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Artist in Residency Programs

About the music & dance



Los Afortunados, established in 1985, is an ensemble of musicians and dancers who perform Afro-Cuban folklore as it is practiced in New York today. They are seasoned, dedicated artists who are eager to share their love of the spirit and beauty of this music and dance. Born from the marriage of African, Native American and European traditions, Afro-Cuban culture has had a profound influence on Los Afortunados, and is an integral part of the lives of the members of this group - most of whom are participants in the Afro-Caribbean ritual community.

Los Afortunados' skills have been learned in a variety of ways including: Rumbas and Bembes (secular and ritual celebrations), workshops, and NEA and NYSCA sponsored apprenticeships with acknowledged masters of the traditions. In the spirit of these traditions, they share the same opportunities with others who wish to learn and participate in this rich and exciting cultural experience. Los Afortunados, which functions like an extended family, includes members who range in age from teenagers to senior citizens whose backgrounds are Cuban, Puerto Rican, Nuyorican, Afro-American and Euro-Americans.

Los Afortunados' repertoire incorporates folkloric dances and is derived from the syncretism of Spanish, African and American cultures. They sing in Spanish, English and several African diasporic dialects. Their shows' tantalizing rhythms, dazzling choruses and stunning movements bring audiences to their feet: hips swaying and voices raised.

Los Afortunados have appeared at festivals, night clubs, museums, schools and ritual gatherings. They have presented folkloric programs in varied formats and venues including; the Philadelphia Folk Festival, SOBs, The Museum of Natural History and Nassau Community College. Under the aegis of CityLore and The Arts Connection, Los Afortunados have performed at more than thirty New York City public Schools and parks. Artist-in-residencies include concerts, workshops and lecture/demonstrations which introduce traditional Afro-Cuban music and dance to thousands of young people. The question most often asked by both students and teachers is: "Where can we learn more of this?!"

For booking information contact:                         

F. Sanabria
287 St. Pauls Ave. #2
Staten Island, N. Y. 10304
P. Ballan Associates
336 East 67th Street
New York, N.Y. 10021
Fax: 288-5718

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