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1/1/13 - 11/7/2016

Saturday  11/5/2016

Every nation has a shadow, according to Jungian scholars, and the cost of not facing it is dire  11/5/2016 Quartz: "“Just as all people have shadows, every society and nation, too, has shadows. If there are bright, shining aspects, there will definitely be a counterbalancing dark side,” Murakami said in his acceptance speech for the Hans Christian Andersen Literature Award 2016 on Oct. 30. He added: “At times, we tend to avert our eyes from the shadow, those negative parts, or else, try to forcibly eliminate those aspects. No matter how high a wall we build to keep intruders out, no matter how strictly we exclude outsiders, no matter how much we rewrite history to suit us, we just end up damaging and hurting ourselves.”"

Friday  11/4/2016

Air Cocaine: the Wild, True Story of Drug-Running, Arms Smuggling and Contras at a Backwoods Airstrip in the Clintons’ Arkansas  11/4/2016 Counterpunch: "The confession that Leach finally extracted from the CIA regarding its operations at Mena received scant notice from the press, with only the Wall Street Journal covering the report in any detail. The Post’s Walter Pincus wrote a short item on the report, faithfully echoing the CIA’s line that it had no involvement in “money laundering, narcotics trafficking, [or] arms smuggling.” Christopher Reed, a reporter with the Guardian, recalls asking a senior news executive at the Los Angeles Times if the paper had investigated the allegations of drugs and arms smuggling at Mena. “Yes,” the executive told Reed. “But nobody in authority would confirm it.”"

Friday  10/28/2016

Traditional Chiefs Call for an End to Oil Palm Project on Their Lands  10/28/2016 EIA: "In a letter sent to the President of Cameroon on October 25, 2016, Traditional Chiefs from seven villages of the Nguti Subdivision in Cameroon, have formally withdrawn their support to the controversial Sithe Global Sustainable Oils Cameroon (SGSOC) project. They are requesting the President to put an end to the company’s activities on their native lands. The 13,195 hectares of land from the villages cover nearly two thirds of the current SGSOC land concession, which is approximately the size of the District of Columbia (DC). According to the Chiefs, SGSOC acquired their lands by corrupt means and did not carry out a proper consultation process. In the years since SGSOC first acquired a land lease, the company has also failed to comply with the requirements established by the 2013 Presidential Decree and to meet its commitments towards communities."

Sunday  10/23/2016

Here’s What Nobody Understands About Race in America  10/23/2016 Alternet: "The real driver of inequality, then, is not an individual’s level of education and productivity, but the resources that parents and grandparents are able to transmit."

Thursday  10/6/2016

Donald Trump Is Setting a Time Bomb  10/6/2016 Slate: "Now, he wants his supporters to monitor the polls in places where, he says, “fraud” is likely. “You’ve gotta go out, and you’ve gotta get your friends, and you’ve gotta get everyone you know and you’ve gotta watch your polling booths, because I hear too many stories about Pennsylvania, certain areas,” said Trump at a recent rally. “I hear too many bad stories and we can’t lose an election because of you know what I’m talking about. So go and vote and go check out areas, because a lot of bad things happen and we don’t wanna lose for that reason.” What does Trump mean by “areas?” It’s simple: He means places where black people live and vote, a dog whistle calibrated to an audience of voters who have lived off of a decade of conspiracymongering, from breathless theorizing over the obscure New Black Panthers to hysteria over groups that register voters and bring them to the polls, such as ACORN. And in particular, Trump is speaking to the idea—propagated through conservative media—that Barack Obama stole the 2008 and 2012 elections by using fraud and other nefarious tactics in cities like Philadelphia."

Monday  10/3/2016

Black Lives Matter Co-Founder Alicia Garza on the Global Movement for Black Lives  10/3/2016 Moyers and Co: "We are demanding an end to the war on black people, in this country and around the world. The platform is centered around ending the seemingly endless onslaught facing black communities globally. The policy platform clearly states what we want — reparations, an end to the war on black people, economic justice, an investment in our futures and a divestment in our destruction, community control and political power."

Tuesday  9/27/2016

A Reading Guide to True the Vote, the Controversial Voter Fraud Watchdog  9/27/2016 Pro Publica: "Despite scant evidence of voter fraud, the group is laser-focused on weeding it out. It has pushed for voter-ID laws, voter roll purges and other controversial voting-related measures in a host of states. (Here is our guide to the voter ID controversy, where we note that evidence on both sides of the issue is lacking.) True the Vote also has promised to deliver 1 million volunteer poll watchers on Election Day, though its resources appear to be quite modest."

U.S. owes black people reparations for a history of ‘racial terrorism,’ says U.N. panel  9/27/2016 WaPo: "In particular, the legacy of colonial history, enslavement, racial subordination and segregation, racial terrorism and racial inequality in the United States remains a serious challenge, as there has been no real commitment to reparations and to truth and reconciliation for people of African descent," the report stated. "Contemporary police killings and the trauma that they create are reminiscent of the past racial terror of lynching."

Saturday  9/24/2016

La Causa Justa de la Paz y la Unidad  9/24/2016 Cubadebate: "Piedad Córdoba, es una de las mujeres más destacadas de la política colombiana. En medio de su agitada agenda nos permitió conversar sobre muchos temas de la actualidad colombiana, más que una entrevista, fue un diálogo reflexivo y con el cuidado que el momento político requiere. La ex senadora y luchadora por la paz habló con nosotros de sus perspectivas sobre los tiempos por venir en Colombia."

Monday  9/12/2016

Yes, half of Trump supporters are racist  9/12/2016 WaPo: "The American National Election Studies, the long-running, extensive poll of American voters, asked voters in 2012 a basic test of prejudice: to rank black and white people on a scale from hardworking to lazy and from intelligent to unintelligent. The researchers found that 62 percent of white people gave black people a lower score in at least one of the attributes. This was a jump in prejudicial attitudes from 2008, when 45 percent of white people expressed negative stereotypes."

Thursday  9/8/2016

Ferguson protest leader Darren Seals shot and found dead in a burning car  9/8/2016 Guardian: "Several activists said that some of Seals’ criticisms of the national movement resonated with them. “We all kind of felt like we were kind of getting other people rich and getting other people fame for our oppression,” Masri said. “We were left here to suffer from the systemic abuse from the police. And, like, I don’t care about credit, as long as the job gets done. But the thing is, the job hasn’t got done.” The national movement’s current demands “are in a language that I don’t speak”, his friend and fellow activist Tory Russell said. “This movement jargon, this terminology, are not for working people. The movement is not geared towards working-class black people, and D Seals could always call that out.”

Activists point fingers at police over suspicious death of Ferguson protester Darren Seals  9/8/2016 Russia Today: "yea 10 detectives pulled me and my 14 year old brother over, pointed guns on us, and told me "choose your enemies wisely""

Wednesday  9/7/2016

Who killed Ferguson activist Darren Seals?  9/7/2016 WaPo: "Heather De Mian, an activist and livestreamer who remains a mainstay at St. Louis-area demonstrations about policing and who on Tuesday night livestreamed from the vigil, said she was dismayed that, when she arrived on the scene various pieces of debris from the vehicle and what appeared to be shell casings had been left behind by police investigators. “The memorial is constructed on top of his car door, which the police just left there,” De Mian said. “You would think the car door would be important evidence, that there might be fingerprints, you know. The police just left it there.”

Tuesday  9/6/2016

The Stream - South African school girl's afro sparks racism debate  9/6/2016 Aljazeera / YouTube: #StopRacismatPretoriaGirlsHigh

Friday  9/2/2016

What Does Black Lives Matter Want?  9/2/2016 Counterpunch: "On August 1 the Movement for Black Lives (M4BL), a coalition of over sixty organizations, rolled out “A Vision for Black Lives: Policy Demands for Black Power, Freedom & Justice,” an ambitious document described by the press as the first signs of what young black activists “really want.”

After huge Venezuela protest march, government says foils coup  9/2/2016 Reuters: "Venezuela's socialist government said on Friday it thwarted a coup plot this week as opponents planned to build on their biggest protest in more than a decade with further street action demanding a referendum to remove the president. Buoyed by rallies in Caracas on Thursday that drew hundreds of thousands, the opposition coalition is planning more marches on Sept. 7 to demand a plebiscite against President Nicolas Maduro this year. But with the election board dragging out the process and Maduro vowing there will be no such vote in 2016, it is hard to see how the opposition can force it."

Sunday  8/28/2016

A Guide to the Alt-Right, Modern White Supremacists Bolstering Trump  8/28/2016 Alternet: “Immigration is a kind a proxy war—and maybe a last stand—for White Americans, who are undergoing a painful recognition that, unless dramatic action is taken, their grandchildren will live in a country that is alien and hostile.”

Friday  8/19/2016

Surveillance Of Black Lives Matter Movement Recalls COINTELPRO  8/19/2016 Huff Post: "Allen-Bell also said it was highly unlikely that white preachers with similar, if not larger followings, would be considered potential threats to national security. “Why should [Mckesson] raise a concern if he is exposing a viewpoint that he feels is going to generate progress, ultimately, in this country? There’s no violence attached to this. There’s no sinister plot … None of that has emerged.”"

Tuesday  8/16/2016

Alan Dershowitz: Black Lives Matter Must Rescind Its Anti-Israel Declaration  8/16/2016 Algemeiner: by Alan Dershowitz

Wisconsin 2014 Governor True Vote/Exit Poll Analysis Indicates Fraud  8/16/2016 Richard Charnin: "The key to understanding how elections are rigged is to study the exit polls and cumulative vote shares.The pattern keeps repeating: exit polls are adjusted to match the recorded vote. It’s a fact. The pollsters admit it, but claim it is to correct the errant polls. The assumption is that the recorded vote count is pristine and there is no fraud. At least that is what the pollsters and pundits would like us to believe. Unadjusted exit polls are not released until years later, so we are left with the adjusted polls (national, state, governor) for clues. In order to adjust the exit poll to match the recorded vote, the returning voter mix from the previous election and/or each candidate’s share of returning and new voters must be changed."

Monday  8/15/2016

Milwaukee’s War on Black People  8/15/2016 Alternet: "“It’s the police. This is the madness that they spark up. This is what they encourage. This is what they provoke. This is what you get. You take a loved one from something, this is what you get,” Smith declared on Saturday, standing in view of an auto parts store engulfed in flames. “I don’t know when it’s going to end. But it’s for y’all to start. We’re not the ones that’s killing us. Y’all killing us. We can’t make a change if you all don’t change.”"

Sunday  8/14/2016

Will Conflict over the Centrality of LGBTQ Issues Drive a Wedge in the #BlackLivesMatter Movement?  8/14/2016 Atlanta Black Star: "However, for some Black activist groups, this poses a problem. Some, including Black nationalists and cultural nationalists, believe that the movement for Black liberation should place race first, and that LGBTQ issues have no place. And they disapprove of the intersectionality of race and sexual orientation that is promoted in the movement. The division was brought to the fore in Atlanta, where a man named Sir Maejor Page was booted from the official local Black Lives Matter chapter — Black Lives Matter Atlanta — and formed his own nonprofit organization called Black Lives Matter of Greater "

Wednesday  8/3/2016

What’s a Class Revolution Without Black People?  8/3/2016 Politico: "Sanders had some high-profile minority surrogates, but in exit polling data from 27 states, black voters ultimately rejected him by a margin of 7 to 1, and Clinton won the Latino vote by double digits. Jill Stein is now making an overt play for Sanders’ voters, but her supporters are overwhelmingly white, too: She has the support of only 3 percent of non-white people, according to a late July CNN poll, compared to Hillary Clinton’s 61 percent."

Monday  8/1/2016

The Merikins: heroes of the forgotten war  8/1/2016 Caribbean Beat: "Two hundred years ago, a group of free black veterans of the War of 1812 arrived in Trinidad. In the island’s deep south, the villages they founded still preserve the traditions of the “Merikins."

Why this black Bernie Sanders delegate says he doesn't have the luxury of going "Bernie or Bust"  8/1/2016 Vox: "If Donald Trump wins, he's more likely to appoint judges who oppose Black Lives Matter and criminal justice reform, and who think that police officers — who can kill black people without being charged — already don't have enough power. That means if my kids get shot, the officers who did it would become less likely to be charged," he says. "This isn’t theory for us. It’s reality."

Tuesday  7/26/2016

When Black Lives Surely Didn’t Matter  7/26/2016 Consortium News: "A couple of days ago, ex-Grand Dragon of the Ku Klux Klan and Louisiana Republican Party member David Duke announced his candidacy for the U.S. Senate, crediting the political statements and announced agenda of Donald Trump and, presumably, the platform of the Republican Party. Months earlier, after Duke publicly endorsed Trump for President, Trump unconvincingly claimed that he didn’t know anything about Duke."

Friday  7/22/2016

Blue Lives Matter: Police Exceptionalism Leading America Toward Second Civil War  7/22/2016 Anti Media: "“The overarching message is that hate crimes will not be tolerated in Louisiana,” Gov. Bel Edwards proclaimed as he signed the nation’s first such bill into law. Perhaps Edwards should re-examine the definition of hate crimes and take a look at the blatant racism spewed by fans and administrators of the Blue Lives Matter Facebook page — consisting of officers past and present, as well as their ardent, unapologetic subservients — who stumble over one another in disturbingly graphic calls for violence against members of the peaceful Black Lives Matter movement."

Thursday  7/21/2016

Miami shooting: Man shot by cops was lying down with hands up, lawyer says  7/21/2016 CNN: ""I'm like, 'Sir, why did you shoot me?'" Kinsey said he asked the officer. "He said to me, 'I don't know.'""

Wednesday  7/20/2016

Is Blue Lives Matter a Racist Hate Group?  7/20/2016 Alternet: "The pro-cop, Trump-linked movement’s main Facebook community is a cesspool of racist rants and violent threats."

Cop shoots caretaker of autistic man playing in the street with toy truck  7/20/2016 Miami Herald 

Monday  7/18/2016

The Saudis Did 9/11  7/18/2016 AntiWar: "It would not be stretching the evidence to bluntly state that the suppressed 28 pages of the Joint Inquiry report on the 9/11 terrorist attacks places agents of the Saudi government at the epicenter of the plot. In short, there’s no two ways about it: the Saudis did 9/11."

A Sheriff Who Called Black Lives Matter ‘Black Slime’ Is Speaking at the Republican Convention  7/18/2016 Mother Jones: "He's referred to Black Lives Matter as "black slime" and "garbage," and he's called Michael Brown, Eric Garner, Freddie Gray, and Trayvon Martin "goons," "criminal creep(s)," "criminals" and "co-conspirators in their own demise.""

Chants Encounter  7/18/2016 Snopes: "A perpetually recirculating video of Black Lives Matter protesters chanting for "dead cops" dates to December 2014 and is unrelated to BLM protest events occurring in July 2016."

Sunday  7/17/2016

How We Know Russia Shot Down MH17  7/17/2016 Daily Beast: "The vast majority of the evidence adds credibility to the theory that an anti-aircraft Buk missile launcher, controlled by either Russian soldiers or Russian-backed fighters and fired from a field south of the town of Snezhnoye, destroyed the commercial airliner. "

Saturday  7/16/2016

Sorry Conservatives, New Research from Harvard Shows a Profound Amount of Racism by Police…Not Less of It  7/16/2016 Alternet: "Freyer’s research on police use of lethal force is not a definitive rebuttal or wholesale rejection of the racial disparities that exist in how America’s cops treat black people as compared to whites. For example, it does not disprove that the recent video recorded killings of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile were driven by anti-black racism. Freyer’s conclusions, like other research of this type, speak to macro-level societal phenomenon and not every individual case. While many conservatives are crowing about Freyer’s finding that police may not, in fact, be more likely to use lethal force against black people, they are conveniently refusing to acknowledge how his work providesfurther evidence of anti-black bias (and casual, day-to-day brutality) by the country’s cops."

Thursday  7/14/2016

This Missouri Police Chief Completely Steals The Show at CNN’s Town Hall With a Blistering Reminder of KKK’s Role in Law Enforcement  7/14/2016 Atlanta Black Star: "inloch, Missouri police chief Col. K.L. Williams does not shy away from accusations claiming that the KKK has been infiltrating police departments around the country. “When you graduate from that police academy, I guarantee, that you will be indoctrinated in a philosophy that if you don’t tow the line you are going to have some problems,” says Williams. “If you think that racism and white supremacy is not involved in police departments, you better check yourself.”"

FBI Agents Visiting Black Lives Matter Activists Ahead Of GOP Convention  7/14/2016 Daily Caller: "The subject was brought up at a White House round-table meeting held on Wednesday by Black Lives Matter activist DeRay Mckesson. According to The Washington Post, Mckesson urged President Obama, who moderated the discussion, to instruct the FBI to stop contacting activists ahead of next week’s convention."

Leader of 60s Latino Group Says Unity Needed Now More Than Ever  7/14/2016 tekleSUR: "When he tried to call the main phone line of Occupy Wall Street, he said, he was sure the phone was tapped because he couldn’t get through. Several documented cases of FBI infiltration of Occupy Wall Street and of targeting Black Lives Matter activists have already come out, and more are expected to come. To successfully resist “divide and conquer” tactics, activists today must study the history of their predecessors to understand the mindset and scope of state intelligence, said Jimenez. Assassinations and arrests are a part of that history."

Wednesday  7/13/2016

Sanders Didn’t Lose the Black Vote: He Never Had It, and Never Asked Why  7/13/2016 Black Agenda Report: "The utterly unaccountable nature of traditional black leadership is why the Congressional Black Caucus mostly endorsed the militarization of cops, why it backs the arming and financing of apartheid in Israel, and doesn’t stand against gentrification or school privatization or the militarization of Africa, why it did not muster a peep of objection to the displacement of a quarter million black people from New Orleans and the Gulf after Katrina, or vote against the bailout of criminal banksters who sold predatory mortgages to black homeowners, stripping black America of 90% of family wealth in the 2007-08 housing meltdown. Without mapping out, acknowledging and questioning the lineup of forces arrayed against it, organizers of the Sanders campaign never even knocked on the door of black support. They were knocking on the black wall, unable to find the door. Behind that wall however, the black political class was able to produce an overwhelming black vote for Hillary, in keeping with its alliance to the most right wing and corporate dominated sectors of that party."

Joven afrodescendiente muere en Bogotá por no recibir una copa de licor  7/13/2016 Metro: "En la madrugada de este lunes un joven afrodescendiente de 20 años de edad, perdió la vida en hechos que aún son materia de investigación por parte de las autoridades. Los hechos ocurrieron en el barrio Palermo sur donde el joven que aparentemente había llegado del Chocó, en un aparente caso de intolerancia fue atacado en el pecho con un cuchillo, al parecer, por no recibir un trago de unos hombres."

FBI Incites Police Violence Against Black Lives Matter Protests Before They Even Happen  7/13/2016 teleSUR: "While President Barack Obama has called for changing the practices of police following the killing of the two Black men at the hands of white officers, the federal government is in fact encouraging the police to crackdown on Black protesters. Investigations by the Partnership for Civil Justice Fund’s found various federal agencies have regularly labeled peaceful protests as violent and incited local police departments against them for several years starting with the Occupy Wall Street protests in 2011."

Tuesday  7/12/2016

FBI Greenlights Crackdown on Black Lives Matter Protesters  7/12/2016 Alternet: "More than 100 peaceful protesters were arrested by police on Saturday. Police repeatedly swept into the crowd like a paramilitary force dressed as robots, giving no audible instructions and snatching people for arrest. More were arrested on Sunday by police who moved in wearing riot gear and plastic face masks, and banged their batons against riot shields in threatening unison."

The Young People Will Save Us: My Experience Marching With Black Lives Matter in Chicago  7/12/2016 Alternet: "When repeatedly asked by the marchers, “If it is only a few cops that are ‘rotten apples’ then why not turn them in to protect your reputations?” the police looked extremely uncomfortable and disturbed. The fundamental truth of that statement seemed to have caused them to experience a moment of cognitive dissonance."

Monday  7/11/2016

Bernie Sanders didn't really try to win black vote, campaign staffers tell website  7/11/2016 NOLA: "Bernie Sanders did horribly with black voters. And that, even more than his not actually being a Democrat, might explain why he won't be the Democratic nominee for president of the United States. Given his talk about wanting to lead the way toward a political revolution – and not just your typical liberalism – what accounts for his inability to get black votes? It may be as simple as his decision not to fight for them."

Sunday  7/10/2016

How Bernie Sanders lost black voters  7/10/2016 Fusion: "As a black progressive, Glover was drawn to Sanders’ message of free public college, dismantling Wall Street, and rectifying economic inequality. Surely, Glover believed, he could get black students to feel the same enthusiasm for Sanders as the young white folks who screamed the senator’s name in packed arenas around the country. But it didn’t take long for him to feel that the campaign had no real interest in converting young black progressives into a powerful voting bloc that could have made Sanders truly competitive against Clinton."

Friday  7/8/2016

Color y espiritualidad en la vestimenta afrodescendiente  7/8/2016 El Tiempo, Cuenca, Ecuador: "La diversidad de colores en sus prendas, collares hechos con semillas y un turbante que cubre la cabeza de las mujeres; pantalones cortos y un pañuelo en el caso de los hombres es parte de la vestimenta tradicional del pueblo afroecuatoriano, especialmente de los que se ubican en Esmeraldas."

Thursday  7/7/2016

Asesinato de dos afrodescendientes reaviva las protestas contra el racismo en EE.UU.  7/7/2016 teleSUR: "Esta semana dos hombres afrodescendientes fueron asesinados violentamente por la Policía. Cientos salieron a las calles para exigir justicia."

Monday  7/4/2016

Brown sugar  7/4/2016 La Diaria, Uruguay: "Eran unas 100 mujeres que ocupaban 21 de los escalones del Palacio Legislativo. Tacos, motas teñidas, aros enormes, brillantina, piel morena. Se agruparon y sonrieron ante los clics repetidos del fotógrafo. Se las veía desde lejos y estaban ahí para, justamente, visibilizar los problemas de las mujeres afro en Uruguay; la foto, ampliada a gigantografía, se presentará el 25 de julio, el Día de la Mujer Afrolatina, Afrocaribeña y de la Diáspora, en el anexo del Parlamento. Es una más de las actividades -talleres, debates, charlas- del Mes de la Afrodescendencia, elegido por el Ministerio de Desarrollo Social."

Thursday  6/30/2016

Are Police Targeting Black Lives Matter Activists Ahead of the GOP Convention?  6/30/2016 Mother Jones: "With the Republican National Convention fast approaching in Cleveland, tensions over security are mounting. Presumptive GOP nominee Donald Trump is expected to draw thousands of protesters and the scene outside the convention could turn volatile. At least two outside police departments have pulled out of the security effort, citing concerns that the city is ill-prepared. And the American Civil Liberties Union sued Cleveland over protest rules it views as draconian. (A settlement was reached last week.) Now, local and federal authorities have begun aggressively tracking activists—including members of the Black Lives Matter movement who have helped spotlight Cleveland's brutal policing problems. Last week, law enforcement agents began visiting the homes of known activists in Cleveland."

Tuesday  6/28/2016

Comunidades afrodescendientes, las más amenazadas por la minería a cielo abierto  6/28/2016 El Espectador: "En una investigación elaborada por la Oficina de las Naciones Unidas contra las Drogas y el Delito (Unodc) y los ministerios de Justicia, Ambiente y Minas, divulgada este martes en Bogotá, quedó en evidencia que del total de las zonas del país donde se explota oro de aluvión (también llamado a cielo abierto), el 46% está concentrado en zonas de consejos comunitarios, es decir, en territorios en los que hay presencia de poblaciones y organizaciones afrocolombianas, raizales y palenqueras. (Vea aquí la infografía: Minería ilegal de oro a cielo abierto: una amenaza para la naturaleza)."

Sunday  6/26/2016

Todos los ecuatorianos son afrodescendientes  6/26/2016 El Telegrafo: "Una investigación realizada en el país revela que la media de la población del país tiene 10% de genes afro."

Friday  6/24/2016

Denuncian racismo contra una joven afrodescendiente en Medellín  6/24/2016 Caracol Radio: “Yo decía: ¿por qué sentirme avergonzada?, Por el contrario, me acomodé mejor, me siguieron mirando, y al ver que el señor conductor arranca y verificar que nadie se iba a sentar, me acomodé mejor. Yo no me tenía que sentir avergonzada, por el contrario debieron ser ellos que creen que en pleno 2016 son una raza superior."

Fundación Afrodescendiente “Argelia Laya” impulsa valores culturales en San Francisco  6/24/2016 Panorama: "Con la finalidad de rescatar la cultura de los pueblos, el Gobierno Bolivariano de la Ciudad de San Francisco, impulsa y apoya la Fundación Afrodescendiente de Venezuela “Argelia Laya”, preservando la historia que nos define como país. Esta fundación se ha hecho presente en la Ciudad de San Francisco, apoyando la Revolución Bolivariana de Venezuela, en el gran esfuerzo que realiza para hacer visibles y dignificar las distintas culturas que forman parte de la historia de nuestro país."

Wednesday  6/22/2016

Nicolás Maduro pidió a los afrodescendientes que estén alertas a su llamado para "defender la paz en Venezuela"  6/22/2016 Infobae: "Esta jornada Maduro recibió a los afrodescendientes, como lo ha hecho desde hace varias semanas con diferentes sectores a los que ha convocado a marchas, para rechazar las supuestas intenciones desestabilizadoras de la oposición."

Tuesday  6/21/2016

Cultura y herencia afrodescendiente se enaltecen en Venezuela  6/21/2016 Venezuela: "“Tenemos que sentirnos orgullosos de ser cimarrones, es la cultura de la alegría, del amor, de la rebeldía que se enfrentó al odio, al esclavismo y al racismo”, sostuvo el Mandatario nacional, al tiempo en que convocó a la unión nacional en función de erradicar toda forma de discriminación en el país, con la promoción de una nueva cultura de igualdad, especialmente a través de los medios de comunicación."

Monday  6/20/2016

Marcha Afrodescendiente inclusión con desición y contra la injerencia extranjera  6/20/2016 Aporrea: "Entre el 18 y 21 de junio del año 2000, en San José de Barlovento, después de un largo proceso de construcción de un discurso desde las y los sujetos sociales afrovenezolanos durante dos décadas y con el vientre orgánico de la Fundación Afroamérica y de la Unión de Mujeres Negras de Venezuela, surgiría el primer núcleo articulador de las organizaciones afrovenezolanas, que llamamos para ese momento Red de Organizaciones Afrovenezolanas."

Cop Kills Civilian During Act of Road Rage — Officer Not Arrested, Gets Vacation Instead  6/20/2016 Free Though Project: "A 22-year-old man was shot dead in Palm Bay, Florida, by an off-duty Brevard County Sheriff’s deputy in a fit of uncontrolled road rage late Sunday morning, marking the latest in incidents involving police coming unhinged and targeting civilians. Deputy Yousef Hafza, a veteran cop with 11 years in law enforcement, shot Clarence Mahogany X. Howard in an apparent case of road rage, though details about what took place remain murky, unnamed investigators told local ABC affiliate, WFTV 9."

Afrovenezolanos marcharán en respaldo a la soberanía del país  6/20/2016 teleSUR: "Pueblo venezolano afrodescendiente se movilizará en rechazo a la injerencia extranjera que pretende desestabilizar el proceso revolucionario en el país suramericano."

Sunday  6/19/2016

Clarence Mahogany X Howard, 22  6/19/2016 EBWiki: "The Florida Department of Law Enforcement is investigating after an off-duty Brevard County Sheriff's Office deputy fatally shot a 22-year-old man in an apparent road rage incident in the area of Emerson Drive and St. John's Heritage Parkway in Palm Bay."

Friday  6/17/2016

Bernie Sanders Flips Off Black Voters On His Way Out the Door  6/17/2016 Mediaite: "That’s it. Black people got tacked onto a few lists of other things, and some lines about failing schools and criminal justice reform. Or to put it another way, what black voters could expect from a Rand Paul speech. Not a syllable about ending police brutality or racial profiling, nothing about the Voting Rights Act or any other Republican schemes to disenfranchise black voters, and those are just the easy ones. Fifty-six seconds out of 23 minutes, and none of the bullet points he rushed up onto his website when #BlackLivesMatter protesters hassled him almost a year ago. Yeah, black voters had Bernie all wrong, didn’t they?"

Tuesday  6/14/2016

Little Known Black History Fact: Ho Chi Minh’s Black Connection  6/14/2016 Black America Web: Robert Williams had a dialog with Ho Chi Minh that included this topic - "During the time Ho was in Harlem, he was said to have attended several meetings and lectures by the UNIA leader and pan-Africanist, Marcus Garvey. Garvey’s words may have influenced him. In 1924, Ho published a pamphlet titled “The Black Race” (translated from French) which detailed the conditions and horrors African-Americans faced under the false democracy of America."

Monday  6/13/2016

The Secret Files of the JFK Assassination  6/13/2016 Alternet: "The following is the final chapter in the new ebook CIA & JFK: The Secret Assassination Files by former Washington Post reporter Jefferson Morley."

Dirigentes de la comunidad afrodescendiente de Colombia, amenazados de muerte tras enfrentarse a las multinacionales mineras  6/13/2016 Cronica de Aragon: "El Grupo de Trabajo de Expertos de la ONU sobre los Afrodescendientes ha expresado su alarma por las informaciones sobre la violencia que ese grupo étnico sufre en Colombia, y llama a las autoridades del país a adoptar medidas concretas para proteger a esas comunidades. El llamamiento se produce después de que varios dirigentes afrocolombianos hayan sido objeto de intimidación, incluso de amenazas de muerte, mientras realizan campañas a favor de sus derechos territoriales."

Sunday  6/12/2016

Muestra fotográfica de afromexicanos ayudará contra el racismo: CDHEH  6/12/2016 El Sol de Hidalgo: ""Es relevante desde muchos puntos de vista", así califica José Alfredo Sepúlveda Fayad, presidente de la Comisión de Derechos Humanos del estado de Hidalgo (CDHEH), la exposición fotográfica Lo de Candela: afrodescendientes en la Costa Chica de Guerrero y Oaxaca."

Saturday  6/11/2016

El bar que no acepta negros  6/11/2016 El Espectador: "La historia de una activista contra el racismo desde hace dos décadas, que recientemente fue víctima de discriminación en un exclusivo bar del norte de Bogotá. Analiza acciones ante la justicia y evidencia que el fenómeno crece."

Friday  6/10/2016

FBI will review Jacksonville police shooting that killed suspect Vernell Bing Jr. in May  6/10/2016 Florida Times Union: "Southern Christian Leadership Conference spokesman Ben Frazier, whose organization’s June 4 statement called Bing’s death “an execution” and an unjustified police shooting, said this kind of independent assessment is imperative “to ensure accountability and trust.” “It is a move in the right direction,” Frazier said. “We don’t want to get too excited except to say that we have never been satisfied with the internal investigations.”"

Thursday  6/9/2016

Why Bernie Sanders Lost, Part I: He Was Unrealistic About Race  6/9/2016 Madame Noire: "While Ferguson burned and marches against police violence and systematic racism raged on in the streets, Sanders was still talking about poverty and championing the cause of getting everyone jobs as a solution to everyone’s problems."

Tuesday  6/7/2016

The Social Media Profile of the Black Lives Matter Movement  6/7/2016 GA Tech: "Researchers at the Georgia Institute of Technology looked at nearly 29 million tweets surrounding four recent Black Lives Matter (BLM) events to identify the social media patterns of its activists. They found that the community is unlike many other social movements because of its ability to bond over the course of many months. More than a third of those who participated via social media for the first time continued their participation during the next BLM event. The study also found being from a state with historically high rates of black victimization due to police violence, especially in the South and Midwest, was linked to peoples’ response on social media even if the state wasn’t the scene of the current BLM event."

Friday  6/3/2016

New Poll Shows Divide Amongst Blacks in Democratic Race  6/3/2016 Black Youth Project: "In the Democratic primary race, there seems to be a large divide between the older and younger African-Americans. Many black voters under 30 favor Senator Bernie Sanders, while older African-Americans are overwhelmingly and unsurprisingly backing Hillary Clinton."

Tuesday  5/31/2016

“En La Habana no nos están escuchando”: Francia Márquez, líder afrodescendiente del Cauca  5/31/2016 El Pais: "Usted hizo parte del grupo de víctimas que viajaron a La Habana para discutir el proceso de paz con las Farc. ¿Cómo analiza los diálogos en el contexto del Cauca? Todos queremos que se firme un fin del conflicto, pero la verdad es que este proceso tiene muchos intereses económicos y se está haciendo para favorecer, sobre todo, a empresarios. Hay cosas que no se están discutiendo en La Habana que son muy importantes para el departamento del Cauca, tanto para las comunidades indígenas como para las comunidades negras."

Sunday  5/29/2016

Casi 60 arrestos en el primer día del festival urbano de Miami Beach  5/29/2016 Cibercuba: "No obstante, la Policía de Miami Beach percibe que hasta el momento esta fiesta espontánea que se inició el viernes y atrae a miles de personas a las calles de Miami Beach, en su mayoría afroamericanos, transcurre con normalidad y sin mayores incidentes."

Thursday  5/26/2016

Watch Black Lives Matter co-founder confront FBI director in Birmingham  5/26/2016 AL: "At the end of his 20-minute speech, Birmingham Black Lives Matter co-founder Avee-Ashanti Shabazz stood from his seat in the balcony and began shouting down at Comey."

Tuesday  5/24/2016

Asesinan a médica comunitaria en Turmero tras denunciar a bachaqueros, policías y delincuentes locales  5/24/2016 La Tabla: "Una médica integral comunitaria de 44 años de edad fue asesinada de un tiro en la cabeza entre la noche del sábado y la madrugada de este domingo, en una comunidad popular de la ciudad de Turmero, municipio Santiago Mariño del estado Aragua, a unos 80 kilómetros al occidente de la capital venezolana."

Monday  5/23/2016

Vernell Charles Bing Jr, 22  5/23/2016 EBWiki: "Neighborhood residents said gunfire erupted about 5:50 p.m. after a red Camaro convertible fleeing police collided with a squad car. The Camaro then crashed into the side of a building at East Ninth and Liberty streets. The Camaro driver was shot after he bailed out of the car and fled while limping, residents said."

Sunday  5/22/2016

Comunidad afrodescendiente radicada en el Pacífico celebran el Mayo es Ya  5/22/2016 El 19: "Con la alegría, el humor, la música, el baile y la gastronomía que les caracteriza, los miembros de la comunidad afrodescendiente radicada en Puerto Sandino, Nagarote, celebraron la tradicional fiesta “Mayo es Ya” en el Puerto Salvador Allende. En este concurrido atractivo turístico, ubicado a orillas del lago Xolotlán, la comunidad caribeña desarrolló una jornada de celebración tradicional, trayendo un poquito de la Costa Caribe nicaragüense para el disfrute de la familia del Pacífico."

Friday  5/20/2016

#BernieLostMe: Black Voters Use Hashtag Explaining Why They Won’t Vote For Bernie Sanders  5/20/2016 Hip Hop Wired: "Black voters took to Twitter earlier this week to share why they aren’t voting for Bernie Sanders. The explanations are…interesting."

Monday  5/16/2016

Un homenaje a la mujer afrodescendiente a lo largo del continente  5/16/2016 Radio Nacional de Colombia: "Úrsula Mena de Colombia, Bruna Pereira de Brasil y Teresa Cárdenas de Cuba reflexionan con Andreiza Anaya de Afrocolombia sobre el rol de las mujeres en las artes, la cultura y la participación política."

Friday  5/13/2016

El 14.9% de la población es afrodescendiente  5/13/2016 La Estrella de Panama: "El 14.9% de la población panameña es afrodescendiente, reveló este jueves el Instituto Nacional de Estadística y Censo de la Contraloría. Son 586 mil 221 personas, entre los 3 millones 931 mil 744 habitantes del país estimados a marzo de 2015. Este porcentaje varió considerablemente con relación al censo de 2010, que arrojó que el 9.2 % de la población era afrodescendiente."

Thursday  5/12/2016

FBI director: Fears of viral videos softens police work  5/12/2016 Washington Times: "The rift between President Obama and FBI Director James B. Comey over the impact of the Black Lives Matter movement deepened Thursday, with the White House again disputing Mr. Comey’s assertion that it’s the cause of spiking crime in major cities. “We just need to make sure that our policy approach to addressing this situation is rooted in evidence and facts,” said White House press secretary Josh Earnest. “It’s clear that we don’t have enough evidence at this point.”"

Wednesday  5/11/2016

The McDuffie Riots  5/11/2016 Miami Times: "“If the jury was half Black and half white would there have been a riot?” Dunn asked the room at HistoryMiami museum last week. “It was the most difficult thing I have seen in 75 years. It was worse than the 1926 hurricane. The hurricane damaged property. This damaged souls.”"

Tuesday  5/3/2016

Bernie Sanders isn't winning minority votes – and it's his own fault  5/3/2016 Guardian: "I left the press event extremely disappointed. Sanders lectured us about super-delegates. He obsessed over the possibility of Hillary Clinton failing to win enough pledged delegates. He spoke of a contested convention, and he recycled his well-worn talking points about inequality. Two things he failed to mention: black and Hispanic voters, two constituencies whose support he has failed, repeatedly, to gain."

Tuesday  4/26/2016

Las claves del asesinato de #HugoChávez #Cuba #Venezuela  4/26/2016 Cuba por siempre: "Había otro atentado, menos conocido, contra Chávez que fue descubierto en la ciudad de Nueva York durante su visita a la Asamblea General de las Naciones Unidas en septiembre de 2006. De acuerdo a la información proporcionada por los servicios de seguridad, durante los reconocimientos de seguridad estándar de un evento en el que Chávez se dirigiría al público estadounidense en una universidad local, se detectaron altos niveles de radiación en la silla en la que se habría sentado. La radiación fue descubierta por un detector Geiger, que es un dispositivo de detección de radiación de mano de la seguridad presidencial utilizado para asegurar que el presidente no estaba en peligro de exposición a los rayos radioactivos. En este caso, la silla fue retirada y las pruebas posteriores demostraron que emanaba cantidades inusuales de radiación que podrían haber causado un daño significativo a Chávez si no lo hubieran descubierto. De acuerdo con la seguridad presidencial, una persona estadounidense que había estado involucrado en el apoyo logístico para el evento y había proporcionado la silla de Chávez, pertenecía a la Inteligencia de Estados Unidos."

Thursday  4/21/2016

Concerned About Nuclear Weapons Potential, John F. Kennedy Pushed for Inspection of Israel Nuclear Facilities  4/21/2016 National Security Archive: "President John F. Kennedy worried that Israel’s nuclear program was a potentially serious proliferation risk and insisted that Israel permit periodic inspections to mitigate the danger, according to declassified documents published today by the National Security Archive, Nuclear Proliferation International History Project, and the James Martin Center for Nonproliferation Studies. Kennedy pressured the government of Prime Minister David Ben-Gurion to prevent a military nuclear program, particularly after stage-managed tours of the Dimona facility for U.S. government scientists in 1961 and 1962 raised suspicions within U.S. intelligence that Israel might be concealing its underlying nuclear aims."

Wednesday  4/20/2016

State park renamed for Broward Black pioneers  4/20/2016 Miami Times: "Marvin Dunn, a local historian and retired psychology professor, said the news out of Tallahassee earlier this month was a major feat. “The naming of state property for a Black person doesn’t happen often,” said Dunn, a local historian and retired psychology professor. “It’s a big win for Broward County.”"

Defensoría de Colombia denuncia asesinato de dos indígenas  4/20/2016 teleSUR: "El organismo instó a las autoridades a avanzar en las investigaciones para depurar responsabilidades, capturar a los autores materiales e intelectuales y adoptar las medidas preventivas a fin de evitar nuevos episodios."

Friday  4/15/2016

Clinton, Sanders, and the Myth of a Monolithic “Black Vote”  4/15/2016 New Yorker: "So far, Sanders has not won a majority of black voters in any contest with a large African-American population. But he has done much better with black voters in Midwestern states and with younger black voters across the country. These variances are one reason to start to unravel the myth of a monolithic black vote."

Tuesday  4/12/2016

The Paradox of Bernie Sanders and the Black Voter  4/12/2016 In These Times: "When Ta-Nehisi Coates gently chided Sanders for excluding reparations from his list of policy demands, the senator’s supporters went ballistic. Cedric Johnson in Jacobin and Paul Street in Counterpunch launched attacks that recalled those ideological screeds from the ‘70’s denouncing black nationalists as “bougie” class traitors. The significance of these ideological nuances made a brief appearance during a debate in Flint, Michigan, when Sanders’ response to a question about his “racial blind spots” implied that only black people live in “ghettos” and that most black people were poor."

Friday  4/8/2016

A Shock: Bernie is Actually Bagging Black Votes  4/8/2016 Huff Post: "He’s learned something else about race politics. It’s fine to talk about smashing wealth and income inequality, but that doesn’t do much when even black millionaires, business persons and professionals can be spread-eagled by police after a phony stop, or shadowed by store security in retail stores, or watch as cabs ignore their frantic signals to stop and breeze by them, or are excluded from contract bidding by the good ol’ boy system. Having all the wealth in the world means nothing in the face of naked and raw racial degradation."

Saturday  4/2/2016

Congreso de la Patria afrodescendiente (Opinión)  4/2/2016 Corre del Orinoco: "Por su significación histórica, a continuación incluimos la Declaración Política surgida a la luz de los debates realizados en Caracas como parte del Congreso de la Patria para el sector Afro y cuya lectura se hizo en el acto de lanzamiento en el Teatro Alameda de San Agustín el pasado 16 de marzo. Por cuestiones de espacio solo van los acuerdos."

Wednesday  3/30/2016

Governments Admit that Much of Modern History Has Been Manipulated By False Flag Attacks  3/30/2016 Washington's Blog: "In the following instances, officials in the government which carried out the attack (or seriously proposed an attack) admit to it, either orally, in writing, or through photographs or videos."

Monday  3/28/2016

#BernieMadeMeWhite: No, Bernie Sanders Isn't Just Winning With White People  3/28/2016 NPR: ""Among African-Americans, who are 17 through 29, Bernie Sanders is actually leading that group, 51 to 48 [percent]," he said. "Among 17- to 29-year-old Hispanics, Bernie Sanders leads Hillary Clinton 66-34.""

Wednesday  3/23/2016

16-Year-Old Suicidal Teen with Toy Gun Killed by Florida Police  3/23/2016 Atlanta Black Star: "A Black teen was killed Sunday night in Florida after calling police to say he was going to commit suicide. It took one hour for police to show up, and they shot and killed Robert Dentmond in front of his apartment building. Nine Gainesville Police Department officers and Alachua County Sheriff’s deputies shot at the 16-year-old in the parking lot, where bullets flew through the building and affected residents there, according to Fusion."

How an Orlando data scientist is helping #BlackLivesMatter make the case against police violence  3/23/2016 Orlando Weekly: "Using public records, online articles and crowdsourcing, Burghart found that in 2013, 1,271 people were killed during interactions with police. In 2014, that number increased to 1,295, and by 2015, it was 1,299. From 2008 to 2014, the average number of people killed by police was around 419 people per year, according to the FBI's Uniform Crime Reports. Why the discrepancy?"

Saturday  3/12/2016

How black, Latino and Muslim college students organized to stop Trump's rally in Chicago  3/12/2016 LA Times: "When black, Muslim and Latino student activists at the University of Illinois at Chicago heard last week that Donald Trump was planning a rally on campus, they did what any good organizers do in 2016: They went online. Within days, thousands of people had liked a Facebook page called "Stop Trump – Chicago." Tens of thousands added their names to a petition calling on the school to cancel the rally."

NYT Conceals U.S. Control Over Anti-Russian "Pro-Democracy Nonprofit"  3/12/2016 Moon of Alabama: "But the NYT writer hides from the readers the fact that the NDI is a U.S. government financed organization. It is a "nonprofit organization" in the same sense that the U.S. Armed Forces are a "nonprofit organization". The NDI has been involved throughout the years in dozens of right-wing "regime change" coups. Its direct parent organization is the U.S. National Endowment of Democracy:"

How Bernie Sanders Supporters Shut Down Donald Trump's Rally in Chicago  3/12/2016 NBC: "The pump was primed in Chicago, thanks to now near-constant demonstrations against Mayor Rahm Emanuel over the shooting of Laquan McDonald and other issues. Trump chose a venue, the University of Illinois-Chicago campus, in the heart of the city, where student organizers whipped a demonstration together. And activists tapped into existing networks of pro-Bernie Sanders and Black Lives Matter activists."

Thursday  3/10/2016

King: It doesn’t matter if he wins or not — Donald Trump has already awakened the white supremacist beast in America  3/10/2016 NY Daily News: "For six months I've been saying that what Donald Trump is primarily offering America is a brash new form of white supremacy. The most racist men and women in America agree. A mix of leading KKK and Neo-Nazi leaders have all come forward to say that Trump has not only energized their base — spiking their web traffic to the point of needing to buy more servers — but that he has single-handedly "sparked an insurgency" among their ranks."

Wednesday  3/9/2016

Lo peor para la clase dominante en Brasil sería la reelección de Lula, asegura Frei Betto  3/9/2016 Cubadebate 

Tuesday  3/8/2016

Afrodescendiente y afrovenezolano  3/8/2016 Aporrea: "No ha sido fácil convencer algunas personas concernidas en la discusión del término afrodescendiente o expresión equivalente donde antepongamos lo afro, como en la afroepistemología, sin embargo viendo el asunto del otro lado de nuestras fronteras marítimas al sur del océano Atlántico, en las nuevas relaciones diplomáticas iniciadas con este continente africano, es sorprendente e incomprensible que muchos africanos no sepan que han dejado una enorme herencia cultural que hemos incorporado con orgullo, lo cual hace a los afrovenezolanos tomar interés en lo que también se ha venido ocultando durante siglos y hoy se transforma lamentablemente en un estigma que se nos presenta asociado a la pobreza que efectivamente ha dejado el colonialismo, en lo salvaje y lo exótico, para ver como los presentan ante la opinión publica mundial."

Monday  3/7/2016

Recap: What We’ve Learned About Surveillance of Black Lives Matter  3/7/2016 BORDC: "Over the past year, news websites The Intercept and Vice have obtained numerous documents revealing how both the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), and local law enforcement extensively monitored the Black Lives Matter movement. Treating activists as terrorists leads to the criminalization of free speech and assembly."

Why Black Voters Don’t Feel the Bern  3/7/2016 Politico: "But Hillary Clinton’s support among African-Americans only surprises whites who caricature black politics as blindly radical, and radicals blinded with rage who unfairly blame Bill Clinton for the mass incarceration problem. The Clintons’ relationship with the African-American community has been deep and mutually beneficial, and it’s showing in the election tallies. Distorting the historical record ignores both Clintons’ warm ties to African-Americans and their impressive contributions to racial reconciliation, especially in the 1990s."

Sunday  3/6/2016

Chávez fue el primero…  3/6/2016 Diario la voz: "Por primera vez en la historia de la Organización de Estados Americanos, este febrero se conmemoró el mes de la herencia africana. Con este motivo, en el salón de las Américas de la sede la institución en Washington DC se celebró el evento “La diáspora afro en las Américas” auspiciado por 7 países, entre los que se encontraba la República Bolivariana de Venezuela. El acto contó con la presencia del secretario general de la OEA, Luis Almagro; el científico de la National Geographic, Andrés González; el representante permanente de Haití en la OEA, Bocchit Edmond; y el cónsul general de Venezuela en Nueva Orleans, Jesús Alberto García."

Wednesday  3/2/2016

Marco Rubio, esposo de colombiana, cuñado de narco y socio de Uribe  3/2/2016 Contrainjerencia: "Es que Rubio y Uribe, además de ensañarse contra Venezuela y sus aliados, llevan episodios en su historial que les vinculan, de una manera u otra, al narcotráfico… lo que abre bien grande la puerta a delicadas conjeturas."

How Bernie Sanders Lost The Black Vote Long Before Super Tuesday  3/2/2016 Fast Company: "After Super Tuesday, Bernie Sanders isn’t dead, but the challenges seem almost insurmountable. And despite millennial America’s love affair with Sanders, if he does end up losing the nomination to Hillary, it will be because African Americans supported Hillary more than young people supported Bernie. Had Sanders handled the Black Lives Matter takeover in Seattle more gracefully, would things have turned out differently? Maybe, maybe not. But first impressions are hugely important, and sometimes all it takes is four and a half minutes to change everything."

KING: As violence erupts at Super Tuesday Trump rally, it’s only a matter of time before someone gets killed at future events  3/2/2016 NY Daily News: "We now know that those Trump supporters are open bigots, Neo-Nazis, and white supremacists belonging to many different groups including the Traditionalist Worker Party — a well-documented hate group. Their social media profiles are full of Nazi photos, KKK and white supremacist references, and some of the most insulting, despicable hate speech you'll ever see."

The Push to Oust Maduro  3/2/2016 NYT: "After a coalition of opposition parties won control of Venezuela’s National Assembly in December, some of its leaders expressed hope that they could work with the government of President Nicolás Maduro to find solutions to the country’s crippling economic problems. Nearly two months since the new Parliament was sworn in, that conciliatory spirit has vanished."

Neo-Nazis at Trump rally caught on video roughing up black woman: ‘You’re scum, your time will come!’  3/2/2016 Raw Story: "She said the feeling was eerie and reminded her of historical photos from the civil rights movement of the 1950s and 1960s, and she said the white supremacists led a chant that chilled her. “You’re scum, your time will come, you’re scum, your time will come,” Helm said the white nationalists chanted at the demonstrators."

Details Emerge In The Assault Of Black Girl At Donald Trump Rally In Louisville  3/2/2016 Vibe: "The Daily News also reports that Trump himself was shouting “get them out of here” as Nwanguma was being assaulted. Watch her give her own account of the unfortunate Super Tuesday events below:"

Tuesday  3/1/2016


Monday  2/29/2016

Asesinan campesina en el corregimiento de Playa Rica municipio de el Tambo  2/29/2016 Asociación de Cabildos Indígenas del norte del Cauca-ACIN CXAB WALA KIWE: "Las organizaciones sociales integrantes de la Red por la Vida y los Derechos Humanos del Cauca DENUNCIAN ante la opinión pública el homicidio de MARICELA TOMBE, ocurrido a las 9:30 p.m. de la noche del domingo 28 de febrero en el casco urbano del corregimiento de Playa Rica municipio de El Tambo, cuando ella salía de un establecimiento público y un sujeto desconocido le disparó en su cabeza ocasionando de manera inmediata su deceso. MARICELA TOMBE de 36 años de edad y madre de dos menores, se desempeñó como Secretaria de la Junta de Acción Comunal de la Vereda Brisas, luego Presidenta de esta instancia y posteriormente Presidenta de la Asociación Campesina Ambiental de Playa Rica ASCAP en el periodo 2011 – 2014. Al momento, debido a su estado delicado de salud, había desistido de su trabajo en la organización campesina de ASCAP para concentrarse en su tratamiento médico."

En El Tambo, Cauca, lider campesina fue asesinada  2/29/2016 El Nuevo Liberal: "Comunidades campesinas de la zona rural de El Tambo, Cauca, rechazaron el asesinato de Maricela Tombé, líder comunitaria de esta zona del departamento. El hecho fue confirmado por la Asociación Campesina Ambiental de Playa Rica (ASCAP) organización campesina que fue liderada por la víctima, de 33 años de edad."

Gerald Ford White House Altered Rockefeller Commission Report in 1975; Removed Section on CIA Assassination Plots  2/29/2016 National Security Archive: "The Gerald Ford White House significantly altered the final report of the supposedly independent 1975 Rockefeller Commission investigating CIA domestic activities, over the objections of senior Commission staff, according to internal White House and Commission documents posted today by the National Security Archive at The George Washington University ( The changes included removal of an entire 86-page section on CIA assassination plots and numerous edits to the report by then-deputy White House Chief of Staff Richard Cheney. Today’s posting includes the entire suppressed section on assassination attempts, Cheney’s handwritten marginal notes, staff memos warning of the fallout of deleting the controversial section, and White House strategies for presenting the edited report to the public."

Thursday  2/25/2016

The Cabula 12: Brazil’s police war against the black community  2/25/2016 Al Jazeera: "As Salvador was kicking off Carnival, Brazil’s biggest party, earlier this month, a somber event was taking place in a poor neighborhood far from the gaudy music-blaring floats and drunken revelers. A few dozen residents of Cabula, the cinder-block favela, gathered to commemorate the murder of eight young black men and four black teenagers on Feb. 6, 2015. Witnesses said they last saw the 12 Cabula residents at around 3 a.m. on Feb. 6 of last year being led by a military police officers down a hill toward an empty dirt field surrounded by trees. Gunshots were heard, and shortly after the police were seen putting bodies in a truck and leaving the neighborhood. All of them were young, black and lived in the community."

David Duke: Voting against Trump is 'treason to your heritage'  2/25/2016 Politico: "The former Louisiana representative told listeners to start volunteering for Trump. “And I am telling you that it is your job now to get active. Get off your duff. Get off your rear end that’s getting fatter and fatter for many of you everyday on your chairs. When this show’s over, go out, call the Republican Party, but call Donald Trump’s headquarters, volunteer,” he said. “They’re screaming for volunteers. Go in there, you’re gonna meet people who are going to have the same kind of mind-set that you have.”"

Wednesday  2/24/2016

Why Clinton Is Connecting With Black Voters—and Sanders Isn't  2/24/2016 The Atlantic: “Hillary took it upon herself to listen to me when none of the leaders decided to lay in the street with us, march in the street with us, pour our hearts out and ask for help. Hillary heard my cry,” said Maria Hamilton, whose son Dontre was shot and killed by a Milwaukee police officer in 2014. “When Hillary called me in March, and her staffer told me I didn’t have to rally people in the street to shut her rally down, that she would talk to me, it changed my life.”

Saturday  2/20/2016

Black Miami police officers protest Beyoncé boycott  2/20/2016 ABC: "Do whatever is necessary" to put a stop to Ortiz's "antics" and "long pattern of irresponsible behavior," as he continues to portray African-Americans "in a negative light with thinly veiled racist overtones," Moore said in the letter."

Thursday  2/18/2016

ASESINADO JOVEN AFRODESCENDIENTE EN BUENAVENTURA -EL PARAMILITARISMO CONTINÚA CON EL EXTERMINIO  2/18/2016 Afrodescendientes: "El día (09) de noviembre del año 2015, a las 19 horas, fue encontrado muerto en la calle conocida “Cueva de Rolando”, JHON JAIRO RAMÍREZ OLAYA, afrodescendiente de 23 años y participante de varias actividades y procesos juveniles en Buenaventura. Según informaciones de la zona fue asesinado por un paramilitar conocido por el alias de “La Perry”. Jhon Jairo Ramírez fue trasladado por la policía hasta la clínica Santa Sofía pero llegó sin signos vitales. Cuarenta y cinco minutos antes de ser asesinado, había sido sacado violentamente de su casa en presencia de su familia y de los activistas juveniles de derechos humanos LEONARD RENTERIA VALLECILLA, JORGE RIVAS VALENZUELA y VÍCTOR ANGULO ADVÍNCULA, integrantes de la organización de derechos humanos ROSTROS & HUELLAS DEL SENTIR HUMANO."

