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Andrea QueeleyAndrea J. Queeley

Andrea Jean Queeley, Ph.D., is Associate Professor of Anthropology in the Department of Global & Sociocultural Studies in the Steven J. Green School of International and Public Affairs at Florida International University. Dr. Queeley is also Associate Professor in the African and African Diaspora Studies Program.

Dr. Queeley's research interests include Caribbean migration, Cuba, African diaspora, race, social inequality, black popular culture, and anthropological fieldwork. Specifically, her research concerns African diasporic subject formation, migration, and the negotiation of globalized structural inequalities. Situating these processes within the specificities of national and international political moments, she explores questions of social hierarchy and diversity within the African diaspora. She is particularly interested in the social and economic conditions under which racialized subjects assert their cultural identities and how such assertions shift over time.

Dr. Queeley has conducted research in eastern Cuba among people of English-speaking Caribbean descent in which she explores narratives of jamaicano identity and the reemergence of Anglophone Caribbean institutions during Cuba's Special Period. She has also conducted research in the urban United States and is intrigued by the extent to which racialized categories are disrupted and/or reinforced by the globalization and mass consumption of multi-rooted black popular culture. Thus, in addition to forthcoming chapters on West Indian Cuban cultural citizenship and negotiating racial and national identity in the field, she has published work exploring the social context in which recurrent images in mainstream hip hop culture are disseminated. --

Rescuing Our RootsRescuing Our Roots: The African Anglo-Caribbean Diaspora in Contemporary Cuba, Hardcover – November 10, 2015
by Andrea J. Queeley

“Provides invaluable insight into the histories and lives of Cubans who trace their origins to the Anglo-Caribbean.”—Robert Whitney, author of State and Revolution in Cuba: Mass Mobilization and Political Change, 1920–1940

“Adds a missing piece to the existing literature about the renewal of black activism in Cuba, all the while showing the links and fractures between pre- and post-1959 society.”—Devyn Spence Benson, Davidson College.

In the early twentieth century, laborers from the British West Indies immigrated to Cuba, attracted by employment opportunities. The Anglo-Caribbean communities flourished, but after 1959, many of their cultural institutions were dismantled: the revolution dictated that in the name of unity there would be no hyphenated Cubans. This book turns an ethnographic lens on their descendants who—during the Special Period in the 1990s—moved to “rescue their roots” by revitalizing their ethnic associations and reestablishing ties outside the island.

Based on Andrea J. Queeley’s fieldwork in Santiago and Guantánamo, Rescuing Our Roots looks at local and regional identity formations as well as racial politics in revolutionary Cuba. Queeley argues that, as the island experienced a resurgence in racism due in part to the emergence of the dual economy and the reliance on tourism, Anglo-Caribbean Cubans revitalized their communities and sought transnational connections not just in the hope of material support but also to challenge the association between blackness, inferiority, and immorality. Their desire for social mobility, political engagement, and a better economic situation operated alongside the fight for black respectability.

Unlike most studies of black Cubans, which focus on Afro-Cuban religion or popular culture, Queeley’s penetrating investigation offers a view of strategies and modes of black belonging that transcend ideological, temporal, and spatial boundaries.

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Andrea Queeley on Feminism and the bell hooks beef with Beyoncé

Unique African Studies Master's At FIU Faces Two Threats: Stubbornly Low Enrollment — And COVID-19  5/28/2020 WLRN: "In this Florida International University graduate elective examining the societies and cultures of the Caribbean, professor Andrea Queeley and her small group of students relate the hatred that motivated that long-ago violent episode to the prejudices that persist in the island region and here in South Florida today: Bias against people of African descent, people with darker skin, people who speak Creole."

Expertos analizan el futuro de Cuba en conferencia de FIU  2/27/2015 Nuevo Herald: "En la sesión plenaria del evento, organizado por el Instituto de Estudios Cubanos, se presentaron investigaciones sobre distintos aspectos del tema racial en Cuba, eje central del evento. La historiadora de la Universidad de Nueva York, Ada Ferrer, ofreció una relectura de la figura de José Antonio Aponte –condenado a la horca por encabezar una rebelión abolicionista en los inicios del siglo 19–, mientras el también historiador Alejandro de la Fuente, profesor de la Universidad de Harvard, analizó los aportes del Grupo Antillano y su posterior olvido en la historia cultural del país. Andrea Queeley y Danielle Clealand, ambas profesoras de FIU, presentaron algunas conclusiones sobre sus trabajos de investigación en Cuba acerca del prejuicio racial y la conciencia de la negritud, respectivamente. Otros paneles que discutieron el tema abordaron la problemática racial desde el movimiento de los derechos civiles en Cuba, la integración social, la identidad nacional, la literatura, el cine y la rumba, entre otros."

Expertos analizan el futuro de Cuba en conferencia de FIU  2/26/2015 Nuevo Herald: "Andrea Queeley y Danielle Clealand, ambas profesoras de FIU, presentaron algunas conclusiones sobre sus trabajos de investigación en Cuba acerca del prejuicio racial y la conciencia de la negritud, respectivamente."

Hip Hop and the Aesthetics of Criminalization  2/2/2011 Taylor & Francis: by Andrea Queeley

Transforming Anthropology and J. of Iberian & Latin American Research special issues on Cuba  12/21/2010 Ethno Cuba: "For those who missed it, in 2008 Transforming Anthropology: Journal of the Association of Black Anthropologists had a two-part special issue on Cuba, vol. 16 no. 1 (April 2008) and no. 2 (October 2008). There are a total of eight short articles by colleagues like Marc Perry, Kaifa Roland, Andrea Queeley, and Amelia Rosenberg Weinreb (click in the links provided for full table of contents)."

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