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2011 US Tour Performance Schedule

Schedule 2011 



12/14/09 Newsletter

Jesús Alfonso Miró, Musical Director passes to the ancestors, 6/3/90

Esteban Vega Bacallao "Chachá" passes to the ancestors, 7/19/07 IBBAE, CHACHÁ, announcement from Los Muñequitos on the occasion of Chachá's passing, 7/19/07 Anuncio de los Muñequitos en ocasion del fallecimiento de Chachá, 19/7/07

Cuban Band Shines at Montreal Jazz Festival, 7/13/07, Granma

Alberto Romero Díaz, singer for Los Muñequitos, 1948-2006, passes on 8/11/06 at age 58

Los Muñequitos Live on Rapidshare, 1998 Tour

Los Muñequitos' Ricardo Cané passes on, 6/5/03

Ricardo Cané obituary - obituario, 6/10/03

Los Muñequitos de Matanzas, Cuba's top rumba group, in 50th anniversary concert
, 10/9/02, Havana

Music review, Los Munequitos de Matanzas at HotHouse, Chicago, 3/02

Grammy nomination 2001

Arte cubano para nuestros cinco héroes, 5/7/02

munecosx.jpg (6245 bytes)
The Muñequitos in 1955

Los Munequitos And Friends Jam Session At LP Studios, 4/02, nice pics

Muñequitos poster for LA 2001

Muñequitos Photo Gallery

Fall '00 tour of some Muñequitos members

CBS Sunday Morning - 5/16: check out the CBS site

Gregorio "Goyo" Diaz obituary, 5/8/96

¡Vamos a guarachar!: Interview with Gregorio "El Goyo" Hernández, Esquina Rumbera, posted 12/18/06 

Informe en español - directo de Dirección Provincial de Cultura

Los Muñequitos en "el Mundo"

Contacting the Muñequitos

1998 Tour

Los Muñequitos de Matanzas

Formed in 1952, this stellar rumba group is famous throughout Cuba.  They also charmed audiences everywhere in the US on their first, second, and third US tours, in 1992, 1996, and 1998.   They were back in August, 1999, in the Spring of 2000, again in 2001, and for the last time in the US, in 2002, after which George Bush blocked them. They are now scheduled to return in April, 2011.

The group got its start in 1952 in a bar in Barrio Marina in Matanzas, Cuba, when a group of youths began following the rhythms of a song by Arsenio Rodríguez that was then playing, using dishes and bottles, as is the style in "kitchen rumbas."  For more, see "the Foundation."

Their discography is a full list, and includes  "El guaguancó de Matanzas" (Siboney,88), "Los Muñequitos de Matanzas" (Ace,90), "Rumba caliente" (Qbadisc,92), "Oyelos de nuevo" (Artex,93), "Real Rumba" (Corasón,94), "Vacunao" (Qbadisc,95) o "Po Iban Eshu" (Qbadisc,96).

Los Muñequitos de Matanzas are part of the living legend of African music in Cuba, and they remain very close to their Abakuá (Efik/Efo) roots. Most members are also members of an Abakuá potencia, or lodge.

Members (as of 2000), has changed a lot:

Diosdado Ramos Cruz

General Director / Dancer / Guagua

Jesús Alfonso Miró

Musical Director/Quinto / Cajón / Iyá batá [now deceased]

Baldomero Ricardo Cané Gómez

Singer / Percussion [now deceased]

Isrrael Berriel González

Third voice

Bárbaro Ramos Aldazábal

Dancer / Guagua

Vivian Ramos Aldazábal

Dancer / Maruga

Ana Pérez Herrera

Dancer / Falsetto singer

Alberto Romero Díaz

Singer / Claves [now deceased]

Rafael Navarro Pujada

Soloist / Claves

Isrrael Berriel Jiménez

Soloist / Campana brasileña

Agustín Díaz Cano

Salidor / Okónkolo batá

Facundo Pelladito

Dancer / Percussion

Iván Alfonso Fernández


Troupe keeps beat to Cuban rhythms

Grania Litwin, Times Colonist

Who: Los Munequitos de Matanzas
Where: Victoria Event Centre, 1415 Broad St.
When: 7:30, tonight
Tickets: $17.50/$18.50 in advance at 384-3786, or $22.50 at the door
Note: Workshop in drumming and dancing tomorrow

An acclaimed 12-member rumba band from Cuba that performs tonight at the Victoria Event Centre, has already got Jordan Hanson's pulse pounding out some excited rhythms.

