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Better Health 4U, LLC presents
Gloria Rolando's
Reembarque/Reshipment to the US market
Help support her work!

Individual price is for home viewing. The price for Institutions is for viewing at a school, university, cultural center, or other institutional location. Special arrangements need to be made in order to offer these films to the general public in theatres or by broadcast. Institutional prices include Public Performance Rights within that institution. Institutions can download a copy of the Better Health 4U, LLC Institutional License Agreement with Public Performance Rights.

Use PayPal or use your Visa, Master Card, Discovery, or American Express card without even registering at PayPal - we will not see your financial information. When you check out after "Add to Cart,"  just look for the "Check Out" link on the lower right (see Help page).  To pay by mail or by PO, follow instructions below. Any questions, email, replacing _AT_ with @.

DVD Title Home Viewing Institutions
Reembarque/Reshipment, documentary with Enlgish subtitles. More than half a million Haitians immigrated to Cuba for work and a better life....They were treated like slaves. When their work was no longer needed, they were abruptly reshipped to Haiti. Available in the US, Canada, the Caribbean, and Africa. People elsewhere please contact us at, replacing _AT_ with @. 58 min.
Home Use, USA - $30
Institution, USA - $300

Order Gloria Rolando's other films -- first, please finish your transactions on this page as they are sold through another vendor.


To order - either use our PayPal shopping cart above, even without registering with PayPal or:

$30 $1.58
$60 $3.15
 $90 $4.74
$300   $15.75
1 DVD $6.55
2 DVDs $9.45
3-4 DVDs $12.75
5 DVDs $14.90
10 DVDs $18.60

           If you want to ship via Express Mail International, email us at [replace _AT_ with @] for a quote. Prices start at about $25.

           Note that foreign orders need to be paid in US dollars. 

US law (Berman Amendment) allows for the import of music, films, books, paintings, and sculptures from Cuba, virtually the only legal avenue for financial transactions concerning culture and for expressing our support.

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