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Roberto Vizcaino Guillot
master Afro Cuban drummer

A highly respected, Grammy winning Cuban percussionist, teacher and performer in various genres of music, mainly Afro-Cuban folkloric and popular music. For the last decade has been teaching percussion in two of Cuba's leading institutions for higher music education: the Instituto Superior de Arte and the Amadeo Roldan School of Music. He is a member of the faculty of traveling professors who teach summer classes in foreign countries through the Instituto Superior de Arte of Havana, Cuba.


In Madison, WI for the Spring '01 semester.

Boston Schedule, Mar 12-16

This semester Vizcaino is Tinker Visiting Scholar at the University 
of Wisconsin-Madison. From March 11-15 he is in residence in the 
Boston area, sponsored by DRCLAS. For more information please call 
Jill Netchinsky Toussaint, Outreach Coordinator, 617-495-9797, email

Monday 3/11................... RVG arrives in Boston 1:17 PM
NEC, Percussion session/workshop, Brown Hall, 4-6 PM

Tuesday 3/13............... 5-7 PM, MIT Music Workshop
(617) 253-2906

10-12 PM, Brandeis International Coffeehouse
( 781-736-2290)

Wednesday 3/14........... Afternoon, Tufts African Percussion 
Ensemble Jam
7 PM, Lecture/Demo at Tufts Univ, Medford, MA
Hotung Cafe at the Student Center
10-? Johnny D's, Somerville, with Sierra Maestra

Thursday 3/15.......... Boston Arts Academy (tentative)
Bembe at Berklee College of Music, public (tentative)

Friday 3/16........... RVG leaves for Madison

Feel free to call about the Community Event - Percussion Jam (bembe) 
on Thurs. You can help make it happen!


Plays with Chucho Valdez

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