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Tour Schedule

Village Voice Review

Introducing Afrocuba de Matanzas

Chicago TribuneReview

Contacting the Tour Management

Cuba y Puerto Rico
Together On Tour: Fall 1998

Dos Alas ~ Two Wings
Afrocuba de Matanzas and Los Hermanos Cepeda

An unforgettable night of Cuban Rumba, Puerto Rican bomba and more. Two legendary ensembles share the concert stage: Afrocuba de Matanzas & Los Hermanos Cepeda.

Available for concerts & residencies: Fall 1998

City Lore's Dos Alas/Two Wings project derives its theme from a well loved poem - Cuba y Puerto Rico - written more than a century ago, in which Puerto Rico and Cuba are depicted as two wings of the same bird. One hundred years later, this metaphor comes alive as Dos Alas/Two Wings brings the cultural and historical ties between Cuba and Puerto Rico into focus through a virtuosic program of Afro-Cuban rumba and Afro-Puerto Rican bomba.

The historic project brings together selected members of two widely celebrated vocal, percussion and dance ensembles: Grupo Afrocuba De Matanzas From Cuba and Los Hermanos Cepeda from Puerto Rico. The project, which has been supported by grants from the Lila Wallace-Reader's Digest Arts Partners Program, Meet the Composer International Creative Collaborations program and the National Endowment for the Arts, began with a month-long residency in New York City in October 1996 featuring concerts, master classes, workshops, lecture-demonstrations, block parties and more. This overwhelmingly successful program is now available for touring throughout the U.S. in Fall 1998.

Concert programs consist of Afro-Cuban rumba and Puerto Rico's African-based bomba -- living traditions that are rooted in West African music, dance and spiritual beliefs, blended with indigenous and Euro-Iberian influences. They are quintessentially Puerto Rican and Cuban, born out of the social, historical, economic and cultural conditions of their own soil. Bomba and rumba shape the lives of their practitioners and are constantly evolving even as their roots grow stronger and deeper.

Los Hermanos Cepeda and Grupo Afrocuba De Matanzas will close out each concert in the Grand Finale tradition-- performing together in a Rumbombazo - a spontaneous, sizzling combination of rumba and bomba in which the Cubans and Puerto Ricans play and dance their own and each other's traditions.

In addition to concerts, Dos Alas/Two Wings has a strong focus on professional interaction among touring artists and local practitioners -- bringing them together in workshops and master classes.

Lecture/demonstrations and informal activities between the touring artists and local communities are also available. For more information on the tour and date availability, please contact the Tour Management.

Village Voice Review

"When it comes to music and dance, the homeland is Africa and the New World explodes with sassy virtuosic variations. Dos Alas unites for the first time the best of the raucous traditions of Puerto Rican bomba and Cuban rumba. It culminates in `Rumbombazo,' an unprecedented cocktail of rumba, bomba and plena. Loose-limbed, knees buckling, torsos vibrating, dancers challenge each other, isolating hips, head, shoulders and knees in eruptions of libidinous energy."

Contacting the Dos Alas Tour Management

Ann Rosenthal
MultiArts Projects & Productions
155 Avenue Of The Americas, 14th Fl
New York, NY 10013
FAX: 212-366-1778

Dos Alas/Two Wings '98 Tour Schedule

Call presenters for time and ticket prices


6 or 7 Arrive Chicago  
8-14 Residency, Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago 312 397-3893
15-16 Open  
17-19 Institute of Arts, Duke Univ, Durham, NC
Reynolds Theatre - concert 9/18
Centerfest Festival - concert 9/19
919 660-3356
20-24 NYC Residency
Boy's Harbor Master Classes 9/20-9/23
Concerts: 9/15 & 9/24, African Spirituality in Cuba
212 529-1955
25 Concert: World Music Institute, Symphony Space, NYC 212 545-7536
26-28 Residency: The Artists' Collective, Hartford, CT
Concert: 9/27
860 527-3205
29-30 Residency:  Keene State College, Keene, NH
Concert: Redfern Arts Center, Brickyard Pond, Keene, NH  9/30
603 358-3205


3-5 Residency: School of Arts, Montclair State Univ., Upper Montclair, NJ.
Concert:  Memorial Auditorium, Upper Montclair 10/3
               Mary   Burch Theatre, Essex County
               Community College, Newark
973 655-5224
5 "Rumbombazo" Show & Dance Party, SOB's, NYC
Free rumba and dance lessons before the show
212 243-4940
6-9 NYC Residency: Boy's Harbor Master Classes 212 529-1955
12-14 Residency: Kohler Center, Sheboygan WI
Concert: 10/14
920 458-6144
16-21 Residency: CIC Percussion, Cincinnati, OH
Concerts; 10/16, 10/17  Raymond Walters College, Blue Ash, OH
513 221-2222
23-25 DanceAfrica Festival: Columbia College, Chicago, The Auditorium Theatre 312 989-1250
25-29 Residency, Detroit Institute of Arts & Community Organizations
      Concert 10/29 Detroit Institute of Arts
313 833-9804
30-1 Residency: Pittsburgh Dance Council, Pittsburgh, PA
Concert: 10/31 & 11/1 Byham Theatre
412 355-0330



3-5 Residency, Flynn Theater, Burlington, VT
Concert: 11/4
802 652-4500
7-8 Residency: World Music, Cambridge, MA
Concert: Sanders Theater 11/8
617 876-4275
9-14 Residency: Washington Performing Arts Society, Washington, DC
Concert: Lisner Auditorium, 11/14
202 833-9800
16 Concert: Southern Oregon University 541 552-6461
18-19 Humboldt State Univ. Arcata, CA
Concert: Van Duzer Theatre, 11/19
707 826-4411
21-23 Residency: La Peña, Berkeley, CA
Concert: Calvin Simmons Theatre, Oakland, 11/21
510 849-2215
24 Tour Ends; groups return home from San Francisco.  

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