"When I heard Los Munequitos de Matanzas was touring Canada and that we had an opportunity to host them in Victoria, I immediately said: 'Let's do it,'" explained the event organizer and University of Victoria drumming teacher.

The Grammy award-nominated band, which was formed 50 years ago, is one of Cuba's most celebrated rumba groups and features dancers, drummers and vocalists -- including three generations of one family.

They have performed worldwide and received rave reviews at the recent Montreal 2007 Jazz Festival in front of audiences of thousands. Hanson said this is a rare chance to see and hear them in an intimate setting

He noted the performers are "stunning, brilliantly melodic." At the end of a recent concert in New York, people tossed money on stage. The San Diego Union Tribune calls them "The essence of Cuba's musical soul;" Latin Beat Magazine says they are "Truly keepers of a sacred flame;" and Arborweb dubs them "Living lessons in 500 years of Afro-Cuban history."

Hanson has studied drumming in Brazil, west Africa, Cuba and elsewhere but says these performers are tops.

"I studied with them for two weeks at Banff Centre for the Arts where they were teaching people from all over about Afro Cubanismo -- including Grammy award winners," he said.

"Cuba is a place where one of the most sophisticated polyrhythmias in the world is played, and this group is very, very authentic."

The group plays on Congo drums and also cajon box drums, which were inspired by old shipping boxes that were used as drums. Some held candles, others soap, and some were packed with cod from Canada. "That gave them the high, low and mid pitch drums."

Los Munequitos will hold three community drumming and dance workshops tomorrow: Afro-Cuban dance at 4:30 p.m. in Fairfield United Church Hall, and drumming (Level 1 at 6:30 p.m., and Level 2 at 8 p.m.) both at Fairfield Community Place, 1330 Fairfield Rd.

Workshops are $25, with a second for $15. Register by calling 384-3786.

Cuban Band Shines at Montreal Jazz Festival, 7/13/07, Granma

The authenticity of the Cuban rumba group Los Muñequitos de Matanzas received raving audience reviews at the recently concluded Montreal 2007 Jazz Festival.

The legendary group from the northwestern Cuban province of Matanzas performed before thousands of people, giving the best of their traditional repertoire while showing that rumba is alive in today’s Cuban music.

The impact of the Muñequitos performance was all the more significant when taking into account the packed festival schedule with more than 300 concerts by artists from some 30 countries.

Among the many musicians on hand for the Montreal Jazz Festival were Cesaria Evora (Cabo Verde), Angelique Kidjo (Benin), Rachid Taha (Algeria) and US trumpet player Wynton Marsalis with the Lincoln Center Orchestra.

The Muñequitos de Matanzas travel west this week to British Colombia, where they will play a concert in the city of Harrison.

Alberto Romero Díaz,
singer for Los Muñequitos, dies 8/11/06 at age 58, 8/06

Falleció Alberto Romero, cantante de
Los Muñequitos de Matanzas

MATANZAS (AIN 12/8/06).  En la madrugada de este viernes falleció víctima de cáncer, en esta ciudad, a los 58 años de edad, Alberto Romero, destacado músico y cantante de la agrupación afrocubana Los Muñequitos de Matanzas.

Con muchos años de experiencia en el trabajo del rescate de raíces afrocubanas, representó a la cultura cubana en numerosas giras de Los Muñequitos por países como Bélgica, México, Alemania y Estados Unidos.
Sus cantos aparecen en el disco "La Rumba Soy Yo", uno de los más importantes de la agrupación y con el que ganaron en el 2001 el Grammy Latino.

Alberto Romero dies, singer from Los Muñequitos de Matanzas

Matanzas (AIN 8/12/06).  This Thursday early morning, Alberto Romero died a victim of cancer, at 58. He was an outstanding musician and a singer in the AfroCuban group os Muñequitos de Matanzas.

