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Contacting the organizers

Racial Identity, State Formation, and Nationalism:
Cuba in a Comparative Perspective

November 5-6, 1998
University of Texas at Austin
Texas Union, Eastwood Room

Sponsored by The Institute of Latin American Studies, The Center for African and African American Studies, The Department of History, and the Department of Anthropology.  THE CONFERENCE IS FREE AND OPEN TO THE PUBLIC


November 5

10:00     Peter Wade, Professor, University of Manchester: Racial Identity,
State Formation, and Nationalism: A Theoretical View

11:00    Aline Helg, Professor, UT: La Mejorana Revisited: José Martí's and
Antonio Maceo's Conflicting Views of Cuban Independence

1:00    John-Marshall Klein, UT Ph. D. Candidate: The Construction, Retention,
and Contestation of Spanish Identity in Cuba, 1899-1942

1:45    Marc McLeod, UT Ph. D. Candidate: Nationalism against the Other:
Haitians and Jamaicans in Cuba, 1900-1940

2:30    Joanna Swanger, UT Ph. D. Candidate: Regional Communities Identities,
Definitions of Cubanidad, and Reactions to the 1959 Revolution

3:15    Jessica Montalvo, UT Ph.D. candidate: Haitians and Cubans in Miami,
Conflicts over Identity and Race.

November 6:

9:00    Michael Hanchard, Professor, Northwestern University: Racial Identity
and Nationalism in Brazil

10:00    Edmund Gordon, Professor, UT: Race and Nationalism in Nicaragua

11:15    Guha Shankar, UT Ph. D. Candidate: The Plural Nation: Race and
Jamaica's South Asians

12:00    Mauricio Tenorio and Charles Hale, Professors, UT: Comparative Comments

Contacting the organizers

Organizers: Aline Helg, History; Edmund Gordon, Anthropology
Inquiries to Aline Helg, phone (512) 475-7227

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