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Willie Mack Thompson
Professor, Emeritus, City College of San Francisco


Haitians, international generosity and respect can rebuild the Haitian economy and society, 1/30/2010

U.S. foreign policy toward the democratic republic of Haiti is military interventionist and top-down colonial leadership. The concept of U.S. foreign policy respecting Haitian democracy is irrelevant and suspicious. The only other terms that are remotely appropriate for describing U.S. foreign policy are violent, ruthless and deadly.

The U.S. policies toward Haiti are intended to rip out the soul of a group of people and render them permanently and eternally wretched. The stories of the Haitian survival of the 2010, 7.0 earthquake, a natural disaster, as told by non-U.S. journalist attest to the more than two-hundred year failure of the French, U.S. and Canadian government policies and practices to replace Haitian dignity with despair, Haitian strength with impotence and Haitian indomitable will with Haitian knee bending wretchedness. In the words of Rev. Dr. Jeremiah Wright., U.S. President Obama’s former pastor, ’god-damn’ the U.S., Canadian and French governments’ continuing assault on Haiti, Haitians and, by extension, on all people without power, Black, Brown., Yellow and White, domestic and foreign.

Napoleon sent the French army under deKlerk to putdown the Bouokman inspired and L’Overture led enslaved Haitians. Jean Jacques Desallines and the enslaved Haitians defeated Napoleon and deKlerk but after the French with the support of the U.S. destroyed the Haitian treasury the U.S. military intervened in Haiti at will. The last military intervention was during the 2010, 7.0 earthquake when the U.S. media and government militarized the natural disaster and sent 10,000 marines to restore order where no disorder existed. But, the French example with a depleted Haitian treasury had served the U.S. well in Haiti.

U.S. President Woodrow Wilson, while planning the premier of the Ku Klux Klan inspired movie “Birth Of A Nation” in the U.S. White House ordered the U.S. Marines to occupy Haiti after Haiti missed a payment to the French. The U.S. Marines stayed for 22 years. The U.S. put a paramilitary group in place later called the ton ton macoute. This group of murderous cut throat assassins guarded Papa Doc and Baby Doc Duvalier for more than 40 years. A series of military interventions followed and included the military kidnapping of democratically elected Jean Bertrand Arisitide who was sent into exiled and banned from returning to the Caribbean.

U.S. top-down colonial rule with willing Haitian puppets is exemplified by Rene Preval, the current Haitian puppet President, who doesn’t even bother to appear before the people to announce the exclusion of a political party from participation in an election or the decision to imprison opposition party representatives indefinitely and without charges.

What to do? First, democratically elected President Jean Betrand Aristide’s offer to return to Haiti to lead the rebuilding of Haiti following the devastating natural disaster the 7.0 earthquake combined with a disastrous U.S militarization of the disaster must be accepted. If Bill Clinton and Georoge W. Bush are unwilling to work under the direction of Aristide their resignations should be celebrated. Haiti reconstruction must include the building of houses, infrastructure, agriculture and trees with the aid of a generous international public and governments that respect Haitian sovereignty and its beautiful people.




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