With many years of experience working on the rescue of AfroCuban roots, he represented Cuban culture in numerous tours with Los Muñequitos in countries such as Belgium, Mexico, Germany, and the United States. His songs appear in the CD La Rumba Soy Yo." He was one of the most important members of the group and they won the Latin Grammy in 2001 with him.

Alberto Romero Díaz, singer for Los Muñequitos, 1948-2006
From Esquina Rumbera:

The world lost a great rumbero on August 10. Since joining the group in 1980, Alberto's contribution to the Muñequitos as solista was immeasurable, he will be missed.

Listen to Alberto sing "Oyelos de nuevo" from the "Real Rumba"compilation CD. He does the intro and the inspirations. See

Falleció Alberto Romero, EFE, 8/12/06

Por Ernesto Galván
La Habana, Cuba
Fuente: EFE

El músico y cantante Alberto Romero, voz del grupo de música afrocubana Los Muñequitos de Matanzas, falleció hoy a los 58 años, informaron medios locales.

La Agencia de Información Nacional (AIN) indicó que el deceso de Romero, que pasó gran parte de su vida escarbando en las raíces de la música cubana derivada de la emigración africana, se produjo en horas de la madrugada tras padecer "una penosa enfermedad".

Romero puso voz al disco La rumba soy yo, uno de los más importantes de la agrupación y con el que ganaron en el 2001 un Grammy Latino.

Fundada en 1952 en el barrio de La Marina de Matanzas, a unos cien kilómetros de La Habana, Los Muñequitos de Matanzas son una de las agrupaciones más importantes de la música cubana.

La banda cuenta con una amplia discografía, en la que destacan títulos como El guaguancó de Matanzas, Los muñequitos de Matanzas, Rumba caliente, Óyelos de nuevo, Real rumba, Vacunao y Po Iban Eshu, además de la La rumba soy yo.

AfroCubaWeb salutes that great and knowledgeable artist, Alberto Romero Díaz. Born in 1948, he loved baseball and music and sang for los Muñequitos since 1980. His distinctive voice helped them win the Latin Grammy in 2001.

Los Muñequitos Live on Rapidshare

Los Muñequitos' Ricardo Cané passes on, 6/5/03

Ricardo Cané, senior member of the world-renowned rumba group Los Muñequitos de Matanzas, died this morning at the Provincial Hospital in Matanzas. He had undergone a sudden operation for a "severe vascular accident" which entailed the amputation of his right leg. After post-surgical unconsciousness with assisted breathing, he briefly rallied, but ultimately lost the battle.

In Matanzas this morning there is a tremendous farewell in progress.

See Ricardo Cané obituary - obituario, 6/10/03

Schedule (updated 2/20/03)

Los Muñequitos will be in Greece for The Cultural Olympiad 2001-2004 in July, 2003 along with the Conjunto Folklórico Nacional in a rare double bill.

Music review, Los Muñequitos de Matanzas at HotHouse, Chicago, 3/02

By Howard Reich

To Americans smitten by the "Buena Vista Social Club" movie and concerts, Cuban music is all about lilting melodies, genteel rhythms and pre-Castro romanticism.

But though "Buena Vista" artists such as Compay Segundo and Omara Portuondo epitomize one glorious facet of Cuban music, the island teems with a far wider range of sounds than the film and its offshoots suggest.

Among the musical genres Cuba has nurtured through the centuries, perhaps none is more pivotal than rumba, in which a corps of vocalists chant plaintive phrases, accompanied by swirling layers of percussive rhythm.

Short of traveling to Cuba, the best way to experience this music was a Sunday night visit to HotHouse, where Los Munequitos de Matanzas celebrated a remarkable anniversary: its 50th. Considering the group's long-standing commitment to ancient musical traditions, this show represented about as authentic an entree into rumba as is possible in the 21st Century.

Judging by the patter in the overflow audience, more than a few listeners expected something closer to the lush lyricism of the "Buena Vista" score. But as the music of Los Munequitos de Matanzas gathered momentum—its textures thickening, its layers of rhythm becoming ever more intricate—even the most skeptical listeners had to be swayed by this music.

