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Venezuela in the News

The often unstated subtext in Venezuela is the role of race & identity.  For the white upper class, which controls sections of  the press, Chavez was a "mico mono," a long tailed monkey, a reference to his African heritage.  In reality, Chavez had African, Indian, and European heritage, was elected 8 times by Venezuela's poor, and  was a practicante de la religion Yoruba. His death by no means signals the end of bolivarianismo, which has its recent roots in the Caracazo, the 1989 pitched battles in Caracas' streets when the euro elite lost their grip on society. The opposition's white terrorist campaign is designed to continue fighting the Caracazo by intimidating the heavily afrodescendant poor.  See Racism Sin Vergüenza in the Venezuelan Counter-Revolution 5/27/2014 The Januray 2019 coup attempt backed by Trump is a complex affair, the best discussion we have found so far is Is the US Orchestrating a coup in Venezuela? 1/23/2019 Real News Network. The self proclaimed alleged president, Juan Guaidó, comes with instructions for gringos to pronounce his name, One White Dog, and cut his teeth in the far right party responsible for initiating the use of violent demonstrations as a terrorist campaign.

El ministro de Comunicaciones de Venezuela, Jorge Rodríguez, da una rueda de prensa
con videos de las confesiones del coronel Oswaldo García Palomo, quien fue capturado
el pasado 31 de enero de 2019 y es uno de los organizadores del golpe de Estado que
pretendían dar factores de derecha a finales de enero de este año.
Truth or a visa: The New York Times spreads lies about Cuba and Venezuela 3/19/2019 Granma: "It would not be uncommon for the sources cited by the New York Times to be part of the "reactivation" of a program designed to encourage the abandonment of missions by Cuban doctors working in other countries. But the editors of the "prestigious" newspaper, apparently, ignore that their testimonies have no validity, if one takes into account that their probable admission to the United States is conditioned by their good services to the campaign of lies against Cuba."

I am skeptical about it  3/19/2019 Tweet from Arturo Lopez Levy: "I read the article of @nytimes accusing Cuban doctors of withholding services 4 partisan purposes in Venezuela to favor Maduro. I am skeptical about it. As a Cuban, I have never seen something like that. In #Cuba and other places I have seen or heard about exactly the opposite."

Cazando mentiras: The New York Times frente a la ética de la salud cubana  3/18/2019 Cubadebate: "Ningún verdadero médico cubano niega el servicio y mucho menos arriesga la vida de un paciente para lograr fines políticos. No lo hacen en Cuba con los mercenarios financiados por Estados Unidos para intentar destruir a la Revolución, ni lo hicieron con los mercenarios que nos invadieron por la Ciénaga de Zapata en 1961; menos lo harán en el extranjero, a donde han acudido decenas de miles a brindar su solidaridad y su conocimiento."

US Invasion Coming Through Brazil  3/18/2019 Orinoco Tribune: "According to Jorge Martín, “some people from the Pemón ethnic group in this village (which is 80 km from the border with Brazil) tried to stop a convoy of buses (not tanks) of the GNB on the way to the border.” According to Glorimar Fernandez the mayor of the Gran Sabana, Emilio González (opposition), declared that “they have told us that here there is an order not to pass humanitarian aid, but I gave the green light to enter the country. We have deployed the Pemón Territorial Guard.” According to the portal “Version Final”, the mayor “confirms this balance on the situation at the border with Brazil: 1 indigenous woman dead, 17 injured, 27 military detained by ‘Territorial Guardia Pemona'”. There Jorge L. Perez Valery reports that “at this time, the Pemones keep the GNB commander, José Miguel Montoya Rodríguez, kidnapped."

Un artículo atroz e indignante  3/18/2019 Radio Habana Cuba: "El libelo en cuestión lleva la firma de Nicholas Casey, auto presentado como corresponsal en Caracas de NYT, aunque tiene prohibido el ejercicio del periodismo en Venezuela, debido a una serie de artículos donde tergiversaba groseramente la realidad económica y social del país."

I never saw or heard of Cuban drs withholding meds for Vzln votes.  3/18/2019 Tweet from Dr. Amy Cooper: "As a researcher who spent 15 months observing Barrio Adento clinics, dr-pt interactions, and house calls between 2006-2009, I never saw or heard of Cuban drs withholding meds for Vzln votes." [followed by numerous comments, including from the author of the NYT article.]

NYT sources: two ex-Cuban doctors (in Chile and Ecuador) an opposition politician and anti-Cuban HRW campaigner Jose Miguel Vivanco.  3/18/2019 Tweet from Tim Anderson: "NYT sources: two ex-Cuban doctors (in Chile and Ecuador) an opposition politician and anti-Cuban HRW campaigner Jose Miguel Vivanco. They did not interview even one person on 'the other side': actual Cuban doctors, the Cuban or Venezuelan government, patients in Venezuela."

Attempt to assassinate Venezuela’s Maduro was planned in Colombia: CNN  3/17/2019 Colombia Reports: "An assassination attempt on Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro was planned in Colombia by Venezuelan oppostition figures who were in touch with US authorities, CNN reported Friday. The reports add credibility to Maduro’s longtime claim that Colombia is being used as a base for attacks against Venezuela. Both Colombian and US authorities have long denied the claims were false, but appear to have been lying to the public."

Chantaje con medicinas: Cómo Maduro usó a médicos cubanos para presionar a los votantes  3/17/2019 Nuevo Herald: por NICHOLAS CASEY The New York Times

‘It Is Unspeakable’: How Maduro Used Cuban Doctors to Coerce Venezuela Voters  3/17/2019 NYT: "“The Cuban government wants to make sure the Venezuelan regime survives and is willing to do anything in their power to support Maduro,” said José Miguel Vivanco, director of the Americas program at Human Rights Watch. “It is unspeakable.”"

What a U.S. Peace Delegation Learned in Venezuela  3/16/2019 Black Alliance for Peace: "You can see below Black Alliance for Peace (BAP) National Organizer, U.S. Peace Council Executive Board member and delegation co-leader Ajamu Baraka speaking to the media. Also seen are International Action Center Co-director Sara Flounders and United National Antiwar Coalition Co-coordinator Joe Lombardo."

Venezuelan Military Deserters Abandoned by Colombian Government  3/16/2019 teleSUR: "You must go. Leave in 3 days. Here are 350 thousand pesos and a mat for each one," this is what they said today to the Venezuelan military deserters in Cucuta. They no longer have any use. The time of your scene is over. The curtain goes down."

Veterans Call on U.S. Troops to Resist Illegal Orders to Invade Venezuela  3/16/2019 Veterans for Peace: "It is illegal under both U.S. and international law to launch a military attack against another nation unless it is clearly in self-defense, and is approved by the United Nations. There are a number of options for GI's who do not wish to follow illegal orders. Veterans For Peace wants service-members to be fully informed as they make profound choices with possibly serious consequences. We urge GI's facing possible deployment to contact the National Lawyers Guild Military Law Task Force at (619) 463-2369 and/or for referral to a civilian attorney to discuss your options. Many of their member lawyers are willing to do an initial pro-bono (free) consultation."

Presidente de Venezuela intercambia con activistas de EE.UU. y Canadá  3/15/2019 Prensa Latina: "Los líderes pacifistas presentes en el país durante el sabotaje eléctrico perpetrado el pasado 7 de marzo contra el Sistema Eléctrico Nacional, destacaron el comportamiento cívico que mantuvo la población en los difíciles días e indicaron que al regreso a sus naciones difundirán la verdadera situación de los venezolanos."

Three Venezuelan Prosecutors Appointed to Probe Electrical Sabotage  3/15/2019 Prensa Latina: "About this issue, Attorney General of the Republic Tarek William Saab stated that there is evidence of these attacks, in which Caracas' authorities denounced as cybernetic, electromagnetic and physical attacks. The investigation will have a national nature, the official said in an interview with the Globovision channel, while saying there are other advanced studies regarding the entire electric sector."

Democrats and Death Squads in Venezuela  3/15/2019 Venezuela Analysis: "Despite claiming to be the vanguard of “the resistance,” top Democratic leaders have dutifully fallen in line behind Trump in recognizing self-proclaimed “Interim President” Juan Guaido as Venezuela’s legitimate head of state. Neither House Speaker Nancy Pelosi nor rumored Democratic establishment 2020 favorite Joe Biden appeared remotely bothered that Guaido won exactly zero votes in a presidential election and that his claim to the country’s highest office is constitutionally absurd, even in the counterfactual scenario that the May 20, 2018 elections were a “sham.”"

Juan Guaidó’s Policy Proposals: 'The Venezuela to Come' or the Venezuela That Has Already Been?  3/15/2019 Venezuela Analysis: "On Thursday, January 31, at the Central University of Venezuela (UCV), Juan Guaidó, self-proclaimed “interim” president of Venezuela, presented a PowerPoint on his vision for Venezuela: Plan País: La Venezuela que Viene (Country Plan: The Venezuela to Come)." [UCV is a white anti Chavez bastion.]

Venezuela: US Threatens New Sanctions as Hyperinflation Slows Down  3/15/2019 Venezuela Analysis: "US sanctions have also seen two shipping companies sever ties with Venezuelan state oil company PDVSA. US-based McQuilling Partners and German Bernhard Schulte Shipmanagement (BSM), which managed 4 and 15 tankers for PDVSA, respectively, have recently announced they are no longer providing oil-shipping services to the Venezuelan firm, making it harder for Caracas to place its crude in global markets."

The Imperial Racist Saga Comes Home, Where It Began  3/14/2019 Black Agenda Report: "Even the congressional “progressives” that co-sponsored Rep. Ro Khanna’s bill demanding and end to economic sanctions and military threatsagainst Venezuela feel the necessity to meddle in – and to lie about -- that country’s internal affairs. In a letter to Secretary of State Pompeo, Congressman Khanna felt compelled to buttress the U.S. disinformation campaignagainst Venezuela, even as he urged a halt to Washington’s. aggression: “We strongly condemn the Maduro government's actions, including repression of Venezuelan civil society, failed economic policy, the killing of unarmed protestors, disregard for the rule of law, the holding of unfair elections, and blocking humanitarian aid from entering the country. However, threats of military intervention against a failed autocrat who poses no threat to our national security are simply unacceptable.”"

Another Reason for Washington in Venezuela?  3/13/2019 William Engdahl: "China is a, in fact the major creditor to the Venezuela Maduro regime, perhaps as much as $61 billion worth of loans by some estimates. Since the Washington declarations in support of Guaido, China has been unusually outspoken in defense of Maduro, unusual for a state that claims never to involve in local politics. What is not public is what detailed agreements China has from Maduro in return for being Venezuela’s main financial supporter. Are there concessions to Venezuela’s rich untapped deposits of gold or of rare earth minerals such as Coltan? Coltan, sometimes called “blue gold,” has been confirmed in the Amazon region of Venezuela near the border to Brazil and Guyana, of an estimated $100 billion worth. Coltan is the source for tantalum which sometimes is priced higher than gold. Tantalum is a metal used in capacitors that store energy in modern electronics like smart phones and tablets. Tantalum capacitors are also essential in powering modern military weaponry because the metal resists corrosion and can withstand the extreme temperatures generated by the new military applications. Without it, weapons systems would overheat. The US relies on tantalum to build the basic circuitry in guidance control systems in smart bombs, the on-board navigational systems in drones, anti-tank systems, robots and most weapons systems."

To help Venezuela, the U.S. must use diplomacy, not a military coup  3/11/2019 Chicago Sun Times: by Jesse Jackson - "Long before Trump, the United States was a bitter opponent of the Hugo Chavez regime. The fact that Chavez was wildly popular and freely elected made no difference. He represented a revolution that embraced Fidel Castro’s Cuba and implemented plans to redistribute wealth and empower the poor. In 2002, when the Venezuelan military moved to overthrow Chavez, an official in the Bush administration reportedly met with the coup leaders. The coup attempt was frustrated, however, when Venezuelans rose up in mass against the plotters. Now with Chavez gone, the current president Nicolas Maduro unpopular, the economy a mess — in significant degree because the price of oil is near record lows — the Trump administration is apparently orchestrating another attempt."

US Regime Change Blueprint Proposed Venezuelan Electricity Blackouts as ‘Watershed Event’ for ‘Galvanizing Public Unrest’  3/11/2019 Greyzone: "A September 2010 memo by a US-funded soft power organization that helped train Venezuelan coup leader Juan Guaido and his allies identifies the potential collapse of the country’s electrical sector as “a watershed event” that “would likely have the impact of galvanizing public unrest in a way that no opposition group could ever hope to generate.” The memo has special relevance today as Guaido moves to exploit nationwide blackouts caused by a major failure at the Simon Bolivar Hydroelectric Plant at Guri dam – a crisis that Venezuela’s government blames on US sabotage."

delincuentes pagados por Voluntad Pupular  3/10/2019 @ElMele4F: "en el Luvebras de La Florida los delincuentes pagados por Voluntad Pupular solo se llevaron licores y algunos refrescos, doritos, rufles, pero dejaron articulos de primera necesidad! ¿HAMBRE? Eso no es hambre, eso es terrorismo que ha generado el AUTOPROCLAMADO!"

96% del internet apagado y Maria Corina tiene 10.000 RT  3/10/2019 @jvzla18: "96% del internet apagado y Maria Corina tiene 10.000 RT en un tuit que pide intervención militar. Conclusión: quienes piden intervención en su mayoría viven afuera de Venezuela."

Venezuela under attack: 7 notes on electric shock (special report)  3/10/2019 Mision Verdad: "The creation of hacker armies and cyberwar materials by the CIA and NSA has been documented by this website: we reviewed a documentary explaining the origin of the Stuxnet virus, which should point to the corridors of these U.S. intelligence agencies. That cyberattack instrument aimed both at sabotaging nuclear research facilities in Iran and at installing a circumstantial picture that could lead to an attack on Iran's automated national electricity network (analogous to the Guri system), in the event of a declared war between Washington and the Islamic Republic."

Footage Contradicts U.S. Claim That Maduro Burned Aid Convoy  3/10/2019 NYT: "Unpublished footage obtained by The New York Times and previously released tapes — including footage released by the Colombian government, which has blamed Mr. Maduro for the fire — allowed for a reconstruction of the incident. It suggests that a Molotov cocktail thrown by an antigovernment protester was the most likely trigger for the blaze."

NYT’s Exposé on the Lies About Burning Aid Trucks in Venezuela Shows How U.S. Government and Media Spread Pro-War Propaganda  3/10/2019 The Intercept: "But the corporate U.S. media – precisely because it is State TV even as it is loves to accuse others of being that – never airs the views of governments adverse to the U.S. Government except in the most cursory and mocking way."

Black Alliance for Peace Heads to Venezuela!  3/9/2019 Black Alliance for Peace: "If you’re reading this, you’re aware of some of the ways the U.S. empire has manipulated in its latest attempt at a coup in Venezuela. In an act of brazen illegality, the Trump administration has barred the Bolivarian republic from being able to access its own money in foreign banks and has transported “humanitarian aid” that was embedded with materials that could have been used by the largely white supremacist opposition to ferment violence against the Venezuelan government."

Dia internacional de la mujer AFRICANAS ESCLAVIZADAS, CIMARRONAS Y GUERRILLERAS  3/9/2019 Chucho Garcia: "Cuando se inició la guerra de independencia, miles de mujeres que estaban esclavizadas y otras libertarias y cimarronas, participaron activamente en ese largo conflicto bélico. Ahí estuvieron desde enfermeras hasta las que manejaban un fusil, disparando un cañón, o empuñando una espada para los combates cuerpo a cuerpo… de eso nuestra historiografía oficial poco dice. La historia oficial, racista y machista solo registra la de los hombres blancos que lideraron algunas batallas proindependentistas y posteriormente su participación en las guerras de independencia y la lucha por la liberación nacional y el socialismo. La historia que aún se enseña en nuestras escuelas sigue marcada por la visión de los dominadores, pese al esfuerzo que hemos realizado desde el movimiento social afrodescendientes para reestructurar dichos textos oficiales."

Fiscal estadounidense presenta cargos contra Tareck El Aissami por "narcotráfico"  3/8/2019 Aporrea: "EEUU anunció este viernes que presentó cargos en contra del ministro del Poder Popular para Industrias y Producción Nacional de Venezuela y Vicepresidente para el Área Económica, Tareck El Aissami, por presunto narcotráfico." [La DEA podria hacer lo mismo con muchos narcos, pero no lo hace.]

Jorge Rodríguez: Denunciaremos en instancias internacionales el "ataque del Sistema Automatizado de la Central del Guri"  3/8/2019 Aporrea: "El ministro para la Comunicación, Jorge Rodríguez, informó la noche de este viernes 8 de marzo que Un "ataque al Sistema de Control Automatizado de la Central Hidroeléctrica del Guri" fue la causa del apagón nacional que dejó sin energía eléctrica a todo el país, luego de que varios estados superaran las 24 horas sin el servicio."

Jorge Rodríguez: Saboteo al Guri es "la agresión más brutal a la que ha sido sometido el pueblo Venezuela en 200 años"  3/8/2019 Aporrea: "Según Rodríguez, los atacantes "agredieron el control automatizado de regulación del sistema de la hidroléctrica Guri que abastece el 80 por ciento de la energía eléctrica al país." El ataque consistió en alterar el software que regula los generadores de la central, los cuales automáticamente se apagan como medida de seguridad, afirmó. El ministro acusó al senador estadounidense por el estado Florida, Marco Rubio, de estar involucrado en lo que calificó de "saboteo cibernético" que dejó sin energía eléctrica al país."

Why Women Defend Venezuela’s Bolivarian Revolution  3/8/2019 Orinoco Tribune: "“The pains of the world are larger for women… and larger for women of the popular classes, of the poorer classes,” Hugo Chavez said in a speech in 2012. “A real revolutionary, a socialist, must be truly feminist, because the liberation of the people is achieved through the liberation of women” Under Chavez, Venezuela created a women’s ministry in the national government, tribunals dealing specifically with violent crimes against women, pensions for poor women, a variety of free women’s health services, expanded maternity leave and more. The Bolivarian Revolution also ushered in an ongoing democratic movement in which women are core participants and leaders."

Venezuela must pay Conoco over $8 billion - World Bank  3/8/2019 Reuters: "The company may have to fight to collect. Venezuela has balked at paying in other arbitration cases and may challenge the World Bank tribunal’s decision. Conoco previously has used legal seizures of Venezuelan oil assets to enforce its claims. The oil company had sought up to $30 billion for the takeover of three oil projects more than 10 years ago, according to a World Bank report. The tribunal, known as ICSID, found the takeover unlawful in 2013 and two years ago rejected the OPEC-member country’s request for reconsideration."

