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Florida Resistance

There is a growing movement against the GOP white supremacist tactics on display in Florida. We are tracking the news and the  organizations and people involved.

DeSantis and his Cuban American allies really got the ball rolling with their AntiWoke legislation: HB7 ('Anti-W.O.K.E') and Cuban American Republicanismo

White Supremacy and Miami Cubans
La Supremacia Blanca y los Cubanos de Miami

The Dems also have serious problems, including a history of catering to the same Ibero-Cubans in Miami who have allied themselves with DeSantis. This is shown up by the fact that DeSantis's Commissioner of Education Manny Diaz Jr's father was Manny Diaz, Democratic mayor of Miami. The only in-person appearance of Biden - Harris in South Florida during the 2020 campaign was in front of Ibero-Cubans and Venezuelans.

After the 2020 Democratic rout in Florida, the Dems selected Nicki Fried as their new party chairperson. As Commissioner of Agriculture, she had routinely OK'd sugar burns by the old Cuban plantocracy, the Fanjuls of Domino Sugar, who employ KKK David Duke's ex-wife. These burns emitted smoke that went over poor black towns in Central Florida, where there were a number of complaints that they caused illnesses and deaths. Nikki Fried was frequently taken to task for this and does not have ignorance as an excuse.


Teachers Angry With Black History Standards Descend on Florida School Board  8/16/2023 Newsweek: "Marvin Dunn organized the protest, according to Deutsch. According to his profile on X, formerly Twitter, Dunn is a progressive Democrat and former naval officer-turned-historian and author who has been published extensively for his study of African history."

‘Academic bomb in our community’: Black leaders decry Florida’s African American history standards  8/10/2023 Politico: "Black elected officials, religious leaders, educators and community members railed against Florida’s controversial new standards for teaching African American history Thursday evening at a town hall in Miami that was supposed to feature the DeSantis administration’s top education official. Instead, Education Commissioner Manny Diaz Jr. chose not to attend the event after initially agreeing to appear, an absence that became a focal point for critics of Florida’s standards that drew national attention over requiring educators to instruct students that “slaves developed skills which, in some instances, could be applied for their personal benefit.”"

Florida Quakers Give Away Hundreds of Black History Books Removed from School Libraries  8/9/2023 The Messenger: "A group of Florida Quakers protested the state’s decision to pull certain Black history books from some school districts by giving away hundreds of the books to community members. The DeLand Quaker Church originally hoped to collect 100 books to distribute among community members. They ended up receiving close to 500, in addition to financial donations, which they passed out during a rescheduled Juneteenth event late last month."

Black fraternity pulls convention and its ‘projected $4.6M impact’ out of Florida over ‘harmful, racist policies’  8/6/2023 NY Post: "Alpha Phi Alpha will continue to support the strong advocacy of Alpha Brothers and other advocates fighting against the continued assault on our communities in Florida by Governor Ron DeSantis.” APAF is part of a coalition of groups pushing back against DeSantis’ policies."

Black sororities, fraternities are opposing Florida's 'appalling' curriculum changes  8/5/2023 USA Today: ""I don't think that the the folks who are creating these policies really understand how the blowback from this will occur, in terms of the activism that will be generated from our college students to activism that will be generated from our alumni members. ... This is in our DNA of fighting and winning and we will fight and win," said Lawrence Ross, Alpha Phi Alpha member and author."

Residents protest new African American history standards outside DCPS headquarters  8/1/2023 Action News Jax: "Kelly Frazier, President of the Northside Coalition of Jacksonville, expressed her concerns about the new standards: “It’s an atrocity to believe that they can try to change history and teach it to our children. This is not what life is about. This is not what education should be about, it should definitely be about truths.” One particular sentence in the new standards that ignited outrage reads, “How slaves developed skills which, in some instances, could be applied for their personal benefit.”"

