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Booking Franciso Aguabella's Latin Jazz Ensemble


Islas: Aguabella de Enrique Collazo, 12/06

Francisco Aguabella
& his Latin Jazz Ensemble

Francisco Aguabella is another distinguished alumnus of Matanzas, which he left in the '50s at the invitation of Catherine Dunham.  A virtuoso percussionist, Aguabella lives today in the LA area and has his own Latin Jazz Ensemble.

A short video on Aguabella appeared a couple of years back on Public Telivision.  With all his years in the US and his polished career, Aguabella plainly still has a vital connection with AfroCuban culture. In the course of that career, he has worked with the following artists:

Tito Puente: Recorded the album "on the Bridge" in New York.

Don Ellis: Recorded for movie soundtrack of "French Connection II",

Central Fox Studio, Los Angeles, California.

Hugh Masakela: Recorded album "Reconstruction" in Los Angeles, California.

"MALO": The original group with George Santana and Francisco Aguabella. Recorded three albums and toured in concerts all over the United States & Hawaiian Islands.

"Weather Report": Performed in concert, recorded and toured Indianapolis and New York.

Cal Tjader: Performed and recorded the Santa Barbara Jazz Festival, Santa Barbara, California.

Dizzy Gillespie and Machito: Monterey Jazz Festival, Monterey, California.

Frank Sinatra: Recorded and performed in concert at Ceasar's Palace, Las Vegas, Nevada.

Carlos Santana: Recorded, performed in concert on tour in Canada.

Louie Bellson and Walfredo De Los Reyes: Recording of album "Ecue Ritmos Cubanos" with Pablo Records, Sun West Studios, Los Angeles, California

Francisco Aguabella Latin Jazz Ensemble: "H2O" on OLM Records, his most recent release.

Nancy Wilson: Recorded for filming of her NBC Television Special in Los Angeles, California.

Lalo Schiffrin: Recording of movie soundtrack "CHE" for Tetragrammation Records in Beverly Hills, California.

Jazz Crusaders: Recording

May 29, 1998                                                                                             For Immediate Release


The Francisco Aguabella Latin Jazz Ensemble combines the smooth sound of Jazz with the electrifying rhythms of Afro-Cuban music to form a unique and versatile sound.  They add an exciting twist to Latin Jazz, with their use of a combination of Afro-Cuban music, Yoruba, and Son.  The Francisco Aguabella Latin Jazz Ensemble has something for everyone, as they fuse Latin Jazz with the rhythmic power of Afro-Cuban drumming, the clever creativity and spontaneity of Son, and the familiar swing of Salsa.

"H2O" the latest recording by the Francisco Aguabella Latin Jazz Ensemble majestically intertwines a medley of various Afro-Cuban rhythms.  In addition to Latin Jazz, "H2O" continues to include a skillful dose of Afro-Cuban style with a complimentary dose of  Salsa.  "H2O" provides the creative mixture that defines The Francisco Aguabella Latin Jazz Ensemble.

 The Francisco Aguabella Latin Jazz Ensemble is led by Francisco Aguabella, a "virtuoso" percussionist who has performed, collaborated, and/or recorded with such legendary artists as Tito Puente, Clarlos Santana, Poncho Sanches, Mongo Santamaria, Frank Sinatra, Dizzy Gillespie, Eddie Palmieri and Machito just to name a few.  The rest of the members of The Francisco Aguabella Latin Jazz Ensemble are a group of exceptional musicians who's backgrounds are just as impressive.

The Francisco Aguabella Latin Jazz Ensemble delivers a sound rich in Latin Jazz, illuminated with the authenticity of the Afro-Cuban element.  They are now performing at various venues within Los Angeles and beyond.  Be on the look out for the Francisco Aguabella Latin Jazz Ensemble for they will be coming to a venue near you.   So come on out, enjoy the show and prepare to be swept away.


Agua De Cuba Cubop Records
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Hitting Hard
aguabellaHit.gif (19330 bytes)
Cubop Records
1. Ramon's Desire (Original Mix)
2. Casa Fuerte
3. Headstrong
4. Don't Let Them Fool You
5. Afro-Nue
6. I Wanna Know
7. Anna Maria
8. Fantasy
9. Image Of A Star
10. Cisco
11. Desire (Alternate Mix-Previously Unreleased)

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Feb. 24 Francisco Aguabella, John Santos The Fillmore, San Francisco 8 PM, $14.50
Feb. 25-26 Francisco Aguabella Mr. E's, Berkeley 8:30 & 10:30 PM PM, $15


April 29 Elbo Room, San Francisco 10 PM, $7
April 30 Mr. E's, Berkeley 9:00 PM
May2 Fuel 44, San Jose 4:00 PM, $10
June 10 The Warfield, San Francisco  

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