grupo de terrorista racista, lo agarraron, pues el amigo además de ser afro llevaba una franela roja, fue golpeado y luego recogido irónicamente por la policía de Chacao, después de recibir una rumba e palo."

Jamaica's Opposition Urges Govt to Show Real Solidarity with Venezuela  5/27/2017 teleSUR: "Mark Golding, the leader of the opposition business in the senate and former minister of justice stated, “It saddens me to think that the Government of Jamaica could now be on the defensive, so to speak, trying to justify statements that are in the public domain suggestive of a lack of support for the Venezuelan Government that has been so very generous to the people of Jamaica, especially the poor and dispossessed people of our country.""

Burning Man in Venezuela  5/26/2017 The Nation: "The other day, anti-government protesters in Venezuela set a man on fire, severely burning nearly 80 percent of his body. The man had brown skin, and government supporters say he was a Chavista, to highlight the racist savagery of their adversaries. The opposition says he was a thief."

The script for plans to destroy the Bolivarian Revolution was written in Washington  5/25/2017 Granma: "But this last wave of violence appears to be better organized and more extensive. Some of the scenes reported are totally senseless, defying all logic. The attack by armed opposition gangs on the Hugo Rafael Chávez Frías Maternal-Infant Hospital, with 54 children inside, would qualify as a war crime before any international court."

Venezuelan Attorney General Comes Under Fire After Controversial Press Conference  5/25/2017 Venezuela Analysis: "But the Attorney General has also been accused of acting with leniency towards violent protesters in the wake of the press conference, in which she revealed that “only 284” of the 2664 people indicted for crimes such as homicide, looting, grievous bodily arm, robbery, and arson, remained behind bars."

Amid right-wing violence, Caribbean activists call on CARICOM to send fact-finding Mission to Venezuela  5/24/2017 Granma: "Amid the violent right-wing attacks that continue to ramp up after more than 50 days of ongoing protests, a number of activists and intellectuals from the Caribbean have called on the Caribbean Community, or CARICOM, to send a fact-finding mission to Venezuela. In a press release issued last week, members of the Saint Lucia's Network in Defence of Humanity, St. Vincent and the Grenadines' Venezuelan-Vincentian Friendship Association, Barbados' Network in Defence of Humanity and Trinidad and Tobago's Movement for Social Justice stated the mission is imperative to “ascertain the internal situation of Venezuela.”"

“Afro-Venezuelans Deserve Reparations that go Beyond the Symbolic”  5/24/2017 Venezuela Analysis: "On the 163rd anniversary of the abolition of slavery in Venezuela, Francisco Tovar, activist for the rights of Afro-descendents and executive director of the Institute of African Diaspora Studies (IEA) talks to Venezuelanalysis about systemic racism, the challenges facing the Afro-Venezuelan population today, and his new book on comparative abolitionist processes in Venezuela, Colombia and the US."

Racist Mobs Lynch, Set Fire to Venezuelans with Brown Skin, Assuming Them Chavistas  5/21/2017 Liberation: "In at least one documented incident, the man attacked did not identify as a supporter of Chávez or of the Bolivarian government, but he was assumed so by a mob that attacked him based on his skin color. Right wing supporters are disproportionately whiter and from wealthier neighborhoods; the man in question was Afro-descendant and reportedly from a barrio of Caracas. He was reportedly accused by right wing protesters of being an infiltrator before the mob set upon him."

La Foto: Así le quemaron la casa en el Páramo a un artesano por ser chavista  5/13/2017 La Iguana: "La vivienda del artesano Román Rodríguez fue incendiada este viernes por manifestantes antigubernamentales, quienes habrían actuado motivados por el hecho de el propietario del inmueble es chavista."

Caracas “Afro Chávez” Forum Inaugurates Afro-Venezuelan Month  5/12/2017 Venezuela Analysis: "For the revolutionaries of the Network of Afro-Venezuelan Organizations (ROA), the massive anti-colonial revolts spearheaded by African and indigenous peoples continue to define Venezuelan politics to this day."

Your Guide to Understanding Protest Deaths in Venezuela  5/5/2017 Q Costa Rica: "Right-wing opposition leaders have attempted to portray the deaths as examples of state repression and evidence of the “dictatorship” that they are aiming to topple. Mainstream media have by and large echoed this version of events, using titles like “Venezuelan Regime Has Blood On Its Hands” and “Venezuela’s Tiananmen Moment.” Some outlets have even gone as far as claiming the elected government of Nicolas Maduro as engaging in “a campaign of state genocide.” The reality of the situation on the ground, however, demonstrates something very different."

