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Mumia Abu-Jamal
and those who would kill him

Mumia to Cuba, 6/00

Mumia Abu-Jamal in Granma, 5/31/00

Feds crack down on Mumia Protestors, infringe rights, 5/17/00

Mumia's message to Fidel, 5/11/00


Legal Update 10/27

Odep solidariza con Mumia Abu Jamal. Urgente: campaña hay que salvar la vida de Mumia

Black Radical Congress on Mumia Death Warrant

Alberto Jones on Mumia

Pro-Mumia resources

The Fraternal Order of Police

Letter to Mumia from Subcomandante Marcos of the Zapatistas, Mexico

Mumia has long been a supporter of Cuba.  A Black Panther, he was accused of killing a policeman who was beating his brother in Philadelphia.   The trial was seriously flawed, a blatant railroad job where the judge was a past member of the Fraternal Order of Police. Some of the forces seeking his death after a seriously flawed trial for shooting a Philadelphia cop are listed below:

- the Philadelphia Police

long known for their vicious racism, the Philadelphia police have distinguished themselves in the past by bombing the MOVE house and destroying the block around it.

- the Fraternal Order of Police

The FOP have mounted an intense campaign to execute Mumia.  They fund any politicians in Pennsylvannia who will advocate this.

- Pennsylvania politicians, as funded by the FOP and other hate groups:

  * Philadelphia Mayor Edward Rendell, former prosecutor in the case
  * Pennsylvania Governor Thomas Ridge

- Radio talk shows
    Michael Smerconish on WPHT:   He is a Philadelphia attorney.

- Web sites

- the Media
  ABC News, which did a hatchet job

The Fraternal Order of Police

The FOP is a police union with many chapters (270,000 members) across the country.  In addition to its union activities, it is known for its advocacy of

- the execution of Mumia

- the dismantling of police review boards, in which they are typically assisted by white racist groups such as the American Nazi Party and the John Birch Society.  See:

  There was an issue of the New Jersey Crime Line at   but the link is broken...

Sites on the FOP

The Grand Lodge: national HQ -

Links to many FOP sites:

German-American Police Assoc. 23rd Anniversary Saturday, April 10, 1999 - 6:00pm Trevose PA:

The FOP Network:

Pro-Mumia Resources

Nattyreb at


Letter to Mumia from Subcomandante Marcos of the Zapatistas, Mexico

Subj: [Fwd: NOI: From Subcomandante Marcos (Mexico) to Mumia]

Date: 4/28/99 9:22:57 PM

Subject: A Gift from Subcomandante Marcos to Mumia

This is an amazing letter. Thank you to the women of "Wages for Housework" who work in solidarity with the EZLN and helped bring it to us.

Toward justice, Prison Radio


For: Mumia Abu-Jamal, American Union
From: Subcomandante Marcos, Mexico

Mister Mumia:

I am writing to you in the name of the men, women, children and elderly of the Zapatista Army of National Liberation in order to congratulate you on April 24, which is your birthday.

Perhaps you have heard of us. We are Mexican, mostly indigenous, and we took up arms on January 1 of 1994 demanding a voice, face and name for the forgotten of the earth.

Since then, the Mexican government has made war on us and pursues us and harasses us seeking our death, our disappearance and our definitive silence. The reason? These lands are rich with oil, uranium and precious lumber. The government wants them for the great transnational companies. We want them for all the Mexicans. The government sees our lands as a business. We see our history written in these lands. In oder to defend our right (and that of all Mexicans) to live with liberty, democracy, justice and dignity we became an army and undertook a name, voice and face that way.

Perhaps you wonder how we know of you, about your birthday, and why it is that we extend this long bridge which goes from the mountains of the Mexican southeast to the prison of Pennsylvania which has imprisoned you unjustly. Many good people from many parts of the world have spoken of you, through them we have learned how you were ambushed by the North American police in December of 1981, of the lies which they constructed in the procedures against you, and of the death sentence in 1982. We learned about your birthday through the international mobilizations which, under the name of "Millions for Mumia", are being prepared this April 24th.

It is harder to explain this bridge which this letter extends, it is more complicated. I could tell you that, for the powerful of Mexico and the government, to be indigenous, or to look indigenous, is reason for disdain, abhorrence, distrust and hatred. The racism which now floods the palaces of Power in Mexico goes to the extreme of carrying out a war of extermination, genocide, against millions of indigenous. I am sure that you will find similarities with what the Power in the United States does with the so-called "people of color" (African-American, Chicanos, Puerto Ricans, Asians, Northamerican Indians and any other peoples who do not have the insipid color of money.)

We are also "people of color" (the same color of our brothers who have Mexican blood and live and struggle in the American Union). We are of the color "brown", the color of the earth, the color from which we take our history, our strength, our wisdom and our hope. But in order to struggle we add another color to the brown: black. We use black ski-masks to show our faces. Only in this way can we be seen and heard. We chose this color as a result of the counsel of an indigenous Mayan elder who explained to us what the color black meant.

The name of this wise elder was Old Man Antonio. He died in these rebel Zapatista lands in March of 1994, victim of tuberculosis which ate his lungs and his breath. Old Man Antonio used to tell us that from black came the light and from there came the stars which light up the sky around the world. He told us a story which said that a long time ago (in those times when no one measured it), the first gods were given the task of giving birth to the world. In one of their meetings they saw it was necessary that the world have life and movement, and for this light was necessary. Then they thought of making the sun in order that the days move and so there would be day and night and time for struggling and time for making love, walking with the days and nights the world would go. The gods had their meeting and made this agreement in front of a large fire, and they knew it was necessary that one of them be sacrificed by throwing himself into the fire in order to become fire himself and fly into the sky. The gods thought that the work of the sun was the most important, so they chose the most beautiful god so that he would fly into the fire and become the sun. But he was afraid. Then the smallest god, the one who was black, said he was not afraid and he threw himself into the fire and became sun. Then the world had light and movement, and there was time for struggle and time for love, and in the day the bodies worked to make the world and in the night the bodies made love and sparkles filled the darkness.