"Guerra eléctrica" denuncia Motta Domínguez: Saboteo a la central del Guri sería la causa del apagón en 18 estados de Venezuela  3/7/2019 Aporrea: "Al corte de servicio se sumó la incertidumbre debido a la falta de información por parte de las autoridades del Estado. No fue sino hasta pasada más una hora de comenzar el apagón, que el ministro de Energía Eléctrica anunció que el motivo del corte es nuevamente un sabotaje, en este caso afectando a la central hidroeléctrica del Guri. "Hemos sido objeto nuevamente de la guerra eléctrica. Esta vez nos atacaron en la generación y transmisión en el estado Bolívar, específicamente en El Guri, en la columna vertebral de la electricidad", informó Luis Motta Domínguez, ministro de Energía Eléctrica."

Another Failed Coup in Venezuela?  3/7/2019 Venezuela Analysis: "Desperate for any pretext to justify foreign intervention, Senator Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) even blamed Maduro when an opposition lawmaker and his aide were “poisoned” on the Colombian side of the border. Despite an utter lack of any evidence, the international press ran with the story. But it turned out the assemblyman was apparently drugged and robbed by sex workers he had brought back to his room after a night of partying. And when long-simmering tensions between the Venezuelan military and indigenous Pemones on the southern border with Brazil led to violent clashes and several deaths, their longstanding concerns were opportunistically folded into the opposition narrative about aid deliveries. Opposition parties had been stoking dissent among indigenous groups for years, and many of those involved in clashes were less concerned with aid shipments than with what they perceived as years of corrupt military activity in the region."

Haití recuerda legado de comandante Hugo Chávez  3/6/2019 Afro Ideologia: "A seis años de su desaparición física, líderes sociales, intelectuales, profesionales, religiosos y niños de Haití recordaron hoy el legado del líder bolivariano, comandante Hugo Chávez."

Venezuela’s Celebrated Black Soldier Who Led Their War of Independence in the 1800s  3/3/2019 Orinoco Tribune: "It is reported that Pedro Camejo’s passion for independence was solidified in 1816 after finally meeting with Simón Bolívar to discuss the essence of the war which had by then lasted for 6 years. Thanks to Pedro’s display of loyalty, Simon Boliver freed 1,000 of his slaves, helped in the abolition of slavery in the country and recruited around 5,000 freed slaves into the army to fight the Spanish. As long as he lived, Pedro fought vigorously and tirelessly as if his own life depended on the defeat of the Spanish. In 1891, he received Venezuela’s highest service to nation distinctions, the Order of the Liberator for being among the 150 brave soldiers who fought with a lance during the 1819 Battle of Las Queseras del Medio which was part of the Independence war. Pedro and the 149 other men fought more than a 1000 Spanish soldiers and they won."

Who is Guaido?  3/3/2019 Orinoco Tribune: "Apparently he was one of the five Venezuelan students sent by the NED to Belgrade in 2005 (Guaidó was then 21 years old) to be trained by CANVAS. The latter is a training group for “nonviolent protests” responsible for various “color revolutions” such as that of the neo-Nazis of Ukraine."

The Politics of Food and Blackness in Venezuela  3/3/2019 Venezuela Analysis: "In part two of this series, Groundings' Devyn Springer talks with Christina Schiavoni, a scholar and activist who deals with issues of food, food sovereignty, and agriculture. Her work in Venezuela has been very important to dispelling misinformation about food, food shortages, and agricultural production in Venezuela, as well as the great strides towards food sovereignty that the Bolivarian Revolution has made. The interview specifically references an essay of hers titled "The Politics of Food in Venezuela" that masterfully combats myths and intentional misinformation surrounding the subject. VA's Jeanette Charles speaks with Dr. Akinyele Umoja, head of Georgia State University's Black Studies department and co-founder of the Malcom X Grassroots Movement. His work joins social, political, and cultural movements of today across the African Diaspora and continent. In this interview he discusses the long history of Malcolm X Grassroots Movement's solidarity work with Afro-Venezuelans, how the Bolivarian Revolution is a Black revolution, and how the government has taken great strides to help African people both in Venezuela and around the world."

Roy Chaderton: Venezuela Could be a Deadly Trap for the Empire  3/2/2019 Orinoco Tribune: "At some moment Colombia is going to suffer an implosion. There is much speculation about the role of Colombia’s intervention in Venezuela playing the United States’s game. I am part of the Pedro Carreño brigade, I say that if they go into Venezuela, we go into Colombia and reach the Pacific Ocean. There is something interesting in the history of Venezuela that is never talked about, not even the sharpest analysts do: the War of Independence of Venezuela occurred on the Pacific side. We freed the Pacific countries: Colombia, Ecuador, Peru. Then we would go back to the Pacific."

Ilhan Omar says she does not recognize Venezuelan interim president, defying Dem leadership, Western governments  3/1/2019 Fox: "Minnesota Democrat Ilhan Omar said she does not recognize Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Guaido as the interim Venezuelan president, defying consensus among Western leaders and her own party. The Democrat refused to endorse Guaido and even came out against the opposition leader in an interview published on Thursday, where she went on float the far-left conspiracy theory that the U.S. government is sending humanitarian aid to Venezuela “in the guise of eventually invading this country.” [Far-left conspiracy? It has happened so many times before…]

Venezuela and American Manifest Destiny – Gerald Horne  3/1/2019 Real News: "But I would like to warn Washington and would like to warn Mr. Trump himself, personally, that it would be a grave error, and indeed a catastrophe, to contemplate a military intervention, not only because the Venezuelan military thus far is holding firm, but also recall that there are Colombian militants inside Venezuela who would like nothing more than to give Uncle Sam a bloody nose if Washington is so bold and outrageous as to contemplate a military intervention. Not to mention the fact that the most battle-hardened troops in the hemisphere, those are precisely Cuban troops and Cuban military advisors who work hand in glove with the Caracas-based regime. And so, I think that to a degree, this Democratic Party dovishness with regard to military intervention is understandable and certainly supportable."

World sees signs of breakdown of U.S. petrodollar system, former diplomat says  3/1/2019 World News Monitor: "The drug trade has historically supplied the CIA with local assets who have muscle. In the case of Venezuela: in 2007, in a U.S.-backed attempt to overthrow Hugo Chavez, one figure involved was its asset General Ramon Guillén Davila, who earlier had been chief of a CIA-created anti-drug unit in Venezuela, [and] indicted in Miami for smuggling a ton of cocaine into the United States. According to the New York Times, “the CIA, over the objections of the Drug Enforcement Administration, approved the shipment of at least one ton of pure cocaine to Miami International Airport as a way of gathering information about the Colombian drug Cartels.” According to the Wall Street Journal, the total amount of drugs smuggled by General Guillén may have been more than 22 tons."

The risks of military intervention in Venezuela  2/28/2019 The Economist, UK: "Hugo Chavez and Nicolás Maduro, fearing the history of invasion and U.S. supported coups, consciously armed and trained tens of thousands of their supporters into militias precisely to prepare for armed attacks against their governments. We should understand that the traditions of “going into the mountains” hold a fascination and moral example in Latin America. Better armed and trained than ever the FARC was in Colombia, would we wish a 50-year civil war on our southern neighbor?" [ As is typical of Western media, this is filled with inaccuracies. There are 2 million militia.]

Qué fue "la masacre del Caracazo" hace 30 años y qué nos dice de la situación actual en Venezuela  2/27/2019 BBC: "La fuerte represión del ejército y la policía dejó, según el balance oficial, centenares de muertos. Y también un profundo malestar en el que muchos vieron una de las razones de la aparición en la escena política del comandante Hugo Chávez, que en 1992 lideraría una intentona militar por hacerse con el poder y, finalmente, en 1998, resultó elegido presidente." [Los muertos eran 2,000.]

The War On Venezuela is Built On lies  2/27/2019 Black Agenda Report: "The Guardian correspondent, Tom Phillips, has tweeted a picture of a cap on which the words in Spanish mean in local slang: "Make Venezuela fucking cool again." The reporter as clown may be the final stage of much of mainstream journalism's degeneration. Should the CIA stooge Guaido and his white supremacists grab power, it will be the 68th overthrow of a sovereign government by the United States, most of them democracies. A fire sale of Venezuela's utilities and mineral wealth will surely follow, along with the theft of the country's oil, as outlined by John Bolton. Under the last Washington-controlled government in Caracas, poverty reached historic proportions. There was no healthcare for those could not pay. There was no universal education; Mavis Mendez, and millions like her, could not read or write. How cool is that, Tom?"

Venezuela’s (very Black) Top General Addresses Troops  2/27/2019 Black Agenda Report: "General Suarez Chourio, Commander-in-Chief of the Venezuelan Army, urged the military in neighboring Colombia not to take instructions from “the empire” (USA) that lead to war."

27 de febrero: 30 años después "Tres tesis sobre el 27 F"  2/27/2019 Centro de Saberes Africanos: "No hay duda, el 27 de febrero de 1989 cambió la historia venezolana, sentando las bases para el entierro del bipartidismo, hecho que ocurriría en menos de diez años. El 27 F o el Sacudón, es un punto de quiebre en la historia moderna de Venezuela que tiene pocos momentos de comparación, siendo uno de ellos la recuperación del poder por parte de la Revolución apenas 13 años después."

US military intervention in Venezuela may begin very soon: Gen. Tata  2/27/2019 Fox: "“I think in the next two weeks we are going to see this thing bubble up and foment,” he told FOX Business’ Trish Regan on Tuesday. “The aid has to get in there and importantly President Trump has made this sort of a line in the sand so he needs to do something that will effect or he needs to set the conditions that will effect the transition to [Juan] Guaido for power.”"

Venezuela's Downfall Isn't About Socialism — It's About Oil  2/27/2019 "On the morning of Feb. 27, Venezuelans arriving at bus stations for their commutes were shocked to learn that the price for public transportation had doubled. By 5am, Caracas and other major cities were paralyzed by massive protests. Unable to purchase food, people began looting, stealing food and redistributing it across Caracas’ poorest neighborhoods."

Debunking Four Mistruths About Venezuela’s Humanitarian Aid Showdown  2/27/2019 Venezuela Analysis: "Heard how Maduro blocked food and medicine from entering Venezuela on February 23? VA exposes the maelstrom of media lies about the US-led border siege."

Diputada indígena pide al Fiscal General y a la ONU investigar muertos, heridos, abuso policial y militar en contra de la etnia Pemón  2/26/2019 Aporrea: "Afirmó tener la convicción de que semejante atropello “no habría ocurrido en vida del presidente Hugo Chávez, dado el respeto y amor que el tenia por nosotros, los pueblos indígenas, él nos visibilizo en la constitución de la República Bolivariana de Venezuela”."

U.S. Studying Mysterious Bond Billionaire's Venezuela Deals, Sources Say  2/26/2019 Bloomberg: "An SDN label on Martinez, a Mexican national who also holds British citizenship and spends much of his time in New York, could restrict his travel and limit his access to U.S. bank accounts, among other repercussions. He’s the sole owner of Fintech, which has an office on Manhattan’s Park Avenue, regulatory filings last year showed."

US flying more reconnaissance flights off Venezuela, military sources say  2/26/2019 CNN: "The US military has flown an increased number of reconnaissance flights in international airspace off the coast of Venezuela during the last several days to gather classified intelligence about the embattled government of President Nicholas Maduro, according to two US defense officials. The officials would not detail which US military aircraft are being used, but the Navy and Air Force maintain several large fixed-wing aircraft capable of intercepting communications and monitoring the status of weaponry."

Venezuela neutraliza ataque de opositores a cuarteles del Ejército  2/26/2019 HispanTV: "Las fuerzas venezolanas neutralizan un intento de asalto de los opositores a dos cuarteles del Ejército del país, según los responsables del oficialista PSUV."

Trump’s Democratic Opposition Endorses His Coup Attempt in Venezuela  2/26/2019 Mint Press News: "While Clinton’s camp is firmly Never-Trump-Except-in-Cases-of-Regime-Change, she — God help us — is not running for president, currently. The Democrats who have declared their candidacies, however, do not differ much in their rhetoric on Venezuela, with rare exception. Since there is only one Democratic candidate who has made a forceful statement against the coup, let’s start with Rep. Tulsi Gabbard (D-HI), who was among the first to respond, tweeting “The United States needs to stay out of Venezuela. Let the Venezuelan people determine their future. We don’t want other countries to choose our leaders — so we have to stop trying to choose theirs.” Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand (D-NY), who has thrown her hat in the ring for 2020, condemned Maduro’s “corrupt reign” and repeated the bald-faced lie that Juan Guaido “was legitimately elected,” via a statement through her spokeswoman, Meredith Kelly, to the Huffington Post. Former Rep. John Delaney (D-MD), who is running for president in 2020, condemned Venezuela’s “corrupt and failed authoritarian regimes.” Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) said, “The Venezuelan people deserve free and fair elections, an economy that works, and the ability to live without fear of violence from their own government.”"

In Venezuela, white supremacy is a key to Trump’s coup  2/26/2019 SF Bay View: "I can explain what’s going on in Venezuela in photos. First, we have Juan Guaidó, self-proclaimed – and Trump-proclaimed – president of the nation, with his wife and child, a photo prominently placed in The New York Times. And here, the class photo of Guaidó’s party members in the National Assembly. They appear overwhelmingly light-skinned … … especially when compared to their political opposites in the third photo, the Congress members who support the elected President Nicolás Maduro. The Maduro supporters are nearly all of a darker hue."

Los camiones quemados  2/26/2019 Webguerrillera LaComandante: "El fuego no consumió todo el contenido de las gandolas quemadas en la frontera colombo-venezolana y encontraron un arsenal."

CNN: Fuerza aérea de EEUU realiza vuelos de reconocimiento frente a las costas de Venezuela  2/25/2019 Aporrea: "“PASANDO AHORA: Avance militar a 10 km de la frontera de Brasil-Venezuela, ahora ocupada por una pandilla armada pro-régimen (colectivo). Miembros de la Asamblea Nacional están dentro de la avanzada. Sabemos los nombres y tenemos comunicaciones de esa pandilla monitoreadas. Se enfrentarán a la justicia si hay cualquier violencia “."

Foro Penal ante pemones heridos y fallecidos en disturbios este fin de semana: "se trata de un ataque muy grave al pueblo indígena",  2/25/2019 Aporrea: " "Hubo personas que fueron heridas de cuatro y cinco disparos. Solo en Santa Elena de Uairén hubo 26 heridos de bala y en San Antonio del Táchira 15. El total nacional es de 58 heridos de bala. En el hospital de Boa Vista (Brasil, a donde fueron trasladados los que se encuentran más graves) hay 20 venezolanos heridos, de ellos 19 de bala", añadió Romero. Además, el Foro Penal indicó que en la zona de la frontera con Brasil hay nueve personas desaparecidas y reportó 32 detenidos en todo el país."

Corporate Canada Behind Slow Motion Coup Attempt in Venezuela  2/25/2019 Canadian Dimension: "A number of Canadian companies clashed with Hugo Chavez’ government over its bid to gain greater control over gold extraction. Crystallex, Vanessa Ventures, Gold Reserve Inc. and Rusoro Mining all had prolonged legal battles with the Venezuelan government. In 2016 Rusoro Mining won a $1 billion claim under the Canada-Venezuela investment treaty. That same year Crystallex was awarded $1.2 billion under the Canada-Venezuela investment treaty. Both companies continue to pursue payments and have pursued the money from Citgo, the Venezuelan government owned gasoline retailer in the US."

Venezuela-ALBA Solidarity 2.25.2019 Resounding Defeat for the US in Venezuela  2/25/2019 Chicago Alba Solidarity 

Sanders warns against outside intervention in Venezuela, stops short of calling Maduro a 'dictator'  2/25/2019 CNN: ""It's fair to say the last election was undemocratic, but there are still democratic operations taking place in that country," Sanders told an audience at a CNN town hall in Washington after being asked by CNN's Wolf Blitzer why he wouldn't use the term to describe Maduro. "What I am calling for right now is internationally supervised free elections."" [The Senator is a victim of the US propaganda effort.]

Sanders warns against outside intervention in Venezuela, stops short of calling Maduro a 'dictator'  2/25/2019 CNN: "Sen. Bernie Sanders on Monday night steered clear of calling Venezuelan leader Nicolas Maduro a "dictator, " despite criticizing Maduro's government for failing to hold democratic elections. "It's fair to say the last election was undemocratic, but there are still democratic operations taking place in that country," Sanders told an audience at a CNN town hall in Washington after being asked by CNN's Wolf Blitzer why he wouldn't use the term to describe Maduro. "What I am calling for right now is internationally supervised free elections.""

Fuerza Armada venezolana denuncia ataque a puesto fronterizo La Mulata en estado Táchira  2/25/2019 El Pais: "“Hemos sido objeto de forma reiterada de ataques del lado colombiano de parte de bandas criminales que han atacado a nuestra Guardia Nacional Bolivariana, en el Puente Simón Bolívar y el Puente Santander; en este momento, debajo de ambos puentes hay un número de criminales y paramilitares que están preparando bombas molotov bajo la mirada complaciente de la policía y el ejército colombiano”, indicó."

Venezuela: US increasingly isolated as allies warn against use of military force  2/25/2019 Guardian: "European powers and some of Donald Trump’s key Latin American allies – all of whom have recognised the opposition leader, Juan Guaidó, as Venezuela’s legitimate leader – warned that they would oppose sending troops into the country."

Former UN Expert on Venezuela: U.S. Government “Weaponizing Aid”  2/25/2019 Institute of Public Accuracy: "“It would be appropriate to recognize the fact that the government of Venezuela has put into effect some of the recommendations contained in my report … Indeed, first the Venezuelan government released 80 detainees — including Roberto Picón and 23 others whose release I had specifically requested — that was on 23 December 2017, followed by other releases in the course of 2018. Alas, there has been practically no information about this in the mainstream media, although it is easily accessible in the internet. … “Another item of information that is sorely missing from the mainstream media is the delivery last week of 933 tons of food and medicines at port La Guaira — coming from China, Cuba, India, Turkey etc.”"