Walter Rodney inquiry complete: Controversy mars handing over report  2/18/2016 Pambazuka News: "Drama unfolded in the Guyanese capital Georgetown as the official commission of inquiry into the assassination of celebrated Pan-African intellectual and activist, Dr. Walter Rodney, handed over its report to the government. The commission has encountered numerous difficulties designed to sabotage its work since inception in 2013. It remains to be seen whether the President of Guyana will release the findings."

Wednesday  2/17/2016

Alí Primera, el hombre con profunda fe en el pueblo, solo cambió de paisaje  2/17/2016 Alba Cultural: "A 31 años de su desaparición física, el 16 de febrero de 1985, personas de todas las generaciones viven a Alí Primera a través de su pensamiento, su ejemplo de lucha y de su música, de esas canciones que forman parte de nuestras raíces, atesorando ese digno legado que dejó para convertirse en historia viva, en cotidianidad y en el sentir de la venezolanidad de los revolucionarios hijos de Bolívar y Chávez."

Decreto 915  2/17/2016 Gobierno de Ecuador: Proclama el Decenio Internacional para los Afrodescendientes 2015-2024 con el tema "Afrodescendientes: Reconocimiento, Justicia y Desarrollo" -Capítulo Ecuador.

Tuesday  2/16/2016


Sunday  2/14/2016

DECRETO EJECUTIVO que implementa el DECENIO INTERNACIONAL PARA LOS AFRODESCENDIENTES  2/14/2016 El Ciudadano, Ecuador: "La Secretaría de Gestión de la Política (SNGP) en coordinación con la Asamblea, el Consejo de Participación Ciudadana, entre otras instituciones firmarán del Decreto Ejecutivo para el Cumplimiento de Objetivos del Decenio Internacional para los Afrodescendientes, Capítulo Ecuador… El Decreto tiene como objetivo garantizar el cumplimiento y la efectividad de la política pública de pueblos y nacionalidades indígenas afrodescendientes y montubios, para honrar el compromiso de erradicar todas las formas de violencia y discriminación hacia este sector vulnerable de la sociedad."

Saturday  2/13/2016

Urgen que Constitución reconozca a comunidades afrodescendientes  2/13/2016 20 minuto, Mexico: "La Constitución no reconoce a las comunidades afrodescendientes y es necesario emprender reformas para resolver esta situación, señalaron legisladoras de los partidos Revolucionario Institucional (PRI) y Verde Ecologista de México (PVEM). Las senadoras priistas Cristina Díaz Salazar, Diva Gastélum Bajo, Hilda Flores Escalera, Itzel Ríos de la Mora, Anabel Acosta Islas, Lilia Merodio Reza; y la pevemista María Elena Barrera Tapia, señalaron que un primer paso es generar políticas públicas que garanticen la reducción de la pobreza, desigualdad y discriminación en las que viven."

Consejo de la Judicatura participará en la firma del Decreto de proclamación del Decenio Afro, capítulo Ecuador  2/13/2016 Consejo de la Judicatura, Ecuador: "Con la firma de este instrumento, el país se suma también a la proclamación que la Organización de Naciones Unidas (ONU) hizo en torno al “Decenio Afrodescendiente 2015-2024” con el tema Reconocimiento, justicia y desarrollo”. Ecuador ha suscrito instrumentos internacionales que procuran reducir la desigualdad y erradicar la segregación, entre ellos, la Convención Internacional sobre la Eliminación de todas las Formas de Discriminación Racial. De igual forma, en septiembre de 2009, se firmó el Decreto Ejecutivo 60, con el que el Estado se obliga a tomar acciones afirmativas para la inclusión de los afrodescendientes en todos los ámbitos de la sociedad."

CNE participará del Decenio Internacional para los Afrodescendientes  2/13/2016 Gobierno de Ecuador: "El evento será el próximo martes, 16 de febrero, en el Centro de Convenciones de Guayaquil, a la 09:00, en el cual participará como invitado, el Presidente del organismo electoral, doctor Juan Pablo Pozo Bahamonde. Alrededor de 2.000 personas, entre organizaciones sociales y políticas de mujeres, juventudes, intelectuales y ciudadanos del pueblo afroecuatoriano, participarán en el magno evento, quienes han aportado activamente en la propuesta del Decenio Afro, capítulo Ecuador."

Fiscala fue suspendida un mes por insulto racista a compañera  2/13/2016 La Nacion, Costa Rica: "Una fiscala del Ministerio Público fue sancionada con un mes de suspensión sin goce de salario por un insulto racista a una compañera. La funcionaria castigada es Elba Elena Abarca Madriz, de la Fiscalía de Flagrancia de Goicoechea, quien, de acuerdo con el expediente, se refirió a una colega afrodescendiente como “negra hedionda”, mientras hablaba con otro compañero."

Wednesday  2/10/2016

Poca inclusión laboral de los afro en Santo Domingo  2/10/2016 El Comercio, Ecuador: "“Nuestra gente tiene que superar ese estigma de ser el empleado, cuando puede ser su propio jefe”, dice Marques."

Indígenas y afrodescendientes guerrerenses por más educación  2/10/2016 Terra, Mexico: "Niñas y adolescentes indígenas y afrodescendientes de Guerrero pidieron a las autoridades mejor educación, no más discriminación ni maltrato, talleres sobre embarazo en jóvenes, maestros que hablen la lengua indígena, servicios de salud, apoyo en becas y no más violencia. "

Sunday  2/7/2016

Comunidad afrodescendiente de Dosquebradas, reunió con la administración  2/7/2016 El Diario del Otun: "Los representantes de más de 11.000 afrodescendientes que residen en Dosquebradas, solicitaron a la administración ayuda para resolver problemas como el desempleo, falta de vivienda, entre otras necesidades, esto en el marco de la instalación de la Mesa de Grupos Étnicos, que se adelantó."

Friday  2/5/2016

Defensoría: Costa Rica tiene deuda en derechos humanos con afrodescendientes y migrantes  2/5/2016 La Nacion, Costa Rica: "Costa Rica está en deuda, en materia de derecho humanos, con varios grupos sociales entre los que se encuentran la población sexualmente diversa, los afrodescendientes, indígenas, migrantes y las personas con VIH. Así se desprende de un informe sobre la situación de los derechos humanos en el país, que realizó de forma independiente la Defensoría de los Habitantes."

Thursday  2/4/2016

Firman compromiso por etnias y afros  2/4/2016 El Colombiano: "Un acuerdo para la atención, sin discriminación, de las minorías en Medellín fue firmado por la Administración de la ciudad. El compromiso, suscrito durante las jornadas de elaboración del Plan de Desarrollo, obliga a las entidades del Municipio a ofrecer los servicios básicos a la población afrodescendiente, con discapacidad, Lgbti y etnias."

Tuesday  2/2/2016

#BlackLivesMatter ignores us, some mothers say  2/2/2016 Miami Times: "Marvin Dunn, a retired Florida International University psychology professor, understands that sentiment. He said other Black men cause more killings of young Black men, even though the police involved shootings trigger the large-scale protests that capture public attention. “I agree with these mothers. Far more Black lives are taken by other Blacks than are taken by the police,” Dunn said. “The tragedies of police shootings of Blacks is indeed a critical issue, but Black on Black violence is a far more serious problem. “If we want Black lives to matter to the police, they must matter even more to us.”

Friday  1/29/2016

U.N. panel suggests slavery reparations in U.S.  1/29/2016 Philadephia Tribune: "The United States should consider reparations to African-American descendants of slavery, establish a national human rights commission and publicly acknowledge that the trans-Atlantic slave trade was a crime against humanity, a United Nations working group said Friday."

Thursday  1/28/2016

Harvard y afros  1/28/2016 El Universal: Por: ALFONSO CASSIANI HERRERA - "El 26 de octubre de 1966 la Asamblea General de las Naciones Unidas proclamó el 21 de marzo Día Internacional de la Eliminación de la Discriminación Racial, alimentando diversos esfuerzos de las comunidades afrodescendientes y en especial la de América Latina, realizados para garantizar el reconocimiento a sus derechos, liderando una significativa lucha contra el racismo. Comunidades que tuvieron una activa participación en la III Conferencia contra el Racismo y la Discriminación racial, de Durban, 2001. Previo a esta la preconferencia de Santiago de Chile, fue el escenario más importante para construir política colectiva de la comunidad afrodescendiente latinoamericana y del caribe."

Wednesday  1/27/2016

El discreto encanto del racismo venezolano  1/27/2016 Contrapunto: "Durante años he tenido que escuchar en diversos espacios académicos y cotidianos comentarios de personas que aseguran que Venezuela es un territorio libre de racismo, que por fortuna las desigualdades de carácter étnico-racial no han tocado nuestra tierra, que todos somos iguales, somos mestizos, que quienes consideramos que la discriminación racial existe es porque somos resentidos sociales o en el menor de los casos acomplejados, pues nuestras relaciones sociales se caracterizan por la armonía y la fraternidad entre coterráneos. Pero llama particularmente la atención que estas afirmaciones son repetidas hasta el cansancio por personas que no creen en la existencia de las múltiples y diversas formas de discriminación que coexisten en nuestra sociedad porque no han estado expuestos a ninguna de ellas."

Mirosevic insiste en incorporación de afrodescendientes en censo 2017  1/27/2016 El Morro Cotudo: "Para abril de 2017 se está planeando el Censo abreviado para poder retomar las estadísticas y caracterizar a la población chilena según su magnitud, distribución y composición, pero no todos estarán incluidos en el estudio oficial. Tras la negación del INE ante las peticiones de incorporar la variable afrodescendiente dentro del cuestionario, este grupo no tendrá la visibilidad que le corresponde. Frente a este hecho el diputado por Arica y Parinacota, Vlado Mirosevic, reiteró la necesidad de incluir esta categoría como variable dentro de las preguntas en el censo."

La comunidad afrodescendiente toma presencia en Medellín  1/27/2016 Notimerica: "Un encuentro de organizaciones de afrodescendientes que residen en Colombia se celebra, durante esta semana, en las ciudades de Medellín y Quibdó. 'MingaLab' es una estrategia que tiene como objetivo recuperar la identidad de esta cultura y darle visibilidad, haciendo desaparecer la discriminación que viven en el país. Casi el 12 por ciento de la población de Medellín la componen ciudadanos afrodescendientes, es decir, más de 236.000 habitantes tienen descendencia africana, según el censo más reciente."

Chilenos afrodescendientes se sienten discriminados por próximo Censo abreviado  1/27/2016 Radio Nuevo Mundo: "Desde la ONG Afro chileno Lumbanga piden que sean incluidos en una categoría, no en una pregunta cómo según señala el director del organismo, Cristian Báez, que estaría estipulado hoy en el precenso. Según Cristian Baéz, desde el INE argumentan que el censo es abreviado, por eso no se incluye la pregunta que alude a la población afro descendientes, explicación que desde la ONG Lumbanga, no comparten. Recordemos que tras las cifras erróneas arrojadas por el Censo 2012, el actual gobierno decidió concretar un nuevo proceso el 19 de abril del 2017. Para resguardar los insumos para el Censo 2017, se realizará un PreCenso desde el primero de febrero de este año."

Friday  1/15/2016

Concluyó en México coloquio sobre poblaciones afrodescendientes  1/15/2016 Prensa Latina: "Precisó que este coloquio es parte de los trabajos del Segundo Encuentro Internacional de la Izquierda Democrática, a realizarse del 25 al 29 de enero, donde también se abordará el tema de la desigualdad social, como uno de los ejes del debate. Sesionó en dos mesas, la primera de ellas titulada Contexto, políticas públicas y legislación para los afrodescendientes, en la cual, entre otros, participaron Sandile Nogxina y Enio Cordeiro, embajadores de Sudáfrica y Brasil en México, respectivamente. Mientras que la segunda: Historia, discriminación y censos de la población afrodescendiente en América Latina, contó con la presencia de Glenda Joanna Wetherborn, de la Red de Mujeres Afrolatinoamericanas, Afrocaribeñas y de la Diáspora."

Inauguran en México coloquio internacional sobre afrodescendientes  1/15/2016 Prensa Latina: "Asimismo, dijo, asistirán Glenda Joanna Wetherborn, de la Red de Mujeres Afrolatinoamericanas Afrocaribeñas y de la Diáspora, y Fanny Milena Quiñones, directora de Asuntos Étnicos de la Secretaría Distrital del Gobierno de Bogotá, Colombia. Citó entre los ponentes a la presidenta del Consejo para Prevenir y Eliminar la Discriminación de la Ciudad de México, Jacqueline L'Hoist Tapia. En declaraciones a Prensa Latina, Ortega apuntó que en el estado mexicano de Guerrero "hay gran cantidad de afrodescendientes", así como en las sureñas entidades federativas de Oaxaca, Quintana Roo y Veracruz, y no solo en las costas del país como a veces se piensa."

Wednesday  1/13/2016

Chavismo’s Sturdy Legacy  1/13/2016 Consortium News: "Right-wing parties are staging a comeback in Latin America, with the most dramatic victory in Venezuela’s parliamentary elections. Yet, despite troubled leftist regimes facing weak economies and corruption charges, their social reforms have slashed poverty and appear safe for now, writes Andrés Cala."

Tuesday  1/12/2016

Afrodescendientes: quince años después de Santiago. Logros y desafíos  1/12/2016 Secretaria General Iberoamericana: "Se tocaron temas tales como las lecciones aprendidas en estos 15 años transcurridos, el movimiento afrodescendiente y sus retos actuales, las políticas adoptadas por los gobiernos de la región y las agencias internacionales en favor de la población afrolatinoamericana, y se reflexionó acerca de las estrategias posibles para el futuro. Todo fue discutido desde el triple punto de vista de las organizaciones, las agencias y los gobiernos, por lo que no sólo la cobertura temática sino también los distintos puntos de vista enriquecieron la reunión."

Monday  1/11/2016

Venezuela Bans GMO Crops, Passes One of World’s Most Progressive Seed Laws  1/11/2016 Care 2: "Promote the transition to communal and eco-socialist agriculture, in order to protect agro-biodiversity by means of the production of local, peasant, Indigenous and Afro-descendant seed."

Coloquio para atender problemática de afrodescendientes en Acapulco  1/11/2016 Terra: "“El coloquio es parte de las acciones del Decenio Internacional de los Afrodescendientes y es un Reconocimiento, Justicia y Desarrollo, 2015-2024 establecido por la Organización de las Naciones Unidas (ONU)”, indicó."

Friday  1/8/2016

Proyecto de ley en Brasil para la inclusiòn del racismo como factor agravante en la comisión de un delito.  1/8/2016 Uruguay Negro: "El Senado puede decidir en 2016 sobre un proyecto de ley que incluye entre las circunstancias que agravan la pena de un criminal, han actuado con sentimientos de discriminación y racial perjuicio. Autor del proyecto de ley, el senador Paulo Paim (PT-RS) para insertar en la regla del Código Penal que establece el marco jurídico del factor subjetivo, se originó en el sentimiento racista y prejuiciosa, que impulsa la acción concreta de la persona que practica un delito."

Thursday  1/7/2016

Eva Golinger- Wikileaks: Documento secreto de EEUU califica a Ramos Allup de “Grosero”, “repelente” y se la pasa “martillando”  1/7/2016 Aporrea: "En un documento* clasificado como secreto de la Embajada de Estados Unidos en Caracas, Venezuela, el embajador William Brownfield tuvo palabras fuertes sobre el recién electo presidente de la Asamblea Nacional, Henry Ramos Allup. "El problema principal de Acción Democrática tiene nombre: Henry Ramos Allup". Brownfield, quien fue embajador de Venezuela durante el periodo 2004-2007 calificó a Ramos Allup de "grosero, abrasivo, arrogante y puntilloso"."

San Andres: turismo, desarrollo e identidad en el Caribe  1/7/2016 El Pais: "Al verse marginados, los raizales (así se define la cultura propia del archipiélago) empezaron a identificarse como un grupo distinto y a resaltar sus particularidades étnicas. Pero analizando su discurso, en una cierta medida se pierde la autenticidad otorgada a las características de su identidad étnica. A lo largo de las décadas, muchos raizales adoptaron el catolicismo, así mismo líderes del movimiento ven el protestantismo como elemento fundamental de la identidad raizal."

A Breakdown of the 71 People Killed by Police in Florida in 2015  1/7/2016 Miami New Times: "There are some notable findings for Miami-Dade: The county had by far the most police-involved deaths, with 15 last year. The county with the next highest number was Jacksonville, with just six. The Miami-Dade Police Department led the state in deaths, with seven tied to department officers, while the City of Miami was third, with three."

How foreign NGOs destroy Russia  1/7/2016 Pravda: "Let's take a look at well-known political NGOs. Many of them do not work in Russia officially anymore. However, there are organizations that still work on the territory of the Russian Federation, such as The Council for International Research and Exchanges, or IREX. The organization was created in 1968 to oversee exchange issues between the United States, Eastern Europe and the Soviet Union within the scope of educational, scientific and socio-political programs. IREX really can hardly be called a "non-profit organization. Officially, the organization is registered as an independent foundation. In fact, the lion's share of its annual financial turnover - about $60 million - consists of funding from the USAID and the Office for Culture and Education of the US State Department."

Conozca al nuevo Vicepresidente Ejecutivo de Venezuela  1/7/2016 teleSUR: "El profesor Aristóbulo Istúriz sustituye a Jorge Arreaza en el cargo. Su trayectoria de lucha por la causa de los pobres, su experiencia en varias funciones públicas y como parlamentario, avalan su nombramiento por parte del Ejecutivo."

Wednesday  1/6/2016

Venezuela opposition sets out to oust government  1/6/2016 AFP: "At its first regular legislative session on Wednesday, the opposition-controlled assembly swore in three anti-government lawmakers, defying Maduro, who had secured a court injunction to suspend them. The three extra deputies boost the total number of opposition seats in the legislature to a two-thirds "supermajority" that could enable them to remove Maduro by constitutional means. The government side vowed to charge the opposition with contempt of court."

Lessons We Can Learn from the Electoral Setback in Venezuela  1/6/2016 Counterpunch: by Stansfield Smith, Chicago ALBA Solidarity Committee, recently returned from a SOA Watch, Task Force on the Americas delegation to Venezuela.

Maduro names young hardliner to run Venezuela's ailing economy  1/6/2016 Reuters: "The appointment will confound critics who say Venezuela desperately needs a loosening of state controls to revive production in a nation plagued by shortages and the world's highest inflation rate. In his writings, Salas has argued in favor of price controls, says inflation is used as a "political tool" to pressure governments, and blames fascism for what he calls economic sabotage."

Sunday  1/3/2016

Rosewood massacre a harrowing tale of racism and the road toward reparations  1/3/2016 The Guardian: "One of Moore’s sources, Arnett Doctor, would later devote much of his life to lobbying for Rosewood reparations. Doctor, a descendant of survivors, spent untold hours eliciting detailed narratives of the event from survivors. He is often cited as the “driving force” behind the reparations bill, as the man who brought his findings to high-powered attorneys at Holland & Knight, who helped lobby the legislature for reparations."

Friday  1/1/2016

W. Robert Pearson  1/1/2016 Middle East Institute: "Amb. Pearson is a retired professional Foreign Service Officer who served as U.S. ambassador to Turkey from 2000 to 2003. He was Director General of the U.S. Foreign Service from 2003 to 2006, repositioning the American Foreign Service to meet the new challenges of the 21st century and winning two national awards for his efforts. He served from 2008 to 2014 as president of IREX, an international development NGO based in Washington, spearheading its expansion to reach more than 125 countries worldwide."

Thursday  12/24/2015

The JFK Assassination: Why CIA’s Richard Helms Lied About Oswald  12/24/2015 Global Research: by Peter Dale Scott - "I wish in this essay to show how Richard Helms first lied to the Warren Commission about the CIA and Lee Harvey Oswald. I argue that his performance, and that of other CIA officials up to the present, constituted significant obstruction of justice with respect to one of this country’s most important unsolved murder cases."

Wednesday  12/23/2015

La mano de Washington en los “golpes electorales” en Venezuela  12/23/2015 Contrainjerencia 

Why CIA’s Richard Helms Lied About Oswald: Part 1  12/23/2015 Who.What.Why: "The CIA and FBI were not alone in their post-assassination falsification of facts about Oswald. At one point even the Mexican government participated in this high-level cover-up: It supplied when needed a falsified bus manifest and later a falsified version of its statement taken from Cuban Consulate official Silvia Durán."

Monday  12/21/2015

Black Lives Matter Network Denounces U.S. “Continuing Intervention” in Venezuela  12/21/2015 Black Agenda Report: "The co-founder of the Black Lives Matter Network and Executive Director of the Black Alliance for Just Immigration warns that the recent electoral victory of U.S.-backed counter revolutionary parties in Venezuela endangers the country’s African-descended population. The letter denounces “corporate media lies about electoral corruption voiced by Hillary Clinton, and Bernie Sander’s defamation of late President Hugo Chavez labeling him a dictator.”

Medina: “En Bolivia aún hay un racismo estructural"  12/21/2015 Opinion: "Casi un año después de haber dejado su actividad legislativa, el exdiputado afroboliviano Jorge Medina volvió a las bases y dirige una institución destinada al apoyo de la comunidad negra en el país. Recientemente visitó la universidad de Harvard en Estados Unidos donde se reunió con varios dirigentes y representantes afrodescendientes y expuso la necesidad de acabar con el racismo estructural que aún perdura en Bolivia. El simposio "Afrodescendientes: quince años después de Santiago. Logros y desafíos" llevado adelante en la universidad con sede en Massachusetts a inicios de diciembre permitió hacer una evaluación sobre los avances en materia de la lucha contra el racismo y la discriminación, entre otras demandas y necesidades de los afros en la región latinoamericana."

Political Tendencies in Post-6D Venezuela  12/21/2015 Venezuela Analysis: "However, before we get too excited, it should be noted that many Venezuelans are facing extremely tough circumstances. It's almost impossible to organise a communal council when everyone in the neighbourhood spends all their free time queuing for food. Nobody is going to spend time on a community project when their pay check is being eaten by inflation by the minute. On top of this, the yawning gap between the PSUV leadership and revolutionary grassroots is hard to understate, with the former living in a very different world than the latter. Therefore, while Chavismo has a kind of potential we haven't seen in years, it's also in dire straits."

Sunday  12/20/2015

Medina: “En Bolivia aún hay un racismo estructural que debemos eliminar en 10 años”  12/20/2015 Agencia de Noticias Fides: "El exdiputado representó a Bolivia en un simposio de afrodescendientes de América Latina y el Caribe realizado en la universidad de Harvard en Estados Unidos."

Saturday  12/19/2015

What Next for Venezuela?  12/19/2015 Truth Out: "However, the opposition has more than 20 political parties and many divisions. It is possible that the government will be able to get some opposition legislators to vote with it in the National Assembly, so that it can continue governing until the next presidential election in 2018. If that is the case, from the government’s standpoint, the election will not have changed much. The key issue for its continued political survival will still be the economy. There is triple-digit inflation, widespread shortages of consumer goods, a recession, low oil prices, non-working price controls and a dysfunctional exchange rate system that is at the heart of the country's economic mess. This is obviously why the government lost the National Assembly. So, as before the election, if the government does not fix this mess, the Chavistas will lose power; if they do fix it, they will probably do OK."

Friday  12/18/2015

Venezuela: A Revolution That Will Not Die  12/18/2015 Counterpunch: "The salient point here though is that an economic war is transformed into a psychological war, one that figured prominently in the recent elections. Indeed, the economic war is critical to understanding the current state of the country. In the wake of the opposition’s victory at the polls, basic goods started magically reappearing on store shelves in Venezuela, yet another indication that much of the scarcity can be attributed not to failed economic policies, but rather to a coordinated campaign of economic subversion."

Thursday  12/17/2015

Lupita Nyong’o Blasted For Not Being Latina Enough  12/17/2015 Madame Noir: "For those who are not aware, Nyong’o, who lived in Kenya for most of her childhood but went back to Mexico when she was 16, identified herself as a “Mexican-Kenyan.” More specifically, she told El Mañana (as translated and reported by The Wire): “I’m Mexican and Kenyan at the same time,” she said, according to El Mañana. “I’ve seen the quarrels over my nationality, but I’m Kenyan and Mexican at the same time. So again, I am Mexican-Kenyan and I am fascinated by carne asada tacos.”

Opposition’s Capriles Wants “Padlock” Law to Halt International Oil Treaties  12/17/2015 Venezuela Analysis: "The comments appear to be directed at the government’s “PetroCaribe” initiative- which since 2005 has provided neighbouring Caribbean countries with much needed oil at significantly preferential repayment rates. The Venezuela-Cuba project known as the Bolivarian Alliance for the People of Our Americas (ALBA) is another likely focus of Capriles’ latest comments."

Ten Proposals for Chavismo in the Face of Our Defeat  12/17/2015 Venezuela Analysis: "During this scarce year the right will continue its uninterrupted mission of the past 17 years to destroy Bolivarian power. It will argue that the [electoral] defeat of the Bolivarians is a plebiscite which should oblige the president to step down; it will convoke a referendum; it will remove vice-presidents and ministers with motions of censure; it will refuse resources for the Budget Law and additional credits; it will eliminate the Enabling Law and all that makes up social benefits; it will withhold its authorization for contracts in the national interest; it will refuse permission to designate new chiefs of permanent diplomatic missions. It will name new members of the Supreme Court, new rectors of the CNE, new public spending auditors and public defenders as soon as the allotted period for those authorities expires - unless they are able to to remove them under any other pretext. They will legislate the restitution of those senior officials of the upper echelons of PDVSA who tried to destroy the company. They will promote the re-privatization of all strategic national companies. They will try to remove the president by means we will not explain here so as not to give them ideas."

Wednesday  12/16/2015

Venezuela's Election Results Hold Global Significance  12/16/2015 Black Agenda Report: "The stunning defeat of the Socialist Party in Venezuela is a threat to leftist governments and movements around the world, especially in Latin America. “The oligarchy would undoubtedly move to dissolve the ties of solidarity the Bolivarian movement has institutionalized with Palestine, Haiti, China, and numerous African nations.” Hugo Chavez’s party “will have to return to the streets to defend the movement's gains and move forward with the objectives of the revolution.”"

US to Accuse Head of Venezuelan Military of Drug Trafficking  12/16/2015 Venezuela Analysis: "A series of tweets launched by National Guard officials defended Reverol by pointing out the official is responsible for capturing over a hundred drug bosses."

Tuesday  12/15/2015

Libro - Debates sobre conflictos raciales y construcciones afrolibertarias  12/15/2015 Ediciones Poder Negro: PDF, 572 paginas. Melquiceded Blandón Mena, Ramón Emilio Perea Lemos (Editores).

Mexico “discovers” 1.4 million Afro-Mexicans in recent census  12/15/2015 Latin Correspondent: "The actual number, however, is likely to be bigger, according to Sergio Peñaloza Pérez, an activist and current president of the group México Negro. In an interview with the Mexican newspaper La Jornada, Peñaloza pointed out that INEGI did not carry out any campaigns to talk about identity and self-recognition as Afro-Mexican. Peñaloza expects the actual Afro-Mexican population remains underreported because many Afro-Mexicans don’t use the term to describe themselves. One reason they avoid doing so, he explained to La Jornada, is because of the poor treatment they’ve received because of their skin color."

Department of International Law Attends Harvard Symposium  12/15/2015 OAS: "The Department of International Law has been working on issues concerning people of African descent since 2008, holding different types of activities to draw attention to Afrodescendants in the context of the inter-American system and enable them to participate more effectively in its work."

Venezuelan Election Results: Electoral System and Democracy  12/15/2015 Periodico 26: "On the other hand, the forces from the base that adhered so massively for the first time to the oligarchy on December 6 did so for a variety of reasons. They mainly stem from the economic war and its accompanying media war led by the US and its allies in Venezuela. These forces probably did not all vote to "punish" the Maduro government. Rather, many were animated by a general dissatisfaction resulting from the economic war. This materialized in a vague hope of seeking relief, for example, from the seven-hour lineups to obtain necessities at increasingly higher prices."

Monday  12/14/2015

En Boston debatieron sobre Afrodescendencia y Poder Popular en Venezuela  12/14/2015 Aporrea: "...en ocasión de la visita del intelectual y diplomático afrovenezolano Jesús Chucho García. "El poder popular se expresa en Venezuela en diferentes escenarios, desde las discusiones democráticas y participativas para la elaboración de legislación, como lo fue el proceso consultivo para la Ley Orgánica contra el Racismo y la Discriminación, las leyes referentes al Estado Comunal y nuestra propia constitución nacional; hasta la conformación de redes de producción y distribución comunales, con empresas de propiedad social en nuestros territorios" explicó el diplomático, citando ejemplos concretos de proyectos productivos en Barlovento y otras comunidades afrovenezolanas en Miranda y Aragua."

Mexico Officially Recognizes 1.38 Million Afro-Mexicans in the National Census, as Black People Fight Against Racism and Invisibility Throughout Latin America  12/14/2015 Atlanta Black Star: "On December 4 and 5, the Afro-Latin American Research Institute at Harvard University’s Hutchins Center for African & African American Research hosted a symposium on the Afrodescendant movement in Latin America. Entitled “Afrodescendants: Fifteen Years after Santiago. Achievements and Challenges,” the conference took place on the 15th anniversary of the adoption of the term ‘Afrodescendants’ by the Latin American Regional Conference Against Racism in Santiago de Chile in 2000. The meeting of activists, academics and agency officials examined the achievements and obstacles facing this movement in creating anti-racist policies in Latin America."

Here’s How the Opposition Got a Two-Thirds Supermajority in Venezuela  12/14/2015 WaPo: "Still, reaching two-thirds in the National Assembly was a remarkable feat. Everything that could have gone right for the MUD went right — including snatching victory from the jaws of defeat in that last indigenous reserved seat, in a sparsely populated PSUV stronghold deep in the rain forest."

Sunday  12/13/2015

The renewed focus on the struggle for Latin American Afrodescendant rights  12/13/2015 Africa is a country: by Alejandro Campos García - "A recent symposium at Harvard University took advantage of the 15th anniversary of the Santiago Conference to reflect on the achievements, lessons and challenges of the Afrodescendant movement. In terms of the former, participants took stock of the organizational, institutional and normative transformations that have taken place since the year 2000. Referring to challenges, the conversation–between representatives of governments, funders and activists–focused on the existence of ideological disagreements between the so called “left-” and “right-wing” branches of the movement, especially on the issue of building alliances with governments, intergovernmental entities and funding agencies. Participants also dedicated time to exploring how governments and human rights agencies are addressing the Afrodescendants’ continued situation of social inequality."

Saturday  12/12/2015

Harvard Hosts Symposium on the Afrodescendant Movement in Latin America  12/12/2015 The Root: by Alejandro de la Fuente - "Fighting racism and oppression of people of African descent, these activists see progress, but a lack of visibility and sustained resources to bring about change."

Thursday  12/10/2015

White supremacist groups see Trump bump  12/10/2015 Politico: "The Ku Klux Klan is using Donald Trump as a talking point in its outreach efforts. Stormfront, the most prominent American white supremacist website, is upgrading its servers in part to cope with a Trump traffic spike. And former Louisiana Rep. David Duke reports that the businessman has given more Americans cover to speak out loud about white nationalism than at any time since his own political campaigns in the 1990s."

1.38 Million Afro-Descendants Are Identified on the Mexican Census for the First Time  12/10/2015 Remezcla: "And this year, a group of activists claimed a victory on the path to this recognition. Afro-Mexican advocacy organization Mexico Negro successfully fought for Afro-Mexicans to be included on the national census. According to Quartz, this year was the first time that people of African descent were able to accurately identify themselves on the census, revealing that 1.2 percent of Mexicans – 1.38 million people – are of African descent."

The End of Chavismo? Why Venezuela’s Ruling Party Lost Big, and What Comes Next  12/10/2015 The Nation: "Maduro has also been unwilling to get the currency exchange rate under control. One reason may be that doing so is likely to engender resistance from corrupt elements inside and outside government who have profited immensely from the gap between the official rate and the black market rate. The gap means that individuals and enterprises provided dollars at the official rate (6.3-1) for the purpose of importing goods have a huge incentive to simply sell the dollars on the black market (where the rate was over 800-1 recently), providing them astounding profits of 12,500 percent and more."

Wednesday  12/9/2015

Jesús Chucho García: se inició la cruzada neoliberal  12/9/2015 Aporrea: "Según informaciones que recibe en Harvard la semana pasada con algunos participantes de esa escuela que dirige Haussman ya tiene el plan montando conjuntamente con la alta burguesía venezolana y el departamento del tesoro de los Estados Unidos destacando los siguientes puntos: Disciplina Fiscal; Reducción del gasto público; Reforma Impositiva con reducción de tasas de impuesto (para las grandes compañías transnacionales), Liberación de los tipos de interés que eviten fugas de capitales y atraigan capitales extranjeros; Un tipo de cambio competitivo para la exportación; Liberalización del Comercio Internacional; Liberalización de la entrada de inversiones extranjeras directas; privatización de empresas públicas; Reducción de la burocracia e influencia del Estado y Protección de la propiedad privada."

Facing Opposition Onslaught, Chavismo Must Return to Roots  12/9/2015 Venezuela Analysis: "The incredible aspect of Sunday, as Ociel Alí Lopez points out, was not merely Chavismo’s historic defeat but moreover the fact that despite the incompetent inaction of the government in the face of a deep economic crisis combined with the corruption and ideological degeneration of the party leadership, some 6 million people still voted for the PSUV."

Sunday  12/6/2015

Exponen en EEUU hitos de la lucha antirracista  12/6/2015 La Razon, Bolivia: "El director del Centro Afroboliviano para el Desarrollo Integral y Comunitario (Cadic), Jorge Medina, socializó los avances en inclusión y lucha contra el racismo en Bolivia, en el Simposio Afrodescendientes que se realizó entre el viernes y sábado en Estados Unidos."

Saturday  12/5/2015

Director Cadic socializa en EUUU avances en inclusión y lucha contra el racismo  12/5/2015 El Pais: "El director del Centro Afroboliviano para el Desarrollo Integral y Comunitario (Cadic), Jorge Medina, socializó los avances en inclusión y lucha contra el racismo en Bolivia, en el Simposio "Afrodescendientes", que se realizó entre el viernes y sábado en Estados Unidos. "En este simposio internacional participaron líderes y lideresas descendientes de africanos de América Latina y el Caribe para dar a conocer, en el caso de Bolivia, las virtudes de la Ley 045 contra el racismo que promoví en mi calidad de diputado el 2010", apuntó Medina."

Friday  12/4/2015

CNN Doesn’t Want You To Know The Truth About Venezuela’s Voting System  12/4/2015 Venezuela Analysis: by Eva Golinger - "On Monday of this week, November 30, I received a phone call from a CNN en Español producer asking me to write a column on the upcoming legislative elections in Venezuela, scheduled for this Sunday, December 6. Pleasantly surprised at the opportunity to publish in a media outlet widely known for its biased anti-government coverage of Venezuela, I accepted the offer."

Wednesday  12/2/2015

Rosewood: The Full Story  12/2/2015 WREG: with video - "Journalist Gary Moore unearthed the story back in the 1980's. Back then, he produced a special for 60 Minutes about it. Now he delves even deeper into the atrocity in his new book, "Rosewood: The Full Story"."

Tuesday  12/1/2015

The Neo-Liberal Assault on Black Lives from Baltimore to Buenaventura Colombia  12/1/2015 Black Agenda Report: "Danelly Estupiñan, a powerful Afro-Colombian human rights activist and personal friend of mine, is now facing a mortal threat from the fanatical criminals aligned with powerful economic interests who are committed to keeping Black people subjugated in the port city of Buenaventura and throughout Colombia."

El Departamento de Derecho Internacional participa en Simposio en la Universidad de Harvard  12/1/2015 OAS: "El simposio contó con la participación de activistas y representantes gubernamentales de varios países de la región, así como de representantes de la Fundación Ford, el Banco Interamericano de Desarrollo, el Banco Mundial, el Comisión Económica para América Latina, el Comité de las Naciones Unidas para la Eliminación de la Discriminación Racial, y la Organización de los Estados Americanos. El Departamento de Derecho Internacional, en atención a su trabajo desarrollado en torno a la temática afrodescendiente en el marco de la Organización de los Estados Americanos (OEA), fue invitado a participar en los paneles “Los Cambios Normativos, Políticos, Económicos y Sociales 15 años Después de Santiago” y “Políticas de las Agencias Gubernamentales, Intergubernamentales y Donantes”."

En Harvard se desarrollarà el simposio: "Afrodescendientes: quince años después de Santiago. Logros y desafíos"  12/1/2015 Uruguay Negro: "Objetivos del simposio. Ofrecer un espacio de reflexión sobre lo acontecido desde Santiago, tanto en lo que corresponde a los logros y aprendizajes, como a los retos pasados y presentes. Participarán activistas de alto perfil y miembros representativos de agencias gubernamentales, no gubernamentales y privadas que durante estos años hayan trabajado directamente con las organizaciones y las comunidades afrodescendientes."

Monday  11/30/2015

Harvard symposium reflects on race in Latin America  11/30/2015 Harvard Gazette: "This symposium is part of a broader effort by the Afro-Latin American Research Institute to define the new field of Afro-Latin American studies in dialogue with activists and other actors involved in the design and implementation of antiracist policies in Latin America. Participants in the symposium include activists from Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay, Brazil, Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador, Colombia, Venezuela, Costa Rica, Honduras and Cuba and representatives from the Ford Foundation, the Inter-American Development Bank, the World Bank, the Economic Commission for Latin America, the United Nations Committee for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination, and the Organization of American States. The symposium is done in collaboration with the University of Cartagena de Indias in Colombia, with support from the Ford Foundation and with additional funding from the David Rockefeller Center for Latin American Studies, Harvard University."

Thursday  11/26/2015

Bolivia, presente en un simposio en Harvard  11/26/2015 El Deber: "Hace 15 años se realizó en Santiago, Chile, donde se debatió las necesidades que en ese entonces tenían los afrodescendientes y que pasaban, sobre todo, por la invisibilización y la lucha contra el racismo”, manifestó el director del Centro Afroboliviano para el Desarrollo Integral y Comunitario (Cadic), Jorge Medina."

Black Lives Matter Network Denounces U.S. “Continuing Intervention” in Venezuela  11/26/2015 Venezuela Analysis: "The co-founder of the Black Lives Matter Network and Executive Director of the Black Alliance for Just Immigration warns that the recent electoral victory of U.S.-backed counter revolutionary parties in Venezuela endangers the country’s African-descended population. The letter denounces “corporate media lies about electoral corruption voiced by Hillary Clinton, and Bernie Sander’s defamation of late President Hugo Chavez labeling him a dictator.” “We reject any action the U.S. puts forward to plunder Venezuelan natural resources, occupy the country and incite violence.”"

Monday  11/23/2015

Claiming my Afro-Latinidad  11/23/2015 The Tico Times: "As I became more entrenched in studying and thinking of the world of AfroLatin@s within the United States and its diaspora, I faced an identity crisis when teaching a class using the “AfroLatin@ Reader” by Juan Flores and Miriam Jimenez Romain. As I was laughing about the similarities of the narratives we read and my growing-up life, both in New York and during summers with my Costa Rican family, a student asked me if I was an Afro-Latina. I became tongue-tied; I did not have an honest answer."

Wednesday  11/18/2015

Tracking US Intervention in Venezuela Since 2002  11/18/2015 Telesur: "The latest information available suggests USAID's annual budget for Venezuela was over US$5 million, despite the fact that foreign funding of political activities was banned in Venezuela in 2010. The banning was condemned by the U.S. Department of State, despite the fact the United States has a similar law against funding of political campaigns. The key factor making such a move even more rational in Venezuela is the fact that unlike the United States, Caracas is still facing coup attempts backed by a foreign belligerent. In early 2015, the Venezuelan government uncovered yet another brewing coup attempt."

US Sinking 'Immense Resources' into Venezuela Spying: Golinger  11/18/2015 Telesur: "According to Golinger, the United States has invested “immense resources” into undermining the Venezuelan government, including through newly revealed espionage against state oil firm PDVSA. "

Friday  11/13/2015

Major donors consider funding Black Lives Matter  11/13/2015 Politico: "Some of the biggest donors on the left plan to meet behind closed doors next week in Washington with leaders of the Black Lives Matter movement and their allies to discuss funding the burgeoning protest movement, POLITICO has learned."

Wednesday  11/11/2015

Spain: First Black Woman Candidate for Congress Tackles Racism  11/11/2015 teleSUR: "Spain made a historical breakthrough when a self-identified Black feminist and immigrant leftist from Colombia got onto the electoral list of the Spanish Socialist Workers Party, known as PSOE, late October. It’s not a victory that happened in a vacuum, however, Arboleda told news agency El Tiempo, recognizing the historical fight for Black empowerment in Spain."

Sunday  11/8/2015

Historian outlines keys to justice for Afro-Venezuelan community  11/8/2015 Diamondback: "Justice, reparations and development are the three principles that can right the wrongs that plague Afro-Venezuelans today, according to a Venezuelan historian who visited this university. Jesus Chucho Garcia, a Pan-Africanist and filmmaker, came to Nyumburu Cultural Center on Friday to present his documentary, “Chavez in Africa,” and discuss the history behind the struggles that descendants of Africans in Venezuela face."

Thursday  11/5/2015

The Ocoee Massacre  11/5/2015 Weekly Challenger: "The siege of Ocoee claimed numerous African-American victims. Langmaid, an African-American carpenter was beaten and castrated. One mother, named Maggie Genlack, died with her pregnant daughter while hiding in her home, their bodies found partially burned under their home. Roosevelt Barton, an African-American hiding in July Perry’s barn, was shot after the mob set fire to the barn and forced him to flee. Hattie Smith was visiting her pregnant sister-in-law in Ocoee when her sister-in-law’s home was set on fire. Smith fled, but her sister-in-law’s family was killed while they hid and waited for help that would never come."

Sunday  10/25/2015

International indigenous anti-dam activists join two year anniversary celebration of blockades in Malaysia  10/25/2015 IC Magazine: "On October 23rd 2015, indigenous communities from around the world gathered on the banks of the Baram River in Sarawak, Malaysia in the context of the second year anniversary of the indigenous-led blockades against the proposed Baram Dam. Two years ago indigenous communities set up two blockades and chased workers and researchers from the site. The works on the dam have come to a standstill and last month the government of Sarawak announced a moratorium. Indigenous anti-dam activists from Indonesia, the Philippines, Cambodia, Brazil, the US, Honduras, and from around Malaysia united at the blockades to stand in solidarity with the resistance against the Baram Dam and to strengthen ties between their communities."

Friday  10/23/2015

First Black Woman Independence Fighter is Honoured in Venezuela’s National Mausoleum  10/23/2015 Venezuela Analysis: "Venezuelans came together this Friday to honour Black female independence fighter, Juana Ramirez, whose symbolic remains were posthumously laid to rest in the National Mausoleum of Heroes in an official state ceremony. Born into slavery in Guarico, Venezuela in 1790, Ramirez went on to command an all women’s 100 strong artillery unit in 1813. Her troops were instrumental in resisting Spanish soldiers’ attempts to reconquer the newly independent Venezuela and return it to colonial rule. Her bravery and penchant for fighting on the front lines secured her the nickname of “Juana the Advancer”. "

Saturday  10/10/2015

The White Man in That Photo  10/10/2015 Films for Action: "As John Carlos said, “If we were getting beat up, Peter was facing an entire country and suffering alone.” For years Norman had only one chance to save himself: he was invited to condemn his co-athletes, John Carlos and Tommie Smith’s gesture in exchange for a pardon from the system that ostracized him. A pardon that would have allowed him to find a stable job through the Australian Olympic Committee and be part of the organization of the 2000 Sydney Olympic Games. Norman never gave in and never condemned the choice of the two Americans."

Wednesday  10/7/2015

Hidroeléctricas, ¡quebrada Barriles, libre!: Laura Pedreschi Janson  10/7/2015 La Prensa, Panama: "Nos sentimos complacidos con la reciente resolución del Ministerio de Ambiente con relación al desarrollo de 16 hidroeléctricas –entre esas la de Barriles– anuladas por caducidad. Ahora 7 mil personas seguirán contando con agua potable, siete lecherías no cerrarán, se respetará el nacimiento de la quebrada Barriles y existe la esperanza de realizar investigaciones arqueológicas, para salvaguardar la cultura del lugar. La promesa de campaña, “el pueblo primero”, tendrá que ser demostrada con similares acciones relacionadas a otras hidroeléctricas y manteniendo la más alta responsabilidad y el compromiso de cuidar el ambiente, velando por nuestra salud, economía y derechos humanos."

Wednesday  9/30/2015

Inside the Dream Defenders’ Social Media Backout  9/30/2015 Waging Nonviolence: "Last week, the Florida-based Dream Defenders announced a six week “social media sabbatical” from their personal and organizational Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts, promising to digitally resurface in November “with a fresh voice; one that emanates from the grassroots and is a complement to movement work, not just characters.” Founded in the wake of Trayvon Martin’s murder in 2012, the Dream Defenders’ first major action was a three-day, 40-mile march from Daytona to Sanford, where they held a sit-in at the town’s police headquarters to demand the long-awaited arrest of Martin’s killer, George Zimmerman."

Tuesday  9/15/2015

Raizal people of Colombian Caribbean archipelago defend cultural traditions  9/15/2015 Fox News: "The Raizals, a Creole-speaking, Afro-Caribbean people who inhabit the Colombian archipelago of San Andres, Providencia and Santa Catalina, are fighting to achieve greater respect for their centuries-old culture and achieve a place for their language in all local institutions."

Destacan reconocimiento de valores de pueblos ancestrales  9/15/2015 Granma: "El presidente de Bolivia, Evo Morales, manifestó ayer sentirse muy honrado por la decisión de la ONU de aprobar, por unanimidad, los principios ancestrales andinos Ama Sua (No seas ladrón), Ama Llulla (No seas mentiroso) y Ama Quella (No seas flojo) como norma mundial para una gestión pública más eficiente."

Monday  9/14/2015

Eleggua reafirmó...Venezuela no se rinde  9/14/2015 Aporrea: Por: Jesús Chucho García - "Una extraordinaria gira exitosa del Grupo de danza, percussion y canto afrovenezolana Eleggua logro una vez mas conmover a su cautivo publico de New Orleans y Mississippi por el contenido de sus letras combativas y reflexivas sobre la tematcia del racismo, la solidaridad y la soberania del pueblo venezolano ante cualquier amenaza. En su honor y por estar cumpliendo dos decadas ininterrumpidas con mas de doscientas presentaciones, fue decretado el DIA DE ELEGUA Y BARLOVENTO el pasado 6 de septiembre por la prestigiosa Alcaldia de la ciudad de Kenner."

Friday  9/4/2015

Kathleen High students learn overlooked Fla. History  9/4/2015 The Ledger: "Kathleen High students this week learned about an overlooked bit of Florida history: The 1923 massacre at Rosewood, a town in Levy County founded by black laborers. Sherry DuPree, a representative for the Rosewood Heritage Foundation, spoke to students Friday about Rosewood and racial conflict leading up to and following the attack."

Sunday  8/23/2015

Communities of Color Creating Healthy Environments to Combat Childhood Obesity  8/23/2015 American Journal of Public Health: "Ethnic and racial health disparities present an enduring challenge to community-based health promotion, which rarely targets their underlying population-level determinants (e.g., poverty, food insecurity, health care inequity). We present a novel 3-lens prescription for using community organizing to treat these determinants in communities of color based on the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation’s Communities Creating Healthy Environments initiative, the first national project to combat childhood obesity in communities of color using community organizing strategies. The lenses—Social Justice, Culture–Place, and Organizational Capacity–Organizing Approach—assist health professional–community partnerships in planning and evaluating community organizing–based health promotion programs. These programs activate community stakeholders to alter their community’s disease-causing, population-level determinants through grassroots policy advocacy, potentially reducing health disparities affecting communities of color."

Wednesday  8/19/2015

No, George Soros Didn’t Give $33 Million to #BlackLivesMatter  8/19/2015 The Daily Beast: "Zimmerman said his organization has donated money to groups working on “issues arising out of the Black Lives Matter movement.” OSF helped organize a talk with the hashtag’s cofounder Patrisse Cullors and actor Danny Glover, a spokesperson said. But Zimmerman said there is simply no way to directly fund an amorphous movement like Black Lives Matter, even if George Soros wanted to. Zimmerman called the suggestion “rumor stew.”"

Saturday  8/15/2015

Venezuela | Movimientos afrodescendientes proponen incluir lucha contra el racismo en los medios  8/15/2015 Legado Afro: “No es posible que en los medios de comunicación se sigan difundiendo estereotipos donde se presenta como ‘inferiores’ a los afrodescendientes; necesitamos que haya más presencia indígena y afrodescendiente en los programas”, indicó Luisa Pérez, vocera de la Fundación La Muchachere de Curiepe."

Monday  8/10/2015

America’s Dark History of Supporting Ukrainian Fascists and War Criminals  8/10/2015 SLAVYANGRAD: "The American support of contemporary Ukrainian fascism albeit shocking is in fact not a new political phenomenon. Documents declassified by the CIA under a FOIA request entitled The NAZI War Crimes Declassification Act show that not only was the CIA monitoring Ukrainian fascist groups during and after WWII, it was also actively aiding them and protecting them from prosecution. These and other documents can be found in the CIA’s Freedom of Information Act Electronic Reading Room. The following documents are but a few of the many that pertain to America’s protection of war criminals the world over."

Thursday  8/6/2015

Former DIA Chief Michael Flynn Says Rise of Islamic State was “a willful decision” and Defends Accuracy of 2012 Memo  8/6/2015 Levant Report: "In Al Jazeera’s latest Head to Head episode, former director of the Defense Intelligence Agency Michael Flynn confirms to Mehdi Hasan that not only had he studied the DIA memo predicting the West’s backing of an Islamic State in Syria when it came across his desk in 2012, but even asserts that the White House’s sponsoring of radical jihadists (that would emerge as ISIL and Nusra) against the Syrian regime was “a willful decision.”"

Looting and violence on the rise in Venezuela supermarkets  8/6/2015 Reuters: "On Sunday, a small crowd in the western city of San Cristobal pushed its way into the government-run Bicentenario supermarket to grab products after it had closed, leaving staff scratched and bruised, according to store manager Edward Perez. "As we were closing, a group of 20 people unexpectedly started shouting insults at the government and the workers," said Perez in a telephone interview. Several looters were arrested after the fracas, which Perez blamed on "ultra-right-wing sectors of the opposition" seeking to sow violence."

Monday  8/3/2015

Farrakhan: Retaliation.. If the Federal Government won't intercede - #JusticeOrElse!  8/3/2015 YouTube: "Retaliation is a prescription from God to calm the breaths of those whose children have been slain. So if the federal government will not intercede in our affairs, then we must rise up and kill those who kill us. Stalk them and kill them and let them feel the pain of death that we are feeling."

Friday  7/31/2015

Russia Challenges America’s Orwellian NED  7/31/2015 Counterpunch: "The National Endowment for Democracy’s (NED) duplicitous mission statement indicates a “dedicat(ion) to the growth and strengthening of democratic institutions around the world.” Its practices are polar opposite – a State Department-funded agency created to undermine democracy wherever it exists."

Thursday  7/30/2015

Farrakhan addresses police shootings of black men at Overtown rally  7/30/2015 Miami Herald: "As the 20th anniversary of the Million Man March in the nation’s capital approaches, Louis Farrakhan spoke to a large crowd on Thursday night at a church in Overtown. The historic Mount Zion Baptist Church, which in the past has served as a meeting place for the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. and other civil rights leaders, hosted Farrakhan in his first speech in Miami in about 20 years."

Tuesday  7/28/2015

What Happened When I Was Grilled by Israeli Media About the Sanction Movement Against Israel  7/28/2015 Alternet: "Kushmaro had a unique opportunity to educate the Israeli public about a growing international movement by listening to the voices of Jewish-American activists who are deeply concerned with the survival of Israel and who refuse to be complicit in its continuing descent into an increasingly racist, militaristic society that endangers not only Palestinians, but Jewish Israelis and both Diasporas as well. Instead, he chose to produce a segment that only reinforced the increasing insularity of Israeli political discourse and the mantra that "the whole world is against us," without acknowledging that critics of Israel have legitimate concerns about the state's policies."

Monday  7/27/2015

Emancipation from Mental Slavery | Dr. Cheryl Tawede Grills  7/27/2015 YouTube: "Dedicated to the liberation of the African mind, psychologist, Dr. Cheryl Tawede Grills, speaks on the crippling image of African and African-American people worldwide and offers solution through Emotion Emancipation."

Friday  7/24/2015

Feds Regularly Monitored Black Lives Matter Since Ferguson  7/24/2015 The Intercept: "The documents, released by the Department of Homeland Security’s Office of Operations Coordination, indicate that the department frequently collects information, including location data, on Black Lives Matter activities from public social media accounts, including on Facebook, Twitter, and Vine, even for events expected to be peaceful. The reports confirm social media surveillance of the protest movement and ostensibly related events in the cities of Ferguson, Baltimore, Washington, DC, and New York."

Sunday  7/19/2015

Dissenting Israeli Anthropologists Reject Anti-Boycott Resolution  7/19/2015 Anthropologists for the Boycott of Israeli Academic Institutions: "Last week, the Israeli Anthropological Association passed a resolution condemning the occupation, opposing academic boycott, and calling for “dialogue between willing parties”. The resolution and the adjoining press release are important responses to Palestinian civil society’s call for academic boycott and to the hundreds of anthropologists who have endorsed it. The explicit condemnation of the colonial occupation and of the racial discrimination faced by Israel’s Palestinian citizens (while disregarding the discrimination faced by non-Ashkenazi Jews and other groups) are an important step for any Israeli academic association. We urge our American colleagues to support the IAA in this regard."

Thursday  7/16/2015

Historic Boycott Miami forced long-overdue changes, proved the power of the black community  7/16/2015 Miami Herald: "Improvements for the African-American community directly and indirectly attributable to the boycott were both numerous and notable: court-ordered single-member districts for better representation of minorities, the creation of the Visitor Industry Council to expand African-American participation in the county's tourism industry, scholarships for black students to attend Florida International University's hospitality program, an investigation of Haitian protesters' treatment by police during a rally in July 1990, and the establishment of a black-owned, convention-quality hotel in the Miami Beach area." [No critical discussion here. The hotel was sold for 127 MM, how did that benefit the community?]

