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2005 Tour invitation/info for booking agents



Calixto CV

Calixto Oviedo Mulens

Calixto Oviedo has played with some of the most prestigious Cuban musicians and bands such as Ruben Gonzalez, Pacho Alonso, Arturo Sandoval, Adalberto y Su Son, Issac Delgado, Todas Estrellas del Son and NG la Banda. He is recognized and considered to be one of the best and most versatile percussionists in the world, and is often mentioned together with for example Tata Güines, Changuito, Angá and Giovanni Hidalgo.

He is currently based in
the US.


Schedule 2014


May 14 - 22 
Tour of Italy
with Augusto Enriquez y su mambo band 

May 15 
Italian television program Domenica in

May 26 
Concert of Calixto Oviedo and his Latin Train Band

June 2
Concert and master class at Casale de Monferrato, Moleto Jazz Festival

June 24
Piazencia, Italy

July 8
Cuneo, Itali

July 14
Concert with Latin Groove Orquesta
Stockholm, Sweden

July 16
Concert with Latin Groove Orquesta
Copenhagen, Denmark

July 22-23 
Concert with AHI NAMA
band leader Haakon Graf
Molde Jazz Festival
Special guests:
Lily Hernández vocal 
Calixto Oviedo drums

August 25 through September 5th 
Rehearsals to prepare for North American tour.

Tour of USA and Canada
September 8 - October 21

For further information about the North American Tour contact:
Rodolfo Pagán (Representante , manager, USA & Canada)
Phones:+1 718-733-7163 / +1 212-243-4940
Compañia: "Hensam Enterprises Inc".

The band:

bass guitar and baby bass - Eduardo Cespedes
piano and keyboards - Henry Caruso (Italy)
trumpet - fliscorno - Gendrickson Mena
trombone - Leonardo Govin
sax tenor - flauta - Lazaro Sandoval
trumpet - Eugenio
congas - Peter Ehler (Denmark)
percussion - Ferdinando Despaigne
singer - Lily Hernandez
singer - Mariano "el mena"



La Recompensa

February 5, 2002
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2005 Tour invitation/info

Attention: Booking Agent
To whom it may concern:

SOB’S and Easy Entertainment Productions of New York city are please to announce the USA/Canada tour of Cuban musical group, directly from their place of residence Italy,  “CALIXTO OVIEDO AND HIS LATIN TRAIN”. 

They recently released their new CD “Latin Train”, where the repertory reflect on Afro-Cuban, Timba, Blues and Latin Jazz.Since they are Cuban musicians they present a varied Cuban music repertoire that include but not limited to traditional “Cuban Son”.We assume transportation and accommodation expenses when traveling with the group and we bring them to your venue doors.The tour is scheduled from September 8 to October 31, 2005, with presentations in the city of New York the week of September 8.For scheduling or reservation please contact Rodolfo Pagán. 
Phones: (718) 733.7163 / (212) 423.4940


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