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Venezuela in the News

The unstated subtext in Venezuela is the role of race & identity.  For the white upper class, which controls sections of  the press, Chavez was a "mico mono," a long tailed monkey, a reference to his African heritage.  In reality, Chavez had African, Indian, and European heritage, was elected 8 times by Venezuela's poor, and  was a practicante de la religion Yoruba. His death by no means signals the end of bolivarianismo, which has its recent roots in the Caracazo, the 1989 pitched battles in Caracas' streets when the euro elite lost their grip on society. And the opposition's current terrorist campaign is designed to intimidate the heavily afrodescendant poor. Now that the Constituent Assembly has been voted in, it is endgame for the opposition and the Western Media is baying like a pack of dogs. Our recomendation to the white supremacists is that they need to rethink what they are doing, It will not come to a good end, They should not prolong failed strategies when their numbers are diminishing and their power is on a long term decline, whatever temporary successes they may achieve.

Maduro sustituye a dólar por yuan chino para cotizar petróleo  9/16/2017 HispanTV: "Ya estamos vendiendo el petróleo y todos nuestros productos en una canasta de monedas y ya a partir del día de hoy se cotiza en yuanes, las nuevas monedas del mundo nuevo y Venezuela va a la vanguardia financiera contra el neoliberalismo”, destacó el viernes el presidente Nicolás Maduro. Tras apuntar que las sanciones de EE.UU. “nos obligaron” a tomar tal decisión y acabar con el dólar, el dignatario venezolano calificó de “ilegales, arbitrarias y agresivas” las medidas del presidente estadounidense, Donald Trump."

Junto con Irán y Rusia, Venezuela neutralizará sanciones de EEUU  9/15/2017 HispanTV: "Arreaza ha indicado este viernes en una rueda de prensa en Caracas, la capital, que todo tipo de sanciones “ilegales” contra Venezuela son rechazadas, mientras ha subrayado que el Gobierno venezolano se hace solidario con los países que también viven estas arbitrariedades de Estados Unidos, como “Irán y Rusia”."

Why Won't American Media Tell the Truth About What's Happening in Venezuela?  9/7/2017 Alternet: "As the U.S. steps up its regime change efforts in Caracas, many leftists in progressive and social media have expressed confusion or equivocation. Their difficulty in distinguishing between an embattled social democracy and a violent, right-wing rejectionist opposition is a testament to the weakness of anti-imperialism in Western politics at the moment. Progressives should have no such difficulty. Chavismo is an incomplete, flawed, ongoing democratic experiment. The alternatives on display are clear: terror, occupation and austerity."

¿Comisión contra el odio sin afrodescendiente?  8/30/2017 Aporrea: "Venezuela no escapa de ese eclipse de Trump que contagió a Monseñor Antonio Castillo quien le echó agua bendita a los guarimberos quemadores de afrodescendientes y azusando a una guerra civil y de razas en Venezuela."

Are US Libertarians Stirring Up Trouble in Venezuela?  8/30/2017 Buzzflash: "Fang, a journalist examining the influence of organized interest groups and wealthy donors on politics, pointed out that "The Atlas Network spans dozens of other think tanks across the region, including prominent groups supporting right-wing forces behind the unfolding anti-government movement in Venezuela…"

Trump says he won't rule out military option in Venezuela  8/11/2017 CNN: "This is our neighbor. You know, we are all over the world and we have troops all over the world in places that are very, very far away. Venezuela is not very far away and the people are suffering, and they are dying. We have many options for Venezuela, including a possible military option if necessary." [It is rich white people causing the violence, but that white supremacy is much to Trump's liking.]

Trump was making friends in Latin America — before he raised Venezuela ‘military option’ Read more here:  8/11/2017 Miami Herald: "But above all, Trump risked losing the alliance that, in one of the most striking recent examples of Latin American unity, came together in an emergency meeting held in Peru earlier this week. It drew 17 countries that denounced the “breakdown” of Venezuelan democracy following the inauguration last week of an all-powerful new legislative body loyal to Maduro. For once, Latin America’s biggest players came together to make the rarest of admissions: When it came to Venezuela, they agreed with Trump."

Sphere of Influence: How American Libertarians Are Remaking Latin American Politics  8/9/2017 Intercept: "Chafuen pointed to numerous Atlas-affiliated leaders now in the spotlight: ministers in the new conservative government in Argentina, senators in Bolivia, and the leaders of the Free Brazil Movement that took down Dilma Rousseff’s presidency, where Chafuen’s network sprang to life before his very eyes."

Guerra híbrida contra Venezuela (II): Trump, la CIA y los publicistas  8/4/2017 Notas Periodismo Popular: "Las acciones de guerra convencional siempre vienen precedidas por declaraciones y acciones político diplomáticas. En el caso de las potencias con escala imperial también son habituales las sanciones o los boicots económicos, dentro y fuera del país. Todas ellas, a su vez, son anticipadas por operaciones de prensa que invariablemente se mantienen hasta el final y a cada momento realizan balances y proyecciones de cara a la opinión pública."

Venezuela chief prosecutor to probe election fraud claim  8/3/2017 BBC: "Ms Ortega, a fierce critic of President Nicolás Maduro, called for an independent audit of the vote."

As US Sanctions Maduro and Hints at Regime Change, a Debate on Resolving the Crisis in Venezuela  8/1/2017 Truth Out: "The government claims that 8 million persons -- the Electoral Council claims that 8 million persons came out to vote. That's not a very credible claim. We did some independent polling, exit polling, and we actually estimate it was about 3.6 million persons. The last election that you had, the last uncontested election, in terms of the results that you had, Maduro got about 5.5 million votes. It would be very difficult to believe that he's actually regained two-and-a-half million votes in the context of one of the deepest economic contractions in world history."

Strange Fruit: Venezuela has an Opposition that Nobody Should Support  7/29/2017 Venezuela Analysis: "Bolivarian University Professor Chris Gilbert addresses the racism and white supremacy of the Venezuelan opposition in light of recent lynchings against Black and Brown Venezuelans accused of being "Chavistas" or "thieves" by opposition militants."

There is Still Time to Prevent Civil War in Venezuela  7/28/2017 Counterpunch: by Eva Golinger - "I believe there is still a chance to prevent a full on civil war in Venezuela, but concessions must be made by both sides, starting with a return to rule of law. In order for that to happen, government efforts to usurp the powers of the democratically-elected parliament and judicial maneuvering by the country’s highest court to silence critics should cease. Voices of moderation need to emerge without fear of being branded traitors or opportunists, as has been happening to anyone publicly criticizing the government or opposition. The opposition leadership and its international backers must immediately condemn all violence."

Venezuela leader’s foes levy new sanctions and fresh strike  7/26/2017 WaPo: "Meanwhile, opposition leader Leopoldo Lopez called on Venezuelans to support the strike in his first direct public message since being moved from prison to house arrest this month. The 46-year-old former Caracas-area mayor, who was sentenced to 14 years in 2015 after being convicted of inciting violence during a previous spate of protests, also appealed to the military not to deploy for Sunday’s election."

CIA And Sen Marco Rubio Accused Of Plotting Regime Change In Venezuela  7/26/2017 Zero Hedge: "Interim Ambassador to the Organization of American States Carmen Velasquez also criticized US threats of sweeping sanctions during a nearly two-hour discussion at the Venezuelan residency in Washington this week. For his part, Rubio has warned of a “very strong response” from Trump if Venezuela goes through with the “fraudulent vote,” vowing to recommend that a host of other senior Venezuelan officials also face sanction."

Venezuela on the Edge of Civil War  7/25/2017 Counterpunch: "Venezuela has been caught up in violent rioting backed by the right-wing wealthy class, and they have been responsible for most of the murdered and wounded, which the corporate Fake News ignores. Instead the corporate Fake News keeps repeating the numbers of those murdered as if all the deaths have been caused by the Venezuelan security forces, which is just not true."

Will Trump Boycott Venezuelan Oil?  7/22/2017 Havana Times: "Piñon notes that at an average price of $45 per barrel x 700,000 per day, the US market represents approximately $31 million per day or around $11.3 billion per year of income for the Venezuelan State Oil Company (PDVSA) The oil expert says that a loss of cash revenue could have extreme consequences for the Venezuelan economy already in crisis. He believes that nobody else has the capacity to process the crude currently going to several US refineries, including CITGO owned by PDVSA."

