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Press Release 2/17


Review of "Voice of Cuba"

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Hanny Jimenez

Hanny is a promising young salsa singer. He is currently in London shopping a new CD. According to his UK agent:

"Hanny has an abundance of excellent, fresh, creative cuban music not published. A contract with a record company that has a broad view of Cuba would be signing on a cuban artist of the future. A tour is his dream. He's ready to perform in concert. Can you help with a record deal/tour? 

Many thanks,
Rosie [replace _AT_ with @]

Press Release 2/17, from his UK agent

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the young voice of Cuba

He wrote his first love song at 12 but had to train as a fencer at school.

His name is Hanny (Leosbel Jimenez Licea) 27 years old and cuban.

Writing and singing music was his ambition. When he finished his training he concentrated on creating new cuban music.

Born in Havana Hanny played his guitar and sang his music wherever and whenever he could. Often he would be found on the Malecon in Havana entertaining passersby with his songs.

The State would not recognise him as a musician. He was rejected when he applied to become a member of Cuba’s music industry.

But a british record company got to hear of him and offered him a contract for his first CD. It’s called Hanny the voice of Cuba and released in 1997.

It received excellent reviews from around the world.

They said: "neatly written…a flying start" Q Magazine, "a dark abrasive voice…the promise is there" Straight No Chaser, "the Cuba of today shines through Hanny’s music and lyrics" OyeListen! Netherlands, "superb album" Time Out.

It was followed by: an appearance in the BBC programme called Beat Route presented by jazz pianist Jools Holland.

Then: two of his songs were featured in the recent french film "Place Vendome" with Catherine Deneuve.

Plus: the song Luna from the CD was included in a compilation called "Mundo Romantico" released by Latin Beat.

  The cubans still wouldn’t recognise him though a year later Cuban radio began to give the CD air time and television featured him in their music programmes.

Hanny is a member of the Santeria religion. In march 1998 be was made a santo (saint) and dresses in white. His faith has given him inspiration and confidence in his work.

The young cuban singer is temporarily in London. He brought with him his music. All of it new, fresh and exciting. Some of it is recorded on his new demo CD.

Three of the songs are about sex, love and a passionate man. The fourth is a daunting religious song. It’s about Saint Lazarus the patron saint of lepers and other diseases. On the 17 December each year many cuban followers walk on their hands and knees to the saint’s church. Others drag a large stone and chain. All of them promising their devotion if a cure can be found to any of their illnesses or injuries.

Listen to the CD you will find it an outstanding innovative sound from Cuba.

Hanny returns to Cuba later this year. He joins his group there and will tour the country.

His website is:

Contact: Rosie Hayes

Tel: (44) 0207 359 8740 e-mail: 


Voice of Cuba
1. Sexo Dinero Y Fantasia
2. Derroche De Amor
3. Ibarrena
4. Luna
5. Tu Me Quieres Pa Bien
6. Mil Recuerdos
7. Polvo De Luna
8. Noche Mansa
9. Ojos Que No Ven
10. Uncastillo A Tu Magia
11. Coma Droga Poderosa


Review of "Voice of Cuba"

This is the best CD that I have heard in the last 4 years!
Reviewer: Juan Pablo Carvajal, from Wollongong,Australia      December 18, 1999
Well, I cannot find words to explain how was my feeling the first time I listened Hanny!. It was last week, when I received a CD gift from one of my friends. He told me: you are going to listen "the best of salsa". I felt my soul leaving from my body! . Hanny mixes the traditional afro-salsa, with danzon, son and guajira rythms, which only Hanny can do it like it sounds. All the songs register variations from the slow vibration or related lyrics to an expressive song. The work of the trumpet session is very impressive, it is played by Luis Bravo (Colombian), and the piano is played by "Chino" Rodriguez. The latter is, perhaps the one that keep the direction of each song, making them to be the most power and energetic vitamin for the body and soul. Chino manages all the musical scale to produce a "descarga" with his hands!. This CD goes beyond all the expectations of the most demanding bailadores!. My favourite song is Polvo de Luna, where the chorus session is mixed to the black and white(piano) of Chino Rodriguez. I will not hesitate to buy Hanny's new realease, and I strongly recommend this CD to salseros!

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