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Contacting SASA Music

New Fall 2000 Tours

Afro-Cuban All Stars

Buena Vista

Ibrahim Ferrer

Rubén González

Sierra Maestra

SASA Music, London

SASA MUSIC represents these groups :

Exclusively for Europe:

"Buena Vista Social Club presents Ibrahim Ferrer + Rubén González" On tour in Europe from April 25-June 3 and again June 25-August 6 2000.   See their page for dates.

Exclusively for Europe and Management:

"Juan De Marcos' Afro-Cuban All Stars" On tour in US in March-April 2000 . cf. IMN. On tour europe Europe late June - early August 2000. Dates to be announced.

Worldwide exclusive:

Sierra Maestra

They have a French feature film called "SALSA!" out in February in France and other countries of Europe in March onwards. It's a big feature film - released by Universal as is the soundtrack - in which they star and play. Written by Jean-Claude Carričre and directed by Joyce Buńuel. Promotional dates for the film in France in January-February 2000, then normal tour in mid May-mid June 2000, then late August-September 2000.

Fall 2000 Tours

Autumn 2000

Contacting SASA Music

David Flower
309, Aberdeen House
22-24 Highbury Grove
London N5 2EA

David Flower

fax:(00-44)-0207 359 9233

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