¿El fascismo es una amenaza real?  7/22/2017 Jiribilla: "El plan de EE.UU. de estimular a los sectores fascistas de la oposición venezolana, para llevarnos a una guerra civil, como lo hicieron en la invasión terrorista en Iraq, Libia y Siria, continúa en pleno desarrollo. Todos los días se promueve la guerra sobre la Venezuela Bolivariana (la económica, el terrorismo y la mediática para incendiar el país) se utiliza al hampa común y los paracos junto con los partidos políticos de Voluntad Popular y Primero Justicia para mantener el estado de angustia y  tratar de intimidar a los chavistas para que no salgan a votar en la elección de los Constituyentistas a la Asamblea Nacional este 30 de julio. "

Entrevista Afroepistemologia - Jesús Chucho García - Julio 2017  7/21/2017 Caribe Nuestro: "En esta edición conversamos con Jesús Chucho García, coordinador del Centro de Estudios Afroamericanos Miguel Acosta Saignes de la UCV, editor de la revista Africamerica y coordinador de la fundación Afroamérica y la Red Afrovenezolana. Con él conversamos sobre la herencia africana en el Caribe, la espiritualidad, la identidad y la cultura de resistencia. Además profundizamos sobre su libro Caribeñidad."

Queman a dos hombres señalados de chavistas en una protesta opositora en Venezuela  7/19/2017 RT: "La jornada violenta opositora dejó un saldo de dos personas incineradas y un herido que escapó de ser quemado vivo. En algunas ciudades del país se llevó a cabo el cierre de vías y el impedimento del libre tránsito convocados por la dirigencia de la oposición. "

Why Can’t the U.S. Left Get Venezuela Right?  7/13/2017 Counterpunch: "Instead of denouncing rightwing violence that aims at regime change, many on the U.S. left have stayed silent, or opted to give an evenhanded analysis that supports neither the Maduro government nor the oligarchy trying to violently overthrow it. Rather, the left prioritizes its energy on lecturing on Maduro’s “authoritarianism” and the failures of “Chavismo.”"

(Declaración) Conferencia Panafricanismo Hoy: Los pueblos y organizaciones de África defendemos la Revolución Bolivariana  7/10/2017 Alba Movimientos: "Las organizaciones presentes en la Conferencia “Panafricanismo Hoy”, reunidas en Túnez entre el 30 de junio y el 2 de julio de 2017, condenamos enérgicamente los ataques y la violencia sistemática que está sufriendo la revolución bolivariana por parte del imperialismo norteamericano y sus lacayos de la derecha venezolana. Rechazamos los más recientes crímenes ocurridos contra militantes del chavismo y el pueblo en general, así como los ataques a instituciones del estado."

The Struggle For Venezuela and Its Afro-historical Component  7/8/2017 Black Star News: "It is no different in Venezuela today. How do we account for the burning by anti-government demonstrators of a 21 year old Afro Venezuelan, Oscar Figuera, simply for identifying as a Chavez supporter? The anti-Bolivarian opposition is also anti-Black. These are the stories you don?t hear about during these ?peaceful? opposition protests; just as few knew about the lynching of Black Libyans and ethnic cleansing of Tawergha and other abuses due to the media blackout except for a few outlets. This opposition is really no different than the Right-wing that supports President Donald Trump and here in America they include Neo-Nazis and the KKK."

CARICOM deals a blow to US plans for regime change in Venezuela  6/25/2017 SF Bay View: "U.S. diplomats in Guyana, and for that matter throughout the Global South, are not diplomats in the strict sense of the word, and can be better described as political activists. They are constantly meddling in the internal affairs of the country they are stationed in, giving directives to the compliant neo-colonial regimes and actively undermining and destabilizing independent and anti-imperialist governments, such as the government in Venezuela."

Caribbean People do not Need Instruction from US on Venezuela Crisis  6/23/2017 teleSUR: "Indeed, Ms Taglialatela seems to think that she knows the situation in Venezuela even better than Ms Ines Esparragoza, the mother of the late Orlando Figuera — the 21-year-old Afro-Venezuelan who was brutally beaten by a crowd of white Opposition supporters, stabbed six times, doused with gasoline, and set on fire. Orlando Figuera was burnt to death simply because he was black and was a supporter of the socialist party of Chavez and Maduro."

Venezuela Is Under Attack for Asserting That Black Lives Matter  6/23/2017 teleSUR: "Chavez was the first president in the Americas to openly acknowledge and embrace his Indigenous and African heritage. The privately owned Venezuelan media often referred to him with racist slurs. In 2005, Chávez declared that, "hate against me has a lot to do with racism. Because of my big mouth and curly hair. And I'm so proud to have this mouth and this hair, because it is African." That same year, Chávez created the Presidential Commission for the Prevention and Elimination of all Forms of Racial Discrimination in the Venezuelan Educational System."

Venezuela Is Under Attack for Asserting That Black Lives Matter  6/21/2017 Truth Out: "It is important to note that while the vitriolic right-wing government opposition is concentrated among the white and economically elite elements of the population, the barrios, shanty towns and rural areas that are home to the poor, Indigenous communities and the Afro-Venezuelans have not erupted into protest for the most part because they support the government."

Abby Martin: World Ignores Opposition Violence at Venezuela Protests  6/12/2017 Real News: "Empire Files host Abby Martin just returned from Venezuela where she saw first hand how violent opposition protesters attempt to intimidate reporters and thereby give a false impression of what is happening."

Identifican el arma "de alta tecnología" con la que indujeron cáncer a Hugo Chávez  6/6/2017 RT: "Según detalla el portal, la "nanoarma" fue desarrollada mediante "nanotransportadores o nanocápsulas con direccionamiento controlado que contenían nanopartículas inductivas con aceleradores de metástasis de dosis controlada"."

Venezuelan Opposition Spreads Lies About U.S. Journalists, Inciting Violence, Death Threats  6/3/2017 Alternet: "“For doing my job –– for interviewing government officials, protesters at los guarimbas, average Venezuelans and peaceful marchers –– I am called a spy who should be killed by the same people called ‘peaceful freedom fighters’ by Western press,” Martin told AlterNet in an interview. “These unsuccessful attempts to intimidate us reveals how much they really fear accurate reporting that might undermine their narrative.”"

Racism and Hate Fuel Right-Wing Terrorism in Venezuela  6/1/2017 teleSUR: "Rhetoric aimed at vilifying all Chavistas, often mixed with racism and bigotry, has motivated a growing number of hate crimes and assaults."

Belizean organization celebrates Afro-Venezuelan History Month  5/31/2017 Amandala: "The organizers explained that even the understanding of Venezuela as a “very Black country” is greatly lacking in Belize, attributing this to corporate efforts that globally “exclude the stories of African and African-descendant peoples”. One member said, “Afro Venezuelans look no different than Afro-Belizeans. We are all one family…. We have been so cut off from our culture and from ourselves and our knowledge of who we are, that we don’t immediately recognize each other”."

Three Dead in Venezuela as Violent Protests Enter 9th Week  5/29/2017 Venezuela Analysis: "The incident is the third instance of Afro-Venezuelan men being taken for “infiltrators” and attacked by mobs of anti-government protesters in recent weeks. On May 18, Carlos Ramirez was beaten and set on fire by demonstrators shouting “he has to die because he’s Chavista”. Orlando Jose Figueras was likewise burned alive by opposition supporters two days later and is currently in a coma."

Venezuelan opposition attempts to disrupt London meeting  5/28/2017 Hands off Venezuela: "The attempt to disrupt the meeting in London is not an isolated event. Venezuelan opposition supporters have organised a lynch mob against chavistas abroad, publishing the names and addresses of supporters of the revolution, government and embassy officials as well as those of their children and relatives and encouraged opposition supporters “to get them”. In Madrid, a threatening mob of opposition supporters besieged a cultural building of the Venezuelan embassy where a solidarity meeting was taking place and did not allow anyone out (with threats of violence) for 5 hours."

Jamaica's Opposition Urges Govt to Show Real Solidarity with Venezuela  5/27/2017 teleSUR: "Mark Golding, the leader of the opposition business in the senate and former minister of justice stated, “It saddens me to think that the Government of Jamaica could now be on the defensive, so to speak, trying to justify statements that are in the public domain suggestive of a lack of support for the Venezuelan Government that has been so very generous to the people of Jamaica, especially the poor and dispossessed people of our country.""