This is what Old Man Antonio told us and that is why we use a black ski mask. So we are of the color brown and of the color black. But we are also of the color yellow, because the first people who walked these lands were made of corn so they would be true. And we are also red because this is the call of blood which has dignity and we are also blue because we are the sky in which we fly, and green for the mountain which is our house and our strength. And we are white because we are paper so that tomorrow can write its story.

So we are 7 colors because there were 7 first gods who birthed the world.

This is what Old Man Antonio said long ago and now I tell you this story so that you may understand the reason for this bridge of paper and ink which I send to you all the way from the mountains of the Mexican Southeast.

And also so that you may understand that with this bridge goes pieces of salutes and hugs for Leonard Peltier (who is in the prison at Leavenworth, Kansas), and for the more than 100 political prisoners in the USA who are the victims of injustice, stupidity and authoritarianism.

And with this letter-bridge walks as well a salute to the Dine (the Navajo), who, in Big Mountain, Arizona, fight against the violations of their traditional Dine religious practices. They struggle against those who prefer the large businesses instead of respect for the religious freedom of Indian peoples, and those who want to destroy sacred grounds and ceremonial sites (as is the case of Peabody Western Coal Company which wants to take lands without reason, history or rights-lands which belong to the Dine and their future generations.)

But there are not only stories of resistance against North American injustice in this letter-bridge. There are the indigenous, from the extreme south of our continent, in Chile, the Mapuche women in the Pewenche Center of Alto Bio-Bio who resist against stupidity. Two indigenous women, Bertha and Nicolasa Quintreman are accused of "mistreating" members of the armed forces of the Chilean government. So there it is. An armed military unit with rifles, sticks, and tear-gas, protected by bulletproof vests, helmets and shields, accuse two indigenous women of "mistreatment". But Bertha is 74 years old and Nicolasa is 60. How is it possible that two elderly people confronted a "heroic" group of heavily-armed military? Because they are Mapuche. The story is the same as that of the brothers and sisters Dine of Arizona, and the same which repeats itself in all America: a company (ENDESA) wants the lands of the Mapuches, and in spite of the law which protects the indigenous, the government is on the side of the companies. The Mapuche students have pointed out that the government and the company made a "study" of military intelligence about the indigenous Mapuche communities and they came to the conclusion that the Mapuche could not think, defend themselves, resist, or construct a better future. The study was wrong apparently.

Now it occurs to me that, perhaps the powerful in North America carried out a "military intelligence" study (this is frankly a contradiction, because those of us who are military are not intelligent, if we were we would not be military) about the case of the Dine in Arizona, about Leonard Peltier, about other political prisoners, about yourself, mister Mumia.

Perhaps they made this study and came to the conclusion that they might be able to violate justice and reason, to assault history and lose the truth. They thought they could do this and no one would say anything. The Dine Indians would stand by and watch the destruction of the most sacred of their history, Leonard Peltier would be alone, and you, Mister Mumia, would be silenced ( and I remember your own words "They not only want my death, they want my silence").

But the studies were wrong. Happy mistake? The Dine resist against those who would kill their memory, Leonard Peltier is accompanied by all those who demand his liberty, and you sir, speak and yell today with all the voices which celebrate your birthday as all birthdays should be celebrated, by struggling.

Mister Mumia:

We have nothing big to give you as a gift for your birthday, it is poor and little, but all of us send you an embrace.

We hope that when you gain your freedom you will come to visit us. Then we will give you a birthday party, even if it isn't April 24th, it will be an unbirthday party.

There will be musicians, dancing and speaking, which are the means by which men and women of all colors understand and know one another, and build bridges over which they walk together, towards history, towards tomorrow.

Happy Birthday!

Vale. We salute you and may justice and truth find their place.

From the mountains of the Mexican Southeast,
Subcomandante Insurgente Marcos
Mexico, April of 1999

P.S. I read somewhere that you are a father and a grandfather. So I am sending you a gift for your children and grandchildren. It is a little wooden car with Zapatistas dressed in black ski-masks.

Tell your children and grandchildren that it is a gift that we send you, the Zapatistas. Explain to them places that there are people of all colors everywhere, just like you, who want justice, liberty and democracy for people of all colors.


Zapatista Army of National Liberation April of 1999 For: The Supreme Court of Pennsylvania, USA. Mister Tom Ridge, governor of Pennsylvania United States of North America

From : Subcomandante Insurgente Marcos , Mexico

Gentlemen Magistrate and Governor:

I write to you in the name of the men, women, children and elderly of the EZLN. Most of us are indigenous Mexicans and we struggle for liberty, democracy and justice.

The purpose of the following letter is to demand justice in the case of Mister Mumia Abu-Jamal, condemned unjustly to the death penalty in 1982. As you know, the judicial process against Mister Mumia Abu-Jamal was plagued with lies and irregularities: the police who accuse him lied about a supposed confession of his, one of the witnesses has changed testimony and declared that he was forced to lie or face prison, the ballistic evidence has proved it was impossible that Mister Mumia Abu-Jamal fired the weapon which killed the policeman. This should be enough evidence for a new trial, but even this recourse has been denied to Mister Mumia Abu-Jamal. If the Judicial system of Pennsylvania and the governor are certain of the guilt of Mister Mumia Abu-Jamal, they should not fear a new trial which adheres to the truth.

