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Carnaval Contact

Gloria Rolando Films on Carnaval:

- Los marqueses de Atarés

- El Alacrán

Carnaval - El Alacrán

Carnival in La Habana 2002
7/15/02 - 8/15/02

For Carnival, each neighborhood's "comparsa" practices for months to present its unique parading music and dance show. More than simple musical and dance contingents, these societies are in action all year round, performing a vital and ongoing role in the cultural life of the local communities.

During Carnival, outdoor street fairs and concerts featuring the hottest Cuban bands take place by the Malecon, Havana's sea front boardwalk. You will join thousands of Cubans celebrating the rebirth of one of Cuba's oldest traditions.

Carnaval was changed in 1998 and moved from February to July.

Photo above, right from El Alacrán, Gloria ROlando's film on a comparsa in Carnaval.

Carnaval de La Habana 15 de Julio del 2002 15 de Agosto del 2002 C. Habana Ciudad de La Habana Varios Sr. Francisco Cairo Silva, Telf.(537)323742 y 334242, Email:


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