Burning Man in Venezuela  5/26/2017 The Nation: "The other day, anti-government protesters in Venezuela set a man on fire, severely burning nearly 80 percent of his body. The man had brown skin, and government supporters say he was a Chavista, to highlight the racist savagery of their adversaries. The opposition says he was a thief."

The script for plans to destroy the Bolivarian Revolution was written in Washington  5/25/2017 Granma: "But this last wave of violence appears to be better organized and more extensive. Some of the scenes reported are totally senseless, defying all logic. The attack by armed opposition gangs on the Hugo Rafael Chávez Frías Maternal-Infant Hospital, with 54 children inside, would qualify as a war crime before any international court."

Venezuelan Attorney General Comes Under Fire After Controversial Press Conference  5/25/2017 Venezuela Analysis: "But the Attorney General has also been accused of acting with leniency towards violent protesters in the wake of the press conference, in which she revealed that “only 284” of the 2664 people indicted for crimes such as homicide, looting, grievous bodily arm, robbery, and arson, remained behind bars."

Amid right-wing violence, Caribbean activists call on CARICOM to send fact-finding Mission to Venezuela  5/24/2017 Granma: "Amid the violent right-wing attacks that continue to ramp up after more than 50 days of ongoing protests, a number of activists and intellectuals from the Caribbean have called on the Caribbean Community, or CARICOM, to send a fact-finding mission to Venezuela. In a press release issued last week, members of the Saint Lucia's Network in Defence of Humanity, St. Vincent and the Grenadines' Venezuelan-Vincentian Friendship Association, Barbados' Network in Defence of Humanity and Trinidad and Tobago's Movement for Social Justice stated the mission is imperative to “ascertain the internal situation of Venezuela.”"

La Foto: Así le quemaron la casa en el Páramo a un artesano por ser chavista  5/13/2017 La Iguana: "La vivienda del artesano Román Rodríguez fue incendiada este viernes por manifestantes antigubernamentales, quienes habrían actuado motivados por el hecho de el propietario del inmueble es chavista."

Caracas “Afro Chávez” Forum Inaugurates Afro-Venezuelan Month  5/12/2017 Venezuela Analysis: "For the revolutionaries of the Network of Afro-Venezuelan Organizations (ROA), the massive anti-colonial revolts spearheaded by African and indigenous peoples continue to define Venezuelan politics to this day."

Your Guide to Understanding Protest Deaths in Venezuela  5/5/2017 Q Costa Rica: "Right-wing opposition leaders have attempted to portray the deaths as examples of state repression and evidence of the “dictatorship” that they are aiming to topple. Mainstream media have by and large echoed this version of events, using titles like “Venezuelan Regime Has Blood On Its Hands” and “Venezuela’s Tiananmen Moment.” Some outlets have even gone as far as claiming the elected government of Nicolas Maduro as engaging in “a campaign of state genocide.” The reality of the situation on the ground, however, demonstrates something very different."

Venezuela Ablaze  4/27/2017 Counterpunch: "Reuters, The New York Times, The Washington Post, World News Tonight, wherever a breaking story of Venezuela appears nowadays, it’s bloodshed, protests, no food, people starving, and worse… Venezuela ablaze! President Maduro is reviled time and again as a brute. On the other hand, that’s strange in the face of the principles of Chavismo, established by Hugo Chávez, including nationalization, social welfare programs for all citizens, and opposition to neoliberalism, especially policies of the IMF and World Bank. Chavismo promotes participatory democracy and workplace democracy."

Death toll jumps to 20 in Venezuela protests  4/21/2017 AFP: "Videos shot by El Valle residents on Thursday night showed people throwing bottles and other objects out their windows at the gunmen in the streets below, shouting "Murderers!" At one point, street protesters hurling Molotov cocktails managed to set fire to one of the armored police trucks firing tear gas at them, lighting up the night sky."

La diversidad espiritual en el Caribe  4/17/2017 Aporrea: Por Jesús Chucho García - "Definitivamente, el caribe fue el lugar donde se encontraron los dioses del universo con sus cosmologías, mitos, significantes y significados que marcharon en un paralelismo complementario ayudándose mutua y permanentemente, en una relación a veces entre dominantes y dominados, dolorosa y amorosa, que algunos llaman incorrectamente sincretismo, término impuesto por la escuela antropológica funcionalista americana."

Afro-Venezuelan Slams ‘Racist, Sexist’ Opposition Protests  4/11/2017 teleSUR: “It’s a white, bourgeois, classist, racist and sexist elite that has no patriotism,” Duran told teleSUR during an interview. “They want a Venezuela where only they exist, not Black, Indigenous and poor people.”

Chomsky: Latin American Socialists In Venezuela, Cuba, Brazil Have Failed To Build Sustainable Economies  4/5/2017 Real Clear Politics: "Well, there were—there were real achievements. But the left governments failed to use the opportunity available to them to try to create sustainable, viable economies. Almost every one—Venezuela, Brazil, others, Argentina—relied on the rise in commodity prices, which is a temporary phenomenon. Commodity prices did rise, mainly because of the growth of China. So there was a rise in the oil price, of soy, and so on and so forth. And instead of trying to develop a sustainable economy with manufacturing, agriculture and so on—like Venezuela is potentially a rich agricultural country, but they didn’t develop it—they simply relied on the commodity—raw materials commodities they could export. That’s a very harmful—it’s not only not a successful, it’s a harmful development model, because when you export grain to China, let’s say, they export manufacturing goods to you, and that undermines your manufacturing industries. And that’s pretty much what’s been happening."

Edgardo Lander: Ante la crisis de Venezuela la izquierda carece de crítica  4/1/2017 Red Filosófica del Uruguay: "Primero hay que tomar en cuenta qué fue lo que pasó en el tránsito de Chávez a Maduro. Yo soy de la opinión de que la mayoría de los problemas con los que nos encontramos hoy son problemas que venían acumulándose con Chávez. Los análisis de parte de la izquierda venezolana que reivindican la época de Chávez como la época de gloria, en la que todo funcionaba bien y de repente aparece Maduro como un incompetente o un traidor, son explicaciones demasiado maniqueas y que no permiten desentrañar cuáles son las lógicas más estructurales que llevan a la crisis actual."

“Afro-Venezuelans Deserve Reparations that go Beyond the Symbolic”  3/24/2017 Venezuela Analysis: "On the 163rd anniversary of the abolition of slavery in Venezuela, Francisco Tovar, activist for the rights of Afro-descendents and executive director of the Institute of African Diaspora Studies (IEA) talks to Venezuelanalysis about systemic racism, the challenges facing the Afro-Venezuelan population today, and his new book on comparative abolitionist processes in Venezuela, Colombia and the US."

Venezuela’s Bolivarian Revolution Embraces its African Roots  3/21/2017 Venezuela Analysis: "CAACW coordinators Raquel Escobar Gomez (RE) and Roberto Torres (RT) organize in-depth academic research, community based workshops and build relationships with the Afro-Venezuelan movement, Venezuelan-African diplomatic spaces and Black liberation processes beyond Venezuela."

Venezuela's Women's Ministry: Working to Reverse Damage Done by Capitalist Patriarchy  3/14/2017 Venezuela Analysis: "In celebration of the historic date, the symbolic remains of three Afro-Venezuelan and indigenous women: Apacuana, Matea Bolivar and Hipolita Bolivar, were inducted into the National Pantheon of Heroes in Caracas."

PSUV repudiates dishonorable attitude of military personnel for murders in Barlovento  12/1/2016 Radio Nacional Venezuela: "The leader of the United Socialist Party of Venezuela, Jorge Rodríguez, spoke this Tuesday from the Casa Anauco in Caracas, in order to repudiate the murder of twelve people in Miranda state, specifically in the Barlovento locality, committed last October by military personnel who are already behind the bars. The leader stressed that the national President, Nicolás Maduro, ordered the degradation and expulsion of the culprits for violating with their behavior the values and principles that represent the FANB."

11 Venezuelan Military Officials Arrested Over Alleged Massacre  11/28/2016 Venezuela Analysis: "Additionally, the ministry in name of the president pledged “all its support” to the families of the victims, including “state compensation and reparations”. For his part, Interior Minister Nestor Reverol pledged that he “would not rule out further arrests until the incident is totally cleared up”. Family members of the victims travelled to Caracas in the company of military officials on Sunday in order to meet with prosecutors and forensic experts."

