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Centro de Estudios Antonio Maceo Grajale

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  2000 Pedro Perez Sarduy
Los Maceo: the Maceo brother


For our main page on the Center, see Centro de Estudios Antonio Maceo Grajale




This workshop "The Maceo, Men of the Caribbean" will take place on July 4 and 5, 2000 and whose objective is to provide the most appropriate environment for communication, scientific debate to reflex on the origins, life, actions and especially, the revolutionary and democratic thinking of Major General Antonio Maceo and his family, on the cities and nations of the Caribbean Sea and his presence throughout the world.


Major Workshop themes shall be:

1.- Origins, presence, influence and legacy of the Maceo Grajales in Central America and the Caribbean. Yesterday, today and tomorrow.

2.- Action, work, personal and political relations of the Maceo Grajales in Central America and the Caribbean Nations.

3.- Democratic and Republican thinking of Antonio Maceo.

4.- Protagonist and placement of the Maceo Grajales in the struggle for Cuba’s independence.

5.- The Maceo Grajales family in archives and libraries.

6.- Antonio Maceo Grajales' political thinking, formation and development.

7.- Automatization of historical information


The Workshop includes plenary sessions with participants in other Workshops of the colloquy, central conferences, socio/cultural and historical visits, joint work sessions for exhibit and debate.


May 30th, 2000 will be the deadline for delivering or submitting a summary of up to 250 words, including name (s) of author, address, country, name of your institution to:

Centro de Estudios Antonio Maceo Grajales
Los Maceo #305, e/ Santo Tomas y San Fermin
Santiago de Cuba, 90100
Tlf 011 53 226 52 550

Casa del Caribe
Calle 13 #154 esq a 8
Vista Alegre, Santiago de Cuba, 90100
Tlf 011 53 226 42285
FAX 011 53 226 42387

Applicants may participate as a presenter or observer. Participants with presentations should deliver o copy of their paper typed or electronically imprinted.


Foreign participants credentials will be $55.00 usd ($25.00 students) pre-paid and $80.00 usd ($50.00 students) at arrival. Accreditation entitles participation in all activities of the festival, except the Popular Religious Workshop.

Letter from Caribbean American Children's Foundation on "Los Maceo, Men of the Caribbean"

NOTE: The CACF trip has been cancelled but the workshop is still taking place.

March 10th, 2000

Dear Friend,

The African American Cultural Society and the Caribbean American Children Foundation, are two organizations located in Central Florida, devoted to the preservation and development of our rich cultural/historical heritage.

These goals are achieved through Lectures, Films, celebrating Black History Month, Kwanzaa, Juneteenth, the groundbreaking and building of our cultural center etc., and by visiting and linking pieces of this puzzle, scattered around the world. With that in mind, our members have visited islands in the Caribbean, South America and Africa.

In furthering these objectives, Ana Maria Goicochea, PhD, Morgan State University and ret. Engineer Enrique Conill, have signed on and are actively supporting these efforts.

Cuba a predominantly black country with a strong African/cultural/historical/religious presence, was not accessible to us for reasons beyond our control. Through President Clinton "People to People" initiative, the US Treasury Department granted us a Travel License, enabling us to legally visit our brothers and sisters in Cuba.

The Caribbean House and the Center for Antonio Maceo Grajales Studies, have organized the III International Workshop, "Los Maceo, Men of the Caribbean", in Santiago de Cuba.

Major General Antonio Maceo's outstanding military career and firm political thinking, led him to the second highest military rank in Cuba’s war of independence against Spain. His feat is recorded in the French War Museum and his political will was inscribed forever in history, when all Cuban forces, -except those under his command-, accepted the Pact of Zanjon , ending a 10 year war. He continued the struggle single handed for one more year under the glorious "Protest of Baragua".

For these and many other aspects of his glorious life and death, he is placed among the greatest sons of Africa in this hemisphere!

A seven day visit (6/30 –7/7) to eastern Cuba, would provide a unique opportunity to delve into this exceptional personality. It would enable us additionally, to interact with emigrants and descendents from the English and French speaking Caribbean Islands, visit homes, historic sites, museum, monuments etc., of the most outstanding events in Cuba’s 500 years struggle for independence. Experience first hand the country’s Healthcare, Childcare, Education, Afro Cuban religion, Cultural, Sport Centers, Agricultural/Industrial facilities and especially, ordinary citizens in their daily survival struggle.

Researchers, Educators, Historians and people of all walks of life, are encouraged to present papers and assume an active role in crafting and documenting our history. University and High School students are especially invited. Everyone of African Ancestry is encouraged to attend and learn about the past, while plotting the future.

In order to include everyone, two types of accommodation will be included (medium and low). Cost of each category will be announced soon.

Dr Alberto N Jones

PO BOX 353593, Palm Coast, Fl., 32135
Phone (410)992 3030
Fax (904)258 7813


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