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Letter from Obong Bassey Ekpo Bassey to the Inspector General of the Police 
in the Federal capital of Abuja, Nigeria, 8/27/08.




Cuban Abakuá on AfroCubaWeb

Bassey Ekpo Bassey, the Obong or traditional ruler of the Efik.

Cuban Abakuá fueling a resurgence of traditional Ekpe culture in Cross River Delta, Nigeria - Statement by ‘Iberedem’ Fred Eno Essien, ‘Ukai’ of Ibibioland, and prominent Ekpe leader from Uruan, 1/08  Chief Ekpenyong Eyo Honesty Eyo II, reflects upon the impact that knowledge of Cubban Abakua is having upon Ekpe leaders of the Cross River region, 1/08  Chief Ekong Imona reflects upon the impact of the Cubans in Calabar, 2/08

Ekpo Ekeng, Youth leader of Cobham Town and member of Calabar Mgbe, is interviewed on the recent events in Calabar, 8/08


Ivor Miller

VOICE OF THE LEOPARD: IVOR MILLER talks to NED SUBLETTE, 8/9/07, Afropop Worldwide

Voice of the Leopard, University Press of Mississippi, 2008, by Ivor Miller

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