Los DD HH y los afrodescendientes  11/12/2016 La Voz: "Ya es hora de que el presidente Nicolás Maduro que firme el decreto ejecutivo del Decenio de los Pueblos Afrodescendientes (2015-2024), como lo hicieron Evo Morales y Rafael Correa. -Es de terror lo que sigue pasando en Barlovento con la comida y los precios exorbitantes. Me llegan noticias que me niego a creer. Según y que algunos alcaldes de Barlovia están metidos en el asunto del aumento de los precios. Bernal, una visita a Barlovia no estaría mal."

¿Qué está pasando en Venezuela?  10/24/2016 Alba Movimientos: "Mientras se da la sesión en la AN, el Presidente Maduro está de gira por países OPEP y no OPEP concertando un acuerdo para estabilizar los precios internacionales del petróleo, base fundamental de la economía venezolana. ¿No es a caso una acción golpista buscar la destitución de un Presidente por abandono de cargo, cuando es público y notorio que está en pleno ejercicio de sus funciones como Jefe de Estado?"

Caiga quien caiga: Cuando la brujería está por encima de la ideología  10/20/2016 La Patilla: "Fue siempre -su gente- la que informaba- muchas veces con orgullo- que Chávez creía y practicaba paralelamente la santería y la religión Palo Mayombe, y que sus frecuentes viajes a Cuba, además de representar una oportunidad para establecer alianzas y acuerdos con Fidel Castro, eran para hacerse ver por babalawos, quienes “hipotéticamente” lo mantendrían “seguro” en su cargo e intacto de las garras de sus enemigos."

Venezuelan Government Creates Special Commission to Investigate New Tumeremo Deaths  10/13/2016 Venezuela Analysis: "De Grazia accused state security personnel operating under Operation Liberation of the People (OLP) of carrying out the killing in conjunction with local criminal groups, but failed to offer any evidence. On Tuesday, authorities recovered the bodies of two men in the mine, which they are working to identify. This past Friday, the body of Rosa Isabel Rivas Rojas, 29, was uncovered in the mine’s trash dump."

After huge Venezuela protest march, government says foils coup  9/2/2016 Reuters: "Venezuela's socialist government said on Friday it thwarted a coup plot this week as opponents planned to build on their biggest protest in more than a decade with further street action demanding a referendum to remove the president. Buoyed by rallies in Caracas on Thursday that drew hundreds of thousands, the opposition coalition is planning more marches on Sept. 7 to demand a plebiscite against President Nicolas Maduro this year. But with the election board dragging out the process and Maduro vowing there will be no such vote in 2016, it is hard to see how the opposition can force it."

Fundación Afrodescendiente “Argelia Laya” impulsa valores culturales en San Francisco  6/24/2016 Panorama: "Con la finalidad de rescatar la cultura de los pueblos, el Gobierno Bolivariano de la Ciudad de San Francisco, impulsa y apoya la Fundación Afrodescendiente de Venezuela “Argelia Laya”, preservando la historia que nos define como país. Esta fundación se ha hecho presente en la Ciudad de San Francisco, apoyando la Revolución Bolivariana de Venezuela, en el gran esfuerzo que realiza para hacer visibles y dignificar las distintas culturas que forman parte de la historia de nuestro país."

Nicolás Maduro pidió a los afrodescendientes que estén alertas a su llamado para "defender la paz en Venezuela"  6/22/2016 Infobae: "Esta jornada Maduro recibió a los afrodescendientes, como lo ha hecho desde hace varias semanas con diferentes sectores a los que ha convocado a marchas, para rechazar las supuestas intenciones desestabilizadoras de la oposición."

Cultura y herencia afrodescendiente se enaltecen en Venezuela  6/21/2016 Venezuela: "“Tenemos que sentirnos orgullosos de ser cimarrones, es la cultura de la alegría, del amor, de la rebeldía que se enfrentó al odio, al esclavismo y al racismo”, sostuvo el Mandatario nacional, al tiempo en que convocó a la unión nacional en función de erradicar toda forma de discriminación en el país, con la promoción de una nueva cultura de igualdad, especialmente a través de los medios de comunicación."

Marcha Afrodescendiente inclusión con desición y contra la injerencia extranjera  6/20/2016 Aporrea: "Entre el 18 y 21 de junio del año 2000, en San José de Barlovento, después de un largo proceso de construcción de un discurso desde las y los sujetos sociales afrovenezolanos durante dos décadas y con el vientre orgánico de la Fundación Afroamérica y de la Unión de Mujeres Negras de Venezuela, surgiría el primer núcleo articulador de las organizaciones afrovenezolanas, que llamamos para ese momento Red de Organizaciones Afrovenezolanas."

Afrovenezolanos marcharán en respaldo a la soberanía del país  6/20/2016 teleSUR: "Pueblo venezolano afrodescendiente se movilizará en rechazo a la injerencia extranjera que pretende desestabilizar el proceso revolucionario en el país suramericano."

Identificada el arma con que fusilaron célula por célula al Comandante Chávez  6/3/2016 Aporrea: "Los resultados de la investigación concluyen, que existió un complot para asesinar al Comandante Chávez mediante la utilización de una Nano Arma, que le indujo un cáncer atípico y agresivo."

Asesinan a médica comunitaria en Turmero tras denunciar a bachaqueros, policías y delincuentes locales  5/24/2016 La Tabla: "Una médica integral comunitaria de 44 años de edad fue asesinada de un tiro en la cabeza entre la noche del sábado y la madrugada de este domingo, en una comunidad popular de la ciudad de Turmero, municipio Santiago Mariño del estado Aragua, a unos 80 kilómetros al occidente de la capital venezolana."

Las claves del asesinato de #HugoChávez #Cuba #Venezuela  4/26/2016 Cuba por siempre: "Había otro atentado, menos conocido, contra Chávez que fue descubierto en la ciudad de Nueva York durante su visita a la Asamblea General de las Naciones Unidas en septiembre de 2006. De acuerdo a la información proporcionada por los servicios de seguridad, durante los reconocimientos de seguridad estándar de un evento en el que Chávez se dirigiría al público estadounidense en una universidad local, se detectaron altos niveles de radiación en la silla en la que se habría sentado. La radiación fue descubierta por un detector Geiger, que es un dispositivo de detección de radiación de mano de la seguridad presidencial utilizado para asegurar que el presidente no estaba en peligro de exposición a los rayos radioactivos. En este caso, la silla fue retirada y las pruebas posteriores demostraron que emanaba cantidades inusuales de radiación que podrían haber causado un daño significativo a Chávez si no lo hubieran descubierto. De acuerdo con la seguridad presidencial, una persona estadounidense que había estado involucrado en el apoyo logístico para el evento y había proporcionado la silla de Chávez, pertenecía a la Inteligencia de Estados Unidos."

Congreso de la Patria afrodescendiente (Opinión)  4/2/2016 Corre del Orinoco: "Por su significación histórica, a continuación incluimos la Declaración Política surgida a la luz de los debates realizados en Caracas como parte del Congreso de la Patria para el sector Afro y cuya lectura se hizo en el acto de lanzamiento en el Teatro Alameda de San Agustín el pasado 16 de marzo. Por cuestiones de espacio solo van los acuerdos."

Afrodescendiente y afrovenezolano  3/8/2016 Aporrea: "No ha sido fácil convencer algunas personas concernidas en la discusión del término afrodescendiente o expresión equivalente donde antepongamos lo afro, como en la afroepistemología, sin embargo viendo el asunto del otro lado de nuestras fronteras marítimas al sur del océano Atlántico, en las nuevas relaciones diplomáticas iniciadas con este continente africano, es sorprendente e incomprensible que muchos africanos no sepan que han dejado una enorme herencia cultural que hemos incorporado con orgullo, lo cual hace a los afrovenezolanos tomar interés en lo que también se ha venido ocultando durante siglos y hoy se transforma lamentablemente en un estigma que se nos presenta asociado a la pobreza que efectivamente ha dejado el colonialismo, en lo salvaje y lo exótico, para ver como los presentan ante la opinión publica mundial."