The sheer onslaught of sound, with these adept musicians articulating so many interrelated meters at once, proved gripping. For starters, three congueros fired off fast-flying staccato riffs, while more than half a dozen vocalists sang sinuous lines in unison—all the while telegraphing clave beats of their own using a variety of handheld percussion instruments.

Here was a timeless, fantastically developed music that transcended traditional Western harmony, melody and song structure. If anyone doubted that the roots of folkloric Cuban music sprang from Africa, the brilliantly complex drumming and melismatic chant of Los Munequitos de Matanzas made the point palpably clear.

Though the group also is famous for its choreography, which touches on elements of religious ritual, during the first set it was the instrumental virtuosos who dominated, with dancers playing a secondary role. Apart from a dance sequence in which a man and a woman engaged in an aggressive battle of the sexes, and another in which costumed characters alluded to mythic tales, this show was first and foremost about rumba virtuosity at its most abstract.

Perhaps the dearth of first-set choreography allowed so many in the audience to approach the stage to dance. To their credit, they moved with remarkable fluidity and proficiency.

It was 10 years ago that Los Munequitos de Matanzas made its Chicago debut, under the auspices of HotHouse.

A decade later, the club remains faithful to the cause.

Muñequitos nominated for Grammy 2001top

The list of Grammy nominated Cubans should also include "La Rumba soy Yo," nominated best production in folklore, featuring Los Muñequitos de Matanzas [produced by Caridad Diez and Joaquin Betancourt, which also features Yoruba Andabo, Clave y Guaguancó, Los Papines, Changuito, Tata Guines, as well as Issac Delgado, Aramis, Haila, el Indio and Mayito].

Cary Diez is the nominated producer and she is in Los Angeles with THE FULL 17 members ENSEMBLE of Los Muñequitos de Matanzas, working with Stage Of The Arts Inc. a California Educational 501 (c) (3) corporation.

We may be contacted regarding Los Muñequitos

Jorge Luis Rodriguez
(323) 855-3131
AfroCuban Research Institute.
Stage Of The Arts, Inc. in collaboration with
International Programs and Services,
California State University.
Sponsored by the EOP Department.


Members of the popular Afro-Cuban band Los Muñequitos recently visited the
LP® studios for a jam session, during which they were introduced to the LP®
Galaxy Giovanni Series Congas and welcomed as new LP® artists.

Nice set of pics.

Scheduletop 2011

Los Muñequitos de Matanzas   -   2011 US Tour Performance Schedule   -   4/11 to 5/11
Additional dates to be added shortly

April - April 3 University of Washington
Meany Hall for the Performing Arts (performance April 3)

April 4-5 OPEN 

April 6 - 8 Savannah Music Festival 
Savannah, GA 

April 9 Rialto Center for the Performing at Georgia State University
Atlanta, GA

April 10-11 University of Florida Performing Arts, Curtis M. Phillips Center
Gainesville, FL (performance April 10; workshop April 11)

April 12-13, OPEN

April 14-15  Adrienne Arsht Center for the Performing Arts
Miami FL (performance April 15)

April 16-17  David A. Straz Jr. Center for the Performing Arts
Tampa, Florida (performance April 16)

April 18, Outpost Performance Space
Albuquerque, NM 

April 19 The Lensic Center 
Santa Fe, NM 87501

April 20 La Pena Cultural Center
Berkeley, CA 

April 21-22 Lisner Auditorium, George Washington University
Washington, DC (performance April 22)

April 23 Annenberg Center
Philadelphia PA

April 24 – 26 OPEN

April 27 Cleveland Museum of Art
Cleveland, OH 44106

April 28 August Wilson Center for African American Culture
Pittsburgh, PA

April 29 – May 1  Mass MoCA
North Adams, MA (performances April 30 & May 1)

May 2 – 7 World Music Institute at Symphony Space
New York, NY (Performances May 5 – 7)

May 8 The Performing Arts Center at Purchase College
Purchase, NY 10577

Schedule 2010

18th of march 2010 they will perform at the opening ceremony of THE WORLD CONGRESS FOR CUBAN CULTURE in Munich, Germany - CUBAMEMUCHO

Dates are available - tour information:

They are back on world tour. Would you like to have them in your dancing school party? your dance club? a theatre in your hometown? With only 150 to 200 customers for a show, a concert near by you, can be realized! Our agency organizes - exclusively - the tour from March to including April 2010, Mondays to Sundays. We accept invitations from all around the world! Any country any city any school any theatre can still choose your own date for the concert, just sent us your request via email to


Los Muñequitos tour Canada, 2007

Check the venues before you make plans!