Maduro as gorilla  2/25/2019 Jordan Woll: "Venezuelan opposition makes fun of Maduro for being a working person of color. He was a union bus driver and classifies himself as of mixed heritage. Here he is depicted as a gorilla. They called Chàvez a black monkey. A favorite photo they use of Maduro is one of him biting into a banana. No wonder Trump likes the opposition, they're supremacists like him."

The Global Left and the Danger of a Dirty War in Venezuela  2/25/2019 Mint Press News: "Hetland claims, “Maduro banned Venezuela’s leading opposition parties and candidates – most prominently, Henrique Capriles Radonski – from running.” He, of course, omits the critical fact that the three largest opposition parties, Democratic Action (AD), First Justice (PJ), and Popular Will (VP), had boycotted the December 10, 2017 municipal elections, obliging them to re-validate their party status by collecting signatures from 0.5 percent of the electorate – a requirement not uncommon in many states of the US. AD successfully renewed its status, PJ failed to collect the necessary signatures, while VP boycotted the procedure outright."

Esto había en los camiones quemados con "ayuda humanitaria"  2/25/2019 teleSUR: "Un funcionario de la Guardia Nacional, en declaraciones a TeleSUR, explicó que "la mitad de la gandola que traía ayuda humanitaria tenía material para fomentar las guarimbas, puesto que traen pitos, cables, máscaras antigas y clavos"."

Muestran el ataque a la GNB en La Mulata, Ureña, estado Táchira (Venezuela)  2/25/2019 teleSUR: "Reporte de Telesur transmitido el 25 de febrero de 2019, sobre el ataque realizado por unos 60 paramilitares contra el puesto de la Guardia Nacional Bolivariana #GNB en La Mulata, Ureña, estado Táchira, #Venezuela el pasado 24 de febrero de 2019. Reporte realizado por la periodista de Telesur, Madelein García."

Venezuela: EU Spurns Violent Intervention for Peaceful Solution  2/25/2019 teleSUR: "The European Union is urging the world to abandon a “militarized intervention” into Venezuela, calling for dialogue to develop a “peaceful, political, and democratic” solution to the nation’s domestic political differences."

Who Burned The ‘humanitarian Aid’ Trucks  2/25/2019 teleSUR: "Several videos show that the trucks with USAID boxes were actually burned by guarimberos on the Colombian side of the bridge."

With U.S. military action, Venezuela could become the Libya of the Caribbean  2/25/2019 WaPo: "The best solution now, then, is a strategy designed to convince Venezuela’s generals that, unless they topple Maduro in short order, they’ll be bombed out of existence — a message that should be delivered by people who understand actually bombing them out of existence would be a disaster. What the United States needs to do, in other words, is bluff, by taking further steps that raise Venezuelan generals’ perception of a threat. But it also needs to exercise restraint to prevent the unmitigated disaster an actual war would bring."

WaPo Quietly Deletes Branson's Venezuela Concert From Article After 'Fake' Attendance Figures Exposed  2/25/2019 ZeroHedge: "One may generously add a count of one or two thousand for the people mingling around in the back of the public area. In total there may have been up to 18,000, but certainly no more than 20,000 people at the concert."

Venezuela resiste, tras cuatro años de sanciones estadounidenses  2/24/2019 Afro Ideologia: "Bajo este andamiaje sustentado en la Ley Patriota, y con el pretexto de luchar contra el terrorismo mediante ataques preventivos que amenacen la Seguridad Nacional del país norteamericano ha desarrollado un acabado sistema de presiones que pretende imponer un orden político, económico, militar y social en América y el mundo. Entre los países sancionados por la OFAC a la fecha destacan: Belarús, Irán, Burundi, Rusia, Cuba, Siria, Libia, Nicaragua, Corea del Norte, el Líbano, Liberia, Somalia, Sudan, Ucrania, Yemen y Zimbabue[3]. Todos países con abundantes recursos energéticos, y víctimas de intervenciones militares y golpes de estado con participación estadounidense."

Kenyan activists slam US-Guaido coup attempt in Venezuela  2/24/2019 ILPS: "Mr. Sobukwe Shukura, organizer of the All-African People’s Revolutionary Party or AAPRP, followed and condemned the US and European countries for instigating and supporting the coup against the Venezuelan government. He called attention to the racial dimension of the struggle in Venezuela, to how indigenous and Black populations have historically been robbed of their land and subjected to slavery and oppression by colonizers and their puppets among big capitalists and landlords. It is in this light that he praises the improvements in the living standards in Venezuela caused by Bolivarian reforms — first under Hugo Chavez and continued by Maduro. He said these benefit Venezuela’s poor, composed mostly of colored people who have historically been oppressed by colonialism and neo-colonialism."

Diputado venezolano grave y su primo muerto por burundanga  2/24/2019 La Opinion: " Según se conoció, las dos mujeres les robaron los anillos, los celulares y el dinero en efectivo que portaban y huyeron del lugar. No obstante, las autoridades adelantan las investigaciones y apoyan las labores de identificación de las sospechosas a través de los videos de las cámaras de seguridad del establecimiento, que son monitoreadas por la Policía. Miembros de la Brigada Interinstitucional contra Homicidios (Brinho) practicaron la inspección y el levantamiento del cadáver en el centro médico."

La carga que traían las gandolas del puente Santander  2/24/2019 Madelein Garcia, teleSUR: "El fuego no logró consumir toda la carga que traían las gandolas, en una supervisión se puedo observar que habían guayas, pitos, máscaras, miguelitos, es decir el kit para las #guarimbas observen con mucha atención las #imágenes"

Así quemaron camión con la ayuda en la frontera entre Colombia y Venezuela  2/24/2019 Reflexiones en un minuto, Youtube: "Así fue que jóvenes encapuchados en la parte colombiana prepararon los cócteles molotov con los que quemaron camión con la ayuda en la frontera entre Colombia y Venezuela y luego estos y la prensa en la zona echaron la culpa al gobierno de Nicolás Maduro."

VENEZUELA NO SERA NI COLONIA NI EL ESTADO 52 DE EEUU.  2/23/2019 Afro Ideologia: "El pueblo venezolano esta re escribiendo la historia, esta escribiendo sus paginas gloriosas antimperialista, como en su tiempo la escribió hoy el sufrido pueblo haitiano para el cual no existe ayuda humanitaria solo la que le brinda Cuba y Venezuela. Pagina gloriosas que escribir Cuba cuando derroto la invasión imperial en Bahia de Cochinos o el Vietnam Glorioso, así como los países anticoloniales de Africa."

Venezuela navy threatened to "open fire" on U.S.-financed aid ship, Puerto Rico's governor says  2/23/2019 CBS: "A Venezuelan Navy vessel threatened to "open fire" on a ship carrying humanitarian aid that was dispatched and financed by Puerto Rico's government, according to the island's governor. In a statement Saturday night, Gov. Ricardo Rosselló said he instructed the ship, which departed the island Wednesday and had six American citizens on board, to leave the area where it was reportedly threatened by embattled President Nicolás Maduro's navy to ensure the crew's safety. "This is a direct threat against a humanitarian mission being carried out by American citizens," he said. "This is unacceptable and shameful."" [But Trump throwing paper towels at his consituents was ok.]

India buys oil from US amid sanctions on Iran and Venezuela  2/23/2019 Nikkei Asian Review: ""Nations and firms that support Maduro's theft of Venezuelan resources will not be forgotten," U.S. National Security Adviser John Bolton tweeted on Feb. 12, along with a news report about Quevedo's India visit a day earlier. India, however, maintains that "commercial considerations and related factors" will determine the value of its trade with any country, including Venezuela which currently holds the rotating chair of OPEC."

Red Cross denounces unsanctioned use of its emblems to smuggle US aid to Venezuela  2/23/2019 RT: "The Red Cross learned that some “people not affiliated” with the agency are trying to disguise themselves as aid workers to smuggle cargo for Venezuela’s opposition across the closed frontiers. “They might mean well but they risk jeopardizing our neutrality, impartiality & independence,” the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies said."

Venezuela Condemns Staged Operation at Border with Colombia  2/23/2019 teleSUR: "According to teleSUR reporters at the scene, armored vehicles of the Bolivarian National Guard (GNB) rammed into the Venezuelan security barrier installed in the Simon Bolivar international bridge and then three attackers fled to Colombia where they were received by two leaders of the Venezuelan far right."

Venezuela Denounces 2nd False Flag Operation at Colombia Border  2/23/2019 teleSUR: "Two out of the four trucks with alleged "humanitarian aid" from USAID, which were trying to illegally enter Venezuela, were burned at the border between the two countries. The burning trucks were on the Colombian side of the Francisco de Paula Santander Bridge where Venezuelan opposition leaders have been leading protests. According to witnesses, violent right-wing opposition members torched the trucks with Molotov cocktails and then tried to incriminate the Bolivarian National Guard (GNB) and the Bolivarian National Police (PNB)."

Venezuela denuncia falso positivo en puente fronterizo Simón Bolívar  2/23/2019 teleSUR: "Este ataque se da luego de que el Gobierno de Iván Duque anunciara el cierre de sus fronteras previo a la entrega de la "ayuda humanitaria" que pretende ingresar a Estados Unidos y sus Gobiernos aliados sin la autorización del Estado venezolano. Tras el cierre de la frontera por parte de Colombia, circularon imágenes en las redes sociales de militares colombianos acompañados por militares estadounidenses quienes se encontraban en la línea fronteriza de Colombia bajo el puente Las Tienditas recorriendo la frontera."

Amid chaos and defiance, Venezuelan opposition faces off against security forces as Maduro digs in  2/23/2019 WaPo: "Then a warning cry went up: “Colectivos! Colectivos!” — the name for pro-Maduro vigilantes. Suddenly, a group of 20 large men on motorbikes, their faces partially covered by black masks, roared into the road. They were members of the feared pro-government militias, frequently deployed by Maduro’s loyalists, and who were widely blamed by the opposition for unleashing a torrent of fear at multiple border points on Saturday. Protesters, aid workers, volunteers and journalists began running for shelter, dashing into buildings and cars and boarding motorcycles in an attempt to escape, as the militia members opened fire."

Curacao blocks Venezuela aid ship cargo, citing security  2/22/2019 AFP: "Curacao authorities Friday blocked Venezuelan opposition supporters from loading aid donations onto a ship to sail to their country, the vessel's captain said, with the island's government citing security concerns."

Diosdado Cabello denuncia "falso positivo" en incidente violento ocurrido en estado fronterizo con Brasil  2/22/2019 Aporrea: ""Se está demostrando que el evento ocurrido en Kumarakapay no involucra a la Guardia Nacional Bolivariana (GNB) por el tipo de cartuchos que se usaron ahí", señaló Cabello. En declaraciones a la prensa brindadas, en el marco del Concierto por la Paz, en la frontera con Colombia, el funcionario venezolano sostuvo que, de acuerdo a las investigaciones preliminares sobre lo ocurrido, "bandas armadas del diputado Américo De Grazia y del partido Voluntad Popular" estarían involucradas en el incidente, en el que una persona murió y 14 resultaron heridas."

El despojo del Estado venezolano  2/22/2019 Centro de Saberes Africanos: "Ha dicho Trump que todas las opciones, todas, están abiertas, incluso la militar. Aunque EEUU está en una situación de quiebra sin precedentes y como lo señala Inmanuel Walllerstein, el imperio está en decadencia, tales condiciones no constituyen impedimentos para afirmar que, definitivamente, EEUU no podrá accionar contra Venezuela. La oposición no parece actuar como políticamente se espera. Y el Gobierno tiene el deber de jugar ajedrez al estilo Magnus Carlsen para evitar que Trump sea el artífice de otra guerra sin parangón."

An Ocean of Lies on Venezuela: Abby Martin & UN Rapporteur Expose Coup  2/22/2019 Empire Files: "On the eve of another US war for oil, Abby Martin debunks the most repeated myths about Venezuela and uncovers how US sanctions are crimes against humanity with UN Investigator and Human Rights Rapporteur Alfred De Zayas."

Venezuela Coverage Takes Us Back to Golden Age of Lying About Latin America  2/22/2019 FAIR: "That demonstration showed considerable support for the government of President Nicolás Maduro and widespread rejection of Donald Trump’s choice for president of Venezuela, Juan Guaidó. Guaidó, who proclaimed himself to be president of the country and was recognized minutes later by Trump, even though a public opinion poll showed that 81 percent of Venezuelans had never heard of him, comes from the ultra-right faction in Venezuelan politics. The pro-Maduro demonstration suggested, not surprisingly, that Guaidó had failed to win much popular support outside the wealthy and upper-middle class. But Guaidó couldn’t even win support from many of them."

The War on Venezuela Is Built on Lies  2/22/2019 Global Research: "The Guardian correspondent, Tom Phillips, has tweeted a picture of himself in a cap on which the words in Spanish mean in local slang: “Make Venezuela fucking cool again.” The reporter as clown may be the final stage of much of mainstream journalism’s degeneration. Should the CIA stooge Guaido and his white supremacists grab power, it will be the 68th overthrow of a sovereign government by the United States, most of them democracies. A fire sale of Venezuela’s utilities and mineral wealth will surely follow, along with the theft of the country’s oil, as outlined by John Bolton. Under the last Washington-controlled government in Caracas, poverty reached historic proportions. There was no healthcare for those could not pay. There was no universal education; Mavis Mendez, and millions like her, could not read or write. How cool is that, Tom?"

Movimiento Panafricanista realiza conversatorio en defensa de la Revolución Bolivariana  2/22/2019 Gobierno Bolivariano: "Este viernes, desde el Centro de Saberes Africanos, Americanos y Caribeños en Caracas, se realizó el conversatorio “Primer Encuentro Panafricano en defensa de la Revolución Bolivariana”, a cargo de su fundador y presidente, Reinaldo Bolívar y del coordinador nacional del Movimiento Federal Panafricanista de Guinea Bissau, Djalo Mamadu Djabi. El conversatorio estuvo dividido en tres espacio; la primera ponencia se tituló Panafricanismo en África y el Caribe, la segunda; el Panafricanismo en defensa de la Revolución Bolivariana y por último se dio espacio a la lectura de pronunciamiento ofrecida por el Movimiento Federalista Panafricano y a las preguntas del público."

LA JUVENTUD AFROVENEZOLANA DEBE PONER EN PRACTICA EL CIMARRONAJE ACTIVO  2/22/2019 Jesus Chucho Garcia, Facebook: "El expositor dijo que es necesario fortalecer esa corriente historia con cuatro componentes: El político ideológico sobre la base del Cimarronismo-bolivarianismo y los pensamientos mas lanzados y humanos del mundo. 2-La organización tomando como punto de partida los Cumbes [Palenques] Ancestrales. 3. La sostenibilidad económica para no ser dependiente del Estado y ser autonomos, insistió hay que ir mas allá de las chambas juveniles y crear empresas afrojuveniles y 4- La autodefensa como decía Malcolm X ¨por todos los medios necesario¨"

Trump threatens to deport Venezuelan military officials’ families that have fled to Miami  2/22/2019 Miami Herald: "A senior administration official told a small group of reporters Friday that the administration has collected data on military leaders who have family that have left Venezuela. They are living in Miami, the Caribbean and across the hemisphere."

China Praises Venezuela's Response to Crisis, Backs Russia Against U.S. 'Military Intervention' There  2/22/2019 Newsweek: "China blamed foreign meddling. "We have noticed that in recent times, the Venezuelan government has maintained calmness and restraint and has spared no effort to maintain domestic peace and stability and to effectively avoid large-scale bloody conflicts," Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Geng Shuang told reporters."

Why Venezuela’s Chavistas are fiercely loyal to Maduro, despite economic crisis  2/22/2019 PBS: "We will arm men and women, so that no Yankee boot steps here, and he who does, dead he will be."

Ministerio de Exteriores de Rusia: EEUU planea entregar armas a la oposición venezolana  2/22/2019 Sputnik: "EEUU está trasladando fuerzas especiales y equipamiento a la frontera de Venezuela y busca junto con sus aliados en la OTAN entregar armas y municiones a la oposición en el país sudamericano, declaró la portavoz del Ministerio de Exteriores de Rusia, María Zajárova."

Venezuela cierra los puentes Simón Bolívar, Santander y Unión en la frontera con Colombia, anunció la vicepresidenta del país caribeño, Delcy Rodríguez.  2/22/2019 Sputnik: ""En exigencia del respeto a elementales normas de la ley internacional, exigimos a (el presidente de Colombia) Ivan Duque que cese en sus infames acciones y deje de facilitar el territorio de Colombia para atentar, por orden de Donald Trump contra el derecho de los venezolanos a vivir en Paz y en soberanía", apostilló la vicepresidenta."

Curazao no enviará "ayuda humanitaria" sin permiso de Venezuela  2/22/2019 teleSUR: "El Gobierno de Curazao aclaró este viernes que no permitirá que la "ayuda humanitaria" destinada a Venezuela salga de su puerto "de manera forzada", sin el permiso oficial de las autoridades de la nación suramericana."

One dead, multiple injured after Venezuelan soldiers open fire on opposition supporters  2/22/2019 WaPo: "At 6:30 a.m. on Friday, a military convoy approached a checkpoint set up by an indigenous community in the southern village of Kumarakapai, that rests on the main artery linking Venezuela to Brazil. When the volunteers sought to block the military vehicles by standing in front of them, soldiers began firing assault rifles, wounding at least 12 people, four of them seriously. One woman, Zorayda Rodriguez, 42, was killed. “I ask the armed forces , is it constitutional for them to fire against unarmed indigenous people?” said Jorge Perez, a local councilman in Gran Sabana, the district where the town is located who said he was present when the soldiers opened fire. “Is it constitutional to kill indigenous people?”"

Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Guaidó arrives in Colombia, defying travel ban and risking arrest upon return  2/22/2019 WaPo: "Arreaza, the Venezuelan foreign minister, insisted that the bullets recovered in the wounded did not match the rounds used by the armed forces. “How easy it is to say that it was the soldiers,” he said. “Many of [the indigenous victims] were wounded by arrows.”"

En Venezuela. Niñas y niñas afrodescendientes se forman para la PAZ  2/21/2019 Afro Ideologia: "Recientemente niños y niñas afrodescendientes pertenecientes al sistema nacional de orquestas, coros juveniles e infantiles de San José de Barlovento realizaron recital de viento madera, metal y percusión demostrándole al mundo la Venezuela de Paz."

Venezuela’s Ex-Spy Chief Rejects Maduro, Accusing Leader’s Inner Circle of Corruption  2/21/2019 NYT: "A former intelligence chief in Venezuela who is one of the government’s most prominent figures turned against President Nicolás Maduro on Thursday, calling him a dictator with a corrupt inner circle that has engaged in drug trafficking and courted the militant group Hezbollah."

