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Havana, Cuba

Bamboleo is a collaboration of several of the most talented young musicians in Cuba. Led by writer/composer/arranger Lazaro Valdes, a graduate of ENA, their 12 members, mostly from Havana, are graduates from some of the most prestigious music schools and conservatories in the island. Their name comes from the Spanish word for the movement of ocean waves but in their music, it signifies the body rhythm that is created by the sounds of tropical music.

An important part of Bamboleo's appeal are their two hot vocalists. With strikingly beautiful shaved heads,Vannia Borges with her sultry smooth singing style, and Haila Mompie, who is often compared to a youthful Celia Cruz, have become two female stars in the male dominated world of salsa.

Accompanying the release of Yo No Me Parezco A Nadie, is the CD single, which contains all the hot remixes (not available on the album) currently being played in niteclubs throughout the world.
Remarkably this jazz-influenced salsa group was formed only two years ago by bandleader Lazaro Valdes, and on this album, the collaboration of Leonel Limonta -considered one of the more prolific composers of the island-, every single song on this album possesses a contagious hook, while featuring guest performances by NG La Banda's arranger, Jose Miguel El Greco, on trombone, and Mario Hernandez (Irakere's lead trumpet). Definitely the most talked about group in Cuba, Bamboleo's Yo No Me Parezco A Nadie has created quite a buzz. So turn your speakers up ... put your dance shoes on ... and "salsa y tembleque" to the hottest dance record of the year.

-- from Ahi-Nama,

Schedule 2004 (updated 6/04)

June 11, 2004 Club Colosseum, London, England
June 30, 2004 Port Vieux Yacht Club, La Ciotat, France

Ritmo Artists is preparing tours for 2004 and 2005


"NOTE:  We are currently setting North American tour dates for the 2004/2005 season.   Please check back here often for updates on when and where the group will be playing in your area.  Booking inquiries for this artist should be directed to"


June 19, 2002  Chicago, IL HotHouse
June 20, 2002  Chicago, IL SummerDance
June 21, 2002  Columbus, OH Festival Latino 
June 22, 2002  San Francisco, CA Great American Music Hall
June 23, 2002  Angels Camp, CA Sierra Nevada World Music Festival
June 26, 2002  Portland, OR Oregon Zoo Amphitheater
June 27, 2002  Los Angeles, CA Conga Room
June 28, 2002  Los Angeles, CA California Plaza
July 4, 2002  San Jose, CA Independance Day Festival 
July 6, 2002  Santa Cruz, CA Cocoanut Grove Ballroom
July 11, 2002  Boston, MA Scullers Jazz Club
July 12, 2002  Washington, DC TBA
July 13, 2002  Richmond, VA Richmond Caribbean Festival
July 15, 2002  NYC TBA
July 17, 2002  Bronx, NY Crotona Park
July 19, 2002  Atlantic City, NJ Kennedy Plaza
July 21, 2002  Trumansburgh, NY Finger Lakes Grass Roots Festival
July 22, 2002  Albany, NJ Washington Park

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8-29-01 Wednesday New York, NY The Roxy
9-02-01 Sunday Austin, TX

Salsa festival

9-06-01 Thursday San Antonio, TX Park Place
9-07-01 Friday Houston, TX
9-15-01 Saturday New Orleans, LA LA Festival
9-16-01 Sunday Detroit, MI Festival of the Arts
9-21-01 Friday Bloomington, IN Lotusfest
9-22-01 Saturday Bloomington, IN Lotusfest
9-23-01 Sunday Chicago, IL World Music Festival
9-27-01 Thursday Los Angeles, CA The Conga Room
9-28-01 Friday Oakland, CA Kimball's Carnival
9-29-01 Saturday Oakland, CA Kimball's Carnival
9-23-01 Sunday Oakland, CA Kimball's Carnival