Chávez fue el primero…  3/6/2016 Diario la voz: "Por primera vez en la historia de la Organización de Estados Americanos, este febrero se conmemoró el mes de la herencia africana. Con este motivo, en el salón de las Américas de la sede la institución en Washington DC se celebró el evento “La diáspora afro en las Américas” auspiciado por 7 países, entre los que se encontraba la República Bolivariana de Venezuela. El acto contó con la presencia del secretario general de la OEA, Luis Almagro; el científico de la National Geographic, Andrés González; el representante permanente de Haití en la OEA, Bocchit Edmond; y el cónsul general de Venezuela en Nueva Orleans, Jesús Alberto García."

The Push to Oust Maduro  3/2/2016 NYT: "After a coalition of opposition parties won control of Venezuela’s National Assembly in December, some of its leaders expressed hope that they could work with the government of President Nicolás Maduro to find solutions to the country’s crippling economic problems. Nearly two months since the new Parliament was sworn in, that conciliatory spirit has vanished."

Alí Primera, el hombre con profunda fe en el pueblo, solo cambió de paisaje  2/17/2016 Alba Cultural: "A 31 años de su desaparición física, el 16 de febrero de 1985, personas de todas las generaciones viven a Alí Primera a través de su pensamiento, su ejemplo de lucha y de su música, de esas canciones que forman parte de nuestras raíces, atesorando ese digno legado que dejó para convertirse en historia viva, en cotidianidad y en el sentir de la venezolanidad de los revolucionarios hijos de Bolívar y Chávez."

El discreto encanto del racismo venezolano  1/27/2016 Contrapunto: "Durante años he tenido que escuchar en diversos espacios académicos y cotidianos comentarios de personas que aseguran que Venezuela es un territorio libre de racismo, que por fortuna las desigualdades de carácter étnico-racial no han tocado nuestra tierra, que todos somos iguales, somos mestizos, que quienes consideramos que la discriminación racial existe es porque somos resentidos sociales o en el menor de los casos acomplejados, pues nuestras relaciones sociales se caracterizan por la armonía y la fraternidad entre coterráneos. Pero llama particularmente la atención que estas afirmaciones son repetidas hasta el cansancio por personas que no creen en la existencia de las múltiples y diversas formas de discriminación que coexisten en nuestra sociedad porque no han estado expuestos a ninguna de ellas."

Chavismo’s Sturdy Legacy  1/13/2016 Consortium News: "Right-wing parties are staging a comeback in Latin America, with the most dramatic victory in Venezuela’s parliamentary elections. Yet, despite troubled leftist regimes facing weak economies and corruption charges, their social reforms have slashed poverty and appear safe for now, writes Andrés Cala."

Venezuela Bans GMO Crops, Passes One of World’s Most Progressive Seed Laws  1/11/2016 Care 2: "Promote the transition to communal and eco-socialist agriculture, in order to protect agro-biodiversity by means of the production of local, peasant, Indigenous and Afro-descendant seed."

Eva Golinger- Wikileaks: Documento secreto de EEUU califica a Ramos Allup de “Grosero”, “repelente” y se la pasa “martillando”  1/7/2016 Aporrea: "En un documento* clasificado como secreto de la Embajada de Estados Unidos en Caracas, Venezuela, el embajador William Brownfield tuvo palabras fuertes sobre el recién electo presidente de la Asamblea Nacional, Henry Ramos Allup. "El problema principal de Acción Democrática tiene nombre: Henry Ramos Allup". Brownfield, quien fue embajador de Venezuela durante el periodo 2004-2007 calificó a Ramos Allup de "grosero, abrasivo, arrogante y puntilloso"."

Conozca al nuevo Vicepresidente Ejecutivo de Venezuela  1/7/2016 teleSUR: "El profesor Aristóbulo Istúriz sustituye a Jorge Arreaza en el cargo. Su trayectoria de lucha por la causa de los pobres, su experiencia en varias funciones públicas y como parlamentario, avalan su nombramiento por parte del Ejecutivo."

Venezuela opposition sets out to oust government  1/6/2016 AFP: "At its first regular legislative session on Wednesday, the opposition-controlled assembly swore in three anti-government lawmakers, defying Maduro, who had secured a court injunction to suspend them. The three extra deputies boost the total number of opposition seats in the legislature to a two-thirds "supermajority" that could enable them to remove Maduro by constitutional means. The government side vowed to charge the opposition with contempt of court."

Lessons We Can Learn from the Electoral Setback in Venezuela  1/6/2016 Counterpunch: by Stansfield Smith, Chicago ALBA Solidarity Committee, recently returned from a SOA Watch, Task Force on the Americas delegation to Venezuela.

Maduro names young hardliner to run Venezuela's ailing economy  1/6/2016 Reuters: "The appointment will confound critics who say Venezuela desperately needs a loosening of state controls to revive production in a nation plagued by shortages and the world's highest inflation rate. In his writings, Salas has argued in favor of price controls, says inflation is used as a "political tool" to pressure governments, and blames fascism for what he calls economic sabotage."

La mano de Washington en los “golpes electorales” en Venezuela  12/23/2015 Contrainjerencia 

Black Lives Matter Network Denounces U.S. “Continuing Intervention” in Venezuela  12/21/2015 Black Agenda Report: "The co-founder of the Black Lives Matter Network and Executive Director of the Black Alliance for Just Immigration warns that the recent electoral victory of U.S.-backed counter revolutionary parties in Venezuela endangers the country’s African-descended population. The letter denounces “corporate media lies about electoral corruption voiced by Hillary Clinton, and Bernie Sander’s defamation of late President Hugo Chavez labeling him a dictator.”

Political Tendencies in Post-6D Venezuela  12/21/2015 Venezuela Analysis: "However, before we get too excited, it should be noted that many Venezuelans are facing extremely tough circumstances. It's almost impossible to organise a communal council when everyone in the neighbourhood spends all their free time queuing for food. Nobody is going to spend time on a community project when their pay check is being eaten by inflation by the minute. On top of this, the yawning gap between the PSUV leadership and revolutionary grassroots is hard to understate, with the former living in a very different world than the latter. Therefore, while Chavismo has a kind of potential we haven't seen in years, it's also in dire straits."

What Next for Venezuela?  12/19/2015 Truth Out: "However, the opposition has more than 20 political parties and many divisions. It is possible that the government will be able to get some opposition legislators to vote with it in the National Assembly, so that it can continue governing until the next presidential election in 2018. If that is the case, from the government’s standpoint, the election will not have changed much. The key issue for its continued political survival will still be the economy. There is triple-digit inflation, widespread shortages of consumer goods, a recession, low oil prices, non-working price controls and a dysfunctional exchange rate system that is at the heart of the country's economic mess. This is obviously why the government lost the National Assembly. So, as before the election, if the government does not fix this mess, the Chavistas will lose power; if they do fix it, they will probably do OK."

Venezuela: A Revolution That Will Not Die  12/18/2015 Counterpunch: "The salient point here though is that an economic war is transformed into a psychological war, one that figured prominently in the recent elections. Indeed, the economic war is critical to understanding the current state of the country. In the wake of the opposition’s victory at the polls, basic goods started magically reappearing on store shelves in Venezuela, yet another indication that much of the scarcity can be attributed not to failed economic policies, but rather to a coordinated campaign of economic subversion."

Opposition’s Capriles Wants “Padlock” Law to Halt International Oil Treaties  12/17/2015 Venezuela Analysis: "The comments appear to be directed at the government’s “PetroCaribe” initiative- which since 2005 has provided neighbouring Caribbean countries with much needed oil at significantly preferential repayment rates. The Venezuela-Cuba project known as the Bolivarian Alliance for the People of Our Americas (ALBA) is another likely focus of Capriles’ latest comments."

Ten Proposals for Chavismo in the Face of Our Defeat  12/17/2015 Venezuela Analysis: "During this scarce year the right will continue its uninterrupted mission of the past 17 years to destroy Bolivarian power. It will argue that the [electoral] defeat of the Bolivarians is a plebiscite which should oblige the president to step down; it will convoke a referendum; it will remove vice-presidents and ministers with motions of censure; it will refuse resources for the Budget Law and additional credits; it will eliminate the Enabling Law and all that makes up social benefits; it will withhold its authorization for contracts in the national interest; it will refuse permission to designate new chiefs of permanent diplomatic missions. It will name new members of the Supreme Court, new rectors of the CNE, new public spending auditors and public defenders as soon as the allotted period for those authorities expires - unless they are able to to remove them under any other pretext. They will legislate the restitution of those senior officials of the upper echelons of PDVSA who tried to destroy the company. They will promote the re-privatization of all strategic national companies. They will try to remove the president by means we will not explain here so as not to give them ideas."

