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Alberto JonesCuba: Pink to Pink
Led by Dr. Alberto Jones, 10/10/15 - 10/17/15

Cancer is a widespread, devastating illness, which until the recent past, was synonymous with death. Improved diet, preventive medicine, high-tech equipment, third generation medicines, worldwide research and greater understanding of its pathogenesis, is gradually turning this malady into a chronic ailment. These advances in knowledge have increased the number of survivors, many of whom need our moral, psychological, and material support to improve their quality of life.

Our group will be visiting healthcare facilities and meeting with survivors in Havana, Cienfuegos, and Trinidad, which will give us an opportunity to learn how the Cuban healthcare system works and is able to serve its people with limited resources. We can bond, share experiences and mitigate the suffering.

Caribbean American Children Foundation seeks donations of medical supplies for cancer survivors, 4/2015

Letter from a cancer survivor, 3/15

Dear Friends,

Like millions of women before me, when I was told by my physician that I had breast cancer my
world stopped. Fortunately I had access to wonderful physicians, nurses, hospital settings,
chemo, radiation, third generation medicines, psychological support, prosthesis, special bra,
wigs, creams and much more.

This personal tragedy led me to think about other women in poor areas of the world and in my
. own country Cuba, where many of the post medical treatment and supplies are not readily
available, compounding the trauma of these survivors.

Since then, Ihave been collecting all unwanted, usable prosthesis, bra, wigs, medicine and
medical supplies, that will be donated to less fortunate survivors. With your help, we will be
able to minimize the pain, suffering and anxiety of those who have already lost so much.
Please help us with your tax deductible material donations or cash, to mitigate their suffering.
Please accept our sincere gratitude for your support.


Silvya Jones


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