Previous listings

Feb. 22 Thursday

Pharr, TX

Tejano Saloon

Feb. 23 Friday

San Antonio, TX

Sunset Station

Feb. 24 Saturday

Galveston, TX

Mardi Gras

Feb. 25 Sunday

South Padre Island, TX

Tequila Frogs (Tentative)

Feb. 27 Tuesday

New Orleans, LA


Mar. 01 Thursday

Atlanta, GA


Mar. 02 Friday

Union City, NJ

Studio 45

Mar. 04 Sunday

Boston, MA


Mar. 05 Monday

New York, NY


Mar. 10 Saturday

Chicago, IL


Mar. 14 Wednesday

San Francisco, CA


Mar. 15 Thursday

Los Angeles, CA

Conga Room

Mar. 10 Friday

Las Vegas, NV


Mar. 17 Saturday

El Paso, TX


2000 Tour


Ticket Information


Lake Tahoe, NV Harvey's Resort

November 3


Lake Tahoe, NV Harvey's Resort November 4


Santa Cruz, CA


Cocoanut Grove November 5
Berkley, CA


La Pena Cultural Center November 6
San Jose, CA


The Usual November 9
Los Angeles, CA


Hollywood Park November 10


TBA November 11


TBA November 12
Austin, TX


Miguel's La Bodega (Tentative) November 16
San Antonio, TX


Park Place w/ Albita November 17
Houston, TX


Tentative November 18
Dallas, TX


Tentative November 19
Los Angeles, CA


LA Music Awards (Tentative) November 21
Nashville, TN


Club Caliente November 22
Columbus, OH


Tentative November 24
Chicago, IL


Tentative November 25
Minneapolis, MN


Tentative November 26
Las Vegas, NV


Hilton (Fair Convention) November 27

Contact if interested in other dates.

Previous 2000


Ticket Information


Beijing, China The Heineken Beat 2000
Ritan Park, Chaoyang District
TEL: 6465-3388


May 13-14

San Francisco, CA Slims
11th Ave.
TEL: 415-255-0333


June 1-2
Santa Cruz, CA Coconut Grove
400 Beach ST.
TEL: 831-423-2053


June 3
Santa Monica, CA Playboy Jazz Fest.
Coarsair Field / SMC


June 4
Pomona, CA Copacabana Nightclub
1600 Fairplex Dr.
TEL: 909-469-1965


June 6
Los Angeles, CA Conga Room
5364 Wilshire Blvd.
TEL: 323-938-1696


June 8
Tucson, AZ TBA


June 10
New Orleans, LA Raggae Riddums Fest.
City Park, Macaroni Dr.
TEL: 504-367-1313


June 11
Minneapolis, MN TBA


June 12
Indianapolis, IN Indie Jazz Festival
TEL: 317-635-6630


June 14
Columbus, OH Music In The Air Fest.
Bicentenial Park
TEL: 614-645-6144


June 16
Birmingham, AL City Stages


June 17


June 18
New York, NY SOB's


June 19
New York, NY Copacabana


June 20
Boston, MA Scullers
TEL: 617-562-4131


June 21, 22
Brooklyn, NY Brooklyn Music Fest.
Prospect Park West & 9th


June 23
New York, NY Copacabana


June 24
Washington, DC The Nations


June 29
Atlanta, GA Symphony Hall
Woodruff Center
TEL: 404-733-5000


June 30
Miami, FL Rumba Room
TEL: 305-372-9599
July 1

See for updates

Older schedules

Date Place Venue Phone/Details
6/1-2/00 San Francisco, CA Slim's 9 PM
6/3/00 Santa Cruz, CA Cocoanut Grove
6/9/00 Tucson, Arizona Rialto Theatre 8 pm, $20 advance tickets, $25 day of shw
6/14/00 Indianapolis, IN Indy Jazz Fest

1999 Tour

Date Place Venue Phone/Details
12/31/99 Hollywood, CA Hollywood Palladium
6215 Sunset Blvd.
Latin Gala 2000 
For Tickets call 323-962-7600
Sambe e Saudade - 323-634-7811 Ticket Master  213-480-3232
1/2/00 San Jose Fuel 44 9 PM, $10
1/5/00 Santa Cruz, CA Palookaville

