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Contacting Radames' family

In Memoriam: Radames

Radames was a well known percussionist in Matanzas, a member of Afrocuba de Matanzas, but also leader of his own group, Radames y sus Tambores. He just died March 16th, 1998 of lung cancer.  This is yet another tragedy for those of us interested in the survival of the culture, as Radames was devoted to that idea.

Autobiography 8/98

"My name is Francisco Dominguez Boada (Radames), from Matanzas Cuba, 55 years of age.

From a very young age, my experiences in music have been directly related to those points of folkloric focus in the city of Matanzas. I have had the opportunity to learn and play drums with good percussionists such as Miguel Arsina, Mario Rodriguez, Ernesto Chambelona, Justilliano Pelladito, Pedro Aballi Regalado, Enrique Mesa, Francisco Zamora Minini and many other good percussionists who still live in this city. I must also tell you that I also belong to the Abakua religion in which I hold the position of Moni Bonco Enchumiva. I am also well versed in popular music, working in different groups, conjuntos, jazz bands, and symphonic orchestras.

I took courses in music at the Ignacio Cervantes Conservatory in the city of Matanzas until I was able to work as professor of Cuban and Afrocuban percussion in that same conservatory.

I have given master classes in the theory and practice of percussion in Cuba, Venezuela, France, and the US.

I am currently playing and writing music for Afrocuba de Matanzas, directed by Francisco Zamora Chirino (Minini)."

Contacting Radames' Family

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