‘He is not going to be the nominee’: Dems slam Sanders over Maduro stance  2/21/2019 Politico: "Florida Democrats are denouncing Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders for refusing to call Venezuelan strongman Nicolas Maduro a dictator — a politically explosive issue in the nation’s biggest swing state."

The U.S.-Venezuela Aid Convoy Story Is Clearly Bogus, but No One Wants to Say It  2/21/2019 Truthdig: "A second matter to consider is how our government has weaponized the public’s sense of morality. Since the Spanish-American War, the U.S. has used humanitarian concerns as a shield against criticism or skepticism, and it has more or less worked every time. It’s why “aid” organizations like Air America used food transports to ship guns to anti-Communists in Indochina in the 1960s and ’70s. (Weapons were code-named “hard rice.”) And it’s why Elliott Abrams—the current quarterback of this latest affair in Venezuela—used humanitarian aid shipments to smuggle weapons to the Nicaragua’s Contras in the ’80s. Ultimately, these shipments allow for massive military buildups, without anyone in the media or Congress asking too many questions. After all, what kind of monster is opposed to helping starving people?"

As U.S. Intervention Germinates in Venezuela, We Must Not Forget the Implications for Haiti  2/20/2019 Black Agenda Report: "The nefarious plans of the U.S. were on full display when Secretary Hillary Clinton travelled to Haiti and threatened to withdraw all aid to the indigent nation if Martelly was not named President of Haiti. Martelly mismanaged and squandered a massive amount of the capital provided by the PetroCaribe deal. Money that was meant to be used to pay for hospitals, schools, roads and critical water infrastructure was instead utilized to secure a Jovenel Moise’s rise to power in 2017. This all not only happened in plain sight of the U.S. government, but also with its blessing."

Venezuela: A Unique Experience in Protagonist Democracy?  2/20/2019 Black Agenda Report: "The U.S.-centric mindset has been steeped in the white supremacist notion of the “chosen people” from the time of the Pilgrims. It consists, among other features, of the racist outlook that peoples in the “Third World,” such as Latin America, cannot take their destiny in their own hands. Since the publication of that piece five years ago, history -- along with my experience during other short visits to Caracas and my close following of TeleSUR in both English and Spanish -- has forced me to revise my appreciation of Venezuela’s unique experience in democracy. It has certainly gone up more than just a notch. As a result of U.S. policies, democracy in Venezuela has been crossing the Rubicon from participatory democracy to a protagonist one. While the two are similar, especially in comparison with the experience of the Diktat in the capitalist North, there is a qualitative difference. Any hesitation at this time to qualify Venezuela’s Bolivarian Revolution’s democracy as being “above all” – as Chávez predicted and desired – “protagonist and not only participatory” vanished on February 4, 2019 in Caracas."

Bloqueo causa pérdidas por 130 mil millones de dólares a Venezuela  2/20/2019 Centro de Saberes Africanos: "Chávez, presidente de la Comisión de Comunas de la Asamblea Constituyente, dijo que las pérdidas propias del bloqueo fueron cuantificadas hasta la fecha en el orden de los 34 mil millones de dólares. Otros 11 mil millones corresponden a afectaciones en los activos de la empresa petrolera Citgo, venezolana en territorio de Estados Unidos. La retención de oro de las reservas de Venezuela depositado en el Reino Unidos causa un daño de mil 200 millones del billete verde."

A Visit to Mysterious US Air Firm Accused of Arming Right-Wing Insurgency in Venezuela  2/20/2019 Grey Zone Project: "As McClatchy’s DC Bureau reported, the plane was the property of 21Air LLC, an air charter firm based out of Greensboro, North Carolina. We paid a visit to its office, which no one has yet done. According to an Amnesty International report, the chairman and majority owner of 21Air, Adolfo Moreno, and the director of quality control, Michael Steinke, have had ties to Gemini Air Cargo – a company that was involved in more than 30 air charter services used for CIA rendition."

Open Letter to Rep. Ocasio-Cortez on Venezuela  2/20/2019 Medium: by Stan Goff - "The only thing most of the Venezuelan elite hate more than indigenous Venezuelans are Afro-Venzuelans . . . and Chavez was both. So are the poor majority in Venezuela. Nicholas Maduro is the legitimately elected President of Venezuela. The United States government, in coordination with the racist Venezuelan ruling class, is the “opposition.”"

Andrew McCabe claims Trump wanted war in Venezuela because “they have all that oil”  2/20/2019 Vox: "In a July 2017 private briefing with intelligence officials, President Donald Trump apparently asked why the US wasn’t at war with Venezuela, noting that “they have all that oil and they’re right on our back door.” If true, it calls into question why the president has focused so intently on overthrowing the country’s dictator, Nicolás Maduro, and if he plans to send troops in the future."

Alimentos y medicinas contaminados y vencidas sería peor el remedio que la enfermedad.  2/19/2019 Afro Ideologia: "“El Centro Nacional para la Información Biotecnológica (NCBI), el cual forma parte de la Biblioteca Nacional de Medicina de los Estados Unidos de Norteamérica, desarrolló un estudio en el que asegura que las empresas que elaboran alimentos para ser enviados como ayuda humanitaria, tal como lo hizo EE.UU. hacia la frontera de Colombia, usan preservantes que son altamente nocivos para la salud. Entre las principales contraindicaciones del uso de estas sustancias como aditivo en alimentos y bebidas se encuentra que tienen potencial cancerígeno, la segunda causa de muerte en el mundo, según la Organización Mundial de la Salud (OMS)."

Entérese cómo evadir la censura y manipulación de la Web en proveedores de Internet del estado venezolano  2/19/2019 Aporrea: "Desde el pasado lunes 11 de febrero, usuarios de los proveedores de Internet CANTV y la red Movilnet, pertenecientes al estado venezolano, se han visto imposibilitados de conectarse al portal web La misma situación afecta a otros webs como, y Afortunadamente, para evitar que los proveedores de Internet bloqueen sitios web aprovechando la vulnerabilidad de los servidores DNS (tal como sucede en Venezuela, Corea del Sur, Zimbaue y otros países), la fundación Mozilla implementó recientemente dos nuevos protocolos de cifrado, SNI cifrado (Encrypted SNI o eSNI) y el "DNS over HTTPS (DoH)" Los nuevos protocolos están disponible en Firefox versión 62 o superior para PCs y teléfonos móviles. Sin embargo, los mismos debe ser activados de forma manual por el usuario."

Venezuela Opposition Says $3.2 Billion of Funds Are Held in U.S.  2/19/2019 Bloomberg: "Venezuela’s opposition-controlled National Assembly has identified $3.2 billion of funds being held at 20 bank accounts in the U.S. from President Nicolas Maduro’s government which it’s working to safeguard with the help of Donald Trump’s administration."

Sir Richard Branson’s Venezuelan-Border PR Stunt  2/19/2019 Counterpunch: "Sir Branson has stated that his Venezuela Aid Live concert has been set up at the request of Juan Guaido and “jailed opposition leader Leopoldo Lopez”. Actually, Lopez isn’t in jail but is under house arrest – very lenient treatment, as we shall see. While there is much mainstream media reporting about lengthy bread lines in Venezuela and the lack of flour for making bread, such reporting overlooks a crucial fact. Leopoldo Lopez is the Chairman of the Board for Empresas Polar, the private company that controls the majority of the flour production and distribution in Venezuela. To my knowledge, there’s been only one English-language report of this fact: FAIR (Feb. 8, 2019) reported, “Conspicuously, it’s the products that [Empresas] Polar has a near-monopoly in that are often in shortest supply. This is hardly a secret, but never mentioned in the copious stories (CNN, Bloomberg, Washington Post, NPR) focusing on bread lines in the country.” [7]"

Venezuela: treinta años en la mira del imperio  2/19/2019 PL: "No podemos dejar a Venezuela sola ante esta amenaza, se impone acompañarla solidariamente, por todos los medios a nuestro alcance, en la opción por la paz y el diálogo. Abandonar la patria de Bolívar a los apetitos del imperialismo estadounidense sería un error que la historia no perdonaría jamás a la actual generación de latinoamericanos y latinoamericanas. Aquel pasado de humillación y despojo no puede ser nuestro futuro. No lo merecemos."

"Sé de lo que hablo": Zapatero advierte que eventual uso de la fuerza en Venezuela será "dramático"  2/19/2019 RT: "Sobre el tema, Zapatero alertó que Venezuela tiene una capacidad de "resistencia muy superior" de la que se imagina la comunidad internacional: "sé de lo que hablo, y lo que están dispuestos a hacer", manifestó en referencia a la organización y la capacidad de respuesta del chavismo. El pasado 31 de enero, el presidente de la Asamblea Nacional Constituyente en Venezuela, Diosdado Cabello, adelantó sobre la preparación de 2.000.000 de miembros de la Milicia Nacional Bolivariana, ante cualquier amenaza de intervención militar. El dato fue una repuesta a la polémica nota que mostró el asesor de seguridad de la Casa Blanca, John Bolton, que decía: "5.000 tropas a Colombia"."

PRIMER ENCUENTRO PANAFRICANISTA EN DEFENSA DE LA REVOLUCIÓN BOLIVARIANA  2/19/2019 Saberes Africanos: "El Centro de Saberes Africanos, Americanos y Caribeños junto al Comité Panafricanista en Venezuela invita al 1er ENCUENTRO PANAFRICANO en DEFENSA DE LA REVOLUCION BOLIVARIANA, que se efectuara en la ciudad de Caracas – Venezuela desde el 21 al 1 de marzo del 2019. Este encuentro tiene como objetivo estratégico fortalecer y avanzar en las relaciones con los movimientos socio-políticos africanos, caribeños y de nuestra América, comprendiendo la “diplomacia de los pueblos” como un proceso de intercambio solidario y complementario entre organizaciones sociales y partidos de izquierda para el análisis de idearios políticos, coyunturas, sistematización de experiencias y construcción de propuestas en función de concretar planes y acciones dirigidos al desarrollo integral de los pueblos con estricto respeto a la independencia, soberanía y su autodeterminación, donde los movimientos sociales sean los “intelectuales colectivos” transformadores de las relaciones internacionales desde una perspectiva REVOLUCIONARIA."

Everyone Has Fallen for the Lies About Venezuela  2/19/2019 Truthdig: "Furthermore, the U.S. “humanitarian aid” that we claim to be sending is not what it seems. Even NPR took a break from its traditional role as State Department stenographer-in-training to reveal that the “humanitarian aid” is actually meant to create regime change. And McClatchy last week uncovered that the North Carolina-based private freight company 21 Air LLC has made 40 secretive flights to Venezuela from the U.S. in the past month, and the Venezuelan government claimed the flights were filled to the brim with assault weapons and ammunition destined for opposition forces. (Apparently we thought the Venezuelans were going to cook up a fresh pot of bullet stew to ease their hunger pains.) To make matters worse, two executives at the company have ties to an air cargo company that helped the CIA “rendition” supposed terrorists to black sites for “interrogation” (read: torture)."

Cuba prohíbe por decreto el reggaetón, busca "proteger la cultura"  2/19/2019 Vanguardia, Mexico: ""Creo que en el contexto de la Cuba actual, y más con la Constitución (…) no hay espacio para que un decreto tenga lagunas y tenga espacios dudosos y tenga nubes o nebulosas, o deje incertidumbre", dijo a la AFP el popular cantautor Tony Ávila, de 47 años."

US Media Ignore – and Applaud – Economic War on Venezuela  2/19/2019 Venezuela Analysis: "In contact with the popular communities, we consider that one of the fundamental causes of the economic crisis in the country is the effect [of] the unilateral coercive sanctions that are applied in the economy, especially by the government of the United States."

Confirmado: Estados Unidos cerca militarmente a Venezuela (+ Infografía, Mapas y Videos)  2/18/2019 Cubadebate: "En los últimos días se reportó que el grupo había ensayado un cruce de estrechos, maniobra necesaria para ingresar al Mar Caribe, del cual lo separan escasos días de navegación. Ragan apunta en su artículo otro dato interesante. Estados Unidos podrían tener no uno, sino dos portaaviones en el rango operacional de Venezuela en una semana. "

Senador Rubio se reúne con golpistas venezolanos en Colombia  2/18/2019 HispanTV: "El representante por el estado de Florida afirmó que el presidente de EE.UU, Donald Trump, “ha dicho que tiene todas las opciones y no descarta ninguna” y advirtió a los militares venezolanos que cometerían un “crimen contra la humanidad” si acatan las órdenes de Maduro e impiden el ingreso de la ayuda humanitaria."

INVASION DESHUMANITARIA Y LA REPÚBLICA DEL ESTE  2/17/2019 Afro Ideologia: "Esta semana que culmina el congreso de los Estados Unidos, mas allá de coincidencia o divergencia con el presidente legitimo de Venezuela Nicolas Maduro, llegaron a la conclusión que una intervención militar a la Republica Bolivariana de Venezuela, no seria viable por las consecuencias que esa acción traería no tan solo para el pueblo venezolano sino para la region entera y en la geopolítica mundial."

La poblacion afrodescendiente de Barlovento se prepara en los Ejercicios Militares  2/17/2019 Freddy Blanco: "La poblacion afrodescendiente de Barlovento se prepara en los Ejercicios Militares ” Bicentenario de Angostura 2019” con el espíritu aguerrido que caracteriza a los barloventeños milicianos y milicianos acuden de manera voluntaria a la formación cívico, militar e ideológica para la defensa integral del país."

Canadian Reporter In Venezuela Contradicts U.S. News Coverage  2/17/2019 Jimmy Dore Show: "Most of those people (signing the petition) are dark skinned There seems to be a racist aspect to the coup."

Russia's Gazprombank freezes accounts of Venezuela's PDVSA: source  2/17/2019 Reuters: "Russian lender Gazprombank has decided to freeze the accounts of Venezuelan state oil company PDVSA and halted transactions with the firm to reduce the risk of the bank falling under U.S. sanctions, a Gazprombank source told Reuters on Sunday. While many foreign firms have been cutting their exposure to PDVSA since the sanctions were imposed, the fact that a lender closely aligned with the Russian state is following suit is significant because the Kremlin has been among Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro’s staunchest supporters."

US planes carrying aid for Venezuela land in Colombia  2/17/2019 Reuters: "Saturday's 180-tonne shipment includes high-energy food products and hygiene kits of soap, toothpaste and other goods for more than 25,000 people."

WHAT THE U.S. GOVERNMENT DOSEN'T WANT YOU TO KNOW ABOUT VENEZUELA  2/16/2019 Freedom Rider: "Thanks to Solomon Comissiong for inviting me to join Ajamu Baraka, Glen Ford, Netfa Freeman, Danny Haiphong, Daniel Patrick Welch and Erica Puentes Martinez. We all discussed various aspects of the U.S. coup attempt against the Venezuelan government." -- Margeret Kimberly, Black Agenda Report

U.S. Masses Aid Along Venezuelan Border As Some Humanitarian Groups Warn Of Risks  2/16/2019 NPR: "Meanwhile, aid groups are bracing for a new round of U.S. sanctions that effectively block the sale of Venezuelan oil to the U.S. These proceeds make up the bulk of Venezuela's cash income, which is used to import food and medical supplies. That means rice, milk, antibiotics and other vital products could become even more scarce, says Phil Gunson, who is based in Caracas for the International Crisis Group. He says the situation could soon resemble a "medieval siege where you prevent your adversary from obtaining resources from outside the city walls.""

Venezuela – Media Find Trump’s Coup Plan Does Not Work  2/16/2019 Popular Resistance: "If the U.S. does not do more than it has done so far the government under President Maduro can sit this out. The sanctions and the lack of oil revenue will create many immediate problems. But in a few weeks Venezuelan oil will have found new buyers. Fresh money will come in and new sources for imports of medicine and staple food will have been found."

Se cumplen cinco días de bloqueo intermitente de en redes de Cantv y Movilnet, sepa como evadirlo #ContraBloqueoAporrea  2/15/2019 Aporrea: "Desde horas de la mañana del pasado lunes 11 de febrero, usuarios de los proveedores de Internet CANTV y la red Movilnet, pertenecientes al estado venezolano, se han visto imposibilitados de conectarse al portal web La imposibilidad de conexión, que afecta a gran cantidad de usuarios que utilizan esta herramienta para ejercer su derecho a la libre expresión y comunicación, se debe a un bloqueo a nivel de servidores de dichos proveedores de Internet. El bloqueo es rotatorio por sectores de usuarios. Es decir, durante ciertas horas en ciertas zonas, el acceso a Aporrea vía Cantv y Movilnet, es bloqueado. Es por ello que algunos usuarios de Cantv y Movilnet, pueden ver nuestra página por un tiempo, pero luego no, lo cual genera confusión y dudas sobre dicho bloqueo."

Elliott Abrams ‘Cabaled Quietly’ to Spring a CIA-Connected Drug Trafficker  2/15/2019 Deep State: "As part of the conspiracy, Abrams also put in a good word for a convicted drug trafficker, General Jose Bueso Rosa. He was a Honduran general who had helped the U.S. government with “sensitive operations” in Central America. As Murray Waas and I wrote in the Washington Post, North did “a favor for a felon.” So did Abrams."

Maduro: “Guaidó es un agente de los sionistas”  2/15/2019 Noticias de Israel: “Este hombre, que se ha declarado a sí mismo presidente de Venezuela, tiene personas a su alrededor que son agentes de la CIA y que sin duda servirán a los intereses de Estados Unidos y los sionistas”, dijo Maduro durante la entrevista. Maduro abordó el tema israelí-palestino y dijo: “Me considero un palestino, un árabe, ciertamente estoy muy apegado a este problema histórico, y nunca abandonaremos el tema palestino y sus derechos a la independencia y la paz”. Artículo original de © | Autorizado para su difusión incluyendo este mensaje y la dirección:

Inteligencia cubana estaría dominando a Venezuela: investigación - Testigo Directo HD  2/15/2019 Testigo Directo: parte de la fantasia de la derecha venezolana

How Trump's attacks on Venezuela triggered a revolution in Haiti  2/14/2019 Green Left: "The PetroCaribe Fund was supposed to pay for hospitals, schools, roads and other social projects, but the people saw virtually nothing accomplished. Two 2017 Senate investigations confirmed that the money had been mostly diverted into other pockets. So, what was the straw that broke the camel’s back? It was Moïse’s treachery against the Venezuelans after their exemplary solidarity. On January 10, in a vote at the Organization of American States (OAS), Haiti voted in favour of a Washington-sponsored motion that said Maduro is “illegitimate” after he won more than two-thirds of the presidential vote last May. Haitians were already angry about the unbridled corruption, hungry from skyrocketing inflation and unemployment, and frustrated from years of false promises and foreign military humiliation and violence. But this spectacularly cynical betrayal by Moïse and his cronies, in an attempt to win Washington’s help to put out the growing fires beneath them, was the last straw."

