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Multi disciplinary conference dealing with cultural ties between Cuba and West Africa, including Yoruba, Igbo, and Efik traditions:

April 4, Friday
4-6 pm DePaul University Art Gallery. Opening reception for Readers, Advisors, and Storefront Churches: Works by Renee Stout.

6-8:30 pm
Student Center
Opening and Welcome: Dr. Sandra Jackson, Center for Black Diaspora.

Theme: "Cross River influence in Cuba."
Ivor Miller, DePaul University. "New Evidence for the African Diaspora in the
Cuban Abakuá Society." Lecture/performance with Omí Odara.
Bruce Connell, York University. "Efik Presence in Cuban Abakuá language."
Cross River and Cuban community representatives from Chicago.

Performance of Cuban Abakuá dance and music by Omí Odara troupe. Roman Diaz, Director. Members are initiated representatives of Abakuá and Yorùbá - derived religious traditions.

April 5, Saturday
Theme: "Yorùbá-speaking peoples in Cuba, Trinidad, and the USA."
Omí Odara will open with liturgical music of Cuban Yorùbá-derived traditions.
Panel Chair: Wande Abimbola, Boston University
Mareen Warner-Lewis, U of West Indies, Mona, Jamaica.
George Brandon, CUNY Medical School.
Yorùbá community representatives from Chicago

11:30 –12:30
Theme: "Southeastern Nigeria and its diaspora in the Americas."
Panel Chair: Victor Manfredi, Boston University. "Philological Perspectives on
the Southeastern Nigerian diaspora."
Joseph Inikori, University of Rochester.
"Women in the Transatlantic slave trade from southeastern Nigeria."
Ìgbo community representatives from Chicago

One hour break

Theme: "Fon and Kongo-speaking peoples in Cuba Haiti, Jamaica, and the
Omí Odara will open with liturgical music of Cuban Kongo-derived traditions.
Panel Chair: C. Daniel Dawson, "Palo Monte and Kongo inheritance."
Ken Bilby, Bard College. "Kumina Performance in Jamaica."
Gerdès Fleurant, Wellesley College. Haitian Vodun.
Haitian community representatives from Chicago.

4:00pm Conference Closing.

Co-sponsored by:
Academic Affairs
Art Gallery
Celebración de Nuestra América
Center for Culture and History of Black Diaspora
Dean of Liberal Arts and Sciences
Humanities Center
Office of Missions and Values
University Research Council

Department of Cultural Affairs, City of Chicago, and Latin Percussion, Inc.

Student Center, room 120. Lincoln Park Campus, Chicago
For information, call 773-325-7512


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