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Background Topics


AfroCuban Historical Time Line - 1492 to present

the Ancestors

A Panorama of Afrocuban Culture and History: One Way to Strengthen Nationality Gisela Arandia, Havana, '98

El Doce - the 1912 Massacre, 2007

Cuba In A Caribbean Perspective: A critical historical review of the position and role of Cubans of African descent in the process of social change, '00 Eugene Godfried

Eugène Godfried - numerous articles on Cuban history

Raúl Ramos Cárdenas, archivista del 1912

Cuba and South Africa

The Battle of Cuito Cuanavale: Cuba  turns the tide against South Africa

The 2002 Cuba Census: gross undercount of afrodescendientes

el Quinquenio Gris, 1971-1976

Rebellion in Miami, '04 

Article on the history back to the 30's behind Assata Shakur's troubles with New Jersey: "New Jersey and the Nazis", '98

US & Cuba

US Policy on Cuba

Latin American Working Group: effective anti-embargo fighter

InfoMed USA sends hundreds of PCs to support Cuba's medical sector and Cuba's work in the Caribbean and Africa.

Race & Identity

African Americans & Cuba

Site Map

US Based Agression Against Cuba

NED - National Endowment for Democracy

Cuba's Plantocracy: Cuban American business and terrorism, 2005

The Cuban American National Foundation (CANF): friends of narcoterrorists?

History of the Biowar against Cuba

Miami FBI Office: terrorism, drugs, and politics, 3/00

Psychological Warfare Operations against Cuba

The US, the Exiled Plantocracy and Race

Luis Posada Carriles and the Cuban American National Foundation: Coca Contra lives on

Jose Basulto, Brothers to the Rescue, downed planes and why phoning Cuba can be so hard, '00

The Falangists of Miami, '00

Cuban American business and terrorism

Operation Northwoods & supporting material, 4/00 - details of the infamous 1962 plan to foment war with Cuba through false incidents featuring real American and Cuban exile deaths. Available evidence is examined along with the stellar careers of its authors.

Cuban Intelligence Research Center - CIRC: the founder takes credit for catching Ana Belen

The Elian Page
: the background in Miami, '00

Financing Dissidents: 2000

Financing Dissidents: 2001

Financing Dissidents: 2002

Dissidents and Race in Cuba, 2001

The Discourse on Racism in Anti-Castro Publications, 2007

The Discourse on Racism in Anti-Castro Publications, 2008-2010

The Discourse on Racism in Anti-Castro Publications, 2011-2013

The Discourse on Racism in Anti-Castro Publications, 2014-2015

Felix Rodriguez: Coca Contra Airport Manager: Che's Miami CIA killer in his role as CocaContra guru.

"The Family That Preys Together" -- on the Bushes and their ties to Cuban American criminals. Covert Action, Summer '92

The JFK Assassination & Cuba

Walker, Bush, & the Nazis



The Burden of a Violent History
By Jim Mullin
Account of the Miami right wing's violent history

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