I do not ask clemency, pardon, nor mercy of you for Mister Mumia Abu-Jamal. I demand justice, something which I believe is within your powers. No one within the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania or governor Tom Ridge has anything to lose. A new trial can bring the truth forward, and justice, supposedly, is all that should matter.

That is all. From the mountains of the Mexican Southeast Subcomandante Insurgente Marcos Mexico, April of 1999

 Prison Radio (a project of the Quixote Center) challenges mass incarceration and racism by airing the voices of men and women in prison. Our educational materials serve as a catalyst for public activism.


Prison Radio

P.O. Box 411074
San Francisco, CA 94141


October 18, 1999

Many who are familiar with the attempt to murder Mumia Abu-Jamal at the hands of the "Criminal Justice System" registered shock, grief, and anger after hearing the news that Pennsylvania Governor Thomas Ridge has signed a death warrant for Mumia. The signing of this death warrant signals that the stakes have been raised in the battle to save Mumia Abu-Jamal's  life and the state's attempt to kill him. This development also signals for those who have been involved in efforts to obtain justice for Mumia, the urgent need to escalate our efforts. A loud and united voice MUST send forth the message that people will not capitulate in their efforts to stop the execution of Mumia. Our efforts MUST proceed with the utmost determination.

It has been repeatedly stated that justice denied to Mumia is justice denied to us all. Mumia's execution will confirm resonantly for many Black people in this country that no Black person has any rights that this country is obligated to respect. This is the main issue here and we should not lose sight of this historic fact. The predicament that Mumia finds himself, is reflective of the of day to day injustices that Black men and women in this society have had to endure since their enslavement and subsequent second class status in the U.S. Everyday in this nation's courts, Black people without the means to make excessive bail and who are too poor to retain effective counsel, are at the mercy of racist judges and juries. Recent repressive legislation has given state courts the green light to deprive Black men and women of constitutional and human rights.

For many in our communities, Mumia's situation sets no precedent. However, what is particular about Mumia's case, is his consistent refusal to allow this blatant injustice to go unheard. And due to the tremendous outpouring of support for Mumia, he is being used as an example to those who would dare challenge this racist and class based system. In other words silencing Mumia is an attempt by the state to silence the unruly, the outspoken, and the dreamers of a new society.  The Black Radical Congress calls forth all progressive forces in this country in general and the Black community in particular, to transcend ideological differences, in order to unite and surpass the momentum of the state's executioners. The Black Radical Congress recognizes that the gravity of Mumia's current situation dictates that we magnify our efforts in calling attention to Mumia's plight, and continue mobilizing all those who will suffer from the ramifications of this great injustice that is being orchestrated by repressive forces in this country, so that we may bring pressure to bear in attaining justice for Mumia Abu-Jamal.


The Black Radical Congress
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Legal Update

Date sent: Thu, 28 Oct 1999 23:25:19 +0100
From: "Paul Davidson"

Subject: Mumia - Legal Update

Important Legal Update on Mumia's Case from Clark Kissinger (10/27)

Late Monday Mumia's legal team and the attorneys for the state of  Pennsylvania were asked to a meeting on Tuesday morning with federal judge William Yohn in his chambers to "get acquainted." This was expected and is usually the way a major case like this begins. When they arrived, to their surprise they were conducted into the courtroom where Judge Yohn took the bench and went on the record. There was no one else present in the courtroom except a Philadelphia Inquirer reporter. This is when Judge Yohn announced that he was granting the stay of execution.

A more complete report of what happened will be coming, but for now the important new facts are these:

1) By December 7, Mumia's lawyers are to submit a memorandum of law citing the relevant legal precedents for the requests they have made in their petition for a writ of habeas corpus.

2) The state then has 60 days in which to submit a reply.

3) Then Mumia's team has 20 days to submit a rejoinder of up to 20 pages.

This will take us to near the end of February. When the judge gets all the paperwork, he will then set a date for the first major court appearance, at which time he may rule on questions such as granting an evidentiary hearing. Thus Mumia's first court appearance is likely to be in early March, but could be later depending on the judge's calendar and case load.



Report of the meeting held Wednesday, January 12, 2000 at 1 p.m. at the U.S. Department of Justice in Washington, D.C. between officials of the Civil Rights Division of the U.S. Department of Justice and members of the International Delegation on behalf of the International Committee to Save the Life of Mumia Abu-Jamal.

* Representing the International Delegation:

MANUEL CAMARA -- Spain; Member of the Senate and Trade Unionist

OSSIE DAVIS -- Actor; Director; Author; Political Activist

DANIEL GLUCKSTEIN -- France; Coordinator, International Liaison
Committee for a Workers International

JERRY GORDON -- Secretary to the Delegation; Trade Unionist

ROXANNE GREGORY -- General Counsel, Southern Christian Leadership
Conference and representing Martin Luther King III and the Reverend
Randall Osborne

SAM JORDAN -- Director, Program to Abolish the Death Penalty, Amnesty
International USA

LINDSAY McLAUGHLIN -- Legislative Representative, International
Longshore and Warehouse Union

MARTHA OSAMOR -- Great Britain; Coordinator, People of Color
Coalition, Trade Union Congress

JACQUELINE PETITOT -- Martinique; Trade Unionist

RALPH SCHOENMAN -- U.S. Representative, International Committee
Against Repression

BALDEMAR VELASQUEZ -- Coordinator of the International Delegation;
Vice President, Ohio AFL-CIO; President, Farm Labor Organizing

ALISA WILKINS -- Vice President, National Lawyers Guild

[Note: The number of participants was limited to 12 by the administration. These 12 persons spoke in the name of the delegates who remained outside, and of all who were bearers of the hundreds of thousands of endorsers of the Open Letter to President Bill Clinton.]

