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Vieja Trova Santiaguera

Five venerable son musicians.  One of them, Reynaldo Hierrezuelo, has worked with Compay Segundo.Very popular in Europe! The original band was formed in 1994 by Amado Machado (born in 1912) ; Aristóteles Limonta (born in 1913) ; Pancho Coba (born in 1913 ); Reynaldo Greagh (born in 1918) ; Reynaldo Hierrezuelo (born in 1926). Amado Machado died in 1998.

The members of Vieja Trova Santiaguera are:

Reinaldo Hierrezuelo La O - guitarra armonica y vos solista
Manuel Galban Torralbas - age 67 - guitarra acompañante y voz
Ricardo Ortiz Verdecia - 61 - maracas y güiro y voz solista
Reinaldo Creagh Verane - 80 - claves y voz solista
Aristoteles Raimundo Limonta - 85 - contrabajo y voz

The group members all come originally from the same region in Cuba, the region of the city Santiago de Cuba. That is what the word 'Santiaguera' in their group name means - 'from Santiago'.  A film was mde on them, Lagrimas Negras.

"The living expression of a movement whose roots are to be found back in the 19th, and the very essence of eastern Cuba's music traditions, birthplace of son and bolero rhythms. They were the musicians who introduced this kind of music in Europe during the nineties.

Playing the leading roles in the two about Cuba's music films, both produced in our old continent, after having launched 4 long plays on the market, the next one will to come out to the market in the near 2000 springtime. Performing in the most distinguished capitals, festivals and stages of the world, they performances enthusiasm to every kind of audience having the best specialised press good reviews." -- from their label, Yeiyeba, at


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Vieja Trova Santiaguera

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7/15/99 Manigua

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5/9/97 Gusto y Sabor

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Schedule 2004 (updated 6/04)

Members of Vieja Trova and play as part of the Bar at Buena Vista

6/15-6/24/04 Queensland, Darwin Numerous venues
6/25-6/26/04 Brisbane Concert Hall QPAC
6/29/04 Canberra Canberra Theatre
6/30-7/3/04 Melbourne Her Majesties Theatre

Details at

The Bar at Buena Vista pays homage to the stars of the Buena Vista Social Club via the music of legends like the late Compay Segundo and Ruben Gonzalez. Co-founder of the Buena Vista Social Club, and this year's Grammy nominated percussionist Carlos Gonzales will be accompanied by fellow Grammy nominee Luis Frank on vocals alongside diva Barbara Ferrer Sanchez of Anakoana.

For many of the artists, age is no barrier to celebrating a passion for life through music. Eighty-six-year-old Reynaldo Creagh weaves magic vocals for the Vieja Trova Santiagera, and 78-year-old Maestro Rabalcalba is the legend on the piano from the Afro-Cuban All Stars. -




July 30 Cagliari, Italy Arena Molo Ichnusa
Aug 2 Cittanova (RC), Italy Via Mantova
Aug 9 Sete, France Fiesta Latina



En Italia, with Dell'Amore Management

En  France (Fr) (Eng)

Interview in Belgium (Eng) (Dutch) (Dutch) (English - about the history of the Trova movement) (Spanish) (Dutch) (Spanish) (Spanish)

On their film, Lagrimas Negras (Deutch) (Eng) (Eng)

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