‘Stay Woke Florida’ protest rolling through the River City Monday  6/18/2023 News4Jax: "The tour is hosted by three advocacy groups: the Florida NAACAP, the Transformative Justice Coalition, and the Rainbow PUSH Coalition."

NAACP Florida chapters recommend travel advisory amid DeSantis policies  3/23/2023 News4Jax: "At its statewide conference in Orlando, member organizations of the Florida NAACP voted unanimously to recommend that the national NAACP board issue a nationwide travel advisory against moving or visiting the Sunshine State. The move was in response to several items that have become central to Gov. Ron DeSantis’ agenda — who is heavily rumored to be preparing a presidential run in 2024. Much of his administration’s public focus has been attacking diversity, equity and inclusion initiatives. That, in-part, led to the travel advisory vote, according to NAACP Jacksonville chapter president Isaiah Rumlin."

Tiny College Hijacked by Woke-Obsessed DeSantis Saddles Up to Fight Back  2/19/2023 Daily Beast: “A few alumni and I were on a text thread talking about it, then started a Slack thread, then started having meetings over Zoom, and talking about what was happening,” New College alumnus Julia Daniel, a professional community organizer, told The Daily Beast. This growing army quickly got in touch with students they saw “rising up, fighting back.” And the movement has grown. From helping students manage media requests, to raising over $120,000, to pondering legislative and legal strategies, or even just sending pizza to campus, a group of hundreds have teamed up over social media channels and weekly town hall meetings to pool their strengths and go to battle with Florida’s highest powers... The trustees include a Trump-allied professor, an editor for the far-right Claremont Institute, and Christopher Rufo, one of the key figures behind the misleading right-wing backlash against Critical Race Theory—a long-established academic framework which acknowledges systemic racism. Rufo has also advocated abolishing diversity initiatives and has made fun of at least one trans New College student concerned about her own place and safety at the school."

Shevrin Jones says protests against Ron DeSantis represent ‘intersectionality’  2/18/2023 Florida Politics: "A state Senator from Florida is taking his argument against Ron DeSantis‘ war with the College Board to the national stage. Shevrin Jones told MSNBC viewers Saturday morning that the battle against the Governor’s rejected African American Studies Advanced Placement course proposal illustrates true “intersectionality,” a logical response to what he and other Democrats see as DeSantis’ latest attempt to whitewash inconvenient history for political ends."

Here's What Black Scholars Have To Say About The AP African American Studies Backlash  2/17/2023 The Root: "Dr. Michael Ralph, Chair "of Howard’s Afro-American Studies, echoes Jeffries’ concerns about the absence of Crenshaw and other Black feminist and intersectional scholarship and movement work in the course. “Crenshaw’s concept of intersectionality is one of the most important and most influential contributions to social science and social theory we have yet seen,” says Dr. Ralph. Getting rid of these intersectional voices, especially the voices of LGBTQ+ and women Black scholars who might be considered controversial, is a massive loss, says Howard Professor Jo Von McCalester."

Al Sharpton joins Black Democrats to rally against Gov. DeSantis  2/16/2023 Miami Times: "Led by the Rev. Al Sharpton, members of the Florida Legislative Black Caucus marched with protesters to the state Capitol to condemn Gov. Ron DeSantis for what they framed as attacks on African American history and other controversial topics in the state."

Rev. Al Sharpton Is Coming Hard For Florida's Ron DeSantis and His Racist Bullsh*t  2/16/2023 The Root: "Though Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has set his sights on erasing Black history from statewide curriculum, Black folks refuse to take this lying down. Hundreds of Black preachers, activists and legislators protested on Wednesday, February 15 with a march from Bethel Missionary Baptist Church in Tallahassee to the Capitol building."

