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Festival Nacional de Rap Cubano 2003
9th Edition - August 11-17, 2003

Global Exchange Package

Havana's International Rap Festival Opens, 8/12/03


Havana's International Rap Festival Opens, 8/12/03

Havana, August 12 (RHC)-- Havana's 9th International Rap Festival "Hip Hop
2003" opened yesterday in the municipality of Alamar with a colloquium on
the development of this cultural movement and its contributions to other
artistic expressions.

The festival, which runs through Sunday, is being attended by more than 70
rap and hip-hop bands from all over the world -- Mexico, Brazil, Puerto
Rico, Colombia, the United States, Canada and Switzerland. Activities will
include concerts, exhibits and film showings; topics under discussion at
numerous workshops set up around the city include social activism, the
women's movement and the influence of rap and hip-hop in different social
and cultural environments.

According to organizers of Havana's 9th International Rap Festival, Cuban
researchers will discuss rap music in Cuba, its sociological aspects and its
relationship with other cultural styles.

Erykah Badu, a U.S. singer and Grammy award winner and one of the best
singers of the "un-soul style," is among the biggest attractions of this
year's rap festival.

Global Exchange Package

The International Hip Hop Exchange (IHX) would like to invite you to join
us for the 9th Edition of the National Cuban Hip Hop Festival in Havana,
Cuba. This year, we have partnered with Global Exchange and Black August
to develop a LICENSED program itinerary for the annual festival, which will
take place from August 11-17, 2003.

This trip is legal within the constraints set forth by the U.S. Treasury
Dept/OFAC, and is fully licensed through Global Exchange, a San
Fransisco-based non-profit exchange organization. Due to recently modified
travel restrictions and very recent changes to the dates of the Cuban
festival, we are placed under serious time constraints in making this trip

to RESERVE SPACE (contact information listed below). Reservations will be
made on a first come/first serve basis. NON-REFUNDABLE DEPOSITS IN THE
AMOUNT OF $600are to be received no later than TUESDAY, JULY 8.

All interested parties should contact:
Marinieves Alba (Mari)
International Hip Hop Exchange

The IHX delegation will be departing from Newark airport on Monday, August
11th and returning Sunday, August 17th, and flying to Cuba VIA Cancun,
Mexico. No extensions to the length of stay in Cuba may be made as Cuban
visas and U.S. treasury licenses are valid only for the dates of the

COST for the trip is $1750 per person (double occupancy), with additional
fees payable at the airport (view costs outlined below).
This figure includes:
1) R/T travel from Newark to Cancun; Cancun-Havana
2) lodging 6 nights at a 3 star hotel or a guest house in Havana.
3)ground trasnportation to all festival events
4) 2 meals daily (based on festival schedule)
5) Cuban tour guides (required by Cuban tourism agency)
6) administrative fees for license and travel coordination
7/National Cuban Hip Hop Festival Pass

In addition participants are required to pay the following taxes and visa
costs in cash upon departure/return:
*US exit tax is $50
*Cuban Visa, $50
*Cuban exit tax is $25.
($125.00 (total) in additional fees, payable at the airport)

ALL CHECKS OR Money Orders should be made payable to:
NYC Hip-Hop Theater Festival

and Sent to:
NYC Hip-Hop Theater Festival
532 LaGuardia Place #409
NY, NY 10012
Attn: Clyde Valentin

We will need the following in order to secure your reservation:
Full Name (as it appears on passport)
Passport #
Expirtaion Date
Country of Issue
City of Issue

For more information about Cuba and US/Cuba policy, go to:



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