July 2 – Harbourfront, Toronto

July 3 – Montreal Jazz Festival 

July 5-8 – Sunfest, Victoria Park, London, Ont. 

July 11-12 – Vancouver (workshops) 

July 13 – Harrison, BC 

July 14-15 – Vancouver Folk Music Festival 

July 19 – Atlantic Jazz Festival, Halifax, NS 

July 20-22 – Islands Folk Festival, Duncan, BC

July 25 Calgary Folk Festival Boot Camp, Calgary, Alberta

July 27 Calgary Folk Festival, Calgary, Alberta

July 31-August 2 Decidedly Jazz Danceworks, Calgary, Alberta


Los Muñequitos de Matanzas, Cuba's top rumba group, in 50th anniversary concert, 10/9/02, Havana

March 12 - 13, 2002

Milwaukee, WI

Latino Arts

March 15, 2002

Ann Arbor, MI

University Musical Society

March 17, 2002

Chicago, Il


March 20, 2002

Madison, WI

University of Wisconsin

March 22, 2002

Woodstock, NY

Bearsville Theater (CCE presentation)

March 23, 2002

Great Barrington, MA

MahaiweTheater (CCE presentation)

March 26 - 27, 2002

New York, NY

Joe's Pub

April 6, 2002

Washington, DC

Lisner Auditorium

April 9, 2002

Miami, FL

Jackie Gleason Theatre for the Performing Arts

Los Muñequitos en Miami!.

Tues. April 9, 8pm
Gleason Theater
Miami Beach
copresented with
Miami Light Project

Reserved seat tickets on sale Now: $21 - $31 - $41 (includes venue surcharge) available at Ticketmaster outlets or the Jackie Gleason Theater box office

Tour brought to you by Multi Arts Projects and Productions
See their site for updates.

Schedule 2001

August-September 2001 Performances    

August-September 2001 Workshops

Spring and Fall 2002: 50th Anniversary Tour

August 2001 Performance          - see also:  Muñequitos poster for LA


Saturday AUGUST 4; midnigth-LAX Arrival/Llegada.- Lobby of the Gershwin Hotel in Hollywood and la Casa.-

Sunday 5th- Housing; planning / orientation meeting, facilitators and SOTA staff. Lunch by the pool. 

Monday, 6.- 10 AM- Orientation Meeting. International Programs and Services, Cal State University, Ricardo Martins.

1 PM.- Lunch,

2.-Media kit-off

3 PM.-AfroCuban Master Class by Los Muñequitos de Matanzas- Music Hall

Tuesday, 7 .- to Thursd. 9: Classes and workshops. La Casa and Gallery

Friday 10 .- 1 PM to 7 PM, set up/ montaje at Ebell theatre.

7-8 PM .- Fiestecita at front of the Ebell


Saturday 11.- 11AM Alma del Barrio 88.9 FM. Radio entrevista/live Interview- Guido, Cary, Jesus, Diosdado, Jorge

Sunday 12- Workshops

Friday 17.- Celebrate Brooklyn Festival in NY. Sound check at 3 PM. One hour performance at 7 PM. Prospect park

Friday 24, Conga Room. Percussion, 8-9 PM

Sat. 25 and Sunday 26: African Marketplace


Friday 7. LA RUMBA SOY YO, State Playhouse -8 PM 

Midnigth: Oshun

Saturday 8 & Sunday 9th, Street Scene Festival. Dan Diego

Thursday 13 or 20: Occidental College. Half day residence. Workshop and performance.

Dates are available for booking Los Muñequitos de Matanzas on August Saturday 18 and Sunday 19 in New York. We are also open for booking August 20 to September 20 in the West Coast.