1/6/00 Berkely, CA La Peña
1/7/00 West Hollywood, CA Conga Room

1/8/00 West Hollywood, CA Conga Room

1/12/00 Solana Beach, CA Belly Up Tavern  
1/19/00 Boston, MA Sculler's  

See for updates

Date Place Venue Phone
Miami, FL Club Timba
2898 Biscayne Rd
Miami, FL Club Timba
2898 Biscayne Rd
8/12/99 Santa Monica, CA Twilight Series at the Pier
Santa Monica Pier
8/19/99 Los Angeles, CA Conga Room
5364 Wilshire Blvd
8/20/99 Los Angeles, CA Conga Room
5364 Wilshire Blvd
8/21/99 Oakland, CA Yoshi's
510 Embarcadero W.
8/22/99 Oakland, CA Yoshi's
510 Embarcadero W
8/26/99 New York, NY SOB's

From Ahi-Nama's page,

Bamboleo at La Peña, Berkeley

Bamboleo from Havana to La Penna

La Peña Cultural Center
3105 Shattuck Ave.
Berkeley, Ca. 94705


For more Information Please Contact Fernando Torres ext 901 or Sylvia Sherman ext. 16

With three powerful music ensembles, January 2000 line-up at La Peña highlights the fresh sounds of Cuba La Peña salutes the new millennium with the sounds of BAMBOLEO, Havana's striking combo that has brought the spice back to the Cuban music Also in January local luminaries Conjunto Céspedes and Jesus Díaz y su QBA Thursday, January 6, 2000 8:30pm $16 in adv., $18 door

 "Bamboleo's YA NO HACE FALTA is in the top 5 best timba albums of all time- totally smokin". - Peter Watrous, New York Times.

"One of the seven Latin American acts heating up, (which include Enrique Iglesias, Los Amigos Invisibles, and Shakira) - Bamboleo offer a sonic Polaroid of what Havana will sound like in the new millennium." - Ernesto Lechner, Interview Magazine

"A band that may well typify the music of the coming century - music that starts with tradition, then reaches out to embrace the world." - Don Heckman, Los Angeles Times.

Bamboleo was created in 1995, immediately becoming one of the leaders of the timba movement, leaving an incredible impact on Cuban popular music and surpassing musical boundaries. They have developed into a socio-cultural phenomenon, integrating a new style of dance, fashion, and language into the Cuban culture, all of which have become an expression of the new generation of Habaneros. Bamboleo is not only a house hold name for the ten million inhabitants of the island, but for Europeans as well. The frequent rate of monthly flights to and from Europe has Bamboleo dizzy as they continue to lead the Cuban music revolution throughout the world ... Welcome to the Bamboleo experience - and get to the dance floor! 'Camina pa' la pista que la pista no tiene espinas!'

Founder and director Lazaro Valdez, recognized as a very skilled pianist with a funky and virtuous style of playing the tumbaos, is the key element in creating the right sound and refining the complex orchestral arrangements that are the Bamboleo sound. Lazaro showcases his amazing abilities on the piano in an instrumental version of the Cuban classic El Manicero. The two female vocalists Vannia Borges and Yordamis Megret, with their mystical essence and shaven-head modern look, reflect an exotic beauty that creates a unique visual trademark. Vannia Borges, belts out Ya No Hace Falta and El Protagonista with her smooth and cool attitude, and Yordamis Megret debuts her crystal voice with Recapacita. The lead male vocalists, Jorge David, formerly of NG La Banda, soulfully answers Vannia in Candil de Neive and heartthrob Alejandro Borrero brings on the timba in La Tremenda and El Pillo. The 14-piece band that makes up Bamboleo is composed of an incredible line of young musicians with astounding talent, all of whom are graduates of excellent music conservatories.