Debunking Fake News on Venezuela  5/5/2017 Venezuela Analysis, YouTube: "This week, we’re talking about fake news. We’ve see three big, bogus news stories out of Venezuela this week, and it’s time they’re debunked for good! "

ARAAC se solidariza con Venezuela y su gobierno  5/4/2017 REDH: "La Articulación Regional de Afrodescendientes de América Latina y el Caribe Solidarios con el Pueblo de Venezuela y su Legitimo Gobierno. Venezuela confronta una crisis severa que hace imperativo recordar el significado histórico del liderazgo de Hugo Chávez y el proyecto de Revolución Bolivariana, que construyó un modelo social alternativo en el continente, denominado Socialismo Bolivariano o Socialismo del Siglo XXI."

Articulación Regional de Afrodescendientes de América Latina y el Caribe Solidarios con el Pueblo de Venezuela y su Legítimo Gobierno.  5/3/2017 Movimientos: "Hoy Venezuela se encuentra acechada por enemigos externos y apátridas internos. La guerra mediáticas, la desinformación, la distorsión de la representación de la realidad política y económica, se conjugan en un concierto perverso, donde participan los grandes consocios comunicacionales de todos los continentes. Su implementación es la preparación de una intervención indirecta en sus asuntos internos, propuesto como metas por la derecha resurgida principalmente desde el cono sur. Las opiniones de los llamados países de la Alianza del Pacífico coinciden con las de las fuerzas reaccionarias en Centroamérica y el gobierno de facto en Brasil. En este contexto, resurge al relieve el rol de la OEA como organismo servil al capital y al imperio. La elección de un gobierno de ultraderecha en los Estados Unidos viene a añadir insulto a la injuria."

Afro-Revolucionarios en apoyo al retiro de Venezuela de la OEA  4/29/2017 Aporrea: Por: Movimiento AfroRevolucionario Juan Ramón Lugo

Los 5 colectivos chavistas más temidos por la población civil de Venezuela  4/29/2017 Infobae, Argentina: "Tienen armas rusas, fueron entrenados militarmente por guerrillas como las FARC y hacen negocios con grupos narcos colombianos como los Rastrojos. Operan principalmente en el barrio 23 de Enero, en el oeste de Caracas y actúan como grupo de tareas del chavismo para reprimir brutalmente a los opositores."

Venezuela Ablaze  4/27/2017 Counterpunch: "Reuters, The New York Times, The Washington Post, World News Tonight, wherever a breaking story of Venezuela appears nowadays, it’s bloodshed, protests, no food, people starving, and worse… Venezuela ablaze! President Maduro is reviled time and again as a brute. On the other hand, that’s strange in the face of the principles of Chavismo, established by Hugo Chávez, including nationalization, social welfare programs for all citizens, and opposition to neoliberalism, especially policies of the IMF and World Bank. Chavismo promotes participatory democracy and workplace democracy."

Venezuela: Respaldo de la Dirección Nacional de Organizaciones Mundo Afro, Integrante ARAAC  4/27/2017 Resumen 

Organizaciones Mundo Afro manifiesta su respaldo a Venezuela y al presidente Maduro  4/26/2017 Gobierno de Venezuela: "La Dirección Nacional de las Organizaciones Mundo Afro, integrante de la Alianza Regional Afrodescendientes para América y el Caribe (ARAAC), rechazó todas las formas de intromisión en los asuntos internos de Venezuela y reiteró su respaldo al presidente de la República, Nicolás Maduro."

Movimientos sociales del mundo Afro se solidarizan con Venezuela y el Presidente Maduro  4/26/2017 Radio del Sur: "Delcy Rodríguez ministra del Poder Popular para Relaciones Exteriores, agradeció a la Dirección Nacional de Organizaciones Mundo Afro su solidaridad con Venezuela y el Primer Mandatario Nacional, Nicolás Maduro, luego de un comunicado oficial que emitió la organización donde rechazan las políticas injerencistas de parte del imperio norteamericano."

Death toll jumps to 20 in Venezuela protests  4/21/2017 AFP: "Videos shot by El Valle residents on Thursday night showed people throwing bottles and other objects out their windows at the gunmen in the streets below, shouting "Murderers!" At one point, street protesters hurling Molotov cocktails managed to set fire to one of the armored police trucks firing tear gas at them, lighting up the night sky."

La diversidad espiritual en el Caribe  4/17/2017 Aporrea: Por Jesús Chucho García - "Definitivamente, el caribe fue el lugar donde se encontraron los dioses del universo con sus cosmologías, mitos, significantes y significados que marcharon en un paralelismo complementario ayudándose mutua y permanentemente, en una relación a veces entre dominantes y dominados, dolorosa y amorosa, que algunos llaman incorrectamente sincretismo, término impuesto por la escuela antropológica funcionalista americana."

Afro-Venezuelan Slams ‘Racist, Sexist’ Opposition Protests  4/11/2017 teleSUR: “It’s a white, bourgeois, classist, racist and sexist elite that has no patriotism,” Duran told teleSUR during an interview. “They want a Venezuela where only they exist, not Black, Indigenous and poor people.”