Jorge Luis Rodriguez

Informacion : (213) 855-3131

Producing Director is Jorge Luis Rodriguez. The Producer for the 2001 Muñequitos US tour is Ed Santiago. Stage Of The Arts, is a non-profit California Educational corporation founded 1982. 

A presentation of the AfroCuban Research Institute. Stage Of The Arts, Inc. in collaboration with the International Programs and Services department of California State University in Los Angeles. Sponsored in part by KLON 88.1 radio and Timba Percussion.

WHAT: The best Rumba from Cuba: the legendary Muñequitos de Matanzas presenting a unique review of music and dance "La Rumba Soy Yo" (I am the Rumba).

WHEN: August Friday10 and Saturday 11, 2001. 8 pm

WHERE: Wilshire Ebell Theatre 4401 W. 8th Street, Los Angeles (323) 939-1128 (1 block south of Whilshire on Lucerne Boulevard) Parking available.

TICKETS: $26.00 and $16.00. Available by calling Ticketmaster at (213) 365-3500 and (714) 740-7878; on line at, or at Tower Records, Robinsons-May, Wherehouse Music, Tu Musica and Ritmo Latino. Ticks available at the theatre box office, (323) 939 -1128

INFORMATION: (213) 855-3131;;

August-September 2001 Workshopstop

Ray Veitia, Public Affairs
(323) 855-3131
(213) 448-0328
Ivonne Cachu
, Public Relations

Dance and Music workshops with Los Muñequitos de Matanzas
(2001 Grammy nominated)

WHAT: Afrocuban percussion and dance classes. Congas, Bata, hand percussion, singing with 2001 Grammy nominee Los Muñequitos de Matanzas. Information: (323) 855-3131


Monday 20.- 6:30 to 8 PM and 8 PM to 9:30- Percussion and dance workshops. Hosted by Pascuale Angelucci at 1230 S. Flower Street. Los Angeles, CA 90015

Tuesday 21.-6:30 to 8 PM and 8 PM to 9:30- Percussion and dance workshops. Hosted by Pascuale Angelucci at 1230 S. Flower Street. Los Angeles, CA 90015

Wednesday 22.- Mi Gente.- 6:30 to 8 PM Percussion and 8 to 9:30 PM Dance- 7174 Melrose Avenue, LA, CA 90046 (2 blocks west of La Brea)

Thursday 23.- Mi Gente.- 6:30 to 8 PM Percussion and 8 to 9:30 PM Dance- 7174 Melrose Avenue, LA, CA 90046 (2 blocks west of La Brea)

CONTINUES Mondays and Tuesdays at 1230 S. Flower Street.

Wednesday & Thursdays at Mi Gente

Wednesday 29.- 6:30 to 8 PM, Percussion workshop and 8 to 9:30 PM Dance class.
9:30 Rumba by Los Muñequitos. And every Wednesday thereafter August/Sept.

A presentation of the AfroCuban Research Institute (, Stage Of The Arts, Inc. in collaboration with the International Programs and Services department of California State University in Los Angeles.

Spring and Fall 2002: 50th Anniversary Tourtop

MultiArts Projects & Productions announces

the 50th Anniversary Season of

Los Muñequitos de Matanzas

Dates in U.S. and Canada available for march/april 2002 and also Fall 2002

Hailed as the "reigning regents of rumba" by the San Francisco Chronicle, "the essence of Cuba’s musical soul" by the San Diego Union Tribune and "truly keepers of a sacred flame" by Latin Beat, Los Muñequitos de Matanzas are amongst the highest regarded practitioners of rumba and the unequivocal masters of Afro-Cuban ritual music in the world. Founded in 1952, the group spans three generations of fathers and sons, brothers and sisters, uncles and cousins, and an extended family of musicians. Celebrating their 50th Anniversary in 2002, Los Muñequitos remains a seminal force in the development of Afro-Cuban dance and percussion.

Mesmerizing audiences with their fiery rumbas, explosive dance and captivating vocals, the legendary Los Muñequitos return to the U.S. for their sixth tour since 1992. These special tours will feature programs primarily focused on rumba – including a lot of new stuff and some of the early melodic songs. The performances promise the same electric dancing, swirling melodies and rhythmically complex drumming which have won the hearts of audiences the world over.