Trump administration secretly moving US special forces closer to Venezuela, Cuba claims  2/14/2019 Independent: "Between February 6 and 10 military transport aircraft have flown to the Rafael Miranda Airport of Puerto Rico, the San Isidro Air Base, in the Dominican Republic and to other strategically located Caribbean islands, probably without knowledge of the governments of those nations," the declaration alleged. "These flights originated in American military installations from which units of Special Operations and Marine Corps operate, which are used for covert actions," it said.

Social Media Automation & Infowars by Venezuelan Opposition  2/14/2019 Orinoco Tribune: "The Atlantic Council’s, DFRLab (Digital Forensic Research Lab) whose mission according to their website, is to “identify, expose, and explain disinformation where and when it occurs”?—?wrote a blog saying they “did not find clear evidence of automated amplification of hashtags trending around the protests.” ...I was shocked at the contrast between the way DFRLab portrayed Venezuelan social media versus what I’ve been monitoring for 1.5 years. I can at least confirm that the “disproportionate number of retweets” DFRLab noticed was caused by automated amplification although the opposition was doing the amplifying, which they apparently ignored."

US Military Aircraft Head to Caribbean Countries - Cuban Foreign Ministry  2/14/2019 Sputnik: “Cuba is urging other countries to act jointly, irrespective of political or ideological standoffs, in order to stop another imperialistic military intervention in Our America (Latin),” Cuba’s Minister of Foreign Affairs Bruno Rodriguez wrote on Twitter."

Ilhan Omar Grills Venezuela Envoy Elliott Abrams on US-Backed Genocide  2/14/2019 Truth Out: "Yes or no, would you support an armed faction within Venezuela that engages in war crimes, crimes against humanity or genocide, if you believe they were serving U.S. interest, as you did in Guatemala, El Salvador and Nicaragua?"

Serbian Activist Denies ‘Training’ Venezuela’s Guaido in Rebellion  2/13/2019 Balkan Insight: "“Of course, I would do everything in my power to help him [Guaido] to fight against the regime that even the army can no longer defend against its own citizens, because they live on the verge of existence in the country with enormous natural resources,” Popovic continued. He also wished “my friend Juan Guaido” success in his fight, calling him “a high-quality, young and educated man recognized even by the [country’s] first neighbours, such as Brazil, Colombia and Argentina, and the entire democratic world as a true and legitimate representative of Venezuela”."

In the Crosshairs of the Washington Mafia: Venezuela and Julian Assange  2/13/2019 Black Agenda Report: "The US Mafia State [USMS] is still trying to bump off another sovereign state—Venezuela. Meanwhile Wikileaks retweeted the USMS regime change handbook, more formally known as Army Special Operations Forces Unconventional Warfare Field Manual 3-05.130, whose authors reveal that major global financial institutions like the World Bank, International Monetary Fund, and Organization for Economic Cooperation are all part of the mob, whose specific assignments include extortion, infiltration, fraud, racketeering, loan sharking, and corruption of public officials. The handbook was last revised in September 2008 and published by Wikileaks in December 2008. It’s available on the Wikileaks website , but also in response to a simple Web search for its name." [links included]

US Air Freight Company that Smuggled Weapons Into Venezuela Linked to CIA “Black Site” Renditions  2/13/2019 Mint Press: "In addition to the dramatic and abrupt change in flight patterns that occurred just weeks before U.S. Vice President Mike Pence prompted Venezuelan opposition member Juan Guaidó to declare himself “interim president,” a subsequent McClatchy follow-up investigation also uncovered the fact that two top executives at the company that owns the plane in question had previously worked with a company connected to controversial CIA “black sites.” Indeed, the chairman and majority owner of 21 Air, Adolfo Moreno, and 21 Air’s director of quality control, Michael Steinke, both have “either coincidental or direct ties” to Gemini Air Cargo, a company previously named by Amnesty International as one of the air charter services involved in a CIA rendition program. In this CIA program, individuals suspected of terrorism were abducted by the intelligence agency and then taken abroad to third-country secret “black sites” where torture, officially termed “enhanced interrogation,” was regularly performed."

Cuba: Reinaldo Bolívar presentó su libro África, la Historia no contada  2/12/2019 Centro de Saberes Africanos: "Bolívar explicó que su estudio daba continuidad a un libro anterior África Revolucionaria (traducido al wolof y al amarico, entre otros idiomas). En este nuevo esfuerzo investigativo se incluyen discursos de los fundadores africanos que antes eran casi inacesibles. “Los líderes africanos de los años 1950-70 optaron por el socialismo, lo que los convirtió en peligrosos para el imperialismo. Luego aniquilaron a los que eligieron la opción socialista”, comentó. También refirió que en Venezuela hay una situación que es, como dicen los africanos, el momento de los leales o los traidores."

The Bolivarian Revolution, Venezuela's Fight Against US Imperialism (Part 1)  2/12/2019 Groundings: "In collaboration with, this is part one of a two-part special on current events in Venezuela, as well as the historical developments which have led to the country being the target of an international imperialist campaign, conducted by the U.S., to remove the popularly elected President Maduro and install a Western puppet via a coup."

Danny Glover on the Conflict Over Venezuela  2/12/2019 Real News: "One picture of this is the picture of Venezuela with I think the most egalitarian usage of national resources that we’ve seen in a long while. I mean, in that period of time of taking those resources and turning the resources into places where they benefit as people and everything else is a dangerous precedent. What do we draw from this? We can talk about all the liberal ideas that we want and all the ideas of independence and self-sufficiency and everything else. But when a country attempts to become self-sufficient in its own way, and thereby its self-sufficiency allows them to place demands on themselves and place demands on those who attempt to alter and change that, that’s another reality."

The Real Reason the U.S. Wants to Overthrow Venezuela  2/12/2019 Truth Dig: "A logical person would look at these U.S. initiatives—the attempted U.S. coup in 2002 and the FTAA—and conclude that the U.S. government has more concern for corporate interests than for the interests of the poor. After all, what bothered the United States with Chávez was that he demanded that oil companies pay higher royalties for the oil that they sucked out of Venezuela. Such audacity has to be repaid with a coup attempt."

Starving Venezuela Into Submission  2/12/2019 Unz Review: by Israel Shamir - "A bigger problem is that Venezuela had become a monoculture economy: it exports oil and imports everything else. It does not even produce food to feed its 35 million inhabitants. Venezuela is a victim of neoliberal doctrine claiming that you can buy what you can’t produce. Now they can’t buy and they do not produce. Imagine a democratic Saudi Arabia hit by blockade. In order to save the economy, Maduro should drain the swamp, end the black market and profiteering, encourage agriculture, tax the rich, develop some industry for local consumption. It can be done. Venezuela is not a socialist state like orderly Cuba, nor a social-democratic one like Sweden and England in 1970s, but even its very modest model of allowing the masses to rise out of misery, poverty and ignorance seems too much for the West."

Haitian and Dominican governments betray Venezuela at the OAS; Popular sectors mobilize for resistance  2/11/2019 Haiti Analysis: "Ironically, it was Venezuela that helped to develop the island’s energy infrastructure in recent years. A key part of this is the REFIDOMSA oil refinery in the Dominican Republic which the Venezuelan government helped to develop and partially owns, and which has also been used to help alleviate increased fuel demands and shortages in Haiti. For more than a decade Venezuela has aided the governments of Haiti and the Dominican Republic through a preferential system known as Petrocaribe, which provided subsidized crude oil prices to meet the countries critical energy demands."

Red Cross, UN Slam ‘Politicised’ USAID Humanitarian Assistance to Venezuela  2/11/2019 Venezuela Analysis: "USAID is an arm of the US State Department, and has been involved in a number of scandals in recent years which have led to its expulsion from Russia for political meddling and Bolivia for conspiracy. The press release explains that the plan is to supply Venezuelans with vegetable oil, flour, lentils and rice which they claim will feed 5,000 Venezuelans for 10 days. Also reportedly included in the shipment is ready-to-use food supplements for 6,700 Venezuelan children for two months and high energy bars for 10,000 children for one month."

Russia and China will Participate in Military Exercises in Venezuela  2/10/2019 Orinoco Tribune: "The civic-military exercises for the Angostura Bicentenary, which will be held from February 10 to 15 in Venezuela, will have the cooperation of allied countries such as Russia and China, this Friday, February 8, said the head of the Operational Strategic Command of the Bolivarian National Armed Force (Ceofanb), Remigio Ceballos…"

Western Media Fall in Lockstep for Cheap Trump/Rubio Venezuela Aid PR Stunt  2/9/2019 FAIR: "Despite dozens of media outlets giving the impression (and sometimes explicitly saying) that the Venezuelan government shut down an otherwise functioning pathway into the country, the bridge in question hasn’t been open for years."

Venezuela: US Aid Gambit Fails – War Plans Lack Support  2/9/2019 Venezuela Analysis: "The U.S. intent to establish a ‘humanitarian aid’ supply line into Venezuela has a secondary purpose. Such aid is the ideal cover for weapon supplies. In the 1980s designated ‘humanitarian aid’ flights for Nicaragua were filled with weapons. The orders for those flights were given by Elliot Abrams who is now Trump’s special envoy for Venezuela. While the trucks from Colombia are blocked at the border other ‘humanitarian aid’ from the United States reached the country."

Caribbean women demand non-interference in Venezuela  2/8/2019 Haiti Analysis: "We are deeply dismayed by the betrayal of these principles by the governments of Guyana, Jamaica, Haiti, the Bahamas, and St Lucia which on January 10, 2019, with the majority of the members of the Permanent Council of the Organisation of American States, followed the lead of the United States of America and voted not to recognise the second five-year term of Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro. This position and that of the USA, Britain and Canada have escalated divisions in that country and led to further violence and a possible increase in loss of life. The conflict in Venezuela has been accompanied by the threat of increased militarization of the Caribbean region. We oppose all attempts to establish a foreign military presence in the Caribbean, including a reported proposal for a British military base in the region. Any such presence can only further militarize our region, erode the principle of sovereignty and compromise the principles of non-alignment that are critical to regional autonomy and independence."

Did Venezuela’s President Really ‘Steal’ the 2018 Election from an Unknown Who Didn’t Run?  2/8/2019 Haiti Analysis: "Guaidó didn’t even run in the 2018 presidential election. Henri Falcón was the opposition politician who finished a very distant second in that election, over four million votes (47%) behind Maduro. Nobody has shown or even attempted to show that any votes, never mind millions of votes, were stolen from Falcón. In Venezuela’s electoral system, a very small amount of ballot stuffing is detectable in any contested election. That’s why, in 2012, Jimmy Carter said the electoral system was the best in the world. That soundness of the electoral system helps to explain the vitriol Falcón received from other Maduro opponents over his decision to run in the election. US officials threatened Falcón with sanctions if he ran. During the campaign, one of Falcón’s top advisors became exasperated enough to publicly ask the opposition party Voluntad Popular (Guaidó’s party) to “stop spreading lies” that a secret pact existed between Maduro and Falcón."

Venezuela’s Bolivarian Revolution Embraces its African Roots  2/8/2019 Orinoco Tribune: "We want to offer courses online because many Afro-Venezuelan communities have requested we do so. Moreover, we work with the Simón Rodríguez University and we offer courses at all their locations, creating a multiplying effect. We also are building our programs to take them directly into the communities. The CAACW is considered the heart of all the Cátedra Libre África [Free Africa Departments]."

How Washington Funded the Counterrevolution in Venezuela  2/8/2019 The Nation: "Thereafter, USAID/OTI largely shifted its efforts toward the burgeoning student movement that developed in the mid-2000s—the movement in which Guaidó “cut his political teeth,” according to a report in The Guardian. A former USAID/OTI member who helped devise US efforts in Venezuela said the “objective was that you had thousands of youth, high school, and college kids…that were horrified of this Indian-looking guy in power. They were idealistic. We wanted to help them to build a civic organization, so that they could mobilize and organize. This is different than protesting.” In other words, USAID/OTI sought to take advantage of racialized fear of Chávez to organize middle-class youth around a long-term strategy to defeat him."

Juan Guaidó: The Man Who Would Be President of Venezuela Doesn’t Have a Constitutional Leg to Stand On  2/7/2019 COHA: "The Venezuelan news outlet, Ultimas Noticias, reported that prominent opposition politician Henrique Capriles, who had run against Maduro in 2013, “affirmed during an interview that the majority of opposition parties did not agree with the self-swearing in of Juan Guaidó as interim president of the country.” Claudio Fermin, president of the party Solutions for Venezuela, wrote “we believe in the vote, in dialogue, we believe in coming to an understanding, we believe Venezuelans need to part ways with the extremist sectors that only offer hatred, revenge, lynching.” Key opposition governor of the State of Táchira, Laidy Gómez, has rejected Guaidó’s support of intervention by the US, warning that it “would generate death of Venezuelans.”"

U.S. commander: “We want enemies to fear us”  2/7/2019 Cuba Money Project: "As tensions increase with Russia in Europe, Moscow may leverage these longstanding regional partners to maintain asymmetric options, to include forward deploying military personnel or assets. Faller’s comments appear aimed at shaping a narrative saying that the troika – along with Russia – is a military threat to the United States. I wonder if U.S. officials will use this argument to try to justify the use of military force in the region."

Venezuela in Crisis: G. Ciccariello-Maher on the challenges of the bolivarian process  2/7/2019 Marginalia: "Alongside that we have of course a deepening economic crisis that originated in the deep structures of the Venezuelan economy, on the one hand, long-term oil and import dependency and, on the other, a rigid and outdated currency control-system that should have been changed right at the beginning. That’s what created the devaluation crisis that we see today, in terms of hyperinflation. This began back in 2013 and 2014 and unfortunately, for political reasons, the government tried to delay resolving that problem, which now undermines the standards of living of many Venezuelans and tragically undercuts many of the social gains of Chavismo."

El Pueblo Negro de Colombia no puede estar contra la resistencia del pueblo de Venezuela  2/7/2019 Mina Candela, Facebook: "¿Podemos estar de acuerdo entonces que lo mismo le suceda al pueblo Venezolano, donde la mayoría de quienes sufrirán las consecuencias de la guerra que se está promoviendo será gente como nosotras y nosotros? Gente negra, gente negra con nuestra misma historia de despojo y racismo que resiste contra las sanciones imperialistas y colonialistas de Estados Unidos y Europa; gente negra que ocupa territorios deseados por estos intereses de dominación económica y se arraiga para prevenir abrir la puerta del imperio sobre America Latina, como lo ha hecho Cuba en el Caribe."

Diosdado Cabello to Marco Rubio: Las Tienditas Bridge has Never Entered into Operation  2/7/2019 Orinoco Tribune: "In his Twitter account, Republican senator Marco Rubio tweeted that Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro allegedly moved containers to the bridge to “block the entry of humanitarian aid for the people of Venezuela,” while the US Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo, tweeted the same photo saying that “the Venezuelan people desperately need humanitarian aid. The United States and other countries try to help, but the Venezuelan military, following orders from Maduro, is blocking the passage with trucks and fuel tanks. ” In this regard, Cabello explained during his program Con El Mazo Dando that “the Venezuelans and Colombians who live around that bridge know that this bridge has never been used. It’s closed since 2016. ”

In Venezuela, White Supremacy Is a Key Driver of the Coup  2/7/2019 Orinoco Tribune: by Greg Palast - "First, we have Juan Guaidó, self-proclaimed (and Trump-proclaimed) president of the nation, with his wife and child, a photo prominently placed in The New York Times. And here, the class photo of Guaidó’s party members in the National Assembly. They appear, overwhelmingly light-skinned — especially when compared to their political opposites in the third photo, the congress members who support the elected President Nicolás Maduro. This is the story of Venezuela in black and white, the story not told in The New York Times or the rest of our establishment media. This year’s so-called popular uprising is, at its heart, a furious backlash of the whiter (and wealthier) Venezuelans against their replacement by the larger Mestizo (mixed-race) poor. (Forty-four percent of the population that answered the 2014 census listed themselves as “white.”)"

Russia Reports: US Preparing a Violent Change of Government in Venezuela  2/7/2019 Orinoco Tribune: "Zajárova stressed that, “in view of the activity of the US military delegations that literally flood the region lately, a detailed preparation of a variant of regime change by force that includes logistical support is being carried out.” She stressed that in Colombian territory, specifically in the border areas with Venezuela, “a single command post is being created for the so-called humanitarian operation and, if we call things by their name, simply humanitarian intervention.”"

Venezuelan Intelligence Play Garcia Palomo to Dismantle Coup Last Weekend  2/7/2019 Orinoco Tribune: "Jorge Rodriguez, vice president of Communication of the Venezuelan government, unveiled a series of videos this Thursday of the confessions of Oswaldo García Palomo, colonel captured a few days ago and who was in charge of the planning of several coups d’etat against President Nicolás Maduro, who were finally frustrated by actions of the Venezuelan Intelligence. García Palomo was wanted by Venezuela since last year (Maduro’s assassination attempt with drones) and, despite that, he freely entered Colombia, Brazil, Chile and the United States in November and January. In his testimonies, the detainee confirmed that he coordinated with a CIA agent in Colombia, and that Antonio Rivero, former director of Civil Protection and promoter of the 2014 guarimbas, was the one who put them in contact. He described Julio Borges as one of the people who was most mobilizing around the coup."

Gobierno de Venezuela muestra pruebas del plan de golpe de Estado con participación de EE.UU. y Colombia  2/7/2019 teleSUR: "García Palomo en su testimonio reconoce que contactó en Colombia a un funcionario de la Central Intelligence Agency (CIA): "En Colombia me reuní con Parsifal de Sola y un policía nacional de ese país, quienes me dieron apoyo". "Ellos hacen su trabajo de conexión, militares, amigos de ellos, lo que permite armar un grupo importante para realizar la operación militar (...) los dos objetivos principales eran la Carlota y el Palacio Presidencial", acotó."