Venezuela's Election Results Hold Global Significance  12/16/2015 Black Agenda Report: "The stunning defeat of the Socialist Party in Venezuela is a threat to leftist governments and movements around the world, especially in Latin America. “The oligarchy would undoubtedly move to dissolve the ties of solidarity the Bolivarian movement has institutionalized with Palestine, Haiti, China, and numerous African nations.” Hugo Chavez’s party “will have to return to the streets to defend the movement's gains and move forward with the objectives of the revolution.”"

US to Accuse Head of Venezuelan Military of Drug Trafficking  12/16/2015 Venezuela Analysis: "A series of tweets launched by National Guard officials defended Reverol by pointing out the official is responsible for capturing over a hundred drug bosses."

Venezuelan Election Results: Electoral System and Democracy  12/15/2015 Periodico 26: "On the other hand, the forces from the base that adhered so massively for the first time to the oligarchy on December 6 did so for a variety of reasons. They mainly stem from the economic war and its accompanying media war led by the US and its allies in Venezuela. These forces probably did not all vote to "punish" the Maduro government. Rather, many were animated by a general dissatisfaction resulting from the economic war. This materialized in a vague hope of seeking relief, for example, from the seven-hour lineups to obtain necessities at increasingly higher prices."

En Boston debatieron sobre Afrodescendencia y Poder Popular en Venezuela  12/14/2015 Aporrea: "...en ocasión de la visita del intelectual y diplomático afrovenezolano Jesús Chucho García. "El poder popular se expresa en Venezuela en diferentes escenarios, desde las discusiones democráticas y participativas para la elaboración de legislación, como lo fue el proceso consultivo para la Ley Orgánica contra el Racismo y la Discriminación, las leyes referentes al Estado Comunal y nuestra propia constitución nacional; hasta la conformación de redes de producción y distribución comunales, con empresas de propiedad social en nuestros territorios" explicó el diplomático, citando ejemplos concretos de proyectos productivos en Barlovento y otras comunidades afrovenezolanas en Miranda y Aragua."

Here’s How the Opposition Got a Two-Thirds Supermajority in Venezuela  12/14/2015 WaPo: "Still, reaching two-thirds in the National Assembly was a remarkable feat. Everything that could have gone right for the MUD went right — including snatching victory from the jaws of defeat in that last indigenous reserved seat, in a sparsely populated PSUV stronghold deep in the rain forest."

The End of Chavismo? Why Venezuela’s Ruling Party Lost Big, and What Comes Next  12/10/2015 The Nation: "Maduro has also been unwilling to get the currency exchange rate under control. One reason may be that doing so is likely to engender resistance from corrupt elements inside and outside government who have profited immensely from the gap between the official rate and the black market rate. The gap means that individuals and enterprises provided dollars at the official rate (6.3-1) for the purpose of importing goods have a huge incentive to simply sell the dollars on the black market (where the rate was over 800-1 recently), providing them astounding profits of 12,500 percent and more."

Jesús Chucho García: se inició la cruzada neoliberal  12/9/2015 Aporrea: "Según informaciones que recibe en Harvard la semana pasada con algunos participantes de esa escuela que dirige Haussman ya tiene el plan montando conjuntamente con la alta burguesía venezolana y el departamento del tesoro de los Estados Unidos destacando los siguientes puntos: Disciplina Fiscal; Reducción del gasto público; Reforma Impositiva con reducción de tasas de impuesto (para las grandes compañías transnacionales), Liberación de los tipos de interés que eviten fugas de capitales y atraigan capitales extranjeros; Un tipo de cambio competitivo para la exportación; Liberalización del Comercio Internacional; Liberalización de la entrada de inversiones extranjeras directas; privatización de empresas públicas; Reducción de la burocracia e influencia del Estado y Protección de la propiedad privada."

Facing Opposition Onslaught, Chavismo Must Return to Roots  12/9/2015 Venezuela Analysis: "The incredible aspect of Sunday, as Ociel Alí Lopez points out, was not merely Chavismo’s historic defeat but moreover the fact that despite the incompetent inaction of the government in the face of a deep economic crisis combined with the corruption and ideological degeneration of the party leadership, some 6 million people still voted for the PSUV."

CNN Doesn’t Want You To Know The Truth About Venezuela’s Voting System  12/4/2015 Venezuela Analysis: by Eva Golinger - "On Monday of this week, November 30, I received a phone call from a CNN en Español producer asking me to write a column on the upcoming legislative elections in Venezuela, scheduled for this Sunday, December 6. Pleasantly surprised at the opportunity to publish in a media outlet widely known for its biased anti-government coverage of Venezuela, I accepted the offer."

Black Lives Matter Network Denounces U.S. “Continuing Intervention” in Venezuela  11/26/2015 Venezuela Analysis: "The co-founder of the Black Lives Matter Network and Executive Director of the Black Alliance for Just Immigration warns that the recent electoral victory of U.S.-backed counter revolutionary parties in Venezuela endangers the country’s African-descended population. The letter denounces “corporate media lies about electoral corruption voiced by Hillary Clinton, and Bernie Sander’s defamation of late President Hugo Chavez labeling him a dictator.” “We reject any action the U.S. puts forward to plunder Venezuelan natural resources, occupy the country and incite violence.”"

Tracking US Intervention in Venezuela Since 2002  11/18/2015 Telesur: "The latest information available suggests USAID's annual budget for Venezuela was over US$5 million, despite the fact that foreign funding of political activities was banned in Venezuela in 2010. The banning was condemned by the U.S. Department of State, despite the fact the United States has a similar law against funding of political campaigns. The key factor making such a move even more rational in Venezuela is the fact that unlike the United States, Caracas is still facing coup attempts backed by a foreign belligerent. In early 2015, the Venezuelan government uncovered yet another brewing coup attempt."

US Sinking 'Immense Resources' into Venezuela Spying: Golinger  11/18/2015 Telesur: "According to Golinger, the United States has invested “immense resources” into undermining the Venezuelan government, including through newly revealed espionage against state oil firm PDVSA. "

Historian outlines keys to justice for Afro-Venezuelan community  11/8/2015 Diamondback: "Justice, reparations and development are the three principles that can right the wrongs that plague Afro-Venezuelans today, according to a Venezuelan historian who visited this university. Jesus Chucho Garcia, a Pan-Africanist and filmmaker, came to Nyumburu Cultural Center on Friday to present his documentary, “Chavez in Africa,” and discuss the history behind the struggles that descendants of Africans in Venezuela face."

First Black Woman Independence Fighter is Honoured in Venezuela’s National Mausoleum  10/23/2015 Venezuela Analysis: "Venezuelans came together this Friday to honour Black female independence fighter, Juana Ramirez, whose symbolic remains were posthumously laid to rest in the National Mausoleum of Heroes in an official state ceremony. Born into slavery in Guarico, Venezuela in 1790, Ramirez went on to command an all women’s 100 strong artillery unit in 1813. Her troops were instrumental in resisting Spanish soldiers’ attempts to reconquer the newly independent Venezuela and return it to colonial rule. Her bravery and penchant for fighting on the front lines secured her the nickname of “Juana the Advancer”. "

Eleggua reafirmó...Venezuela no se rinde  9/14/2015 Aporrea: Por: Jesús Chucho García - "Una extraordinaria gira exitosa del Grupo de danza, percussion y canto afrovenezolana Eleggua logro una vez mas conmover a su cautivo publico de New Orleans y Mississippi por el contenido de sus letras combativas y reflexivas sobre la tematcia del racismo, la solidaridad y la soberania del pueblo venezolano ante cualquier amenaza. En su honor y por estar cumpliendo dos decadas ininterrumpidas con mas de doscientas presentaciones, fue decretado el DIA DE ELEGUA Y BARLOVENTO el pasado 6 de septiembre por la prestigiosa Alcaldia de la ciudad de Kenner."

Venezuela | Movimientos afrodescendientes proponen incluir lucha contra el racismo en los medios  8/15/2015 Legado Afro: “No es posible que en los medios de comunicación se sigan difundiendo estereotipos donde se presenta como ‘inferiores’ a los afrodescendientes; necesitamos que haya más presencia indígena y afrodescendiente en los programas”, indicó Luisa Pérez, vocera de la Fundación La Muchachere de Curiepe."

