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Ambos Mundos

Ambos Mundos was founded at the end of 1995 in Havana with the aim of providing a wide overview of Cuban culture.
Its activities include various different types of music wich are the main work area of the band :  the son, salsa, rumba, bolero, cha-cha-cha…

Its theatre activities are based mainly upon Afro-Cuban legends and poetry in Spanish and French, with a repertoire suitable for both adults and children. Ambos Mundos also carries out pluri-disciplinary educational courses (singing, dancing, instruments) and provides talks on Cuban culture.
To realise its ambitious projects, Ambos Mundos can call upon the services of the following:

Tania Nerfin (vocal lead)
Eduardo Jímenez (tres & trumpet)
Reynaldo Zayas (guitar & voice)
Alfredo Somoza (contrabass & voice)
David Nerfin (percussion & voice)

In spite of its short life, Ambos Mundos has the following track-record:

- more than 400 concerts (both in Cuba and in European countries)
- several radio and TV programmes (La Premičre and Couleur 3 in Switzerland, radio Taďno in Cuba, etc.)
- 5 CDs 

from their website:


[not currently on tour]




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David Nerfin, Phone:  (+41) 76 330 48 74.



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