Venezuela Reveals Evidence, Plotters Behind Recent US-backed Coup Attempt  2/7/2019 teleSUR: "He denounced that the U.S. and Colombian governments supported the coup attempts, once in May 2018 in the framework of the presidential elections; and another in January 2019, which have already been defeated. Rodriguez reported that García Palomo coordinated from Cucuta the regime change operation and had had numerous trips to Miami, despite an Interpol's request for capture by the Venezuelan government. After his capture, García Palomo has given numerous statements and in view of the seriousness of his confessions, the Venezuelan prosecutor approved showing part of his confessions to the public and the media."

The Venezuela Myth Keeping Us From Transforming Our Economy  2/7/2019 Truth Dig: "In a Feb. 1 post on the Daily Reckoning, Brian Maher darkly envisioned Bernie Sanders getting elected in 2020 and implementing “Quantitative Easing for the People” based on MMT theories. To debunk the notion that governments can just “print the money” to solve their economic problems, he raised the specter of Venezuela, where “money” is everywhere but bare essentials are out of reach for many, the storefronts are empty, unemployment is at 33 percent and inflation is predicted to hit 1 million percent by the end of the year."

Jorge Rodríguez, rueda de prensa sobre Oswaldo García Palomo, 7 febrero 2019  2/7/2019 YouTube: "El ministro de Comunicaciones de #Venezuela, Jorge Rodríguez, da una rueda de prensa con videos de las confesiones del coronel Oswaldo García Palomo, quien fue capturado el pasado 31 de enero de 2019 y es uno de los organizadores del golpe de Estado que pretendían dar factores de derecha a finales de enero o comienzos de febrero de este año. En los videos, confiesa que trabajaba con un contacto de la CIA que contactaba en Colombia a través del exdirector de Protección Civil Antonio Rivero."

US Media Ignore—and Applaud—Economic War on Venezuela  2/6/2019 FAIR: "The US government acknowledges that it is knowingly, consciously driving the Venezuelan economy into the ground, but US media make no such acknowledgment, which sends the message that the problems in Venezuela are entirely the fault of the government."

Roger Waters’ Response to a Venezuelan Expat  2/6/2019 Orinoco Tribune: "Roger Waters, the legend of Pink Floyd, just published a note on his facebook account responding to a letter received by a Venezuelan expat friend of his (whom he prefers not to identify) criticizing him for his stand on the current situation in Venezuela. Waters’ answer is memorable in terms of showing his level of social consciousness and clarity to identify what really happens in the South American country. When referring to the criticism he received after standing in defense of President Maduro, he wrote : “I got the usual hail of flak from every one who speaks for the Venezuelan people, most of them are white, middle class, and live in New York City.”"

What’s the Deal with Sanctions in Venezuela, and Why’s It So Hard for Media to Understand?  2/6/2019 Orinoco Tribune: "It appears as though there is increasing acceptance of the basic fact that the US sanctions on Venezuela will have a negative impact on the people of Venezuela, but all this analysis misses two important points. First, the Trump administration had already imposed broad economic sanctions in 2017, though apparently both The Wall Street Journal and New York Times were unaware of this development."

CARIBBEAN WARNED OF DUTCH RE-COLONIZATION AND MILITARIZATION AS THE CRISIS IN VENEZUELA INTENSIFIES  2/6/2019 Overseas Territories Review: "As the discussion is fundamentally based on the issue of democracy and human rights, the so-called ultimatum headed by these colonizing powers is directed towards a new election to re-elect a democratic president and government for the peoples of Venezuela we would like to illustrate herewith the hypocritical position taken by the government of the Netherlands (member of the UN Security Council) a front-runner in this provocation and escalation of this crisis. The autonomous democratic Caribbean islands forming the country Netherlands Antilles in the Dutch Kingdom was dissolved and disintegrated on October 10, 2010. The Netherlands which maintained ultimate unilateral legislative and judiciary powers in the Dutch Kingdom abused these powers to continue with colonialism in the Caribbean region."

Jornada Internacional Somos Venezuela: Democracia y Paz  2/5/2019 Consejo Nacional para el Desarrollo de las Comunidades Afrodescendientes de Venezuela: "“Cuando uno escucha el nombre del “Che” dice, que magnifico, que gigante, que extraordinario ser humano. Me hubiera gustado vivir y correr con la suerte del Che Guevara, como revolucionario lo digo en serio, porque nosotros estamos preparados para dar las batallas más encarnizadas y salir victoriosos por encima de la muerte, por encima del riesgo”."

Recognising Juan Guaidó risks a bloody civil war in Venezuela  2/5/2019 Guardian: by Temir Porras Ponceleo, former chief of staff to Nicolás Maduro

Inside Trump’s ‘Cubanization’ of America’s Venezuela policy  2/5/2019 McClatchy: "It’s not that Cuba isn’t seen as a malevolent force in Venezuela, Feierstein and others say. Cuban officials are training and embedded in intelligence and security services. Few doubt those ties, but critics question Havana’s true influence on the South American country’s 30 million Venezuelan citizens. “Are the Cubans doing things to help, of course, but it’s more on the margins than it is a kind of real threat that they are the propping up the regime,” said a person familiar with the discussions."

Venezuela crisis: Guaidó ridicules 'civil war' threat  2/4/2019 BBC: "But in a speech on Monday, Mr Guaidó said: "There is no possibility of a civil war in Venezuela, it is a Maduro invention." [Venezuela has a rich history of civil conflict and Guaido's side lost in the Caracazo of 1989.]

Regime Change for Profit: Chevron, Halliburton Cheer On US Venezuela Coup  2/4/2019 Mint Press News: Rubio: "Biggest [American] buyers of Venezuelan oil are Valero Energy & Chevron. Refining heavy crude from Venezuela supports great jobs in Gulf Coast. For the sake of these U.S. workers I hope they will begin working with administration of President [Juan] Guaidó & cut off illegitimate Maduro regime.”

Venezuela's Maduro Slams Donald Trump Government: 'White Supremacy Governing the White House Despises Our People'  2/4/2019 Newsweek: ""Let's respect each other, or is it that you are going to repeat a Vietnam in Latin America?" he said, referring to the Vietnam War that took place between 1965 and 1973. “The white supremacy governing the White House despises our people,” Maduro added."

Twitter Erupts After 2,000 Pro-Venezuelan Accounts Are Deleted  2/4/2019 Venezuela Analysis: "Television host for the investigatory series, Empire Files, Abby Martin tweeted, “While pro-coup Venezuelans & right-wing exiles dominate the media sphere, tech companies are actively censoring pro-government accounts they say are working to "influence" people.”"

Venezuela’s Oil Enough for World’s 30 Year Energy Needs  2/3/2019 Covert Geopolitics: "Venezuela is still sitting in the largest recoverable oil deposit on Earth — much bigger than any of the members of the OPEC oil cartel."

Hoja de ruta sin retorno  2/3/2019 Gerencia Politica: [Buena analisis, pero desde un punto de vista de los elites sin tomar en cuento el afro. Excelente escenario del caballo de troya respecto a la ayuda internacional.]

Elliott Abrams: A Human Rights Horror Show in Three Acts  2/2/2019 AntiWar: "Last Friday, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo announced that Elliott Abrams would once again be returning to government, this time as President Donald Trump’s special envoy to help “fully restore democracy and prosperity” to Venezuela. Abrams, 71, is best known for abetting dictators and genocide in Latin America and for his role in the Iran-Contra scandal during the Ronald Reagan administration, as well as for his ardent support for the 2003 invasion of Iraq and for green-lighting a failed coup in Venezuela while serving in the George W. Bush administration. He is as reviled by countless Latin Americans as he is revered among neocons who pine for a more muscular US role in the hemisphere and beyond. What follows is an overview of the human rights horror show that has been Abrams’ government career, which now spans three presidential administrations over four decades."

Crisis en Venezuela: "Estoy dispuesto a morir por la revolución", hablan "los colectivos" que resisten en la defensa de Nicolás Maduro  2/2/2019 BBC: "Él ya se prepara para un conflicto armado. "Nosotros somos milicianos. Cuando llegue el momento, tomaremos las armas", dice. Asegura que está dispuesto a dejarlo todo en combate. "Yo entregaría mi vida por el ideal bolivariano, más que nada por dignidad, para no humillarme ante los norteamericanos"."

High-Ranking General Rejects Maduro, Who Proposes Earlier Parliamentary Elections  2/2/2019 NPR: "Several factions of Venezuela, including its Military Aviation and the Academy of Aviation, used Twitter to denounce the general. They tweeted a photo of Yanez in his uniform with the word "TRAITOR" scrawled across. The Air Force Command also accused him of switching sides because his father is facing an investigation into corruption."

ELN interview: Colombian Marxist guerrillas 'will fight' US troops if they invade Venezuela  2/2/2019 Telegraph: "In a rare interview from temporary exile in Cuba, leaders of Colombia's National Liberation Army (ELN) told the Sunday Telegraph they were drawing up a strategy to help Venezuela repel a possible invasion. The Marxist group's comments demonstrates the prospects of a messy and protracted conflict if the US chooses to use force against Mr Maduro, the Venezuelan president."

'Yiiiiikes': John Bolton Threatens to Send Venezuela's Maduro to Offshore US Prison at Guantánamo  2/1/2019 Common Dreams: "It is a campaign aimed at regime change and it's being promoted openly as an opportunity to steal Venezuelan oil for the benefit of U.S. corporations," Scahill noted on the podcast. "This is not some insane Twitter thought spewed by Trump after guzzling down gallons of Fox and Friends. It's an open imperialism that is being embraced not just by Republicans and Trump supporters, but powerful Democrats as well."

CIA in Venezuela: 7 Rules for Regime Change  2/1/2019 Venezuela Analysis: "2. Package covert operations as "public diplomacy," "promoting democracy," and/or "protecting human rights""

The Racist, Imperialist War on Venezuela  1/31/2019 Black Agenda Report: "The same forces that resist Black community control of police and schools in the United States seek to overthrow any government in the formerly colonized world – that is, non-white nations -- that claims the right of self-determination and national sovereignty. U.S. imperialism is inseparable from white supremacy – which is why the United States has paid no domestic price for its role in the deaths of at least 20 million people since World War Two -- six million in the Congo, alone. U.S. “liberals” and “progressives,” much like their counterparts in Europe, speak endlessly of democracy at home while supporting their War Party abroad."

Trump is Using Venezuela to Break Latino-American Solidarity Against His Wall  1/31/2019 Eurasia Future: "Leftist, centrist and and socially conservative Latino-American groups have all largely united in opposition to Trump’s border wall. And yet, when Venezuela, a country which defines itself as a progressive champion of all Latin Americans and has even given free oil to poor Central American nations, is threatened with political instability from Washington – the Latino-American activists who raised their voices loudly against the Wall have become notably less vocal when it comes to Venezuela."

Venezuela to Sell 15 Tons of Gold to UAE in Return for Euros  1/31/2019 Haaretz, Israel: "The United States, which is backing an attempt by the opposition to force Maduro to step down and call new elections, warned bankers and traders on Wednesday not to deal in Venezuelan gold. Republican U.S. Senator Marco Rubio sent a tweet to the United Arab Emirates embassy in Washington on Thursday warning that anybody transporting Venezuelan gold would be subject to U.S. sanctions."

Juan Guaidó o cómo se fabrica a un impostor  1/31/2019 Medium: "El 5 de octubre de 2005 con la popularidad de Chávez en su apogeo y su gobierno planeando programas socialistas, cinco “líderes estudiantiles” venezolanos llegaron a Belgrado, Serbia, para comenzar a entrenarse para una insurrección. Los estudiantes habían llegado de Venezuela por cortesía del Center for Applied Non-Violent Action and Strategies, o CANVAS. Este grupo se financia en gran parte a través de National Endowment for Democracy, una creación de la CIA que funciona como el brazo principal del gobierno de Estados Unidos para promover el cambio de régimen; y filiales como el Instituto Republicano Internacional y el Instituto Nacional Demócrata para Asuntos Internacionales. Según los correos electrónicos internos filtrados provenientes de Stratfor, una firma de inteligencia conocida como “la CIA en la sombra”, CANVAS “también puede haber recibido financiamiento y capacitación de la CIA durante la lucha anti-Milosevic de 1999/2000”."

Opposition Protests Flop As Chavista Marches Surge  1/31/2019 teleSUR: "Altamira square, ground zero for the opposition saw almost a thousand demonstrators. The vast majority were members of the privileged classes of Caracas society, however, according to reporter Felipe Yapur who was interviewing people on site, there were groups of young people filtering through the crowds from apparent lower classes paid to participate when and if violence ensues."

Petition calls for end to US interference in Venezuela  1/30/2019 ABC, Australia: with Sujatha Fernandes, Professor of Political Economy and Sociology, University of Sydney

Donald Trump and the Yankee Plot to Overthrow the Venezuelan Government  1/30/2019 The Intercept: "Let’s be clear here, Elliott Abrams is an unrepentant war criminal. He played a central role in the mass-slaughter of tens of thousands of people across Central and Latin America in the dirty wars of the 1980s. He was a player in the Iran-Contra scandal. But we’re told Abrams is an adult. Abrams is an old Latin America hand. It’s sickening. This administration brought in Abrams because of his immorality and his willingness to support mass murder. It’s the only reason he is there and no one with even a flimsy grasp of morality should be welcoming his appointment as special envoy on Venezuela."

Maduro Fights Back With Targeted Killings and Media Blackout  1/29/2019 Bloomberg: [This report claims the government is running kill squads in poor neighborhoods. Yet since 1/29, there have been massive pro government demonstrations with many coming from poor neighborhoods, on the order of 1 to 2 million. The media is functioning the way the Mighty Wurlizer did in the 50's, carrying messages put out by CIA. See]

Rebel Venezuelan Colonel Calling for Uprising Is Arrested  1/29/2019 Bloomberg: "The retired colonel was among scores of officers and special-forces troops across all four branches of the Venezuelan armed forces who launched one of the most serious failed coups last year, known as Operation Constitution. The plan was infiltrated and dozens of his fellow plotters were arrested; he escaped and continued to agitate."

The Making of Juan Guaidó: How the US Regime Change Laboratory Created Venezuela’s Coup Leader  1/29/2019 Grey Zone: "While Guaidó is today sold as the face of democratic restoration, he spent his career in the most violent faction of Venezuela’s most radical opposition party, positioning himself at the forefront of one destabilization campaign after another. His party has been widely discredited inside Venezuela, and is held partly responsible for fragmenting a badly weakened opposition."

86% of Venezuelans Oppose Military Intervention, 81% Against US Sanctions, Local Polling Shows  1/29/2019 Greyzone: "English-language media outlets frequently ignore local polls done inside Venezuela, and if they do report on them, they tend to publish the results of polling firms run by pro-opposition figures. The Grayzone has translated the findings of a Hinterlaces study conducted between January 7 and 20. The following data is based on direct interviews with 1,580 Venezuelans from all across the country, and was reported on the program José Vicente HOY on January 27."

China Joins Russia In Backing Venezuela Against U.S. Moves, Warns of ‘Serious Consequences’ to Donald Trump’s Plan  1/29/2019 Newsweek: ""We believe that Venezuela’s affairs must and can only be chosen and determined by its own people, and we oppose unilateral sanctions," Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Geng Shuang told a press briefing."

Régimen de Maduro captura a García Palomo, uno de los insurgentes más temidos  1/29/2019 Nuevo Herald: "El coronel retirado Oswaldo García Palomo, considerado por el régimen de Nicolás Maduro como uno de los insurgentes más peligrosos, fue capturado en Venezuela, informó la senadora colombiana María Fernanda Cabal. García Palomo está acusado por el régimen bolivariano de haber participado en distintas operaciones militares que buscaban derrocar y asesinar a Maduro."

Venezuela's TSJ Approves Precautionary Measures Against Guaidó  1/29/2019 teleSUR: "The court decreed as precautionary measures against Guaidó the prohibition of leaving the country without authorization until the end of the investigation; prohibition of transferring of assets, and the blocking of bank accounts in Venezuela."

Crece solidaridad con Venezuela y rechazo a injerencia de EE.UU.  1/28/2019 Centro de Sabers Africanos: "Estados Unidos considera que América Latina es el patio trasero donde pueden hacer todo lo que quieran, ese es el principio de la Doctrina Monroe a la cual hizo referencia el presidente Donald Trump en el pasado debate de la Asamblea General, denunció el representante permanente de Rusia ante la ONU, Vassily Nebenzia."

Why the Black Alliance for Peace opposes U.S. intervention in Venezuela  1/28/2019 Mundo Obrero: "There can be no equivocation in the face of injustice and the psychopathology of white supremacist ideology that is unable to respect the rights and humanity of people of the Global Majority — Black and Brown people who are the ones who suffer from these imperialist adventures mobilized by the U.S./EU/NATO axis of domination. The idea of a benevolent hegemon might be a comforting myth that assuages the conscience of left and progressive forces who engage in open class/race collaboration with the white supremacist, colonial/capitalist patriarchy that is the Western European project. But for those of us relegated to what Frantz Fanon called the “zones of non-being,” we cannot afford any illusions about the nature of what we are up against."

Venezuela Propaganda Debunked - People Are Against Coup  1/27/2019 Jimmy Dore Show 

Trump, Almagro y su combo de fracaso en fracaso  1/26/2019 Aporrea: por Jesus Chucho Garcia - "El Chile de Salvador Allende fue como ese primer ensayo ¨pacifico¨ en America Latina para llegar al poder con un programa socialista para beneficio de la mayoría de los chilenos sometidos a siglos de pobreza y asesinato sistemático de los indigenas Mapuches y negación total a los afrochilenos. Allende tomo el poder respetando el juego jurídico de la institucionalidad de la burguesia chilena, pero en la medida que se fue radicalizando la burguesía Chilena y su ejercito fascista en combinación con Estados Unidos cuadraron toda una estrategia desastabilizadora, bloqueo economico, financiero, entre otras, que culmino con un baño de sangre, torturados, desaparecidos y asesinatos masivos en el estadiun nacional que hoy lleva por nombre Victor Jara, canta autor revolucionario a quienes el cortaron las manos los fascistas chilenos."

John Bolton Says Ultimate Goal In Venezuela Is To Take Their Oil  1/26/2019 Crooks and Liars: ""Venezuela is one of the three countries i call the Troika of Tyranny," Bolton told Trish Regan. "It would make a difference if we could have American companies produce the oil in Venezuela. It would be good for Venezuela and the people of the United States." Why would it be good for us and them, you ask? FREEDOM. Sweet freedom from the tyranny of socialism, he explains."