Kimberlé Crenshaw calls changes to AP African American studies class ‘a shame’  2/15/2023 The Hill: "“Intersectionality is a uniting framework. People seek common cause with each other,” Crenshaw said. “So the reality is that Black people are not just straight, they’re not just men, they’re not just middle class.” “When we expand our understanding of Black reality to include the way the patriarchy, homophobia, class shapes our reality so we can better transform it, it means that we have connections with other movements and other people,” Crenshaw told Sharpton. “And that is exactly why they’re trying to force us to give up intersectionality and that’s why it’s a shame that the College Board went along with it.”"

Trump and DeSantis take up sinister Nazi playbook  2/15/2023 Miami Times: by Reginald J. Clyne, Esq. - "Trump Republicans have admitted to adopting the propaganda tactics of Nazi Germany. And if you don’t think that these attacks are insidious, dangerous and terrifying, then we may end up like the Jews of that era."

Alarmed by DeSantis, Black leaders protest and prepare for 2024  2/15/2023 WaPo: "“And now he’s against the AP African American class,” said Ben Frazier, 72, founder of the Northside Coalition of Jacksonville, which has pushed for the removal of Confederate memorials in public spaces. “We see it as an attack on Blacks.” Frazier’s group offered $50 gas cards to help Duval County residents get to Tallahassee for Wednesday’s rally. He argued that DeSantis “is trying to turn back the hands of time in terms of the achievements of the civil rights movement” — which played out in cities including Tallahassee, where protesters held sit-ins and a bus boycott over racial segregation in the 1950s and '60s."

Jacksonville faith leaders & Northside Coalition traveling to Tallahassee for rally at Capitol  2/14/2023 News4Jax: "The Rev. Al Sharpton — as well as Jacksonville faith leaders, including Bishop Rudolph W. McKissick Jr., senior pastor of the Bethel Church in Jacksonville, will make the trip as keynote speakers. McKissick has previously spoken out about the administration’s move. “Tell me why you think this has no value for those going to college. Tell me. What are you afraid your children are going to discover about the history of this country?” McKissick told News4JAX in January. Ben Frazier, of the Northside Coalition of Jacksonville, spearheaded a motorcade of a few dozen people Wednesday that left from the intersection of Laura and State streets in Jacksonville around 7 a.m. They were headed to the demonstration in Tallahassee."

Miami Black leaders apologize to Gov. Ron DeSantis after a member called him racist  2/5/2023 Fox News: "Black leaders in Miami apologized to Florida Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis after one of its members called him a racist. Pierre Rutledge, chair of the Miami-Dade Black Affairs Advisory Board, issued a statement on behalf of his board that apologized to DeSantis for a comment made at their Wednesday meeting from a member who said, "our governor is racist.""

Afro Latino scholars and activists slam Gov. DeSantis' dissection of AP African American studies  2/4/2023 NBC: "Educator and community activist Ted Victor was outraged when he learned Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis had decided an Advanced Placement African American studies course his daughter planned to take “significantly lacks educational value.” “No educational value, like something you can discard, something you can just throw away, something that says you are not as important as other people,” said Victor, who is Afro Latino and has taught for 25 years at the middle and high school level, and college. The son of a Cuban father and an Haitian mother, Victor was born in the Dominican Republic and was raised there, in Brazil and Brooklyn."

FLORIDA BLACK HISTORY HIGHLIGHTED IN UPCOMING ‘TEACH THE TRUTH’ TOUR  2/2/2023 South Florida Times: "The tour’s ?nal stop will be at the state Capitol in Tallahassee to protest the state’s rejection of the Advanced Placement studies course and other Black history events that are banned from the classrooms due to Stop WOKE legislation. Case in point, Dunn, 82, said his book, entitled “Florida through Black Eyes,” is not allowed to be discussed in Florida schools. "We are going to Tallahassee and hope the legislature listens to people, their parents and grandparents because they want to have a visible presence at the Capitol," Dunn told the South Florida Times. "That’s the main purpose of the tour.""