Looting and violence on the rise in Venezuela supermarkets  8/6/2015 Reuters: "On Sunday, a small crowd in the western city of San Cristobal pushed its way into the government-run Bicentenario supermarket to grab products after it had closed, leaving staff scratched and bruised, according to store manager Edward Perez. "As we were closing, a group of 20 people unexpectedly started shouting insults at the government and the workers," said Perez in a telephone interview. Several looters were arrested after the fracas, which Perez blamed on "ultra-right-wing sectors of the opposition" seeking to sow violence."

Remains of Afro-Venezuelan Independence Hero Transferred to National Heroes Mausoleum  6/25/2015 Venezuela Analysis: "The symbolic remains of Afro-Venezuelan independence hero, Pedro Camejo or “Negro Primero,” have been transferred to the nation’s “Hall of Heroes” mausoleum in Caracas in a ceremony paying homage to the 194th anniversary of the decisive anti-colonial Battle of Carabobo. Camejo, who was born into slavery to Guadeloupian parents, was the only high ranking Afro-descendant official in the Venezuelan independence forces led by Simon Bolivar, which eventually secured the country’s liberation from Spanish colonial rule in 1821. Known as “Negro Primero” (Black man at the fore) for his bravery in battle, he was awarded the “Liberator’s Order” by Bolivar in 1819. "

Héroes negros venezolanos en Mozambique  6/10/2015 Guin Guin Bali: "En la muestra se pueden ver 14 hombres y mujeres descendientes todos de africanos y nacidos en tierras venezolanas, contribuyentes a la independencia del país o aquellos que sentaron un precedente contra la esclavitud en Venezuela. El embajador de Venezuela acreditado en Mozambique, Marlon Peña Labrador, manifestó que "esos hombres y mujeres significan para nosotros la posibilidad de reencontrarnos con los valores de justicia social, igualdad de género, lucha contra la discriminación racial o la segregación de cualquier tipo"."

The Global African - Las Castas & The Trans­Pacific Partnership  6/4/2015 teleSUR: "Las Castas ­ an Iberian term that came out of the 17th and 18th centuries, was used to describe mixed races, and would also become the subject of many paintings that exist today What is the historical context of Las Castas & what is the legacy of race in Latin America? The Trans Pacific Partnership makes its way through Congress. What’s in it, and why is it so dangerous? The Global African host Bill Fletcher examines these subjects with Dr. Msomi Moor, scholar of the African Diaspora at University of District of Columbia, & Symone Sanders, Communications Officer for Public Citizen's Global Trade Watch."

Venezuela expuso sus logros afrodescendientes durante I Congreso Ciudadanía, Etnia y Territorio  6/1/2015 Aporrea: "La declaración del 10 de mayo como Día de la Afrovenezolanidad en honor a la gesta libertadora de José Leonardo Chirino y la inclusión de la variable afro en el Censo Nacional de Población y Vivienda, fueron algunos de los avances de Venezuela en materia de discriminación racial del Gobierno Bolivariano. Así lo expuso el presidente del Instituto Nacional contra la Discriminación Racial (INCODIR) Jesús Escobar, durante el primer Congreso Ciudadanía, Etnia y Territorio, espacio académico de inclusión y crítico para reflexionar y discutir acerca de la identidad cultural afrocolombiana, el poder y la ciudadanía, realizado los días 30 y 31 de mayo en la ciudad de Bogotá, Colombia."

Traficantes deportados desde Venezuela no mencionan a Diosdado sino a jefes militares de Uribe Velez  5/31/2015 Aporrea: "Por el contrario en uno de los casos, es un general colombiano, que durante el gobierno de Alvaro Uribe dirigió la unidad antinarcóticos de Colombia, quien estaba vinculado con el principal acusado por la justicia estadounidense, Luis Frank Tello Candelo, según los testimonios y pruebas ofrecidas por un ex oficial de policía que trabajaba para los carteles de Cali y el norte del Valle, según informó el diario El Espectador el 3 de julio de 2012."

Ministerio Público imputará a Leiver Padilla "El Colombia" por el asesinato del diputado Robert Serra y su asistente María Herrera  5/30/2015 Aporrea: "La actuación del Ministerio Público se corresponde con el compromiso del Estado venezolano con su par de Colombia, de garantizar en todo momento el respeto de los derechos humanos de Padilla Mendoza, una vez que fuera extraditado al país. Padilla Mendoza fue detenido el pasado 2 de noviembre de 2014 en Cartagena de Indias, Colombia, y desde entonces, se solicitó su extradición por su presunta vinculación con la muerte del diputado y su asistente."

Facts About the Media Garbage Against Diosdado Cabello  5/28/2015 Venezuela Analysis: "Yesterday (May 18) the Wall Street Journal published a news story at the same time that the State Department expressed its "concern" over freedom of speech in Venezuela. The report is based on supposed "investigations" conducted by the DEA (Drug Enforcement Administration) and Miami prosecutors trying to link Diosdado (Cabello) with drug trafficking. The information presented by the US media outlet is a mix of anonymous opinions, value judgements by US anti-drug officials, declarations lacking any kind of time sequence and unproven speculations about Diosdado Cabello."

Afrodescendant Group of Venezuela’s National Institute of Women Make Contact with Remote Community  5/26/2015 Venezuela Analysis: "Outsiders rarely visit Quebrada Fo Fa, an Afrodescendant community some 30 kilometers of unpaved road away from the main highway between Caracas and the better known coastal towns of Barlovento. On May 22, staff from the Afrodescendant Group of the National Institute of Women (INAMUJER), based in Caracas, travelled to Quebrada Fo Fa to establish ties with community members there."

Venezuelan Officials Suspected of Turning Country into Global Cocaine Hub  5/18/2015 Wall Street Journal: "U.S. prosecutors are investigating several high-ranking Venezuelan officials, including the president of the country’s congress, on suspicion that they have turned the country into a global hub for cocaine trafficking and money laundering, according to more than a dozen people familiar with the probes."

Swedish 'Leftist' Politician Prefers the US over Venezuela  5/15/2015 teleSUR: "Well, in part because I've lived there and I've felt pretty much at home. Besides, I am pretty worried about Venezuela's democratic development. It's a rather authoritarian development and the government cannot manage to ensure enough goods in the shelves and a good economic development."

Día de la Afrovenezolanidad 2015  5/14/2015 Aporrea: "Finalmente, el 10 de mayo no es solo un día memorial como decía la hija del destacado activista Afrodescendiente escritor y siquiatra, Frantz Fanon, nacido en Martinica, hoy departamento de "Ultramar" para los colonialistas franceses de la libertad , la igualdad y la fraternidad, que conmemoran ese mismo día, por cosas parecidas que aún no comprendo, en relación a la ley propuesta por la actual afrodescenciente de piel oscura, nacida en la Guyana Francesa, ministra de justicia, Christian Taubira y algunos afrofranceses que se reúnen esa misma fecha en la plaza del General Catroux en el Quartier 17 de Paris, que tiene que ver con hombres y mujeres de piel oscura que han impactado en las sociedades europeas, como la magistrada afroitaliana que también ha sido objeto de burla en la polémica revista "Je suis Charlie". "

Emotiva conmemoración del Día de la Afro-venezolanidad en Grenada  5/12/2015 Aporrea: "La Embajada de la República Bolivariana de Venezuela en Grenada dio inicio a la Conmemoración del "Día de la Afro-venezolanidad" en la sede del Instituto para la Cultura y la Cooperación (IVCC) en la ciudad de Saint George’s. El evento se llevó a cabo con un Cine – Foro donde se proyectó el documental "Tambores de Agua". El Embajador Jorge Guerrero Veloz se dirigió a los presentes y habló sobre los aportes y participación de los africanos y sus descendientes en la contribución de la identidad de Venezuela, así como de la gesta histórica de José Leonardo Chirino el 10 de mayo de 1795, en la Sierra de Falcón, fecha en la cual se levantó contra el imperio español, considerándose estas acciones como una de las primeras luchas emancipadoras de Venezuela."

