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  Mala Lengua

Ile Ijuba Yoruba, Miami, Inc.
The Yoruba Ancestral Temple
 Ile Ijuba Web Site

Interesting mix of Cuba and Africa in Miami! From their site:

"As Africans and African descendants both from the continent of Africa and the diaspora historically we have been discouraged from claiming our cultural inheritance and have been denied the right to freely practice our religion due to colonialism, slavery, foreign aculturalization, miscegenation and conquest from foreign religious belief systems.

We declare our right to practice, study and reclaim our indigenous religion and culture and believe such is our rightful inheritance passed down to us by our ancestors.

By this declaration and the practice of our traditional religion we put forth we are free Africans of the Yoruba ethnic group ready and willing to contribute through our faith and knowledge to the betterment of ourselves and the World around us."



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