Friday  7/10/2015

Primer Congreso de Afrodescendencia en Puerto Rico  7/10/2015 80 Grados 

Thursday  7/9/2015

Boycotting Israel — Advice for Scholars  7/9/2015 Anthropologists for the Boycott of Israeli Academic Institutions: "Anthropologists for the Boycott of Israeli Academic Institutions has released “Boycotting Israeli Academic Institutions — Advice for Anthropologists,” a 5-page guide to help scholars make informed judgments in implementing the boycott."

Vladimir Putin anuncia nueva Universidad BRICS  7/9/2015 teleSUR: "El presidente de Rusia, Vladímir Putin, informó este jueves que dentro de los acuerdos que se firmaron en la VII cumbre de los países integrantes del BRICS (Brasil, Rusia, India, China y Sudáfrica) destaca la creación de una nueva universidad que permita fortalecer el sistema educativo en las naciones involucradas."

Wednesday  7/8/2015

No ‘Je Suis Charleston’? The de-politicization of Black oppression  7/8/2015 Pambazuka News: "President Obama turned in one of his best performances of a life-time for white supremacy. His eulogy was a masterful example of his special talent to embody an instrumentalist “blackness” while delivering up that blackness to the white supremacist, U.S. settler project. In his eulogy, he couched his narrative of “American exceptionalism” in the language of Christian religiosity that was indistinguishable from the proclamations of the religious right that sees the U.S. as a state bestowed with the grace of their God. Obama sang “Amazing Grace” and lulled into a stupefying silence black voices that should have demanded answers as to why the Charleston attack was not considered a terrorist attack, even though it fit the definition of domestic terrorism, or why the Obama Administration collaborated with suppressing the 2009 report from the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), which identified violent white supremacist groups as a threat to national security more lethal than the threat from Islamic “fundamentalists.”"

Monday  6/29/2015

Hilla Dayan: “I support the boycott from within”  6/29/2015 Anthropologists for the Boycott of Israeli Academic Institutions: "On June 8th, 2015 Tel Aviv University academics held a first ever discussion on BDS. The following is an address given by Dr. Hilla Dayan at the conference."

Black Women in the Americas Launch Decade of Struggle  6/29/2015 IPS: "They say they are tired of waiting for justice after centuries of neglect and contempt due to the color of their skin. Black women leaders from 22 countries of the Americas have decided to create a political platform that set a 10-year target for empowering women of African descent and overcoming discrimination."

Sunday  6/28/2015

Robin DiAngelo: The Role White Progressives Play in Racism, White Supremacy  6/28/2015 Black and Brown News: "Dr. Robin DiAngelo is a Seattle-based consultant with a practice area in multicultural teaching, inter-group dialogue facilitation, cultural diversity & social justice and anti-racist education. In this 8 minute video presentation she is addressing a Black Lives Matter event audience."

Thursday  6/25/2015

Remains of Afro-Venezuelan Independence Hero Transferred to National Heroes Mausoleum  6/25/2015 Venezuela Analysis: "The symbolic remains of Afro-Venezuelan independence hero, Pedro Camejo or “Negro Primero,” have been transferred to the nation’s “Hall of Heroes” mausoleum in Caracas in a ceremony paying homage to the 194th anniversary of the decisive anti-colonial Battle of Carabobo. Camejo, who was born into slavery to Guadeloupian parents, was the only high ranking Afro-descendant official in the Venezuelan independence forces led by Simon Bolivar, which eventually secured the country’s liberation from Spanish colonial rule in 1821. Known as “Negro Primero” (Black man at the fore) for his bravery in battle, he was awarded the “Liberator’s Order” by Bolivar in 1819. "

Friday  6/19/2015

In wake of Charleston shooting, activists pledge #WeWillShootBack  6/19/2015 Daily Dot 

Sunday  6/14/2015

University of Illinois Slammed with Censure Over Salaita Firing  6/14/2015 Common Dreams: "In a decision that may have long-lasting repercussions for the university's reputation, a leading university group on Saturday voted to censure the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (UIUC) for firing Professor Steven Salaita after he made comments critical of Israel's attack on Gaza last summer. The university rescinded Salaita's tenured faculty appointment at school's the American Indian studies program after he issued a series of Tweets condemning those who defended Israel's military actions against Palestinians in Gaza."

Wednesday  6/10/2015

Héroes negros venezolanos en Mozambique  6/10/2015 Guin Guin Bali: "En la muestra se pueden ver 14 hombres y mujeres descendientes todos de africanos y nacidos en tierras venezolanas, contribuyentes a la independencia del país o aquellos que sentaron un precedente contra la esclavitud en Venezuela. El embajador de Venezuela acreditado en Mozambique, Marlon Peña Labrador, manifestó que "esos hombres y mujeres significan para nosotros la posibilidad de reencontrarnos con los valores de justicia social, igualdad de género, lucha contra la discriminación racial o la segregación de cualquier tipo"."

Tuesday  6/9/2015

Tel Aviv U. Academics Hold First-ever Discussion on BDS  6/9/2015 Ha'aretz: "First such event held by the sociology and anthropology department, and possibly the university; fact that discussion did not completely condemn BDS, and included some expressions of support, is considered unusual."

Monday  6/8/2015

Afrocolombianos, ciudadanía y territorio  6/8/2015 Aporrea: Por: Jesús Chucho García

Sunday  6/7/2015

Afrocolombianos no están solos  6/7/2015 RAV RAV: "El fin de semana pasado finalizó el primer Congreso Internacional Ciudadanía, Etnia y Territorio, convocado por la organización Poder Ciudadano, liderado por la líder afrocolombiana Piedad Córdoba, con el apoyo sustancial de la Articulación Regional de las Américas y el Caribe. Lideres y lideresas, académicos y representantes gubernamentales afrodescendientes procedentes de Brasil, Estados Unidos, Cuba, Ecuador, Bolivia, Venezuela y el mundo afrocolombiano en su esencia, pudieron develar la realidad existente en nuestras comunidades, sus avances, retrocesos, estancamientos y nuevos retos."

Alfred McCoy, Washington's Great Game and Why It's Failing  6/7/2015 Tom Dispatch: "For even the greatest of empires, geography is often destiny. You wouldn’t know it in Washington, though. America’s political, national security, and foreign policy elites continue to ignore the basics of geopolitics that have shaped the fate of world empires for the past 500 years. Consequently, they have missed the significance of the rapid global changes in Eurasia that are in the process of undermining the grand strategy for world dominion that Washington has pursued these past seven decades."

Thursday  6/4/2015

The Counted: the definitive map of US police killings in 2015  6/4/2015 Guardian 

The Global African - Las Castas & The Trans­Pacific Partnership  6/4/2015 teleSUR: "Las Castas ­ an Iberian term that came out of the 17th and 18th centuries, was used to describe mixed races, and would also become the subject of many paintings that exist today What is the historical context of Las Castas & what is the legacy of race in Latin America? The Trans Pacific Partnership makes its way through Congress. What’s in it, and why is it so dangerous? The Global African host Bill Fletcher examines these subjects with Dr. Msomi Moor, scholar of the African Diaspora at University of District of Columbia, & Symone Sanders, Communications Officer for Public Citizen's Global Trade Watch."

Wednesday  6/3/2015

Roundtable on Anti-Blackness and Black-Palestinian Solidarity  6/3/2015 Jadaliyya: "But before the violent and tragic events of summer 2014 unfolded, a critique of anti-Black racism among Arab communities in the United State and the Arab world had emerged putting into question the “natural” solidarity between Palestinians and Blacks. This often played out in competing claims in regards to Black solidarity and legacies of Black liberation struggles by Zionists and Palestinians, who among themselves are not necessarily in agreement. In turn, Black writers and activists responded to those claims with rejection, ambivalence, or affirmation based on different normative values."

Anthropology and the Boycott of Israeli Academic Institutions: Mick Taussig and J. Lorand Matory  6/3/2015 Savage Minds: by Mick Taussig and J. Lorand Matory - "Hurt people hurt people. But the people they hurt the most are seldom the people who first and most hurt them. In fact, the oppressed often imitate their oppressors and pass the cruelty on to a more vulnerable party. But, as scientists alert to such cross-cultural phenomena, we must not stand by and watch, even though we will sometimes pay a price for speaking out."

Tuesday  6/2/2015

¿Discriminación total del Estado a los afrodescendientes?  6/2/2015 El Espectador: "En el Congreso de la República fue advertida una severa discriminación hacia la población afrodescendiente del país. En la comisión primera del Senado, el senador Armando Benedetti Villaneda, durante un debate de control político, dijo que “en Colombia no hay cifras sobre los afro, no hay políticas públicas, no hay censos y no hay nada en favor de esa población”."

Hacked Emails Expose George Soros As Ukraine Puppet-Master  6/2/2015 ZeroHedge: "Just days after George Soros warned that World War 3 was imminent unless Washington backed down to China on IMF currency basket inclusion, the hacker collective CyberBerkut has exposed the billionaire as the real puppet-master behind the scenes in Ukraine. In 3 stunning documents, allegedly hacked from email correspondence between the hedge fund manager and Ukraine President Poroshenko, Soros lays out "A short and medium term comprehensive strategy for the new Ukraine," expresses his confidence that the US should provide Ukraine with lethal military assistance, “with same level of sophistication in defense weapons to match the level of opposing force," and finally explained Poroshenko's "first priority must be to regain control of financial markets," which he assures the President could be helped by The Fed adding "I am ready to call Jack Lew of the US Treasury to sound him out about the swap agreement.""

Monday  6/1/2015

Venezuela expuso sus logros afrodescendientes durante I Congreso Ciudadanía, Etnia y Territorio  6/1/2015 Aporrea: "La declaración del 10 de mayo como Día de la Afrovenezolanidad en honor a la gesta libertadora de José Leonardo Chirino y la inclusión de la variable afro en el Censo Nacional de Población y Vivienda, fueron algunos de los avances de Venezuela en materia de discriminación racial del Gobierno Bolivariano. Así lo expuso el presidente del Instituto Nacional contra la Discriminación Racial (INCODIR) Jesús Escobar, durante el primer Congreso Ciudadanía, Etnia y Territorio, espacio académico de inclusión y crítico para reflexionar y discutir acerca de la identidad cultural afrocolombiana, el poder y la ciudadanía, realizado los días 30 y 31 de mayo en la ciudad de Bogotá, Colombia."

‘Self-appointed advocate of new Ukraine’: Soros emails leaked by anti-Kiev hackers  6/1/2015 Russia Today: "Soros has been involved in Ukraine since 1989, when he founded the Ukrainian International Renaissance Foundation (IRF) that provided more than $100 million to Ukrainian NGOs two years before the fall of the Soviet Union. The billionaire is connected to several non-governmental organizations in Ukraine that advocate closer ties to the EU and aided the EuroMaidan movement that toppled Viktor Yanukovich’s government last February. In March, he criticized the EU for paying too much attention to Greece’s economic problems and promised to invest $1 billion of his own money in Ukraine."

Miradas afrocolombianas en Congreso Ciudadanía, Etnia y Territorio  6/1/2015 WanAfrica: "Pretendemos construir una hoja de ruta con acciones para reivindicar los derechos de las poblaciones afrodescendientes, además de articularlas en torno a iniciativas y proyectos comunes, explicó la abogada Piedad Córdoba durante la apertura de las sesiones teóricas. Pese a sus luchas históricas para ser reconocidos como afrocolombianos en la constitución nacional, esos grupos siguen siendo marginados de los procesos actuales, un ejemplo de ello es su exclusión de los diálogos pacificadores con sede en La Habana, donde no están representados, opinó."

Sunday  5/31/2015

Afrodescendientes entre la inclusión y la paz  5/31/2015 ALAI: por Jesús Chucho García - "En Bogotá, la semana pasada finalizó un encuentro internacional de la organización Articulación Regional Afrodescendientes de América Latina y el Caribe (ARAAC), con la finalidad de reordenar la agenda política progresista y revolucionaria de las organizaciones afro en las Américas. Esta organización (ARAAC), surgió como resultado del IV Encuentro Internacional y Transformaciones Revolucionarias realizado en Venezuela en el año 2011, de donde se desprendió un programa con incidencia hacia lo interno de cada país con población afro, y a nivel internacional la agenda para la integración desde las perspectivas de la etnoinclusión en los proyectos como Celac, ALBA, Unasur, Petrocaribe y Mercosur."

Traficantes deportados desde Venezuela no mencionan a Diosdado sino a jefes militares de Uribe Velez  5/31/2015 Aporrea: "Por el contrario en uno de los casos, es un general colombiano, que durante el gobierno de Alvaro Uribe dirigió la unidad antinarcóticos de Colombia, quien estaba vinculado con el principal acusado por la justicia estadounidense, Luis Frank Tello Candelo, según los testimonios y pruebas ofrecidas por un ex oficial de policía que trabajaba para los carteles de Cali y el norte del Valle, según informó el diario El Espectador el 3 de julio de 2012."

Miradas afrocolombianas en el Congreso Ciudadanía, Etnia y Territorio.  5/31/2015 El Muni: por Bokung Ondo Akum

Saturday  5/30/2015

Ministerio Público imputará a Leiver Padilla "El Colombia" por el asesinato del diputado Robert Serra y su asistente María Herrera  5/30/2015 Aporrea: "La actuación del Ministerio Público se corresponde con el compromiso del Estado venezolano con su par de Colombia, de garantizar en todo momento el respeto de los derechos humanos de Padilla Mendoza, una vez que fuera extraditado al país. Padilla Mendoza fue detenido el pasado 2 de noviembre de 2014 en Cartagena de Indias, Colombia, y desde entonces, se solicitó su extradición por su presunta vinculación con la muerte del diputado y su asistente."

Congreso Ciudadanía, Etnia y Territorio. Día 1-Parte 1  5/30/2015 Poder Ciudadano, YouTube: "El Primer Congreso Ciudadanía, Etnia y Territorio, que realizará el movimiento social y político Poder Ciudadano los días 30 y 31 de mayo, se define como un espacio académico de inclusión y crítico para reflexionar y discutir acerca de la identidad cultural afrocolombiana, el poder y la ciudadanía. Todo ello, en el marco del proceso de paz que se lleva a cabo entre Gobierno colombiano y FARC, en La Habana, Cuba."

Friday  5/29/2015

¿Qué es ser afro en Colombia y en América?  5/29/2015 Contagio Radio: por Piedad Córdoba, Movimiento Poder Ciudadano - "En el marco del inicio del Decenio Afro en Colombia, que tendrá lugar entre el 2015 y el 2025, se llevará acabo el Foro Ciudadanía, Etnia y Territorio los días 30 y 32 de mayo, en el Centro de Memoria, Paz y Reconciliación en Bogotá. Según sus organizadores, el objetivo del Foro es crear un espacio de encuentro de la población afro, para tratar los temas, dinámicas, problemáticas e ideas de acción que les conciernen, ¿Qué es ser afro en Colombia?, ¿Qué significa ser afro en América Latina?"

Hay que garantizar la participación política de los afrodescendientes: Zobeida Gudiño  5/29/2015 Gobierno de Ecuador: "La presidenta de la Comisión de Derechos Colectivos, Comunitarios y la Interculturalidad, Zobeida Gudiño, viajó a la ciudad de Bogotá-Colombia, para participar como panelista en el Primer Congreso Internacional Afrodescendiente: “Ciudadanía, Etnia y Territorio”, organizado por el movimiento social y político Poder Ciudadano, liderado por Piedad Córdova."

Thursday  5/28/2015

Here's What People All Around the World Really Think About America's Police Violence  5/28/2015 Identities.mix: "Black advocates and family members of people killed by law enforcement have testified before the United Nations in Geneva, condemning racist police violence at home. Assata Shakur — an activist living in Cuba since 1984 after escaping from prison for what some believe was a trumped up murder conviction related to the death of a police officer — has new political relevance in this era of black resistance."

Facts About the Media Garbage Against Diosdado Cabello  5/28/2015 Venezuela Analysis: "Yesterday (May 18) the Wall Street Journal published a news story at the same time that the State Department expressed its "concern" over freedom of speech in Venezuela. The report is based on supposed "investigations" conducted by the DEA (Drug Enforcement Administration) and Miami prosecutors trying to link Diosdado (Cabello) with drug trafficking. The information presented by the US media outlet is a mix of anonymous opinions, value judgements by US anti-drug officials, declarations lacking any kind of time sequence and unproven speculations about Diosdado Cabello."

Wednesday  5/27/2015

Visión de afrodescendientes en congreso en Colombia  5/27/2015 Prensa Latina: "La idea es que al finalizar los dos días de trabajo podamos construir una hoja de ruta con acciones para reivindicar los derechos de las poblaciones afrodescendientes en Colombia y otras naciones, además de articular a sus comunidades en torno a iniciativas y proyectos comunes, explicaron coordinadores del encuentro."

Tuesday  5/26/2015

"Es que ella es negra, pero bonita"  5/26/2015 Observatorio de Discriminación Racial: "Negra pero bonita” es una expresión habitual en el Caribe colombiano. Se usa para “elogiar” a una mujer que conserva rasgos de su ascendencia afro, como el color de la piel o el cabello, pero que goza de algunos atributos físicos de la blancura. Con la mezcla racial se diluye la negritud, y cuanto más diluida, más aceptable socialmente."

Afrodescendant Group of Venezuela’s National Institute of Women Make Contact with Remote Community  5/26/2015 Venezuela Analysis: "Outsiders rarely visit Quebrada Fo Fa, an Afrodescendant community some 30 kilometers of unpaved road away from the main highway between Caracas and the better known coastal towns of Barlovento. On May 22, staff from the Afrodescendant Group of the National Institute of Women (INAMUJER), based in Caracas, travelled to Quebrada Fo Fa to establish ties with community members there."

Monday  5/25/2015

Poder Ciudadano prepara su primer Congreso Internacional Afrodescendiente  5/25/2015 Poder Ciudadano: "Algunos de los invitados son: Antonio Quispe Rivadeneyra, Perú; James Counts Early, Estados Unidos; Jesús Escobar, Venezuela; Jesús “Chucho” García, Venezuela; María Alexandra Ocles, Ecuador; Zobeida Gudiño, Ecuador; Esteban Morales, Cuba; Gloria Victoria Rolando Casamayor, Cuba; Ernesto Samper, Colombia; Nigeria Rentería, Colombia."

Thursday  5/21/2015

Movimiento social afrocolombiano y el decenio afrodescendiente  5/21/2015 Marcha Patriotica: "Este evento implica que se afirme una red de universidades por el Decenio que genere acciones afirmativas. Creación de políticas públicas para la población Afro; posesionar el tema de la negociación en la Habana con la presencia del pueblo Afro; colocar la agenda del movimiento del Decenio en las instituciones supranacionales que corresponden a los estados y a las instituciones no estatales; reconfigurar el trabajo de la articulación regional afrodescendiente de las Américas y el Caribe y finalmente crear el capítulo ARAAC Colombia."

Movimiento social afrocolombiano y el decenio afrodescendiente  5/21/2015 Marcha Patriótica: con agenda y lista de participantes - "Bogotá 19 de mayo 2015. En Colombia el movimiento afrodescendiente y la iniciativa de varias organizaciones nacionales y distritales afro, lanzará el decenio de los Afrodescendientes en la ciudad de Bogotá con el evento “Movimiento social afrocolombiano y el decenio de las y los afrodescendientes”, que se llevará a cabo desde el 21 al 24 de mayo. Contará con la presencia de connotados líderes de reconocimiento continental, de diferentes países como Ecuador, Perú, Uruguay, Venezuela, Bolivia, Estado Unidos, Brasil, Cuba, y de diferentes regiones de Colombia. Destacando la participación de la francesa Mireille Fanon-Mendès, hija del legendario revolucionario y académico Frantz Fanon."

El buen racista  5/21/2015 Observatorio de Discriminación Racial: "Sin embargo, su elevada corrección moral y nutrido carácter humanista no le impide mandar a sus hijos a colegios de élite, donde no hay ni un solo niño negro. Tampoco representa obstáculo para educarse en universidades segregadas, todas diversas e incluyentes debido a presencia de extranjeros blancos. El buen racista ha evolucionado tanto que a veces puede no ver el color, ni de los desplazados negros, ni de los desaparecidos negros, ni de los negros privados de la libertad. Es incapaz de cuestionar por qué el gimnasio al que asiste, los restaurantes en los que come y los lugares en los que compra son racialmente homogéneos."

Tuesday  5/19/2015

Leaked List Shows Ferguson Protesters Paid by Soros Front Group  5/19/2015 InfoWars 

Monday  5/18/2015

Venezuelan Officials Suspected of Turning Country into Global Cocaine Hub  5/18/2015 Wall Street Journal: "U.S. prosecutors are investigating several high-ranking Venezuelan officials, including the president of the country’s congress, on suspicion that they have turned the country into a global hub for cocaine trafficking and money laundering, according to more than a dozen people familiar with the probes."

Friday  5/15/2015

Swedish 'Leftist' Politician Prefers the US over Venezuela  5/15/2015 teleSUR: "Well, in part because I've lived there and I've felt pretty much at home. Besides, I am pretty worried about Venezuela's democratic development. It's a rather authoritarian development and the government cannot manage to ensure enough goods in the shelves and a good economic development."

Thursday  5/14/2015

Día de la Afrovenezolanidad 2015  5/14/2015 Aporrea: "Finalmente, el 10 de mayo no es solo un día memorial como decía la hija del destacado activista Afrodescendiente escritor y siquiatra, Frantz Fanon, nacido en Martinica, hoy departamento de "Ultramar" para los colonialistas franceses de la libertad , la igualdad y la fraternidad, que conmemoran ese mismo día, por cosas parecidas que aún no comprendo, en relación a la ley propuesta por la actual afrodescenciente de piel oscura, nacida en la Guyana Francesa, ministra de justicia, Christian Taubira y algunos afrofranceses que se reúnen esa misma fecha en la plaza del General Catroux en el Quartier 17 de Paris, que tiene que ver con hombres y mujeres de piel oscura que han impactado en las sociedades europeas, como la magistrada afroitaliana que también ha sido objeto de burla en la polémica revista "Je suis Charlie". "

Police Killings: The end of 2014 was a bloody time for Native Americans  5/14/2015 Black and Brown News: "In a tragic bit of irony, it was later revealed that Locke had been at a demonstration against police killings of indigenous people just one day earlier. Yet while devastating for his family and community, Locke’s death illustrates a much bigger problem: From 1999 to 2013, Native Americans were killed by law enforcement at nearly identical rates as black Americans, tying them for the most at-risk populations in this respect."

Tuesday  5/12/2015

Emotiva conmemoración del Día de la Afro-venezolanidad en Grenada  5/12/2015 Aporrea: "La Embajada de la República Bolivariana de Venezuela en Grenada dio inicio a la Conmemoración del "Día de la Afro-venezolanidad" en la sede del Instituto para la Cultura y la Cooperación (IVCC) en la ciudad de Saint George’s. El evento se llevó a cabo con un Cine – Foro donde se proyectó el documental "Tambores de Agua". El Embajador Jorge Guerrero Veloz se dirigió a los presentes y habló sobre los aportes y participación de los africanos y sus descendientes en la contribución de la identidad de Venezuela, así como de la gesta histórica de José Leonardo Chirino el 10 de mayo de 1795, en la Sierra de Falcón, fecha en la cual se levantó contra el imperio español, considerándose estas acciones como una de las primeras luchas emancipadoras de Venezuela."

FBI's warning of white supremacists infiltrating law enforcement nearly forgotten  5/12/2015 The Griot: by Samuel V. Jones, a former military police captain and currently a professor of law focusing on criminal law at The John Marshall Law School.

Sunday  5/10/2015

10 Mai 1795 : Afro-Vénézuela insurrectionnel !  5/10/2015 Cases Rebelles: "Il y a 220 ans exactement, le 10 mai 1795, Jose Leonardo Chirino, noir libre, fils d’un esclave noir et d’une indienne1, menait une insurrection dans l’Ouest du Venezuela à Coro. Les revendications étaient les suivantes : liberté pour les africains esclaves et abolition de l’esclavage, établissement de ce qui est nommé à l’époque « la loi française » – c’est à dire un régime démocratique – suppression des impôts et taxes payés par les indiens, et suppression de l’aristocratie blanche. Les insurgéEs allaient d’abord rencontrer quelques victoires et parvenir à occuper quelques haciendas avant d’être arrêtéEs par les miliciens de la colonie en large supériorité numérique."

Thursday  5/7/2015

Tensiones raciales en EE.UU. son de "gran preocupación" para la CIDH  5/7/2015 El Espectador: "Las tensiones raciales en Estados Unidos, puestas de relieve en los últimos meses por la muerte de hombres afroamericanos a manos de policías, son de "gran preocupación" para la Comisión Interamericana de Derechos Humanos (CIDH), dijo este jueves su presidenta Rose-Marie Belle Antoine. Belle Antoine dijo que, desde que asumió en 2012 como comisionada en el organismo de derechos humanos de la Organización de Estados Americanos (OEA), volcó su mirada al tema racial en Norteamérica, especialmente la relación entre el sistema judicial, el origen racial y la pobreza."

America Refuses to Face up to Its «Death Squads» in Blue  5/7/2015 VoltaireNet: "Part of the reason for the appearance of officially-sanctioned death squads among America’s police ranks is the steady militarization of America’s state, city, county, and small town police forces since the 9/11 attack. Under what is called the «1033 program», the Pentagon has provided the police with everything from war surplus armored personnel vehicles (known as Mine-Resistant Ambush-Protected vehicles or «MRAPS») and military-grade M-16 rifles to mortars and armored Humvees. Some of this equipment was on full display in Ferguson, Missouri during protests over the shooting death by a white police officer of African-American teen Michael Brown. Because Baltimore, unlike St. Louis and North Charleston, is considered within the national capital area of Washington, DC, the U.S. corporate media and government officials reacted to a group of rioting African-American high school students that followed the funeral of Gray with the sort of existential alarm usually meted out to «menacing» nation-states like Iran, Venezuela, and North Korea."

Monday  5/4/2015

Infocentro revisó planificación estratégica para segundo cuatrimestre del 2015  5/4/2015 Infocentro: "Por su parte, el presidente de Infocentro, David Parra, en su primer día de intervención, destacó que la manera de hacer gestión se basa en el cumplimiento de las metas y que éstas tienen que ver con el 100% de los municipios cubiertos, las 100 transferencias que se suman en el 2015, 100 inauguraciones de Infocentros y la creación de 1000 Brigadas Comunicacionales Hugo Chávez."

Friday  5/1/2015

Baltimore Prosecutor Charges Six Police Officers, Calls Freddie Gray’s Death a "Homicide"  5/1/2015 Democracy Now: "Watch full press conference by Baltimore State’s Attorney Marilyn Mosby when she announced charges against six police officers, including one with murder, in the death of Freddie Gray, the 25-year-old African-American man who was arrested and suffered a fatal neck injury while riding in a moving police van."

'Quenelle' performed in middle of French Parliament  5/1/2015 Jewish World: "Anti-Semitic comedian Dieudonné posts picture of two young men performing inverted Nazi salute during tour of National Assembly. 'Bravo, thank you for your support! You are everywhere,' he writes."

Thursday  4/30/2015

145 Writers Sign Letter Protesting PEN Award to Charlie Hebdo  4/30/2015 Arts Beat: "Junot Díaz, Lorrie Moore, Joyce Carol Oates, Eric Bogosian and Michael Cunningham are among the 145 writers listed as signatories on a letter protesting PEN American Center’s decision to award its “freedom of expression courage” award to the French satirical weekly Charlie Hebdo, because the award seems to endorse drawings of the prophet Muhammad and other images that “must be seen as being intended to cause further humiliation and suffering” among France’s embattled Muslims."

African-Centered Psychology with Dr. Cheryl Tawede Grills  4/30/2015 But If You Did Know...What would it look like?: "Overall, Dr. Grills blew me away with her knowledge, voice, ideas, and empowered me not only as a professional in the psychology field, but as a woman. To me, she nailed the important issues that are commonly brushed away or swept under the rug in not only our society, but in our education systems. Her other area she spoke about included counseling incarcerated communities. I would like to learn more about these topics and be able to utilize them in my profession and be a change-agent in the psychology field."

That Super Cute Maxi Skirt Isn't Her Problem. French Racism Is.  4/30/2015 Forward 

Tuesday  4/28/2015

UN panel denounces ‘trivialization’ of racism in France  4/28/2015 Press TV: "Meanwhile, Huang Yong’an, a former ambassador of the People's Republic of China and now a CERD expert, said that tourists from his country were often targeted in France, and urged Paris to take “necessary and effective measures to curb the trend of xenophobia and to ensure security and other fundamental rights of foreign people in France.”"

Sunday  4/26/2015

How Should the French Left Respond to the "Post-Charlie" National Unity? The Furor Over “Fuck France”  4/26/2015 Counterpunch: "The launching of such a debate created a real hysteria: we see a multiplication of openly racist speeches, stating that one cannot be French and Arabic, French and Muslim, French and Black, and that we had to choose. Therefore, in such a context, many young people from working-class neighborhoods reacted. They didn’t especially do so using the usual forms of political expression, writing texts, etc. But they responded by writing songs, they reacted in doing “slam”, in writing graffiti on walls, in which, in order to react to this racist conception of France under Sarkozy, they said: “Fuck France”. It’s in this context, that a rapper and myself decided not to leave these young people alone, because of the impending repression against them, because they were introduced as savages, described as dangerous people, and so we decided to write a book that would explain how they came to say “Fuck France” in the first place, and which France they were questioning: the France of the ruling class, the France of the Rich, the racist France… "

Seguidores de Uribe amenazan en Bogotá a Piedad Córdoba (+ Video)  4/26/2015 Cuba Debate: "Piedad Córdoba, activista y defensora de los derechos humanos y exsenadora de Colombia, sufrió la víspera una serie de ataques y hostigamientos por parte de un grupo de seguidores del senador colombiano Álvaro Uribe. La agresión se efectuó a las afueras de su vivienda en Bogotá (capital), donde los manifestantes pretendían aupar su labor en la defensa de la paz, emitiendo una serie de amenazas."

Friday  4/24/2015

How Photography Was Optimized for White Skin Color  4/24/2015 Priceonomics: "The earliest color film was not sensitive enough to accurately capture darker subjects subjects, especially when the scene had brighter, whiter elements. This problem was particularly obvious in group portraiture, photographer Adam Broomberg has explained: “If you exposed film for a white kid, the black kid sitting next to him would be rendered invisible except for the whites of his eyes and teeth." Photographer Syreeta McFadden, a black woman, describes the experience of looking at photos of herself as a young girl: “In some pictures, I am a mud brown, in others I’m a blue black. Some of the pictures were taken within moments of one another. ‘You look like charcoal,’ someone said, and giggled. I felt insulted, but I didn’t have the words for that yet.”"

Thursday  4/23/2015

Nicaragua acogerá encuentro de mujeres afrodescendientes  4/23/2015 PL: "Nicaragua acogerá en junio venidero la primera Cumbre Latinoamericana de Lideresas Afrodescendientes de las Américas, en la cual se debatirá la realidad que vive hoy la mujer en el continente. La cita, prevista del 26 al 28 de junio próximo, se llevará a cabo en el marco del Decenio Internacional de las poblaciones Afrodescendientes: "Reconocimiento, Justicia y Desarrollo", declarado por las Naciones Unidas (ONU) y comprendido entre el 2015 y 2024."

Stanford historian uncovers the dark roots of humanitarianism  4/23/2015 Stanford: "Currently a fellow at the Stanford Humanities Center, Daughton believes that his discoveries demonstrate the extent to which contemporary notions of human rights and humanitarian development "came out of this period of colonialism, which – ironically – was obviously extremely violent and based on great iniquity and domination." Daughton's current book project, Cover Not My Blood: Humanitarianism, Brutality, Disease and Denial in the Building of a French Colonial Railroad in the Congo, is based on research in archives on three continents. It explores the construction of the Congo-Océan Railway in French Equatorial Africa, in today's Republic of the Congo. The construction of this railroad, in the years between the world wars, cost thousands of lives and lasted over a decade."

Wednesday  4/22/2015

How to Grossly Misrepresent Venezuelan Reality: A Reply to Alejandro Toledo  4/22/2015 Venezuela Analysis: "It is precisely this glaring double standard towards Venezuela that allows Toledo and 25 other ex-presidents- including notorious human rights abusers Alvaro Uribe, Felipe Calderon, Alfredo Cristiani, (while Toledo himself currently faces trial for corruption)- to accuse the Bolivarian government of human rights violations. In this twisted, orwellian world where corrupt oligarchs and profligate desk murderers parade as human rights crusaders, the violently anti-democratic Venezuelan Right is miraculously transformed into the peaceful, law-abiding victim of an authoritarian regime."

Tuesday  4/21/2015

Islamophobia soars in France  4/21/2015 Muslim Village: "Anti-Muslim attacks have risen six-fold in the first three months of the year compared with the same period in 2014, hitting 222 reported violent attacks, according to French interior ministry figures. “It is the first time we have recorded grenades being thrown or guns fired,” Abdallah Zekri, president of the National Observatory against Islamophobia said, stressing the unprecedented rise in Islamophobic attakcs. Racism, anti-Semitism and Islamophobia prevail in the country as more non-French people have been threatened by potential violent attacks."

Sunday  4/19/2015

Putin warns Israel: Selling arms to Ukraine would provoke Russian S-300 sales to Syria too  4/19/2015 Debka File: "Russian President Vladimir Putin’s warning to Israel against selling arms to Kiev - in retaliation for the S-300 air-defense missiles Russia has released for Iran – adds a European dimension to the dispute by planting Israel squarely in the middle of Moscow’s Ukraine dispute with the United States. The Russian leader’s implied threat to hit back by sending the same missile system to Syria as well as Iran, touches on another dispute between Russia on the one side and the US and Israel on the other, namely the Syria conflict."

Friday  4/17/2015

France launches major anti-racism and hate speech campaign  4/17/2015 Guardian: "The government will spend €100m (£72m) on a three-year plan, including the setting up of a new unit to monitor and fight “hatred online”. “Passivity on the internet is over,” Hollande said. Teacher training will be reinforced, headteachers will be encouraged to report incidents and pupils will be taken to visit memorial sites. There will also be tougher penalties for crimes deemed to have been fuelled by racism and antisemitism. Hate speech, already a criminal offence, will be moved to France’s general penal code. It will no longer be part of a separate specialist criminal code dating back to the 19th century that deals with freedom of expression issues and offences such as incitement to racial hatred and libel. This has caused consternation among anti-racism groups, which argue that the move was unnecessary and sent a message that “repression” would end racism when in fact there should be broader work to promote equality and end discrimination across society."

France to invest $107m in fighting anti-Semitism, racism  4/17/2015 Haaretz: "“Racism, anti-Semitism, hatred of Muslims, of foreigners and homophobia are growing in an insufferable manner in our country,” Valls told reporters in Creteil, just outside Paris, after presenting his plan. Creteil was chosen because of an attack on a young couple in their home there five months ago, Radio France Internationale reported. The attackers raped the woman and said that they believed the victims had money because they were Jewish."

France Announces Stronger Fight Against Racism and Anti-Semitism  4/17/2015 NYT: "Mr. Valls’s presentation of the plan did not mention racism targeting people who are black or Roma, but all racist behavior would be covered by the new measures."

Thursday  4/16/2015

Emir Sader: El neocolonialismo intelectual  4/16/2015 Sociologos: "La izquierda occidental tuvo siempre un fuerte acento eurocentrista. Las mismas definiciones de izquierda y de derecha de Europa se han difundido por todo el mundo."

Wednesday  4/15/2015

El Decenio y la integración de los pueblos  4/15/2015 ALAI: por Diógenes Díaz - "Afirmamos que desde la Casa Blanca y sus socios internacionales se propuso penetrar los movimientos sociales afrodescendientes con el objetivo político de castrar las luchas que se plantearan en un futuro inmediato; reiteramos que nuestras comunidades afrodescendientes, en su mayoría, cumplen un patrón de asentamiento en territorios de inmensas riquezas naturales; reservas hídricas, yacimientos de hidrocarburos o minerales; o en algunos casos, espacios susceptibles de planes urbanísticos o turísticos con la mentalidad desarrollista y esquemas neoliberales. La aparición de la afroderecha se produce con el propósito de crear una élite que expropiara la vocería de nuestras comunidades para negociar con los gobiernos súbditos de las grandes multilaterales."

O Decênio dos Afrodescendentes e a integração dos povos  4/15/2015 ALAI: por Diógenes Díaz - "A declaração do Decênio dos Afrodescendentes (2015-2024) pelas Nações Unidas é conseqüência de um longo processo de luta dos movimentos e organizações sociais. A Conferência de Durban foi o cenário que iniciou uma etapa histórica importante da integração dos povos afrodescendentes por seus direitos. Contudo, a agenda levantada, construída coletivamente, foi distorcida pela intervenção da direita internacional, pelos mecanismos institucionais das grandes corporações, pelas formalidades dos órgãos multinacionais, pela burocracia incrustada, e fundamentalmente pela mentalidade neoliberal de certas lideranças que perceberam nos financiamentos uma oportunidade de beneficiar seus interesses particulares."

Alarma por incremento de asesinatos de afrocolombianos en Bogotá  4/15/2015 El Espectador: "Los homicidios más recientes se presentaron el pasado 9 de abril en el sur de la ciudad, cuando sujetos que se movilizaban en una motocicleta de alto cilindraje abrieron fuego contra dos hombres, identificados como Edward Samir Murillo y Daniel Perlaza. Los jóvenes, de 20 años, eran bailarines y pertenecían al grupo Son del Yembé dedicado al folclor y a la danza afrocolombiana en el sur de la ciudad. Testigos del hecho aseguraron que durante el ataque los sicarios gritaban "hay que acabar con estos negros"."

The racist roots of the French FGM crusade  4/15/2015 Spiked Online: "With no actual evidence that 65,000 girls in the UK are at risk of FGM, campaigners turn to France, where a relatively successful anti-FGM campaign has been waged for several decades. Indeed, over the past 35 years, there have been 43 trials and 100 successful convictions. Yet there is a backstory here that is rarely told. The anti-FGM campaign in France, far from being unambiguously progressive, is intimately linked with state anti-immigration policies. As a result, the French anti-FGM campaign further isolates and criminalises one of the most vulnerable sections of French society: the non-EU immigrant population, especially black Africans."

Tuesday  4/14/2015

Venezuela on April 11: The 2002 Coup to the 2015 Economic War  4/14/2015 teleSUR: "At the time of the 2002 coup, the U.S. government admitted that it had financed and met with the coup leaders and organizations involved. This dynamic has continued since then, and in fact, funding to anti-government groups has increased under the Obama administration. This year, the NED (National Endowment for Democracy) and the U.S. Agency of International Development (USAID) has an increased budget destined for Venezuelan opposition “youth” and “civil society” groups. This is of course part of the ongoing attempted coup against the Venezuelan government which began in 1999 and which has been advanced through all conceivable means - economic strangulation, street violence, military conspiracies - to name but a few."

Saturday  4/11/2015

[Venezuela] 11 de abril de 2002: Un golpe de estado mediático y en directo  4/11/2015 Kaos en la red: "34 Excepcionales documentos históricos que demuestran cuál es el papel de los medios en el capitalismo, el inmenso poder que acaparan, lo peligrosos que pueden llegar a ser para la democracia, así como explican muchas de las medidas que el gobierno de Chávez tomó posteriormente en materia de medios."

Wednesday  4/8/2015

Hasta la coronilla de hidroeléctricas: Laura Pedreschi Janson  4/8/2015 La Prensa, Panama: "Protestaremos por el injustificado y aterrador número de 72 hidroeléctricas en seis cuencas hidrográficas de la provincia de Chiriquí y la comarca; diremos: “No más hidroeléctricas”. Somos primero y no quienes saquean nuestros recursos hídricos; cumplan con la promesa de campaña: “100% agua potable y cero letrinas”. De forma premeditada y oscura, basados en estudios de impacto ambiental de poca credibilidad, los gobiernos aprobaron las hidroeléctricas a espaldas del pueblo. En abierta violación al artículo 16 de la Ley 35 del 22 de septiembre de 1966, que establece la prioridad de uso del agua de la Nación."

Tuesday  4/7/2015

Cop Arrested for Murder After Video Shows Him Shooting Man in Back  4/7/2015 Consortium News: "A white police officer in North Charleston [NC] arrested after video contradicts his version of events the ended with death of Walter Scott, a 50-year-old black man."

Yemen war: Saudis prevented Russian evacuations by air, bombed Moscow’s spy center in Aden  4/7/2015 Debka File: "The Saudiis warned Russia that they would not be responsible for the safety of any flights landing at a Yemeni airport or the passengers assembled there for evacuation, while their air force conducted strikes against the rebels. Having achieved control of Yemen’s skies in the early stages of their intervention, the Saudis declared its air space a no-fly zone. This warning gained substance when, on April 1, Saudi F-15 warplanes bombed the Russian consulate in the second largest Yemeni city, Aden. A Russian witness said that not a single window was left in the building and all Russian citizens would have to leave the town."

Monday  4/6/2015

Afrodescendientes: Declaración de Bogotá 2015  4/6/2015 ALAI: por Diógenes Díaz - "Recientemente participamos en el lanzamiento del Decenio de los Afrodescendientes en Colombia, el movimiento social afrodescendiente progresista y revolucionario del hermano país reto a la derecha recalcitrante a celebrar el día de la Afrocolombianidad, el pasado 21 de Mayo con una convocatoria donde asistimos voceros de colectivos, organizaciones y movimientos avanzados del continente. La Alianza Regional Afrodescendientes de América y el Caribe -ARAAC- nació en el deslinde con la afroderecha que monitoreados por la Casa Blanca pretendía asumir la hegemonía de los y las afrodescendientes. El año 2011 fue crucial para definir los dos terrenos políticos, espacios que reproducen en lo internacional la lucha por la integración y cooperación solidaria de los pueblos (ALBA, CELAC, UNASUR) o la alternativa neoliberales (ALCA, Alianza del Pacifico). El decenio es un reto para las futuras luchas de nuestros pueblos.

Attempts to Malign Venezuela as “Homophobic State” Have Backfired  4/6/2015 Venezuela Analysis: "As international news outlets takes turns at bashing Venezuela for alleged human rights violations, with even Fox News pretending to care about free healthcare long enough to report on the country’s medicine shortages, it’s unsurprising that LGBTQ issues would eventually be used as further media fodder. And just like Israel continually attempts to pinkwash war crimes with gay-friendly tourism, the United States is trying to wield homophobia as a labeling tool to demonize uncooperative administrations. Just weeks ago, the US State Department sent an “openly gay envoy” on a mission to monitor and “defend” LGBT rights around the world."

Friday  4/3/2015

Why is the US So Frightened of Venezuela?  4/3/2015 CounterPunch: "How a nation that spends less than 1% of its GDP on military expenditures, has no latest state-of-the-art military weaponry, and an army of merely 120,000 can possibly threaten the security of the mighty United States, is entirely incomprehensible."

Wednesday  4/1/2015

Who Dat?: Race and Its Conspicuous Consumption in Post-Katrina New Orleans  4/1/2015 AnthroSource: "This article explores the fraught neoliberal refashioning of post-Katrina New Orleans in relation to concurrent modes of racialized inclusion and exclusion. I suggest an intensification of market forces during this period has hastened a privileging of certain acceptable, often gendered forms of blackness tied to their performance-centered market consumption while simultaneously rendering others criminal and/or violently disposable. Such racial regulation, it is argued, is tantamount to a kind of “contractual blackness” within New Orleans' neoliberalized landscape that delineates commercially assimilable and therefore “good” black subjects from deviantly “bad” and hence expendable ones. The article follows with explorations of how some African American working class men mediate these duel economies of consumption/disposability through varying performative strategies of black possibility and alterity."

Tuesday  3/31/2015

Miradas afrocolombianas en Congreso Ciudadanía, Etnia y Territorio  3/31/2015 Prensa Latina: "Bogotá, 31 may (PL) Delegados de Ecuador, Venezuela, Perú, Brasil, Cuba y Estados Unidos participan hoy en el Congreso Ciudadanía, Etnia y Territorio, destinado a promover la reflexión sobre temas que preocupan a los pueblos afro en Colombia y el continente. Auspiciado por el movimiento Poder Ciudadano, el foro sesiona en el Centro de Memoria de esta capital."

Monday  3/30/2015

Ruta de cimarrones y cimarronas de Venezuela…primer camino libertario. Homenaje al Rey Miguel  3/30/2015 Aporrea: "Siguiendo el camino de nuestro cimarrones y cimarronas -libertadores en construcción de un mundo mejor y mas igualitario:"

Democracy behind bars in Venezuela? Who is Leopoldo Lopez?  3/30/2015 Hands Off Venezuela: "Immediately below the headline “opposition leaders facing jail or death” there is a big picture of Leopoldo López. This gives the impression that he himself is potentially facing a death sentence. The writer probably is unaware that Venezuela was the first country in the world still in existence to abolish the death penalty, back in 1863! In contrast, in Britain it was not fully abolished until 1998 and of course in the US is still widely used. But, as they say, why let the facts get in the way of a striking headline."

Friday  3/27/2015

Leader of reparations in Rosewood massacre, Arnett Doctor, dies at 72  3/27/2015 Fox News: "Arnett Doctor, a key figure responsible for securing reparations for victims of the Rosewood massacre, has died in the Tampa Bay area following a long illness. He was 72."

Man who fought for Rosewood compensation, dies  3/27/2015 WFLA: "His daughter, Charmin Doctor said "He was big on wanting to get the survivors seen about and compensated and get the story out." It's a family heritage they are proud to share. "My grandmother was a survivor, my great grandmother was a survivor, my uncle was a survivor," his daughter Robin Conyers said. They also plan to carry on the work he's done. "It's something that we push to try to follow and continue, because that's something that he wanted. He wanted us striving, passing it around the world. We don't want it to just stop with him," said Dontavious Doctor, his son."

Thursday  3/26/2015

Arnett Doctor, driving force behind Rosewood reparations, dies at 72  3/26/2015 Tampa Bay Times: "But the biggest factor, lawyers and family members said, was the advocacy of one Rosewood descendent, Arnett Doctor, who was found dead in his Spring Hill home Monday at the age of 72 after a long illness. "He was the one who created the narrative, who gathered the facts and said those facts entitle us to reparation," said Steve Hanlon, a law professor at St. Louis University and one of the Holland & Knight lawyers who helped push the bill."

Sunday  3/22/2015

Brazil’s elites are revolting  3/22/2015 Al Jazeera: "Since Rousseff’s re-election campaign in 2014, political discourse in Brazil has become more polarized than ever. Legislators elected from historically progressive states openly defended policies such as torture and the extermination of indigenous peoples. Congress now includes a sizable “bullet caucus,” which supports militaristic responses to crime, as well as a substantial Christian fundamentalist caucus opposed to gay rights and a very large rural caucus that opposes land reform and indigenous rights. Meanwhile, the PT and parties to its left lost seats, and nearly 30 percent of voters cast blank ballots or abstained — a historic high."

Saturday  3/21/2015

¿Qué pasará con la curul afro de María del Socorro Bustamante tras su muerte?  3/21/2015 El Pais: "Sin embargo, será el Consejo de Estado el que decida a quién le corresponderá la curul cuando resuelva la demanda por la misma que involucra a esas dos colectividades y a una tercera: Poder Ciudadano, que también pelea por esa representación."

Thursday  3/12/2015

How ‘Free Markets’ Defame ‘Democracy’  3/12/2015 Consortium News: "Currently, one of the big U.S. complaints against Russia is that it requires foreign-funded NGOs that seek to influence policy decisions to register as “foreign agents.” The New York Times and other Western publications have cited this 2012 law as proof that Russia has become a dictatorship, while ignoring the fact that the Russians modeled their legislation after a U.S. law known as the “Foreign Agent Registration Act.” So, it’s okay for the U.S. to label people who are paid by foreign entities to influence U.S. policies as “foreign agents” – and to imprison people who fail to register – but not for Russia to do the same. A number of these NGOs in Russia and elsewhere also are not “independent” entities but instead are financed by the U.S.-funded National Endowment for Democracy (NED) and the U.S. Agency for International Development."

How the US Funds Dissent against Latin American Governments  3/12/2015 teleSUR: "In many ways the NED resembles previous CIA efforts in the 1950s, 60s and 70s to provide mostly public money for secret operations aimed to bolster pro-U.S. governments and movements abroad. In South America for example, between 1975 and 1978 the U.S. helped with the creation and implementation of Operation Condor. The U.S. provided right-wing dictatorships in Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Paraguay, Uruguay, Colombia, Peru, Venezuela and Ecuador with technical and military support for the goal of hunting down and killing political opponents. Some estimate that Operation Condor killed between 60,000 and 80,000 people. In 1986, the then president of the NED, Carl Gershman, explained to the New York Times, “We should not have to do this kind of work covertly … It would be terrible for democratic groups around the world to be seen as subsidized by the C.I.A. We saw that in the 60s, and that's why it has been discontinued. We have not had the capability of doing this, and that's why the endowment was created.” "

Why Was an FBI Joint Terrorism Task Force Tracking a Black Lives Matter Protest?  3/12/2015 The Intercept: "“Clearly it’s inappropriate to be using the Joint Terrorist Task Force to monitor activists [and] the use of a CHS seems extremely inappropriate,” said Michael German, a fellow at New York University’s Brennan Center for Justice and former special agent with the FBI. “The fact that they’re spending resources in this manner reflects poor leadership and is something that they should really take a hard look at.”"

Wednesday  3/11/2015

¿Agresión a la vista? Eva Golinger revela los planes de EEUU en Venezuela  3/11/2015 Apporea: "Como ya ocurriera con Panamá y Granada, es probable que EE.UU. Acabe atacando militarmente a Venezuela. Ni estos dos países ni Caracas representan amenaza alguna para EE.UU., pero a diferencia de los primeros, el país sudamericano cuenta con recursos estratégicos. La abogada y escritora Eva Golinger ha analizado la tensa situación entre Venezuela y EE.UU."

Venezuelan Assembly Grants Executive Powers while Military Drills in Defensive Exercises  3/11/2015 Venezuela Analysis: "In response to US president Obama’s use of an executive order to sanction Venezuelan authorities, Venezuelan leader Nicolas Maduro requested decree powers to pass an “anti-imperialist law to prepare for all scenarios.” The National Assembly voted by majority their approval this on Wednesday morning."

Monday  3/2/2015

What Is Happening in Venezuela?  3/2/2015 The Nation: "Sujatha Fernandes, who teaches in the sociology department at CUNY’s Queens College and the Graduate Center and is the author of Who Can Stop the Drums? Urban Social Movements in Chávez’s Venezuela, points to the barrios, where despite the economic shortages and long lines for basic goods: many of those poor barrio residents who make up the stronghold of the Bolivarian process are aware of the destabilizing role being played by the opposition on many fronts and are not the core of those expressing discontent. And speaking to ordinary Venezuelans, one does not get the sense of major economic calamity, despite hardships. The bonds of solidarity that have developed in recent times have given rise to such innovative responses as a barter economy."

Sunday  3/1/2015

Marvin Dunn  3/1/2015 Vimeo 

Friday  2/27/2015

16 meses de prisión a concejal colombiano por racismo  2/27/2015 AP: "Un concejal colombiano fue condenado a 16 meses prisión luego de ser hallado responsable del delito de hostigamiento racial, en la primera sentencia de su tipo en el país. La condena recayó en Fernando Antonio Delgado, concejal del municipio de Marsella, en el departamento de Risaralda y a unos 188 kilómetros al oeste de Bogotá, informó la Fiscalía en un comunicado."

Thursday  2/26/2015

Estados Unidos acelera el golpe en Venezuela  2/26/2015 CubaDebate: "El plan golpista denominado Operación Jericó fue abortado por los órganos de seguridad bolivarianos los días 11 y 12 de febrero pasados. Entre los objetivos contemplados por el plan estaba el ataque o bombardeo al Palacio de Miraflores, el Ministerio de Defensa y Telesur. Dicen que en la guerra la primera víctima es la verdad y ya Estados Unidos ha tenido que sufrir varias veces importantes derrotas mediáticas, como en el golpe contra el presidente Hondureño Manuel Zelaya, gracias a las verdades difundidas por Telesur desde el terreno. Los principales implicados en la conspiración fueron detenidos, entre ellos militares retirados y en activo. Sus declaraciones y la investigación de los hechos condujeron días después al arresto y encausamiento de Manuel Ledezma, alcalde metropolitano de Caracas."

Racismo, xenofobia, islamofobia y odio en la campaña de Arena  2/26/2015 La Pagina, El Salvador: "A estas alturas de la actual contienda electoral, Arena se encuentra en franca desesperación política. La repentina aparición en espacios televisivos y radiales del viejo himno arenero, el de «El Salvador será la tumba…», solo constata su próxima derrota… "

US-Israel spat intensifies over Netanyahu speech  2/26/2015 Times of India: "In an interview Tuesday, National Security Adviser Susan Rice said plans for Netanyahu's speech had ``injected a degree of partisanship'' into a US-Israel relationship that should be above politics. ``It's destructive to the fabric of the relationship,'' Rice told the Charlie Rose show. ``It's always been bipartisan. We need to keep it that way.'' Netanyahu's plans to speak to Congress have irritated many Democratic members, but also have put them in a difficult spot _ fearing they will look anti-Israel if they don't attend. Still, a number of Democrats have said they plan to skip the session."

Wednesday  2/25/2015

From Africa's Palms  2/25/2015 Al Jazeera: "Thus it was, in 2010, that the Cameroonian government struck the outlines of a deal with a US-based enterprise called Herakles Farms, granting it exclusive use of a biodiversity hotspot in south-western Cameroon - an area covering 73,000 hectares of pristine forest and farmland - in which to start plantations. The company would benefit from some eye-wateringly generous tax breaks, but in return it promised to bring much needed development to the region - from jobs and schools, to hospitals and better roads. But as revealed by this episode of People & Power, from filmmakers Hugh Hartford, Dan Boaden and reporter Nidhi Dutt, things did not quite turn out that way …"

Introducing The Spy Cables  2/25/2015 Al Jazeera: "Secret documents, leaked from numerous intelligence agencies, offer rare insights into the interactions between spies."

Israel's Africa policies 'an exercise in cynicism'  2/25/2015 Al Jazeera: "Secret documents obtained by Al Jazeera's Investigative Unit expose a deep disdain by South Africa's spies for their Israeli counterparts, with intelligence assessments accusing Israel of conducting "cynical" polices in Africa that include "fuelling insurrection," "appropriating diamonds" and even sabotaging Egypt's water supply."