* Representing the U.S. Department of Justice:

STUART ISHIMARU -- Deputy Assistant Attorney General, Civil Rights
Division, United States Department of Justice

LORETTA KING -- Deputy Assistant Attorney General, Civil Rights
Division; Assistant to Bill Lee, Director of the Civil Rights
Division, United States Department of Justice

AL MOSKOWITZ -- Chief of the Criminal Section of the Civil Rights
Division, United States Department of Justice



The meeting opened with a brief statement by Deputy Assistant Attorney General Stuart Ishimaru. He said that the Civil Rights Division of the U.S. Department of Justice welcomed the delegation and was prepared to hear and consider all evidence of civil rights violations and breaches of federal law.

Ishimaru stressed that the Civil Rights Division operated under legislative and statutory requirements empowering it to act where such violations were established. He stressed that any evidence of such violations that we submitted had to be specific to the circumstances of the case in question, namely that of Mumia Abu-Jamal.


Baldemar Velasquez set forth the concerns of broad sectors of the
population, notably those of the labor movement. He spoke as the
Coordinator of the International Delegation and also as the President
of the Farm Labor Organizing Committee (AFL-CIO) and Vice President
of the Ohio AFL-CIO.

He stated that we wished to open the meeting with presentations by
two attorneys who have expertise in the case and who would proffer
precise legal assessments regarding the many violations of the due
process and civil rights of Mumia Abu-Jamal. They would show how such
breaches of his rights obligated the Justice Department to
investigate and, upon finding the evidence probative, to intervene.

He mentioned that the International Delegation brought thousands of
petitions which request a new and fair trial for Mumia Abu-Jamal.
These are but a small sample of the hundreds of thousands of
signatures gathered on the "Open Letter to President Bill Clinton" --
and the volume grows daily. The signatures come from many countries
-- from cities and towns, work places and centers of education -- and
from people from all walks of life. They reflect the worldwide call
for justice for Mumia Abu-Jamal.

[The members of the International Delegation introduced themselves,
identifying the group or individual they were representing, and their
concerns about this case.]


If Mumia Abu-Jamal's constitutional and civil rights were violated,
he could not have had a fair trial and, therefore, the due process to
which he is entitled, as is the right of every citizen. We ask the
U.S. Department of Justice to examine the summary of the 29
constitutional violations of the rights of Mumia Abu-Jamal, which are
set forth in Clark Kissinger's memorandum.

You have in your hands the "Open Letter to President Bill Clinton."
We are very concerned about respect for the constitutional rights of
Mumia Abu-Jamal. You know that Mumia Abu-Jamal is on Death Row. Our
first objective is to save him from execution and to open an
investigation into the violation of his civil rights.

What is documented here is the sustained suppression of evidence, the
fabrication of evidence, and the manipulation of evidence for the
purpose of misleading and inducing conclusions known to be untrue by
the police and prosecution.

The violations of rights include the manner and conduct of the trial
by the prosecutors who concealed material evidence from the defense;
and the manner in which the trial was conducted by Judge Albert Sabo,
who denied Mumia Abu-Jamal the right to choose his own counsel,
examine the jury, investigate the evidence against him, and
effectively challenge the prosecution's case.

The selection of the jury revealed the denial to the defendant of the
right to object and the arbitrary acceptance by the court of jurors
who declared their hostility to the defendant and who were unable to
be impartial. This constitutes judicial impropriety.

We shall give you a document which was prepared by Jim Lafferty of
the National Lawyers Guild. This document shows why President Clinton
must order a new investigation.

[At this point, Baldemar Velasquez presented copies of the documents
prepared by Jim Lafferty and Clark Kissinger and placed them in the
hands of Deputy Assistant Attorney General Stuart Ishimaru.]

We submit for the scrutiny of the U.S. Department of Justice
materials which document the mockery of the elementary rights
manifest in this case. In so doing, we express the concerns of
hundreds of thousands of people -- indeed millions -- across the U.S.
and throughout the world.


I wrote to the Attorney General in my capacity as General Counsel of
the Southern Christian Leadership Conference and asked for immediate
intervention by the U.S. Department of Justice.

In my letter, I cited numerous constitutional violations of a most
serious nature. I set forth specific irregularities in the treatment
of the defendant by the police, illegal acts by the prosecutor and
his office, and gross irregularities in the conduct of the trial by
the presiding judge, Albert Sabo.

These are clear and concrete violations of constitutional
protections. This matter is so stark and compelling that it has
commanded world attention. Attorneys knowledgeable about these
systematic violations will submit further evidence to you. We ask and
expect that all of our submissions will receive a fair and thorough
examination, and that you will act appropriately.

These documents prove that there have been violations of Mumia
Abu-Jamal's constitutional rights. If you examine this record
seriously, you cannot fail to recognize these violations, and nothing
will stand in the way of your decision to reopen the entire judicial


I join in urging you to investigate the abundant record of the
violations of the rights of Mumia Abu-Jamal. In doing so, I represent
a tradition of artists and cultural figures who seek to give voice to
a larger social conscience. We reflect a deep and broad concern about
the injustice so clear and egregious in the case of Mumia Abu-Jamal.
This case rises to a level symbolizing a history of such abuse. The
fact that so many artists of prominence have raised their voices is a
measure of the importance of this case.


