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General Israel Ziv - Global CST

General Ziv is former Head of the Operations Directorate (J3) of the Israel Defense Forces (IDF), led counter-terrorism efforts on IDF General Staff level; was responsible for the IDF’s international cooperation with NATO and other allies  --

With General Ziv's ventures into Colombia, Peru, Honduras and other Latin American countries, Israel has suffered some substantial setbacks. Caught selling Colombian secrets to the FARC, Global CST, a pillar of the Israeli defense establishment, is no longer trusted by these countries or by the US. The US threatened several countries to get Global-CST out of Latin America, a historic first not seen since before LBJ opened the gates to the Israelis for the first time.

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Private security and 'the Israelites of Latin America'  1/6/2012 Al-Jazeera: "All of a sudden, the methods that proved efficient in Nablus and Hebron begin speaking Spanish."

Israeli intelligence agents on move in Latin America  1/4/2012 Deb Simon for Congress: "The nadir of the relationship appears to have been in February 2008, when national police reported that Argentine-born Israeli Shai Killman, a Global CST interpreter, copied classified Colombian documents surrounding military targets and attempted to sell them to the FARC. This attempt was ultimately prevented by Ziv and Killman was subsequently sent back to Israel. Relations between the the governments of Israel and Colombia are currently healthy, with Santos recently stating unequivocally that Colombia will not recognize a Palestinian state without Israeli agreement. The Colombian government is also seeking the extradition of Yair Klein, an Israeli national sentenced in absentia for training paramilitaries in Colombia."

COLOMBIAN DEFENSE MINISTRY SOURS ON ISRAELI DEFENSE FIRM  1/4/2012 Panama America: Wikileaks cable published 1/12/09 - "GOC officials have expressed security concerns about Global CST in the past, and found it difficult to work with a private firm on national security matters as they were prevented from sharing USG intelligence with them. In February 2008, CNP sources reported that a Global CST interpreter, Argentine-born Israeli national Shai Killman, had made copies of classified Colombian Defense Ministry documents in an unsuccessful attempt to sell them to the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) through contacts in Ecuador and Argentina. The documents allegedly contained high value target (HVT) database information. Ziv denied this attempt and sent Killman back to Israel."

El capítulo peruano de la injerencia israelí en América Latina.  12/1/2011 Descubriendo Verdades: "El derechista gobierno del Perú acaba de realizar un cuestionable acto de acercamiento hacia Israel, luego de la reciente visita del canciller sionista, Avigdor Lieberman, a ese país, el pasado 27 de Julio de 2009. Dentro de las negociaciones secretas entre el Ministro de Relaciones de Israel con el presidente peruano Allan García y su Ministro de Defensa, Rafael Rey, estuvo la aprobación por el Ministerio de Defensa sionista para que Global CST, empresa pantalla del Mossad, penetrara abiertamente en la nación andina con vistas a fortalecer el aparato militar y los servicios de espionaje del Perú, entrenar a las FF AA en la lucha antisubversiva y en la creación de una sofisticada red de inteligencia electrónica. Con la justificación de adiestrar al ejército peruano para combatir el narcotráfico y el terrorismo, se dio a conocer el pasado 8 de noviembre que el gobierno de Perú había contratado, a un costo de 9 millones de USD anuales, los servicios de Global CST, la empresa israelí dedicada al entrenamiento a varios ejércitos latinoamericanos en técnicas de lucha anti subversiva y espionaje."

WikiLeaks: U.S. saw Israeli firm's rise in Latin America as a threat  5/9/2011 McClatchy: "A security company led by the former head of operations for the Israeli military made such inroads into Latin America a few years ago that U.S. diplomats saw it as a security risk and moved to thwart the company's expansion, U.S. diplomatic cables show. The diplomats' efforts were made easier when an interpreter for the Israeli firm, Global CST, was caught peddling classified Colombian Defense Ministry documents to Marxist guerrillas seeking to topple the state, one cable said."

Tbilisi Says Summoned Israeli Diplomat over Global CST Abkhaz Visit  4/18/2011 Does Ziv engage in a pattern of working with his client's enemies?

U.S. scuppered Israeli security firm's South American plans  4/13/2011 Haaretz: "The American administration moved aggressively to curb activities by Maj. Gen. (res. ) Israel Ziv in Latin America between 2008 and 2010, threatening to cut ties with governments if they hire the services of Ziv's security company, Global CST, according to two diplomatic cables recently published by WikiLeaks."

Israel Ziv Talks About the Hamas in Gaza  3/16/2011 Metacafe: General Ziv holds forth on Hamas, in Hebrew, with subtitles.