Israel’s New Asian Allies  2/25/2015 CounterPunch: "In response to recent developments, Netanyahu announced last month that he was courting trade with China, India and Japan – comprising nearly 40 per cent of the planet’s population. Last year, for the first time, Israel did more trade with these Asian giants than with the US. Much of it focused on the burgeoning arms market, with Israel supplying nearly $4 billion worth of weapons in 2013. A region once implacably hostile to Israel is throwing open its doors."

The Danger is Not Over The Foiling of a Coup Plot in Venezuela  2/25/2015 CounterPunch: "U.S. spokesperson Jen Psaki and the Venezuelan far-right are dismissing the plot claim, but video evidence, a map of the bombing targets, and other key evidence have been unveiled on national television, with more details promised. Washington’s role in previous plots has been proven before. According to President Maduro, detained coup leaders have confessed their role. He spoke on national television Sunday morning, to reveal more facts and accuse the United States government of conspiring with coup plotters."

Report: Anti-Semitism Soaring on U.S. College Campuses  2/25/2015 Free Beacon: "“The patterns and high rates of anti-Semitism that were reported were surprising,” said Ariela Keysar, an associate research professor at Trinity who co-wrote the report with her colleague Barry Kosmin. “Rather than being localized to a few campuses or restricted to politically active or religious students, this problem is widespread. Jewish students are subjected to both traditional prejudice and the new political anti-Semitism.”"

This Is What It Means To Be Afro-Latino  2/25/2015 Huffington Post: "There's no doubt that the intersection between Black and Latino identity runs deep, and yet the Afro-Latino experience remains largely invisible in mainstream media. In honor of Black History Month, we asked HuffPost Latino Voices and HuffPost Black Voices readers to send us their thoughts via Facebook on what it means to be Afro-Latino. What makes being Afro-Latino beautiful? Challenging? Unique? "

Monday  2/23/2015

Afro-Latin-American social movements  2/23/2015 ALAI: by Agustín Laó Montes - "In June of 2011, black Leftists of the region organized the Regional Articulation of Afro-descendants in Latin America and the Caribbean (ARAAC, for its Spanish acronym) with two consecutive conferences: the first in the Juan Marinello Centre of Cuba, and the other for the 4th Meeting of Afro-descendants and Revolutionary Transformations in Latin America and the Caribbean in Venezuela. ARAAC is a social movement network that, as such, enjoys autonomy from the States and transnational institutions (NGOs, cooperative agencies, etc.). ARAAC promotes Afro-descendant causes, such as the elaboration and implementation of policies against racism and for ethnic-racial equity at every level, from local governments to regional initiatives of integration such as ALBA, UNASUR and CELAC."

Saturday  2/21/2015

Mr Simon and the Queen Bee: Traffickers Above Suspicion at HSBC  2/21/2015 Bellingcat: "From 2002 until 2007 at least, HSBC Private Bank was the scene of an alliance between Atlanta-based ecstasy dealers and an Israeli arms trafficker, former Al-Qaeda supplier and money launderer for Mexican cartels."

Friday  2/20/2015

The “Exceptional” U.S. Suffers Crushing Defeat in Debaltsevo  2/20/2015 CounterPunch: "Last week, Washington suffered its greatest military defeat in more than a decade when Ukraine’s US-backed army was soundly routed in the major railway hub of Debaltsevo. Roughly, 8,000 Ukrainian regulars along with untold numbers of tanks and armored units were surrounded in what-came-to-be-known-as “the cauldron.” The army of the Donetsk Peoples Republic led by DPR commander Alexander Zakharchenko, encircled the invading army and gradually tightened the cordon, eventually killing or capturing most of the troops within the pocket. The Ukrainian Armed Forces suffered major casualties ranging between 3,000 to 3,500 while a vast amount of lethal military hardware was left behind. According to Zakharchenko, “The amount of equipment Ukrainian units have lost here is beyond description.” Additionally, the US-backed proxy-army saw many of its crack troops and top-notch units destroyed in the fighting leaving Kiev unable to continue the war without assistance from allies in the US or Europe."

Chelsea fans' racism: French police identify seven suspects  2/20/2015 Telegraph: "French prosecutors have identified seven Chelsea supporters suspected of involvement in the racial abuse of a black commuter on the Paris Métro, and have given their photographs to the Metropolitan Police. French and British police are working together to trace the group of Chelsea fans who repeatedly pushed a black man trying to board a train back on to the platform while chanting: “We’re racist and that’s the way we like it.” "

Thursday  2/19/2015

Movimientos sociales afrolatinoamericanos  2/19/2015 ALAI: por Agustín Laó Montes - "En junio del 2011, se reagruparon las izquierdas negras de la región, organizando la Articulación Regional Afrodescendiente en América Latina y el Caribe (ARAAC) en dos conferencias consecutivas: la primera en el Centro Juan Marinello de Cuba y la otra el IV Encuentro de Afrodescendientes y Transformaciones Revolucionarias en América Latina y el Caribe, en Venezuela. ARAAC es una red de movimiento social que, como tal, tiene autonomía de los Estados y las instituciones transnacionales (ONGs, agencias de cooperación, etc.), a la vez que esgrime las causas afrodescendientes, como la elaboración e implementación de políticas contra el racismo y por la equidad étnico-racial a toda escala, desde gobiernos locales hasta iniciativas de integración regional como el ALBA, UNASUR y la CELAC."

Monday  2/16/2015

HSBC Bank: Secret Origins To Laundering The World's Drug Money  2/16/2015 Zero Hedge 

Friday  2/13/2015

The Untold Story Of A Ukrainian Sniper Who Took Part In The Maidan Massacre  2/13/2015 Zero Hedge: "One of the biggest mysteries surrounding the February 2014 US-staged coup in Ukraine and the violent overthrow of then president Yanukovich, is "who started shooting first" by which we, of course, refer to the lethal shooting escalation between the government's police force and random snipers who conducted target practice with various citizens and officials of the law during the crackdown at the Euro Maidan square protests, which eventually escalated into all out violence whose culmination was the overthrow of the president."

The US' Suicidal Strategy On Ukraine  2/13/2015 Zero Hedge: "Russia, quite predictably and understandably, became alarmed at the rise of fascism and Nazi-sympathetic powers on its border. Remember the repeated statements by Kiev officials recommending extermination of the Russian speakers who make up the majority living in Eastern Ukraine. Were a parallel situation happening in Canada, for example, I would fully expect the US to be similarly and seriously interested and involved in the outcome. The only people seemingly surprised by this predictable Russian reaction towards protecting its people and border interests are the neocons at the US State Department who instigated the conflict in the first place. In my experience, these are dangerous people principally because they seem to lack perspective and humility."

Wednesday  2/11/2015

The untold story of the Maidan massacre  2/11/2015 BBC: "A day of bloodshed on Kiev's main square, nearly a year ago, marked the end of a winter of protest against the government of president Viktor Yanukovych, who soon afterwards fled the country. More than 50 protesters and three policemen died. But how did the shooting begin? Protest organisers have always denied any involvement - but one man told the BBC a different story."

UNASUR Slams U.S. Sanctions against Venezuela  2/11/2015 Radio Havana: "The 12-member Union of South American Nations (UNASUR) Tuesday reiterated "deep disdain" for the United States' sanctions on Venezuelan government officials. UNASUR reaffirmed its initial rejection of a law passed by the U.S. Congress in December 2014 that calls for unilateral sanctions on Venezuelan government officials accused of violating human rights, according to an official statement issued a day after Unasur foreign ministers' meeting in Montevideo, Uruguay."

Monday  2/9/2015

Driving Tour of Ferguson, MO  2/9/2015 Charisse L'Pree, Ph.D.: "Last December, I accompanied Dr. Cheryl Grills to Ferguson and St. Louis MO as she led training sessions for Emotional Emancipation Circles. Before the formal events, Eddie Becton took us on a driving tour of Ferguson; I documented it with my handycam."

HSBC Bank : Secret Origins to 26/11 Mumbai Attacks  2/9/2015 Great Game India 

Saturday  2/7/2015

No Charges For New Jersey Cop’s Daughter After She Dressed As Hitler And Threatened To Kill Jews  2/7/2015 Alternet: "The teenage daughter of a New Jersey state trooper will not be charged with any crimes after posting and sharing online threats against Jews with her friends –including threatening to bomb a popular gathering place for Orthodox Jews — reports the Asbury Park Press."

Friday  2/6/2015

Afro-Brazilian religions struggle against Evangelical hostility  2/6/2015 WaPo: "Candomblé survived centuries of slavery, but the quasi-respectability it has gained in recent decades is now under concentrated attack from radical Evangelical Christians, a growing force in Catholic Brazil, who regard it as the devil’s work and its priests and priestesses as little more than neighborhood witches. Tactics range from propaganda blitzkriegs launched on blogs and YouTube videos to threats, violence and expulsions from drug gangs. Afro-Brazilian religious leaders and sympathizers are fighting back in court. A low-intensity war is being fought for Brazilian souls."

Thursday  2/5/2015

College Republicans demand Texas Tech disinvite ‘radical’ black scholar Angela Davis  2/5/2015 Raw Story: "Republicans at Texas Tech University in Lubbock, Texas are demanding that the school revoke an invitation to a prominent black scholar and activist because she is too “radical,” Fox 34 reports. Texas Tech invited Angela Davis to speak about “the prison-industrial complex” as part of the university’s 2015 African American History Month Lecture Series."

Tuesday  2/3/2015

Mouvements sociaux afro latinoaméricains  2/3/2015 ALAI: de Agustín Laó Montes - "L’annonce de l’année 2015 comme année du début de la Décennie des Afro descendants déclarée par l’ONU a suscité une pluie de protestations sur sa signification et son implication. Peu ont observé que la décennie est le résultat d’un agenda impulsé par les mouvements afro-latino-américains dans le contexte de la Troisième Conférence Mondiale contre le Racisme célébrée à Durban, Afrique du Sud, en 2001 et encore moins que l’idée de représentation à l’ONU fut d’abord instruite par Malcolm X comme porte-parole de l’Organisation d’Unité Afro-Américains."

Saturday  1/31/2015

Los afrodescendientes y la consolidación de la CELAC  1/31/2015 ALAI: por Diógenes Díaz - "Culminada la II Cumbre de la CELAC en la Habana, realizada este 28 y 29 de enero debemos comenzar en subrayar que es parte del legado de Chávez, empeñado en la integración, cooperación y unidad de la mayoría de los pueblos de nuestra región. Los resultados positivos, avances y ofensiva a favor de la patria grande son los sueños del comandante eterno, es obligación de quienes creemos en que la Patria es América, como lo pensó y soñó Bolívar contribuir a convertir esa idea en políticas comunes a favor de nuestras mayorías pobres, erradicar el hambre y acabar con la desigualdad. La unidad debe darse al lado del pueblo sobre sus intereses, identidades y diferencias, la unidad no debe ser entendida por los dictámenes de los ideólogos en política exterior de cada gobierno de turno. Solo así construiremos la unidad en grande, al lado de pueblo, viviendo la diplomacia de los pueblos, lo otro, son cumbres de funcionarios, diplomáticos, burócratas y asistentes agotados."

Monday  1/26/2015

‘A Distinctly French Universalism’: Translating Laïcité after Charlie  1/26/2015 Jadaliyya: "It was impossible to avoid the discussion, despite my repeated protests. In Lyon, as in the rest of France, there was nothing else to talk about—especially when I found myself seated across from a colleague who teaches at an international lycée, the crucible of Republican education. He was visibly emotional as he said: “I told my students now one had to choose: either you’re Muslim or you’re French, it is simply no longer possible, one has to declare which identity is more important.”"

Black And Armed: Author Explains How Guns Made The Civil Rights Movement Possible  1/26/2015 News One: "The Deacons for Defense and Justice were organized for that purpose. Cobb highlighted that Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. was protected by an unnamed group of armed African Americans. The former SNCC activist shared with Martin in the five years that he spent in the rural South, he did not stay in a house that was without some sort firearm. “Individuals used them to drive nightriders away and keep us alive.”"

Thursday  1/22/2015

Paris Announces Plan to Promote Secular Values  1/22/2015 NYT: "French schools already have a secular code of conduct, but about 1,000 teachers and staff members would be trained on questions of “laïcité,” France’s secular identity, codified under a century-old law on the separation of church and state. She promised that a day devoted to secular laws would be celebrated once a year in every school."

Monday  1/19/2015

Charlie Hebdo fired cartoonist for anti-Semitism in 2009  1/19/2015 World Bulletin: "As mocking young Mr Sarkozy converted to Judaism for money, Sine was accused of being Anti-Semitic and faced many preassures leading him to be fired from the weekly magazine. The same magazine published cartoons even insulting the Islam Prophet Muhammad and Muslims yet explained them as “freedom of speech.”"

Sunday  1/18/2015

Garry Trudeau: When free speech becomes hate speech  1/18/2015 AFR: by Gary Trudeau

Wednesday  1/14/2015

Psychology Applied Research Center aims to effect social change for L.A.'s neediest  1/14/2015 LA Times: "In one recent project, PARC helped the L.A.-based grassroots community organizing agency United Coalition East Prevention Project and the L.A. County/USC Medical Center tackle a major strain on the emergency room: overuse by the area's homeless residents. Take note of that phrase, “homeless residents.” For Grills, it's a way to frame them as part of the community, not as the “other.”"

George Soros funds Ferguson protests, hopes to spur civil action  1/14/2015 Washington Times 

Tuesday  1/13/2015

Procuraduría rechaza amenazas contra la exsenadora Córdoba  1/13/2015 El Tiempo: "La Procuraduría General de la Nación condenó y rechazó, a través de un comunicado de prensa, las amenazas que recientemente habría recibido la exsenadora Piedad Córdoba, presuntamente por miembros de organizaciones armadas al margen de la ley."

Friday  1/9/2015

How Israel Covers Up Its Ugly Racial Holy War  1/9/2015 Alternet: "Another type of racist assault that has become increasingly common in Israel is attacks on Africans. Incitement against the 50,000 non-Jewish Africans who have sought asylum in Israel in recent years, including top government officials comparing them to cancer and Ebola, has made them a popular target for racist ruffians in Tel Aviv. Locals report it is not uncommon for Israeli youths to throw dog feces at African mothers nursing their babies. In January, an Israeli man stabbed a one-year-old African baby in the head and later explained to police that he did it because “they said that a black baby, blacks in general, are terrorists.”"

Thursday  1/8/2015

French Twitter Users Say #JeSuisCharlie Isn’t For Everyone  1/8/2015 Time: "Echoing the #JeSuisCharlie (I am Charlie) hashtag which went viral Wednesday in a show of solidarity for the newspaper’s victims, the hashtag #JeSuisAhmed is now gathering momentum online. Several have used it to point out that a Muslim man died defending a newspaper’s right to free speech, even when it had a history of mocking his own religion."

Sunday  1/4/2015

Remembering the Rosewood Massacre  1/4/2015 Daily Kos: "One of the reasons that knowing history, especially a history that was covered up and buried, is important, is that it helps explain the present day. When questions are raised, and fingers are pointed—by racists and racism apologists—at the black community for their "culpability" in their own lack of progress in the US, those finger-waggers fail to mention the terrorism that has taken place multiple times against prospering black communities."

Wednesday  12/31/2014

2014 - A Russian Viewpoint  12/31/2014 Zero Hedge: "The US is now facing a paradox: "victory" in the Ukraine, "victory" in Europe, but failure to stop a rapidly rising Russia. Worse, these "victories" came at a very high price which included creating tensions inside the EU, threatening the future of the US shale gas industry, alienating many countries at the UN, being deeply involved with a Nazi regime, becoming the prime suspect in the shooting down of MH17 and paying the costs for an artificially low price of gold. But the single worst consequence of the US foreign policy in the Ukraine has been the establishment of a joint Russian-Chinese strategic alliance clearly directed against the United States (more about that later)."

Tuesday  12/30/2014

IMF Austerity Helped Fuel Ebola Crisis: Researchers  12/30/2014 Common Dreams 

Saturday  12/27/2014

"Donbass under fire: Separatists"  12/27/2014 YouTube: Max Fadeyev documentary.

Sunday  12/21/2014

Afrodescendientes, Reparaciones y Ralph Goncalves.  12/21/2014 ALAI: por Diógenes Díaz - "Acostumbramos a escuchar los discursos de las Cumbres Presidenciales para comprender con profundidad las dinámicas de cada organismo de cooperación o integración. Hay diferencias de un mismo personaje en distintos escenarios. Para sorpresa de muchos, el Primer Ministro de San Vicente y las Granadinas ha sido consecuente con un discurso y una línea de acción con nuestros pueblos."

Friday  12/19/2014

Here's Why the #BlackLivesMatter Campaign Needs to Think About Cuba  12/19/2014 Identities.mic: "The #BlackLivesMatter campaign might begin to redirect its attention southward, after the U.S. agreed to "normalize" talks with Cuba in order to re-establish diplomatic relations. The reason? Assata Shakur."

Thursday  12/18/2014

Transcript: Obama’s remarks on U.S.-Cuba relations  12/18/2014 Progreso Weekly 

Wednesday  12/17/2014

Wayne Smith: EEUU podría dar pasos firmes para a normalización de la relación con Cuba  12/17/2014 Cuba Debate 

Obama Announces New US Approach on Cuba  12/17/2014 Havana Times: "Remittance levels will be raised from $500 to $2,000 per quarter for general donative remittances to Cuban nationals (except to certain officials of the government or the Communist party); and donative remittances for humanitarian projects, support for the Cuban people, and support for the development of private businesses in Cuba will no longer require a specific license. Remittance forwarders will no longer require a specific license."

Se acabó el bloqueo contra Cuba  12/17/2014 Progreso Semanal: "Con declaraciones de Raúl Castro y Barack Obama comienza hoy una nueva era en las relaciones entre Cuba y EE.UU. El cambio ha comenzado con un gesto humanitario que podría indicar el sentido de las políticas entre ambos países en los próximos meses. Alan Gross ya está en EE.UU., los tres cubanos, Gerardo, Ramón y Antonio, ya están en Cuba. Todavía queda un camino por recorrer en el Congreso para dar marcha atrás a leyes y normas que han impedido durante más de 50 años unas relaciones entre Cuba y EE.UU. constructivas para ambos pueblos, pero el camino ya ha sido señalado por los dos gobiernos. Estamos asistiendo al comienzo del fin del bloqueo contra Cuba."

China Prepares To Bailout Russia  12/17/2014 Zero Hedge: "Earlier this evening China's State Administration of Foreign Exchange's (SAFE) Wang Yungui noted "the impact of the Russian Ruble depreciation was unclear yet, and, as Bloomberg reported, "SAFE is closely watching Ruble's depreciation and encouraging companies to hedge Ruble risks." His comments also echoed the ongoing FX reform agenda aimed at increasing Yuan flexibility which The South China Morning Post then hinted in a story entitled "Russia may seek China help to deal with crisis," which which noted that Russia could fall back on its 150 billion yuan ($24 billion) currency swap agreement with China if the ruble continues to plunge, that was signed in October. Furthermore, two bankers close to the PBOC reportedly said the swap-line was meant to reduce the role of the US dollar if China and Russia need to help each other overcome a liquidity squeeze."

Tuesday  12/16/2014

Deconstructing the Bill Cosby Rape Narrative  12/16/2014 CounterPunch: "Whether or not the Bill Cosby rape allegations are true, there has been a disturbing lack of investigative reporting within the gleeful media frenzy. The public has been bombarded with lewd, attention-getting headlines like, “Cosby Forced My Hand on His Genitals” that have clearly shaped this story in a certain light. It seems that anyone raising questions is considered to be politically incorrect or a denialist. While a national discussion about supporting rape victims is long overdue, those who believe in due process also have a responsibility to resist condemning Cosby without a fair trial – even if only in the court of public opinion."

US-Saudi Subterfuge Send Stocks and Credit Reeling: The Oil Coup  12/16/2014 CounterPunch 

Monday  12/15/2014

¿Por qué la molestia con que Piedad Córdoba haya viajado a Cuba?  12/15/2014 El Tiempo: "El senador uribista Fernando Nicolás Araujo, por ejemplo, dijo este fin de semana que no había por qué escuchar a personas que no han sido afectadas por la violencia de la guerrilla, sino que por el contrario parecieran defender las tesis de las Farc."

Piedad Córdoba, entre víctimas que viajarán a Cuba  12/15/2014 Noticias RCN: "La exsenadora hace parte del último grupo de víctimas que será escuchado por los negociadores del Gobierno y las Farc."

Sunday  12/14/2014

30,000 March in New York City to Demand End to Racist, Violent Policing  12/14/2014 Alternet: "At some point, NYPD reports indicate, two police lieutenants tried to arrest somebody on the bridge who was throwing a garbage can at other officers below. During the arrest, protesters “de-arrested” the person by attacking officers, allowing the person to escape. The NYPD says two lieutenants were subsequently taken to the hospital and treated for injuries."

Wednesday  12/10/2014

Here's Where To Protest Police Killings Of Black Men  12/10/2014 Huff Post 

Study: Russia’s Economy Resilient in Face of Sanctions  12/10/2014 Russia Insider: "Having researched the development of key indicators of the economy from 2000 to 2013, the authors of the study want to debunk the media story that Russia’s governments under Putin have been supposedly exclusively relying on an economic model based on oil and gas rents while neglecting the need to modernize and diversify the economy."

Tuesday  12/9/2014

Washington’s Frozen War Against Russia  12/9/2014 CounterPunch: "As of last May, R. Hunter Biden, son of the U.S. Vice President, is on the Board of Directors of Burisma Holdings, Ukraine’s largest private gas producer. The young Biden will be in charge of the Holdings’ legal unit and contribute to its “international expansion”. Ukraine has rich soil as well as shale oil reserves. The U.S. agribusiness giant Cargill is particularly active in Ukraine, investing in grain elevators, animal feed, a major egg producer and agribusiness firm, UkrLandFarming, as well as the Black Sea port at Novorossiysk. The very active U.S.-Ukraine Business Council includes executives of Monsanto, John Deere, agriculture equipment-maker CNH Industrial, DuPont Pioneer, Eli Lilly & Company. Monsanto plans to build a $140 million “non-GMO corn seed plant in Ukraine”, evidently targeting the GMO-shy European market."

Monday  12/8/2014

Strange Behavior of Cops in Three High-Profile Killings Exposes Their Depraved Attitudes Toward Human Life  12/8/2014 Alternet: "Instead of conveying positive emotions of any kind, quite the opposite effect, in fact, is conveyed to African Americans when victims of police violence are treated with the regard one would give a dead rodent. It must be accepted by the wider public that these post-tragedy behaviors only fuel the narrative that racism, be it subconscious or otherwise, is what allows those chosen to protect and serve do anything but."

#BlackLivesMatter takes the field: A weekend of athletes speaking out  12/8/2014 SF Bay View: "They were not alone. Detroit Lions running back Reggie Bush, who was attacked by Abe Foxman and the Anti-Defamation League for comparing the late Michael Brown’s hometown of Ferguson to Gaza on Instagram, was not cowed into silence and wore a shirt that read “I can’t breathe” during warm-ups. He said, “Honestly, I’ve always been the quiet kid. I’ve always been the one who’s reserved, to kind of sit back and not really get into politics and things like that. But I don’t know why I just felt some kind of … I guess the situation just touched me.”"

Sunday  12/7/2014

More 'chokehold death' protests begin on U.S. West Coast after clashes  12/7/2014 Reuters 

Saturday  12/6/2014

Legacy of Whites Killing Black ‘Demons’  12/6/2014 Consortium News: "Wilson’s words rang bells in my historian’s mind; it took me back to 1900 when the American Book And Bible House of St. Louis published a popular justification of lynching entitled The Negro A Beast. This was during the long reign of “Judge Lynch” when white individuals, lawmen or mobs killed three or four black men and boys a week, enjoyed impunity and often the approval of governors, senators and local officials."

Tuesday  12/2/2014

‘Let’s just shut down’: an interview with Spokesperson Ray of the Free Alabama Movement  12/2/2014 SF Bay View: "The Free Alabama Movement (FAM) came about in stages and events that were somewhat unrelated to FAM at the time, but which ultimately served as seeds for the future. Small steps like coming into prison and joining a law class that was being taught by a mentor. Then latching onto the coattails of a revolutionary political prisoner and Black Panther named Richard “Mafundi” Lake and hearing phrases like “organize” over and over again."

Monday  12/1/2014

Everyone But Us (Sobering Thoughts on Ferguson & Racial Justice)  12/1/2014 Davey D's 

The Science of Why Cops Shoot Young Black Men  12/1/2014 Mother Jones 

Blackout Collective obstructs BART trains on Black Friday in protest of police killings  12/1/2014 SF Bay View: "On so-called Black Friday, the biggest shopping day of the year in the U.S., members of the Blackout Collective and their allies obstructed BART trains on both sides of the track from moving out of the West Oakland BART station in an economic protest to the systemic wanton killing of Black people in this country, most recently symbolized by the police murders of Mike Brown and Eric Garner."

Friday  11/28/2014

National Bar Association Lawyers Release Statement Indicating Ferguson Prosecutor Corruption  11/28/2014 Counter Currents: "After the verdict announcement in Ferguson this week, the public release of grand jury testimony in the related proceedings has led lawyers and legal scholars to speak out against the corruption of prosecutor Robert McCulloch. Now, the American Bar Association has released an official statement, questioning whether had ever intended to push for an indictment at all, in spite of the fact that it was his job to do so. “It looks like he wanted to create the appearance that there had been a public trial when in fact there hadn’t been,” said Harvard Law School professor Noah Feldman, in an interview with The New York Times."

The physical evidence in the Michael Brown case supported the officer [updated with DNA evidence]  11/28/2014 WaPo 

Thursday  11/27/2014

Ferguson message: Justice system unfair to minorities  11/27/2014 CNN: "McCulloch's father was a police officer killed in a shootout with an African-American suspect. His brother, uncle and cousin served with the St. Louis Police Department, and his mother worked there for 20 years as a clerk. Newsweek noted McCulloch's "long history of siding with the police." For the sake of impartiality, McCulloch should have let a special prosecutor take over the case. The grand jury only needed to find "probable cause" to charge Wilson. That's one of the lowest legal standards in our justice system, below "beyond a reasonable doubt" (required for a criminal conviction) and "preponderance of the evidence" (the standard in a civil trial). The fact that McCulloch did not get an indictment for a killing that shocked the nation raises questions about whether he really wanted an indictment."

Saturday  11/22/2014

Women find their voice in Ferguson protest movement  11/22/2014 LA Times: "With a partner, Elzie, who has more than 20,000 Twitter followers, puts out a daily newsletter about Ferguson that has more than 7,000 subscribers and has become a central repository of information about developments around St. Louis. l Related latimes.comWhat the Ferguson grand jury is secretly trying to decideSee all relatedí 8 ADVERTISEMENT Other women similarly refused to back down after early skirmishes with their male counterparts. They organized their own demonstrations, contributing to the complicated mesh of establishment and start-up activist groups that took to the streets in the chaotic, early weeks after the shooting. “There are some who still think God only speaks in baritone, and that leaders only speak in baritone,” said Traci Blackmon, a pastor in the Ferguson-adjoining city of Florissant, who said that her fellow clergy tend to be men. “We still teach our males to be dominant, domineering.”"

Seamos serios, santos  11/22/2014 Poder Ciudadano: por TIMOLEÓN JIMENEZ, COMANDANTE DEL ESTADO MAYOR CENTRAL DE LAS FARC-EP

Israel Killed JFK And Has Ruled America Ever Since.  11/22/2014 Video Rebel's Blog 

Friday  11/21/2014

Racismo en Brasil: ley puede castigar la falta de respeto, pero no puede enseñar a amar  11/21/2014 Adital: 'Aprovechando la ocasión, Conic (Consejo Nacional de Iglesias Cristianas de Brasil) hizo una entrevista con el monje Marcelo Barros. La conversación abordó, entre otros temas, la persecución que religiones con raíces africanas (como el Candomblé y la Umbanda) todavía sufren en Brasil; el papel del poder público, de los cupos, además de su más reciente libro, "En la casa de mi padre hay muchas moradas - Conversaciones con un pastor pentecostal sobre la Biblia y otras religiones”*."

Wednesday  11/19/2014

PART 1 OF 3: THE GREAT HEROIN COUP-DRUGS,INTELLIGENCE @INTERNATIONAL FASCISM  11/19/2014 Just Chillin on History: "The story of Christian David, an international narcotics trafficker used by the Intelligence services of at least three nations, is fascinating in itself. It is even more important for what it tells us of a larger, less documented history--the secret collaboration of government intelligence services and parallel police throughout the world, and their use of criminals, particularly from drug networks, for political counter-subversion. Above all it is an important book for Americans to read, since the shadow of the CIA can be seen behind Christian David's political intrigues in countries like France and Uruguay. America's role in Christian David's strange career has never before, to my knowledge, been revealed in this country. And Henrik Kruger is able to expand the story into larger perspectives on the CIA, Watergate, and current U.S. counterinsurgency tactics."

Thursday  11/13/2014

US Grievance Activists Stand With Black Power Fists at UN — UN CALLS THE COPS!  11/13/2014 Gateway Pundit: "Several anti-American grievance groups are in Geneva, Switzerland testifying before the UN Human Rights Council on torture and abuse in America."

Riot Prep Could Fuel Ferguson Violence  11/13/2014 NYT: "Despite Governor Nixon’s declarations that “violence will not be tolerated” and “residents and businesses of this region will be protected,” some experts wonder whether all the emphasis on preparedness—from the $120,000 spent by the St. Louis County Police on riot gear to the sudden demand for guns—may do more harm than good. “I don’t think this is the way we should be thinking about what might happen,” American University professor Cathy Schneider told The Daily Beast. Instead, Schneider, who is an expert on social movements and racial tensions, argues that what we should be thinking about is, ‘how do we convince a community that the police will act to serve them, that the justice system will defend their interests, and that the verdict will be just?”"

Wednesday  11/12/2014

Nyle Fort, the 24-year-old minister at the heart of Ferguson  11/12/2014 Fusion: "“While what you see here may have been started by the actions of one singular moment, what it represents goes far beyond Ferguson,” Fort said. “This is ground zero for a new movement led by a new generation of young people demanding justice, not only for Michael Brown, but for the millions of black people whose lives are being disposed of.”"

Andreiza y Afrocolombia reciben reconocimiento de USAID  11/12/2014 Señal Radio Colombia: "Nuestra compañera Andreiza Anaya y el equipo de Afrocolombia, recibieron el galardón "Medios para la Inclusión" al Mejor programa radial, un reconocimiento del Programa para Afrodescendientes e Indígenas de la Agencia de los Estados Unidos para el Desarrollo Internacional (USAID)."

Monday  11/10/2014

Russia and Ukraine: Not the Military Balance You Think  11/10/2014 War on the Rocks: "His key insight is that “the Russian government took no serious measures to support separatist movements in Crimea” prior to its invasion of the peninsula last February. This illustrates that Russian actions during the crisis were not the culmination of a plan to dismember Ukraine, but a reaction to the perceived security threat coming from the Maidan protests that culminated in the overthrow of the Yanukovych government."

Friday  11/7/2014

The CIA and Drugs, Inc.: a Covert History  11/7/2014 CounterPunch: "Which brings me back to Gary Webb. The CIA wasn’t happy that Poe and Young were talking. Poe was told to shut up after his chat with me, and he did. But Young sold his story to a major Hollywood studio for $100,000. And that was unforgivable. On April Fool’s Day, 2011, Thai police found Bill Young’s corpse. It had been perfectly arranged with a pistol in his one hand and a crucifix in the other. Maybe he was depressed too? And it is seriously depressing, the fact our utterly corrupt government, aided by its criminal co-conspirators in the mainstream media, pretends as if the CIA doesn’t deal drugs."

Darknet Sweep Casts Doubt on Tor  11/7/2014 Dissident Voice: "In this instance Tor hidden services failed to live up to their namesake. Was the sudden collapse of several hundred Tor “.onion” domains the result of traditional police tradecraft -developing informants, patiently waiting for opportunities, doggedly following leads- or were security services quietly wielding advanced technical methods?"

Wednesday  11/5/2014

Peace Talks in Havana and Murder in Colombia  11/5/2014 Dissident Voice: "There are many fabrications and false assumptions underlying the Colombia peace negotiations between the Santos regime and FARC – EP (Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia – Peoples Army). The first and most egregious is that Colombia is a democracy. The second is that the Santos regime pursues policies which enhance non-violent social and political activity conducive to integrating the armed insurgency into the political system."

Tuesday  11/4/2014

Utah police justified in death of man wielding sword, prosecutor says  11/4/2014 Reuters: "A Utah prosecutor on Monday said police were justified in shooting and killing a 22-year-old black man accused by officers of lunging at them with a sword the man's family described as decorative."

Tuesday  10/28/2014

Communities Creating Healthy Environments: improving access to healthy foods and safe places to play in communities of color.  10/28/2014 American Journal of Public Health 

Monday  10/27/2014

Chief MH17 Investigator on German Claims: 'We Will Need Evidence'  10/27/2014 Der Spiegel: "SPIEGEL: So you're saying there hasn't been any watertight evidence so far? Westerbeke: No. If you read the newspapers, though, they suggest it has always been obvious what happened to the airplane and who is responsible. But if we in fact do want to try the perpetrators in court, then we will need evidence and more than a recorded phone call from the Internet or photos from the crash site. That's why we are considering several scenarios and not just one."

Saturday  10/25/2014

El palo en la rueda de los proyectos del Pacífico  10/25/2014 Semana: "De Rosira Solís se ha dicho de todo. Que es una mujer valiente que logró reivindicar los derechos de las comunidades negras, que gracias a ella el movimiento social afrocolombiano logró visibilizarse, que es una defensora del medioambiente. Pero también que detrás de su activismo se esconden intereses personales o que es un brazo político del polémico exsenador Juan Carlos Martínez. Sin embargo, en lo que todos coinciden, es que ella se ha convertido en el ‘palo en la rueda’ de las grandes obras de infraestructura del Pacífico."

Friday  10/17/2014

The Neocons — Masters of Chaos  10/17/2014 Consortium News: "America’s neoconservatives, by stirring up trouble in the Middle East and Eastern Europe, are creating risks for the world’s economy that are surfacing now in the turbulent stock markets, threatening another global recession, writes Robert Parry."

Thursday  10/16/2014

Historic Moment Signals a Revolution Brewing in the American Jewish Community  10/16/2014 Tikkun Daily: "on Saturday night, a grassroots-led and student-driven movement called Open Hillel launched a three-day conference, determined to create what Jewish institutions have largely refused to permit: dynamic spaces where both Zionists and anti-Zionists can come together and discuss Israel as equals, with equally valuable perspectives as respected members of the American Jewish community."

Wednesday  10/15/2014

FBI and Local Cops Jointly Track “Outside Agitators”  10/15/2014 Black Agenda Report: "When the FBI makes these kinds of noises in public, you can be sure that a national counter-intelligence operation is already fully in motion – a program designed to “neutralize and destroy” any possibility of the re-emergence of a militant movement against today’s national security and mass Black incarceration state. Although many of the organizations and individuals that have traveled to Ferguson in support of the local struggle for justice may not yet be clear in their own minds about the political direction that a national movement should take, they have already been targeted as potentially dangerous “agitators” – as threats to national security. Their movements and contacts with fellow activists are being tracked, and individuals and organizations are being sorted out and categorized according to the level of threat they may represent to the state."

Friday  10/10/2014

Here's How Nigeria Beat Ebola  10/10/2014 Mother Jones: "It took 18,500 interviews, but Nigeria managed to contain the outbreak."

Thursday  10/9/2014

HOV Campaign expresses outrage at assassination of Robert Serra  10/9/2014 HOV: "We note that Robert Serra had warned about a campaign of assassination of mid-level Bolivarian leaders. We note that these killings take place after revelations about terrorist plans organised by “student leader” Lorent Saleh which allegedly implicate former Colombian president Uribe."

Asian De-Dollarization Explodes: South Korean Renminbi Deposits Surge 55-Fold In A Year  10/9/2014 Zero Hedge: "According to data from South Korean banks, the proportion of foreign currency deposits held in renminbi was 0.4% at the end of 2012. That number reached 13.7% at the end of last year, while at the end of July this year the renminbi accounted for 25.9% of all foreign currency deposits in South Korea. That’s an incredible, exponential increase."

MH-17 Report False Flag Exposed After Revelation Passenger Was Wearing Oxygen Mask  10/9/2014 Zero Hedge: "When exactly a month ago the supposedly objective, impartial Netherlands released its official, 34-page preliminary report of the MH-17 crash over Ukraine, presumably based on black box data, air traffic control records, and other "authentic, verified" information, there were precisely zero mentions of "oxygen", "mask" or "oxygen mask." "

Wednesday  10/8/2014

Terrorism and Assassinations in Venezuela  10/8/2014 CounterPunch: "On Wednesday, October 1, 2014, Robert Serra, 27 years old, a lawyer and legislator from the governing party PSUV, the youngest Member of Parliament of Venezuela, and his partner Maria Herrera, were assassinated in their own home in a central area of Caracas. It was an outrageous and deliberate act of terror. Robert Serra and María Herrera were tortured, stabbed and then bled to death. He specialized in criminology, and was engaged in the task of helping to curb crime in the country. María Herrera assisted him in this vital work. Robert Serra came from a poor family; his mother worked as a street hawker to help him go to law school. He was famous for his insightful interventions in parliament and was much beloved, some referred to him as “ a future Chávez”. Their deaths were carried out systematically. Ernesto Samper, ex-president of Colombia and current president of UNASUR, said: “This crime is evidence of the infiltration of Colombian paramilitary in Venezuela.”"

Saturday  10/4/2014

NYT’s Belated Admission on Contra-Cocaine  10/4/2014 Consortium News: "The Times’ movie review by David Carr begins with a straightforward recognition of the long-denied truth to which now even the CIA has confessed: “If someone told you today that there was strong evidence that the Central Intelligence Agency once turned a blind eye to accusations of drug dealing by operatives it worked with, it might ring some distant, skeptical bell. Did that really happen? That really happened.”

Friday  10/3/2014

Students, Teachers Turn Out in Force Against Censorship of History  10/3/2014 Common Dreams: "Hundreds pack Colorado school board meeting, voicing their discontent and winning a partial victory"

Gaza and the Silence of Mainstream African-American NGO's and Churches  10/3/2014 Real News: "BILL FLETCHER JR., HOST, THE GLOBAL AFRICAN: The brutal Israeli assault on Gaza has generated immense devastation for the Palestinians. As Palestinians watch in horror as their very society crumbles around them, most African-American churches and mainstream black organizations refuse to issue any public condemnation of the Israeli assault."

As the Dollar Fades, Russia and Other BRICs Benefit  10/3/2014 Russia Insider: "An article in The Financial Times recently quoted Jan Dehn, head of research at Ashmore, an emerging markets investment manager, as saying: “I’ll eat my hat if the renminbi isn’t the strongest currency on the planet over the next 10 years.” Indeed, as the renminbi strengthens, Brics will be the one to gain - and Russia will most certainly be one of the big winners of dropping the dollar and adopting the rouble or the renminbi as its trade currency."

Organ Harvesting in Ukraine: Troubling Revelations  10/3/2014 Russia Insider: "You will have to dig deep, though, to find any information on that, or at least that is my prediction. Because the U.S. State Department, in a move which would be outrageous if it were not so predictable, has turned the investigation of these allegations over to the very authority which was in all likelihood behind it – the Ukrainian government."

Top German Editor: CIA Bribing Journalists  10/3/2014 Russia Insider 

Monday  9/29/2014

La rumba, la conga y la clave ñáñiga en Ignacio Piñeiro  9/29/2014 Cubarte: por Ricardo Roberto Oropesa - "Pero Ignacio Piñeiro, desde principios de siglo, venía viviendo de componer sones y guaguancós. Es por ello que fuera reconocido por la prensa habanera y los músicos cubanos, en 1928, como “El poeta del son”, atribuyéndosele ser pionero en la fusión de géneros, como el son. Una de esas obras populares que llevan la fusión del guaguancó y el son fue estrenada en el Garden Bar del Hotel Plaza, cuando el Septeto Nacional, en 1932, tocaba junto con la orquesta Jazz Band de Moisés Simmons."

Thursday  9/25/2014

Managing a Nightmare - How the CIA Watched Over the Destruction of Gary Webb  9/25/2014 The Intercept: "Webb obviously saw things differently. He reflected on his fall from grace in the 2002 book, Into the Buzzsaw. Prior to “Dark Alliance,” Webb said, “I was winning awards, getting raises, lecturing college classes, appearing on TV shows, and judging journalism contests.” “And then I wrote some stories that made me realize how sadly misplaced my bliss had been. The reason I’d enjoyed such smooth sailing for so long hadn’t been, as I’d assumed, because I was careful and diligent and good at my job,” Webb wrote. “The truth was that, in all those years, I hadn’t written anything important enough to suppress.”

Wednesday  9/24/2014

Gary Webb: Vindicated  9/24/2014 NarcoNews: "Recently, Narco News sat down with members of Gary Webb’s family — Sue, Ian and Christine — in Sacramento to talk with them about the upcoming major motion picture based on Gary Webb’s life, “Kill the Messenger.” They also talked about Gary’s life, his journalism and his Dark Alliance series."

Tuesday  9/23/2014

Integrating Afrodescendants in Colombia’s Post-Conflict Democracy  9/23/2014 Democracy Digest: "The International Forum for Democratic Studies at the National Endowment for Democracy cordially invites you to a presentation entitled “From Internal Displacement to Inclusive Democracy: The Afro-Colombian Experience” featuring Marino Córdoba Reagan-Fascell Democracy Fellow, National Endowment for Democracy"

Friday  9/19/2014

US military in Liberia begins fight against Ebola  9/19/2014 Stars and Stripes: "Kirby said U.S. troops -– operating in support of Liberian government and the U.S. Agency for International Development -– would not be in direct contact with Ebola sufferers. Instead they’ll be providing logistics, engineering and other non-medical support. “Right now the effort does not include U.S. military personnel treating Ebola patients,” he said. “We’re going to be in support of other health care workers who are experts at doing this.”

Wednesday  9/17/2014

The Guardian view on using the American military to contain the Ebola epidemic in Liberia  9/17/2014 Guardian: "The Americans will rapidly build a network of clinics, equip them properly, and run intensive courses to train many hundreds of new carers to staff them. In addition they will distribute home-care kits for families so that they can look after their sick relatives. This last measure is problematic because of the ease with which the disease can be passed on if strict procedures are not followed. But the hope is that a campaign of public education can minimise this danger."

Tuesday  9/16/2014

US to Assign 3,000 From US Military to Fight Ebola  9/16/2014 ABC: "Train as many as 500 health care workers a week. Erect 17 heath care facilities in the region of 100 beds each."

Israel’s N.S.A. Scandal  9/16/2014 NYT: by James Bamford, author of Puzzle Palace - "Mr. Snowden stressed that the transfer of intercepts to Israel contained the communications — email as well as phone calls — of countless Arab- and Palestinian-Americans whose relatives in Israel and the Palestinian territories could become targets based on the communications. “I think that’s amazing,” he told me. “It’s one of the biggest abuses we’ve seen.” It appears that Mr. Snowden’s fears were warranted. Last week, 43 veterans of Unit 8200 — many still serving in the reserves — accused the organization of startling abuses. In a letter to their commanders, to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and to the head of the Israeli army, they charged that Israel used information collected against innocent Palestinians for “political persecution.” In testimonies and interviews given to the media, they specified that data were gathered on Palestinians’ sexual orientations, infidelities, money problems, family medical conditions and other private matters that could be used to coerce Palestinians into becoming collaborators or create divisions in their society."

FACT SHEET: U.S. Response to the Ebola Epidemic in West Africa  9/16/2014 White House 

Monday  9/15/2014

Ukraine’s ‘Romantic’ Nazi Storm Troopers  9/15/2014 Consortium News: "This curious description of these symbols for unspeakable evil – the human devastation of the Holocaust and World War II — can be found in the last three paragraphs of the lead story in the Post’s Saturday editions, an article about Ukraine’s Azov battalion which has become best known for waging brutal warfare under Nazi and neo-Nazi insignia."

UK Hints At Next Reserve Currency, To Issue Chinese Yuan-Denominated Bond  9/15/2014 Zero Hedge: "As The USA attempts to corral its allies in a 'broad coalition', an increasing number of people - including domestic economic policy advisors - are shifting away from the USD as primary reserve currency. However, the move by British Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne, announced Friday, is likely the most notable yet in the world's de-dollarization. As Xinhua reports, the British government intend to be the first nation (ex-China) to issue Renminbi denominated bond and to use the proceeds to finance the government's reserves of foreign currency."

Why Scotland Has All The Leverage, In One Chart  9/15/2014 Zero Hedge: "He believes the maths for the rUK [rump UK, UK without Scotland] just don't add up - on the basis of an independent Scotland keeping 90% of the oil revenues the rUK current account deficit for the full year would have been around 7% of GDP instead of 4½% (also see right-hand chart above)."

Sunday  9/14/2014

Former BP CEO Warns "Sanctions Will Bite West" As US Gives Majors 14 Days To Wind Down Russian Activities  9/14/2014 Zero Hedge: "at the end of the day, Russia still has all the leverage in the long-run: "key among Russian tight oil reserves are the Bazhenov formations, which are located beneath existing mature west Siberian fields. They are estimated to contain as much as a trillion barrels of oil - four times the reserves of Saudi Arabia. Rosneft and Gazprom Neft are working on Bazhenov with Exxon and Shell."

Saturday  9/13/2014

Israeli soldiers from elite wire-tapping unit refuse to use 'extortion', 'blackmail' on Palestinians  9/13/2014 ABC 

Univ. of Illinois Top Officials Challenged on Pro-Israel Donor’s Role in Salaita Firing  9/13/2014 Common Dreams: "That donor is reported to be Steven N. Miller, a venture capitalist who is also on the board of the Jewish United Fund/Jewish Federation of Metropolitan Chicago, almost certainly the most influential and active pro-Israel advocacy organization in Illinois."

20% Chance Of Ebola In USA By October; 277,124 Global Cases By Year-End, Model Predicts  9/13/2014 Zero Hedge 

Friday  9/12/2014

Leaders talk peace, some Ukrainians contemplate guerrilla war  9/12/2014 WaPo: "In one room, a recruit had emblazoned a swastika above his bed. But Kirt, a former hospitality worker, dismissed questions of ideology, saying that the volunteers — many of them still teenagers — embrace symbols and espouse extremist notions as part of some kind of “romantic” idea."

Thursday  9/11/2014

Dozens demonstrate in Morocco against racism  9/11/2014 AP: "Dozens of activists demonstrated Thursday in Morocco's capital in a rare protest against racism following the murder earlier of a Senegalese migrant. The protest comes a year after Morocco announced a new immigration policy aimed at making it easier for migrants to legalize their status."

Wednesday  9/10/2014

Amnesty International report confirms major crimes committed by Aidar battalion in Luhansk  9/10/2014 Itar Tass: "The Aidar special unit was formed in May of activists of the radical nationalistic political forces of Ukraine for the participation in the punitive operation in the southeast of Ukraine. According to some information, Aidar is controlled by the leader of the Radical Party of Ukraine, Oleg Lyashko."

In Liberia, disappointment at U.S. military's planned Ebola response  9/10/2014 Science, AAAS: "Obama pledged “to get U.S. military assets just to set up, for example, isolation units and equipment there to provide security for public health workers surging from around the world.” On Monday, a Pentagon representative said the military planned to send only a $22 million, 25-bed field hospital to Monrovia, Liberia's capital. “It's not going to make any dent in Ebola treatment for the people of Liberia,” Flanigan warns. “It's such a small number of beds and they may well be directed toward non-Liberians."

Tuesday  9/9/2014

Media says Ukraine’s Rada report on probe to Odessa massacre fabricated  9/9/2014 Itar Tass 

MH17 Was Struck By Multiple "High-Energy Objects From Outside The Aircraft", Crash Report Reveals  9/9/2014 Zero Hedge: "Finally, we are stunned that nobody has observed the obvious: "high-energy objects from outside the aircraft" like for example... bullets? As in a warplane-fired volley of high-powered bullets. Curiously, there is not even a single mention of the word "bullet" in the entire 34 page report: apparently even the mere possibility of such an "high-energy object" is too inconceivable to even consider?"

Monday  9/8/2014

The Masked Avengers - How Anonymous incited online vigilantism from Tunisia to Ferguson.  9/8/2014 New Yorker 

Youth Groups Working for Ferguson’s Future  9/8/2014 The Root: "Young leaders are using traditional organizing methods as well as new-school tools such as social media in the fight for equality and an end to police brutality."

Sunday  9/7/2014

New EU Sanctions to Stop Fundraising by 3 Russian Oil Giants  9/7/2014 WSJ: "New European Union sanctions on Russia will expand the number of Russian companies unable to raise money in the bloc's capital markets to include three major state-owned oil companies, according to documents seen by The Wall Street Journal."

Europe Goes "All In": Will Sanction Rosneft, Gazprom Neft And Transneft  9/7/2014 Zero Hedge: "What China's president will do, now that he has all the leverage in the world to call shots both to the West, the East, and of course, Africa, remains unknown, although those thousands of tons of gold imports that mysteriously enter the country and are never heard from again, may provide a hint."

Saturday  9/6/2014

Sidestepping Ukraine’s ‘N-Word’ for Nazi  9/6/2014 Consortium News: "The mainstream U.S. media is hazing German Chancellor Merkel and President Obama for sidestepping the “I-word” – invasion – in reference to Russia and Ukraine. But the MSM goes mute on Ukraine’s “N-word” for “Nazi” so as not to disrupt the pro-Kiev “group think,” says Robert Parry."

Friday  9/5/2014

16 Stunning Quotes From Global Health Officials On The Ebola Epidemic  9/5/2014 Zero Hedge 

Thursday  9/4/2014

Russians at the Gate: The Barbarians Are Coming  9/4/2014 AntiWar: "The capture of several Russian soldiers who could have come to the area by accident, was a sign for the White House that Russia has invaded and was subsequently "unwillingness to tell the truth" although Ukrainian soldiers numbering in hundreds crossed the border into Russia in the past. Whereas earlier, the White House has constantly struggled to provide evidence of a Russian invasion, this time the physical proof has been found."

A Ferguson Activist in New York  9/4/2014 NYT Video: "On a day of protests to demand higher wages and a union for fast-food workers, activists from Ferguson, Mo., decided to protest in New York City as a sign of respect for Michael Brown’s family."

Wednesday  9/3/2014

Obama Issues Demands Over Ukraine Ceasefire Deal  9/3/2014 AntiWar: "Obama insisted no deal was possible unless Russia “stopped pretending” that it isn’t in control of the rebels, and agreed to “stop meddling” in internal Ukrainian affairs. The comments are in keeping with the administration’s narrative of the Ukrainian war, but issuing demands to Russia is still bizarre, since the US isn’t a party to the ceasefire, and Russia’s only involvement in it is as a broker, not a signatory."

The Whys Behind the Ukraine Crisis  9/3/2014 Consortium News: "Given the very high stakes of a nuclear confrontation with Russia, some analysts wonder what’s the real motive for taking this extraordinary risk over Ukraine. Is it about natural gas, protection of the U.S. dollar’s dominance, or an outgrowth of neocon extremism, asks Robert Parry."

Ferguson's Easy Answers  9/3/2014 HuffPost: "By the time the case reached the Supreme Court, there was no mention at all of the racial disparity in the violence visited on citizens. More to the point, the highest court in our land has, time after time, refused to thoughtfully address the interaction between race and policing, either dismissing it casually or refusing to mention it at all. In one particularly startling example, when addressing the racial impact of the nearly unfettered discretion of the police to pull over drivers, the Court held that an officer's motivation, whether racist or not, has no effect on the reasonableness of a stop."

Justice Department To Investigate Ferguson Police Force  9/3/2014 HuffPost: "The Justice Department’s Civil Rights Division will conduct the investigation, which will focus on police practices in Ferguson but could also include other police departments throughout St. Louis County. As the Post notes, many of the police departments in the county are primarily made up of white officers serving majority black communities."

Tuesday  9/2/2014

Police's Latest Horrifying Anti-Protest Weapon  9/2/2014 Alternet: "Peter Callahan was caught between two police lines in the West Florissant section of Ferguson, Mo., on Sunday night, when something fiery hot singed his leg. A nearby protester’s shirt briefly caught fire. Callahan, a Washington D.C.-based journalist, deduced that he had been hit by a flash-bang device. “I was also at Occupy Wall Street,” he said. “This is a lot worse.” Among the debris protesters and journalists have picked up in the days since Michael Brown was killed are canisters of the 7290 flash-bang made by Combined Tactical Systems, a “less lethal” diversionary device that has made its way into law enforcement agencies’ toolkits to carry out search warrants, and less frequently, to disperse crowds."

Who’s Telling the ‘Big Lie’ on Ukraine?  9/2/2014 Consortium News: "If you wonder how the world could stumble into World War III – much as it did into World War I a century ago – all you need to do is look at the madness that has enveloped virtually the entire U.S. political/media structure over Ukraine where a false narrative of white hats vs. black hats took hold early and has proved impervious to facts or reason."

Middle East Time Bomb: The Real Aim of ISIS Is to Replace the Saud Family as the New Emirs of Arabia  9/2/2014 Huff Post: "Through its intentional adoption of this Wahhabist language, ISIS is knowingly lighting the fuse to a bigger regional explosion -- one that has a very real possibility of being ignited, and if it should succeed, will change the Middle East decisively."

U.S., allies to stage exercises in West Ukraine as battles rage in East  9/2/2014 Reuters: "As fighting between the army and Russian-backed rebels rages in eastern Ukraine, preparations are under way near its western border for a joint military exercise this month with more than 1,000 troops from the United States and its allies."

Brown case should resonate with Latinos  9/2/2014 Thug Life Army: "Forty-four years ago Friday, a huge crowd turned out for a march through East Los Angeles to protest the number of Mexican Americans dying in the Vietnam War. Although the gathering was largely peaceful, a few scattered reports of looting led the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department to move in with tear gas, and the march degenerated into a melee. Scores of people were arrested, and three were killed. Among them was Ruben Salazar , 42, the most prominent Latino journalist of his day. Salazar died after a sheriff’s deputy fired a tear gas projectile into a bar, striking him in the head and killing him. An inquest was later held, but the deputy who killed Salazar was never charged. Even today, there are lingering questions about his death ."