On stage, Los Muñequitos bring to life the vibrant culture of the African Diaspora intrinsic to Cuba’s living legacy. Off stage, the group brings the energy and exuberance contained in their performances to a host of residency activities ranging from dance and percussion workshops to lecture-demonstrations and performances for families. These activities provide an even greater opportunity to experience the richness of Cuban culture and are designed for people of all ages and levels of experience.

Tours produced by MultiArts Projects & Productions. Full and half-week residencies available.

For booking information: MultiArts Projects & Productions

140 Second Avenue, Suite 502
New York, NY 10003

Tel: 646-602-9390

Fax: 646-602-9395


 Fall '00 tour of some Muñequitos memberstop

U.S. Engagement Itinerary for Rumba Matancera
A Sub-Group formed by Los Muñequitos de Matanza
October 17 through November 5, 2000

Los Muñequitos members appearing as Accompanying the Rumba Matancera are: Rumba Matancera are: 

Louis Carreras
Agustín Diaz Cano & Ramon "Sandy" Garcia Pèrez
Rafael Navarro Pujada of Grupo AfroCuba de Matanza
Israel Berriel Gonzalez
Bárbaro Ramos
Diosdado Enier Ramos
Vivian Ramos
Esther Yamile Ramos
Israel Berriel Jimenez

and in California with guest percussionist Jesus Diaz


Type Appearance and Location

Tickets/Booking Info

Tuesday, October 17

Percussion Workshop 404-577-0707

Earth Shaking Music, Atlanta, GA

Wednesday, October 18

Dance Workshop Call Ellen Bleir 706-742-5605

Center for Healing Arts, Athens, GA

Thursday, October 19

Master Percussion Class Free to Public

Georgia State University (GSU) School of Music, Atlanta, GA

Friday, October 20

Performance 404-577-0707

GSU School of Music, Atlanta, GA

Saturday, October 21

Performance 510-273-2450

Cowell Theatre, San Francisco, CA

Sunday, October 22

Dance workshop 510-273-2450

Alice Arts Centre, Oakland, CA

Sunday, October 22

Performance 510-273-2450

Cowell Theatre, San Francisco, CA

Monday, October 23

Vocal and Percussion Workshops 510-273-2450

Alice Arts Centre, Oakland, CA

Tuesday, October 24

Performance 510-273-2450

Rio Theater, Santa Cruz, CA
Tickets for the Oct 24 Santa Cruz show are available at Rhythm Fusion (a drum store in Santa Cruz) 831-423-2048.

Wednesday, October 25

Performance 510-273-2450

Stanford University, CA

Thursday, October 26

Dance workshop 510-273-2450

Alice Arts Center, Oakland, CA

Friday, October 27

Travelling Back to Atlanta, GA


Saturday, October 28 – November 4

No Engagements 404-892-8553


Saturday, November 5

Travelling to Cuba


CBS - 5/16/99

Los Muñequitos de Matanzas were featured in an 8-minute segment on the May 16 broadcast of CBS Sunday Morning, as a cultural segment of an entire program about Cuba.  The Director, Diosdado Ramos Cruz, was interviewed and also shown performing his role as babalawo or priest in the Yoruba religion.  The Musical Director, Jesus Alfonso, was also interviewed, as was Ned Sublette, a producer and founder of Qbadisc, which has brought so much of the Muñequitos' music to the US.  One of los Muñequitos' founders, "Chachá" Esteban Vega, a formidable legend, described the origins. Matanzas was highlighted as the great center of African culture that it is.

Check out the full story at:

Thanks to Alison Stewart at CBS for linking to AfroCubaWeb.

Spain, 5/99

Los Muñequitos de Matanzas visitan a España hasta el dia 16 de Maio.   Si alguien sabe de eso, favor de informarnos.