I am the Director of the Program to Abolish the Death Penalty for
Amnesty International USA. I wish to point out that the Justice
Department has already investigated the conduct of the police in many
cities. Statistics concerning the death penalty establish that it is
a weapon against the poor and overwhelmingly against African
Americans and people of color.

The record shows that while only 4% of the population of
Pennsylvania, excluding Philadelphia, are Black or Brown, 70% of
death row inmates are Black or Brown. If Philadelphia is included,
the percentage increases to 90%.

We also wish to point out that the U.S. Justice Department has
obtained a Consent Decree in the wake of its investigation of the
Pittsburgh Police Department. Other such Consent Decrees have been
obtained by the Department of Justice where police brutality,
corruption, and the violation of citizens' rights have been endemic,
institutionalized, and sustained over years.

The evidence before the U.S. Department of Justice establishes a
pattern revealing the targeting and persecution of Black and Brown
citizens, the overwhelmingly poor, and the disadvantaged.

This clear pattern is itself a violation of the civil rights
statutes. It requires a systematic investigation and it bears
directly upon the case of Mumia Abu-Jamal.

These are the models for the investigation required here. We seek to
make the case for U.S. compliance with its own strictures about the
violation of basic rights which are present here.


Our purpose is to present evidence specific to the breach of the due
process and civil rights of Mumia Abu-Jamal. Indeed, the U.S.
Department of Justice and the Attorney General have not merely the
right but the obligation to enforce the law and to intervene where
civil rights and due process rights of citizens are violated.

I am gratified to note that you have confirmed that the Civil Rights
Division has a statutory mandate to do this.

We have submitted to you compelling evidence of specific violations
in the case of Mumia Abu-Jamal. I wish to present to you now a
videocassette of the Assistant District Attorney in Philadelphia
conducting a training instruction for prosecutors in his office. He
directs them to keep African Americans from being on the jury and he
instructs them on ways to remove African Americans from the jury. His
language is not circumlocutory or circumspect. It is direct and
explicit, with "in your face" racist characterizations concerning
African Americans' crime rate, job stability, educational levels,
dress, manner, attitude, and children born out of wedlock in

Prosecutors are instructed that people with certain names and living
in certain streets and locations, populated by African Americans,
should be excluded. He then states that prosecutors should keep notes
on the pattern of unemployment, children born out of wedlock, early
school dropout histories, prior encounters with police and
authorities, and family members in trouble.

The Assistant District Attorney states that Blacks are not supportive
of law enforcement and must be kept off the jury if a case is to be
won. He gives tips on how to remove Blacks from juries if peremptory
challenges have been exhausted and they have survived the gauntlet.

Most important, the Assistant District Attorney states that targeting
Blacks in this way violates federal law. He instructs them how to
offset this by keeping a written record of other kinds of objections
-- lack of education, steady employment, family stability, etc. --
using these notes to defend themselves in case they are challenged.

The official training session is basic to the conduct of jury
selection in the trial record of Mumia Abu-Jamal. The Assistant
District Attorney's instructions were implemented to keep qualified
Blacks off the jury. The case of Mumia Abu-Jamal is a manifestation
of institutionalized racism which strips African Americans of their
civil rights and their survival rights at the hands of the police,
prosecutors, and courts, which target them as this training
instruction so clearly confirms.

This goes to the heart of your mandate in the Civil Rights Division.
That is what is at issue here. It bears directly and with ineluctable
logic and inevitability on the prosecution of Mumia Abu-Jamal. It
legitimizes such prosecution and it has a direct bearing on the
unrelenting brutalization of Mumia Abu-Jamal at the hands of the


The case of Mumia Abu-Jamal has international implications.
Throughout the world, people are anxious to hear that you have
decided to reopen the judicial process which can pave the way for a
new trial.


I come from Martinique and I am the spokeswoman here for over 1,000
people who signed the Open Letter to President Bill Clinton, among
them Aime Cesaire, the great poet of Negritude, mayor of Fort de
France and honorary MP of Martinique; for several Martinique MPs at
the French Parliament; for local officials; and for a great number of
students, pupils, artists, trade union and political leaders of our
island. I also bring the endorsement of Georges Odlum, minister of
the independent island of Saint Lucia, and of the general secretary
of the National Workers' Union of Saint Lucia. Guadeloupe trade union
leaders also endorsed the letter. The people of Martinique,
Guadeloupe, Caribbean islands are more and more concerned by the
situation of Mumia Abu-Jamal.

We wish you to know that African-Caribbeans and people of conscience
in our region are anguished by this terrible injustice. We struggle
for the life of Mumia Abu-Jamal and we appeal to you to defend
democratic rights and the principle of equal justice before the law.


I come here mandated by the rank and file membership of the
International Longshore and Warehouse Union (ILWU). This is not the
result of resolutions passed, although there are many of these. This
reflects a considered belief that an injustice is taking place here
of the gravest nature.

A man who fights for the disadvantaged and who exposed police
brutality and police corruption in Philadelphia has been singled out
for reprisal in a replay of exactly what he himself so long exposed.

Members of the ILWU know what such injustice means. We have a long
experience of it and a history of resistance to it. We know that
those in positions of power use the authority of the legal system to
attack the rights of working people.