Mercenary company CST Global and war criminal Israel Ziv write to Voltaire Network  3/7/2011 VoltaireNet: "Our information was derived from two different sources : on the one hand, a journalist working for the Israeli daily Yediot Aharonot and, on the other hand, the Hebrew-language news site Inyan Merkazi. It has been widely disseminated and expanded on by television media, such as Al Jazeera or the Iranian English language global news network Press TV."

Israel provides henchmen for Gaddafi  3/2/2011 Press TV, Iran: "Israeli arms distribution company Global CST has reportedly, under the authorization of Tel Aviv, provided Libyan ruler Muammar Gaddafi with African mercenaries to clamp down on anti-government protesters. Egyptian sources have revealed that the Israeli company has so far provided Gaddafi's regime with 50,000 African mercenaries to attack the civilian anti-government protesters in Libya. The arms company was previously convicted in an African country over illegal deals, News-Israel website reported."

ISRAEL BEHIND AFRICAN MERCENARIES IN LIBYA  3/1/2011 ANSA, Italy: The journalist from Israeli daily Yediot Ahronot, who prefers to remain anonymous, said that according to speculation in the security sector, Israel looks at Libya from a strategic perspective and in terms of security. The fall of Gaddafi would open the door for an Islamic regime in Libya, according to speculation. In a meeting on February 18, Prime Minister Netanyahu, Defence Minister Barak and Foreign Minister Lieberman decided to recruit African mercenaries to fight alongside Gaddafi, according to the journalist. During the meeting, they decided to let General Isarel Zef, the director of security firm Global CST, which is active in many African countries, to make a group of paramilitary mercenaries from Guinea, Nigeria, Central Africa, Mali, Senegal, Darfur and Southern Sudan available to Abdullah Assinousi, one of the heads of Libya's intelligence agency."

Israel Ziv helps Colombia battle FARC  2/23/2011 Youtube: So helpful, they were caught selling info to the FARC in order to play both sides.

Alleged Kidnap Plot Shows Intel Chief's Hostile Intent,  2/9/2010 "On February 2, Vice President Varela told Ambassador that Alfaro had complained to Martinelli that the Embassy had not provided any help in the kidnap investigations. Alfaro believed this demonstrated that the USG is not a reliable security partner. As a result, Varela said, Alfaro had moved to bring in Israeli security consulting firm GLOBAL CST to advise on setting up a new protective detail for Martinelli. Senior GOP leaders had previously engaged GLOBAL CST in late 2009 to conduct a security study, but disengaged from the company after being advised of the USG's experience with GLOBAL CST in Colombia and Ecuador (ref B). "

Ambassador's November 25 Meetings with President, Vice  12/17/2009 "The Ambassador expressed concerns about the proposals made by Israeli security company GLOBAL CST, citing negative experiences in Colombia and the difficulty of working with Israeli presence in GOP ministries (ref C and D). Varela said the GOP could solve its own problems without relying on contractors. Papadimitriu expressed surprise at the reports from Colombia, as he believed CST had been hired with Plan Colombia funds with the USG's blessing. He said he did not want to do anything to harm Panama's relationship with the U.S. and would ask CST president Ziv to stand down, though he later admitted it would be difficult since CST had spent its own money sending a large team to Panama to complete a survey. In particular, Papadimitriu was receptive to the argument that Panama did not need to buy expensive coastal radars or other hardware recommended by CST. However, he liked CST's ideas about creating a ministry of security and reorganizing the GOP security structure, as well as their suggestion to recruit management talent from the private sector. To sum up, Papadimitriu said he was shocked by the conversation, and would not let Israeli influence damage the U.S.-Panama relationship. Martinelli was similarly taken aback, and emphasized that he did not want to endanger relations with the USG, saying "We don't want to change friends." He said he would call Colombian President Uribe to get the straight scoop on CST."

GOP [Gov of Panama] Suspends Discussions with Security Firm GLOBAL CST  12/15/2009 "Post appreciates Embassy Bogota's frank assessment of GLOBAL CST's performance and its relationships with key GOC officials (refs C, D). The information that Bogota provided helped us formulate a demarche that delivered our desired result."

RESPONSE TO BLUE LANTERN PRE-LICENSE END-USE  12/8/2009 "On December 3, poloff spoke by phone to Global Law Enforcement and Security CEO David Tsur, who was overseas on a business trip. Poloff attempted to arrange a site visit to Global Law Enforcement and Security on multiple occasions, but was told by company representatives that a visit was not possible due to the fact that Tsur was abroad. Tsur said that Global Law Enforcement and Security was established in 2008, and is a subsidiary of GLOBAL CST and the Mikal Group, with offices located in Petah Tikvah."