Cutting through the lies about Venezuela  1/26/2019 Liberation: "The reactionary opposition is not starving for “democracy.” They’ve have been invited to collaborate and dialogue by the Chavista movement for decades to resolve problems, but they’ve refused, saying that this huge movement that commands the respect of Venezuela’s workers and poor should have no voice, and should be silent and acquiesce to U.S. corporate domination. The opposition affirm this whenever they purposefully burn foodstuffs and use financial mechanisms to manufacture artificial scarcity for commodities and necessities, in a cynical effort to diminish support for Maduro’s government and punish his support base. The class character of the opposition is also affirmed, when in their guarimbas, right wing thugs belonging to the opposition commit hate crimes, including lynchings and other forms of torture against Afro-Venezuelans and other supporters of the Chavista movement."

Bank of England refused to return $1.2bn in gold to Venezuela – reports  1/26/2019 Orinoco Tribune: "By some estimates, Venezuela holds more than $8 billion in foreign reserves. According to earlier reports, the amount of Venezuelan gold kept in the Bank of England doubled in recent months, growing from 14 to 31 tons. The South American nation has reportedly experienced problems in extracting its own gold from the Bank of England in the past. Bankers in Britain were allegedly concerned that Venezuelan officials would sell the state-owned gold “for personal gain.”"

Caracas Reporter Says: ‘US Plot in Venezuela Failing’  1/26/2019 RT: "Can the US get enough countries to follow its lead and recognize opposition leader and claimant to the Venezuelan presidency Juan Guaido to make a real difference in Venezuela’s government? Which countries are backing Guaido already? Rick Sanchez breaks it down. Then we’ll hear from journalist Lucas Koerner in Venezuela, who argues that Guaido is “getting his marching orders from Washington” and ought to be in ordinary neighborhoods learning the problems of everyday people."

Ongoing Coup in Venezuela: What If Same Scenario Happens in France  1/26/2019 teleSUR: "Before going any further, let us remember that the National Assembly has been in a situation of contempt of court for almost two years. After the election of deputies in December 2015, the United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV) candidates in Amazon State filed a complaint because their opponents had purchased votes to win the election. The court subsequently condemned the fraud and the Electoral Power Tribunal demanded that the election for these three seats be redone. Since the Speaker of the National Assembly refused to comply with the judicial and electoral authorities, the National Assembly was declared in "contempt of court." Decisions and votes emanating from the legislative power are therefore null and void as long as the speaker of the National Assembly fails to authorize the return to the polls."

The Invisibility of Protester Deaths in Poor Areas  1/26/2019 Venezuela Analysis: "We have seen testimony indicating a high turnout of young people linked to criminal practices in these protests. If that data is analyzed along with allegations in 2017 that young people linked to criminal practices were paid to do what they did in a violent way, it is possible to think that this is a repetition of this tactic by the political opposition. What are being promoted are small concentrations of violence in popular sectors in order to symbolically and materially undermine the main base of support of the government. In the case that this is true, we urge state security bodies to respect the standards of progressive and differential use of force in the course of legitimately controlling these actions. In the middle of a peaceful demonstration, there may be people employing violence and the state is obliged to treat them differently, protecting life in any case. We also urge the government of President Maduro to refrain from criminalising generalizations, which put the population of these areas or the legitimacy of their right to protest at risk."

The Radicalization of U.S. Policy on Venezuela  1/26/2019 Venezuela Analysis: "The Trump administration has promoted a similar radicalization throughout the hemisphere. Most of the countries that have recognized Guaidó are on the right (as opposed to the center). But the rightist presidents of Chile (Sebasián Piñera), Argentina (Mauricio Macri) and Brazil (Michel Temer) rejected the statement by OAS secretary general Luis Almagro that military intervention in Venezuela should be considered. Trump, Bolsonaro and recently elected Colombian president Iván Duque have pushed these rightist presidents to an even more extreme position on Venezuela. But just as there are moderates in the Venezuelan opposition who support dialogue, which the mainstream media have pretty much ignored, there are moderates in the international community who are also in favor of dialogue. These figures include Mexican president Andrés Manuel López Obrador, Pope Francis, UN secretary general Antonio Guterres, and the UN’s High Commissioner for Human Rights and ex-president of Chile Michelle Bachelet. What they are proposing represents the best hope for this battered nation."

Elliott Abrams, veterano del intervencionismo en Nicaragua y El Salvador en los 80s, coordinará acciones de EEUU en torno a Venezuela  1/25/2019 Aporrea: "Abrams es conocido por su papel central en la política de la era Reagan en Nicaragua, Guatemala y El Salvador, por el cual fue acusado por Human Rights Watch y Amnistía Internacional de encubrir las atrocidades cometidas por fuerzas militares apoyadas por EE.UU., como los Contras en Nicaragua."

Statement by the Conference of Heads of Government of CARICOM on the Latest Developments in the Situation in the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela  1/25/2019 CARICOM: "Antigua and Barbuda, Barbados, Belize, Dominica, Jamaica, Montserrat, St. Kitts and Nevis, Saint Lucia, St. Vincent and the Grenadines, Trinidad and Tobago; Foreign Ministers of Grenada and Suriname;, meeting by video-conference on 24 January 2019, issued the following statement."


Conadecafro emite comunicado en respaldo al presidente Constitucional Nicolás Maduro  1/25/2019 CONADECAFRO 

How Washington’s Devastating “Economic Blockade” of Venezuela Helped Pave the Way for Coup Attempt  1/25/2019 Democracy Now: "The sanction that prohibits Citgo from remitting profits to Venezuela is a very important measure. It means that the Venezuelan government is being deprived of approximately $1 billion a year. But in addition to that, the sanctions also stipulate that Venezuela practically cannot refinance its foreign debt, which is something logical that any country facing a difficult economic situation would do. The sanctions prohibit U.S. financial institutions from having any transaction, any interaction with the Venezuelan government and the Venezuelan state oil company, PDVSA. But, Juan, in addition to that, there is a major impact in terms of discouraging commercial and financial interests throughout the world from any kind of transaction with Venezuela."

Venezuela is not alone  1/25/2019 Granma: [From 1/26 to 2/2 at least, Facebook has been censoring this article.]

Venezuela’s US-Backed Coup Leader Immediately Targets State Oil Company, Requests IMF Money  1/25/2019 Grey Zone: "Guaidó is attempting to fire the directors of Citgo Petroleum, which is owned by Venezuela’s state oil company PDVSA, and seeks to appoint his own new board. Reuters described Citgo as “Venezuela’s most important foreign asset”; Bloomberg calls it “the crown jewel of PDVSA’s assets.” Citgo is the largest purchaser of Venezuelan oil, although crippling sanctions imposed by the Trump administration have prevented the company from sending revenue to Venezuela, starving the government of funding."

Hands off Bolivarian Venezuela!  1/25/2019 Struggle - La lucha: "Venezuelans were in the streets the morning of Jan. 23 in a massive show of support for President Nicolás Maduro and the program of the pro-working class Bolivarian Revolution. They expressed determination to push back the latest counterrevolutionary attack emanating from Washington."

The US’s “Economic Blockade” Paved the Way for Venezuela Coup Attempt  1/25/2019 Truth Out: "But, Juan, in addition to that, there is a major impact in terms of discouraging commercial and financial interests throughout the world from any kind of transaction with Venezuela. There is a list of 70 — approximately 70 Venezuelan officials who are being sanctioned. And that translates into a situation in which the US government, and specifically Steven Mnuchin, the secretary of the treasury, has undertaken different investigations, workshops with representatives of Japan, Europe, Latin America, in order to find out where the shell companies are. In other words, he has created a situation in which commercial interests throughout the world are afraid to have anything to do with Venezuela. That amounts to virtually a block — an economic blockade."

Is a Foreign Military Intervention in Venezuela Imminent?  1/25/2019 Venezuela Analysis: "With this absence of the FARC, the presence and activity of Colombian paramilitaries has grown and intensified. As previously mentioned, on August 4 2018, Venezuela’s President Nicholas Maduros was targeted in an assassination attempt using drones. Venezuela says it has evidence that Colombian paramilitaries were involved. In October 2018, the Venezuelan military captured three Colombian paramilitaries in the state of Tachira along the border, citing evidence that the paramilitaries were in coordination with Colombian police and military. On November 5 2018, at least three members of the Venezuelan National Guard were killed in confrontations with Colombian paramilitaries in the state of Amazonas. On December 24, 2018, Venezuela captured nine Colombian paramilitaries entering the country to carry out a “mission in Caracas.” Maduro maintains that as many as 734 Venezuelan and Colombian mercenaries are preparing to commit false flag operations attacking military units on the border in order to escalate and confuse popular opinion, and to justify a potential intervention."

Call U.S. Move on Venezuela What It Is: Regime Change  1/24/2019 Bloomberg: "In fact, Venezuela’s constitution doesn’t allow for impeachment by the National Assembly, of which Guaidó is the leader. Instead, it specifies that the president can be recalled by popular vote. Article 233 doesn’t say that the assembly can remove the president. It just says that the president of the National Assembly can fill the office of the presidency for 30 days if the president “shall become permanently unavailable to serve.” It lists the bases for permanent unavailability, which include removal from office by the Supreme Tribunal of Justice, physical or mental disability, or abandonment of office."

Principal opositor venezolano, Enrique Capriles, asegura que Guaidó no tiene el poder para dirigir Venezuela.  1/24/2019 El Caminante: "Henrique Capriles Radonski, ex gobernador del estado Miranda, aseguró este domingo que la Asamblea Nacional no tiene el poder físico para asumir la Presidencia de Venezuela. Señaló que dicha situación podría provocar el fracaso del Parlamento y dijo que su verdadero rol es dar soluciones que permitan generar un cambio político en el país."

Maduro Squeezed as Trump Recognizes Guaido and Protests Expand  1/23/2019 Bloomberg: "Venezuelans took to the streets in the biggest opposition protests since mid-2017 to back Guaido and increase pressure on Maduro. While the leftist government crushed violent protests two year ago, this time poorer areas of the capital are leading angry demonstrations over failed public services, food scarcity and rising prices. Local press showed crowds gathering in major cities."

US Backs Coup in Oil-Rich Venezuela, Right-Wing Opposition Plans Mass Privatization and Hyper-Capitalism  1/23/2019 Grey Zone: "The US government, its right-wing allies, and an obeisant corporate media have repeatedly referred to Venezuela’s actual president, Nicolás Maduro, as an “authoritarian dictator.” What they have failed to mention is that Venezuela still has regular elections, but the US-backed right-wing opposition, which is notoriously disunited and incompetent, has chosen to boycott these elections, preferring to call for foreign-backed military coups instead. One of the only elected officials in the US who has spoken out against the coup is left-wing California Congressman Ro Khanna. Other progressive and anti-Trump US politicians, including self-declared “democratic socialists,” have remained silent on Trump’s effective declaration of a coup in Latin America."

The Rubio doctrine: U.S. recognition of new Venezuelan leader is Florida senator’s work  1/23/2019 Miami Herald: "“I went to the White House yesterday and spoke with the president about what to do in Venezuela,” Sen. Rick Scott said at a news conference on Wednesday. “We need to declare Venezuela as a terrorist state. Clearly it is. The way Maduro has treated his citizens is disgusting.”

Is the US Orchestrating a coup in Venezuela?  1/23/2019 Real News Network: "Yeah. I’ll go back to what Greg pointed out, that according to that data analysis poll I cited, the National Assembly had, as of October, a 70 percent disapproval rating. Which, you know, Maduro’s disapproval rating is around 80 percent. And the Opposition parties themselves, their coalition has a higher disapproval rating. And you know, Guaido was previously unknown, you know, just about–you know, two weeks–a little over two weeks ago, you know, no one knew who he was. And you know, he’s a young politician. He was educated in the neoliberal think tank EISA, which is the home of the Chicago boys. So I think that, you know, to say that it–I think it’s very fallacious to extrapolate the hundreds of thousands of people who took to the streets today in different parts of the city in support of the Opposition, to say that they, that is necessarily an endorsement of Guaido as President of Venezuela, especially because it was not–it was not known that he was going to do this, take this step that he did."

Facebook’s ‘verified account’ tick used to interfere in Venezuela – Russian parliament speaker  1/23/2019 RT: " The head of the Russian State Duma has blasted US tech giant Facebook for giving the Venezuelan opposition leader’s accounts a blue verification badge while denying it to its elected president. “It’s quite surprising when such big social networks, which claim to be independent, act in this way, playing to the tune of Washington,” Vyacheslav Volodin, the speaker of the Lower Chamber in the Russian Parliament, told journalists on Thursday. He added that Facebook was serving as a tool of US foreign policy."

New Coup Attempt In Venezuela Led by Juan Guaido  1/23/2019 teleSUR: "Guaido was a protagonist of the violent actions of the opposition in 2007, 2014 and 2017 usually known as Guarimbas."

In Images: Venezuelan People Mobilize In Support of Maduro  1/23/2019 Venezuela Analysis: "During a hectic day in Venezuela, the mainstream media coverage focused on the mobilization of the opposition and the opinions of a select group of international figures, ignoring the thousands who took to the streets in defense of democracy, national sovereignty, peace and the Bolivarian Revolution. brings you some of the images captured on the ground by the Revolutionary Bolivar and Zamora Current (CBRZ) press team from the January 23 mobilization in Caracas."

Five Hundred Cuban Medical Specialists Arrive in Venezuela  1/19/2019 Five Hundred Cuban Medical Specialists Arrive in Venezuela: "A group of 500 Cuban health specialists arrived in Venezuela on Thursday to deploy throughout the country to offer their knowledge to the health service of Venezuela. The deployment of Cubans will be done through a government program dating back more than 10 years ago called “Barrio Adentro Mission” that offers health care services to Venezuelans free of charge and has thousands of physical headquarters in the more remote places of the country."

Unión Africana expresa su apoyo al presidente Nicolás Maduro  1/19/2019 Radio del Sur: "“El vicepresidente de la Unión Africana, Thomas Kwesi Quartey, envió un mensaje de solidaridad con el pueblo de Venezuela y de apoyo al presidente constitucional Nicolás Maduro”. Escribió el Ministerio del Poder Popular para las Relaciones Exteriores en un mensaje en su cuenta en @CancilleriaVE."

POR QUE DISCRIMINAN A AFROTV BARLOVENTO?  1/18/2019 Aporrea: "Hace mas de un mes, Afrotv Barlovento, fue incendiada y se robaron los equipos básicos para el trabajo de comunicación comunitaria, educación formación, vocería permanente al pueblo, denuncias a especuladores, entre otros aspectos. Afrotv Barlovento era el único espacio audiovisual, con muchas limitaciones, donde la gente expresaba sus necesidades y clamaba por la solución de sus problemas. A un mes de eso, no se a obtenido una respuesta eficiente. Como todos sabemos Barlovento es una región afrodescendiente con componentes indigenas, con una rica diversidad cultural, la segunda región productora de cacao de Venezuela, que por cierto produce toneladas de cacao para el exterior y no se esta viendo un retorno de esas ganancias para nuestras propias comunidades."

‘US Administrations Have Been Intervening in Venezuela Since at Least the Early 2000s’  1/16/2019 FAIR: "So what isn’t generally mentioned by the media is that a critical factor in the outcome of the election was the approach taken by Venezuela’s opposition. Much of the opposition, many of its parties, decided to boycott these elections, for a variety of reasons. At any rate, the media did not examine that fact. And we’re still not seeing it very much. I think one of the few exceptions is the Washington Post, in the article that appeared today, that did mention the divisions within the opposition, and their decision not to participate that had, obviously, a huge effect on the election result."

Affaire ExxonMobil: Nicolas Maduro publishes his evidence  1/10/2019 VoltaireNet: "Then on Wednesday 9 January, Venezuelan President, Nicolas Maduro, presented proof that his country’s territorial waters were violated on 22 December 2018. He denounced this as an international manoeuvre against Venezuela. He has published videos and recordings of conversations between the captain of one of the two ships at issue and the Venezuelan Navy. In this exchange, the captain gives his precise location and he admits being in waters that are internationally recognized belong to Venezuela. The captain provides an authorization given only by the government of Guyana which had fallen just the day before. The Venezuelan Navy then invites him to leave Venezuela’s territorial waters. This evidence negates the communication of ExxonMobil, the main supplier of oil to the Pentagon and the company previously led by Rex Tillerson (the former US Secretary of State of the Trump Administration) [2]. This evidence also robs the United Kingdom of any justification for its proposal to install a military base in Guyana. Finally it delays the war between the Latin American states that the Pentagon is preparing [3]."

DEL BLOQUEO HAITIANO AL BLOQUEO VENEZOLANO  1/5/2019 JRA: "Poco se habla de la contribución de Haití a la independencia de Estados Unidos y su ejemplo de inspiración para África subsahariana y la misma Europa. En una investigación que hemos realizado durante estos tres últimos años en la ciudad de New Orleans, hemos conseguido valiosos documentos entre el periodo que va desde que esta ciudad estuvo bajo el colonialismo francés, luego el colonialismo español hasta su venta por Napoleón Bonaparte a Estados Unidos."

Las heridas del racismo: Efectos psicosociales de la discriminación racial en las personas afrodescendientes en América Latina  12/28/2018 Iberoamerica Social: "La racialización, deshumanización y esclavización de la población africana durante el proceso de colonización europea en América, sentó las bases de la discriminación racial contra las personas afrodescendientes que persiste hasta la actualidad. Pese a la existencia de la narrativa del mestizaje que desconoce e invisibiliza la experiencia concreta, desigual y vulnerada de las personas afrodescendientes, estas siguen siendo víctimas de discriminación racial, la cual ha encontrado formas cada vez más sutiles e imperceptibles a través de las cuales realizarse. Este hecho no es inofensivo, el racismo tiene efectos psicosociales para quien lo vive, pero ¿cuáles son esos efectos del racismo? ¿Cómo reaccionan las personas afrodescendientes ante el racismo? ¿Cómo enfrentan la discriminación racial? Ante esta problemática se propone esta investigación para la cual se consultó a través de la técnica del cuestionario electrónico a cien personas afrodescendientes de América Latina, sometiendo posteriormente sus testimonios al método del análisis crítico del discurso."

Venezuelan president blames Colombia for electricity outages  12/28/2018 Radio Havana: Classic steps orchestrated by the CIA as described in Philipn Agee's books.