Profesora de historia opina sobre la controversia de los estudios afroamericanos AP de Florida  2/1/2023 Local 10, Miami: "Dannielle Boyer, profesora de historia en Miami Northwestern Senior High School, dijo que la historia es acerca de los hechos, la historia de todos nosotros y cómo todos estamos entrelazados, que dijo que a menudo se deja de lado. “La historia afroamericana forma parte de la historia de Estados Unidos”, afirma Boyer. “Nadie cuenta la historia de la rebelión haitiana que provocó la Compra de Luisiana y que Napoleón tuviera que vender esa tierra barata a Estados Unidos. Nadie oye hablar de eso. No está escrito en los libros como debería”."

‘Teach the Truth:’ Black Professor Rebels Against DeSantis’ WOKE Law Restrictive Teachings on Race  1/25/2023 Business News: "Dunn has been guiding students on his “Teach the Truth” tour since DeSantis pressured him to ban African American studies. Dunn said, “We’re going to continue to teach it.” Post, “It is the antidote to the DeSantis-izing of history.” Dunn has already directed more than two dozen high school students and their families to the museum where civil rights activists couple Harry T Moore And Harriet VS Moore He was assassinated on Christmas 1951 by a bomb planted under his house."

FIU professor’s ‘Teach the Truth’ tours defy DeSantis law on black history lessons  1/23/2023 The Grio: "The Florida Department of Education rejected the College Board’s AP African American studies course earlier this month after finding it “significantly lacks educational value,” a decision the White House called “incomprehensible” Friday, The Washington Post reported. Marvin Dunn, 82, one of eight plaintiffs in a complaint concerning DeSantis’ Stop Wrongs to Our Kids and Employees Act, has been leading high school students on his “Teach the Truth” tour since Florida’s Republican governor began his mission to devalue Black studies."

Why Democrats Should Forget About Winning Florida  11/21/2022 Foreign Policy: "There is a silver lining to this dark electoral cloud for Democrats: A deep-red Florida gives them the freedom to reconstruct their Cuba policy based on U.S. foreign-policy interests rather than prognostications about Cuban American voters in Miami-Dade. But the habit of letting domestic politics drive Cuba policy will be hard to break. It has shaped how Democrats approach the issue for 40 years—ever since the 1980s, when Cuban Americans became a significant voting bloc."


Marco Rubio

HB7 ('Anti-W.O.K.E') and Cuban American Republicanismo



#TheNorthsideCoalitionOfJacksonville on Facebook

Northside Coalition, Ben Frazier, Jacksonville, in memoriam

Angie Nixon

Hope McMath

Fort Lauderdale

State Rep Daryl Campbell


Antiracism in Miami

 United Teachers of Dade

State Senator Shevrin Jones

State Representative Ashley Gantt

Historian and activist Dr. Marvin Dunn -  Works state wide.


FL Rep. Anna V. Eskamani

FL state Sen. Geraldine Thompson

State wide

ACLU Florida

Alex Equality Florida, LGBTQ  Black History is American History, 2/22
For the long standing connections between Indo European gender roles and racism, see White Supremacy and Patriarchy in India
and Feminismo - los antecedentes en Europa | European Background of Feminism

Florida Extremist Watch

University of Florida, a state institution


Critical race theory opponents to be targeted, ‘researched’ by NEA teachers' union  7/2/2021 Fox: ""NEA will research the organizations attacking educators doing anti-racist work and/or use the research already done and put together a list of resources and recommendations for state affiliates, locals, and individual educators to utilize when they are attacked," the measure reads on NEA's website."

Ohio State University Professor Hasan Kwame Jeffries --,

Rev. Al Sharpton --,

Association for the Study of African American Life and History - ASALH. The 2023 meeting will be in Jacksonville, FL

General Resources

White Supremacy and Miami Cubans
La Supremacia Blanca y los Cubanos de Miami

Marco Rubio

Eduardo Bonilla-Silva: Color Blind Racism

Kimberlé Crenshaw 
Intersectionality Matters with Kimberlé Crenshaw

Intersectionality - Interseccionalidad
Banned by DeSantis/Diaz


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