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Affiliated stores: stores we think might interest you. We expect this section to grow as we identify more stores. Books: check out our Authors page as well as our Ancestors page, many of these have books for sale.
Music: check out each group and musician on the Music Page , chances are we list their CDs for sale and also have sample tracks. See also Getting Cuban Music for searches, used CDs, and MP3 sites Direct sales items: Gloria Rolando's films, Flor Amalia's theatre script, and Pello Tapanez' sheet music. Support the artists!

Affiliated Stores

Banking, Money Transfers Employment aids
Phone Services Web Services

AfroCubaWeb maintains affiliate relationships with stores that we selected for you based on their interest to our community.   If you purchase from these stores, we get a commission and that helps support the work of getting information to put up on the site.

Banking, Money Transfers, Electonic Payments

Employment Aids

ReferenceNow - The premier clearinghouse of reference information on the interenet. We electronically store applicants' references, letters of recommendation, transcripts, work samples, and other documents, and securely present them online to prospective employers.

Valuejobs - Online job site - ValueJobs features online free resume posting, low fee for job posting, easy way to respond to both employers and job seekers.

Phone Services

DirectOne Communications: Click for 4.9 calling from ANY phone incl. cell and pay phone!

For a general description of affiliate programs, see   For how to start some on your own site, see Web Resources.

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