10 Mai 1795 : Afro-Vénézuela insurrectionnel !  5/10/2015 Cases Rebelles: "Il y a 220 ans exactement, le 10 mai 1795, Jose Leonardo Chirino, noir libre, fils d’un esclave noir et d’une indienne1, menait une insurrection dans l’Ouest du Venezuela à Coro. Les revendications étaient les suivantes : liberté pour les africains esclaves et abolition de l’esclavage, établissement de ce qui est nommé à l’époque « la loi française » – c’est à dire un régime démocratique – suppression des impôts et taxes payés par les indiens, et suppression de l’aristocratie blanche. Les insurgéEs allaient d’abord rencontrer quelques victoires et parvenir à occuper quelques haciendas avant d’être arrêtéEs par les miliciens de la colonie en large supériorité numérique."

Infocentro revisó planificación estratégica para segundo cuatrimestre del 2015  5/4/2015 Infocentro: "Por su parte, el presidente de Infocentro, David Parra, en su primer día de intervención, destacó que la manera de hacer gestión se basa en el cumplimiento de las metas y que éstas tienen que ver con el 100% de los municipios cubiertos, las 100 transferencias que se suman en el 2015, 100 inauguraciones de Infocentros y la creación de 1000 Brigadas Comunicacionales Hugo Chávez."

How to Grossly Misrepresent Venezuelan Reality: A Reply to Alejandro Toledo  4/22/2015 Venezuela Analysis: "It is precisely this glaring double standard towards Venezuela that allows Toledo and 25 other ex-presidents- including notorious human rights abusers Alvaro Uribe, Felipe Calderon, Alfredo Cristiani, (while Toledo himself currently faces trial for corruption)- to accuse the Bolivarian government of human rights violations. In this twisted, orwellian world where corrupt oligarchs and profligate desk murderers parade as human rights crusaders, the violently anti-democratic Venezuelan Right is miraculously transformed into the peaceful, law-abiding victim of an authoritarian regime."

Venezuela on April 11: The 2002 Coup to the 2015 Economic War  4/14/2015 teleSUR: "At the time of the 2002 coup, the U.S. government admitted that it had financed and met with the coup leaders and organizations involved. This dynamic has continued since then, and in fact, funding to anti-government groups has increased under the Obama administration. This year, the NED (National Endowment for Democracy) and the U.S. Agency of International Development (USAID) has an increased budget destined for Venezuelan opposition “youth” and “civil society” groups. This is of course part of the ongoing attempted coup against the Venezuelan government which began in 1999 and which has been advanced through all conceivable means - economic strangulation, street violence, military conspiracies - to name but a few."

[Venezuela] 11 de abril de 2002: Un golpe de estado mediático y en directo  4/11/2015 Kaos en la red: "34 Excepcionales documentos históricos que demuestran cuál es el papel de los medios en el capitalismo, el inmenso poder que acaparan, lo peligrosos que pueden llegar a ser para la democracia, así como explican muchas de las medidas que el gobierno de Chávez tomó posteriormente en materia de medios."

Attempts to Malign Venezuela as “Homophobic State” Have Backfired  4/6/2015 Venezuela Analysis: "As international news outlets takes turns at bashing Venezuela for alleged human rights violations, with even Fox News pretending to care about free healthcare long enough to report on the country’s medicine shortages, it’s unsurprising that LGBTQ issues would eventually be used as further media fodder. And just like Israel continually attempts to pinkwash war crimes with gay-friendly tourism, the United States is trying to wield homophobia as a labeling tool to demonize uncooperative administrations. Just weeks ago, the US State Department sent an “openly gay envoy” on a mission to monitor and “defend” LGBT rights around the world."

Why is the US So Frightened of Venezuela?  4/3/2015 CounterPunch: "How a nation that spends less than 1% of its GDP on military expenditures, has no latest state-of-the-art military weaponry, and an army of merely 120,000 can possibly threaten the security of the mighty United States, is entirely incomprehensible."

Ruta de cimarrones y cimarronas de Venezuela…primer camino libertario. Homenaje al Rey Miguel  3/30/2015 Aporrea: "Siguiendo el camino de nuestro cimarrones y cimarronas -libertadores en construcción de un mundo mejor y mas igualitario:"

Democracy behind bars in Venezuela? Who is Leopoldo Lopez?  3/30/2015 Hands Off Venezuela: "Immediately below the headline “opposition leaders facing jail or death” there is a big picture of Leopoldo López. This gives the impression that he himself is potentially facing a death sentence. The writer probably is unaware that Venezuela was the first country in the world still in existence to abolish the death penalty, back in 1863! In contrast, in Britain it was not fully abolished until 1998 and of course in the US is still widely used. But, as they say, why let the facts get in the way of a striking headline."

Tackling Racism In Venezuela to Build a Society of Equals  3/20/2015 teleSUR: "Hugo Chavez was the first president in Venezuela's history to claim and honor his indigenous and African ancestry. In an interview in 2005, Chavez famously said, “Hate against me has a lot to do with racism. Because of my mouth, because of my curly hair. And I’m so proud to have this month and this hair, because it’s African.” An emphasis on tackling structural racism saw the passing of the 2011 Law Against Racial Discrimination."

¿Agresión a la vista? Eva Golinger revela los planes de EEUU en Venezuela  3/11/2015 Apporea: "Como ya ocurriera con Panamá y Granada, es probable que EE.UU. Acabe atacando militarmente a Venezuela. Ni estos dos países ni Caracas representan amenaza alguna para EE.UU., pero a diferencia de los primeros, el país sudamericano cuenta con recursos estratégicos. La abogada y escritora Eva Golinger ha analizado la tensa situación entre Venezuela y EE.UU."

Venezuelan Assembly Grants Executive Powers while Military Drills in Defensive Exercises  3/11/2015 Venezuela Analysis: "In response to US president Obama’s use of an executive order to sanction Venezuelan authorities, Venezuelan leader Nicolas Maduro requested decree powers to pass an “anti-imperialist law to prepare for all scenarios.” The National Assembly voted by majority their approval this on Wednesday morning."

What Is Happening in Venezuela?  3/2/2015 The Nation: "Sujatha Fernandes, who teaches in the sociology department at CUNY’s Queens College and the Graduate Center and is the author of Who Can Stop the Drums? Urban Social Movements in Chávez’s Venezuela, points to the barrios, where despite the economic shortages and long lines for basic goods: many of those poor barrio residents who make up the stronghold of the Bolivarian process are aware of the destabilizing role being played by the opposition on many fronts and are not the core of those expressing discontent. And speaking to ordinary Venezuelans, one does not get the sense of major economic calamity, despite hardships. The bonds of solidarity that have developed in recent times have given rise to such innovative responses as a barter economy."

Estados Unidos acelera el golpe en Venezuela  2/26/2015 CubaDebate: "El plan golpista denominado Operación Jericó fue abortado por los órganos de seguridad bolivarianos los días 11 y 12 de febrero pasados. Entre los objetivos contemplados por el plan estaba el ataque o bombardeo al Palacio de Miraflores, el Ministerio de Defensa y Telesur. Dicen que en la guerra la primera víctima es la verdad y ya Estados Unidos ha tenido que sufrir varias veces importantes derrotas mediáticas, como en el golpe contra el presidente Hondureño Manuel Zelaya, gracias a las verdades difundidas por Telesur desde el terreno. Los principales implicados en la conspiración fueron detenidos, entre ellos militares retirados y en activo. Sus declaraciones y la investigación de los hechos condujeron días después al arresto y encausamiento de Manuel Ledezma, alcalde metropolitano de Caracas."

The Danger is Not Over The Foiling of a Coup Plot in Venezuela  2/25/2015 CounterPunch: "U.S. spokesperson Jen Psaki and the Venezuelan far-right are dismissing the plot claim, but video evidence, a map of the bombing targets, and other key evidence have been unveiled on national television, with more details promised. Washington’s role in previous plots has been proven before. According to President Maduro, detained coup leaders have confessed their role. He spoke on national television Sunday morning, to reveal more facts and accuse the United States government of conspiring with coup plotters."

UNASUR Slams U.S. Sanctions against Venezuela  2/11/2015 Radio Havana: "The 12-member Union of South American Nations (UNASUR) Tuesday reiterated "deep disdain" for the United States' sanctions on Venezuelan government officials. UNASUR reaffirmed its initial rejection of a law passed by the U.S. Congress in December 2014 that calls for unilateral sanctions on Venezuelan government officials accused of violating human rights, according to an official statement issued a day after Unasur foreign ministers' meeting in Montevideo, Uruguay."


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