What is timba? Timba is essentially, the evolution of the age-old son that has surrendered its acoustic melodies for a more progressive and electric sound and is characterized by a fusion of traditional Cuban son with various other international musical influences. It began to evolve out of Cuba in the 70's as a result of musical influences from funk bands like Kool & the Gang, Earth, Wind & Fire and others.


Te Gusto O Te Caigo Bien

bamboleo2.jpg (23817 bytes)

0 1.  Intro
0 2.  Te Extranare (Si Supieras)
0 3.  Te Gusto O Te Caigo Bien
0 4.  Circulame
0 5.  Bamboleo Y Melaza
0 6.  Flor Perdida
0 7.  Extrana Sensacion
0 8.  Soledad
0 9.  Bemba Colora (Kimbara Kimbara)
10.  Inmadura
11.  Pinceladas Propuesta
12.  Exit

Te Gusto o Te Caigo Bien bamboleo's debut release, is a magnificent fusion of rhythms and styles: salsa, jazz, timba and something they call "tembleque" a sort of musical mixture that will not allow anyone to keep still. The album includes old standards like "Bemba colora"and "Kimbara Kimbara",as well as new compositions like "Circulame"and "Si supieras",songs that under the tremendous voices of Vannia Borges, Haila Mompie and Oswaldo Chacon, take on a life of their own.

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Yo No Me Parezco A Nadie

bamboleo1.jpg (16452 bytes)

   1.  Opening Estudio 10
0 2.  Yo No Me Parezco A Nadie
0 3.  Si No Hablaras Tanto
0 4.  Amor Sin Traspaso
0 5.  Tu Y Yo, Una Misma Cosa
0 6.  Pelicula Vieja
0 7.  Cuentales
0 8.  Mirando Al Cielo
0 9.  Con Un Canto En El Pecho
Yo No Me Parezco a Nadie, their second release,has become the most anticipated record to come out of Cuba in recent years, The type of music delivered by this innovative 14 piece band, is part of a revolutionary new sound emanating from Cuba that mixes jazz, salsa and Cuban "timba". The result tears up the audience, be it in Europe, the Caribbean or the Lincoln Center in New York, where they played to a standing ovation last July.


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Cuban Nights

1. Opening Estudio 10 - Bamboleo
2. Mi Son, Mi Son, Mi Son - Rolo Martinez
3. Idilio - Laito
4. Maraca's Tumbao - Maraca
5. Yo No Me Parezco A Nadie - Bamboleo
6. OK Santo Domingo - Maraca
7. La Runidero - Rolo Martinez
8. Opening - Bamboleo
9. En Casa De Pedro El Cojo - Rolo Martinez
10. Ven, Vamo' A Bailar - Maraca
11. Sonaron Los Canonazos - Laito
12. Sonando - Maraca 

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Rhythm & Smoke-Cuba Sessions
Platinum Distribution

rhythmandsmoke.jpg (13040 bytes)

1.  Cantinero De Cuba (Trio) - Cubamar
0 2.  Oye Como Suena... (Charanga) - Sabor Y Tumba
0 3.  Guajiro Natural (Son) - Cantores De Rosario
0 4.  Pelicula Vieja (Timba) - Bamboleo
0 5.  Aguzate (Nueva Trova) - Arte Mixto
0 6.  Cha Cha Cha (A Capella) - Catarsis
0 7.  Que Bueno Si (Nueva Trova) - Cachibache
0 8.  Ven Vamo' A Bailar (Charanga) - Maraca
0 9.  Cerca De Ti (Nueva Salsa Cubana) - Chispa Y Sus Complices
10.  Fuego Al Son (Son) - Eco De Caribe
11.  Los Barrios (Rumba) - Los Papines
12.  Mama Hue (Nueva Trova) - Moncada
13.  Las Habaneros Son Perfectas (Nueva Salsa Cubana) - Klimax
14.  Solamente (Percussion Solo) S - Changuito
15.  Chan Chan (Trio) - Cubamar

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Ahi Nama

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