1999 Summer US Schedule (updated 8/1/99) [see also note from Ned just below]

Friday August 6
Saturday August 7

Sunday August 8
Wednesday August 11
Thursday August 12
Friday August 13
Saturday August 14
Sunday August 15
2 performances at SOB's/NYC at 9pm & 11pm
Central Park SummerStage/NYC at 3pm
gates open at 1:30
Latino Arts Festival/Queens at 7pm
Jacob's Pillow Dance Festival (JPDF)at 8pm
JPDF at 8pm
JPDF at 8:30pm
JPDF at 2pm and 8:30pm
JPDF at 2pm

Lee, Massachusetts

Reminder from Ned Sublette

We will have a rare opportunity to see the world's greatest rumba group -- Los Muñequitos de Matanzas -- in New York this weekend. They will appear:

August 6: SOB's (9 and 11 p.m.)
August 7: Central Park Summerstage (gates open 1:30, show at 3)
August 8: Queens Theater in the Park, in the NY State Pavilion of the 1964 World's Fair, Flushing Meadows, Corona Park (7 p.m.)

The following week they will be in residence at Jacob's Pillow in Lee, Massachusetts. These are their only U.S. appearances this year.

Don't miss them!

Press Release on the 1999 and 2000 tours

Los Munequitos de Matanzas, the legendary troupe of three generations of dancers, drummers and singers will return to the United States in Summer 1999 where they will be at Jacob's Pillow/Lee, Massachusetts for one week August 9-15. The group will be  available for continguous residency and performances during this time.

In addition, the Munequitos will be returning to the United States during the Spring 2001 season. In past tours (this is the fifth time they have toured the U.S.), they have sold out countless concerts mesmerizing audiences with their fiery rumbas, explosive dance and captivating vocals.

On stage, Los Munequitos bring to life the vibrant culture of the African Diaspora intrinsic to Cuba's living legacy. Offstage, the group brings the energy and exuberance contined in their performances to a host of residency.  The 2001 season tour will be produced by MultiArts Projects & Productions, which has organized the group's past three U.S. tours, with Pentacle handling tour development. Full-week and half-week residencies are available.

For more information on Los Munequitos de Matanza's upcoming touring, residency and fees please contact:

Ann Rosenthal or
Cathy Zimmerman

MultiArts Projects & Productions
140 Second Avenue, Suite 502
NY NY 10003
tel: 646-602-9390
fax: 646-602-9395


Arte cubano para nuestros cinco héroes, 5/7/02top

Hugo García, Juventud Rebelde

MATANZAS.— El Conjunto Los Muñequitos de Matanzas hizo llegar a nuestros cinco Héroes de la República prisioneros del Imperio su disco La rumba soy yo, con el cual ganaron el Premio Grammy Latino 2001, en la categoría de Mejor Álbum de Música Folclórica.

El solidario gesto surgió de una propuesta de su director, Diosdado Ramos, y de la representante del grupo, Cary Diez, durante una exitosa gira de alrededor de un mes por Miami, Washington y Nueva York, donde actuaron e impartieron clases.

Ramos recordó a JR que en su actuación ante casi 3 000 personas en Miami Beach sufrieron las presiones de los elementos contrarrevolucionarios radicados allí. "Nos mantuvimos firmes, nada de miedo y nos concentramos en nuestro trabajo para mantener la calidad del espectáculo", rememora, mientras explica que "es un regalo sencillo de los matanceros y de todo el pueblo de Cuba, lleno de simbolismo y cubanía, como expresión del cariño y admiración que sentimos por la actitud valerosa de ellos contra el terrorismo y el ejemplo que representan ahora para las nuevas generaciones", concluyó Ramos.

La entrega oficial de los cinco CD para Gerardo, Ramón, René, Antonio y Fernando, fue en la sede de la Sección de Intereses de Cuba en la capital norteamericana, donde "ofrecieron su contagiosa y muy cubana música a más de 300 personas entre las que se incluían amigos de Cuba y el personal cubano que trabaja en Washington", escribió en una misiva de agradecimiento Dagoberto Rodríguez Barrera, jefe de la representación de nuestro país en Estados Unidos.

Este año Los Muñequitos de Matanzas arriban a su aniversario 50 de fundados y en ese tiempo su arte ha contribuido a mostrar al mundo los valores culturales de Cuba.

Contacting the Muñequitostop

The director, Diosdados Ramos Cruz, can be reached in Matanzas at 53.52.2481
Armando Valladares has retired from his position as Artistic Director

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