On the way out / Pianissimo Concierto en Clave-s de Ifa

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"Pianisimo Concierto en Clave-s de I-fa" - installation
Alexis Esquivel

Casket, showcase, half fishbowl, half birdcage. There are sixteen letters in the dilogg˙n [the divination system of AfroCuban religion (Ifa)]. There are sixteen photocopies of black leaders who fought for the rights of their race and who are, for the most part, forgotten by their fellow Cubans. The wooden claves cluster together, float, or are completely submerged; they flirt with the light and obstruct the view of the portraits beyond them. The water rearranges and reflects. This web unsettles the spectator as much as it does the spirits that try to read the music scores with two large F clefs that are placed on the music stands that obliges them to interpret a strange symphony.

Pianissimo Concierto en Clave-S de I-Fa