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Benny Moré

Benny Moré was one of Cuba's greatest singers.


Benny More legend makes a silver screen comeback, 1/19/05


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Benny More legend makes a silver screen comeback, 1/19/05

Havana, (PL) Cuban filmmaker Jorge Luis Sanchez decided not to hedge his bets and based his first work on the life of Benny More, the King of Rhythm, a figure revered by Cubans, regardless of age.

Co-produced by the Cuban Film Institute (ICAIC) and the companies Coral Capital Entertainment, Ibermedia and Igeldo Comunikazoia, the film "Benny More" (provisional title) is expected to open on July.

It is a fiction film which inserts family memories, Sanchez said in a press conference Friday, where he talked about Benny as someone always present in his family home environment, with his music warmly embracing him since childhood.

The film is the first attempt in 20 years to bring the Cuban music icon"s image back to the screen. 

Sanchez finished shooting December 28, after two months and two days, and now has to work on the hundreds of images encompassing the period represented in the film - 1943 through 1963-, and thread them in a coherent, unique piece.

Mixing the sound for the film will be a challenge, with a soundtrack featuring Jesus "Chucho" Valdes, Juan Formell and Eduardo Ramos. 

The script, by Sanchez along with playwright Abraham Rodriguez (Andoba), dates from 1994, but the idea did not come to reality until 1999, when they started to look for the indispensable funding for the project.

Owner of a poetic intuition, self-taught musician and a natural born orchestra conductor and bandleader, Benny More is one of the essential bases of Cuban music heritage.

The actor incarnating More, Renny Arozarena, has previously worked in theater plays and in some movies (Entre Ciclones, El Loco Soñador).

I spent two years training for this film, he commented. The character was a challenge, but above all, an opportunity to deepen into Benny"s life and the possibility of knowing my acting skills, he stated.

Sanchez is an experienced figure of Cuban cinema. He was Fernando Perez (Suite Habana) assistant in the films "Madagascar" and "Hello, Hemingway" and he is a seasoned documentary maker awarded several times.

Source: PL


The 1999 Cubadisco Music Fair, Cuba's largest such industry event, was dedicated to Benny More. See

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