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 Omo Ire
Portland, OR

Schedule (updated 2/05)

Come for live afro-cuban folkloric music w/Omo Ire on February 12, 2005:

The Mississippi Pizza Pub
3552 North Mississippi Street
Portland, OR 97227
Phone: (503) 288-3231 

$5 cover Omo Ir, live Cuban culture..."La Rumba Cubana"

Portland is proud to announce an intimate evening of Afro-Cuban orisha and rumba music and celebration with Omo Ir. The performance will commence at 7pm on Saturday, February 12, at The Mississippi Pizza Pub, 3552 North Mississippi Street in Portland, OR. There will be a cover charge of $5 at the door. Please tell your friends to come early as it gets packed! They have fresh pizza, happy salads & big mugs of beer. Omo Ire performs often throughout the year (rain or shine!) at The Mississippi Pizza Pub. Feel free to call the pub at 503-288-3231 to check show times!

Omo Ir features rumba musicians from Havana, Cuba, including master percussionist Isidro Valor Perez, joined by a 13 member ensemble of percussionists, singers, and dancers from Portland and Seattle. Isidro has toured Europe, Asia and the United States as lead percussionist and singer for Pinos Nuevos and teaches every year at KosmosCamp. Isidro currently teaches percussion throughout Portland and salsa/contemporary latin dances through Portland State University through June, 2005.

Rumba is the Cuban music form that draws heavily from African culture and percussion. African religions are widely practiced throughout Cuba, and in the singing and drumming of African religious ritual lay the foundations of Cuban music.

Rumba music is played on wooden boxes and conga drums, accompanied by hand percussion and singers led by the akpwn, or lead singer. Dancers also play an integral part: their movements affect the rhythms of the music, and in turn, these rhythms govern their moves. The word "rumba" is used to describe the music, the dance, and the party where this all takes place. Cuban culture is strongly influenced by African religion from the Orixas, gods and goddesses from the Yoruba people of West Africa. The Yoruba culture's diaspora has strong roots and is a wide tree throughout the world. Each Orixa or deity has their own rhythm and dress and accustomed food they "like". Rumba and folkloric Orixa dances permeate Cuban culture and keep its strong ties with Africa alive.

Contact: Erick Hermann at (503) 285-6422 for more information or send him an email to hear about performances or to book private classes with Omo Ire's Cuban musicians. You can also contact Isidro Valor Perez directly at cellphone: (415) 990-0454.



Come to the Mississippi Thursday, July 22nd, for live afro-cuban folkloric music w/Omo Ire!

The Mississippi
3552 N Mississippi St
Portland, OR 97227
Phone: (503) 288-3231

$3 cover

for more info, email:


Omo Ire will be playing at Washington Park on August 10th. Email us for more info!!




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Omo Ire lead singer: Erick Hermann, telephone: 503-285-6422


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