A manifestation of our concern and our determination to see justice
done in the case of Mumia Abu-Jamal was the ILWU shut-down of the
ports on the West Coast of the United States on April 24 of last
year. I am here to tell you that this case touches working people and
affects their vital interests. Our union will continue to take
measures and to urge others to join us in demanding justice for Mumia


I understand and we take note of the depth of your concerns.


I am the deputy to Bill Lee, the Director of the Civil Rights
Division of the Department of Justice. We are especially concerned
with and interested in supervising and investigating patterns of
police and official misconduct. We are mandated to do so by the Crime
Control Act which was adopted by Congress.

I find it most interesting that you have been talking about
Philadelphia. We have a special concern about police abuse in
Philadelphia. We are authorized to act in such matters under the
Civil Rights Act, 4214141. In fact, federal funds have recently been
allocated specifically for our Division to investigate police and
official misconduct.

I want you to know that I welcome any information and data which you
can provide me regarding a pattern of misconduct under the color of
authority. We have and we will pursue such evidence, subject to its
review and evaluation.

We conducted such an investigation into the Pittsburgh police
department and we obtained a Consent Decree concerning police abuse
and misconduct entailing violations of citizens' rights.

We investigated racial profiling by the State of New Jersey and the
State Police. We secured a Consent Decree regarding these practices.

We welcome particularly more information on police abuse in
Philadelphia. Under Title 6 of the Civil Rights Act, we are able to
investigate and to intervene. We have federal funding for the
prosecution of such abuse and we can intervene.

Please give us any evidence, information and findings you develop
from your own investigations.


The Criminal Section of the Civil Rights Division of the Department
of Justice is mandated under Statute 18 USC 242 to bring criminal
charges, as we did in the Rodney King case.

We can investigate as a criminal matter the use of excessive force by
police officers or by police departments. We can bring criminal
charges where the violation of bodily integrity of citizens has
occurred at the hands of the police.

I have to tell you, however, that we are constrained by a five-year
statute of limitations. There are specific circumstances which allow
us to maintain jurisdiction, even if the limitation period has run.
Our statute will enable us to act if there is evidence of a
continuing conspiracy.

Where a capital case is involved, there are extensions in the statute
which may allow us to proceed. We can and we will prosecute public
officials for violation of the constitutional rights of defendants
and citizens.

Our jurisdiction is defined by enabling statutes from the U.S.
Congress. Within that framework we will act. We want to look at all
your materials and we shall respond. If we have questions or if you
have further information, we can maintain contact.


In keeping with your comments, I wish to stress that Mumia Abu-Jamal
was brutalized, tormented, and tortured by the police of
Philadelphia. This defines the case and is a hallmark of all the
other documented violations of his rights. It embodies a breach of
the letter and spirit of rights which generations struggled to secure.

That is why this case compels you to act. This pattern of abuse
continues to this day in the treatment of evidence and in the
intimidation of witnesses. Perjury was suborned and, when exposed,
the witnesses were subjected to police terror.

These are the ongoing facts and they are not nullified by a statute
because they apply in each jurisdiction of judicial review.

We take note of what you have told us regarding your statutory
mandate and we ask you to act in this case consistent with that
mandate and to bring justice to bear for those to whom it has been
systematically denied.


I should like to point out to you that over one million people in
over 70 countries have signed petitions asking for a new and fair
trial in this case.

I wish to ask you for a clear response because we must report back to
the organizations which have been distributing the "Open Letter to
President Bill Clinton."

I must ask you on their behalf: Is the Department of Justice of the
United States prepared to examine the points raised here and the
issues and evidence presented by Clark Kissinger and Jim Lafferty?

Will you give us a response to the points raised by them in the
documents which we have made available to you?


We can not make a commitment here to act before we have reviewed your


Does the door remain open for that review and investigation, or not?


We can neither promise that the case will be reopened, nor the
contrary. We cannot guarantee this in advance. We can only commit to
examining carefully what you have provided us.


Will you then give us your response to this material upon examining it?


I can only state that you will receive a separate answer to every
question you pose and regarding every document which you submit to
us. Alternatively, the response upon examination of this data may be
global. Whatever the form, I commit myself to providing you a full


I am a member of the Senate in Spain. I can assure you that our
legislators no less than our public opinion are deeply troubled and
aroused by this injustice. We are here to place on record the desire
for justice for Mumia Abu-Jamal, which has galvanized our broad
public opinion.


I want to address the matter of the statute of limitations. Please
note that Jim Lafferty of the National Lawyers Guild addresses this
specifically in the document we have submitted to you.

Less than five years ago, a judge ruled that Mumia Abu-Jamal's rights
as a prisoner have been abridged. It is clear that the violations
have continued and that the statute continues to run.

From time to time, the president of the United States condemns
violations of human rights in other countries. Yet here is Mumia
Abu-Jamal on death row for 18 years -- on the basis of such a
sickening record of police abuse, falsified confessions, evidence
suppressed, and a trial whose procedures and standards are a mockery
of due process and equal justice before the law.

Were such things to occur in any other society, they would be decried
by all in this country, officialdom included. Mumia Abu-Jamal was
deprived of effective counsel in violation of his Sixth Amendment
rights. His appointed lawyer failed to investigate, or to meet with
witnesses in advance of the trial, or to challenge the prosecution's
evidence. This lawyer was demonstrably incompetent and wholly

Mumia Abu-Jamal was prevented from mounting challenges to jurors.
Jurors, who admitted openly that they were influenced and biased by
police declarations and, hence, could not be impartial, were kept on
the jury panel.