Monday  9/1/2014

China Warns European Union Against Fresh Sanctions on Russia  9/1/2014 IBT 

MOCKINGBIRD: The Subversion Of The Free Press By The CIA  9/1/2014 What Really Happened: "The Depraved Spies and Moguls of the CIA's Operation MOCKINGBIRD" by Alex Constantine and "How the Washington Post Censors the News" by Julian C Holmes

Sunday  8/31/2014

To really combat terror, end support for Saudi Arabia  8/31/2014 Guardian: "Although Saudi Arabia has given $100m (£60m) to the UN anti-terror programme and the country’s grand mufti has denounced Isis as “enemy number one”, radical Salafists across the Middle East receive ideological and material backing from within the kingdom. According to Clinton’s leaked memo, Saudi donors constituted “the most significant source of funding to Sunni terrorist groups worldwide”. But again, don’t expect Britain to act. Our alliance with the regime dates back to 1915, and Saudi Arabia is the British arms industry’s biggest market, receiving £1.6bn of military exports. There are now more than 200 joint ventures between UK and Saudi companies worth $17.5bn."

Friday  8/29/2014

Ferguson Protesters File Lawsuit Against Police for Civil Rights Violations  8/29/2014 Common Dreams: "Protesters in Ferguson, Missouri filed a $40 million federal lawsuit on Thursday alleging that police in the local and county departments violated civil rights and used excessive force to falsely arrest innocent bystanders in an attempt to crack down on the demonstrations that took place throughout the month."

Obama’s “Catastrophic Defeat” in Ukraine  8/29/2014 CounterPunch 

The Media: When in Doubt, Blame Blacks - Bad Apples in Ferguson  8/29/2014 CounterPunch: "Davey D’s on KPFA’s “Hard Knock Radio,” and Amy Goodman’s “Democracy Now” had the best coverage because they aren’t beholden to media bosses to provide them with expense accounts and car. They interviewed people from the community and activists whose accounts on the ground were different from the accounts given by the police and the police friendly media. One woman told Amy Goodman that the Ferguson police broke down their apartment door and put 9 millimeter guns against her children’s heads because one of the kids didn’t tell his mother that he had received a citation for the theft of a Snicker’s bar. The three 10,11, and 12 spent thirty days in jail, while the criminals at Bank of America and Wells Fargo get to negotiate their fines. She said that her mother had warned her that the Ferguson police was a KKK outfit. It took Davey D, Rose Clemente and Atty. John Burris to connect the police killings of Hispanics to that of blacks, which was ignored by the mainstream media."

Thursday  8/28/2014

Snapshot from the Economic War in Venezuela  8/28/2014 Sujatha Fernandez: "Between October and December 2013, Moreno, along with the prosecutor Hernan Marín Pérez, sanctioned numerous companies involved in economic sabotage known as “guarimba” who were deliberately causing shortages through hoarding and speculation. Moreno and Marín always clearly followed legal guidelines in their prosecutions. But on July 18, they were arrested on trumped up charges of extortion and conspiracy, punishable under Articles 60 and 70 of the Anti-Corruption Act and Article 37 of the Law Against Organized Crime and Terrorism Financing. The charges are clearly retribution for their role played in attacking the destructive practices of regional businesses."

"A Man Of Many Perversions" – Federal Cybersecurity Head Convicted Of Child Porn Charges  8/28/2014 Zero Hedge: "The primary problem with centralized power is that sociopaths (for obvious reasons) gravitate toward, and greatly covet, positions of power. Once entrenched in such positions, they are able to act upon their perversions with general immunity, and if they are caught, are often left in positions of power by others who at that point “own them” via blackmail. This of course is nothing new, it is how the game of power, politics and economics has been played since the beginning of time. It is also why decentralization of power is the natural evolution we as a species must embrace in order to build a better world."

Summarizing The West's Russia-Ukraine Propaganda  8/28/2014 Zero Hedge: "While there is a virtual news blackout with regard to Ukraine in the West, with little being shown beyond pictures of talking heads in Washington and Kiev, the media coverage in Russia is relentless, with daily bulletins describing troop movements, up-to-date maps of the conflict zones, and lots of eye-witness testimony, commentary and analysis. There is also a lively rumor mill on Russian and international social networks, which I tend to disregard because it's mostly just that: rumor. In this environment, those who would attempt to fabricate a fictional narrative, as the officials in Washington and Kiev attempt to do, do not survive very long."

Wednesday  8/27/2014

Why Israel’s bombardment of Gaza neighborhood left US officers ‘stunned’  8/27/2014 Al Jazeera: "Artillery pieces used during the operation included a mix of Soltam M71 guns and U.S.-manufactured Paladin M109s (a 155-mm howitzer), each of which can fire three shells per minute. “The only possible reason for doing that is to kill a lot of people in as short a period of time as possible,” said the senior U.S. military officer. “It’s not mowing the lawn,” he added, referring to a popular IDF term for periodic military operations against Hamas in Gaza. “It’s removing the topsoil.”"

You Can't Understand ISIS If You Don't Know the History of Wahhabism in Saudi Arabia  8/27/2014 Huff Post 

The Southern Front Catastrophe – August 27, 2014  8/27/2014 "In the meantime, the once-solid front, which stretched from Marinovka to Yelenovka has now broken up into separate pockets of resistance with intercepted supply lines. After this disaster it became absolutely clear that the Junta does not have the capacity to destroy Novorossiya. By squandering the most combat-capable brigades in systematic offensive operations, the Junta sustained enormous losses and at the same time suffered a crushing, purely military defeat. The southern front has collapsed. Novorossiya shall exist!"

Kiev Independence Day Parade Flaunts Artillery and Armor: Russian Roulette  8/27/2014 Vice News: "Despite the high spirits at the Kiev parade, the display of equipment and artillery was perceived as a slap in the face to those fighting for Ukraine on the frontline — many of who are dying because they don't have the artillery and military equipment they need to put up a fight."

Tuesday  8/26/2014

Attorney: Video Shows Police Shot Ohio Man 'On Sight' as He Leaned on Toy Gun in Walmart  8/26/2014 Alternet: "Surveillance video shows an [African American] Ohio man talking on a cell phone, leaning on a toy gun, and facing away from officers moments before police shot and killed him in a Walmart store, according to an attorney for the man’s family."

Ukrainian Government's Neo-Nazi Links  8/26/2014 Telesur: "The key leaders of the Euromaidan movement were former professional boxer Vitaly Klitschko, now mayor of Kiev; Arseniy Yatsenyuk current Prime Minister and member of the Fatherland party and Oleg Tyahnybok, leader of the far-right Svoboda party. Svoboda, Klitschko's Ukrainian Democratic Alliance for Reform (UDAR) and the Fatherland party have been the greatest political winners from the ousting of Yanukovich, taking over 36 percent of seats in the Rada – Ukraine´s parliament - and becoming the major political alliance backing President Poroshenko."

How the New Black Activists Are Fighting Back in Ferguson  8/26/2014 The Nation: "Young leaders are taking advantage of digital media to advance the conversation about police violence."

Monday  8/25/2014

Ferguson area teachers given directives on how to talk about Michael Brown  8/25/2014 Al Jazeera America: "“Teachers are integrating lessons on equity and justice in classrooms and they are facilitating discussions on the topic to allow students the opportunity to express themselves and their opinions,” Anderson said. “We are promoting peace projects to highlight ways students can peacefully express themselves and build a stronger community.” A voter registration booth will be set up at one of the high schools soon, and African-American leaders will be visiting with students to talk about nonviolence, Anderson said. Ivy League-educated actor Hill Harper visited with students in Jennings today, she added. On Monday night several Jennings high school students were set to speak on PBS about equality and justice issues raised by Brown’s killing, Anderson said, adding that making the students feel free to discuss their thoughts and making sure their voices are heard are crucial."

Sunday  8/24/2014

Autopsy Report Shows Police Officer Lied About Suspect Committing Suicide by Shooting Self in Back While Handcuffed  8/24/2014 Alternet: "Victor White III, 22, [African American] died from a gunshot to the chest, not in his back as reported by the arresting officer."

Saturday  8/23/2014

Despite Similar Shooting, Los Angeles’s ‘Bank of Trust’ Tempers Reaction  8/23/2014 NYT: "When Los Angeles police officers shot and killed Ezell Ford, an unarmed 25-year-old black man last week, it took less than 24 hours for Lita Herron to get a phone call from a ranking officer at a nearby station. “They wanted to check in and gauge our rage,” said Ms. Herron, a grandmother and organizer who has worked to prevent gang violence on the streets of South Los Angeles for years."

Friday  8/22/2014

Anti-Police Brutality Organizing in 1960s St. Louis - Ferguson in Context  8/22/2014 CounterPunch: "A 300-strong mob marched to city hall and the police station, starting fires along the way. Angered citizens shot at the police station and the police chief’s home was set on fire. This condemnation of the police reflected many community members’ feelings, and afterwards, Kinloch citizens adopted a six-point program to ease tensions. The program advocated for mandatory training of police officers and placement of citizens on the police board."

Live Dispatches from Ferguson: Standing at the Crossroads  8/22/2014 Davey D's: "Here are some of our recent Interviews from Ferguson, Missouri. In recent days we spoke with local activist Bgyrl 4 Life along with long time activists and former Vice Presidential candidate Rosa Clemente. They give a breakdown of the harrowing events that transpired the night before when police drew guns on them and their contingent as they peacefully assembled. One of the cops threatened to shot a 14-year-old boy who was on the ground next to her hyper ventilating."

Thursday  8/21/2014

The Ultimate White Privilege: Darren Wilson and Being “Afraid For Your Life”  8/21/2014 Alternet: "While witnesses to the shooting have indicated that Brown had his hands up in surrender when he was fatally shot, others — mostly other cops — have suggested that Brown charged at Wilson and that the “genesis of [the shooting] was a physical confrontation.” It’s a strange, sad world where shooting someone four times in the arm and twice in the head could ever be considered a reasonable response to allegedly being lunged at by an unarmed teenager, but that’s where we are."

'They Just Killed Him': New Video Betrays Police Depiction of Fatal Shooting  8/21/2014 Common Dreams: "Amid ongoing demonstrations in city of Ferguson, Mo. and national outrage over police violence against black community members, new evidence in Tuesday's shooting of man by St. Louis police."

Ferguson solidarity protests spread to dozens of cities nationwide  8/21/2014 Guardian 

In Ferguson, Cops Hand Out 3 Warrants Per Household Every Year  8/21/2014 Mother Jones: "You don’t get $321 in fines and fees and 3 warrants per household from an about-average crime rate. You get numbers like this from bullshit arrests for jaywalking and constant “low level harassment involving traffic stops, court appearances, high fines, and the threat of jail for failure to pay.” If you have money, for example, you can easily get a speeding ticket converted to a non-moving violation. But if you don’t have money it’s often the start of a downward spiral that is hard to pull out of....If you are arrested and jailed you will probably lose your job and perhaps also your apartment—all because of a speeding ticket."

Wednesday  8/20/2014

The Poisonous Racism Driving Violence in Ferguson and the Rest of America  8/20/2014 Alternet: "The Council of Conservative Citizens, headquartered in St. Louis, is a living legacy of Southern "white resistance" to desegregation, with historical roots in the so-called citizens councils that sprang up during the 1950s as a "respectable" adjunct to the Klan. Its website currently proclaims that the CCC is "the only serious nationwide activist group that sticks up for white rights!" What that means, more specifically, is promoting hatred of blacks, Jews, gays and lesbians, and Latino immigrants while extolling the virtues of the "Southern way of life," the Confederacy and even slavery. The group's website goes on to brag that the CCC is the only group promoting "white rights" whose meetings regularly feature "numerous elected officials, important authors, talk-show hosts, active pastors, and other important people" as speakers."

The Collapsing Syria-Sarin Case  8/20/2014 Consortium News: "The one Sarin-laden rocket, which struck in the Zamalka/Ein Tarma neighborhood, was found to be crudely made and had a maximum range of about 2 to 3 kilometers, meaning that it would have been launched from rebel-controlled areas, not from a government zone. But conventional wisdom is a difficult thing to shake once many “very important people” have embraced its certainties. Such VIPs don’t like to admit that they were suckered and there are always some aspiring operatives who hope to earn some brownie points by attacking anyone who deviates from the “group think.”"

Ferguson: Police Draw Guns on Rosa Clemente, Talib & Others  8/20/2014 Davey D's: ""We laid there until one Black officer said “Let them go, we got who we wanted.” In all my life I have never been so terrified. The young brother Devin said thank you I think you saved my life. What is going down here in#ferguson in all my years of activism, organizing, I have never seen."

What Started as a Local Protest in Missouri Grows Into a Center of National Activism  8/20/2014 NYT: "In truth, the drop-in protesters are a motley bunch, with a patchwork of agendas. There are Amnesty International observers in yellow T-shirts and Tibetan monks in red robes, their hands raised in the air in the demonstrations’ signature gesture. There is a billionaire co-founder of Twitter — the St. Louis native Jack Dorsey — and representatives of the hacker group Anonymous, who have posted live video and protest updates online. The outsiders are welcomed by some Fergusonians as new troops in a wearing battle for justice. But they are deeply resented by others who suspect their motives and question their behavior."

St. Louis Police Release Video, Calls From City Shooting  8/20/2014 St Louis: "The likes of you, turns its head because he is a coward, in the face of murder. Not because he knows right from wrong. But so he can feed his insecurity. See, the white man is always in fear; that is why they have to kill. The pig will say, and so do all of you... The police feared for their lives. It is not the actual losing of "life," it is the "life style." To be the one and only, the all powerful, all knowing... cannot be lost. He is made in the likeness of a god, and that "likeness" is to his own discretion. REVOLUTION! Cast out cowards, bring in strength."

Israel’s Information Ops  8/20/2014 The American Conservative: "The hasbara comments are noticeable as they tend to sound like boilerplate, and run contrary to or even ignore what other contributors to the site are writing. They often include spelling and syntactical hints that the writer is not natively fluent in English. As is the practice at corporate customer support call centers in Asia, the commenters generally go by American-sounding names and they never indicate that they are Israelis or working on behalf of the Israeli government. They tend to repeat over and over again sound bites of pseudo-information, most recently maintaining falsely that Hamas had started the “war” and that Israel was only defending itself."

"The Financial System Is Vulnerable," NYFed Asks "Could The Dollar Lose Its Reserve Status?"  8/20/2014 Zero Hedge: "When a tin-foil-hat-wearing blog full of digital dickweeds suggest the dollar's reserve currency status is at best diminishing, it is fobbed off as yet another conspiracy theory (yet to be proved conspiracy fact) too horrible to imagine for the status quo huggers. But when the VP of Research at the New York Fed asks "Could the dollar lose its status as the key international currency for international trade and international financial transactions," and further is unable to say why not, it is perhaps worth considering the principal contributing factors she warns of."

Ferguson Cop Points Gun At Protesters And Press, Screams "I Will F***ing Kill You", Has Been "Relocated"  8/20/2014 Zero Hedge 

Here's Who Profits From The Ferguson Riots  8/20/2014 Zero Hedge: "As Smedley Butler famously wrote "War is a racket," and despite those words being said 80 years ago, the last few weeks of violence in Ferguson have shown him correct as at least two firms have benefitted greatly. As Truthout reports, the majority of the munitions being used by police against protesters are made by Combined Systems or by the Defense Technology brand of the Safariland Group. The following map explores the owners and executives of these companies…"

How The Swiss Deal With Police Brutality  8/20/2014 Zero Hedge: "With all the world's eyes firmly focused on Ferguson, Missouri; we thought the following clip from a Swiss soccer match would provide some context for what is possible…"

Tuesday  8/19/2014

Live From Ferguson: Skyyhook Gets The Ferguson People’s Side Of The Story  8/19/2014 All Hip Hop: "But it still couldn’t prepare me for the feelings that came about after I got to town. Through some of my experience I was terrified. You can actually tell in some of the footage because my hands were literally trembling while I was trying to film what I saw. My fear of the massive police presence was not a joke. And at no time did I EVER feel unsure or scared of the protesters. I can not say that about the police however, as I was overwhelmed by the immense police presence and the menacing way that police seemingly stalked reporters."

Teen Developers Release App to Document Police Abuse  8/19/2014 Black Enterprise: "Caleb, Ima, and Asha Christian–14, 16, and 15 years old, respectively–have released an app that will help people stopped or abused by police officers document what happened quickly, easily, which could make officers more accountable for their actions."

Street view of location of Michael Brown shooting  8/19/2014 Google Map 

Missouri GOP chief: Voter registration booths in Ferguson are ‘disgusting’  8/19/2014 Raw Story: "Wills was responding to reports that Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, and other civil rights activists had set up voter registration booths following the death of Michael Brown, an 18-year-old unarmed black teenager who was killed by a Ferguson police officer."

Missouri lt. gov.: We need ‘Anglo-American’ justice in Ferguson, not racial protests  8/19/2014 Raw Story 

Monday  8/18/2014

10 Things You Need to Know About Ferguson  8/18/2014 Alternet 

Ferguson Police Seen Failing to Learn From Errors of Past  8/18/2014 Bloomberg: "The use of tear gas during demonstrations in Seattle against the World Trade Organization in 1999 was “the biggest mistake, the worst decision in my 34 years in law enforcement,” said Norm Stamper, the city’s police chief at the time. The chemical, intended to clear a throng of non-violent protesters, provoked more violence in the days that followed, he said. “I learned what not to do, and I’m afraid it’s a lesson that has not been learned by American law enforcement,” Stamper said in a telephone interview."

Background of prosecutor in Ferguson case has some questioning probe's credibility  8/18/2014 CBS: "The Missouri prosecutor overseeing an investigation into the fatal shooting of 18-year-old Michael Brown has deep family roots among police: his father, mother, brother, uncle and cousin all worked for St. Louis' police department, and his father was killed while responding to a call involving a black suspect."

Protester: ‘If I Got To Die Tonight, I Don’t Mind’  8/18/2014 CBS: "Some of the protesters said they previously had been shot by police, or know relatives and friends who had been. Michael Johnson, 42, lifted up his shirt to show the scars on his torso that he said he received when he was shot by a St. Louis police officer at age 18, during a confrontation that he said never resulted in charges against him or the officer. Because of the injuries, he said, he had to abandon his dream of joining the Marines. “That one night cost me my whole future,” said Johnson, standing in front of a looted and burnt-out convenience store. “If I got to die tonight, I don’t mind … I’m dying for a cause.”"

Caller says she has the officer's side of the Ferguson shooting  8/18/2014 CNN 

Did Iran Just Knife Putin in the Back?  8/18/2014 CounterPunch: "Got that? So, now they not only SAW the phantom convoy they also blew it up. Not bad for a day’s work. Okay, so where are the prisoners? Where are the blown up hulks of the armored vehicles? Where are the casualties? Where’s eyewitness testimony of the people who first appeared on the scene? Where’s the photographic proof from US satellites that were combing the area at the time? There’s has to be something to substantiate a claim as serious as this; a claim that could lead to a declaration of war on Russia. Nothing. They have nothing; not a shred of hard evidence. It’s all just fluff."

Ferguson Cops Busted? New Video Seems To Show Brown Paying For Cigarillos (Video)  8/18/2014 Crooks & Liars: "Perhaps it was wrong for Brown to shove the employee (it is impossible to know what words were exchanged) but this footage seems to exonerate him. It is important to note that Brown only shoved the clerk after he put his hands on him."

Pathologist: Brown may have had his hands raised  8/18/2014 Houston Chronicle 

90-year-old holocaust survivor among 8 arrested in downtown protest  8/18/2014 KMOV, St Louis 

El negro que quiere ser general y no lo dejan  8/18/2014 Las dos orillas: "Son solo doce los negros que han logrado ostentar el grado de mayores entre los mil oficiales con este escalafón dentro de la Policía Nacional. Uno de ellos es Fabian Mosquera* quien aspira a convertirse en el tercer Teniente Coronel afro de los 600 (el 1% ) que forma el cuerpo de oficiales uniformados. Es el rostro del uno por ciento de los hombres que conforman el cuerpo de Policía, que como él, tienen la mala suerte de ser negro en las Fuerzas Militares."

Ferguson - Sending In The Bigger Guns  8/18/2014 Moon of Alabama: In comments: Posted by: jayc | Aug 18, 2014 3:24:22 PM - "Brown puts the cigars back on the counter, retrieves items which had fallen to the floor, and walks out with those items - not the box of cigars which he is accused of stealing. In the Ferguson police report there is a description of the contents of the video. The report mentions that Brown's friend returns a box to the counter, which he does, but it does not mention that Brown does too. It also does not mention Brown leaning down to retrieve items from the floor. It then claims that Brown is holding the box of cigars at the door. I believe this false description is deliberate, particularly since it describes small details (Johnson returns box to counter) but completely leaves out large details (Brown leaning down). The police report states the stolen item was a box of cigars. One of their witnesses says the dispute at the counter was over the store employee believing that cigars were being stolen. That employee, rushing to the door, may have completely missed that the cigars were returned - and therefore the confrontation at the door may have been based on a mistaken assumption and Brown's shove may have been a response to being falsely accused of stealing. The police report was written days after the incident and there appears to have been no effort to talk to the other witnesses, as the statements are limited to two store employees."

Klan heading to Ferguson to ‘guard white businesses,’ back shooting of ‘n*gger criminal’  8/18/2014 Raw Story 

How Ferguson Has Exposed a Civil Rights Generational Divide  8/18/2014 The Root: "This past week’s racial crisis in Ferguson, Mo., has uncovered a divide within the black community—one based on generation, class and the cloudy political vision offered by African-American politics in the Obama age. When asked who is the leader of the ongoing protests since the killing of Michael Brown—protests that have triggered Missouri’s governor to declare a state of emergency and curfew—one young man from St. Louis answered, “Do we have a leader? No,” and he went on to suggest that the martyred Brown, himself, offered the best example of leadership for Ferguson’s angry and alienated young people."

Wickham: Will Ferguson cops change?  8/18/2014 USA Today: "How the police chief was able to speak with such certainty about what provoked Wilson to shoot Brown several times, but unable to answer the charge that his officer gunned down Brown as he held his hands in the air to surrender, suggests that Jackson is in the wrong job. He ought to be the town's Fraternal Order of Police president, not its top cop."

Ferguson protesters: The peaceful, the elders, the looters, and the ‘militants’  8/18/2014 WaPo: "Dennis Brown, a community activist, described St. Louis and suburbs such as this one as a pot ready to boil over. He said social media has become, in ways similar to its use in recent popular uprisings in the Arab world, an essential organizing tool. Brown said young people, including many of the “militants,” are organized on social media. “These young people aren’t dumb,” said Brown, 46. “They are organized. They are smart. They are like computer kings.”

Why Have the Media and Obama Administration Gone Silent on MH17?  8/18/2014 World Socialist 

Sunday  8/17/2014

An Illuminating Sat. Night with Key Witness to Ferguson Shooting  8/17/2014 Altnernet: "I started by asking Crenshaw the big question. Did her view of Brown's shooting differ in any way with what Dorian Johnson has said? "Absolutely not," she responded. "I saw the cop shoot Brown several times in the face, even after he had turned around and had his hands raised. I can tell you the essentials, since I've been interviewed on local TV, by newspapers, and most of this information is already on the Internet, and I posted my video from immediately after the shooting to my Facebook page."

Woman Behind Powerful Mike Brown Protest Photo Defies 'Respectability Politics'  8/17/2014 Altnernet: "When France Francois (pictured) held up her sign last week at a vigil in Washington, D.C. she had no idea it would resonate with so many people on social media. Her sign read, "I CANNOT BELIEVE I STILL HAVE TO PROTEST THIS SHIT!! #toomanynames #ferguson #dontshoot #mikebrown." So far, one version of the photo has been retweeted more than 3,600 times and has more than 3,500 favors on Twitter. "

Curfews & Repression in Ferguson Represents Further Consolidation of Right-Wing Power  8/17/2014 Davey D's: "To this day, no where in America is there an organized Black mass movement to decentralize police and Public Safety, take over their local command and control structure, and to politically confront the power of the Police Unions who politically protect and defend murderous cops and underscore racist institutional policing. Nowhere. Yet many activists, Black leaders, and all sorts of reactionary celebrities flock to Ferguson to be on the “front lines”, holding their press conferences, when in fact the front line between the people and militarized policing runs right through their own living rooms. We are bombarded with images of “looting” as if that’s significant."

Cops in Ferguson Threaten to Shoot Reporter, Mace Chris Hayes  8/17/2014 Gawker: "In a confrontation caught on the KARG Arugus Radio livestream, a cop noticed Mustafa Hussein filming with his camera lights on—which police claim makes it hard for them to see—and confronted him, allegedly pointing a gun at him. "Get down, get the fuck out of here and get that light off, or you're getting shot with this," the officer yells at Hussein."

Ferguson Police Fire Tear Gas At Protesters Hours Before Curfew  8/17/2014 HuffPo 

Group Rallies In Support Of Darren Wilson, Police Officer Who Shot Michael Brown  8/17/2014 HuffPo: "The protesters gathered outside KSDK-TV, a local station that they said has been biased in its coverage of the controversy."

Ferguson Cop Darren Wilson reveals why he shot Missouri black teenager  8/17/2014 Nate Thayer: "Well then Michael takes off with his friend and he gets about 35 feet away and, um, you know, Darren–of course protocol is to pursue–so he stands up and yells: “Freeze!” Um, Michael and his friend turn around and Michael starts taunting him: “Oh what are you going to do about it?”, you know, “You are not going to shoot me!” And then, he said, all of a sudden he just started to bum rush him. He just started coming at him full speed, and so he just started shooting, and he just kept coming. So he really thinks he was on something, um, because he just kept coming. It was unbelievable."

A Movement Grows in Ferguson  8/17/2014 New Yorker: "Ferguson had, instead, recently seen two highly visible African-American public officials lose their jobs. Two weeks before Brown was shot, Charles Dooley, an African-American who has served as St. Louis County Executive for a decade, lost a bitter primary election to Steve Stenger, a white county councilman, in a race that, whatever the merits of the candidates, was seen as racially divisive. Stenger lobbed allegations of financial mismanagement and incompetence, and worse. Bob McCulloch, the county prosecutor appeared in an ad for Stenger, associating Dooley with corruption; McCulloch would also be responsible for determining whether to charge Darren Wilson."

Saturday  8/16/2014

Melissa Harris-Perry's Searing Tribute To Black Men Killed By Police  8/16/2014 HuffPo 

Friday  8/15/2014

The County Map That Explains Ferguson’s Tragic Discord  8/15/2014 Bloomberg: "The problem, rather, is that St. Louis is locked into a pattern of inequitable development, as shown in a remarkable series of maps that Iowa’s Gordon has posted on the Web. “The Gateway City is,” he writes, “by any measure, one of the most depopulated, deindustrialized, and deeply segregated examples of American urban decay.”

Ferguson Police Descend on Protesters with Arrests, Tear Gas, and Martial Law  8/15/2014 Common Dreams: "On Twitter, Gaza residents sent messages to Ferguson protesters with instructions on how to escape and recover from tear gas. Howard University students also shared a powerful image of their solidarity, as thousands of students gathered into a single photo with their empty arms raised in the air."

Israel’s Target Is Not Hamas  8/15/2014 Information Clearinghouse: "Noam Chomsky notes: “The 18-day rampage....did succeed in undermining the feared unity government, and sharply increasing Israeli repression. According to Israeli military sources, Israeli soldiers arrested 419 Palestinians, including 335 affiliated with Hamas, and killed six Palestinians, also searching thousands of locations and confiscating $350,000. Israel also conducted dozens of attacks in Gaza, killing 5 Hamas members on July 7. Hamas finally reacted with its first rockets in 19 months, Israeli officials reported, providing Israel with the pretext for Operation Protective Edge on July 8.” Thus having killed eleven Palestinians in under a month, Israel then used retaliatory rocket attacks which killed no one as an excuse to launch the biggest slaughter of Palestinians in decades."

Israel-trained Police "Occupy" Missouri After Killing of Black Youth  8/15/2014 Information Clearinghouse: "Decades of testing and perfecting methods of domination and control on a captive and disenfranchised Palestinian population has given rise to a booming “homeland security industry” in Israel that refashions occupation-style repression for use on marginalized populations in other parts of the world, including St. Louis. Under the cover of counterterrorism training, nearly every major police agency in the United States has traveled to Israel for lessons in occupation enforcement, a phenomenon that journalist Max Blumenthal dubbed “the Israelification of America’s security apparatus.” Israeli forces and US police departments are so entrenched that the New York City Police Department (NYPD) has opened a branch in Tel Aviv. In 2011, then St. Louis County Police Department chief Timothy Fitch attended the Anti-Defamation League’s (ADL) National Counter-Terrorism Seminar, an annual week-long Israeli training camp where US law enforcement executives “study first hand Israel’s tactics and strategies” directly from “senior commanders in the Israel National Police, experts from Israel’s intelligence and security services, and the Israel Defense Forces,” according to the ADL’s website."

Exactly How Often Do Police Shoot Unarmed Black Men?  8/15/2014 Mother Jones 

Thursday  8/14/2014

Police Militarism in America  8/14/2014 CounterPunch: "The scene visibly calmed down. The cops stopped yelling. The boys, cuffed, were led to squad cars to be brought downtown for booking. But there was no violence. None of the kids ended up getting hit. I don’t know what happened to them later at Parker Center downtown, but what was developing into a nasty situation was defused by the presence of the community, who stood in solidarity against the cops."

Ferguson Police Chief Turns To Hannity To Handle His PR  8/14/2014 Crooks and Liars: [Hannity is known to be a Nazi sympathizer.] "Police Chief Thomas Jackson took a breather from all of his responsibilities in Ferguson to make a brief appearance on Hannity. In the few short minutes he spent, he managed to tell the whitebread Fox audience that it was basically just black people being black. He didn't say that in so many words, but it was the message just the same."

Ferguson Disgrace: Police Fire on Unarmed Crowds, Attack News Trucks  8/14/2014 Jezebel: "Via the I Am Mike Brown livestream KARG Argus Radio, viewers watched as police fired rubber bullets into crowds of unarmed citizens. We watched as police advanced on a group of peaceful demonstrators. I Am Mike Brown livestream reported police were demanding that they turn off their cameras. "Because they don't want witnesses," the reporter said. This definitely echoes the experience of Huffington Post reporter Ryan Reilly, who was arrested earlier in the day after a SWAT team invaded the McDonald's he was working out of. When he took a photo, an officer demanded to see his ID. Last I checked, taking a photo was not something that required an ID in this coutry. Reilly was then assaulted and arrested, along with Washington Post reporter Wesley Lowery."

Antonio French speaks following jail release  8/14/2014 KSDK: "City of St. Louis Alderman Antonio French spoke to reporters about his arrest and ordeal on the fourth night of protests in Ferguson, Mo."

Anonymous Hackers’ Efforts to Identify Ferguson Police Officer Create Turmoil  8/14/2014 NYT: "In the Ferguson case, many were drawn to the Anonymous campaign after Tef Poe, a St. Louis rapper, began posting live video and news updates to his Twitter, Vine and Instagram feeds this week. By Monday, the Operation Ferguson Twitter account had been set up, and prominent members of Anonymous had joined the effort."

Military veterans see flawed police response in Ferguson  8/14/2014 Stars and Stripes: "You see the police are standing online with bulletproof vests and rifles pointed at peoples chests," said Jason Fritz, a former Army officer and an international policing operations analyst. "That’s not controlling the crowd, that’s intimidating them."

Responding to Ferguson, Activists Organize #NMOS14 Vigils Across America In Just 4 Days  8/14/2014 Tech President: "This evening peaceful crowds will gather at more than 90 locations around the country to honor the victims of police brutality, most recently the unarmed black teenager, Michael Brown, who was shot and killed by a police officer in Ferguson, Missouri, on Saturday. A moment of silence will begin at 20 minutes past 7 p.m. (EST). The vigils are being organized almost entirely online by the writer and activist Feminista Jones (@FeministaJones), with help from others from around the country who have volunteered to coordinate a vigil in their communities. Organizing such a large event in only a few days is a challenge, but in addition to ironing out basic logistics, the National Moment of Silence (#NMOS14) organizers have had to deal with co-optation, misrepresentation, and Google Docs and Facebook pages that are, apparently, buckling under traffic."

American Pravda: Who Shot Down Flight MH17 in Ukraine?  8/14/2014 Unz Review 

Who is Antonio French, the alderman providing updates from Ferguson?  8/14/2014 WaPo: "He’s not an amateur at this. Here’s a St. Louis Public Radio report about French’s experience before he was elected. The basic gist is that he “created and managed” a Web site that uses video to document government and politic activities. Since being elected alderman, he has sponsored local legislation that would support similar efforts."

Wednesday  8/13/2014

L.A. Man Was 'Lying Down' When Cops 'Shot Him In The Back'  8/13/2014 Alternet: "A man claiming to be Ford's cousin said there was no reason for deadly force to be used. “They laid him out and for whatever reason, they shot him in the back, knowing mentally, he has complications," the man said. "Every officer in this area, from the Newton Division, knows that — that this child has mental problems."

Ignoring Ukraine’s Neo-Nazi Storm Troopers  8/13/2014 Consortium News: "The U.S.-backed Ukrainian government is knowingly sending neo-Nazi paramilitaries into eastern Ukrainian neighborhoods to attack ethnic Russians who are regarded by some of these storm troopers as “Untermenschen” or subhuman, according to Western press reports."

George Will Confirms Nixon’s Vietnam Treason  8/13/2014 CounterPunch: "Nixon’s sabotage of the Vietnam peace talks was confirmed by transcripts of FBI wiretaps. On November 2, 1968, LBJ received an FBI report saying Chernnault told the South Vietnamese ambassador that “she had received a message from her boss: saying the Vietnamese should “hold on, we are gonna win.” As Will confirms, Vietnamese did “hold on,” the war proceeded and Nixon did win, changing forever the face of American politics—-with the shadow of treason permanently embedded in its DNA. The treason came in 1968 as the Vietnam War reached a critical turning point. President Lyndon Johnson was desperate for a truce between North and South Vietnam."

Israel’s Zim Line and San Francisco’s Shame  8/13/2014 CounterPunch: [The power of the Lobby]

Putin is Winning the New Cold War  8/13/2014 Market Oracle: "Lehmann notes that he had a conversation with “a top-NATO admiral from a northern European country” who clarified the situation in a terse, two-sentence summary of US foreign policy. He said: “American colleagues at the Pentagon told me, unequivocally, that the US and UK never would allow European – Soviet relations to develop to such a degree that they would challenge the US/UK’s political, economic or military primacy and hegemony on the European continent. Such a development will be prevented by all necessary means, if necessary by provoking a war in central Europe”."

Michael Brown's Friend: He Was 'Shot Like An Animal' by Officer  8/13/2014 MSNBC: Dorian Johnson interview

Tuesday  8/12/2014

Eyewitness to Michael Brown shooting recounts his friend’s death  8/12/2014 MSNBC: "Freeman Bosley, Johnson’s attorney, told msnbc that the police have yet to interview Johnson. Bosley said that he offered the police an opportunity to speak with Johnson, but they declined. “They didn’t even want to talk to him,” said Bosley, a former mayor of St. Louis. “They don’t want the facts. What they want is to justify what happened … what they are trying to do now is justify what happened instead of trying to point out the wrong. Something is wrong here and that’s what it is.”"

Sunday  8/10/2014

NYT Discovers Ukraine’s Neo-Nazis at War  8/10/2014 Consortium News: "The New York Times reported almost in passing on Sunday that the Ukrainian government’s offensive against ethnic Russian rebels in the east has unleashed far-right paramilitary militias that have even raised a neo-Nazi banner over the conquered town of Marinka, just west of the rebel stronghold of Donetsk. That might seem like a big story – a U.S.-backed military operation, which has inflicted thousands of mostly civilian casualties, is being spearheaded by neo-Nazis. But the consistent pattern of the mainstream U.S. news media has been – since the start of the Ukraine crisis – to white-out the role of Ukraine’s brown-shirts."

Saturday  8/9/2014

Israel deliberately attacking medical workers in Gaza, Amnesty says  8/9/2014 Electronic Intifada: "After collecting and releasing harrowing testimonies by Palestinian medical workers, Amnesty International has accused the Israeli military of deliberately attacking medical workers and hospitals in Gaza. Since the military offensive in Gaza began a month ago, Israeli fire has killed at least six ambulance workers and 13 aid workers while they were attempting to rescue injured people or retrieve the dead, according to the Palestinian Ministry of Health. In addition to those killed, 49 doctors, nurses and paramedics and 33 aid workers have been injured while carrying out their duties. Israel has directly struck major hospitals throughout the Gaza Strip, and forced five hospitals and 34 medical clinics to shut down due to either extensive damage to their facilities or increasing hostilities in the vicinity."

The Gold Market: An Analysis Of Recent Geopolitical, Economic And Banking Events  8/9/2014 Zero Hedge: "As Egon von Greyerz states in a new article, the manipulators (Western commercial banks and governments) have almost no physical gold left, and they are desperately trying to kill this bullish sentiment in the markets in order to keep investors from flocking to physical gold and silver, which would make demand explode, at a time when there’s no available physical gold at these artificially-low prices and, thus, no physical gold to insure the convertibility of millions of paper contracts owned by thousands of investors in physical gold. These last two attacks, at the most illiquid times of the day, constitute new evidence of blatant manipulation. GATA (Gold Anti Trust Action Committee) will gladly add these two new episodes to its long list of proofs it has been gathering for over a decade. And, without a doubt, BAFIN (German financial regulation organism) must have closely watched the price action on Monday and Tuesday. BAFIN has turned out, these last few months, to be the sole regulation agency paying attention to the price manipulation (certainly due to the United States’ refusal to repatriate even a small portion of their gold reserves), since its director stated that the gold market manipulation was much more important than LIBOR’s."

This Is How Putin's Advisor Sees The Ukraine Crisis Playing Out  8/9/2014 Zero Hedge: "To further insulate its economy, Russia should abandon the use of the U.S. dollar as a reserve currency, according to Glazyev. Russia, which international reserves are the world’s fifth-biggest, needs to diversify its holdings to include China’s yuan, India’s rupee and Brazil’s real. “If a country aspires to reserve status for its currency, it should behave properly, and that isn’t the case today,” Glazyev said. And this is how Putin sees the world. De-escalation? Good luck."

When The Money Runs Out... So Does The Empire  8/9/2014 Zero Hedge: "Empires are not the result of conscious thought; they happen when a group is large enough and powerful enough to impose itself on others. But empires are expensive. They are typically financed by theft and forced tribute. The imperial power conquers… steals… and then requires that its subjects pay “taxes” so that it can protect them. The US never got the hang of it. It conquers. But it loses money on each conquest. How does it sustain itself? With debt. It doesn’t take tribute from the rest of the world; it borrows from it. As far as we know, no other empire has ever tried to finance itself by borrowing. But it is a special kind of debt. The US borrows in its own currency – which it can print as it chooses. If the burden of repayment is too high, in theory, the Fed can just print more dollars to satisfy its obligations."

Friday  8/8/2014

America’s Recruitment of Nazis–Then and Now  8/8/2014 CounterPunch: "Declassified in the 1980s, a 1949 statement by the Joint Chiefs of Staff to President Harry Truman reveals aspects of this plan, which integrated conventional and nuclear weapons with “counter-insurgency” operations. The US army, air force, CIA, and other intelligence agencies proposed a three-stage strategy to take out the Soviet Union, should open war become the desirable option: 1) mounting a campaign of propaganda, disinformation, and false-flag operations to provoke a confrontation with the Soviet Union, in which the US would appear to have to act in self-defense or in defense of X-group of Soviet-oppressed peoples; 2) conducting a military campaign lasting thirty days, during which seventy atomic bombs would be dropped on select targets in the Soviet Union from long-range planes to destroy 40% of Soviet industrial capacity, including its crucial petroleum sector; 3) launching post-nuclear, mop-op, “counter-insurgency” operations on the radioactive ground to prevent the Red Army from reassembling and the Soviet political system from reemerging. This last phase was to be entrusted to the “secret armies”—the Eastern European and Russian émigré groups, inherited from the Germans."

Noam Chomsky: Israel’s Actions in Palestine are "Much Worse Than Apartheid" in South Africa  8/8/2014 Democracy Now 

Cornering the Zero-Day Market - The Schizophrenia of the Deep State  8/8/2014 Dissident Voice: "During his presentation Greer proposed, among other things, that the U.S. government bolster internet security by dominating the market for zero-day vulnerabilities. Zero-days are basically flaws, unpatched bugs, in software and hardware which attackers can leverage to compromise a computer and covertly gain access. Think of a zero-day vulnerability like an unlocked door recessed back in an obscured alleyway of an otherwise secure home. Greer’s recommendation goes like this: using its buying power the United State government could act like a hi-tech billionaire who’s snatching up real estate in Silicon Valley and wade out into the digital black market to outbid all of the other buyers. By driving up prices American security services would corner the market on zero-day vulnerabilities."

Connecticut police officer indicted for stomping tasered suspect  8/8/2014 Reuters: "In May 2011, two Bridgeport police officers were chasing Orlando Lopez-Soto's van on suspicions that he had a gun."

It's about time for a Sino-Russia alliance  8/8/2014 Want China Times: "Qiu is senior political commentator in China. Translated by Want China Times"

Thursday  8/7/2014

New Study: White People Support Harsher Criminal Penalties When Told More Black People Are Incarcerated  8/7/2014 Alternet 

Evidence of medical workers and facilities being targeted by Israeli forces in Gaza  8/7/2014 Amnesty International 

Netanyahu Urges US Lawmakers to Defend Israel Against ICC "War Crimes" Prosecution  8/7/2014 Common Dreams 

US analysts conclude MH17 downed by aircraft  8/7/2014 NewStraits Times 

LatAm stands to profit from Russia’s food ban  8/7/2014 Progresso Weekly: "“Brazil’s meat industry is ready to take advantage of Moscow’s ban of farm imports from the United States and will send more poultry to Russia,” said the association’s president, Francisco Turra, to the press. “We have a very large capacity to do so,” he said. He added that 20 poultry farms in Brazil have already been cleared to do business with Russia. Ninety-one Brazilian food manufacturers were authorized by Moscow as suppliers and it’s expected that many more will join the list. According to Turra, Brazil plans to send 210,000 tons of poultry this year. Last year’s export volume was 60,000 tons."

Russia’s food czar goes shopping in South America  8/7/2014 Progresso Weekly: "Ambassador Tettamanti, who assumed his post in March, told Dankvert that Argentina is ready to begin supplying Russia immediately, without waiting for the ICT summit. Dankvert also met Thursday with Ambassador Aníbal Cabral Segalerba of Uruguay, who expressed his government’s willingness to supply animal and vegetable food products to Russia in exchange for agricultural technology and equipment. Dankvert outlined Russia’s needs as Uruguayan beef, pork, lamb, seafood, dairy products, citrus fruits and vegetables. The export of live cattle was also mentioned.Segalerba informed Dankvert that Uruguay’s minister of Agriculture, Tabaré Aguerre Lombardo, will visit Moscow in September, at which time a formal agreement on cooperation may be finalized. Next on Dankvert’s list of visitors was Ecuadorean Ambassador Patricio Alberto Chávez Zavala, with whom Dankvert discussed increased exports of seafood, dairy products, fruits, vegetables and flowers. Dankvert said that the direct delivery of flowers, bypassing European middlemen, is of particular interest to him."

Russia’s ban on American food imports is going to hit the U.S. poultry, pork and nut industries the hardest  8/7/2014 WaPo 

Europe Furious That Putin Dares To Retaliate To Sanctions, Blames Economic Slide On Kremlin  8/7/2014 Zero Hedge: "After blindly doing the US' bidding over all propaganda matters Ukraine-related, and following just as blindly into round after round of US-inspired sanctions, sanctions to whose retaliation Europe would be on the frontline unlike the largely insulated US, Europe appears to be absolutely shocked and is apoplectic that after several rounds of sanction escalations, Russia finally unleashed its own round of sanctions and yesterday announced a 1 year ban on all European food imports, something which will further push Europe into a triple-dip recession as already hinted by Italy yesterday."

Wednesday  8/6/2014

A threat to the white nation  8/6/2014 Progresso Weekly: "“If you see an ‘illegal,’ point your weapon between his eyes and say: ‘Cross the border right back or I shoot.’” As we had mentioned earlier, this is the brutal modus operandi of one of those groups, Operation Secure Our Border." [Like Israelis in Gaza or ISIS beheading children in Iraq]

Two views of Iron Dome’s success in Israel  8/6/2014 Reuters: "If I have a guesstimate that Iron Dome’s success rate is probably less than 5 percent, and Dick Lloyd has an estimate of 10 percent to 20 percent, how would this indicate that the probable level of success exceeds 90 percent?"

U.S. Suspected Israeli Involvement in 1960s Missing Uranium  8/6/2014 WSJ: "The theft suspicions surround events at a now-dismantled facility in Apollo, Pa., owned by a company called Nuclear Materials & Equipment Corp., or Numec. In the mid-1960s, some 200 pounds of bomb-grade uranium—enough possibly for several Hiroshima-sized bombs—couldn't be accounted for there."

Step Aside Panama Canal: China To Build Nicaragua Canal, "World's Largest Infrastructure Project Ever"  8/6/2014 Zero Hedge: "A month ago, a Nicaraguan committee approved Chinese billionaire Wang Jing's project to create The Nicaraguan Canal. With a planned capacity to accommodate ships with loaded displacement of 400,000 tons (notably bigger than The Panama Canal), the proposed 278-kilometer-long canal that will run across the Nicaragua isthmus would probably change the landscape of the world's maritime trade. "The project is the largest infrastructure project ever in the history of man in terms of engineering difficulty, investment scale, workload and its global impact," Wang told reporters, adding that with regard the project's financing, which is around $50 billion, Wang seems quite confident, "If you can deliver, you will find all the world's money at your disposal."

Tuesday  8/5/2014

UNICEF laments Gaza child casualties, warns of task ahead  8/5/2014 Reuters: "More than 400 children have been killed in Israel's assault on Gaza, and almost a thousand times as many are traumatized and face an "extraordinarily bleak" future, the top UNICEF official in Gaza said on Tuesday."

The Rise Of The Petroyuan And The Slow Erosion Of Dollar Hegemony  8/5/2014 Zero Hedge: "For seventy years, one of the critical foundations of American power has been the dollar’s standing as the world’s most important currency. For the last forty years, a pillar of dollar primacy has been the greenback’s dominant role in international energy markets. Today, China is leveraging its rise as an economic power, and as the most important incremental market for hydrocarbon exporters in the Persian Gulf and the former Soviet Union, to circumscribe dollar dominance in global energy - with potentially profound ramifications for America’s strategic position."

Monday  8/4/2014

De-Dollarization Continues: Russian Oligarchs Shift Cash To Hong Kong Dollars On Sanctions Concerns  8/4/2014 Zero Hedge 

Sunday  8/3/2014

Flight 17 Shoot-Down Scenario Shifts  8/3/2014 Consortium News: "The Los Angeles Times article on the briefing took note of the uncertainties: “U.S. intelligence agencies have so far been unable to determine the nationalities or identities of the crew that launched the missile. U.S. officials said it was possible the SA-11 [the Buk anti-aircraft missile] was launched by a defector from the Ukrainian military who was trained to use similar missile systems.” That reference to a possible “defector” may have been an attempt to reconcile the U.S. government’s narrative with the still-unreleased satellite imagery of the missile battery controlled by soldiers appearing to wear Ukrainian uniforms. But I’m now told that U.S. intelligence analysts have largely dismissed the “defector” possibility and are concentrating on the scenario of a willful Ukrainian shoot-down of the plane, albeit possibly not knowing its actual identity."

Latest Gallup poll shows young Americans overwhelmingly support Palestine .  8/3/2014 Middle East Monitor: "In recent years, the solidarity movement in the US has been revitalised by student activists. While a 22-23 July Gallup poll found that a slight majority of Americans believe that Israel's latest assault on Gaza is justified, a pro-Israel bias that also dominated during the second intifada, amongst those under the age of 30, more than twice as many Americans say that Israel's aggression in Gaza is unjustified (51 per cent) than those who say it is justified (25 per cent). The same holds true for people of colour (49 per cent versus 25 per cent). Both the popular demonstrations and the poll results seem to indicate that support for Israel is growing weaker amongst the next generation of American leaders."

G-20 Revolt? France Gets "Positive Reception" To Challenge US Bank Fines  8/3/2014 Zero Hedge 

Saturday  8/2/2014

History 101: Black Panthers, Palestinians & The Fight to End Racist Zionism  8/2/2014 Davey D's 

Israeli military wanted prior review of New York Times articles on soldier Goldin  8/2/2014 iMediaEthics: [Checking for mention of the Hannibal Directive?]

IDF Censor Tells NY Times It Must Censor Future Reports on Killing of Lt. Hadar Goldin  8/2/2014 tikun Olam: "Today, Walla confirmed via the IDF that Goldin is dead. At first the army only admitted it knew this based on “DNA evidence.” But I believed it had his body. This was confirmed by this subsequent Ynet report that it did have his body and that his funeral would be tomorrow. It is critical that there be an autopsy to determine the cause of his death. But I don’t believe the IDF will allow it because it knows what it will find."

Friday  8/1/2014

Latin America comes out in force against Israel  8/1/2014 AFP: "The only somewhat dissonant voice has come from Colombia, where the center-right President Juan Manuel Santos has rejected calls to recall his diplomatic representative in Tel Aviv."

Western plutocracy goes bear hunting  8/1/2014 Asia Times: by Pepe Escobar - "If the US deep state, guided by those nullities who pass for leadership, in desperation, goes one step beyond - it could be a genocide in Donbass; a NATO attack on Crimea; or worst case scenario, an attack against Russia itself - watch out. The Bear will strike."

Putting the Dollar in Jeopardy  8/1/2014 Consortium News: "China is pursuing a protracted process of capital account liberalization essential to full renminbi internationalization, and is allowing more exchange rate flexibility for the yuan. The People’s Bank of China (PBOC) now has swap arrangements with over 30 other central banks — meaning that renminbi already effectively functions as a reserve currency… Looking ahead, use of renminbi to settle international hydrocarbon sales will surely increase, accelerating the decline of American influence in key energy-producing regions. It will also make it marginally harder for Washington to finance what China and other rising powers consider overly interventionist foreign policies — a prospect America’s political class has hardly begun to ponder."

The Unanswered Questions of MH17  8/1/2014 CounterPunch 

Anti-Semitism Rises in Europe Amid Israel-Gaza Conflict  8/1/2014 NYT: "Prominent newspapers, politicians and popular stars in Austria and Germany have responded to the anti-Jewish outburst with a campaign called “Raise Your Voice,” in support of their countries’ Jewish communities. But Samuel Salzborn, a professor of political science at Göttingen University, does not believe that the effort has shifted public opinion. “The official line of the German government is happily, clearly against anti-Semitism, but that is resulting in far too little,” Mr. Salzborn said. “There is a startling indifference in the German public to the current display of anti-Semitism.”"

‘Wrong time, altered images’ Moscow slams Kiev’s MH17 satellite data  8/1/2014 RT: "Satellite images Kiev published as ‘proof’ it didn’t deploy anti-aircraft batteries around the MH17 crash site carry altered time-stamps and are from days after the MH17 tragedy, the Russian Defense Ministry has revealed. The images, which Kiev claims were taken by its satellites at the same time as those taken by Russian satellites, are neither Ukrainian nor authentic, according to a Moscow statement. The Defense Ministry said the images were apparently made by an American KeyHole reconnaissance satellite, because the two Ukrainian satellites currently in orbit, Sich-1 and Sich-2, were not positioned over the part of Ukraine’s Donetsk Region shown in the pictures. Moscow claims weather and lighting conditions in the images were not be possible at the dates and times Ukraine claims they were made, the Russian military said. At least one of the images published by Ukraine shows signs of being altered by an image editor, the statement added. The Russian ministry also criticized images published by Kiev to back its allegations Russia smuggled heavy weapons over the border and shelled Ukrainian army positions. The images lack proper timestamps and coordinates, while Kiev didn’t bother to explain why it believes that whatever vehicles are shown in them are Russian, the statement pointed out."

"Genocide Is Permissible" Muses Times Of Israel, Promptly Retracts  8/1/2014 Zero Hedge 

Thursday  7/31/2014

Is Israel losing Latin America?  7/31/2014 Al Jazeera: "As for Brazil, Israeli foreign ministry spokesperson Yigal Palmor dismissed the country as a "diplomatic dwarf". Responding to Brazilian accusations that Israel's use of force in Gaza has been disproportionate, Palmor riffed on Brazil's lopsided World Cup defeat: "This is not football. In football, when a game ends in a draw, you think it is proportional, but when it finishes 7-1 it's disproportionate. Sorry to say, but not so in real life and under international law."

Wednesday  7/30/2014

Shocking Analysis of the ‘Shooting Down’ of Malaysian MH17  7/30/2014 AndwerWelt Online 

Obama Summons Africa to Washington to Talk Trade (and How to Cut Out China)  7/30/2014 Black Agenda Report: "However, U.S. imperialism does not sustain itself by competitive trade, but by force of arms. It is a predatory system maintained by military coercion. AFRICOM exists to ensure that mutually beneficial African trade with China and Brazil results in no shift in African nations’ political orientation, and is perpetually subject to curtailment by the U.S. AFRICOM spins its web of Special Forces, warlords, mercenary armies and “counterinsurgency” infrastructure throughout the whole of the “resource continent.” The West’s purpose is not to exploit the entirety of Africa’s natural bounty, which is beyond the economic capacity of a purposely de-industrializing finance capitalist order centered in New York, London and other bankers’ redoubts, but to establish the military presence in depth that will allow Washington and its allies to stymie, at will, the integration of Africa into a multi-polar world in which China is the center of gravity."

Some thoughts on Black Liberation, Palestine & the Angry Black Woman Open Letter  7/30/2014 Davey D's: "For the past couple of days an article written by ‘An Angry Black Woman‘ has been making he rounds.. It’s an open letter to Palestinians telling them to stop referencing Black ‘Freedom struggle‘ when speaking about their own struggle. It goes on to make the claim about how Martin Luther King , Coretta Scott King and others were all Zionists... A few things to keep in mind. First understand the article/letter which is being championed by Zionist backed publications and outlets and the Israeli Lobby is designed to do a couple of things. First and foremost it gets people debating the author who up to now has been relatively unknown and her particular merits or lack thereof.. It centers her as a Black woman in this debate and cleverly obscures the long-standing human rights abuses of Israel."

Russian Lawmaker Says US Fails to Understand Sanctions Beneficial to Russia  7/30/2014 RiaNovosti: "The United Stated does not understand that it is supporting the Russian economy by imposing new sanctions, Sergei Ryabukhin, the head of the budgetary committee of the Federation Council, Russia’s upper house of parliament, said Wednesday. “They are nothing but a benefit for the Russian economy, including for the revenue part of all budget levels,” the parliamentarian said. The new US restrictions let Russia focus on developing its own production efficiently using its internal reserves to balance the national economy, Ryabukhin added."