Chomsky: Latin American Socialists In Venezuela, Cuba, Brazil Have Failed To Build Sustainable Economies  4/5/2017 Real Clear Politics: "Well, there were—there were real achievements. But the left governments failed to use the opportunity available to them to try to create sustainable, viable economies. Almost every one—Venezuela, Brazil, others, Argentina—relied on the rise in commodity prices, which is a temporary phenomenon. Commodity prices did rise, mainly because of the growth of China. So there was a rise in the oil price, of soy, and so on and so forth. And instead of trying to develop a sustainable economy with manufacturing, agriculture and so on—like Venezuela is potentially a rich agricultural country, but they didn’t develop it—they simply relied on the commodity—raw materials commodities they could export. That’s a very harmful—it’s not only not a successful, it’s a harmful development model, because when you export grain to China, let’s say, they export manufacturing goods to you, and that undermines your manufacturing industries. And that’s pretty much what’s been happening."

Edgardo Lander: Ante la crisis de Venezuela la izquierda carece de crítica  4/1/2017 Red Filosófica del Uruguay: "Primero hay que tomar en cuenta qué fue lo que pasó en el tránsito de Chávez a Maduro. Yo soy de la opinión de que la mayoría de los problemas con los que nos encontramos hoy son problemas que venían acumulándose con Chávez. Los análisis de parte de la izquierda venezolana que reivindican la época de Chávez como la época de gloria, en la que todo funcionaba bien y de repente aparece Maduro como un incompetente o un traidor, son explicaciones demasiado maniqueas y que no permiten desentrañar cuáles son las lógicas más estructurales que llevan a la crisis actual."

“Afro-Venezuelans Deserve Reparations that go Beyond the Symbolic”  3/24/2017 Venezuela Analysis: "On the 163rd anniversary of the abolition of slavery in Venezuela, Francisco Tovar, activist for the rights of Afro-descendents and executive director of the Institute of African Diaspora Studies (IEA) talks to Venezuelanalysis about systemic racism, the challenges facing the Afro-Venezuelan population today, and his new book on comparative abolitionist processes in Venezuela, Colombia and the US."

Venezuela’s Bolivarian Revolution Embraces its African Roots  3/21/2017 Venezuela Analysis: "CAACW coordinators Raquel Escobar Gomez (RE) and Roberto Torres (RT) organize in-depth academic research, community based workshops and build relationships with the Afro-Venezuelan movement, Venezuelan-African diplomatic spaces and Black liberation processes beyond Venezuela."

Venezuela's Women's Ministry: Working to Reverse Damage Done by Capitalist Patriarchy  3/14/2017 Venezuela Analysis: "In celebration of the historic date, the symbolic remains of three Afro-Venezuelan and indigenous women: Apacuana, Matea Bolivar and Hipolita Bolivar, were inducted into the National Pantheon of Heroes in Caracas."

How a Politician Accused of Drug Trafficking Became Venezuela’s Vice President  2/16/2017 NYT: [Perhaps NYT could investigate why Bill Clinton picked Colombian President Uribe as a partner in the drug war when the DIA listed him as a narcosenator and a close personal friend of Pablo Escobar. Or maybe why Hillary and Trump approve of the Honduran government which is riddled with narcos from the top on down…]

La ultraderecha contra Venezuela  2/13/2017 ALAI: por Jesús Chucho García - "De nuevo, arrancando el año 2017, al igual que el año pasado, el radio de acción de la combinación perfecta de los ultraderechistas diputados venezolanos y los ultraderechista de siempre del Congreso de los Estados Unidos, arremeten contra el proceso bolivariano. La reciente visita del diputado de la Asamblea Nacional de Venezuela y miembro del partido fascista Voluntad Popular Freddy Guevara por Washington, tuvo como finalidad solicitar una bomba de oxígeno desesperadamente para reunirse con el equipo de gobierno del presidente Donald Trump, así como con el amargo Luis Almagro, secretario general de la OEA y congresista de la ultraderecha como Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, Marcos Rubio, Ted Cruz y el acusado e investigado por corrupción Bob Menéndez, entre otros, incluyendo algunos demócratas de la misma estirpe."

Venezuela derrotó a Gene Sharp y lo dejó como polvo cósmico  1/9/2017 Aporrea: "Intervienen entre otras organizaciones norteamericanas de “exportación” de la democracia a través de las revoluciones de colores: la USAID (Unite States Agency for National Developement), la NED (National Endowment for Democracy), el IRI (International Republican Institute), el NDI (National Democratic Institute for International Affairs), Freedom House y OSI (Open Society Institute). Todos estos entes, son meros centros de conspiración y financiamiento para derrocar gobiernos que no sigan los lineamientos del Status Quo del Imperio."

Cierre de la campaña presidencial de Hugo Chavez, 4/2012


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