Russia bails out Venezuela, pockets key energy assets  12/24/2018 Mercury News: "In exchange for modest loans and bailouts over the past decade, Russia now owns significant parts of at least five oil fields in Venezuela, which holds the world’s largest reserves, along with 30 years’ worth of future output from two Caribbean natural-gas fields. Venezuela also has signed over 49.9 percent of Citgo, its wholly owned company in the United States – including three Gulf Coast refineries and a countrywide web of pipelines – as collateral to Russia’s state-owned Rosneft oil behemoth for a reported $1.5 billion in desperately needed cash."

Venezuela denuncia plan de sabotaje eléctrico en Zulia  12/23/2018 Bohemia: "En entrevista telefónica con el canal Venezolana de Televisión, el ministro indicó que se trata de un plan ejecutado por grupos asociados a sectores de ultraderecha en el municipio Mara. Trabajadores de la Corporación Eléctrica apoyados por funcionarios de la Fuerza Armada Nacional Bolivariana se trasladaron al sitio para iniciar los trabajos de reparación y las investigaciones pertinentes, precisó la fuente. Los especialistas lograron realizar una transferencia de carga para ayudar a restablecer la energía, y evitar los perjuicios provocadas meses atrás a causa de otro sabotaje vandálico."

Thomas Sankara: Africa's Che Guevara  12/21/2018 teleSUR: "Sankara pushed against the hegemonic power of France in West Africa, by calling for the end of African nations' debt to international banks, he refused to take World Bank loans and instead focused on strengthening local production of food and textiles. Sankara also called on every village to build a medical dispensary and had over 350 communities build schools with their own labor. Moreover, his commitment to women's rights led him to outlaw female genital mutilation, forced marriages and polygamy while appointing women to high governmental positions and encouraging them to work outside the home and stay in school, even if pregnant."

U.S. Reaction to Russian Bombers in Venezuela  12/21/2018 Venezuela Analysis: "For many media commentators, Maduro sought to strengthen his position internally by putting on display the support he counts on from powerful international allies. Fear of a U.S. military response may be a more plausible explanation for his motives. Indeed, President Trump’s threats of military intervention and implicit support for a military coup in Venezuela are veritably without precedent in the history of U.S. diplomacy."

WaPo: Trump Needs to Destroy Venezuela to Save It  12/17/2018 FAIR: "Propaganda works primarily through repetition. The vilification of Venezuela’s government in the Western media has been relentless for the past 17 years, as Alan MacLeod pointed out in his book Bad News From Venezuela."

Venezuela expone productos de exportación en países de África  12/10/2018 Asi Somos: "El director del Centro Saberes Africano, Americano y Caribeño, Reinaldo Bolívar, explicó que desde la llegada del comandante Hugo Chávez a mediados del año 2005 las políticas estuvieron en la agenda como una tarea, un compromiso adquirido de reconocimiento institucional en aras de impulsar la unidad y la integración, reseñó el portal del ministerio del Poder Popular para la Educación Universitaria, Ciencias y Tecnología."

Juan de Dios, de Cata a Carúpano, de Carúpano a África  11/27/2018 Aporrea: Por: Jesús Chucho García - "Cuando se cumplieron doscientos años de la expedición de Los Cayos (1816-2016), el cual fue el momento histórico cuando Bolívar regresaba de Haití y decretó la abolición de la esclavitud, en esa conmemoración faltaron dos personajes: Juan de Dios Díaz y la profesora Gregoria Urbano. Estos dos profesores desde la década de los ochenta venían celebrando cada 2 de junio ese día histórico. Juan de Dios con Gollita Urbano, El decimista Viñoles y el etnólogo Ricardo Mata fundaron el instituto étnico de Paria."

Business as Usual: Washington’s Regime Change Strategy in Venezuela  11/23/2018 Counterpunch: "Because the sanctions prohibit Venezuela’s state-owned company CITGO from sending its profits home, the Venezuelan government is losing $1 billion a year in revenues. Ultimately, the sanctions are imposing greater hardship on the Venezuelan people because, as Weisbrot notes, they “exacerbate shortages of food, medicine, and other essential goods while severely limiting the policy options available to pull the country out of a deep depression.”

Venezuela to Offer African American Course at US University  11/21/2018 Venezuela Analysis: "The agreement between the Venezuelan consulate in New Orleans and the Southern University at New Orleans (SUNO) to offer the “Africa and its Diaspora in Hispanic America” course as part of the topics offered by the university was proposed in 2017 by General Consul Jesus Garcia and the head of African American studies at the SUNO Dr. Clyde Robertson. The agreement to offer the university course was signed in August this year, and it is unclear when the course is due to begin."

Femicidio: misoginia, sexismo y sentido de propiedad  10/27/2018 EPG Consultora: "El término femicidio fue acuñado en 1976 por la escritora feminista Diana Russell, con el objetivo visibilizar el asesinato de mujeres realizado por hombres motivado por odio, desprecio, placer o un sentido de propiedad sobre las mujeres, y por tanto diferenciar este tipo de crímenes de los homicidios comunes. La confusión se inicia en el año 2006 cuando Marcela Lagarde traduce al español los textos de Diana Russell y sustituye el termino femicidio por feminicidio; no obstante, con independencia de que se emplee un término u otro en los diferentes países y legislaciones, el significado apunta siempre a lo mismo: el asesinato de una mujer por el hecho de ser mujer."

Black Internationalism and the Colonial Challenges Facing Haiti and Venezuela  10/18/2018 Venezuela Analysis: "The most recent US efforts to isolate Venezuela from the region, demoralize its people through a concerted economic war, and intervene in its political process—by working with international collaborators to ultimately punish its black majority revolutionary process—have their historical precedents in Haiti. Haitians experienced these counter-revolutionary attacks as they fought to defend their own revolutionary process under the leadership of Fanmi Lavalas President Jean Bertrand Aristide and earlier, throughout the era of Haitian Independence."

Anti-Maduro Poll Shows a Coup in Venezuela Would Require a Horrific Death Toll  10/1/2018 Venezuela Analysis: "Case 3 is the only scenario which renders the poll internally coherent: a negligible number of government supporters contradict themselves by saying they support the government but want it overthrown. About 30% support which is consistent with Datanalsis polls (to be clear, the ones it has done very close to elections) and actual election results. Obviously, different percentages of opposition and “neutrals” are possible in which about 30% back the government, but case 3 shows one possible coherent scenario. Disagreeing with 30% of the population on violently ousting the government is not like disagreeing over regular government polices like taxation. Moreover, under Venezuela’s dire economic conditions, that 30% or so would be very “hard core” government support, so about 6 million people would have to very brutally repressed after any US-backed coup in order for it to succeed."

Maduro in NY: Harlem Stands with Venezuela as US Allies Appeal to ICC  9/27/2018 Venezuela Analysis: "Maduro’s participation in New York had earlier been cast into doubt when he cited security concerns over travelling to the USA. Nevertheless, he made the journey for the first time since 2015, only to be greeted by the announcement of further sanctions by the US Treasury Department and talk of a military uprising by US President Donald Trump. His presence was, though, greatly appreciated by the 2000 strong Harlem crowd."

Traditional groups sowing sustainable crops could save Venezuelan park  9/24/2018 Monga Bay: "The new park conserves the region’s biodiversity and forests, but its founding didn’t automatically protect the ancestral homelands of the indigenous people living there. However, these 52 indigenous communities in El Caura are claiming a legal right to continue to live and pursue sustainable livelihoods within the park. The government has yet to grant their claim."

Centro de Saberes Africanos realiza Coloquio Internacional  9/19/2018 Gobierno Bolivariano: "“Es importante resaltar que la doctrina Monroe es creada como una política estadounidense, para la expansión y control imperialista sobre los países de nuestra América, mientras que la doctrina Bolivariana nace los principios fundamentales del Libertador Simón Bolívar, que propone la integración política, económica y social de los países hermanos”, destacó Torres. Por su parte, el profesor, Francisco González, realizó un análisis en relación al tema “el proceso de implosión de los organismos de integración en Nuestra América como una estrategia del imperialismo norteamericano”. Finalmente por medio de una videoconferencia, el profesor internacional originario de Puerto Rico, Agustín Lao Montes, culminó el coloquio internacional con el tema “Política Trump contra la integración Latinoamericana”."

US officials secretly met with Venezuelan military officers plotting a coup against Maduro  9/8/2018 CNN: "US officials met secretly with Venezuelan military officers who were plotting a coup against Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro, both a current and a former US official confirmed to CNN. American officials met with the renegade Venezuelan military officers several times over the last year after the Venezuelan officers made contact, but Washington ultimately decided against supporting the coup, the two sources said."

The Paranoid Drive for Military Intervention in Venezuela  9/6/2018 Counterpunch: "Previously, the warmongering “humanitarian” interveners went straight to looting but, over time, they refined their rhetoric and began to talk about trade and investment opportunities, increases in GDP and other more subtle forms of robbery."

Marronage Meets Bolivarian Socialism: Maroon Comix, A Review  9/5/2018 Venezuela Analysis: "Along Venezuela’s coastal towns and its mountainous countryside, entire Afro-Venezuelan and Indigenous communities have deepened their political commitment to studying anti-colonial struggles and incorporating these orientations, tactics and struggles into their current struggles. Since 1999, the Bolivarian Process has radically transformed the political landscape of the nation by: unearthing maroon historical figures and inscribing them into Venezuela’s national identity, even elevating figures such as Guaicaipuro, Juana La Avanzadora and Negro Primero to the National Pantheon, implementing educational initiatives; developing political, economic and cultural ties with other nations heavily inspired by maroons such as the Caribbean; as well as empowering political campaigns responding to the interests of the African and Indigenous working class and poor majority."

The Spirit of Black August in Solidarity with Venezuela  9/4/2018 Venezuela Analysis: "The majority, Black and Brown working class in Venezuela do not want a US model. The people are fighting everyday against these attacks in their collectives, cooperatives, communes and grassroots social movements. The Bolivarian State, a revolutionary government determined to human rights and guaranteeing a life with dignity and happiness for all stands with its people. The Venezuelan people support their President Nicolás Maduro and are manifesting their vision for 21st Century Socialism."

Blockading Venezuela: the linchpin of the US strategy of aggression  8/22/2018 Morning Star: "REVEALING examples are emerging of the cumulative impact that US sanctions against Venezuela are having on the Venezuelan people in the field of health, one of the key priorities of the Bolivarian revolution. In July 2017, the US bank Citibank refused to handle Venezuela’s payment for the import of 300,000 insulin doses to meet the needs of 450,000 registered patients. Three months later, the US blockade prevented Venezuela from depositing funds with the UBS Swiss bank, delaying a purchase of vaccines for months and disrupting the country’s vaccination schedules. In November 2017, transnational pharmaceutical companies Baster, Abbot and Pfizer refused to issue export certificates for cancer drugs, making it impossible for Venezuela to buy them. And in 2018, a $9 million payment through an international account for dialysis supplies for treating 15,000 patients, free of charge, was similarly blocked under threat of US sanctions. These illustrative examples and similar ones about the blocking of food imports put the lie to the US claim that it is concerned about the well-being of the Venezuelan people."

'Mini-Maduro': RNC Attacks Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez — Compares Her to Venezuelan Dictator  8/18/2018 Alternet: ""The RNC knows that the American people support our policies by wide margins. They want universal health care. They want Wall Street to pay their fair share of taxes. They want to raise the minimum wage," Corbin Trent, the communications director for Ocasio-Cortez's campaign, told CNN. "I guess if you can't beat our ideas, you have to lie about them. Meanwhile, the Republican Party is standing in lock step behind a President who abuses human rights and wants to crush the free press which, to me, sounds like a Mini Maduro in the making.""

Naming Names: The Actors Working to Take Down Venezuela  8/17/2018 MintPress: "Now the successor of Juan Manuel Santos (Colombia), the already president of Colombia, Uribe’s Ivan Duque, agreed in his visit as president-elect with the White House with U.S. Vice President Mike Pence (July 5, 2018), to continue pressuring the Venezuelan government. “We talked about the situation in Colombia, about our security agenda, we also talked about the situation being experienced in the continent by the dictatorship in Venezuela,” Duque told the press. For his part, Pence told a Tweet that he had spoken to Duque about the bilateral “strategic alliance“”in the fight against drug trafficking” and that they had “reiterated the need to maintain pressure on the regime of (Venezuelan President Nicolás) Maduro to face the tragic collapse of democracy in Venezuela”."

Venezuela crisis: Petro CRYPTOCURRENCY to become official currency alongside bolivar  8/15/2018 Express: "The cryptocurrency is designed to be propped up by Venezuela’s vast oil reserves, with each digital token supposedly backed by one barrel of oil. Nearly 100 million coins, worth some £4.7billion ($6bn), were made available in the initial sale, with discounts offered to attract overseas investors. The Venezuelan government hopes to use the digital currency to skirt sanctions imposed by the United States and European Union, as well as reduce hyperinflation which has plagued the South American country’s economy."

'Deeply Disturbing': For Second Time This Year, Facebook Suspends Left-Leaning teleSUR English Without Explanation  8/14/2018 Common Dreams: [FB also censors Black Lives Matter.] "Max Blumenthal, editor of The Grayzone Project, called Facebook's decision "deeply disturbing." He also noted that the platform recently banned, which like teleSUR offers a leftist perspective on Latin America, and raised alarm about Facebook's work with the Digital Forensic Research Lab, a project of the Atlantic Council, a NATO-backed, D.C.-based think tank:"

teleSUR English Removed From Facebook for Second Time  8/14/2018 teleSUR: "Meanwhile, followers and supporters of teleSUR English sent out tweets and posts on Facebook and Twitters and other social media websites denouncing the unexplained action by Facebook and arguing that such move is rooted into Facebook's own bias against outlets and news organizations that do not fit within the mainstream media landscape."

Capturados presuntos implicados en asesinato de lideres campesinos  8/13/2018 Alba TV: "Tras solicitud del Ministerio Público venezolano, fueron detenidos Joel Eduardo Garrido Lobo y Gustavo Enrique Carrillo Pérez, por su presunta responsabilidad en la muerte de Reyes Orlando Parra Delgado y José del Real Aguilar, voceros del Consejo de Productores Socialistas Los Lanceros de la Pascalina de Zaz, en el estado Barinas, Venezuela."

Who is to blame for the Venezuelan crisis?  8/9/2018 Daily Sabah, Turkey: "But it's a very well-known fact that almost every government, when threatened by a superpower like the U.S. gets stressed, becomes paranoid, tries to take control of everything to protect its sovereignty, and inevitably becomes more authoritarian and finally makes mistakes. That is what the U.S. does to the many countries that it cannot control, and it is exactly what it did to Venezuela."

A Deeper Look Into US Military Interference in Venezuela  7/20/2018 Venezuela Analysis: "They have already affected us. And it's not just about the economic effect, the absence of some goods, but also more abstract things. There are already a lot of people to whom the uncertainty of their daily lives has a psychological impact. We are isolated from other countries and nations, from ways of thinking; therefore we exist in isolation even towards the access to ideas. We cannot understand what stage we are experiencing, if we cannot see it from a different perspective. The lack of access to ideas means that we cannot understand how they will wage war against us."

Integration Can't Be Rhetoric, Must Be Real: Venezuela's Arreaza in Africa  7/9/2018 Venezuela Analysis: "We're building an agenda. We want to build a mixed commission of several ministries from both countries to solve problems. Integration can't be only rhetoric, declaratory, it must be real, it must solve problems,” said Jorge Arreaza, the Venezuelan foreign minister during his visit to Mozambique. Arreaza has been touring African countries in an effort to keep building south-south relations and national sovereignty. In South Africa Thursday, he met with government officials and celebrated the Venezuelan day of independence in front of a Simon Bolivar's memorial at the African country."

Integration Can't Be Rhetoric, Must Be Real: Venezuela's Arreaza in Africa  7/9/2018 Venezuela Analysis: "During an interview in Pretoria, Arreaza talked about the necessity of building south-south relations between Africa, Latin America and the Caribbean to improve sovereignty and take care of natural resources. “The whole world, all of humanity needs to resist the rhythm imposed by capitalism. Even from Africa, Latin America and the Caribbean we can change that rhythm and generate anti-capitalist processes so humanity can exist in the future,” he said."

VENEZUELA NO SERA SOMETIDA POR EL IMPERIALISMO  7/6/2018 8 Mandamiento: "El activista, Urbina, del Grupo Amigos de Nuestra América, (ANA) expreso en su análisis que “Estados Unidos esta practicando lo que el fascista Adolfo Hitler practico contra los judíos en la segunda guerra mundial que quemo a millones en campos de concentración. Hoy Trump persigue a millones de latinoamericanos, los separa de sus familias, los encarcelas y los tratas de escorias, solo faltaría llevarlo a las bodegas de cremación, y lo mas triste es que los gobiernos traidores del pueblos latinoamericano como Honduras, Guatemala y hasta ahora Mexico aceptan todas las vejaciones de este señor que a enloquecido en el poder."

We need to talk about the fact that Trump seriously considered invading Venezuela  7/6/2018 Vox: "According to multiple reports, Trump continuously asked his top advisers last August about a military option for overthrowing Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro and quelling the growing political and economic crisis his mismanagement of that country has wrought."

Donald Trump INVASION plot revealed - Venezuelan Army warned ‘do NOT lower your guard'  7/5/2018 Express: "Venezuela has been hit by economic chaos in recent years resulting in civil unrest, starvation and the imposition of sanctions by foreign states. Mr Trump suggested during a meeting with advisors last year the US could go one step further and launch a military invasion of Venezuela. A source close to the conversation said the president was immediately shut down and urged in the strongest possible terms not to give the idea further consideration."

Trump asked advisers about invading Venezuela in 2017  7/4/2018 CNN: "President Donald Trump last August asked several top foreign policy advisers about the possibility of invading Venezuela during a meeting about diplomatic sanctions the US was enacting on the autocratic government, a senior administration official familiar with the comments said. Trump's aides, including then-national security adviser HR McMaster, vigorously urged him against the notion of a military invasion of Venezuela, warning him it could backfire and explaining that US allies in the region were firmly opposed to such drastic action."


Cierre de la campaña presidencial de Hugo Chavez, 4/2012
ceased on-line activities in 2016

Right Wing Groups
Active Youth Venezuela United (JAVU) “white hands” movement
JAVU came out of the Organisation of Venezuelans in Exile (ORVEX), based in Miami
far-right, often violent movement based in the University of Los Andes
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