"US Will Feel Tangible Losses," Russia Prepares To Unleash Retaliatory Trade Wars  7/30/2014 Zero Hedge 

Tuesday  7/29/2014

Official: Venezuela Tried to Pressure Aruba  7/29/2014 ABC: "Blanken said U.S. media reports that Venezuela raised military pressure to try to secure Carvajal's release were "misleading." Local authorities, he said, were alarmed early Sunday when several Venezuelan naval ships were tracked close to the territorial waters of Aruba. However, the Royal Dutch Marines found that the ships were on a normal route."

Malaysia says Ukraine must bear responsibility for MH17  7/29/2014 Want China Times: "Malaysia has stated for the first time that it believes the Ukrainian government ought to bear responsibility for the crash of Malaysia Airlines flight MH17, according to a report from Singaporean newspaper Lianhe Zaobao. Malaysian transport minister Liow Tiong Lai was quoted by the paper as saying that the Ukrainian government needs to take responsibility for the disaster because it was Ukrainian air traffic controllers who permitted MH17 to fly over the country's airspace when it was shot down on July 17 en route from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur, killing all 283 passengers and 15 crew on board. Ukraine's air traffic controllers did not notify MH17 that it was not permitted to fly in the region, Liow said, adding that the Ukrainian government had a responsibility to tell the Boeing 777-200ER airliner if it was in any danger."

Monday  7/28/2014

US funds political groups in Venezuela despite ban  7/28/2014 AP: "Almost four years after Venezuela enacted a law to bar the U.S. from funding groups frequently critical of the socialist government, millions of the American dollars the administration tried to ban still flow to these organizations, an analysis by The Associated Press shows. Much more U.S. support is under consideration. The State Department and the National Endowment for Democracy, a government-funded nonprofit organization, together budgeted about $7.6 million to support Venezuelan groups last year alone, according to public documents reviewed by AP."

NEW MH17 SENSATION: German experts point finger at Ukrainian air-force jets. Read more at  7/28/2014 Investment Watch 

The Hannibal Directive  7/28/2014 Sic Semper Tyrannis: "Apparently, the IDF equivalent would be "we leave no man behind alive." This policy, however cloaked in silence by the IDF certainly must be a matter of concern for conscripts and reservists in the context of Palestinian and Lebanese fighters who are increasingly willing to "mix it up" in close combat. In such circumstances the possibility of capture is great. Richard Silverstein in his blog Tikkun Olam has recounted the story of an IDF NCO killled at Gaza in such an incident and as a reward for his account has been subjected to a deliberate campaign among the Zionists to drive him from the public square."

Aruba Says Venezuela Raised Military Pressure on It  7/28/2014 WSJ: "Aruba's chief prosecutor Peter Blanken said that Venezuelan navy ships neared Aruba and Curaçao over the weekend as Dutch officials were debating what to do with Hugo Carvajal —Venezuela's former chief of military intelligence who was jailed in Aruba last week on a U.S. warrant… Mr. Blanken said Venezuela's government also had threatened to sever Venezuela's vital commercial air links to Aruba and Curaçao. Venezuela's state oil company also threatened to withdraw from a contract to manage Curaçao's refinery, Mr. Blanken said, which would have put at risk some 8,000 jobs."

Sunday  7/27/2014

White House Expects ‘Strong’ EU Sanctions Against Russia  7/27/2014 AntiWar: "According to White House officials, the Obama Administration believes the European Union will agree to “strong sanctions” against Russia in the coming days, with a focus primarily on the arms sector and financial sector."

Llega a Venezuela diplomático Hugo Carvajal, luego de detención ilegal en Aruba  7/27/2014 Aporrea: "Carvajal fue liberado luego de que el Reino de los Países Bajos admitiera mediante un comunicado dirigido al Gobierno Bolivariano que el artículo 13° de la Convención de Viena le otorga inmunidad diplomática, por lo qué la detención del funcionario se produjo al margen de los tratados internacionales."

Blaming Russia as ‘Flat Fact’  7/27/2014 Consortium News: "As nuclear-armed America hurtles into a completely avoidable crash with nuclear-armed Russia over Ukraine, you can now see the dangers of “information warfare” when facts give way to propaganda and the press fails to act as an impartial arbiter. In this sorry affair, one of the worst offenders of journalistic principles has been the New York Times, generally regarded as America’s premier newspaper. During the Ukraine crisis, the Times has been little more than a propaganda conveyor belt delivering what the U.S. government wants out via shoddy and biased reporting from the likes of Michael R. Gordon and David Herszenhorn."

Israel-Gaza Conflict: Secret Report Helps Israelis to Hide Facts  7/27/2014 Independent: "There is a reason for this enhancement of the PR skills of Israeli spokesmen. Going by what they say, the playbook they are using is a professional, well-researched and confidential study on how to influence the media and public opinion in America and Europe. Written by the expert Republican pollster and political strategist Dr Frank Luntz, the study was commissioned five years ago by a group called The Israel Project, with offices in the US and Israel, for use by those “who are on the front lines of fighting the media war for Israel”. Every one of the 112 pages in the booklet is marked “not for distribution or publication” and it is easy to see why."

Boko Haram kidnaps wife of Cameroon's vice PM, kills at least three  7/27/2014 Reuters 

U.S. releases images showing Russia firing into Ukraine  7/27/2014 USA Today: [They release these but not the alleged photos of the rebel buk.]

Admitted Liar Claims Russia Is Shooting Artillery Into Ukraine  7/27/2014 Zero Hedge: "National Intelligence Director James Clapper appeared before Congress and lied about the program. He later said that he gave the least untruthful statement he could think of. But it was nevertheless untrue and potentially a crime for which he could be prosecuted. And a huge majority of Americans agree that Clapper should be prosecuted for perjury."

Multiple Reports: Ukrainian Fighter Jets Were with Malaysian Flight 17 When It Was Shot Down  7/27/2014 Zero Hedge: "Terrible things are happening. For example, an incident that happened recently: passenger plane was flying by, and Ukrainian attack aircraft hid behind it. Then he lowered his altitude a bit and dropped bombs on residential sector of Semenovka town. Then he regained the altitude and hid behind the passenger plane again. Then he left."

Saturday  7/26/2014

The Malaysian Airline MH17 Crash: Sixteen Central Issues Which Cannot be Ignored  7/26/2014 Global Research 

Under Military Plan, U.S. Could Help Ukraine Target Rebels’ Missiles  7/26/2014 NYT: "The Pentagon and American intelligence agencies are developing plans that would enable the Obama administration to provide specific locations of surface-to-air missiles controlled by Russian-backed separatists in eastern Ukraine so the Ukrainian government could target them for destruction, American officials said. But the proposal has not yet been debated in the White House, a senior administration official said. It is unclear whether President Obama, who has already approved limited intelligence sharing with Ukraine, will agree to give more precise information about potential military targets, a step that would involve the United States more deeply in the conflict."

Israel Murders IDF Soldier to Prevent His Capture  7/26/2014 Tikun Olam: "You have every right to ask: what soldier in his right mind would follow such an order. There are thankfully examples of ones who refused. But there are a number who didn’t including the tank commander who fired on his comrade in that home in Gaza, killing him. You also have a right to ask how the IDF could approve such a regulation. The answer is it didn’t. It has never been vetted by military lawyers. If it had been, the High Command might’ve been told it was an illegal, immoral directive which had no standing. Then the IDF would have to implement an order its highest legal authorities had deemed treif. That would never do. So neither the generals, nor the Judge Advocate has ever delved into the matter. It is yet another example of the national security state refusing to examine the deepest, most troubling principles on which it is based."

Friday  7/25/2014

Aruba to hold Venezuelan official seeking immunity  7/25/2014 AP: "A judge in Aruba ruled Friday that the highest-ranking Venezuelan official ever arrested on a U.S. warrant must remain behind bars pending an extradition request on drug-trafficking charges, prompting Venezuela to cancel flights to the Dutch Caribbean island in retaliation."

Vea las irresponsables declaraciones del Fiscal Mayor de Aruba que dio a CNN en Español  7/25/2014 Aporrea: "La enviada especial de teleSUR a Aruba, Madelein García, explicó que los abogados defensores alegan que la decisión es ilegal porque vulnera lo establecido en el artículo 13 del convenio, que establece (...) se considera diplomático oficial una vez presentadas las credenciales y aceptadas en el gobierno a quien remite". García añadió que el artículo 39 también es violado, pues indica que "(el cónsul) tiene privilegios toda vez que entre en el Estado receptor, en funciones"."

Fiscal de Aruba: Detención de Hugo Carvajal fue correcta y legal  7/25/2014 CNN: "El fiscal señaló que la Cancillería holandesa confirmó que Carvajal no tiene inmunidad diplomática. Pero en entrevista con Guillermo Arduino, Benvinda de Souza, abogada defensora, dijo que bajo los parámetros del Tratado de Viena, Carvajal sí tiene inmundidad."

At Crimean Holocaust event, a chance to burnish Russia’s image as defender of minorities  7/25/2014 Jewish Post: "“It’s to be expected that now that we are in Russia, there will be more emphasis on the war on fascism,” said Genady Tebankin, a local Jew who attended the ceremony. “That’s the Kremlin line.”"

A Ukrainian Rebel Commander Veers Off-Script  7/25/2014 NYT: "Reuters responded by releasing audio of the interview, in which the commander could be clearly heard saying that he was told on the day of the crash that another separatist unit, from Lugansk, had in fact deployed an SA-11 Buk missile system to the rebel-held town of Snizhne, six miles west of the spot where Flight 17 crashed." [What about the video?]

Israel’s Iron Dome is more like an iron sieve  7/25/2014 Reuters: "Richard Lloyd, another weapons expert, has also run studies that call into question Iron Dome’s high success rate. Other military analysts support his findings, though the Israeli government dismisses them, as it does the Postol study. An Israeli spokesman told the BBC, “The system saves lives.”"

Censorship or error? Internet criticism for BBC removal of MH17 report  7/25/2014 RT: "BBC Russian has come under fire from internet users after deleting its report on the MH17 crash for not meeting ‘editorial values.’ The reporter questioned says that local militia fired the missile, with locals talking about Ukrainian army planes."

Maduro Backs Venezuelan Detained in Aruba  7/25/2014 Telersur: "Carvajal was appointed Venezuela's consul general in Aruba in January, though island authorities opposed the move. He was traveling on a diplomatic passport, according to Maduro."

Thursday  7/24/2014

Feds charge former high-ranking Chavez aides with protecting drug traffickers  7/24/2014 Miami Herald: "A former Venezuelan judge and his family flew into Miami International Airport with plans for a prepaid, two-week vacation at Disney World. Benny Palmeri-Bacchi never made it to the Orlando theme park. He was among three Venezuelans charged in federal drug-trafficking cases that for the first time link former high-ranking officials in the late President Hugo Chávez’s administration to Colombian cartel bosses, prosecutors said Thursday."

Ukraine hides highly important evidence related to Boeing crash  7/24/2014 Pravda: "The records of the talks between the officers, the plane crew and the crews of air defense systems are highly important. The Ukrainian military have all those records, this is absolutely for sure as the work of the missile system has not changed since Soviet times and has always worked like a clock," he told reporters on Thursday, July 24. Maslov claims that "Ukraine is hiding in behind the walls of the Security Bureau, which confirms that the situation is developing according to the scenario of 2001, when Ukraine accidentally shot down a Russian airliner over the Black Sea during military drills," RIA Novosti reports. "Why doesn't anyone, but Russia, demand this evidence should be unveiled immediately? This is strange," Alexander Maslov concluded."

Venezuela protests arrest of ex-intelligence head wanted in U.S.  7/24/2014 Reuters: "Venezuela's former military intelligence chief, accused of involvement in drug trafficking by the United States, was arrested on a Caribbean island while on diplomatic business, the South American country said on Thursday."

Wednesday  7/23/2014

Ukraine, MH 17, and the Charge of the Atlanticist Brigade  7/23/2014 CounterPunch: "So one consequence of the singleminded US campaign against Russia is that it is being driven into the arms of the PRC; another is that the PRC is making its ability to resist sanctions a national priority. The US Atlanticists may succeed in either subduing Russia to Western tutelage or simply expelling it from the European sphere; but what about the Pacific?"

Is US bent on bringing down Russia? Some in Kremlin say yes.  7/23/2014 CSM: "It's an illusion to believe that there are some specific steps we could take in connection with Ukraine to mollify the US, and they would lift this blockade and return to normal," says Sergei Markov, a Kremlin-connected political analyst. "No, just watch, they will keep moving the goal posts." The real reasons that US-Russia acrimony has been inexorably building, they say, is that Russia is at the leading edge of emerging countries that are challenging the US-run global financial and political order."

U.S. Officials: MH17 Missile May Have Been Launched By a “Defector from The Ukrainian Military Who Was Trained To Use Similar Missile Systems”  7/23/2014 Naked Capitalism 

Exclusive: Ukraine rebel commander acknowledges fighters had BUK missile  7/23/2014 Reuters: When Reuters quotes the interviewee, the assertion is not as strong: "What resources our partners have, we cannot be entirely certain. Was there (a BUK)? Wasn’t there? If there was proof that there was, then there can be no question."

Cockpit of MH17 found sawed in half at crash site  7/23/2014 USA Today: with video

Tuesday  7/22/2014

The West may be feeling the chill of a new Cold War. But for Ukraine and Russia, no era or actor is more omnipresent in today’s crisis than World War II and Stepan Bandera.  7/22/2014 AntiWar: "People who have been on social media for more than a few minutes know how much nonsense is presented as absolute truth there, and the Obama Administration’s decision to base its entire case on stuff they read there, going to the extent of arguing with a dubious press, has clearly not served them well."

The Mystery of a Ukrainian Army ‘Defector’  7/22/2014 Consortium News: "U.S. intelligence officials suggest that the person who fired the missile that downed Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 may have been “a defector” from the Ukrainian army, an apparent attempt to explain why some CIA analysts thought satellite images revealed men in Ukrainian army uniforms manning the missile battery, writes Robert Parry."

It’s Putin’s Missile!  7/22/2014 CounterPunch: by Pepe Escobar, summarizing current knowledge.

What Putin Knows  7/22/2014 CounterPunch: "It’s also worth noting that the journalist who co-authored Sunday’s piece on Kerry in the New York Times was none other than Michael R. Gordon. In 2002 Gordon co-wrote a piece about aluminum tubes with Judith Miller which was intended to scare readers “with images of mushroom clouds” into supporting the war in Iraq. The story turned out to be complete baloney, but it helped to pave the way for the US invasion as it was intended to do. Gordon escaped blame for the article, while the discredited Miller was released."

Why Israel Needs Anti-Semitism… And French Jews  7/22/2014 CounterPunch: "Last July 12, Jewish Defense League (JDL) militants provoked some participants in a Paris protest demonstration against the Israeli attack on Gaza into violent clashes in front of a synagogue in the rue de la Roquette. The JDL militants were protected by police, whereas several pro-Palestinian demonstrators were arrested. The incident was loudly denounced by influential pro-Israel Jewish leaders as an act of French anti-Semitism. It was no accident that this incident was falsely attributed to anti-Semitism."

AIPAC Is the Only Explanation for America's Morally Bankrupt Israel Policy  7/22/2014 Huff Post: by Stephen M. Walt, Professor of International Affairs, Harvard’s John F. Kennedy School of Government

Malaysia Airlines MH17 crash: Was a Russian-made missile really parked in this quiet square?  7/22/2014 Independent: "At the weekend, Ukraine’s security services (SBU) released photographs and videos it said proved that Russian-made BUK-M1 surface-to-air missile systems were inside the rebel-held area shortly before Malaysian Airlines MH17 crashed to the ground. Among the images, said to have been taken on the day of the tragedy, was one of a missile system, either parked or passing through the rebel-controlled town of Torez, barely five miles from where Boeing 777 tore into fields of wheat and sunflowers. According to Vitaliy Nayda, head of the SBU’s counterintelligence unit, the image was “evidence” of Russia’s involvement."

Venezuela Receives US$18 Billion of Chinese Financing, Signs 38 Accords  7/22/2014 Venezuela Analysis 

Monday  7/21/2014

State Dept. Annoyed at Press Questioning MH17 Narrative  7/21/2014 AntiWar: "When pressed on the array of theories on social media, and why the US is embracing just the one, Harf insisted that none of the other theories made any sense, because the State Department totally knows it was Russia’s fault. When pressed further on Russia’s denial, Harf turned visible hostile toward the press members at the briefing, angrily insisting that it was unfair for the media to even consider Russian statements that contradict the State Department, when everyone is supposed to know the US is more credible. When pressed further on that line of reasoning, Harf angrily barked “I’m not even dignifying that question with a response.”"

Israel-Gaza conflict: The myth of Hamas’s human shields  7/21/2014 Independent: "Members of families who owned six of the buildings had moved in with relations and neighbours in the area. Their reason for staying behind was primarily because there was, they said, nowhere else to go. There were also declarations about not giving up one’s land, not giving in to invaders. There was denial of coercion by Hamas. “I am not going to go because I can do something Hamas cannot do”, maintained Nabil al-Masri. “I know from times before that if Israeli soldiers get into an empty house they will ruin it on purpose. Hamas cannot stop them going into my house if we leave, but, by staying here we can try to make sure that doesn’t happen.”"

Neo-Nazis Comment on MH17 Crash, Call Death of AIDS Researchers “Good News”  7/21/2014 INSITE: "Users responded with a remarkably unified tone of celebration to story, attesting that the death of the AIDS researchers was a victory for the disease, one which they view as an exterminatory necessity. User “Serbian” wrote: Why can't AIDS once again be a certain death sentence for junkies freaks and deviants like it was in the good old days of the early to mid 80's? Because of people like these."

10 more questions Russian military pose to Ukraine, US over MH17 crash  7/21/2014 RT: "“For example, media circulated a video supposedly showing a Buk system being moved from Ukraine to Russia. This is clearly a fabrication. This video was made in the town of Krasnoarmeisk, as evidenced by the billboard you see in the background, advertising a car dealership at 34 Dnepropetrovsk Street. Krasnoarmeysk has been controlled by the Ukrainian military since May 11.”

Perverted truth: How rebel mourning MH17 victims was turned into looter with trophy  7/21/2014 RT: "The footage shows that one of the members of self-defense troops suddenly saw a teddy bear which apparently belonged to a child who was among the 298 passenger on board the Malaysian jet. “We want those bastards to see whom they shot down,” the man said, “Do you see?” meaning that there were innocent children who died in the crash. Then he carefully put the toy back to a heap of other items that used to belong to the passengers. After that he took off his cap and marked himself with a sign of the cross paying the tribute to the memory of the victims of the catastrophe."

Theresa May Raises an Old and Discredited Canard  7/21/2014 Strategic Culture: by Wayne Madsen - "The Litvinenko story is one that exposes the deep ties of the Russian-Israeli mafia and its longstanding operations against Russia."

Russia Presents Its Account of Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 Crash  7/21/2014 Wall Street Journal 

Key Piece of Video “Evidence” for Russian Responsibility for Malaysian Plane Shootdown Debunked  7/21/2014 Zero Hedge: "In fact, the billboard is supposedly advertising a Krasnoarmeisk car dealership. Also, one of the structures in the background is said to be a construction materials store on Gorkii Street, Krasnoarmeisk. Please note that this town is (very roughly) 120 kilometers from the Russian border and 80 kilometers from where the Malaysian 777 went down. And again, it has been under Kiev’s control since May."

Russia Says Has Photos Of Ukraine Deploying BUK Missiles In East, Radar Proof Of Warplanes In MH17 Vicinity  7/21/2014 Zero Hedge: "Ukraine hasn’t said how it immediately knew rebels downed Malaysian plane, notes the Russian Foreign Ministry, as it unveils 10 awkward questions for Ukraine (and perhaps the US 'snap judgment') to answer about the MH17 disaster. However, what is perhaps more concerning for the hordes of finger-pointers is that: •RUSSIA HAS IMAGES OF UKRAINE DEPLOYING BUK ROCKETS IN EAST: IFX •RUSSIA: UKRAINE MOVED BUK NEAR REBELS IN DONETSK JULY 17: IFX •RUSSIA DETECTED UKRAINIAN FIGHTER JET PICK UP SPEED TOWARD MH17"

Sunday  7/20/2014

Kiev’s evidence of militia’s responsibility for airliner crash faked - expert  7/20/2014 ITAR-PASS: "A tape posted by Ukrainian security services in the Internet and allegedly recording a talk between self-defense fighters about the destruction of a Malaysian airliner is a fake, experts said on Sunday. A group of experts studied the tape and came to the conclusion that it was made up of numerous unrelated recordings. “This audio recording is not an integral file and is made up of several fragments,” said Nikolai Popov, a reputable expert in sound and voice analysis… But the most indicative moment is that the audio tape clearly shows that it was created almost a day before the airliner crash, the expert said."

Saturday  7/19/2014

Airline Horror Spurs New Rush to Judgment  7/19/2014 Consortium News: "Regarding the shoot-down of the Malaysian jetliner on Thursday, I’m told that some CIA analysts cite U.S. satellite reconnaissance photos suggesting that the anti-aircraft missile that brought down Flight 17 was fired by Ukrainian troops from a government battery, not by ethnic Russian rebels who have been resisting the regime in Kiev since elected President Viktor Yanukovych was overthrown on Feb. 22. According to a source briefed on the tentative findings, the soldiers manning the battery appeared to be wearing Ukrainian uniforms and may have been drinking, since what looked like beer bottles were scattered around the site. But the source added that the information was still incomplete and the analysts did not rule out the possibility of rebel responsibility."

MH17 crash: Ukraine rebels 'to allow access to site'  7/19/2014 Guardian Mobile: "The separatists were said to have seized the Buk after overrunning a Ukrainian military base. However, Ukraine's Prosecutor General Vitaliy Yarema cast doubt on this, telling local media on Friday: "The military told the president after the passenger plane had been shot down that the terrorists did not possess our Buk missile systems.""

Friday  7/18/2014

Part II: Evidence Continues to Emerge #MH17 Is a False Flag Operation  7/18/2014 No Limit to Our Anger: various testimony on a pro-Russian Militia site from Eastern Ukraine

Putin’s Deadly Doctrine  7/18/2014 NYT: "Russia, he said, had voluntarily given up “huge territories” to the former republics of the Soviet Union, including areas “which historically have always belonged to Russia.” He was thinking “not only about Crimea and northern Kazakhstan, but also for example about the Kaliningrad area.” Russia could not simply abandon to their fate those “25 million Russians” who now lived abroad. The world had to respect the interests of the Russian state “and of the Russian people as a great nation.” The name of this irritating little man was — you guessed it — Vladimir V. Putin, and I know exactly what he said back in 1994 because the organizers, the Körber Foundation of Hamburg, Germany, published a full transcript."

Separatists said to have received antiaircraft training in Russia  7/18/2014 Washington Post: "Air Force Gen. Philip M. Breedlove, the U.S. commander of NATO forces in Europe, said late last month that there was clear evidence that Ukrainian rebels were being trained on Russian territory on how to operate “vehicle-borne” antiaircraft batteries. “We have not seen any of the air-defense vehicles across the border yet, but we’ve seen them training in the western part of Russia,” he said at a Pentagon news conference."

Tuesday  7/15/2014

Iraq crisis: How Saudi Arabia helped Isis take over the north of the country  7/15/2014 Independent: by Patrick Cockburn

Violence outside Paris synagogue falsely attributed to anti-Semitism - Updated  7/15/2014 Mondoweiss: "So I’ll tell you what I, a poor Jewish infidel, saw…at this protest:on the Boulevard Beaumarchais, right near the Chemin Vert Métro stop, four or five JDL types perched on a bench, completely surrounded and protected by two rows of riot cops, threw projectiles and insults at the crowd. Cops and officials begged the crowd to not lose its cool and respond to provocations – what they were waiting for. Of course, as crowds dispersed, there were fights at the entrance of the Synagogue de la Roquette, as expected, I dare say.”"

Sunday  7/13/2014

Florida Congresswoman Sides with Israeli Police Over Her Own Brutalized Teenage Constituent  7/13/2014 Alternet: "In a private letter issued to Abu Khdeir's family, Castor pointedly stated that she had not called for the teen's release and return to the US. Instead, she assured them that she "requested for Tariq to be provided with the appropriate and needed medical care and for [her] to be kept apprised of any plans of his return to the United States." In a separate letter to the US consulate in Jerusalem, Castor merely stated that she would "appreciate being kept apprised of any plans for the return of Tariq and his parents to the United States." Florida Rep's Bill Deutsch and Ileana Ros-Lehtenin recently embarked on a junket to Israel where they met with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, issued statements of sympathy for the three Jewish Israeli teens kidnapped and killed last month apparently by Palestinian militants, and expressed vehement support for Israel's ongoing military assault on the West Bank and Gaza Strip. Neither lawmaker has said a word on Abu Khdeir's beating and detention, however."

Friday  7/11/2014

Reagan's Secret Deal With Iran to Sabotage Carter's Re-Election - The October Surprise Was Real  7/11/2014 CounterPunch: "Barcella won great esteem and prestige for the conviction of Wilson in 1983, a feat which was key in Congress deciding to appoint him lead counsel of the October Surprise Task Force, a job he was keenly interested in. But the glory of that episode wore off in 2003 when it surmised that a Barcella affidavit that was key in swaying the jury against Wilson turned out to be full of falsehoods. “Barcella denied wrongdoing in connection with the bogus Wilson affidavit, which concealed about 80 contacts between Wilson and the CIA during the time period when Wilson was selling materiel to Moammar Khadafy’s Libya”, said Parry (5). Wilson was released in 2004 after a federal judge ruled that the prosecution had acted improperly and that both the Department of Justice and the CIA had covered up information in the case."

Thursday  7/10/2014

Gaza Bombing Photos  7/10/2014 Cryptome 

Terrifying Tweets of Pre-Army Israeli Teens  7/10/2014 David Sheen: "A simple search of Twitter for the string ARAVIM, which means "Arabs" in Hebrew, produces a long list of messages by young Jewish Israelis calling to ethnically cleanse the country."

The Israel project’s 2009 Global Language Dictionary  7/10/2014 Mondo Weiss: [scroll down for pdf of the PR training given to Zionist]

Wednesday  7/9/2014

The Israel Lobby and French Politics  7/9/2014 CounterPunch 

PALESTINIAN-ISRAEL-CONFLICT-GAZA  7/9/2014 Getty Images: "Wounded children are brought into the the al-Shifa hospital in Gaza City on July 9, 2014 following an Israeli air strike. Eleven Palestinians were killed in a series of Israeli air strikes on Gaza today, hiking the overall death toll to 32 in two days, with more than 150 wounded, medics said. AFP PHOTO / MOHAMMED ABED"

Tuesday  7/8/2014

US Set To Alienate Angry Germany Next, As Crackdown Shifts From BNP To Commerzbank, Deutsche Bank  7/8/2014 Zero Hedge 

Monday  7/7/2014

Jewish Groups’ Whitewash of Israeli Racism Ensures It Will Fester  7/7/2014 Muftah 

Islamist Insurgency Fueled by Global Finance Web  7/7/2014 VOA: "Clarke also contends these three states are using this funding stream as a means of achieving influence with insurgent groups. “The Saudis,” he said, “are reportedly fearful of the threat posed by ISIL, but certainly contribute to radical groups, battling for a leadership role with Qatar, another country active in this funding.”"

Sunday  7/6/2014

Obama Regime's Support Of Al Qaeda And ISIS  7/6/2014 Al-Maydeen TV: "Look, there’s nothing constant in these matters, take for example after Russia was defeated (in Afghanistan) the Americans wanted to get rid of the Arab Afghanis, and in fact the Arab Afghanis were arrested, deported and some like us were jailed, so Al-Qaeda in Afghanistan was struck by September 11 attacks and after Osama Bin Laden’s death Al-Qaeda was bought by the Qatari Intelligence, and I tell you during the International Conference of Ikhwan (Muslim Brotherhood) in Istanbul, Qatar decided to create a fund to sponsor Free Egyptian Army and paid 1 billion dollar for it, and the person in charge of this fund is Ali Kurrah Zadah, Muslim Brotherhood official in Turkey, this is the finance, not like someone says 1 sheikh is donating..!"

Saturday  7/5/2014

By "Punishing" France, The US Just Accelerated The Demise Of The Dollar  7/5/2014 Zero Hedge 

Thursday  7/3/2014

LAS FELICES OBLATAS DE BALTIMORE  7/3/2014 Moimunan: [El racismo sigue] - "El video de arriba es un intento de las Hermanas Novus Ordo, Oblatas de la Providencia de Baltimore, Maryland, de seguir los consejos “del Papa” y llevar a internet algo de esta “alegría” y “felicidad”. El resultado, por supuesto, no es más que un conjunto de aspirantes a monjas haciendo el ridículo cantando al son de un baile simplón, erosionado aún más la dignidad de la vida católica consagrada tal como la percibe el mundo."

Aftermath of a Venezuela-Style Lynching  7/3/2014 Venezuela Analysis: "Almost three months have passed since an enraged right-wing mob brutally beat law student William Muñoz (30), then doused him with gasoline. It was a scene horrifically reminiscent of lynchings that have murdered thousands of Black people in the U.S. But on April 3, 2014, on the campus of the prestigious 300-year old Central University of Venezuela (UCV), a good Samaritan or an ambulance driver rescued Muñoz before the mob could incinerate him. That is where the record of this Venezuelan saga begins to depart from the shameful history of genocidal murders in the U.S."

Wednesday  7/2/2014

Highly Placed Media Racists  7/2/2014 FAIR: "Nicholas Wade was a leading New York Times science writer for three decades. He left the paper weeks after the May publication of his book, A Troublesome Inheritance: Genes, Race and Human History, a book many reviewers say is a full-throated defense of "scientific racism." Wade's views raise questions about his tenure at the Times, and about corporate media vigilance on coverage of racism."

The BRICs Are Morphing Into An Anti-Dollar Alliance  7/2/2014 Zero Hedge 

Tuesday  7/1/2014

"Falsos positivos" en Colombia y el papel de asistencia militar de Estados Unidos, 2000-2010  7/1/2014 Cryptome 

Putin Slams US $9 Billion Fine Against French BNP As "Blackmail" For Russian Warship Deal  7/1/2014 Zero Hedge: “We know about the pressure which our U.S. partners are applying on France not to supply the Mistrals to Russia,” Putin told Russian diplomats in Moscow today. “And we even know that they hinted that if the French don’t deliver the Mistrals, they would quietly get rid of the sanctions against the bank, or at least minimize them,” he said without naming BNP Paribas."

Saturday  6/28/2014

Elbit: Exporting Oppression From Palestine to Latin America  6/28/2014 AntiWar: "One of the top occupation profiteers in Israel is the defense firm Elbit Systems. The largest non-governmental defense company in the country, its revenue stood at $2.83 billion in 2010. Using knowledge and expertise gained from assisting in the occupation of Palestine, Elbit has made millions exporting surveillance and defense materiel worldwide – and increasingly so to Latin America. While Israel’s role in arming dictators and oppressive regimes in Latin America during the last century is well known, Elbit is at the forefront of a new wave of Israeli arms industry involvement in countries in the region. Elbit has a presence in at least five Latin American countries, as well as along the US-Mexico border. Far from being benign, the application of its technology should raise concern among those working for human rights in the area."

Thursday  6/19/2014

Marc Grossman, Vice Chairman  6/19/2014 Cohen Group: "In February, 2011 President Obama and Secretary of State Clinton called Ambassador Grossman back to service as the U.S. Special Representative for Afghanistan and Pakistan. Ambassador Grossman promoted the international effort to support Afghanistan by shaping major international meetings in Istanbul, Bonn, Chicago and Tokyo. He provided U.S. backing for an Afghan peace process designed to end thirty years of conflict and played an important part in restoring U.S. ties with Pakistan."

The open source revolution is coming and it will conquer the 1% - ex CIA spy  6/19/2014 Guardian 

Monday  6/16/2014

Anti-Apartheid Archbishop Calls Presbyterians to Back Divestment from Israeli Occupation  6/16/2014 Common Dreams: "As Presbyterians meeting in Detroit consider divestment from three companies linked to the Israeli occupation of Palestine - Caterpillar, Motorola, and Hewlett Packard - Archbishop Desmond Tutu, the leader who more than any other human being alive is associated with the successful use of divestment to help overturn apartheid in South Africa, is calling on Presbyterians to choose divestment from the Israeli occupation."

11th Annual World Poetry Festival in Venezuela Pays Homage to Amiri Baraka  6/16/2014 Venezuela Analysis: "Two of Venezuela’s well-known Afrodescendant actors: Rafael Jimenez and Antonieta Colon, represented Amiri and Amina Baraka, while reading from a Spanish translation of the famous couple’s poetry. Cacri Jazz trio, lead by saxophonist Pablo Garcia, supplied the music as visual artist, Javier Gutierrez painted three separate pieces inspired by the poetry and music. One, in stark back and white, outlined silhouettes of several lynched people with the phrase “Strange Fruit” scrawled down the side. The highlight of the performance was “Somebody Blew Up America”, Amiri’s militant poem written shortly after 9-11-2001, when the Twin Towers in New York City were destroyed by two hijacked planes. At the time, Amiri had been poet laureate of the state of New Jersey. After writing the poem, which traced the history of U.S. terrorism against oppressed people both inside and outside the U.S, New Jersey state legislature eliminated the position of poet laureate rather than allow him to continue in that honored post."

Thursday  6/12/2014

Donald Sterling’s New York “Slip & Fall”  6/12/2014 Mad Cow: "Beleaguered LA Clippers owner Donald Sterling numbers among his associates at least three figures who were involved in a troubled “rogue” drug operation run by Tampa ICE (Immigration & Customs Enforcement) that consigned America’s reputation into the hands of people that other branches of the U.S. Government—even casino regulators in Nevada—wouldn’t trust not to cheat at penny-ante poker."

Wednesday  6/11/2014

How Women of Color Are Driving Entrepreneurship  6/11/2014 Alternet 

Tuesday  6/10/2014

J Street Should Fight Israel's Occupation, Not BDS  6/10/2014 Common Dreams: "And I hope it does change successfully by finding a new way to advance the two-state solution. Moreover, I hope it finds a less antagonistic way than BDS to accomplish this. And if it does find such a way, I will join J Street in a minute, because as an Israeli I don’t particularly enjoy supporting the boycott of Israel — but I do it because I see no other way anymore to end the occupation and allow the two-state solution to come into being. And nobody else has come up with another way, either. So as far as anyone can see, it’s either BDS or occupation forever."

Eight men beat down gay man at Detroit Pride festival — and it’s caught on video  6/10/2014 Raw Story: "“Then somebody said they had a gun,” he recalled."

Returning troops help KKK build paramilitary force to ‘retake’ US in coming race war  6/10/2014 Raw Story: “This is something we’ve seen throughout recent decades, where the Klan has gone through cycles, where they’ve armed themselves, gotten in trouble, then mellowed out and then armed themselves again,” Levin said.

South Carolina approves Confederate flag at Citadel military college in Charleston  6/10/2014 Raw Story: "In an opinion on Tuesday, Solicitor General Robert D. Cook said South Carolina’s 2000 “Heritage Act” protects “monuments and memorials honoring the gallantry and sacrifice in this state’s various wars.”

Sunday  6/8/2014

La táctica del fundamentalismo religioso para oprimir a la mujer en África  6/8/2014 Guinguinbali: "Solome Nakaweesi, activista feminista de Uganda citada por Jessica Horn, dice que “con la guerra contra el terrorismo, Estados Unidos ha tratado de etiquetar a los musulmanes como más atrasados, pero el trabajo que hacemos acerca de la libertad de las mujeres, sobre la liber elección y la autonomía pone como más peligrosos a los pentecostales”."

Friday  6/6/2014

Paying for terrorism: Where does Boko Haram gets its money from?  6/6/2014 Independent: "The connection between Boko Haram and al-Qa’ida – and its money – perhaps deepened when Yusuf fled to Saudi Arabia to escape one of Nigeria’s first crackdowns on the terrorist group. It remains unclear what happened while he was in Saudi Arabia, or who he met, but Boko Haram leaders have later said that much of their funding comes from al-Qa’ida. A Boko Haram spokesman said in 2011: “Al-Qa’ida are our elder brothers. We enjoy financial and technical support from them. Anything we want from them we ask them.”

Tuesday  6/3/2014

Afro-Youth, Afro-Venezuelanness and Afro-Autonomy  6/3/2014 Venezuela Analysis: "Jesus Chucho Garcia, Venezuelan author, commentator, professor, co-founder of the AfroVenezuelan Network and former Ambassador to Angola, frequently contributes to Aporrea and other publications. As May, the month of Afrovenezuelaness, closes, these excerpts from Garcia’s recent commentaries provide perspective on the political direction of the Afrovenezuelan movement for May and beyond."

Monday  6/2/2014

A Tribute to the People's Scholar - Elombe Brath (1936 - 2014)  6/2/2014 The Blackboard: "He was 77 years old and was born on September 30th, 1936. Over two thousand people came out to pay their respects to Mr. Brath and his legacy in the Pan African and Black Liberation Movements. Mr. Brath stood tall in Black activist circles not just in New York City but in the Caribbean and Africa as well. Mr. Brath was indeed a revolutionary – a committed activist in the Pan African and Black Liberation Movements."

Saturday  5/31/2014

Jessica Gordon Nembhard's "Collective Courage" - The History of Black Cooperatives  5/31/2014 CounterPunch 

Tuesday  5/27/2014

Plan Colombia’s Genocidal Legacy  5/27/2014 Cuba Si: "Extinction may well be the shared fate awaiting some 40 Colombian indigenous groups, UN official Todd Howland announced last month. Howland’s assessment underlined the risks mining operations pose to these communities, and echoes the National Indigenous Organization of Colombia’s finding, presented last year, that 66 of the country’s 102 indigenous communities could soon vanish—“victims of a genocide that is forcing cultural and physical extermination.”

Soros Admits Responsibility for Coup and Mass Murder in Ukraine  5/27/2014 Infowars: "“First on Ukraine, one of the things that many people recognized about you was that you during the revolutions of 1989 funded a lot of dissident activities, civil society groups in eastern Europe and Poland, the Czech Republic. Are you doing similar things in Ukraine?” Zakaria asked Soros. “Well, I set up a foundation in Ukraine before Ukraine became independent of Russia. And the foundation has been functioning ever since and played an important part in events now,” Soros responded."

Friday  5/23/2014

The U.S., Colombia & the Spread of the Death Squad State  5/23/2014 CounterPunch: "Thus, this past weekend, the VI Division of the Colombian Army entered the peasant town of Alto Amarradero, Ipiales in the middle of the night, and, without warrant and in cold blood, gunned down four civilians, including a 15-year old boy. Those killed were Deivi López Ortega, José Antonio Acanamejoy, Brayan Yatacue Secue and José Yiner Esterilla — all members of the FENSUAGRO agricultural union. [2] The Army then displayed the bodies of those murdered for all to see, and falsely claimed that they were the bodies of guerillas killed in combat."

Thursday  5/22/2014

Donald Sterling’s Secret History  5/22/2014 Mad Cow: "He’s the son of immigrant Jews from Russia, born in the same West-Side Chicago neighborhood that a generation earlier spawned Jacob Rubinstein, AKA Jack Ruby. He grew up in Southern California’s Boyle Heights in the 1940s, attending grade school, middle school, and high school in the same town lived in and controlled by notorious mobster Mickey Cohen."

Wednesday  5/21/2014

Harlem mourns death of Elombe Brath, lifelong warrior in battle for pan-African empowerment  5/21/2014 NY Daily News: "'Tireless and genuine fighter,' Brath, who was 77, fought apartheid as founder of Patrice Lumumba Coalition; fought to end use of term 'negro', advocated on behalf of Central Park 5 and co-founded African Jazz-Arts Society & Studios."

Tuesday  5/20/2014

Hablamos de LGTB: '¡Esto no es africano!'  5/20/2014 Guinguinbali: "“Lo que realmente no es africano son las leyes homófobas que persisten en la mayoría de países del continente”, explica. “La mitad de ellas son de origen victoriano. O sea, otro trauma de la colonización. Son estas leyes las que legitiman todo tipo de agresiones. La policía, los medios de comunicación y los jueces son ahora los principales instigadores de ello”."

Monday  5/12/2014

Venezuela’s Afro Descendent Front Proposes Program of Action to Confront Racism and Fascism  5/12/2014 Venezuela Analysis: "On Saturday, May 10, ignoring the rain, more than 1000 African Descendant Venezuelans flooded the streets in a march from the Venezuelan Central Bank to Miraflores Presidential Palace in downtown Caracas. Members of drumming groups from each of the nation’s states, some in traditional costumes and some wearing t-shirts claiming membership in the Frente Afrodescendientes (Afro descendent Front) had gathered to mark the official Day of Afrovenezolanidad (Afro-Venezuelaness)."

Sunday  5/11/2014

Understanding the Crisis in Ukraine  5/11/2014 Christopher Bollyn: "Added recent video of U.S. Asst. Secretary of State Victoria Nuland (wife of Neo-Con Robert Kagan, founder of the PNAC group that called for a U.S. invasion of Iraq in 2000) being grilled by Congressman Dana Rohrabacher (R-CA) about the role of Neo-Nazis in the violent putsch in Kiev in which the elected Ukrainian government was ousted on February 21-22, 2014. Nuland tries to avoid answering Rohrabacher by saying the majority of the people in the Maidan were "peaceful protestors" - but it was certainly not peaceful protestors who overthrew the elected government in Kiev using fire-bombs and trained snipers.'

Saturday  5/10/2014

Burning Ukraine’s Protesters Alive  5/10/2014 Consortium News: "In the U.S. press, Ukraine’s “National Guard” is usually described as a new force derived from the Maidan’s “self-defense” units that spearheaded the Feb. 22 revolt in Kiev overthrowing elected President Viktor Yanukovych. But the Maidan’s “self-defense” units were drawn primarily from well-organized bands of neo-Nazi extremists from western Ukraine who hurled firebombs at police and fired weapons as the anti-Yanukovych protests turned increasingly violent. But the mainstream U.S. press – in line with State Department guidance – has sought to minimize or dismiss the key role played by neo-Nazis in these “self-defense” forces as well as in the new government. At most, you’ll see references to these neo-Nazis as “Ukrainian nationalists.”"

Tuesday  5/6/2014

What India’s ‘Third Gender’ Ruling Means  5/6/2014 WBUR: "British colonial regime launched a very massive critique of Hindu culture on many levels. Part of this critique was a gendered critique, where British culture was seen as masculine and assertive and scientific and rational, and Indian culture and especially Hindu culture, was viewed as effeminate and weak and corrupt and primitive. Men in India were viewed as effeminized in many ways, and of course this created a tremendous response from Indian elites and from educated Indians, people who absorbed colonial instruction in colleges and English schools, and they became very, very defensive about this and very assertive of masculinity, and so it became - a lot of these older traditions where gender was a more fluid category became an embarrassment, you can say, in the 19th century, especially to middle-class, educated Indians."

Thursday  5/1/2014

The Black Panthers in Israel— the First and Last Social Intifada in Israel  5/1/2014 Manifiesta: "The brain and the charisma of the Panthers. He chose the name for the movement, brilliantly connecting the struggle of Mizrahim in Israel to that of the Blacks in America, with the Marxist and First-World—Third-World theories, even without having read one of the books. He heard and listened very closely to MAZPEN young friends (Israeli anti-Zionist movement established after 1967) and socialist students who had come to Israel from South America. When he had heard enough, he took his Musrara neighborhood to the streets, attracting all the neighborhoods in Jerusalem, and soon after, every Mizrahi town and neighborhood in Israel. “We wanted to scare Golda and her government” he said many years later, “and we succeeded, because she said many times that our movement’s name kept her up all night, every night.”"

Monday  4/28/2014

Neo-Nazis march in Lvov 'in honor' of Ukrainian Waffen SS division (PHOTOS)  4/28/2014 RT: "Around five hundred neo-Nazi supporters took to the streets in the center of the city on Sunday to celebrate the creation of the 14th SS-Volunteer Division ‘Galician’ on April 28, 1943. Many of the participants wore embroidered national Ukrainian shirts and held SS Galician divisional insignias (a yellow lion and three crowns on a blue background) in their hands."

Wednesday  4/23/2014

Why Are There No Barricades in Afro-Descendant Communities?  4/23/2014 Venezuela Analysis: By Jesús Chucho García

Sunday  4/20/2014

Ukraine’s Neo-Nazi Imperative  4/20/2014 Consortium News: "Although real-time reports from the scene in February chronicled armed and organized militias associated with the neo-Nazi Svoboda party and the Right Sektor attacking police with firebombs and light weapons, that information soon became a threat to the Western propaganda theme that Yanukovych fled simply because peaceful protesters occupied the Maidan square. So, the more troubling history soon disappeared into the memory hole, dismissed as “Russian propaganda.” The focus of the biased U.S. news media is now on the anti-Kiev militants in the Russian-ethnic areas of eastern Ukraine who have rejected the authority of the coup regime and are insisting on regional autonomy."

Thursday  4/17/2014

The Red Line and the Rat Line - Seymour M. Hersh on Obama, Erdogan and the Syrian rebels  4/17/2014 London Review of Books: "Obama’s change of mind had its origins at Porton Down, the defence laboratory in Wiltshire. British intelligence had obtained a sample of the sarin used in the 21 August attack and analysis demonstrated that the gas used didn’t match the batches known to exist in the Syrian army’s chemical weapons arsenal. The message that the case against Syria wouldn’t hold up was quickly relayed to the US joint chiefs of staff. The British report heightened doubts inside the Pentagon; the joint chiefs were already preparing to warn Obama that his plans for a far-reaching bomb and missile attack on Syria’s infrastructure could lead to a wider war in the Middle East. As a consequence the American officers delivered a last-minute caution to the president, which, in their view, eventually led to his cancelling the attack."

SPLC Report: Nearly 100 Murdered by Stormfront Users  4/17/2014 Southern Poverty: "Almost 100 people were murdered over the last five years by registered users of Stormfront, the largest racist Web forum in the world, according to a report released today by the Southern Poverty Law Center. The forum in effect acts to nurture budding killers and give them moral support, the report says."

Sunday  4/13/2014

Boris Kagarlitsky on Ukraine: From the Maidan to the revolution?  4/13/2014 Links: "But if official Kiev makes serious concessions and tries to pacify the south-east, accepting the demands for autonomy, a referendum, free election of governors and so forth, conflict will automatically erupt between the moderate wing of the government and the Right Sector. And while the fighters of the Right Sector have not shown themselves to be particularly effective in struggle against the rebellious masses of eastern Ukraine, in the capital they are a very real force. Amid the confusion and demoralisation of the forces of law and order, the Right Sector are capable of overthrowing the regime, or at least of causing it very serious difficulties."

Tuesday  4/1/2014

Behind Russia's 'Neo-Nazi' Propaganda Campaign in Ukraine  4/1/2014 US News: "The Russian government’s assertions that Ukraine is falling into the hands of violent and widespread neo-Nazi thugs is not just an exaggeration, but entirely baseless, according to observers in Kiev."

Sunday  3/30/2014

Armed pro-govt militias roil Venezuela protests  3/30/2014 AP: "The barricades' defenders had been hurling rocks, sticks and other objects at the attackers, who included perhaps a dozen armed men, witnesses told The Associated Press."

Ukraine’s Inconvenient Neo-Nazis  3/30/2014 Consortium News: "When Ukrainian neo-Nazis – infuriated over the killing of an ultranationalist leader – surrounded the Parliament in Kiev, the incident presented a problem for the U.S. news media which has been trying to airbrush the neo-Nazis out of the Ukraine narrative, Robert Parry reports."

Friday  3/28/2014

Seven Decades of Nazi Collaboration: America’s Dirty Little Ukraine Secret  3/28/2014 The Nation: Interview with Russ Bellant - "As the Ukrainian crisis has unfolded over the past few weeks, it’s hard for Americans not to see Vladimir Putin as the big villain. But the history of the region is a history of competing villains vying against one another; and one school of villains—the Nazis—have a long history of engagement with the United States, mostly below the radar, but occasionally exposed, as they were by Russ Bellant in his book Old Nazis, the New Right, and the Republican Party (South End Press, 1991). Bellant's exposure of émigré Nazi leaders from Germany's World War II allies in the 1988 Bush presidential campaign was the driving force in the announced resignation of nine individuals, two of them from Ukraine, which is why he was the logical choice to illuminate the scattered mentions of Nazi and fascist elements among the Ukrainian nationalists, which somehow never seems to warrant further comment or explanation."

The “Cubanization” of U.S. Policy Towards Venezuela  3/28/2014 Venezuela Analysis: "Venezuelan opposition politicians and their allies in the U.S.frequently decry Cuba’s alleged influence on the Venezuelan government. Ironically however, there seems to be an important and growing nexus between the Venezuelan opposition and the anti-Cuba lobby in the U.S. Cuban-American lawmakers recently introduced sanctions legislation targeting Venezuelan officials that appears to be designed to push U.S. policy toward Venezuela in the same direction as policy toward Cuba."

Venezuela Slams US for Threatening Sanctions  3/28/2014 Venezuela Analysis: "Yesterday, US Assistant Secretary of State Roberta Jacobson warned that sanctions against Venezuela could become an “important tool” to pressure President Nicolas Maduro to negotiate with opposition parties. However, Maduro has repeatedly called on opposition parties to join peace talks since last month."

Thursday  3/27/2014

A New Gallup Survey Details How the Republican Party Lurches Forward as a Shambling Corpse of Whiteness  3/27/2014 Alternet: "The increasing racial polarization in party preferences is evident when comparing the data by presidential administration. Nonwhites' average party preferences have been quite stable across the last three administrations, consistently showing a roughly 47-point Democratic advantage under Clinton, Bush, and Obama. On average, 69% of nonwhites have identified as Democrats or said they were independents who leaned Democratic, and 21% have identified as Republicans or leaned Republican. Meanwhile, whites have become increasingly Republican, moving from an average 4.1-point Republican advantage under Clinton to an average 9.5-point advantage under Obama."

Racism Sin Vergüenza in the Venezuelan Counter-Revolution  3/27/2014 Venezuela Analysis: "The title is “Miko Mandante”, meaning “Ape Commander” to mock the affectionate title “Mi Comandante” used by masses of Venezuelan people.[3] During her rant, Olga never mentioned the race of Venezuela’s poor, or the extreme poor, who in 2003 were 30% of the population and by 2011 were only 6.8%.[4] Chavismo’s accomplishments, especially in reducing poverty, are significant because of the near total correlation between class and race in Venezuela."

Wednesday  3/26/2014

Ukraine's Phantom Neo-Nazi Menace  3/26/2014 Atlantic: “When was the last time you personally experienced anti-Semitism?” I asked the executive director of the organized Jewish community for the city of Kiev. He gave me a puzzled look. “You mean, called me a Zhid or something like that?” “Anything.” He thought for a moment. “Back in Soviet times.”

Tuesday  3/25/2014

A ghost of World War II history haunts Ukraine’s standoff with Russia  3/25/2014 Washington Post: "The West may be feeling the chill of a new Cold War. But for Ukraine and Russia, no era or actor is more omnipresent in today’s crisis than World War II and Stepan Bandera."

Monday  3/24/2014

Is the U.S. Backing Neo-Nazis in Ukraine?  3/24/2014 Alternet: "“There are lots of Nationalists here, including Nazis,” the anti-fascist continued. “They came from all over Ukraine, and they make up about 30% of protesters.” One of the “Big Three” political parties behind the protests is the ultra-nationalist Svoboda, whose leader, Oleh Tyahnybok, has called for the liberation of his country from the “Muscovite-Jewish mafia.” After the 2010 conviction of the Nazi death camp guard John Demjanjuk for his supporting role in the death of nearly 30,000 people at the Sobibor camp, Tyahnybok rushed to Germany to declare him a hero who was “fighting for truth.” In the Ukrainian parliament, where Svoboda holds an unprecedented 37 seats, Tyahnybok’s deputy Yuriy Mykhalchyshyn is fond of quoting Joseph Goebbels – he has even founded a think tank originally called “the Joseph Goebbels Political Research Center.” According to Per Anders Rudling, a leading academic expert on European neo-fascism, the self-described “socialist nationalist” Mykhalchyshyn is the main link between Svoboda’s official wing and neo-Nazi militias like Right Sector."

Head of Venezuela's congress says opposition lawmaker Machado has lost her seat  3/24/2014 AP: "Diosdado Cabello said Monday that Machado violated the constitution by addressing the Organization of American States last week at the invitation of Panama, which ceded its seat at the Washington-based group so she could provide regional diplomats with a firsthand account of the unrest."

Dark Questions About a Deadly FBI Interrogation in Orlando  3/24/2014 CounterPunch: "Teyer, a six-and-a-half-year active-duty member of the US Army, where she holds the rank of Specialist, working as a pharmicist’s assistant at the Ft. Stewart Army Air Base in Savannah, GA, is a 2006 Russian immigrant and a naturalized US citizen. In an exclusive interview, she says that the first thing the licensed private investigator hired by Todashev’s Russian family said when she and Todashev’s widow Reni Manukyan came to the apartment with a key and let him in was, “Look at this – no blood spattered on the walls. He was shot while down on the floor.”"

EU's acceptance of Ukraine's radical Svoboda party is shameful  3/24/2014 Euractiv: "Dieter Spöri is a former member of the SPD-group in the German Bundestag. From 1992 to 1996 Spöri served as minister of economic affairs and deputy prime minister of the German state of Baden-Württemberg. He is honorary president of the European Movement Germany."

Soldier, pregnant woman killed in Venezuela unrest  3/24/2014 Reuters: "The numbers of protesters are far fewer than those who turned out against Chavez in 2002, and there have been no signs that the current unrest threatens to topple Maduro."

Friday  3/21/2014

America's Role in the Creation of the State of Israel - The Origins of the Israel Lobby in the US  3/21/2014 CounterPunch 

Class War From Above - Kerry’s Lonely Crusade Against Venezuela  3/21/2014 CounterPunch: "But even I was not prepared for what I saw in Caracas: how little of daily life appeared to be affected by the protests, the normality that prevailed in the vast majority of the city. I, too, had been taken in by media imagery. Major media outlets have reported that Venezuela’s poor have not joined the right-wing opposition protests, but that is an understatement. It’s not just the poor who are abstaining – in Caracas it is almost everyone outside of a few rich areas like Altamira where small groups of protesters engage in nightly battles with security forces, throwing rocks and firebombs and running from tear gas."

Putin looks to Asia as West threatens to isolate Russia  3/21/2014 Reuters 

Monday  3/17/2014

Israel’s War on American Universities  3/17/2014 Common Dreams 

Beyond ‘Black Power,’ recounting the under-told story of Stokely Carmichael  3/17/2014 PBS: "PENIEL JOSEPH: I think he should be remembered as really one of the watershed figures of 20th century, this activist who believed in human rights, who really, when he was 19 years old, is arrested for the first time, one of over 40 arrests for civil rights demonstrations, puts his life on the line, puts his body on the line to try to achieve citizenship, democracy, human rights for all. So I think it’s an incredible story about young people who persevere and believe that the United States, and really the world, could be changed."

