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Tribute to A Woman Warrior in Exile
, 11/29/02, NY


Nehanda Abiodun

Nehanda is a veteran of the New Afrikan independence struggle and a citizen of the Republic of New Afrika. Nehanda's work as an activist began at age ten as a tenant organizer. Later she worked with the National Black Human Rights Coalition, and then helping to heal addicts at the Black Acupuncture Association of North America with Dr. Mutulu Shakur. In 1982 Nehanda was indicted, along with Dr. Shakur and Sekou Odinga, for a Brinks truck expropriation. She went underground and later surfaced in Cuba. Nehanda is a member of the Malcolm X Grassroots Movement and works with Pablo Herrera on Black August and on their participation in the Cuban Rap Festival

Life Underground
By Nehanda Abiodun in BLU 9 

In the past I've resisted writing what it means to be underground, using security as an excuse, not wanting to give my enemies any more information than they already had. But I was fooling myself. The real reasons I didn't want to take on the task was because it meant looking honestly at what my being underground did to some people that I love; that I had to relive some painful moments; and that I had to finally find out if I had forgiven myself for my errors as well as the hurt that my decisions had caused others. I cannot write about underground in a technical or theoretical way, I can only write about the cause and effects as I lived them.

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Nehanda: Tribute to A Woman Warrior in Exile

Hosted by Mos Def

Tahir -Duo Live – Alkebulan - Queen Godis - Yejide The Night Queen

Alma Moyo – An Evening of Food, Music, and Performance

Video footage of Nehanda in Cuba
Cuban Artwork and Photography for sale

Bowery Poetry Club
301 Bowery Blvd. between Bleeker & Houston Streets
Friday, November 29, 2002 @ 10PM
Donation: $15.00

Political Exile Nehanda Isoke Abiodun lives in Havana, Cuba.  Abiodun is a veteran of the New Afrikan Independence Movement.  She was the former editor of the nationalist organization, the Republic of New Afrika’s newspaper the New Afrikan.  Her activism began at the age of ten as a tenant organizer.  Later she worked with the National Black Human Rights Coalition.  Her community activism also included working with Mutulu Shakur healing addicts in Harlem’s Black Acupunct

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