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Claude Betancourt

Claude Betancourt has been writing on Cuban issues since 2001. He also maintains selected pages on AfroCubaWeb:

Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, (R - Florida, 18th congressional district)

Carlos Moore

Dr Darsi Ferrer/Ferret

Victoria "Vicky" Ruiz-Labrit

Orlando Zapata Tamayo

Israel Moliner Castañeda

Afro Cuban Forum

Stephan Palmié


Acusaciones, acusaciones..., 4/20/2016

Carta del Afro Cuban Forum a Obama, con respuesta de Alberto Jones, 3/16/2016

Afro-Cuban Research Institute: Mississippi Consortium For International Development  5/1/2015 AfroCubaWeb: "According to Havana's Granma, one of the participants in the project was none other than Ramon Colás, the founder of the Independent Libraries who had done a stint at CANF, the mainstream Plantocracy organization, where he managed USAID funds. He had to leave CANF when an audit revealed he had been embezzling funds. His good friend at USAID, Adolfo Franco, persisted in underwriting his efforts in Mississipi, where there are faint traces of his passage before he joined the Brookings Institution as Co-Director of the Center for the Understanding of Cubans of African Descent. This story illustrates some of how USAID, NED and other parts of the government have spent many millions since the early 90's to buy up the race issue in Cuba."

The assertive hypocrisy of Ros-Lehtinen's position on Cuba Travel  1/12/2012 AfroCubaWeb 

Rolando Rodriguez: twisted memories of 1912  6/11/2011 AfroCubaWeb: "The historian Rolando Rodríguez is the author of a book, "La conspiración de los iguales," where he develops the thesis that the Independent Party of Color (PIC), the first black political party in the hemisphere outside Haiti, was working in concert with the US government prior to the 1912 Massacre, and that the Cuban government therefore had no choice but to crush the rebellion to save the republic. The then government of Cuba was actually highly annexationist, for example in 1912 giving away more land to increase the size of the Guantanamo Naval Base, one of the best deep water ports in the Caribbean."

Acting on Our Conscience Briefing Sheet: roadmap for Diaspora support of Miami-backed Plantocracy dissidents  1/6/2010 AfroCubaWeb: "Some critical assessment is required, not only of the petition's factual claims, but also of the complex agenda which underlies the petition's role in terms of Miami-Havana relations during the last decades. Nothing could be more damaging to the AfroCuban cause than to be rhetorically captured by elements of the Miami exile community whose wealth and power derive from plantation slavery, and whose "support" for AfroCuban rights is at best opportunistic, and at worst part of the old Cold War game-plan intent on dividing the Cuban population along the color line, for destructive and cynical goals. Abundant evidence is presented here of the history of such manipulations that persons cited in the petition and their allies engaged in, and this argues for caution in endorsing its superficial rhetoric."

Invoking MLK and Rosa Parks in Cuban Exile Politics  5/30/2009 AfroCubaWeb: "The Miami Mafia has supported Antúnez' struggle, as have Ibero Spanish politicians in countries such as Uruguay, Costa Rica, and Argentina, as well as the Pope, who asked for his release when he was incarcerated. Antúnez has been adopted by the Miami based Directorio Democrático Cubano (DDC), which is supported by USAID and NED - they provided 89% of its budget in 2002. The 3 leaders of the Directorio are Javier de Céspedes, Orlando Gutiérrez Boronat, and his wife Janisset Rivero Gutiérrez, who according to the Cuban press are veterans of numerous terrorist and far right campaigns against Cuba. Gutiérrez was a leader of the terrorist/freedom fighter group Organización para la Liberación de Cuba and a supporter of the death squad related ARENA in El Salvador."


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