Lobby Fights To Boycott, Sanction & Divest From Free Speech  3/17/2014 Tikkun Daily: "Students for Justice in Palestine was suspended March 7, nearly two weeks after it slid 600 “mock eviction” notices under dorm room doors to draw attention to forced evictions of Palestinians by the Israeli government. The group says the college’s actions infringe on students’ free speech rights. Amazing, isn’t it. The university is suspending a student group and threatening to toss out its activists for issuing faux eviction notices to replicate the eviction of Palestinians by Israel. Needless to say Northeastern and virtually every other major college and university saw infinitely more aggressive actions against our own government’s policies in Vietnam. Student activists didn’t just leaflet (leaflet!!!); they shut universities down."

Sunday  3/16/2014

Lakota Vow: ‘Dead Or In Prison Before We Allow the KXL Pipeline’  3/16/2014 Common Dreams 

Financial Terrorist George Soros Totally Fingered in Nazi Paperclip Ukrainian Coup  3/16/2014 Tom Henegan: "Billionaire investor/activist George Soros has a giant footprint in Ukraine. Similar to his operations in dozens of other nations, he has, over the past couple of decades, poured tens of millions of dollars into Ukrainian non-governmental organizations (NGOs), ostensibly to assist them in transforming their country into a more “open” and “democratic” society."

Saturday  3/15/2014

University of Chicago Neo-Nazi Neo-Cons: Obama, Nuland And Ukraine  3/15/2014 Countercurrents 

Friday  3/14/2014

Behind the Lies About Venezuela’s Protests  3/14/2014 CounterPunch: "From the first days of the protests in early February many of the demonstrators at the improvised street blockades in Merida and Tachira were armed with handguns. The first weekend of protests in Merida saw balaclava-clad protesters boarding buses and wielding guns as they forced passengers to disembark. Protesters were also observed throwing shrapnel at passing motorists. That same weekend, three protesters held a journalist at gunpoint and threatened to kill her. Meanwhile, protesters in Tachira beat another journalist with a lead pipe. Throughout the past month, protesters have also used petrol bombs against government targets. The principal targets have been government-run health clinics and food markets, resulting in more than $1.5 million in damage to these symbols of the revolution in the first two weeks of protests."

The Eurasia Foundation, USAID, and US meddling in Ukraine  3/14/2014 Democratic Underground: "So there are a number of threads here, ranging from the relatively benign Neocon connections to something far deeper and more pernicious. There is also a consistent pattern of smoothly written propaganda that goes back over many years. I think most of us are aware that anything coming out of Russia should be taken with a grain of salt, but we're far less discriminating when it comes to articles from people with apparently legitimate credentials that appear in Western media. That strikes me as a mistake -- particularly when it comes to smoothly written denials of the fascist element in Ukraine. This is one case where Putin's propagandists likely have more facts on their side than our own."

George Soros’ Giant Globalist Footprint in Ukraine’s Turmoil  3/14/2014 New American: "Ukraine’s huge network of natural gas pipelines not only supply much-needed Russian-produced gas to EU countries, but also is the source of vital revenues to Russia from that energy delivery system. The peoples of Russia, Ukraine and the EU benefit from a stable, peaceful, neutral Ukraine; forcing Ukrainians into choosing one or the other camp benefits no one — except the power-mad rulers of Russia and the EU, and their globalist confreres. Why then, should Americans take direction from George Soros, Barack Obama, John Kerry, Hillary Clinton, the New York Times, Washington Post, CNN, John McCain and other internationalist voices who insist it is Ukraine that must “choose” … but the only choice considered acceptable and legitimate to the globalist choir is for Ukraine to join the EU? Soros and his huge stable of “public intellectuals” at Project Syndicate have been flooding the global media with propaganda to that purpose."

Tuesday  3/11/2014

The Neo-Nazi Question in Ukraine  3/11/2014 Huffington Post: "The Obama administration has vehemently denied charges that Ukraine's nascent regime is stock full of neo-fascists despite clear evidence suggesting otherwise. Such categorical repudiations lend credence to the notion the U.S. facilitated the anti-Russian cabal's rise to power as part of a broader strategy to draw Ukraine into the West's sphere of influence. Even more disturbing are apologists, from the American left and right, who seem willing accomplices in this obfuscation of reality, when just a cursory glance at the profiles of Ukraine's new leaders should give pause to the most zealous of Russophobes."

Friday  3/7/2014

An African American Perspective - Ukraine and the Pathology of the Liberal Worldview  3/7/2014 CounterPunch: "When U.S. radicals and progressives are unable to make a distinction between the right and the left and align themselves with a movement in Ukraine that has as its main objective to become more European and capitalist, and at the same time amplify the critiques of the rightist forces in Venezuela who want to murder the embryonic revolution in that country, the backwardness of radical thought in the U.S. is on full display."

The Indoctrinated West  3/7/2014 CounterPunch: "Christianity, that symbol of Western civilization, brought torture and slavery; it blessed the men and the deeds that murdered millions. So far, there has been no attempt to declare Christianity illegal because of the genocides it performed, strictly based on crimes against humanity."

Who Was in Kiev’s Independence Square?  3/7/2014 CounterPunch: "Dormant during the Soviet era, the nationalist movement reappeared after independence in 1991, when the Social-National Party of Ukraine (SNPU) was formed. Until the early 2000s, the SNPU was a marginal, xenophobic and ultra-nationalist organisation, and what little support it had was largely in the west of the country. Its leader, Oleh Tyahnybok, was elected to the Ukrainian parliament for the first time in 1998. During the 2000s, the SNPU changed significantly. It shed its fascist trappings at its 6th congress in 2004, renaming itself Svoboda (freedom) and abandoning its neo-Nazi badge, the Wolfsangel (wolf hook), in favour of a more neutral symbol. According to Oleksiy Leshchenko of the Gorshenin Institute thinktank, these cosmetic changes “were intended mainly to reassure voters, but were also meant to improve Svoboda’s image abroad.”

Thursday  3/6/2014

Ukraine crisis: bugged call reveals conspiracy theory about Kiev snipers  3/6/2014 Guardian 

Wednesday  3/5/2014

How the far-right took top posts in Ukraine's power vacuum  3/5/2014 Channel 4: "In the new Ukrainian government politicians linked to the far-right have taken posts from deputy prime minister to head of defence. We profile the nationalists filling the power vacuum."

Ukraine Protests: Leaked EU Phone Call Suggests Kiev Snipers Were Hired by Opposition Coalition  3/5/2014 IBT 

Monday  3/3/2014

Russia, Crimea and the Consequences of NATO Policy Ukrainian Hangovers  3/3/2014 CounterPunch 

The Dark Side of the Ukraine Revolt  3/3/2014 CounterPunch 

Friday  2/28/2014

Neo-Nazi threat in new Ukraine: NEWSNIGHT  2/28/2014 BBC 

Neocons Have Weathered the Storm  2/28/2014 Common Dreams: "Since the late 1970s and early 1980s when they first emerged as a noticeable force in Washington, the neocons had become “insiders.” They were both admired and feared for their intellectual ferocity, but — most important for their long-term survival – they had secured access to government money, including the slush fund at NED whose budget grew to over $100 million during the Bush-43 years. NED, which was founded in 1983, is best known for investing in other countries’ “democracy building” (or CIA-style “destabilization” campaigns, depending on your point of view), but much of NED’s money actually goes to NGOs in Washington, meaning that it became a lifeline for neocon operatives who found themselves out of work because of the arrival of Obama."

Neo-Nazis Pour Into Kiev  2/28/2014 Daily Beast: "Amongst the fascists, ultra-nationalists, and racists in Europe, there has been much griping that the revolt in Ukraine has been overtaken, if not controlled from the outset, by “CIA/ZOG [Zionist Occupied Government]/Soros-sponsored” forces. The Euroscepticism of the continent’s far-right movements has produced a skepticism of the uprising’s much-discussed Europhile mainstream. But Pro-Yanukovych forces and the former president’s Kremlin allies have heavily promoted an alternative narrative—one that Hagberg and his allies happily embrace—suggesting that the protest movement is in fact honeycombed with dangerous neo-Nazis affiliated with the extremist Ukrainian political parties Svoboda and Right Sector. Therefore, Western supporters of the protests, like John Mccain, are agitating on behalf of violent Ukrainian fascism."

Pierre Omidyar Co-funded Ukraine Revolution Groups With US Government, Documents Show  2/28/2014 Information Clearing House 

Tuesday  2/25/2014

The NSA’s New Partner in Spying: Saudi Arabia’s Brutal State Police  2/25/2014 First Look: By Glenn Greenwald and Murtaza Hussain

Is the US backing neo-Nazis in Ukraine?  2/25/2014 Salon: "At a December 5, 2013 US-Ukraine Foundation Conference, Nuland boasted that the US had invested $5 billion to “build democratic skills and institutions” in Ukraine, though she did not offer any details."

Is the US backing neo-Nazis in Ukraine?  2/25/2014 Salon: "As the Euromaidan protests in the Ukrainian capitol of Kiev culminated this week, displays of open fascism and neo-Nazi extremism became too glaring to ignore. Since demonstrators filled the downtown square to battle Ukrainian riot police and demand the ouster of the corruption-stained, pro-Russian President Viktor Yanukovich, it has been filled with far-right streetfighting men pledging to defend their country’s ethnic purity. White supremacist banners and Confederate flags were draped inside Kiev’s occupied City Hall, and demonstrators have hoisted Nazi SS and white power symbols over a toppled memorial to V.I. Lenin. After Yanukovich fled his palatial estate by helicopter, EuroMaidan protesters destroyed a memorial to Ukrainians who died battling German occupation during World War II. Sieg heil salutes and the Nazi Wolfsangel symbol have become an increasingly common site in Maidan Square, and neo-Nazi forces have established “autonomous zones” in and around Kiev."

Friday  2/21/2014

Patricia Janiot denuncia que fue víctima de "hostigamiento militar" en Maiquetía  2/21/2014 CNN: "La periodista de CNN dijo que no sabía cómo interpretar el hecho de no poder trabajar como periodista en Venezuela. Aseguró que CNN siempre ha informado de forma "justa, balanceada y equilibrada" sobre la situación del país y pidió tener más acceso a las fuentes oficiales."

Obama’s Arrogant Interference in Venezuela and Resistance by a Participatory Democracy./ By Arnold August  2/21/2014 Radio Havana 

Wednesday  2/19/2014

How Many of These Early Black Feminists Do You Know?  2/19/2014 MS 

Maidan and Its Contradictions: interview with a Ukrainian revolutionary syndicalist  2/19/2014 Prátelé komunizace 

Tuesday  2/18/2014

Les « Réunionnais de la Creuse » : pourquoi cinquante ans de silence ?  2/18/2014 Nouvel Observateur: "Entre 1963 et 1982, 1 600 enfants réunionnais ont été expédiés dans des départements vieillissants par la Ddass. Ce mardi, les députés se prononcent sur « la responsabilité morale » de l’Etat."

Monday  2/17/2014

Jamaicans lead Caribbean calls for Britain to pay slavery reparations  2/17/2014 Telegraph 

Saturday  2/15/2014

The Geopolitics of Ukraine's Schism  2/15/2014 Binghampton 

Wednesday  2/5/2014

Destituyen en Colombia a jefe de inteligencia por escuchas ilegales a negociadores de paz  2/5/2014 Cubadebate: "El ministro de Defensa de Colombia, Juan Carlos Pinzón, anunció este martes la destitución del jefe de inteligencia del Ejército, general Mauricio Zúñiga, y la del director de la Central de Inteligencia de la institución, general Jorge Zuluaga, por el nuevo escándalo de escuchas ilegales que sacude al país."

FARC-EP denuncia a expresidente Uribe por presunto espionaje  2/5/2014 Cubadebate 

Saturday  2/1/2014

PYRAMIDS: To Gleam Like an Ethiop  2/1/2014 YouTube 

Wednesday  1/29/2014

Documents reveal Zionist group spied on US student delegation to Palestine  1/29/2014 Uruknet: "In 2010, influential Israeli think tank the Reut Institute argued that "Israel must identify and focus its efforts on global hubs of delegitimization (such as London, Toronto, Madrid, and the [San Francisco] Bay Area). In this context, Israel should sabotage network catalysts and drive a wedge between its component parts" (emphasis added)."

Sunday  1/26/2014

¿Afrodescendientes en la CELAC?  1/26/2014 Aporrea: Por: Jesús Chucho García - "La creación de un comité afrodescendientes en el marco de la CELAC es una necesidad imperiosa para darle seguimiento a las declaraciones y plan de trabajo surgida de las distintos encuentros por área estratégica, eso no lo van resolver por si solo los gobiernos y la tecnoburoracia estatal. Es necesario implementar como quedo plasmado en el Plan de Accion de Caracas del año 2012 que expresa en su apartado II Impulsar la participación activa de la sociedad civil especialmente las organizaciones y movimientos sociales como partes fundamentales en el proceso de inclusión social regional. La Articulación regional afrodescendientes (ARAC) en sus distintas reuniones realizadas en Caracas, Ecuador y Cuba han hecho reiterados llamados a loS goniernos para incorporarse activamente a la Celac a través de un comité para contribuir a erradicar la aberraciones anteriomente mencionadas."

Friday  1/24/2014

Did the Elites Have Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr. Killed?  1/24/2014 CounterPunch 

In Spain, a Fight Against Gentrification Underscores a Growing Conflict: The Battle of Burgos  1/24/2014 CounterPunch 

MLK Day celebration features history author  1/24/2014 Suncoast News: "The headliner was Marvin Dunn of Miami, whose book “The Beast in Florida: a History of Anti-Black Violence” is going for more than $100 on eBay and Amazon. The book, published in the spring of 2013 by the University Press of Florida, only had one printing, so copies are hard to come by. Dunn stayed afterward to sign those brought to the event."

Wednesday  1/22/2014

Gov’t That Surveilled MLK in Bid to Destroy Him Wants Us to Trust Them  1/22/2014 Common Dreams: "The reaction of the head of the FBI and the attorney general of the US to King’s dream that little boys and girls of different races would play games with each other was to record his every word and action and those of his friends. If that speech can get you that kind of scrutiny in the USA, then why should we ever trust any high government official with our personal information?"

Sunday  1/19/2014

El racismo gana el juego en Italia  1/19/2014 Cubadebate: "Italia tiene un problema. Un problema feo. Tal vez el más feo de los problemas. Su ministra de Integración, Cécile Kyenge, una mujer de 49 años, madre de dos hijas, oftalmóloga de profesión, es acosada e insultada desde hace ocho meses con una violencia feroz, en la calle, en el Parlamento, en la prensa y en la televisión. Pero no por sus ideas políticas de centroizquierda. Ni siquiera por intentar que los hijos de los inmigrantes nacidos en Italia tengan derecho a la nacionalidad —el ius soli— o por exigir la abolición de una ley —la Bossi-Fini, aprobada por Silvio Berlusconi con sus socios xenófobos de la Liga Norte— que convierte automáticamente en delincuentes a los inmigrantes irregulares. No. Los responsables de la Liga Norte, bajo la mirada pasiva de buena parte de la política y de la sociedad italiana, comparan a la ministra Kyenge con un orangután, le lanzan plátanos o diseñan un plan de acoso sistemático simplemente porque es negra."

Friday  1/17/2014

Flashmob protests sweep across Brazil  1/17/2014 FT: "Mr Takeuti was motivated to act by a crackdown on other flashmobs, which began last month as parties but have become more political. “I couldn’t bear to see the criminalisation of poor, black kids,” he says. Similar protest-cum-rampages are planned in at least eight other states across Brazil this weekend, with more than 8,000 expected at one shopping centre in Rio de Janeiro. Popular among poor, largely black, Brazilians, the flashmobs have begun to snowball into a nationwide movement against racism and inequality, threatening the government with further violent mass protests just as the country prepares to host the football World Cup, academics say."

Tuesday  1/14/2014

Israel’s Hand in Guatemala’s Genocide  1/14/2014 Consortium News: “As we saw it, they [Guatemalan military authorities] were targeting all non-white villagers who were sitting on fertile lands that the white Guatemalans wanted,” he said, adding that when he reported this information to his superiors, “the Israelis rolled their eyes [in dismay] but said, ‘this is what our friends in the Reagan administration want.’”

Sunday  1/5/2014

How Slavery Led to Modern Capitalism  1/5/2014 Rights Action 

Friday  1/3/2014

From Dieudonné to Nicolas Anelka: Hands signal new French race row  1/3/2014 Independent: "The gesture involves pointing downwards with one flattened hand, like an inverted Nazi salute, while clasping a shoulder with the other hand. The president of the French league against racism and anti-Semitism, Alain Jakubowicz, says that the gesture signifies “the sodomisation of victims of the Holocaust”. Dieudonné has started a legal action against Mr Jakubowicz for libel."

Thursday  1/2/2014

Inside Israel’s Apartheid State  1/2/2014 CounterPunch: "And I refused to pay lip service to the idea that the Palestinians were partially at fault for their own dispossession — that “both sides” were responsible for the crisis. This is what you are expected to do if you wish to cater to Jewish-American opinion from a liberal perspective. I refused to take this approach not only because I reject the Zionist narrative but because it is deeply dishonest and actually requires intellectual contortions about the present and the willfull distortion of the past. That my book managed to gain traction despite my rejection of the established liberal Zionist narrative framework was another reason so many viewed it as threatening."

The Move to Muzzle Dieudonné M’Bala M’Bala - The Bête Noire of the French Establishment  1/2/2014 CounterPunch: "In the absence of any serious socio-economic left, France has sunk into a sort of “Identity Politics”, which both praises multiculturalism and reacts vehemently against “communitarianism”, that is, the assertion of any unwelcome ethnic particularisms. But some ethnic particularisms are less welcome than others. The Muslim veil was first banned in schools, and demands to ban it in adult society grow. The naqib and burka, while rare, have been legally banned. Disputes erupt over Halal foods in cafeterias, prayers in the street, while cartoons regularly lampoon Islam. Whatever one may think of this, the fight against communitarianism can be seen by some as directed against one particular community. Meanwhile, French leaders have been leading the cry for wars in Muslim countries from Libya to Syria, while insisting on devotion to Israel."

The Move to Muzzle Dieudonné M’Bala M’Bala - The Bête Noire of the French Establishment  1/2/2014 CounterPunch: "Then the protests started coming in, especially concerning the final gesture seen as likening Israel to Nazi Germany. “Anti-Semitism!” was the cry, although the target was Israel (and the United States as allies in the Middle East). Calls multiplied to ban his shows, to sue him, to destroy his career. Dieudonné attempted to justify his sketch as not targeting Jews as such, but, unlike others before him, would not apologize for an offense he did not believe he had committed. Why no protests from Africans he had made fun of? Or Muslims? Or Chinese? Why should a single community react with such fury? Thus began a decade of escalation. LICRA began a long series of lawsuits against him (“incitement to racial hatred”), at first losing, but keeping up the pressure. Instead of backing down, Dieudonné went farther in his criticism of “Zionism” after each attack. Meanwhile, Dieudonné was gradually excluded from television appearances and treated as a pariah by mainstream media. It is only the recent internet profusion of images showing young people making the quenelle sign that has moved the establishment to conclude that a direct attack would be more effective than trying to ignore him."

Tuesday  12/31/2013

Dieudonne: The bizarre journey of a controversial comic  12/31/2013 BBC: "Dieudonne's dalliance with the French far-right draws the headlines because it seems so bizarre. And it is true that his bandwagon attracts a fair share of ultra-nationalists and theorists of the Jewish-capitalist take-over. His ally the writer Alain Soral is a prime example. However at his stage performances many of the audience are disaffected youngsters of black and Arab immigrant background. According to Jean-Paul Gautier, author of The Dieudonne Galaxy, these people "feel abandoned by society, they don't seem to find their place in it. So basically what he is saying is - look while you're bashing your heads against the wall, the Jews are filling their pockets. And as a message it works.""

The Russian-Saudi Showdown at Sochi  12/31/2013 Consortium News: "I was told by a source close to the Russian government that this mix of overt inducements and implied threats infuriated Putin who barely kept his anger in check through the end of the meeting with Bandar. Putin viewed Bandar’s offer to protect the Sochi Olympics as something akin to a Mafia don shaking down a shopkeeper for protection money by saying, “nice little business you got here, I’d hate to see anything happen to it.” Putin then redoubled his support for the Syrian government in response to Bandar’s blend of bribes and warnings. The source said Russia also issued its own thinly veiled threats against the Saudis. The Saudis may have substantial “soft power” – with their oil and money – but Russia has its own formidable “hard power,” including a huge military, the source said."

Monday  12/30/2013

French basketball star Parker apologises after performing controversial 'quenelle' salute with comedian Dieudonne  12/30/2013 Daily Mail: 'Since I have been made aware of the seriousness of this gesture, I will certainly never repeat the gesture and sincerely apologize for any misunderstanding or harm relating to my actions.' [Tony was properly re-educated.]

Tuesday  12/24/2013

Israel Lobby Launches Fierce Counterattack Against American Studies Association  12/24/2013 Common Dreams: "Israel lobby groups are marshaling their formidable forces for a fierce counterattack against the American Studies Association (ASA), including calls for repressive legislation, boycotts and other measures to punish and silence solidarity with Palestinians. Earlier this month, members of the ASA voted overwhelmingly in a referendum to endorse the Palestinian call for the boycott of Israeli academic institutions which are complicit in Israel’s occupation and other violations of Palestinian rights."

Saturday  12/14/2013

The story of Gandhi’s early experiences of segregation, sparked by South Africa’s apartheid  12/14/2013 Independent: "This is most evident in the relative lack of attention paid Gandhi’s racial blind spot: the fact that this campaigner for “non-white” British subjects’ rights had nothing to say about the absolute lack of rights of native Africans in colonial southern Africa. This leader who would set an important political example for a number of African and African-origin leaders, including Martin Luther King, Kenneth Kaunda and Nelson Mandela, did not himself, while in Africa, regard Africans as deserving of the same political rights as other oppressed people. Guha’s implication is that in Gandhi’s view the payback for his demands for Indians’ citizenship was an agreement to observe the racial status quo in other respects. Yet this was the same Gandhi who dedicated his whole life to the pursuit of “racial parity”. "

Thursday  12/12/2013

Protecting Killer Cops - Where’s the Body Count from Shootings by the Police?  12/12/2013 CounterPunch 

Monday  12/9/2013

JFK's Murder, The CIA & 8 Things Every American Should Know  12/9/2013 Justice Integrity Project: by Andrew Kreig

Before the Battles and the Protests, the Chains  12/9/2013 NYT: "But there is only one sign, added in 2001 a few yards away from Rosa Parks’s bus stop, explaining the city’s role in the underlying cause for so many of the others: “Montgomery’s Slave Markets,” it reads, followed by a paragraph of explanation. On Tuesday, the Equal Justice Initiative, an organization that since 1989 has provided legal representation to poor defendants and prisoners, will be unveiling three new markers describing in greater detail the city’s role in the domestic slave trade. That role was substantial: in 1860, there were more than 20,000 slaves in Montgomery, a larger number than in New Orleans or Natchez, Miss., and Dexter Avenue was a busy corridor of slave pens and depots. “We’re constantly inviting people to the city to think and reflect on civil rights to think and reflect on the Civil War,” said Bryan Stevenson, the director of the Equal Justice Initiative."

Thursday  12/5/2013

“Charlie Hebdo”, not racist? If you say so…  12/5/2013 Article 11: "Scarcely had I walked out, wearied by the dictatorial behaviour and corrupt promotion practices of the employer, than the Twin Towers fell and Caroline Fourest arrived in your editorial team. This double catastrophe set off a process of ideological reformatting which would drive off your former readers and attract new ones - a cleaner readership, more interested in a light-hearted version of the “war on terror” than the soft anarchy of [cartoonist] Gébé. Little by little, the wholesale denunciation of “beards”, veiled women and their imaginary accomplices became a central axis of your journalistic and satirical production. “Investigations” began to appear which accepted the wildest rumours as fact, like the so-called infiltration of the League of Human Rights (LDH) or European Social Forum (FSE) by a horde of bloodthirsty Salafists[2]. The new impulse underway required the magazine to renounce the unruly attitude which had been its backbone up to then, and to form alliances with the most corrupt figures of the intellectual jet-set, such as Bernard-Henri Lévy or Antoine Sfeir, cosignatories in Charlie Hebdo of a grotesque “Manifesto of the Twelve against the New Islamic Totalitarianism”[3]. Whoever could not see themselves in a worldview which opposed the civilized (Europeans) to obscurantists (Muslims) saw themselves quickly slapped with the label of “useful idiots” or “Islamo-leftists”."

The Zionist Criminal Network Behind the Cover-Ups  12/5/2013 Christopher Bollyn: "The investigation of Jack Ruby was evidently assigned to Katzenbach’s department in order to prevent Ruby’s high-level connections to the Jewish mob from being examined and revealed. As Scott points out, “the FBI covered up Jack Ruby’s connections to organized crime. The Commission did not receive an important interview with Luis Kutner, a Chicago lawyer who had just told the press (correctly) about Ruby’s connections to Chicago mobsters Lennie Patrick and Dave Yaras.”

How Miami's Shrewd Black Leadership Turned The Mandela Snub To Local Advantage  12/5/2013 WLRN: ""South Florida, meanwhile, was getting some hard facts about its tourism industry. Basically, it was discovering that while black travelers and conventions were a mainstay of Miami tourism, the industry had few ownership, management or even employment opportunities for African-Americans. 'We needed something to get national support. We were looking for something to ignite a movement.' Twenty percent of the conventions that had come to Miami the year before Mandela arrived were black, recalls H. T. Smith, a lawyer with deep Miami roots. It was a market segment worth hundreds of millions of dollars and local blacks couldn't even get hired as waiters or bartenders, he said."

Monday  12/2/2013

Contra-Cocaine Was a Real Conspiracy  12/2/2013 Consortium News: "But Webb’s disclosure prompted the CIA’s Inspector General Frederick Hitz to undertake the first real internal investigation of the ties between the Contra-cocaine smugglers and the CIA officers overseeing the Contra war in Nicaragua… Although Hitz’s report was an extraordinary admission of institutional guilt by the CIA, it went almost unnoticed by the big American newspapers. On Oct. 10, 1998, two days after Hitz’s final report was posted on the CIA’s Web site, the New York Times published a brief article that continued to deride Webb but acknowledged the Contra-drug problem may have been worse than earlier understood. Several weeks later, the Washington Post weighed in with a similarly superficial article. The Los Angeles Times never published a story on the contents of Hitz’s findings though Los Angeles had been “ground zero” of the Ross-Blandon connection."

Sunday  12/1/2013

Black feminism and intersectionality  12/1/2013 ISR 

Monday  11/25/2013

Arctic seafloor methane releases double previous estimates  11/25/2013 Science Daily: "The East Siberian Arctic Shelf is venting at least 17 teragrams of the methane into the atmosphere each year. A teragram is equal to 1 million tons."

Saturday  11/23/2013

JFK: Israel called shots from Grassy Knoll?  11/23/2013 Truthaholics 

Friday  11/22/2013

John F. Kennedy assassination: three key mysteries (+video)  11/22/2013 CS Monitor 

What’s in CIA’s secret JFK files?  11/22/2013 FOX 

Barry Seal, the Dallas get-away plane, and the JFK assassination  11/22/2013 Mad Cow Morning News: "Again, for emphasis: three days after the JFK assassination, a Secret Service Agent in Chicago reported that somone and who worked for CJ Simpson de Cuba, the company Barry Seal is citing to blackmail his judge with "national security concerns" in his trial for exporting explosives—knew President Kennedy was going to be assassinated before it happened. Moreover he was associated with connected with the DRE and the 30th of November Movement—the two groups said to be training at the CIA's "rogue" camp for assassins in Lacombe, Louisiana."

Chomsky Weighs in on Kennedy Assassination Anniversary: "It Would Impress Kim Il-Sung"  11/22/2013 Truth Out: "Kennedy is easy. The invasion of Cuba was outright aggression. Eisenhower planned it, incidentally, so he was involved in a conspiracy to invade another country, which we can add to his score. After the invasion of Cuba, Kennedy launched a huge terrorist campaign against Cuba, which was very serious. No joke; bombardment of industrial installations with killing of plenty of people, bombing hotels, sinking fishing boats, sabotage. Later, under Nixon, it even went as far as poisoning livestock and so on. Big affair; and then came Vietnam; he invaded Vietnam. He invaded South Vietnam in 1962. He sent the US Air Force to start bombing."

Thursday  11/21/2013

Air Force One Radio Recordings Updated  11/21/2013 JFK Countercoup: "Morely: “It’s not the tape itself. It’s what the tape tells us. And what the tape tells us is that there was a longer recording of the Air Force One communications on Nov. 22. That was never known before. What the tape tells us is there could be, somewhere, a recording of the reaction of the U.S. national security agencies to the president’s death,” said Morley"

On the Warpath in Venezuela: Against the Bolivarian Revolution  11/21/2013 Trinicenter: "The Plan's 15 "action points" cover sabotage, "massive mobilizations," food shortages, "insurrection inside the army," and control of publicity. The authors anticipate "crisis in the streets that facilitate the intervention of North America and the forces of NATO, with support of the government of Colombia." The resulting "violence should cause deaths and injuries." According to Golinger, the plan emerged from a meeting on June 13, 2013 attended by Mark Feierstein, regional head of the US Agency for International Development and by representatives of three other organizations: Florida – based FTI Consulting; Colombia's "Center for Thought Foundation," linked to former president Alvaro Uribe; and the U.S. Democratic Internationalism Foundation, promoted by Uribe."

Wednesday  11/20/2013

Spooky Business: A New Report on Corporate Espionage Against Non-profits  11/20/2013 Center for Coporate Policy 

Tuesday  11/19/2013

White House asked about JFK Facts report on secret JFK files  11/19/2013 JFK Facts 

Monday  11/18/2013

Who Killed JFK ? Evidence Points to Mossad  11/18/2013 

Surgeon in ER insists 2 gunmen shot JFK Doctor first to see Kennedy's wound  11/18/2013 Pittsburgh Post Gazette: "Speaking via teleconference to a Duquesne University symposium marking the 50th anniversary of the assassination, Robert N. McClelland said he was the first doctor in Parkland Hospital's Trauma Room One to notice the massive wound in the back of Kennedy's skull and that a trauma of that size had to be an exit wound. "The whole right side of his skull was gone. I could look inside his skull cavity. Obviously, it was a mortal wound," he told a spellbound audience of legal, medical, forensic and investigative experts and the public who packed the university's Power Ballroom. Dr. McClelland, now 83 and professor emeritus at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center, said that because it was an exit wound, it logically followed that it had been fired from in front of the president's limousine. And, in turn, that meant a second gunman was involved in the assassination, contradicting the Warren Commission's finding that there was but one assassin."

Friday  11/15/2013

NSA links to St Petersburg FL Drug Ring  11/15/2013 Mad Cow Morning News: "Skyway Global LLC, the St. Petersburg, FL company that owned the DC-9 airline busted in Mexico carrying 5.5 tons of cocaine, made its headquarters in a 79,000 sq ft building owned by Verint Systems (NASDAQ: VRNT), a foreign tele-communications company with a contract to wiretap the U.S. for the NSA through the communication lines of Verizon, which handles almost half of all landline and cell phone calls in the U.S. Verint’s founder and CEO, Jacob “Kobi” Alexander, is a former Israeli intelligence officer who is today a fugitive from justice living in Namibia, where he has for several years been fighting extradition to the U.S."

In France, Some Ask If Racism Is On The Rise  11/15/2013 NPR: "But things took a nasty turn about a month ago: A politician from the far-right National Front party posted a photo of Taubira next to a monkey on a Facebook page. Then a group gathered to protest the gay marriage law was caught yelling, "Monkey, go eat your banana!" The video circulated widely on YouTube. "The issue is not about the small minority of people who are deeply racist in France," says Louis-Georges Tin, head of an umbrella group of French black associations. "The issue is about the majority. Is the majority indifferent to this situation? Or is the majority against racism?""

Wednesday  11/13/2013

Outrage in France over new slur on black minister  11/13/2013 AFP: "A weekly newspaper with a front page comparing a black government minister to a monkey hit newsstands in France on Wednesday, despite legal objections and a nationwide outcry over the racist slur."

Monday  11/11/2013

CIA admits undercover officer lived in New Orleans  11/11/2013 JFK Facts: "In a court motion filed last week, the CIA acknowledged for the first time that deceased CIA officer George Joannides lived in New Orleans while handling contacts with an anti-Castro student organization whose members had a series of encounters with accused presidential assassin Lee Oswald in August 1963."

Wednesday  11/6/2013

JFK Assassination: CIA and New York Times are Still Lying To Us  11/6/2013 Salon: "These dark waters are simply too ominous for authors like Shenon and Willens to explore. Despite his willingness to expose the Warren Commission’s tortured process, Shenon cannot bring himself to condemn its conclusions. At the end of the day, he remains a product of the New York Times – a newspaper that rushed to embrace the Warren Report months before it was even completed and, as Abramson’s wordy screed attests, is still more interested in ridiculing and marginalizing even the most credible conspiracy researchers than in getting at the truth. Mainstream journalists know that – even 50 years (!) later — they don’t dare go beyond the safe confines of “we’ll never know,” or they won’t be appearing on “Meet the Press” any time soon."

Monday  11/4/2013

Harry Roselmack : "La France raciste est de retour"  11/4/2013 Le Monde: "Et voilà qu'une minorité grandissante qui se présente comme gardienne ou salvatrice de cette République française vient briser cette prouesse cocardière. Me voilà ramené à ma condition nègre. Me voilà attablé avec d'autres Noirs parce qu'ils sont noirs. Et me voilà en train de m'offusquer d'une idiotie qui ne m'atteignait guère : le racisme."

Saturday  10/26/2013

James Crown: The Israeli Connection in the Madoff Scam  10/26/2013 Chris Bollyn 

Tuesday  10/22/2013

Saudis Said to Disregard U.S. on Aid to Syria Islamists  10/22/2013 Blooomberg: "Saudi Arabia’s support for rebels in Syria won’t be constrained by U.S. efforts to keep the money from Islamist groups, as the kingdom steps up efforts to battle Iranian influence in the region, a Saudi official said. Syrian opposition factions backed by the U.S. are disorganized and largely ineffective, so directing assistance only to them would be handicapping the fight against President Bashar al-Assad, the official said, asking not to be identified because of the issue’s sensitivity."

CUNY City College Students Protest After Morales-Shakur Center, Hub of Campus Political Activity, Is Abruptly Closed  10/22/2013 Village Voice 

Monday  10/21/2013

Piedad Córdoba dice que cree que va a ser presidenta de Colombia  10/21/2013 El Universal: ""Política no se hace solamente en los escenarios para la elección, he venido haciendo muchísima política desde que desaparecí del Congreso de la República y ocupé una curul en la calle", expresa la exsenadora Piedad Córdoba, quien estuvo el pasado sábado en Manizales presentando la candidatura al Senado de su hijo Juan Luis Castro Córdoba, e impulsando en Caldas la candidatura a la Cámara de Representantes de Nestor Toro Villa. Ella es integrante de Poder Ciudadano, disidencia progresista del Partido Liberal, pero también es vocera de Marcha Patriótica y de la Mesa nacional agraria."

Friday  10/18/2013

U.S. Jews Becoming Increasingly Critical of Israel, the Occupation & Its Settlement Enterprise  10/18/2013 Alternet 

Protests Sweep Canada Following Paramilitary Assault on Indigenous Fracking Blockade  10/18/2013 Common Dream 

The Mexican-ization of American Justice  10/18/2013 Mad Cow: "After Greek tycoon Gus Boulis was gunned down in his BMW, Fort Lauderdale police immediately began scrutinizing SunCruz Casinos. Suspicion focused on the recent sale of his casino fleet, for a very good reason: Boulis, Jack Abramoff, and Adam Kidan had been carrying on a very public feud. “We certainly aren't lacking in suspects,” said a Fort Lauderdale homicide detective with admirable understatement."

Thursday  10/17/2013

What Does Noam Chomsky Say About the JFK Assassination?  10/17/2013 

Wednesday  10/9/2013

The Latest Step in the Evolution of America’s Police State  10/9/2013 CounterPunch: "He has lent his name to published documents denouncing the National Security Agency (NSA), and was one of several prominent German authors who signed a letter to Chancellor Angela Merkel urging her to take a firm stance against the mass online surveillance conducted by the NSA. Trojanow and the other authors had nothing to hide, which is why the letter was published for the public to read. What happened after that, however, was that Trojanow was refused permission to board a flight from Salvador da Bahia, Brazil, to Miami on Monday, September 30. Without any explanation."

Tuesday  10/8/2013

Russia, Syria and the Decline of American Hegemony  10/8/2013 CounterPunch: 'As I expounded at length elsewhere, the US is built on the theology of exceptionalism, of being Chosen. It is the country of Old Testament. This is the deeper reason for the US and Israel’s special relationship. Europe is going through a stage of apostasy and rejection of Christ, while Russia remains deeply Christian. Its churches are full, they bless one other with Christmas and Easter blessings, instead of neutral “seasons”. Russia is a New Testament country. And rejection of exceptionalism, of chosenness is the underlying tenet of Christianity. For this reason, while organised US Jewry supported the war, condemned Assad and called for US intervention, the Jewish community of Russia, quite numerous, wealthy and influential one, did not support the Syrian rebels but rather stood by Putin’s effort to preserve peace in Syria."

Sunday  10/6/2013

Book review: 'The Beast in Florida: A History of Anti-Black Violence' by Marvin Dunn  10/6/2013 Florida Times Union: "Marvin Dunn’s “The Beast in Florida” is a subtle, Aristotelian evocation of a loathsome era in Florida and Southern history when white men — of all classes — were determined to keep black men, women and adolescents in “their place” through extra-legal violence and intimidation. Racism “commingled with perverted sexual fears and anxieties” is the psychological basis for the rage exhibited by lynchers and their supporters who, based upon photographic evidence, included women and children, says the retired chairman of the Department of Psychology at Florida International University…. The Rosewood incident has become familiar in recent years, and the survivors and their heirs have received some compensation from the state because officials admit they did not intervene until it was too late. Other sites of ethnic cleansing include Perry, Newberry, Ocoee and Groveland."

Prouty Interview on Office of SACSA  10/6/2013 JFK Countercoup2 

Saturday  10/5/2013

Robert Dallek, denial, and JFK assassination story  10/5/2013 JFK Facts 

Friday  10/4/2013

Snowden Leaks Show NSA Targets Tor  10/4/2013 e-Week: "Going a step further, the Guardian report alleges that when the NSA does identify Tor users, the agency directs them to a set of servers known as "FoxAcid." The goal of FoxAcid is to drop some kind of exploit on the user's system such that they can be tracked or otherwise infiltrated."

The NSA, Drug Trafficking, & the Crash of Cocaine2  10/4/2013 Mad Cow Morning News 

Thursday  10/3/2013

Lost Cruise fears save Obama on Syria  10/3/2013 Asia Times 

Friday  9/27/2013

Conclusiones del Foro: "Solución al problema de las drogas ilícitas"  9/27/2013 Poder Ciudadano, YouTube: "Estas son algunas de las conclusiones del Foro: "Solución al problema de drogas ilícitas", que se llevó a cabo los días 24,25 y 26 de septiembre en Bogotá y que busca recaudar insumos para el cuarto punto de la agenda de diálogos de paz en la Habana."

Monday  9/23/2013

Should Cruise Missiles Target Saudis?  9/23/2013 Consortium News 

Thursday  9/19/2013

Venezuela says U.S. bans Maduro from flying over Puerto Rico  9/19/2013 Reuters: "Denying a head of state permission to fly through airspace that they colonized, like in Puerto Rico, is a grave mistake." His trip to China would go ahead regardless, Maduro said, to applause from the crowd. "They can't stop us!"

Monday  9/16/2013

The CIA, the Press and Black Propaganda  9/16/2013 CounterPunch: by Douglas Valentine - "In his autobiography Soldier, Anthony Herbert told how he reported for duty in 1965 in Saigon at the joint CIA-military Specials Operations Group. The spooks asked him to join a secret psywar program. “What they wanted me to do was to take charge of execution teams that wiped out entire families and tried to make it look as though the VC themselves had done the killing. The rationale was that other Vietnamese would see that the VC had killed another VC and would be frightened away from becoming VC themselves. Of course, the villagers would then be inclined to some sort of allegiance to our side.”"

Resurrecting Israel Did 911. All the Proof In The World  9/16/2013 Video Rebel's Blog: "This used to be a video. It cannot be found on YouTube and Vimeo. So much for Gentile freedom of speech, thought and conscience. I will re-construct it here as an html file with images and a few videos. Several of these videos have been taken down by YouTube. It is available as a PDF file in Pakistan."

Sunday  9/15/2013

To believe that Oswald killed JFK, you must believe that…  9/15/2013 Richard Charnin 

Friday  9/13/2013

No More War for Israel? The People Against the 800 Pound Gorilla  9/13/2013 CounterPunch 

Thursday  9/12/2013

Trayvon Martin's Medical Examiner: Prosecution Threw the Case  9/12/2013 Alternet: "According to the former assistant coroner, the results of Martin's autopsy clearly showed that, despite Zimmerman's statements regarding their altercation, there was no feasible way for Martin to have been on top of Zimmerman when the gun was fired, because the bullet entered Martin's back."

The FBI took a powder: Things you never knew about 9/11  9/12/2013 Mad Cow Morning News 

Obama’s Almost First Act in Office: Spy on Americans for Israel!  9/12/2013 The American Conservative: "I’ve known for a long time about elite Beltway deference to Israel. For decades, top American officials have acted almost as if they can’t think for themselves, they see everything in the Mideast through the optic of whether it is “good for Israel.” But this is different than that, and worse. The Americans in Israel’s camp at least think that “what’s good for Israel is good for America”—or at least so they proclaim, publicly. But no one can imagine that feeding Israel eavesdropped information on Americans is good for those Americans—that’s why this ugly program has been kept secret. We have Edward Snowden to thank, otherwise we might never have known how far the rot has gone."

Wednesday  9/11/2013

NSA and Israeli intelligence: memorandum of understanding – full document  9/11/2013 Guardian: "Top-secret document shows how intelligence being shared with Israel would not be filtered in advance by NSA analysts to remove US communications."

NSA shares raw intelligence including Americans' data with Israel  9/11/2013 Guardian: "Secret deal places no legal limits on use of data by Israelis"

U.S. shares raw intelligence data with Israel, leaked document shows  9/11/2013 LA Times: "According to the memo, NSA routinely sends ISNU "minimized and unminimized" signal intelligence (sigint) data. In other words, the U.S. government shares intercepted communications with the Israelis without first screening it for sensitive information about Americans."

U.S. shares raw intelligence data with Israel, leaked document shows  9/11/2013 Ynet, Israel: "Secret document provided to the Guardian by Snowden indicates US government handed over to Israel intercepted communications likely to contain phone calls and emails of American citizens; also suggests Jewish state 'third most aggressive intelligence service against US' "

Tuesday  9/10/2013

How The NSA Revelations Are Hurting Businesses  9/10/2013 Forbes: "Princeton technologist Ed Felten — who used to be government-employed at the Federal Trade Commission — writes, “This is going to put U.S. companies at a competitive disadvantage, because people will believe that U.S. companies lack the ability to protect their customers—and people will suspect that U.S. companies may feel compelled to lie to their customers about security."

Monday  9/2/2013

To some, US case for Syrian gas attack, strike has too many holes  9/2/2013 McClatchy 

Tuesday  8/27/2013

Saudis offer Russia secret oil deal if it drops Syria  8/27/2013 Telegraph: "Prince Bandar, head of Saudi intelligence, allegedly confronted the Kremlin with a mix of inducements and threats in a bid to break the deadlock over Syria. “Let us examine how to put together a unified Russian-Saudi strategy on the subject of oil. The aim is to agree on the price of oil and production quantities that keep the price stable in global oil markets,” he said at the four-hour meeting with Mr Putin. They met at Mr Putin’s dacha outside Moscow three weeks ago."

Thursday  8/22/2013

Russian President, Saudi Spy Chief Discussed Syria, Egypt  8/22/2013 AL Monitor: "At the bilateral level, Bandar relayed the Saudi king’s greetings to Putin and the king’s emphasis on the importance of developing the bilateral relationship. He also told Putin that the king would bless any understanding reached during the visit. Bandar also said, however, that “any understanding we reach in this meeting will not only be a Saudi-Russian understanding, but will also be an American-Russian understanding. I have spoken with the Americans before the visit, and they pledged to commit to any understandings that we may reach, especially if we agree on the approach to the Syrian issue.”

The Real, Terrifying Reason Why British Authorities Detained David Miranda  8/22/2013 Atlantic: "Just this week, the Wall Street Journal reported on some new NSA secret programs that are spying on Americans. It got the information from "interviews with current and former intelligence and government officials and people from companies that help build or operate the systems, or provide data," not from Snowden. This is only the beginning. The media will not be intimidated. I will not be intimidated. But it scares me that the NSA is so blind that it doesn't see it."

Wednesday  8/21/2013

Russian President, Saudi Spy Chief Discussed Syria, Egypt  8/21/2013 Al Monitor: "Putin thanked King Abdullah for his greetings and Bandar for his exposition, but then he said to Bandar, “We know that you have supported the Chechen terrorist groups for a decade. And that support, which you have frankly talked about just now, is completely incompatible with the common objectives of fighting global terrorism that you mentioned. We are interested in developing friendly relations according to clear and strong principles.”

Saturday  8/17/2013

50 years later, sealed JFK files still raise questions  8/17/2013 AP: "It turns out that several hundred of the still-classified pages concern a deceased CIA agent, George Joannides, whose activities just before the assassination and, fascinatingly, during a government investigation years later, have tantalized researchers for years."

Tuesday  8/13/2013

Senate Committee Had Authority to Expose NSA All Along  8/13/2013 Common Dreams: "This finding runs counter to claims by committee members such as NSA critic Sen. Ron Wyden, D-Ore., who along with fellow committee member Sen. Mark Udall, D-Colo., has continuously offered "veiled concerns" that the U.S. public would be "stunned and angry" if only the committee could reveal the NSA's activities to them. Wyden and Udall have praised whistleblower Edward Snowden and have publicly pushed for NSA transparency but have repeatedly said that he they are barred from revealing details of classified NSA practices as committee members. Subsequently, Wyden told McClatchy that he didn’t know the provision existed, as did fellow Intelligence Committee member Sen. Tom Coburn (R-Okla.). It remains to be seen if, upon knowledge of this rule, NSA critics on the committee such as Wyden and Udall will take action to push harder for declassification."

Monday  8/12/2013

Narco-jet in Costa Rica scandal tied to Iran Contra figure  8/12/2013 Mad Cow Morning News 

Thursday  8/8/2013

Edward Snowden’s Email Provider Shuts Down Amid Secret Court Battle  8/8/2013 Wired: "This experience has taught me one very important lesson: without congressional action or a strong judicial precedent, I would _strongly_ recommend against anyone trusting their private data to a company with physical ties to the United States."

Tuesday  8/6/2013

Garifuna Music Survives and Thrives 'Against All Odds'  8/6/2013 KQED: "Garifuna music is a perfect example. Music fans around the world know about the Garifuna's enthralling sound because of a series of acclaimed albums that feature the Garifuna Collective, a group of musicians hailing from Belize and neighboring countries, where their families have lived for centuries. The Garifuna Collective is touring the United States -- including a stop in San Francisco on Wednesday, August 7 -- and is showcasing songs from its new album Ayó, which was released last month and means "goodbye" in the Garifuna language."

Friday  8/2/2013

Apple Could Pay Staggering Price for E-Book Shenanigans  8/2/2013 Technewsworld: "It would have to terminate existing agency agreements with its five publisher codefendants: Hachette Book Group; HarperCollins; Simon & Schuster; Penguin; and MacMillan. For two years, Apple would have to let competitors include hyperlinks to their own e-bookstores within their iOS apps. Apple would be required to report any information it obtained that might indicate collusion among content suppliers."

Thursday  8/1/2013

Psychologists to Address Deep-Seated Issues Raised By The Trayvon Martin Tragedy  8/1/2013 Black PR Wire: ""The Association of Black Psychologists (ABPsi) opened its 45th annual international convention by announcing plans to mobilize its membership and allies to help spark the creation of a national grassroots network of self-help groups focused on psychological and emotional issues raised in the Black community by the tragic death of Trayvon Martin."

Wednesday  7/31/2013

Stopping the "Ever-Expanding Surveillance State"  7/31/2013 Mother Jones: "Sen. Ron Wyden on Edward Snowden, how the NSA misled Congress, and reining in the massive collection of Americans' data."

Monday  7/29/2013

US Government Protection of Al-Qaeda Terrorists and the US-Saudi Black Hole  7/29/2013 Asia Pacific Journal 

Saturday  7/27/2013

Las mujeres afro y su papel en la sociedad  7/27/2013 El Mundo, Colombia 

Thursday  7/25/2013

Feds tell Web firms to turn over user account passwords  7/25/2013 CNET 

Relatos de violencia de un país amnésico  7/25/2013 El Espectador: "Santos señaló que la responsabilidad de construir memoria a partir de la verdad es una obligación."

Wednesday  7/24/2013

Construir sobre la sangre derramada  7/24/2013 El Espectador: "Ayer al mediodía, el grupo de Memoria Histórica entregó al presidente Juan Manuel Santos, en ceremonia oficial, el informe ¡Basta ya! Colombia: memorias de guerra y de dignidad, un compilado de 431 páginas que contiene en cifras y en imágenes el terror por el que han pasado las víctimas del conflicto colombiano. Las víctimas de su propio país."

Informe del Grupo de Memoria Histórica 220.000 colombianos han muerto en 55 años de violencia  7/24/2013 El Espectador: "Es como si hoy una bomba borrara Popayán: 220.000 colombianos han perdido la vida entre 1958 y 2013 por cuenta del conflicto. Más aberrante resulta saber que 176.000 de ellos eran civiles. O que 27.023 secuestros estuvieron íntimamente ligados a la barbarie de esta guerra prolongada. O que hay 10.189 colombianos amputados o muertos por minas antipersonas. O que el número de desplazados por los fusiles y las balas en estos 55 años representa la población de países como Irlanda, Costa Rica o Congo: 4,7 millones. Una radiografía de salvajismo dosificado —qué paradoja— en tiempos de democracia."

Un marco jurídico para la paz con justicia  7/24/2013 El Espectador: "La demanda promovida por La Comisión Colombiana de Juristas contra la reforma constitucional conocida como el “Marco Jurídico para la Paz”, que se debatirá hoy jueves en audiencia ante la Corte Constitucional, se orienta a respaldar el proceso de paz."

Tuesday  7/23/2013

Latin America’s Tragic Engagement with Microcredit  7/23/2013 CEPR: "Thirty years ago, the international development community was abuzz with excitement. This was because it appeared that the perfect solution to poverty, exclusion and under-development had finally been found in the form of microcredit. As originally conceived, microcredit is the provision of micro-loans to the poor to allow them to establish a range of income-generating activities, supposedly facilitating an escape from poverty through individual entrepreneurship and self-help. Perhaps nowhere more than in Latin America was the excitement so intense. Stoked by the uplifting claims of Peruvian economist, Hernando de Soto [1], that a vastly expanded informal economy would prove to be the economic salvation of the continent, the U.S. government through the World Bank and its own aid arm, USAID, along with the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB), led the charge to establish the microcredit movement as the dominant local intervention to address poverty."

Monday  7/22/2013

Sin etnocomprensión la integración es hipocresía  7/22/2013 JOVENES AFROVENEZOLANOS: por Chucho Garcia

Trayvon and White Madness  7/22/2013 Rastafari Speaks: "White people don’t think they are malicious and racist; rather, they are simply defending themselves (quite reasonably, they believe) from Black evildoing. That whites perceive themselves as under collective attack is evident in the results of a Harvard and Tufts University study, which shows majorities of whites are convinced they are the primary victims of racial discrimination in America. Such mass madness is incomprehensible to sane people, but racism is a form of mental illness, in which the afflicted perceive things that are not there, and are blind to that which is right in front of their eyes."

Sunday  7/21/2013

With “Zero Tolerance to Gringo Aggression,” Maduro Cuts Off Venezuela-U.S. Talks  7/21/2013 Venezuelanalysis: "“I told Jaua to convey to Kerry [in June] that we are ready to have relations within the framework of equality and respect,” Maduro said yesterday. “If they respect us, we respect them. But the time has run out for them to meddle in the internal affairs of our countries and publically attack us. Their time has run out, in general in Latin America, and in particular with us.”"

Saturday  7/20/2013

Venezuela 'ends' bid to restore full US ties  7/20/2013 BBC: "Samantha Power said this week she would seek to combat what she called the "crackdown on civil society" in countries including Venezuela. She was speaking at a US Senate confirmation hearing on Wednesday. The remarks prompted an angry response from Venezuela's President Nicolas Maduro. "The Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela hereby ends the process... of finally normalising our diplomatic relations," said Venezuela's foreign ministry in a statement."

Why Is Tim Wise Stamping the Anti-Racist Ghetto Passes at Teach For America  7/20/2013 Black Agenda Report: "Closing public schools and replacing experienced teachers with Ivy League missionary temps isn't something that's being done to wealthy white suburban public schools. It's only the prescribed remedy for school districts full of black and brown youth, and black and brown teachers. President Obama's signature education program, Race To The Top advances the privatization agenda in many ways, and one of these is by encouraging, really forcing, school districts to lay off, fire or reject new applications from experienced teachers and graduates of real teaching programs by the thousands in favor of the mostly white temps from elite schools that Teach For America and similar outfits provide."

Friday  7/19/2013

Report: Kerry Threatens to Stop Venezuela Gas Trade Over Snowden  7/19/2013 AntiWar: "Kerry also is said to have told Jaua that the US was considering suspending the sale of gasoline and oil byproducts to Venezuela. Though the Venezuelan government is a huge exporter of crude oil to the United States, it is increasingly reliant on the US for refining capabilities."

That Awkward Moment When The Tea Party Rally Gets Overtly Racist  7/19/2013 Huff Post: "Earlier this week, tea party activists and GOP lawmakers gathered near the Capitol to rail against an immigration reform bill passed by the Senate…and things got awkward."

Thursday  7/18/2013

Venezuela: "China's gateway into Mercosur"  7/18/2013 Venezuelanalysis: "Along with advocating closer strategic ties, during the Chavez era Venezuela undertook loans worth billions of dollars, much of which is being repaid in oil exports. Since 2008, Venezuela has borrowed over US$40 billion from China, including a recent US$4.02 billion loan from the CDB to Venezuela's state oil company, Petróleos de Venezuela (PDVSA)."

