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Cherished Island Memories
(Pasajes del Corazón y la Memoria)

Images of the Caribbean has a new product that results from our steadfastness in a line of work devoted to the reflections of our people's histories and images. Dedicated to Atkins Jackson and Modril Jackson, founders of Jacksonville, Isle of Youth, Cuba, 38 minutes.

The Video Group
"Images of the Caribbean"


Cherished Island Memories
A History of Cubans and Cayman Islanders

A documentary by Gloria Rolando

Trailer for Cherished Island Memories

"The older folks and those who can't forget say that there came and went some boats in the 20's and 30's between the Isle of Pines and the Cayman Islands..."

In this manner, they began to weave a human bridge which was the origin of the Cuban-Cayman families. The sons and daughters of the Cayman Islanders came with their hopes for life to the Isle of Pines, as it was then called, today the Isle of Youth. These excellent fishermen brought the culture of coco. They came accompanied by the rhythms and melodies of the Caribbean which as an exceptional inheritance form a part of the repertory of the Sonny Boy Band.

Passages from Cherished Island Memories were filmed on the Isle of Youth and on Grand Cayman. The voices and the stories of those we interviewed in the documentary cross over and merge between one place and the other, as occurred in the past with the destinies of their ancestors. But the grand scenery of all this visit to the past and the present is the Caribbean context - the plants that characterize us and the beauty of the seas which unites us with the fascinating rosary beads of the Caribbean islands.


  • Director: Gloria Rolando

  • Producers: Gloria Rolando y Gilberto Martínez

  • Photographers: Alberto Gotario, Gilberto Martínez, and Erick Delgado.

  • Editor: Fermín Domínguez

  • Research and Script: Gloria Rolando, Ileana Sanz, Juan Colina, y Alejandro Fernández

  • Narration: José Antonio Rodríguez

Special roles:

  • La Banda de Sonny Boy (Isle of Youth)

  • Radley Gourzong and the happy boys (traditional music from the Cayman Islands)

  • The Chorus of the Adventist Church in Marianao

  • The all Nation United Pentecostal Church of the Apostolic

  • Theme for piano: Master Chucho Valdés


“IMÁGENES DEL CARIBE” / 2007     Director: Gloria Rolando.


The premiere will be on the  7th of December, 2007 in the Centro Hispano-Americano de Cultura  at 4 pm.
The address in Havana is:

Malecon numero 17
entre Prado y Capdevila
Havana, Cuba

Telephone: 8606282, 8606290 y 8606299.

See the poster full size


Receives the  Sara Gómez Prize at the 30th International Festival of New Latin American Cinema, Havana, 12/11/08

Cherished Island Memories, a documentary by Gloria Rolando, received the Sara Gómez Prize from the Consejo Nacional de Casas de Cultura at the  30th International Festival of New Latin American Cinema, Havana, on December 11, 2008.




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