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News Archive: 1999-2000

US Cuba policy: the future, 12/00 Election 2000 protests, 1/01
Connections of CANF’s treasurer, 1/2/01 Miami leader on fact-finding trip concerning race in Cuba, 1/12/01
The Miami Machine: Cuban terrorists triumph in Election 2000, 12/13/00
Banana Republic USA - Elections 2000: compendium of articles covering the seizure of power
Miami-Dade Reversal -- A Cuban Terrorist Payback To Bush Family? 12/7/00 Peter Dale Scott Cuba cuts phone ties to the US, 12/8/00

Cuba Begins to Answer Its Race Question
, 11/12 /00 Washington Post
What was Al Sharpton doing in Cuba? 12/1/00 Miami's Cuban Americans May Get The Last Word, 12/4/00, Election 2000
Assata Shakur Interview, 11/6/00, 11/6/00, 11/6/00 Denuncia una mujer que la echaron de su empleo por ser negra, Havana, 11/30/00
Real Vote Victims: Minorities, 11/17/00: massive voter fraud in Campaign 2000 Master terrorist Luis Posada Carilles arrested in Panama, traveled 59 times to the US, 11/22/00
Black Caucus letter to Janet Reno demands vote fraud investigation, 11/14/00 Over 27,000 votes disappear in Jacksonville, many from African Americans, 11/12/00
Many of the 19,000 discarded ballots in Palm Beach are in African American district, 11/10/00 The Family that Preys Together, on the Bushes' sorry history
Viewpoint: Three Days After Us Presidential Election, Winner Still Unknown, Radio Havana Cuba, 11/10/00 Cuba, Popular Republic of the Congo Sign Pact, 11/2/00
Cuba-Ethiopia Commission For Economic Cooperation Opens In Havana, 11/3/00 South African Vice President Concludes Visit to Cuba, 10/30/00
Cuban And South African Youth Leaders Meet In Havana, 10/27 Cuba and Haiti Sign Important Bilateral Accords, 10/25/00
Trinidad And Tobago's Industry And Trade Minister Arrives In Cuba, 10/12/00 12th Chano Pozo Rumba Festival Ready To Begin In Havana, 10/17/00
CANF rejoices in blockade legislation, 10/6/00

A Bittersweet "Victory" for Easing Cuban Embargo - Food Sales, Si! Travel, No!, 10/6/00
Fidel's speech in Harlem, 9/8/00

Pello el Afrokán dies, possible blockade victim
, 9/11/00
Congressional Black Caucus Meeting Marks a Turning Point, 9/21/00 - Radio Havana Five Black Assemblea Nacional Members Visit US, 9/14/00
Buena Vista's Ibrahim Ferrer wins Latin  Grammy for best new singer, 9/14/00 National Black Chamber of Commerce Visits Cuba During Humanitarian Mission, 9/5 - an account
Myths of the Caribbean: guarantee of identity  (Prensa Latina), 9/5/00 City Clubs Ban Hip-Hop Radicals, NY, 9/6/00, Black August under siege by police
Pablo Herrera interviewed in NYT: Rap Takes Root Where Free Expression Is Risky, 9/3/00 Fidel: Cuba offers the WHO thousands of doctors for Africa, 9/8
It's Time to End the Embargo of Cuba, a Position Paper, 8/00, by Harry C. Alford, President, National Black Chamber of Commerce
El Día del Negro y la Cultura Afro-costarricense, 8/00

Havana based New Afrikan Nehanda Abiodun appears in BLU magazine, 8/00
The Committee to defend the Chattanooga 3 calls for travel boycott on Tennessee due to the treatment of the Chattanooga 3, arrested for speaking out against police brutality, 8/29/00 Newsworthy: US scientists killed thousands of Yanomani in the 60's in race experiment. US homicide rate traced to slavery in Scientific American
Cuban Musicians Receive International Praise At Popkomm '2000 Cologne, 8/23/00 Granma analyzes the Buena Vista phenomenon, 8/14
Congreso de Cultura y Literatura Afrohispánica, La Havana, 8/00 - Marta Rojas Photos from USA/Cuba InfoMed for MUMIA & against Blockades,  LA 8/13/2000 - Democractic National Convention
Afro-Rican singer Choco Orta attended Bolero Festival in Cuba, 6/00 Best of Friends, Worlds Apart: the New York Times on race in Cuba and Miami, 6/5/00
Black U.S. Lawmakers Visit Cuba, 5/31/00

Castro offers Black Caucus medical training for US poor, 6/4/00
Havana's Granma on Mumia, 5/31/00
Mumia's message to Fidel, 5/11/00
Granma article on US criminal justice system, Shaka Sankofa, 6/22/00
Fidel on Shaka Sankofa execution, Granma, 6/24/00
Latin America Working Group calls for local U.S./Cuba Policy Advocacy, 4/11

Article by Soffiyah Elijah reviews the Cuban penal system, quoted in the Miami Herald. 6/00
Broad movement opposes Jeb Bush's One Florida initiative against Affirmative Action.  US Civil Rights Commission Report on Florida released 4/11/00, ignored by national media. 
Fidelidad a Africa, 5/25/00

Nine African-American columnists visited Cuba 2/2000, led by USA Today's Dwayne Wickham.  We have links to 9 of their columns so far. Panel held on 4/11 at the Cuban Interests Section in Washington, DC. See also "Miami Cubans go home!" by Barbara Robinson.
First Camaguey-Haiti cultural encounter underway in Cuba, 4/10/00

Time to end Cuban embargo, 3/3/00 by Barbara Robinson, Las Vegas Review Journal, one of 9 columnists who recently went to Cuba.
FBI Cuba Spy Hoax collapses, 3/25/00.  Also Miami FBI Office: terrorism, drugs, and politics, updated 3/25/00: Miami FBI head, said to be brother of CANF attorney, personally entrapped INS officer Faget.  Nice touch: Miami FBI spokesman had a felony drug trafficking warrant out on him from Canada in '98! "Raúl Castro stated that if a person is denied entry to a hotel because he or she is black, then that establishment should be closed... even if the installation concerned is a joint venture." -- On Gender and Racial Equality, 3/00
Recent testimony in Havana covers biowar against Cuba, Granma, 3/24/00. Radio Pacifica on AfroCubans, 4/27-28/00

Sending money to Cuba for $12.69.
Cuban Dissidents financed by USAID:   El dinero federal esta loviendo sobre Miami, 2/21/00. Also CANF financial report.

Haiti in Cuba: find out about the over 300,00 Haitians in Cuba, their Creole radio station!
Black Farmers and Agriculturalists Association visits Cuba, 2/00 The Elián page, featuring Black columnists, Black Caucus whip Congresswoman Lee, Alberto Jones... also review of CANF role.
Cuba celebrates the day of San Lazaro, 12/17/99 Haitian President Preval visits AfroCuban athlete Sotomayor in show of solidarity, 10/2/99
Cuban medical efforts in Haiti and collaborations with the Congo, 12/2/99 October 6th, '99 - The bombing of Cubana remembered.
CIA ordered to investigate Cuba for drug trafficking, 8/99.  Yes, the Coca Contra CIA. Cuba activist harrassed by FBI in Pittsburgh.  On-line copy of The Center for Constitutional Law's "If an agent knocks" available. 7/10/99 
TransAfrica releases its Cuba Report, 6/99
Black Caucus members in Havana: 2/99.

Radio Pacifica's "New Take on Cuba" Page

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