Wednesday  7/17/2013

Douglas Valentine on Ellsberg and the CIA- Corbett Report  7/17/2013 9/11 Blogger: by Douglas Valentine - "Today we’re joined once again by author and researcher Douglas Valentine of to talk about his article “Will the Real Daniel Ellsberg Please Stand Up?” We discuss his little-known experience as a Pentagon observer to the CIA’s Revolutionary Development (RD) Program in South Vietnam from 1965 to 1967, the cast of disreputable CIA officers, drug runners and murderers that he was involved with there, and the accusation that the CIA ordered him to release the Pentagon Papers to take pressure off of investigations that were looking into the role of the agency in Vietnam at that time. We also explore why the establishment left refuses to examine this aspect of Ellsberg’s famed whistleblowing story."

Washington Post Columnist Richard Cohen: Black People Are Scary  7/17/2013 Alternet: "I also can understand why Zimmerman was suspicious and why he thought Martin was wearing a uniform we all recognize. I don’t know whether Zimmerman is a racist. But I’m tired of politicians and others who have donned hoodies in solidarity with Martin and who essentially suggest that, for recognizing the reality of urban crime in the United States, I am a racist. The hoodie blinds them as much as it did Zimmerman."

The NSA Admits It Analyzes More People's Data Than Previously Revealed  7/17/2013 Atlantic: "For a sense of scale, researchers at the University of Milan found in 2011 that everyone on the Internet was, on average, 4.74 steps away from anyone else. The NSA explores relationships up to three of those steps."

Saturday  7/13/2013

In 'Chilling' Ruling, Chevron Granted Access to Activists' Private Internet Data  7/13/2013 Common Dreams: "A federal judge has ruled to allow Chevron, through a subpoena to Microsoft, to collect the IP usage records and identity information for email accounts owned by over 100 environmental activists, journalists and attorneys. The oil giant is demanding the records in an attempt to cull together a lawsuit which alleges that the company was the victim of a conspiracy in the $18.2 billion judgment against it for dumping 18.5 billion gallons of oil waste in the Ecuadorean Amazon, causing untold damage to the rainforest."

Surveillance blowback: ?the making of the US surveillance state, 1898-2020  7/13/2013 Open Democracy 

Friday  7/12/2013

Nelson Mandela’s greatness may be assured – but not his legacy  7/12/2013 Africa Speaks: "Around the same time, Mandela was conducting his own secret negotiations. In 1982, he had been moved from Robben Island to Pollsmoor Prison, where he could receive and entertain people. The apartheid regime’s aim was to split the resistance between the “moderates” that it could “do business with” (Mandela, Thabo Mbeki, Oliver Tambo) and those in the front-line townships who were leading the United Democratic Front. On 5 July 1989, Mandela was spirited out of prison to meet P W Botha, the white-minority president known as Die Groot Krokodil (“the big crocodile”). Mandela was delighted that Botha poured the tea. With democratic elections in 1994, racial apartheid ended and economic apartheid had a new face. The Botha regime had offered black businessmen generous loans, allowing them to set up companies outside the Bantustans. A new black bourgeoisie emerged quickly, along with a rampant cronyism. ANC chieftains moved into mansions in “golf and country estates”. As the disparities between white and black narrowed, they widened between black and black."

Recruited By the NSA  7/12/2013 Common Dreams 

Thursday  7/11/2013

Jailed Journalist Barrett Brown Faces 105 Years For Reporting on Hacked Private Intelligence Firms  7/11/2013 Democracy Now: "Considering that the person who carried out the actual Stratfor hack had several priors and is facing a maximum of 10 years, the inescapable conclusion is that the problem is not with the hack itself but with Brown’s journalism," Ludlow argues. He adds that the case against Brown could suggest criminality "to even link to something or share a link with someone."

Wednesday  7/10/2013

Casting Couch, Season 02 Episode 01: South Florida Author Dr. Marvin Dunn  7/10/2013 YouTube: "He is a Florida historian, legend, and an intricate part of Miami's landscape. As Resident Scholar of the Institute of Homeless Studies at Camillus House. Dr. Dunn began his career as a naval officer, serving from 1961 to 1967. He served as an officer aboard the aircraft carriers U.S.S Kitty Hawk and the U.S.S. Saratoga, and was the commander of the 14th Battalion, U.S. Naval Recruit Training Command in Great Lakes, Illinois. On this show he discussed his latest book, The Beast in Florida: A History of Anti-Black Violence."

Monday  7/8/2013

La lenta construcción de una nueva cultura política en Brasil  7/8/2013 CIP Americas: "Pasados los momentos más álgidos de las movilizaciones en Brasil, parece necesario indagar las raíces de la cultura política horizontal y autónoma que emergió en las calles pero fue madurando al fuego lento de la resistencia cotidiana, impulsada por una nueva generación de luchadores sociales. El diálogo con ellos es el mejor camino para comprender."

Book by former CIA analyst sheds light on Cuba, Kennedy, Oswald  7/8/2013 Reuters: "Mann learned shortly after Kennedy's death that Oswald had stayed at the Hotel del Comercio in Mexico City, known by the CIA to be a haven for Cuban spies in Mexico working for the DGI, Havana's national intelligence agency, closely run by Castro. Mann learned this information at the time from the CIA station chief in Mexico, according to his memoirs, written in 1982. But when he raised it with his superiors in Washington, Mann was silenced by the State Department and told to cease his inquiries about Oswald's stay in Mexico."

Saturday  7/6/2013

Venezuela offers assistance to Caribbean countries  7/6/2013 Jamaica Gleaner: "Venezuela has pledged to offer assistance to Caribbean Community (CARICOM) countries in a number of areas including transportation, Guyana’s President Donald Ramotar said here Saturday. Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro held talks with CARICOM leaders during a near hour long visit to Trinidad where the regional leaders were wrapping up their 34th annual summit."

Friday  7/5/2013

Venezuela's Maduro offers asylum to Snowden  7/5/2013 Reuters 

Thursday  7/4/2013

Colombia: Santos compraría sistema israelí de espionaje de redes sociales  7/4/2013 Contrainjerencia: "Medios locales colombianos han filtrado que la compañía israelí Comverse Technology será la probable contratista para el desarrollo de la nueva Plataforma Única de Monitoreo y Análisis –PUMA-, con la cual el Gobierno de Bogotá podrá interceptar en tiempo real todas las comunicaciones que impliquen la transferencia de datos por Internet. PUMA está diseñada para tener acceso a datos, mensajes y comunicaciones en las redes sociales (facebook, Instagram, Viber, Twitter, Skype, Linkedin), así como por redes telefónicas. Según infodefensa, el nuevo sistema será “la herramienta técnica clave, para la implementación de la también nueva Ley de Inteligencia y Contrainteligencia”, sancionada hace tres meses."

Tuesday  7/2/2013

Snowden and Assange Targeted by Mysterious Hacker "The Jester"  7/2/2013 Mother Jones: "A shadowy, self-described "patriot" hacktivist has launched a series of cyberattacks against Ecuador and says he plans to direct a similar onslaught against any country considering granting asylum to former National Security Agency contractor Edward Snowden. The hacker, who calls himself the "th3J35t3r" (the Jester) and in the past has identified himself as a former soldier, has also taken aim at Julian Assange. The WikiLeaks founder has been assisting Snowden in his efforts to seek safe haven."

Monday  7/1/2013

African Americans Affirming the Jim Crow analogy in Palestine/Israel  7/1/2013 Palestinian Campaign for the Academic and Cultural Boycott of Israel: "On May 29th, novelist Alice Walker issued an open letter calling upon Alicia Keys to cancel her scheduled concert in Israel. The letter has created an immense stir, as those who wish to ignore the situation facing the Palestinians hasten to draw a false wall between the experiences of African Americans under Jim Crow and Palestinians today, attacking Alice Walker's person in the process, in major media outlets including the Wall Street Journal, the Daily News and the New York Post. In signing this letter, we affirm the accuracy of parallels drawn between the experience of African Americans in the U.S. under Jim Crow and Israel’s treatment of Palestinians."

Saturday  6/22/2013

Cameroon: Will the Cameroonian government revise the Herakles Farms contract?  6/22/2013 Palm Watch: "Recent news out of Yaounde suggests that the Cameroonian government plans to review and revise the controversial contract (“Establishment Convention”) that granted the U.S. private investment firm, Herakles Farms, a 73,000 hectare concession in the Southwest Region. According to press agency ECOFIN, the original contract will be nullified and replaced with a new contract. The article, posted below, points to numerous problems with the original contract. This latest development raises a host of questions, including how exactly the government will “nullify” the contract."

Friday  6/21/2013

Le Cameroun annule la première convention signée avec Herakles Farms  6/21/2013 Agence Ecofin 

Thursday  6/20/2013

Snowden’s SnowJob… This is How to identify CIA limited hangout op?  6/20/2013 JONKIRBY2012 

George W. Bush’s Great-Great-Great-Great-Grandfather Was a Slave Trader  6/20/2013 Slate: “You have heard of the noted Beau Walker, an English slave trader of these parts. He arrived at the Isles Du Los [off present-day Guinea] lately in an American Brig being bound to Cape Mount [in present-day northwest Liberia] for slaves. He had scarce arrived at the last place, when exercising his usual barbarities on his officers & crew, they were provoked to conspire against him. As he lay on one of the hencoops a seaman came up & struck him on the breast with a handspike, but the blow being ill directed, did not produce its intended effect and Walker springing up wd soon have sacrificed the mutineer to his fury, had not a boy at the helm, pulling a pistol from his breast, shot him dead on the spot. His body was immediately thrown overboard. Thus ended Walker’s career, an end worthy of such a life. The vessel left Cape Mount, and it is supposed has gone for the Brazils or South Seas. There could not possibly have been a more inhuman monster than this Walker. Many a poor seaman has been brought by him to an untimely end.”

Tuesday  6/18/2013

Sexuality and Gender in Colonialism  6/18/2013 Jadesmg: "Through sexuality and gender roles, certain behaviours could be construed as uncivilised and inappropriate for someone’s position in society. White men were expected to uphold the European standards of masculinity and chivalry and native women were perceived as interfering with this. White women were introduced into the colonial world in order to fulfil a predetermined role, as wives, mothers, and upholders of civil society. Thus, a clear divide was established between the native women, encouraging men into undisciplined and rowdy behaviour, and white women who could save men from becoming too native. Native people of the colonies were also perceived as overtly sexual, conflicting with the European standards of civility and control and seeming to colonialists as lowly, closer in behaviour to that of the animals."

The Strange Case of Barrett Brown  6/18/2013 The Nation: "One of its products, available for a $2.5 million annual subscription, gave customers access to “zero-day exploits”—security vulnerabilities unknown to software companies—for computer systems all over the world. Business Week published a story on Endgame in 2011, reporting that “Endgame executives will bring up maps of airports, parliament buildings, and corporate offices. The executives then create a list of the computers running inside the facilities, including what software the computers run, and a menu of attacks that could work against those particular systems.” For Brown, this raised the question of whether Endgame was selling these exploits to foreign actors and whether they would be used against computer systems in the United States. Shortly thereafter, the hammer came down."

Thursday  6/13/2013

Por que um feminismo negro?  6/13/2013 Blogueiras Negras 

Wednesday  6/12/2013

The Strange History of the Anti-Defamation League - ADL Spies  6/12/2013 CounterPunch 

Tuesday  6/11/2013

Banco de Desarrollo de la Mujer de Venezuela  6/11/2013 America Latina Genera: "Facilitar a las mujeres venezolanas pobres, el acceso a micro-créditos, mejorando sus condiciones de vida. 106.616 micro-créditos, por un monto de 385.668.715,68 millones de bolívares, otorgados a mujeres en condiciones de pobreza. ? Fortalecer y estimular a mujeres productoras y creadoras, en condiciones de pobreza. Impulsar su trabajo en actividades tradicionales y no tradicionales, a través de la capacitación para la formación de cooperativas, crecimiento personal y entrenamiento en la administración de micro-organizaciones de carácter económico solidario. 157.732 mujeres fortalecidas y formadas ? Incorporación de miles de mujeres venezolanas a actividades productivas remuneradas en el sector agrícola, manufacturero, comercial y de servicios. Desagregado por sectores de la economía: 57% Manufactura; 20% Servicio; 12% Agrícola; 11% Comercio. ? Propiciar la organización socio-productiva de las mujeres en sus comunidades, que contribuya al desarrollo económico- social de la nación. 2761 Cooperativas y 307 familias caficultoras beneficiadas ? Reforzar el empoderamiento de las mujeres, incorporando a afrodescendientes e indígenas, así como su multiculturalidad y su condición de clase. Indígena 3,2% + Afro-descendiente 16,5 + Otro Grupo Poblacional: 80,3% = 100%"

Monday  6/10/2013

Dirty Wars and Self-Indulgence  6/10/2013 Lew Rockwell: by Douglas Valentine

Saturday  6/8/2013

U.S., Venezuela to Pursue “More Positive” Relations  6/8/2013 Latin American Herald Tribune: "“We agreed today, both of us, that we would like to see our countries find a new way forward,” Kerry told reporters in Guatemala’s old colonial capital. “To that end, we agreed today there will be an ongoing, continuing dialogue between the State Department and the Foreign Ministry, and we will try to set out an agenda by which we agree on things we can work together,” the secretary said."

Friday  6/7/2013

A look at violence against blacks in Florida  6/7/2013 Herald Tribune, Sarasota: "Dunn himself bought a few acres of land in Rosewood, land where the old railroad depot from which people were rescued once stood. "I wanted to have that piece of Rosewood land protected from private development," said Dunn."

Wednesday  6/5/2013

Colombian President Recognizes Afro-Colombian and Indigenous Program - Afro-Colombian Day Event Highlights USAID Support for Afro-Colombian and Indigenous  6/5/2013 ACDI Voca: "USAID and ACDI/VOCA have worked with ethnic minorities in Colombia for over a decade. The current Afro-Colombian and Indigenous Program (ACIP) is the first stand-alone program developed for the sole purpose of improving the socioeconomic and political inclusion of Afro-Colombians and indigenous people. The project works to strengthen state institutions’ ability to support minorities, enhance advocacy capacities of ethnic organizations, increase minority populations’ access to economic opportunities and publicize positive messages around ethnic minority issues. ACIP is a cooperative agreement awarded to ACDI/VOCA by USAID/Colombia."

Tuesday  6/4/2013

Venezuelan Opposition Give the Game Away on Electoral Fraud Claim  6/4/2013 Venezuela Analysis: "If that statement comes as a surprise, the comments made by Ramon Guillermo Aveledo, executive secretary of the opposition’s MUD coalition, went even further. Of the municipal elections, Aveledo said “we’re going to participate with everything we’ve got” adding that “participating is the best way to show the bias of this power [the CNE]”. He then went on to affirm that “there, where the citizen votes, that vote cannot be substituted, no one changes that vote”."

Sunday  6/2/2013

Venezuelans rally on Calle Ocho to allege fraud in presidential elections  6/2/2013 Miami Hereald 

Saturday  6/1/2013

Miradas del movimiento afrolatinoamericano  6/1/2013 Agencia Latinoamericana de Informacion: 9 articulos, 36 paginas, PDF. Publicado en Ecuador.

NED Annual Report 2012 Colombia  6/1/2013 NED: "Asociacion de Afrocolombianos Desplazados, $42,000. To defend the rights and promote greater attention to the needs of displaced Afro-Colombians. AFRODES will monitor the implementation of Colombia's "Victims' Law" and provide recommendations based on the concerns of displaced Afro-Colombian communities throughout the country. AFRODES will also brief members of its national network about new procedures to seek reparations and the restitution of lands under the Victims' Law."

Gender & Power: Yoruba, Maasai, Igbo  6/1/2013 University of Vermont 

Sunday  5/26/2013

Facebook censors pictures of children rallying against GMOs during global March Against Monsanto  5/26/2013 Natural News: "In one of the most devastating acts of destruction of its own credibility, Facebook engaged in yet more censorship of Free Speech with the suspending of an account that posted a photo of children rallying against Monsanto during today's global March Against Monsanto."

Wednesday  5/22/2013

Land Deals in Africa: Cameroon  5/22/2013 Oakland Institute: Reports on the Herakles palm oil plantations and their devastating social and environmental effects.

Tuesday  5/21/2013

Herakles Farms releases public statement: Operations suspended  5/21/2013 Palm Watch – Africa: "Herakles Farms (also known as SG-SOC in Cameroon) (“Company”), a United States-based agriculture company with operations in Ghana and Cameroon, today, announced that it has suspended work in Cameroon in response to an order it received from the Government of Cameroon’s Ministry of Forestry & Wildlife (MINFOF). The order requests that the Company cease preparing land near its Talangaye nursery, the resumption of activities “being subject to a declaration of public usefulness made to the zone where your entire project is located.” The order comes at a time when the Company’s main activity is the transfer of young trees from the nurseries to their permanent places in the field near the village of Talangaye. The Company had obtained permission to proceed and always has and will comply fully and transparently with government regulations in force. The Company hopes to understand and resolve these actions by the MINFOF."

Afrocolombianos conmemoran hoy su día nacional con foro de paz  5/21/2013 Sierra Maestra: "Los afrocolombianos conmemorarán aquí hoy el Día Nacional de esa población con un foro sobre su papel en la construcción de la paz, en el que participarán el presidente Juan Manuel Santos y el vicepresidente Angelino Garzón. La cita, con sede en la Biblioteca Nacional, unirá a diversas voces de afrodescendientes para hablar sobre el actual proceso entre el Gobierno y las Fuerzas Armadas Revolucionarias de Colombia-Ejército del Pueblo, que sesiona en Cuba desde noviembre de 2012."

Monday  5/20/2013

Graham Fuller, Uncle Ruslan, the CIA and the Boston Bombings  5/20/2013 Voltaire Net 

Saturday  5/18/2013

Why was a Sunday Times report on US government ties to al-Qaeda chief spiked?  5/18/2013 Milfuegos: "FBI whistle-blower Sibel Edmonds was described as "the most gagged person in the history of the United States" by the American Civil Liberties Union. Was the Sunday Times pressured to drop its investigation into her revelations?"

Tuesday  5/14/2013

Venezuela's Election System Holds Up As A Model For The World  5/14/2013 Forbes: "Venezuela employs one of the most technologically advanced verifiable voting systems in the world, designed to protect voters from fraud and tampering and ensure the accuracy of the vote count. Accuracy and integrity are guaranteed from the minute voters walk into the polls to the point where a final tally is revealed. The system Venezuela uses has some of the most advanced and voter-friendly security features in modern elections. Voters use a touch-sensitive electronic pad to make and confirm their choices. After confirmation, the electronic vote is encrypted and randomly stored in the machine’s memories. Voters audit their own vote by reviewing a printed receipt that they then place into a physical ballot box."

Afroautonomía y acción revolucionaria  5/14/2013 JOVENES AFROVENEZOLANOS 

Monday  5/13/2013

Jewish researcher attacks DNA evidence linking Jews to Israel  5/13/2013 Genetic Literacy Project: "Elhaik, who is now a post-doctoral researcher at Johns Hopkins, is recirculating the debunked “Khazarian hypothesis” promoted by journalist Arthur Koestler in his 1976 book, The Thirteenth Tribe, written before scientists had the tools to compare genomes and challenge his conclusion. The Khazarian myth was more recently recycled (to great applause by anti-Israeli activists and some pro-Palestinian groups) in no less convincing form by Israeli French historian Shlomo Sand in The Invention of the Jewish People, published in 2008—a book panned by both historians and geneticists."

State pushes to keep Trayvon Martin's past out of George Zimmerman trial  5/13/2013 WKMG, Orlando: see comments, which are overwhelmingly violent and racist.

Sunday  5/12/2013

Aboga ministra francesa por resarcir a descendientes de esclavos  5/12/2013 Prensa Latina: "La ministra francesa de Justicia, Christiane Taubira, abogó hoy por políticas públicas, entre ellas la entrega de tierras, a los descendientes de esclavos en los territorios de ultramar y África. Interrogada sobre el debate originado aquí en ocasión del Día Nacional de la Abolición de la Esclavitud y la Trata de Personas, la titular consideró que el reconocimiento de estas prácticas como un crimen contra la humanidad es una gran reparación."

Thursday  5/9/2013

In the Wake of Hugo Chávez’s Death: Prospects for Stability and Instability  5/9/2013 Venezuela Analysis: "The organizational liability stems in part from Chávez’s failure to encourage the emergence of any kind of collective leadership or even a second-in-command until his first bout with cancer in 2011. No one in the leadership of the Chavista movement, or in the opposition for that matter, has political capital at all comparable to that possessed by Chávez. That capital stemmed from his display of courage, such as in 1992 when he spearheaded a military coup of middle-level officers against all odds. It was also the product of a general perception that Chávez acted out of personal conviction, as, for instance, in 2001 when he criticized U.S. bombing of Afghanistan on humanitarian grounds, resulting in immediate economic retaliation and threats from the Bush administration. "

Wednesday  5/8/2013

“Moi égal à toi...": Images of Black Women in Revolutionary France  5/8/2013 The World is Robert 

Tuesday  5/7/2013

'Jews a Race' Genetic Theory Comes Under Fierce Attack by DNA Expert - Israeli Scientist Challenges Hypothesis of Middle East Origins  5/7/2013 Forward: "In “The Missing Link of Jewish European Ancestry: Contrasting the Rhineland and the Khazarian Hypotheses,” published in December in the online journal Genome Biology and Evolution, Elhaik says he has proved that Ashkenazi Jews’ roots lie in the Caucasus — a region at the border of Europe and Asia that lies between the Black and Caspian seas — not in the Middle East. They are descendants, he argues, of the Khazars, a Turkic people who lived in one of the largest medieval states in Eurasia and then migrated to Eastern Europe in the 12th and 13th centuries. Ashkenazi genes, Elhaik added, are far more heterogeneous than Ostrer and other proponents of the Rhineland Hypothesis believe. Elhaik did find a Middle Eastern genetic marker in DNA from Jews, but, he says, it could be from Iran, not ancient Judea."

Monday  5/6/2013

DIA DE LA AFROVENEZOLANIDAD  5/6/2013 ARTICULACION REGIONAL AFRODESCENDIENTE: "Movimiento Social Afrodescendiente, conformado por la Red de Organizaciones Afrovenezolanas, Red Afrodescendientes de Venezuela, Cumbe Julián Ibarra, Fundación Orisha Osun, Quilombo y Frente de Mujeres de los Valles del TUY, la comunidad Haitiana (periódico Makandal) y otros colectivos afrodescendientes invitaron a todo el pueblo venezolano a conmemorar el día de la Afrovenezolanidad que se realizara este viernes diez de mayo, a partir de las 8am en la Plaza Bolívar de Caracas y de ahí rumbo al Cuartel de la Montaña, donde reposan los restos mortales del Comandante Hugo Chávez, primer Presidente que en la historia de Venezuela se reconoce como Afrodescendiente."

Quintana identifica tres etapas de la injerencia política de Usaid  5/6/2013 Contrainjerencia: "El ministro de la Presidencia, Juan Ramón Quintana, destacó que las exportaciones de Bolivia a Estados Unidos mejoraron tras la suspensión de la Ley de Promoción Comercial Andina y Erradicación de la Droga (ATPDEA, por su sigla en inglés), que beneficiaba con bajos aranceles a la producción textil del país."

Monday  4/29/2013

America’s Unchecked Security State: Part I: The Toxic Legacy of J. Edgar Hoover’s Illegal Powers  4/29/2013 Asia Pacific Journal: by Peter Dale Scott

America’s Unchecked Security State: Part II: The Continuity of COG Detention Planning, 1948-2001  4/29/2013 Asia Pacific Journal: by Peter Dale Scott

‘Uncle Ruslan’ aided terrorists from CIA official’s home  4/29/2013 Mad Cow: "The uncle of the accused Boston Marathon bombers incorporated, in 1995, a company called the "Congress of Chechen International Organizations." Even as the company was sending aid to Islamic terrorists in Chechnya, its listed address was in the home of former top CIA official Graham Fuller."

Sunday  4/28/2013

AFRICA THE BEAT (trailer), dirigida por Samaki Wanne Collective  4/28/2013 YouTube 

Wednesday  4/24/2013

The Impact of Land Acquisition on Food Sovereignty: Herakles Farms in Cameroon  4/24/2013 Palm Watch Africa: By Jaff Bamenjo, RELUFA, JH Cameroon and Nasako Besingi, Director, Struggle to Economize Future Environment in Cameroon (SEFE)

Los Infocentros democratizan uso de internet y tecnologías de la información  4/24/2013 Veneolana de Television: "Venezuela cuenta con 863 centros / 120 instituciones se han transferido a la comunidad organizada / Los Info Móviles alcanzan 89 por ciento de cobertura territorial. La participación activa de más de 2 mil 500 personas en todo el territorio nacional, prestan servicio de calidad en los 863 Infocentros instalados en el país, “esto permite la democratización de Internet y de las Tecnologías de Información (TIC)”. Así lo afirmó este martes el presidente del proyecto Infocentro, David Parra Parra, en entrevista realizada en el Programa Radial “De primeros en la cola”, transmitido por la Radio del Sur."

Monday  4/22/2013

Filmmaker claims CIA kept innocent man jailed to cover up drug trafficking  4/22/2013 Wired: " has not seen an original copy of Cutolo's affidavit, but has a photocopied version of a Colonel William Wilson's affidavit verifying the facts. Wilson, a well-respected former Green Beret and investigator for the US Army Inspector General, spent five years investigating Cutolo's affidavit, interviewing 200 people including former members of the CIA. Though cannot attest to the authenticity of the document, it appears to have been notarised by an official contracted by the State of Florida."

Tuesday  4/16/2013

The Winner of Venezuela’s Election to Succeed Hugo Chávez Is Hugo Chávez  4/16/2013 The Nation: "During this election, Capriles went even further. He named his campaign team after Simón Bolívar and said he would not only defend the misiones but create new ones. He promised to dramatically increase salaries and pensions and began to work phrases associated with Chávez into his speeches, even copying symbols of the Bolivarian Revolution into his campaign paraphernalia. In other words, the close results of the election can’t be interpreted as a rejection of Chavismo, since Capriles ran promising to consolidate the gains of Chavismo, saying that he, and not Maduro, was be a better executor of Chávez’s legacy. Had he won, Capriles undoubtedly would have quickly reverted to his earlier coup-supporting incarnation and began the dismantling—or at least try to. But the genie let loose by the Bolivarian Revolution won’t be easily put back in the bottle."

Sunday  4/14/2013

Black workers 'banned from Gare du Nord during Israeli president visit'  4/14/2013 Telegraph, UK: "Mr Peres and a delegation of other senior Israelis arrived on a morning train from Belgium, and were greeted by staff from SNCF, France's national railway, and their baggage-handling subsidiary, ITIREMIA. The previous day however, a site manager told all workers at the station about the ban on black staff, and those of North African descent, because they might be Muslim."

Friday  4/12/2013

Israël-discrimination raciale: Honte à Simon Perez, Honte à la France  4/12/2013 Libna News: "Un incident stupéfiant «à caractère raciste», mettant en cause des personnalités israéliennes de premier plan, s’est produit vendredi 8 mars 2013 à 10H30, à la Gare du Nord à bord du train Thalys en provenance de Bruxelles (Belgique) avec à son bord Shimon Perez. A l’arrivée du président israélien, sa délégation israélienne a fait l’objet d’un singulier traitement assuré sur une «base confessionnelle», d’où ont été exclus «Noirs, Arabes, en tout cas de Musulmans». L’accès du train a été interdit au chef de bord qui était noir. La manutention de l’opération avait été confiée à la société Itiremia SAS, une filiale Groupe SNCF, dont le Directeur Général est Sébastien Budillon et le chef de site Patrick Vidal."

Wednesday  4/10/2013

Would You Believe That the United States Tried to do Something That was Not Nice Against Hugo Chávez?  4/10/2013 CounterPunch: "OTI supports the Freedom House (FH) “Right to Defend Human Rights” program with $1.1 million. Simultaneously through Development Alternatives Inc. (DAI), OTI has also provided 22 grants to human rights organizations."

Monday  4/8/2013

Ministro colombiano confirma incorporación de otros guerrilleros de las FARC-EP al diálogo  4/8/2013 CubaDebate: "El fin de semana último se desplazaron cuatro guerrilleros, entre ellos el jefe del Bloque Occidental Pablo Catatumbo. Según entiendo, estaba pendiente la salida de dos más en el área oriental del país, eso debe ocurrir hoy. Pinzón subrayó que desde que el presidente Juan Manuel Santos tomó la decisión de iniciar conversaciones con las FARC-EP se han trasladado a La Habana varios de ellos, en coordinación estricta con la Fiscalía General."

Sunday  4/7/2013

The Political Economy of Race in the Caribbean and the Americas, Norman Girvan  4/7/2013 Norman Girvan: "First published in 1975, this paper argues that the vastly different terms on which Africans, native Americans and Europeans were incorporated into capitalist accumulation in the Americas underlie the concrete forms of embedded racism that continue to be seen in these societies, as well as the ideologies and politics of resistance. Of relevance to the on-going debate over race in the Americas."

Thursday  4/4/2013

WikiLeaks descubre las cinco tácticas antichavistas de la USAID  4/4/2013 CubaDebate: "En un mensaje enviado a Washington en noviembre de 2006, el entonces embajador estadounidense en Venezuela, William Brownfield, cuenta los resultados de su trabajo desde 2004 que tenía cinco objetivos: “1) Fortalecer las instituciones democráticas; 2) Penetrar en la base política de [Hugo] Chávez; 3) Dividir el chavismo; 4) Proteger los negocios vitales de EE.UU.; y 5) Aislar a Chávez internacionalmente”."

Wednesday  4/3/2013

Indígenas violadas narran horrores en jucio contra Ríos Montt  4/3/2013 CubaDebate: "Con los rostros cubiertos con mantos, diez mujeres de la etnia maya ixil testificaron este martes ante una corte de Guatemala los atroces abusos sexuales y torturas que sufrieron a manos de soldados durante el régimen (1982-83) del exdictador Efraín Ríos Mott, procesado por genocidio."

Saturday  3/30/2013

Retienen a viuda de Ojeda Ríos al volver de Venezuela  3/30/2013 CubaDebate: "Elma Beatriz Rosado, viuda del comandante del clandestino Ejército Popular Boricua (EPB-Macheteros) Filiberto Ojeda Ríos, confirmó que estuvo retenida por dos horas por la autoridades federales al volver de Venezuela. Rosado, que regresó la víspera de Caracas, donde participó en el Encuentro Internacional de la Red de Redes en Defensa de la Humanidad, explicó a Prensa Latina que un agente del Departamento de Seguridad Interna de Estados Unidos la escoltó a buscar su equipaje. Durante dos horas estuvieron con los documentos que trajo y su teléfono móvil en otra área fuera de su alcance, expresó Rosado, quien aclaró que en ningún momento fue maltratada pero que tampoco le dieron explicaciones."

Wednesday  3/27/2013

Saving Hugo Chavez  3/27/2013 Babalú: by Herr Otto Reich - "Despite the hostility that characterized the U.S. relationship with Chávez, it is not only false to accuse the United States of killing Chávez, but the truth is that we likely prevented his assassination on more than one occasion. Since, as assistant secretary of state for Western Hemisphere affairs in the George W. Bush administration, I played a part in at least one of those instances, I feel compelled to defend our country once again from the calumnies of our foes and their acolytes by relating just one such incident. While everything herein is the best of my recollection, contemporary State Department records will substantiate the facts."

Tuesday  3/26/2013

'White Student Union' Announces Nighttime Patrols on College Campus  3/26/2013 Alternet: "Founded last year, the White Student Union has stirred significant controversy already. The organization has been labeled a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center. In addition, its founder, Matthew Heimbach (who goes by the title “Commander Heimbach”), and fellow organizer Scott Terry interrupted a minority outreach panel at the Conservative Political Action Conference this month in order to defend slavery, noting that slaveholders provided blacks with food and shelter. Terry later told ThinkProgress that African-Americans “should be allowed to vote in Africa” and he’d be “fine” living in a society where blacks are permanently subservient to whites."

Sunday  3/24/2013

CIA's fingerprints appear in Venezuelan election strife  3/24/2013 Wayne Madsen Report: "Student leaders led by Roderick Navarro have called for the resignation of Defense Minister Diego Molero before the election and banning Chavista civilian militia members from acting as poll watchers. The anti-government activists are attempting to portray the upcoming election as unfair, even though last October's election in which Chavez handily trounced Capriles was deemed free and fair by international election monitors, including the Carter Center led by former President Jimmy Carter."

Thursday  3/21/2013

1963: The year the Israel Lobby Transcended US Law  3/21/2013 AntiWar: by Grant Smith

Thursday  3/14/2013

Bergoglio and the Junta  3/14/2013 CounterPunch: "Bergoglio pressed Argentina’s bishops to come clean, issuing a collective apology in October 2012 for the church’s failure to protect its believers. But such an apology could never single out the military regime itself as an exclusively violent force. Blame also lay with its opponents, the leftist guerrillas. The none-to-subtle suggestion was that those who had disappeared were also to blame for their beliefs. Blood met blood. All had to be condemned. Human rights activists have seen this as a lazy and nasty confection. The dimmer view to take here is that Bergoglio did little as 30,000 people were kidnapped and murdered between 1976 and 1983. An even darker view is to refer to some specific examples of moral complicity that have been dug up."

Wednesday  3/13/2013

How Bush Used PR to Conceal Massive Ethnic Cleansing in Baghdad - The Myth of the Surge  3/13/2013 CounterPunch: "One of the enduring myths of the Iraq War is that George W. Bush’s “surge” of 30,000 US troops into Iraq in 2007, reduced the number of attacks on US troops and effectively defeated the Sunni-led insurgency in Baghdad. This is entirely false. The surge was largely a public relations campaign that was designed to conceal the activities of US-funded and trained Shia death squads that were killing or expelling millions of Sunnis from Baghdad in what turned out to be one the greatest incidents of ethnic cleansing in the modern era."

Tuesday  3/12/2013

15 Benefits of the War on Drugs  3/12/2013 CounterPunch: "14. It creates enormously lucrative opportunities for the large banks — one of the most important real constituencies of the American government — to launder money from drug trafficking. 15. Thanks to major drug production centers like the Golden Triangle of Southeast Asia, the opium industry in Afghanistan, and the cocaine industry in South America, it enables the CIA — the world’s largest narcotrafficking gang — to obtain enormous revenues for funding black ops and death squads around the world. This network of clandestine intelligence agencies, narcotraffickers and death squads, by the way, is the other major real constituency of the American government."

Chavez: Lest We Forget  3/12/2013 CounterPunch: "Rogelio Pardo-Maurer, deputy assistant secretary of defense for western hemisphere affairs, also a Cuban exile and former chief of staff for the Contras, was the Pentagon side of the team. While Reich met with civilian opponents of Chavez and conservative businessman Pedro Carmona, Pardo-Maurer huddled with military leaders, including Gen. Lucas Romero Rincon. Carmona and Rincon would play a key role in the April 11, 2002 coup against Chavez. The National Endowment for Democracy and United States Agency for International Development were also supporting Chavez’s opponents with money and advice, and both organizations have long histories of subversion and covert operations."

Sunday  3/10/2013

Cutting through the propaganda on Chavez funeral  3/10/2013 Milfuegos: from Wayne Madsen Report - "The AP, CNN, and others cherry-picked the attendees at the funeral, pointing to the attendance of Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko without reporting that every major Western Hemisphere nation was represented by their head of state or government except for the United States and Canada. Of course, such a headline would point to the wide chasm between the "gringo" North America, including the United States, Canada, and the mafia-infested Bahamas, and the nations of Latin America and the Caribbean."

Saturday  3/9/2013

Los asesinos de Chávez tienen nombres y apellidos  3/9/2013 Aporrea: "La orden de “matar” a Chávez fue dada públicamente el 17 de noviembre del 2010 por el congresista norteamericano Connie Mack que se hacía entonces el portavoz de la ultraderecha más recia de la Florida - liderada por la representante ultraderechista Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, asociada a la mafia cubanoamericana de Miami responsable de innumerables intentos de asesinato contra el líder cubano Fidel Castro. Esta exhortación a asesinar al líder bolivariano y presidente venezolano Hugo Chávez fue proferida ante cientos de testigos por Mack en el Capitolio de Washington ante participantes a una cumbre fascista, organizada específicamente con el propósito de derrocar a Chávez."

Your Anti-Chávez Corporate Media Decoder Ring  3/9/2013 Trinicenter: "Outspoken — Hugo Chávez was an uppity brown man who talked back to the United States."

50 Truths about Hugo Chavez and the Bolivarian Revolution  3/9/2013 Venezuela Analysis: "President Hugo Chavez, who died on March 5, 2013 of cancer at age 58, marked forever the history of Venezuela and Latin America."

Friday  3/8/2013

Why Hugo Chavez was demonised by Western media  3/8/2013 1804 Carib Voices: "The BBC just said that Venezuela is a dictatorship, and the election will be close between left and right. They missed the irony. The incongruity and imbalance of the Chavez demonisation is ridiculous. Sky News did a five minute piece in which the evidence of him being evil and demented was that he called George Bush a devil and declared the age of imperialism over; he did however reduce poverty and improve housing, they added. I am not sure they left their audience with the same certainty as their presenters that he was a bad thing."

Sen. Warren: Drug Offenders Go to Jail, Big Banks Working for Drug Cartels Go Free  3/8/2013 Common Dreams: "If you're caught with an ounce of cocaine, the chances are good you're gonna go to jail. If it happens repeatedly, you may go to jail for the rest of your life. But evidently if you launder nearly a billion dollars for drug cartels and violate our international sanctions, your company pays a fine and you go home and sleep in your bed at night -- every single individual associated with this. And I think that's fundamentally wrong."

Venezuela and the C'bean after Chavez  3/8/2013 Jamaica Observer: "If Vice-President Nicolás Maduro wins the election, which the Constitution mandates must be held in 30 days, it is doubtful that he will be able to preserve Chavez's legacy of socialism in domestic policy. There is likely to be some moderation in foreign policy and a reduction in resources for friendly governments. We could also see the phasing out of PetroCaribe or the introduction of less generous terms which, no doubt, would have devastating repercussions for the Caribbean already struggling to survive the global economic crisis."

Who Killed Hugo Chavez?  3/8/2013 Mad Cow Morning News: "So, did the CIA ‘give’ Hugo Chavez cancer? No one knows. On the other hand, something is known on a more interesting question: “Could the CIA have given Chavez cancer? There is good evidence, from at least three separate sources, which indicates the Agency has been taking the question of whether they could develop ways to induce cancer very seriously… for the past 50 years."

Venezuela and Jamaica: The Ties that Bind  3/8/2013 Repeating Islands: "Gary Spaulding (The Gleaner) writes that, as the House of Representatives prepared to engage in a lengthy debate on the National Housing Trust (NHT), news arrived that a great friend of Jamaica, who generously used his country’s resources to lift Jamaica’s infrastructural stature in this hemisphere, had taken his last breath. He underlines the consistent help that Hugo Chávez extended to Jamaica and the ties between the two countries through the decades, starting with Simón Bolívar’s dream of Latin American unity and sovereignty, as he articulated in his “Letter from Jamaica.”"

The BBC's 'Bogeyman' Narrative on Hugo Chavez  3/8/2013 Venezuela Analysis: "Kelly writes that Chavez was by turns ‘portrayed as a six-times elected champion of the people or a constitution-fiddling demagogue’, implying that the polarisation of commentary concerning Chavez’s presidency makes it difficult to perceive where the truth lies. Perhaps if Kelly had indulged in the journalistic habit of presenting the bare facts, it might help to dispel such confusion. It is factually accurate to acknowledge that Hugo Chavez was democratically elected six times, also that his base of support was amongst the poor, the vast majority of Venezuelans. The ambiguous claim of ‘constitution-fiddling’ is in line with the speculative approach the BBC has consistently leaned towards in reporting on Venezuelan politics, relying on the hyperbole of the opposition, yet lacking in facts (in a similar vein, the link to the BBC video on Hugo Chavez's life on the BBC website has been updated and is now titled 'Life of people's hero and villain')."

U.S. and Canada Isolated as Latin American Leaders Acknowledge Chávez’s Regional Leadership  3/8/2013 Venezuela Analysis: "In stark contrast with these predictable characterizations and demonization of Chávez in the major media is the response that Chávez’s death has elicited from his peers, fellow presidents from throughout the Americas. Tributes, messages of solidarity and heartfelt condolences came in from Central and South America, reaffirming support for the ideals of regional unity and independence promoted by Hugo Chávez during his 14 years as president of Venezuela. Very few media outlets noted the outpouring of sympathy from Latin American leaders."

Thursday  3/7/2013

EDITORIAL - Life after Chávez  3/7/2013 Jamaica Gleaner: "It is likely that Maduro will win the presidency in an election that must be held in a matter of months. Maduro is no Hugo Chávez. The issue, therefore, is can he hold Chavismo together in the face of a declining economy, spiralling inflation, high crime and an opposition that, in the absence Chávez, is likely to be grow in confidence and, perhaps, support. There is the question, too, of how Chávez's policies in the region, especially his PetroCaribe oil initiative, will fare. This is a matter of importance to Jamaica."

Chávez's Legacy: Building, with People, an Alternative Society to Capitalism  3/7/2013 Venezuela Analysis: "To name that alternative, he also chose to reclaim the word socialism, despite the negative baggage that the word had acquired. At the same time, however, clarifying that his was 21st century socialism in order to distinguish it from Soviet socialism implemented during the 20th century, warning that we must not "fall into the errors of the past," into the "Stalinist deviation" that bureaucratised the party and ended up eliminating common people's protagonism, into state capitalism that put emphasis on state property rather than workers' own management of enterprises. Chávez conceived of socialism as a new collective life in which equality, freedom, and real and deep democracy reign, and in which the people play the role of protagonist; an economic system centred on human beings, not on profits; a pluralistic, anti-consumerist culture in which the act of living takes precedence over the act of owning."

Venezuela With and Beyond Chavez  3/7/2013 Znet: "This article addresses the different approach to social transformation in Venezuela, the idea of revolution as a process and the primacy of the constituent power, which has been developed from below in the form of popular power throughout the country. Chávez was an allay in the construction of people’s power and creative building of a new world. This is the reason that while I am so sad with the passing of Chavez, I am also totally confident about the future of Venezuela. As with the people of Venezuela, I know where the power is. In the neighbourhoods, in the towns, villages and cities, organized together."

Wednesday  3/6/2013

CIA and FBI Had Planned to Assassinate Hugo Chávez  3/6/2013 Global Research: "Now we have a bit more evidence the CIA and the FBI connived with reactionary elements to not only briefly overthrow Chávez, abolish the constitution and the National Assembly, but later assassinate the Venezuelan State Prosecutor, Danilo Anderson. He was killed by a car bomb in Caracas on November 18, 2004, while investigating those who were behind the coup. Giovani Jose Vasquez De Armas, a member of Colombia’s right wing paramilitary group called the United Self-Defense Forces of Colombia, claims he was in charge of logistics for the plot to kill Danilo Anderson. Vasquez De Armas told the Attorney General’s office that those planning the killing, “all discussed the plan with the help of the FBI and CIA.”"

Russian Leader Demands Investigation of Chavez’ Death  3/6/2013 InfoWars: "Russian Communist Party head Gennady Zyuganov today demanded an international investigation into the death of Venezuela’s Hugo Chavez, claiming it was “far from a coincidence” that six leaders of Latin-American countries who had criticized the U.S. simultaneously fell ill with cancer."

Los cojones de Chávez  3/6/2013 Negra Cubana: "Ahí estaba Chávez, cojones en mano (no encuentro otro modo de decirlo), explicándonos sobre su estado de salud. Pero lo que ahorita mismo me hace erizar, es la transparencia y valentía con que este hombre declaró, sin hacerlo, que se iba a morir. Aún en vida, entregó el mando del país a Nicolás Maduro. Por eso, no tengo duda, Chávez sabía que iba a morir. Ibbaé Comandante!"

Latin America After Chávez  3/6/2013 NYT: by Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva - "However, no remotely honest person, not even his fiercest opponent, can deny the level of camaraderie, of trust and even of love that Mr. Chávez felt for the poor of Venezuela and for the cause of Latin American integration. Of the many power brokers and political leaders I have met in my life, few have believed so much in the unity of our continent and its diverse peoples — indigenous Indians, descendants of Europeans and Africans, recent immigrants — as he did."

Why the Black and Poor Loved Hugo Chávez  3/6/2013 The Root: By: Tonyaa Weathersbee - "The news, at least back in the U.S., was that Chávez had shut down RCTV, and the speculation was that in doing so, he was moving the country toward totalitarianism. But the throngs of black and brown Venezuelans who gathered to support him apparently didn't believe that. Nor did they care about the fate of a station that rarely saw them in a positive light or, for that matter, at all. What they cared about was the fate of a leader who not only acknowledged his own black features and heritage but also saw theirs."

Why the Black and Poor Loved Hugo Chávez  3/6/2013 The Root: by Tonyaa Weathersbee - "But in disrupting my breakfast, the crowd also provided me a picture of the Venezuela that I rarely, if ever, saw on television at home. This was a picture that showed the mostly brown and black and poor who viewed Chávez not as a dictator but as a savior. This was the Venezuela that, not unlike the brown and black and poor people in the United States, the media had reduced to invisibility."

Tuesday  3/5/2013

'Chavez was killed by historical enemies of our homeland': Extraordinary claim by Venezuela's vice-president as he kicks out two U.S. diplomats  3/5/2013 AP: "Maduro said 'we have no doubt' that Chavez's cancer, which was first diagnosed in June 2011, was induced by foul play by 'the historical enemies of our homeland,' a phrase Venezuelan officials typically use when referring to the U.S. He compared the situation to the death of the Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat, claiming Arafat was 'inoculated with an illness.' "

Why Chavez More Likely Murdered Than Not  3/5/2013 Fintan Dunne: "Hugo Chavez was suffering from a type of pelvic cancer - likely a "sarcoma" of joints or cartilage. Following his first treatment in mid-2011 and a relapse 18 months later, Dr Kent Sepkowitz speculated --just two months ago-- that: "[Chavez] likely has a year or two or three left—years of more surgeries, more chemo, more radiation if he can tolerate it, and progressive and painful debility." [] That was a well-founded medical judgement - based on the mortality data of a typical 5-year disease prognosis. Which makes the death of Chavez - so soon after his first relapse all the more surprising."

Hugo Chávez dies after battle with cancer  3/5/2013 Trinicenter 

Monday  2/25/2013

Afro-Colombian Solidarity Network Statement of Concern: Recent Increase in Violence Against Afro-Colombian Communities on the Pacific Coast  2/25/2013 TransAfrica: "In anticipation of the upcoming visit of Minister Fernando Carrillo to Washington, DC, the Afro-Colombian Solidarity Network (ACSN) would like to express serious concerns with the current situation facing specific Afro-Colombian communities and leaders. We are especially concerned with recent increase in violence against Afro-Colombian communities on the Pacific coast."

Friday  2/22/2013

The BBQ activists  2/22/2013 FT: "Across Brazil, disgruntled citizens have been using Facebook to organise ‘barbecue protests’ – mass demonstrations-cum-street-parties with cooked meat "

Land Grabbing Looms: New Palm Oil Plantation Threatens Cameroon's Rainforest  2/22/2013 Huff Post: "It seems strange that I should have to travel thousands of miles to Washington, D.C. to get clarity on the fate of my land and community in Cameroon. But Herakles Farms, the American company threatening to destroy an area of rainforest where roughly 14,000 people currently live, myself included, is based here in the U.S."

Friday  2/15/2013

Grupo Niche nuevamente de gira por Estados Unidos  2/15/2013 Sonfonia: "El Grupo Niche de Colombia, inicia formalmente su nueva gira en los Estados Unidos de América, país al cual asiste de forma ininterrumpida desde 1982, cuando su creador Jairo Varela trascendió fronteras."

Wednesday  2/6/2013

¿Por qué sigue preso Oscar López Rivera?  2/6/2013 Noticel: "López Rivera es un preso político que aboga por la independencia de Puerto Rico y que ha permanecido 32 años en cárceles federales. Fue acusado de conspiración sediciosa, un delito por el cual el gobierno de los Estados Unidos impone sentencias máximas de 20 años, precisó la letrada. Esto, por ser identificado como el líder de la Fuerza Armada de Liberación Nacional (FALN), organización basada en Chicago a la cuál se responzabilizó por el bombazo al Fraunces Tavern en Nueva York, hechos en los cuales murieron cuatro hombres, entre otros incidentes. A López nunca se le acusó de participar directamente en la planificación o ejecución del siniestro y tanto él como los demás acusados se negaron a testificar durante el juicio argumentando que eran prisioneros políticos y que no se someterían a la jurisdicción de los tribunales estadounidenses."

Sunday  2/3/2013

A Look at Who Gets Left Out of Black History Month  2/3/2013 Alternet: "We have just celebrated the reelection of our first black president, Barack Hussein Obama. Yet my students have been unable to answer the question, "Who was the first black President in North America?" None thought to mention Jean-Jacques Dessalines, as first head of state of a liberated Haiti. But if we are defining North America as Canada, the U.S. and Mexico (excluding the Caribbean), there is little excuse to be ignorant of the historic figure of Vicente Guerrero, who became Mexico's second president on April 1, 1829. His father, Pedro Guerrero, was an Afro-Mexican and his mother Guadalupe Saldaña, was indigenous."

Friday  2/1/2013

Report: Fact finding mission on Herakles Farms (SGSOC) oil palm plantation project  2/1/2013 Government of Cameroon 

Wednesday  1/30/2013

Rios Montt on Trial for Genocide  1/30/2013 CounterPunch: "Efraín Rios Montt, Guatemala’s former dictator, may yet face the consequences of his actions. Last Monday, Judge Miguel Angel Gálvez announced that both Montt, 86, and José Mauricio Rodríguez Sánchez, another former general, must “stand trial on charges of genocide and crimes against humanity,” Elisabeth Malkin wrote in the New York Times. Her article, in accordance with Times standards, left a few things out, among them the fact that Montt completed coursework at the School of the Americas (SOA) three decades before taking power. (The school is now known as the Western Hemisphere Institute for Security Cooperation, or WHINSEC, but “there are no substantive changes besides the name,” one of its former instructors testified shortly after the rebranding.) His 14 months in charge were brutal, even by the standards SOA grads have set: “an estimated 70,000 unarmed civilians were killed or ‘disappeared;’ hundreds of thousands were internally displaced,” according to Amnesty International. And his “Operation Sofia” was “aimed at massacring thousands of indigenous peasants,” the National Security Archive website explains—and was quite successful, given the 600 Mayan villages it destroyed."

Forced contraception of Jewish Ethopian women is tip of global iceberg  1/30/2013 Guardian: "Should gynaecologists need to be told not to give women contraceptive injections without establishing fully informed consent? Of course not. But that is what has happened in Israel after it was revealed in a report by a women's rights organisation that Ethiopian women have been given injections of Depo-Provera without sufficient understanding of the purpose or side effects of the drug. Some Ethiopian women in transit camps were refused entry to the country if they refused the injection, and others wrongly believed they were being inoculated against disease. While Israeli demographers discuss the need to "preserve a clear and undisputed Jewish majority among Israel's total population", it may seem anomalous that women in the Jewish Ethiopian population are forced or coerced into using this highly effective contraceptive method."

Israel Accused of Sterilizing Ethiopian Jews  1/30/2013 The Nahmias Cipher Report: "Nearly 3-years ago we wrote about the forced sterilization of Ethiopian Jews. At that time we received vociferous denial, charges of being a conspiracy theorist, and from other corners we were accused of being anti-Semitic. Last Sunday, according to Euronews and other outlets, Haaretz newspaper published a letter by “Israel’s health ministry who admitted managing a program to inject female Ethiopian Jewish immigrants with a birth control drug in an effort to reduce their birthrate and control the immigrant population."

Monday  1/28/2013

Un decenio afrodescendiente  1/28/2013 Aporrea: por Jesús Chucho García

Thursday  1/24/2013

Florida Voting Lines Discouraged 201,000 Voters Statewide: Report  1/24/2013 Huff Post 

What The 2012 Election Would Look Like Under The Republicans' Vote-Rigging Plan  1/24/2013 Huff Post: "Republicans have a new strategy for 2016: Change the rules of presidential elections in order to swing the Electoral College in the GOP's favor. On Wednesday, Virginia's Republican-controlled legislature became one of the first to advance a bill that would allocate electoral votes by congressional district. Last week, Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus endorsed pushing through similar proposals in other states with Republican legislative majorities."

Grassroots Activists Speak on Chavez’s Absence: “We’ll Fight Even Harder”  1/24/2013 Venezuela Analysis 

Saturday  1/12/2013

RFK Jr.: Evidence ‘Very Convincing’ Lone Gunman Did Not Kill JFK  1/12/2013 CBS: "He said his father had investigators do research into the assassination and found that phone records of Oswald and nightclub owner Jack Ruby, who killed Oswald two days after the president's assassination, “were like an inventory” of mafia leaders the government had been investigating. He said his father, later elected U.S. senator in New York, was “fairly convinced” that others were involved."

Thursday  1/10/2013

Leaving their chains behind them: Freed slave colonization and emigration  1/10/2013 Daily Kos: "A number of years ago, I was teaching an anthropology course on Cultures of the Caribbean. About a third of the students in my class were of Caribbean ancestry. One day, during a discussion of skin-colorism, and the divisions between Dominicans and Haitians, a student who had formerly been very quiet raised her hand. She stood up in class and announced she was "black," and Dominican. Everyone in class (including me) went into shock. She was very white, northern European looking, with a Dutch surname, and up until that moment none of us had the slightest hint that she was Latina/Dominicana, and certainly no idea she defined herself as black. She then told her story. She was a direct descendent of free American blacks who had been sent, by the Philadelphia Emigration Society, to a place in what is now the Dominican Republic called Samaná. She explained her phenotype by bringing into class photos of her ancestors. The women in the family had out-married with merchant seamen from Europe, and in the space of only a few generations her direct family went from very dark skin color to whiteness. Eventually her family migrated to the U.S. She admitted that her sisters (in NYC) did not want their black ancestry mentioned, and hid it. She, however, not only embraced her heritage, but left school to go to Samaná to do research and meet up with her relatives there, who are black Dominicans in complexion and culture."

Sunday  1/6/2013

El yo militante afro, en Venezuela  1/6/2013 Aporrea 

"There is one safeguard known generally to the wise, which is an advantage and security to all, but especially to Democracies as against despots: suspicion." -- Demosthenes


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