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Schedule 2012

Charanga Habanera in the News



La Charanga Habanera

One of Cuba's hotest and most popular young dance groups, la Charanga Habanera got together in 1988, when a group of 10 young graduates of the Escuela Nacional de Arte and other conservatories got together to do Cuban music from the 40s and 50s and got a gig in Monaco.

In 1992, David Calzado, the group's director, began a new format: piano, keyboard, pailas, congas, 2 violins, 2 trumpets, altosax, flute y two singers, to do a more modern sound.

In 1992 la Charanga worked in el Boulevard de los Sueños de Viña del Mar, Chile. En 1993 they traveled to Europa for carnavil in Helsinki and in Tenerife and Las Palmas.

In l996 they did an extensive European tour to present their new CD: Spain, France, Italy, Switzerland, the UK, Holland, Germany and Sweden.

In 1997, they were punished with a 6 months suspension of their right to travel when a singer made as if to bare his butt on stage and another member was thought to have asked the audience if they liked marijuana.

Schedule 2012

April 9, 10  Yoshi's San Francisco Jazz Club  see their page at Yoshi's:


David Calzado y su Charanga Habanera return once again to Miami, FL USA after 10 years for only 2 Exclusive live performances:

David Calzado y su Charanga Habanera en Concierto de Navidad featuring DJ Melao
Concierto de Navidad Exclusivo:
Sabado 26 de Diciembre at Dolce Miami
1501 Ocean Drive, Miami Beach, FL 33139.
Entrada regular: $ 75.00
Entrada VIP: $ 130.00 (Salón privado/mesa)
Para reservar una mesa por favor llamar al:
(305) 662-2221

David Calzado y La Charanga Habanera En Rancho Gaspar
Domingo 27 de Diciembre
Entrada regular: $ 30.00

For tickets and more visit


May, 2010: 45 days on a US Tour



Oct 19 Gothenburg, Sweden Musikens Hus
Oct 20  Oslo, Norway Cosmopolite
Hot Salsa Weekend featuring La Charanga Habanera with Vania and Osdalgia
Oct 21 Copenhagen, Denmark Amager Bio with Vania and Osdalgia
Oct 22 Berlin, Germany  
Oct 23 Vienna, Austria La Floridita
Free Concert featuring La Charanga Habanera with Vania and Osdalgia

Oct 24

Budapest, Hungary


Oct 26

Modena, Italy


Oct 27

Zurich, Switzerland


Oct 28

Barcelona, Spain


Oct 29

Paris, France


Oct 30

Nice, France


Oct 31

Palermo, Italy


Nov 1

Milan, Italy


Nov 2

Naples, Italy


Nov 3

Treviso, Italy


Nov 4

Latina, Italy


Nov 5

Rome, Italy


Nov 6

Tunis, Tunisia


Nov 7

Rome, Italy




7/18/04 Rome, Italy Fiesta 2004  
Ippodromo delle Capannelle, Via Appia Nuova, 1245
7/30/04 Rome, Italy Fiesta 2004  
Ippodromo delle Capannelle, Via Appia Nuova, 1245


US: 10/15/03 - 11/30/03

See and

Previous tours:

2000 Tour

Oct 19




Oct 21




Oct 20 and 22

Studio 45

Union City


Oct 23




Oct 27 and 28

(venue TBA)

New Orleans


Nov 3

Sportsman's Lodge

Los Angeles


Nov 4


Los Angeles


Nov 8

Fuel 44

San Jose


Nov 10


San Francisco


Nov 17

Coconut Grove

Santa Cruz


Nov 18

La Pena



Nov 24


San Juan


Nov 25


San Juan


See for updates


Molenveld - Oude Steenweg - Boechout
in Belgium

Sfinks Festival, 6:30 PM


Charanga Habanera in the News

"Sin ningún temor", la popular Charanga Habanera regresará a escenarios de EU  12/19/2009 La Jornada, Mexico: "La canción, cuyo estribillo dice "tú llorando en Miami, yo gozando en La Habana", ha despertado gran polémica, inclusive en la isla ya especulan que la orquesta hará una nueva versión de la letra para los conciertos en Estados Unidos. "Allá en Miami vamos a cantar la canción sin ningún temor y estoy seguro que hay mucha gente que la quiere, mucha gente la está coreando", dijo Calzado en su casa en La Habana."

Obama's friendlier overtures towards Cuba brings musical détente  12/17/2009 Xinhua: "David Calzado, director of the Cuban Salsa band Charanga Habanera, speaks to Reuters during an interview in Havana December 16, 2009. Calzado and his Charanga Habanera, a big name in Cuba's salsa scene, are getting ready for three year-end concerts in Miami in their first U.S. tour in almost a decade. Cuban musicians are returning to perform in the United States after a long freeze on such visits, seizing the opportunity of friendlier overtures toward Havana from U.S. President Barack Obama."

Song on leaving, longing changes Cuban tune on migration - Feature  12/16/2009 Earth Times: "A song, both humorous and poignant, about Cuban migrants has become one of the most popular hits on the communist island, illustrating a change in the attitude of locals towards those who decide to leave. The song Gozando en La Habana, which can be translated as "enjoying myself in Havana," by David Calzado and his Charanga Habanera is about a young girl who goes off to Miami. But once there, she calls her boyfriend in Cuba to talk about how much she misses her country. "She says she has money, the car she always dreamed of, but she cannot find in Miami what she left in Havana," the song goes."

Orquesta cubana actuará en EEUU en diciembre luego de una década  12/16/2009 Reuters: "La popular orquesta cubana Charanga Habanera volverá en diciembre a los escenarios estadounidenses después de casi una década, para poner música al cauteloso acercamiento de las naciones tras medio siglo de enemistad política. Los intercambios culturales entre los dos países han sido limitados debido al enfrentamiento ideológico, pero en los últimos meses músicos cubanos han actuado en Estados Unidos"

Charanga Habanera to play in the USA  12/10/2009 CAN, Cubarte: "There will be nine concerts in Florida, which will serve as preliminary for a 45-day tour of the nation by the Charanga, to take place in May, 2010."


Links for tickets to Miami 2009 concerts

La Charanga se clono, by, dec '98

Charanga Split, by Hot Salsa
Some bandmembers were with Team Cuba in may '98

Biography, discography, press stories at (en Esp)
Concert review & interview with David Calzado in Miami Newtimes
Interview with David Calzado at Oasis Salsero
La Charanga on the Timba Website (Eng) Hot Salsa: la Charanga (Esp)
Review in Rootsworld

Charanga takes Osaka, Japan by Storm, '99


charangaGrandesExitos.jpg (8021 bytes)

Grandes Exitos
David Calzado & Charanga Habanera
List Price: $13.97
Our Price: $12.57
You Save: $1.40 (10%)    
1. Fiebre De Amor
2. Nube Pasajera
3. Tremenda Atmosfera
4. Placer De Amar
5. El Temba
6. Para El Llanto

      Click here to order  ==>

Tremendo Delirio
David Calzado & Charanga Habanera

Deliriocharhab.jpg (12926 bytes)
List Price: $13.97
Our Price: $12.57
You Save: $1.40 (10%)
No estamos locos
Dime que te quedarás Charangueate
Un disparo en la mirada
Lola lola
Lo siento por ti
Hagamos un chen
Que quieres de mi
El collecionista
Experto en amores
Mi amor cuidate usa condón
Un disparo en la mirada (boom remix),

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Charanguero Mayor [IMPORT]
2000 release

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