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Psychology and White Supremacy


How Trump Trauma Is Resurrecting the Jim Crow Era  2/7/2018 Alternet: "Theopia Jackson, who heads up clinical psychology at Saybrook University in California, has spent more than three decades pushing the psychological field to recognize and address the ways our politics and mental health are intertwined. In late January, the Association of Black Psychologists, of which Jackson is president-elect, published an open letter titled “We Can No Longer Be Silent: Psychological Damage By President Trump.” The missive presented a cursory review of recent Trump insults to black and brown populations the world over, from the infamous “sh*thole” remark leveled against an entire continent to the implication that Puerto Rican hurricane survivors are lazy for requesting help, and arrived at the only reasonable conclusion."

We Can No Longer Be Silent: Psychological Damage By President Trump  1/28/2018 ABPSI: by Theopia Jackson - "Therefore, we ask that all people, organizations, and institutions of good conscience join together to publicly denounce Trump’s language and behavior toward all those he denigrates, protect the moral and social wellbeing of the very fabric of this country, and take efforts to restore these countries and peoples that have been exploited for centuries."

Jordan Peterson Debunks White Privilege  11/21/2017 YouTube: "Jordan Peterson debunks the Marxist lie of white privilege."

Whiteness as cultural complex trauma  11/11/2017 Selfish Activist: "I think one of the most interesting things about using a concept such as cultural complex trauma and cultural attachment is how it offers insights into what is commonly referred to as white Fragility."

How racism came to be called a mental illness — and why that’s a problem  6/7/2016 WaPo: "In 2005, The Washington Post reported that California’s Department of Corrections was treating some forms of racism with antipsychotic drugs. More recently, high-profile celebrities who have made anti-Semitic or racist comments — Paula Deen, Mel Gibson and Michael Richards — have paired an official apology with a promise to seek “professional help.”"

Watch Toni Morrison Break Down Why Racism Is A White Problem  11/10/2015 Huff Post: "Don’t you understand that the people who do this thing, who practice racism, are bereft? There is something distorted about the psyche. It’s a huge waste, and it’s a corruption, and it’s a distortion. It’s a profound neurosis that nobody examines for what it is,” Morrison says."

Racism & the Cultural Complex  6/1/2015 C G Jung Institute of Chicago: "It is impossible to imagine how 350 years of slavery, segregation and racism would not have monumental consequences for both White and Black Americans. And yet, many want to believe that electing an African American President has changed all that. Events during the last year have turned that fantastical belief on its head and now more than ever we must work to understand the insidious nature of racism. Depth psychology has an important role to play in this endeavor, especially as we begin to understand how shared historical and cultural trauma experiences lead to cultural complexes in groups and within the psyche of individuals. This course will explore the presence and power of historical and cultural traumas—how the legacy of these traumas impact the brains, bodies and minds of individuals, and how the shared experience of trauma creates cultural complexes that structure emotional experience."

10 ways white people are more racist than they realize  3/4/2015 Salon: "7. White people are more likely to support the criminal justice system, including the death penalty, when they think it’s disproportionately punitive toward black people. That’s right: white people agree with criminal justice outcomes more when they think race disproportionately targets black people for incarceration."

Issues of 'race' in psychoanalytic psychotherapy: Whose problem is it anyway?  12/1/2007 British Journal of Psychotherapy: "The author argues in this paper that, because of racism, there is an asymmetrical power relationship between black and white which saturates all aspects of society. Whilst this dynamic also permeates psychoanalytic training organizations the problem is frequently ignored or denied. This colour-blind position fails to see or acknowledge difference and hence the white individual is able to avoid the shame involved in owning any racist thought. For the black trainee an important aspect of their identity and experience is not allowed expression, making the training experience a difficult one. However, the paper argues that the inability to acknowledge and think about racism has implications, not only for potential black applicants and patients, but also for the professional organizations and their predominantly white members as this cordial form of racism prevents thought and does damage to both white and black."

Bill Moyers Angrily Defends Joseph Campbell Against Charges That His Wisdom Was Only a Myth  11/27/1989 People: "Most correspondents insisted they had never heard Campbell utter a bigoted word, but “a strong minority,” says co-editor Robert Silvers, supported Gill’s view. Carol Wallace Orr, director of the University of Tennessee Press, who once worked with Campbell, wrote, “In addition to anti-Semitism, I remember in particular his vexation over blacks being admitted to Sarah Lawrence. That Joe Campbell has become a public hero is astonishing.”"



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