Porfirio Lobo es protegido por el Mossad israelí  12/1/2009 Aporrea: "De acuerdo con varias investigaciones, se ha comprobado la asesoría israelí en Perú y Colombia para fortalecer la actividad exterior de los servicios de inteligencia de Perú y Colombia, sobre todo en el campo del espionaje técnico (Techint), basado en el empleo de medios sofisticados de intercepción y escuchas telefónicas y vigilancia satelital. Una de las principales compañías israelíes es Global CST, dirigidas por Israel Ziv, e integrada por ex militares israelíes de alta jerarquía en el Mossad y el Tzahal, quien opera en Colombia brindando asesoría al ejército colombiano y al DAS colombiano. La participación de Global CST en los planes desestabilizadores contra Venezuela ha sido reportada en varias ocasiones, complementando la actividad injerencista de Israel por parte de la actividad contrarrevolucionaria de la Fraternidad Hebrea y de su jefe Sammy Eppel."

COLOMBIAN DEFENSE MINISTRY SOURS ON ISRAELI DEFENSE FIRM  12/1/2009 "GOC officials have expressed security concerns about Global CST in the past, and found it difficult to work with a private firm on national security matters as they were prevented from sharing USG intelligence with them. In February 2008, CNP sources reported that a GLOBAL CST interpreter, Argentine-born Israeli national Shai Killman, had made copies of classified Colombian Defense Ministry documents in an unsuccessful attempt to sell them to the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) through contacts in Ecuador and Argentina. The documents allegedly contained high value target (HVT) database information. Ziv denied this attempt and sent Killman back to Israel."

Israël accroît sa présence militaire en Amérique latine  11/2/2009 Voltaire Net: "Global CST, qui dément tout lien de subordination au gouvernement de Tel-Aviv, est une pièce essentielle du complexe militaro-industriel israélien. Il s’agit d’une structure légère, n’employant qu’une poignée d’individus, mais rattachée au groupe Mikal (marques : Soltam, ITL, Saymar), la seconde compagnie privée israélienne d’armement. Présidé par Avraham (Miko) Gilat, Mikal vend toute une gamme de produits allant des pièces d’artillerie aux blindés légers en passant par l’optronique. Global CST est dirigé par le généra Israël Ziv (ancien chef des opérations de l’armée israélienne), qui échoua face au Hezbollah en 2006. En 2008, Global CST a réalisé le sauvetage d’Ingrid Betancourt en Colombie (Operation Jaques) et, simultanément, la planification de l’attaque géorgienne contre l’Ossétie du Sud (une opération qui fit plus d’un millier de morts)."

PRESIDENT URIBE APPROVES THE "STRATEGIC LEAP"  3/2/2009 "Working groups met regularly in 2007-2008 to develop policies in these areas. The MOD considered USG participation critical to this effort and included Embassy officials in the meetings--despite initial resistance by GLOBAL CST to the USG presence."

COLOMBIA'S RELATIONS WITH ISRAEL  11/7/2008 "Colombia's Ministry of Defense (MOD) has also engaged an Israeli company, Global Comprehensive Security Transformation (GLOBAL CST), to help the Colombian government conduct a strategic assessment of the internal conflict. GLOBAL CST is a security company run by Major Gen (reserve) Yisrael Ziv, former Director of Operations for the Israel Defense Forces and a personal acquaintance of Colombian Minister of Defense Juan Manuel Santos. The assessment is focused primarily on defeating the FARC and other internal terrorist and criminal organizations, but also includes an evaluation of external threats including Venezuela and Ecuador. The MOD is spearheading the exercise and has named it the "Salto Estrategico" (Strategic Leap)."

Israel en Colombia I  3/13/2008 Rebelion: "No obstante, y acaso de un modo no tan invisible, quien también sintió regocijo fue el general Israel Ziv, ex comandante del regimiento de Gaza, y el de más alto rango entre los oficiales israelíes que ocupan tareas relacionadas con el entrenamiento de personal en el gobierno colombiano. Los nexos militares entre Israel y Colombia datan del primer lustro de 1980, cuando un contingente de soldados del Batallón Colombia “… uno los peores violadores de los derechos humanos en el hemisferio occidental, recibieron entrenamiento en el desierto del Sinaí por algunos de los peores violadores de los derechos humanos en Medio Oriente”, según el investigador estadunidense Jeremy Bigwood. Experto en utilizar la ley de Libertad de Información para liberar documentos censurados por el gobierno de Estados Unidos, Bigwood observa que el entrenamiento de los jóvenes paras colombianos no podría haberse dado sin el permiso expreso de las más altas autoridades de las fuerzas de defensa de Israel."

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