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Marisol Blanco
Dancer, coreographer, percussionist; founder and artistic director of Sikan AfroCuban Dance Project

"Marisol Blanco began studying folkloric AfroCuban dance when she was 8 years old. She studied dance (specializing in folkloric dance) at the prestigious Instituto Superior de Arte in Havana, Cuba and later was a dance teacher/choreographer at the Escuela Nacional de Arte. Marisol was also a dancer and percussionist with Obbini Bata, Cuba's first allfemale dance and percussion group, performing in Havana's most famous venues. In 2008, Marisol left Cuba for Miami, Florida and began teaching AfroCuban dance classes as well as performing with various groups as well as for TV shows like Cubana Television. She has performed with Miami's most renowned folkloric music and dance groups including IfeIle and Los Herederos, as well as for the Brazilian group Mano Santa. Marisol has also led workshops for national dance conferences including the National Salsa Congress, the National Zumba Convention, in Atlanta and at Duke University." -- Press Release, 12/4/13, PDF

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Debajo del Laurel: A Celebration for Changó, 12 /14/13, New York

Obini Bata: All–Women Afro–Cuban music group  9/1/2011 Cuba Absolutely: "When Obini Bata was founded in June of 1993, it was the first all-female group featuring Bata drumming. Eva Despainge Trujillo, Artistic Director, left the Conjunto Folklorico Nacional de Cuba (the National Folkloric Company of Cuba—until today a reference point in Cuban dance and culture) to found Obini Bata. She explained that chauvinistic attitudes have followed the group throughout its history. Unfortunately, some Cubans—both men and women—have not been able to separate the group’s use of the Bata drums for an artistic purpose as opposed to a religious one. As Eva stated, “we put the religious world on stage as art.”




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