Twenty-nine constitutional violations have been summarized by Clark
Kissinger, based on the petition filed for a writ of habeas corpus.
This is one of the worst instances of injustice and abuse of rights
in the history of U.S. jurisprudence.

For this kind of trial, characterized by the suppression and
fabrication of evidence, to form the basis of executing -- for
murdering Mumia Abu-Jamal -- would constitute such a travesty, such
an outrage, that it will resound through subsequent years and decades
and beyond as a symbol of the miscarriage of justice in the United

This is the reality which has seized the imagination and fired the
conscience of people throughout the world.

You cannot ignore the opinion, concern, and sense of moral outrage
which infuses people from every walk of life. We ask you to act on
the basis of this record.


I am very appreciative of all that you have said. I want to urge you
to send us any and all data and I can assure you that it will receive
serious attention. Here is how you can contact me directly at any
time [provides address]..


The abuse of the judicial process to violate the rights of the
defendant is evident not only in the flagrant conduct of the trial
judge, Albert Sabo, but also in the materials which we have submitted
to you.

The Pennsylvania Supreme Court, which has refused to acknowledge any
of the gross violations documented beyond dispute, has upheld the
death penalty conviction, opening the door for the imminent execution
of Mumia Abu-Jamal.

The Justice on the Pennsylvania Supreme Court who has taken the lead
in this regard was former Philadelphia District Attorney Ronald
Castille, who submitted the papers opposing Mumia Abu-Jamal's earlier

You will find Justice Castille's name on the video tape submitted to
you, in which prosecutors are trained on how to remove Black jurors
and how, precisely, to conceal the racial motivation.

When this conflict of interest was raised, Judge Castille refused to
recuse himself. His reasons are instructive. He notes that all the
other justices on the Pennsylvania Supreme Court were endorsed and
funded by the Fraternal Order of Police, which has waged a wide
public campaign for the execution of Mumia Abu-Jamal.

Judge Castille stated, "At the outset, I note that the very same
Fraternal Order of Police which endorsed me during earlier electoral
processes also endorsed Mr. Chief Justice John P. Flaherty, Mr.
Justice Ralph Cappy [who wrote the Mumia Abu-Jamal decision for the
Court], Mr. Justice Russell N. Nigro, and Madame Justice Sandra
Schulz Newman. If the Fraternal Order of Police's endorsement
constituted a basis for recusal, practically the entire court would
be required to decline participation in this appeal."

It should be noted that this court refused to find a single error in
the entire record before it, despite so many flagrant and patent
violations of due process and constitutional rights.


At the end of the meeting, the delegation gave an initial oral report
to the people gathered in front of the U.S. Department of Justice.

The initial conclusions of the delegation were:

1] For the first time, the federal government, through the U.S.
Department of Justice, has acknowledged that it has a statutory
obligation to investigate and intervene if the evidence reviewed
establishes the violation of the due process and civil rights of
Mumia Abu-Jamal.

2] This is an important departure, since prior to this the federal
government has consistently refused to consider any possibility of
intervention in the case of Mumia Abu-Jamal or helping to bring about
a new and fair trial, despite the overwhelming record of the
violation of Mumia Abu-Jamal's fundamental rights.

Our task now is to broaden and deepen the international campaign to
save the life of Mumia Abu-Jamal with a focus on President Bill
Clinton and Attorney General Janet Reno, for that is where the true
responsibility lies, given the facts of this case.

We must say to them: the evidence is in your hands. The time has come
to act. Decide now to open the investigation into the violations of
due process and civil rights which pervade the record.

It was the mass movement of millions fighting for justice for Mumia
Abu-Jamal that opened the doors of the Justice Department for our
January 12 meeting. Now, more than ever, an international
mobilization, larger than any before achieved, is needed to save his
life and, at long last, to secure his freedom.

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Mumia's message to Fidel, 5/11/00

Via Workers World News Service
Reprinted from the May 11, 2000 issue of Workers World newspaper

Mumia's message to Fidel

To His Excellency Presidente Fidel Castro-Ruz, Republic of Cuba, Havana

Mr. President:

Since I was a youth, reading about the rebellion against the Batista government that became a full-fledged revolution, I have been an admirer of the accomplishments of the Cuban people.

The United States, long before the Bay of Pigs, invaded your country to extend the range of slave territory, to enslave the entire hemisphere. The spirit of liberty that burned in Cuban hearts then, over a century and a half ago, still burns brightly there, like a fire on the mountain in the night.

I, and many others of my acquaintance, wish to thank you, and the brave, noble Cuban people, for extending the hand of liberation to our friends like Assata Shakur, Nehanda, and others like them. We thank you and the Cuban people for the Battle of Cuita Carnavaale, in Angola, where the freedom for South Africa was won.

Once again, the Americans were on the side of slavery's lineal descendant, the apartheid regime.

Many millions around the world are grateful for the work of Cuba in behalf of the first human right, freedom.

Thank you, Mr. President, for being at the head of a nation that can justly claim to be free territory in the Americas.

With admiration,

Mumia Abu-Jamal, Death-Row

Prisoner in the Prisonhouse of Nations

Feds crack down on Mumia Protestors, infringe rights, 5/17/00

From: Artists Network of Refuse & Resist! <>

To: Artists Network/LA <>

Subject: [Y4M] 2 big pieces of news on Mumia case

1. Important Development in Mumia’s Legal Case

2. Attack on Clark Kissinger and Frances Goldin

1. Important Development in Mumia’s Legal Case

In response to a request by Mumia’s legal team, Judge Yohn has granted permission for the defense to file a supplemental brief on the issues raised by the recent Supreme Court decisions on the Effective Death Penalty Act (the two Williams v. Taylor cases). This is good news. The defense team has until June 2 to file this brief, which cannot exceed 15 pages. The prosecution has until June 23 to reply. It means that the first hearing in Mumia’s habeas petition before Judge Yohn will be not be until after June 23. 

