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Ancestors: authors from the past
see also musicians from the past and giants from the past

Cuba Juan René Betancourt: author, activist Lydia Cabrera: ethnologist, author of numerous books on AfroCuban religions
  Walterio Carbonell: historian, author of "Cómo se forjó la cultura nacional" Jesús Cos Causse: poet
  Pedro Deschamps: historian  
Nicolas Guillén: poet Joel James: ensayista, investigador
Inés María Martiatu Terry: Investigadora Teatral y Narradora Leida Oquendo: anthropologist
Fernando Ortiz: ethnologist, author of numerous books on Afrocuban culture Reynaldo Peñalber: Havana: journalist - 1999
  Alberto Pedro: actor, playwright Gustavo Urrutia: journlist, 1881-1958
Caribbean Eugene Godfried: Guantanamo & Curacao: journalist, community activist, radio broadcaster
US Manning Marable: Columbia University Lorenzo Turner: 1890-1972: linguist and africanist, studied Gullah as well as languages in Cuba, Brazil, and Africa
Robert F.Williams: 1925-1996: revolutionary, first president of the Republic of New Africa, ran Radio Free Dixie from Havana Mark Q. Sawyer: UCLA
Africa Kwame Ture (Stokely Carmichael) 1941 - 1998: US revolutionary, buried in Guinee, strong ties to Cuba

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