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Virginia Lopez and The Mambo Queens

Based in Portland Oregon, this group specializes in various forms of AfroCuban music, including batá, rumba, and comparsas.  See their site at

History of Virginia Lopez and The Mambo Queens

Director Virginia Lopez, born in Cuba, has studied Afro-Cuban drumming with master drummer and recording artist Amelia Pedroso and other teachers both in Cuba and in the United States. She has taught at drum camps in California, Washington, Oregon, and British Columbia. Her mission is to provide a supportive atmosphere for women to learn to play percussion, and to provide an appreciation of the rich tradition of Afro-Cuban music.

Virginia Lopez created The Mambo Queens in 1994 in Portland, Oregon.  The eleven-member female percussion and singing group includes an international cast from six countries and three continents. The repertory includes sacred music from the Yoruba tradition rendered on the bata drums, Afro-Cuban rumbas, lively comparsas that invite the audience to join in the dancing, and music from the Congolese tradition in Cuba.

The Mambo Queens ensemble has performed in the Women’s International Day Celebration (six years), at Pacific University and Miracle Theater productions (twice each), Gay Pride Celebration (six years), with the Aurora Chorus at Schnitzer Auditorium, Portland Community College, Atkinson Elementary School, the Old Church, the First Unitarian Church, the Portland Public Library, Onda and Woolley Art Galleries, Pastor For Peace with Cuba, La Rumba Restaurant (three times), La Luna, and The Tualatin Commons.


(503) 238-2465

See their site at

Schedule (updated 2/05)

On the FIRST SUNDAYS of every month,

BIG MAMA'S CHURCH happens at IN OTHER WORDS Bookstore.
Located almost next to the BAGDAD THEATER on 37th and Hawthorne (in South East Portland)

6:30 pm to 8pm

Free and Open to all...we do pass the basket, so donations to the church are welcomed.

For more information, go to


April 1, Saturday

International Women's Day Celebration
March 12, 2000 Sunday  at the Portland Conference Center.

The Miracle Theatre
Portland, Oregon
Friday, Nov 5, 1999 at 8pm.

For more information call (503) 238-2465
or e-mail

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