(posted May 17, 2000, by Clark Kissinger)

2. Attack on Clark Kissinger and Frances Goldin

Below is a letter from attorney Michael Tarif Warren concerning an outrageous attack on two people who have been at the center of the movement to stop the execution of Mumia: Clark Kissinger of Refuse & Resist! and Frances Goldin, Mumia’s literary agent.

Dear friends,

In the last few weeks, a very serious attempt by the government to stifle the movement for justice for Mumia Abu-Jamal has unfolded. This is a tribute to our effectiveness, but it also demands that we vigorously respond.

I am asking you to join with me in signing the attached statement which will be published and forwarded to the appropriate federal court judge. Please send permission to attach your name to me at 580 Washington Ave., Brooklyn, NY 11238, or phone or fax to the numbers above. Those who wish to contribute to the cost of the appeal may also sent a check made out to Frances Goldin, at 305 E. 11th St., #26, New York, NY 10003.

Let’s keep the voices defending our political prisoners on line and fighting.


Michael Tarif Warren

* * * *


We are writing to protest a serious attempt by the federal government to cripple the work of some of the staunchest supporters of Mumia Abu-Jamal. Clark Kissinger, organizer of the national leadership conferences for Mumia, Frances Goldin, Mumia’s literary agent, and several others have been sentenced by a federal magistrate to a fine and one year supervised probation.

Ms. Goldin and Mr. Kissinger are forbidden to associate with felons  (i.e. Mumia) and cannot leave their federal court district in New York City without the permission of a probation officer for one year. In addition, they are required to be employed at a regular job (i.e. no full-time volunteer work for Mumia), they have to surrender their passports, submit to visits to their homes and offices by probations officers, list all persons they are in contact with who have been convicted of a crime, and turn in detailed financial records every month on where their money comes from and how they spend it. These Orwellian restrictions were imposed as the result of a peaceful protest and civil disobedience action last year at the Liberty Bell in Philadelphia. Ninety-six people were issued summonses by Park Rangers for "failing to obey a lawful order." This infraction is not even a misdemeanor. It is classified as a "petty offense" and is equivalent to a traffic ticket. Yet everyone who refused to return the summons pleading guilty and paying the fixed fine — and who had the temerity to ask for a trial — was given one-year supervised probation in addition to the fine.

In addition, Mr. Kissinger’s wife has been served with a subpoena to produce all her financial records for the last ten years and to testify before a federal grand jury. This is a giant fishing expedition by federal agents, that further exposes the role of the federal government in attempting to execute Mumia and silence the movement in his defense.

There are two principles worth fighting for here. The first is the right to have a trial. Mr. Kissinger, Ms. Goldin, and the others were given the one-year probation as punishment for asking for a trial. The second is that the government has no right to restrict key organizers and pry into their private associations and finances.

These judicial actions are an outrage and are clearly aimed at "shutting down" anyone who works effectively for Mumia. The progressive forces in this country cannot surrender the right to a trial, nor can we tolerate the attempt of the government to "ground" those working for Mumia. The imposition of these judicial restrictions and subpoenas on leading activists and their families serves no purpose other than to chill the first amendment rights of those who have been most effective in bringing Mumia’s case before the public. We demand that they be stayed at once, and overturned by the appeals court.


Accurate impartial advice on everything from laptops to table saws.


Stop the execution! New trial for Mumia!

Youth & Students for Mumia

To subscribe or unsubscribe email:

Mumia to Cuba


[This is the text of a bilingual message from death-row prisoner Mumia Abu- Jamal to a roundtable discussion in Cuba on human rights in the United States:]

Viva John Africa!
Viva Cuba libre!
Viva la revolucion!
Mis hermanas y hermanos de Cuba:

Gracias por la invitacion, y la oportunidad hablar ustedes. Me llamo Mumia, y uno preso politico de Estados Unidos.

[Sisters and brothers of Cuba: Thanks for the invitation and the opportunity to

speak to you. I am called Mumia and I am a political prisoner of the United States.]

This country speaks about democracy and justice and liberty, but it is the Prison House of Nations; a place where over 2 million men, women and juveniles are being caged in American prisons and jails; a place of repression, racism, and bitter class conflict. A place where police shoot unarmed Black men, like Amadou Diallo, by firing 41 shots, for the high crime of being Black in white America. Amadou Diallo didn't know it, but he was on Death Row! So much for American justice.

And what of Cubans here in America? I've met many of them in Pennsylvania prisons who are doing time in U.S. jails, with no end date, because they are Marielitos.

[Cubans who came in small boats from the town of Mariel. Many are Black and have been treated much harsher here than the Miami Cubans--Ed.]

No matter how much time a judge sentenced them to, they will never be released from pison--Cubans under American justice.

Over 3,000 men, women and juveniles wait for death on America's Death Rows. Most with no lawyers, some with lawyers who slept during their client's trial, others with cops who lied to concoct confessions, with Blacks routinely still removed from juries. American justice.

Mis hermanos y hermanas de Cuba!
Gracias para la oportunidad eso.

The struggle for freedom continues here.

Venceremos! Ona Move!
Long live John Africa!

From America's Death Row, que dice Mumia Abu-Jamal

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