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Soņando en Color

Musa Hixson, Organizer 

ARTIST(S): Marilyn Nance, Danny Simmons, Nyugen Smith, Gregory Coates, Derrick Adams, Musa Hixson, Kenya Robinson

SUJBECT: Soņando en Color is an examination of the response that Afro-Diasporan artists have to the socio-cultural climate and history of Cuba. This project seeks to explore the cultural footprint that Contemporary Cuba has made on the world, how people of African descent have reacted to this influence, and how that information relates to the world’s current socio-economic and political transitions. A portion of the proceeds raised for this project will be used to enhance the technological education of the children's art program at El Centro Experimental de Artes Visuals, in Havana, the host gallery for the exhibit portion of the Soņando en Color Project. 

RELEVANCE: With the advent of advances and accessibility of internet technology, media, photography and video equipment and social networking, individuals from various sectors of the African Diaspora have gained an unprecedented opportunity to interact and communicate. This accessibility has also created an environment of cross-cultural learning, production that moves beyond traditional barriers as they relate to communication, social action and the production and responses of artists. There now exists a new space where ideas are presented and validated on a broader platform and are digestible for global audiences. This project seeks to investigate reactions made by African Americans to the cultural landscape of Cuba and how these responses can influence future trends in global society.



Havana Biennial, 2012


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