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Links to Web Sites in Cuba

Cuba Online

Business in Cuba
Collectives, NGOs

Real Estate



If the link is down, try later, especially in Cuba! Hay apagones... 

Cuba On-line

Cuban sites are typically denoted by a domain name which ends in ".cu". You can actually get a list of sorts by searching with Alta Vista and searching for "" which will give you all domains (URLs) that have a ".cu" in them. As of January, '99, there were over 5300 pages, as of January, 2003, there were 126,000, a 24 fold increase. However, it is not clear how many sites this represent. On Google in 2003, using "y" (since you have to look for something in Google, we look for "y" which is "and"), we get 155,000 responses. Google makes an effort in its first pass to limit the results to at most 2 per site. In 2007, this has jumped to 1,960,000!

Meanwhile, you can use "" as one of your search terms to find info on Cuban web pages in alta vista and  "" on Google.

There is a certain tendency in Cuba to say, "we are all Cubans here." So it's hard to find a Cuban site that specializes in AfroCuban culture. See "On the use of 'afrocubano' in Cuba" for more on this issue.

The Cubans have a number of interesting sites, some of which are bilingual (marked Eng, Esp below).  If the site is down, that may well be because their server or electricity is down (un apagon!), so try again later.

The web site of the Republic of Cuba
(Esp, Eng)
Numerous sections of interest, bilingual: fairs & events, email directory, art & culture, etc.

The Web of Cuba
Lots of publications available through here.

CENIA Internet (Esp)
Cuba's Internet

The Ministry of Culture (Esp)
This site has a lot of information.  Some links are not there, but it shows promise and has a lot of info about upcoming events.

Convention Bureau (Esp)
Up to date info on conferences, festivals, etc.

Cultura Site for Matanzas (Esp)

Artsup.gif (123 bytes)

On-line art gallery with items for sale, based in Havana.

Business in Cuba

Business Tips on Cuba

Web site for a magazine on doing business in Cuba, delivered electronically.  The site describes the contents of past issues in detail and costs $50/year.  Can be purchased legally under the Berman Amendment as it is protected informational material.

Collectives, NGOs

Banco de Idea Z
Must see. "Somos un proyecto cultural no lucrativo fundado en 1992 que promueve desde La Habana informaciones diversas sobre la creación actual de la isla, de sus creadores e instituciones culturales, a través de un servicio sin ánimo de lucro ofrecido a todas aquellas personas, colectivos y entidades que desean saber de la creación más contemporánea de la isla."

Culture   This site appears affiliated with Havana Club, a Cuban product. Its administrative domain registration is in Paris, France.




Education in Cuba



Agencia Cubana de Noticias


Cuban Interest Section, US

Cuban Television On-Line
See our page on CubaVision

Granma (Esp, in Cuba)

Granma (English)

Granma (Español)

An on-line magazine on Cuba from Cuba

La Jiribilla
Modern, innovative format by a group of young journalists in Havana

Juventud Rebelde


Noticiero de CUBAVISION Internacional - Daily (Esp)


Opciones - Weekly (Esp)
Semanario financiero, turistico y comercial de Cuba

Prensa Latina News Agency - Daily (Eng, Esp)

Radio Habana Cuba - Daily (Eng, Esp)




InfoMed Cuba
Cuba's medical sector on-line


Regla Municipal Museum (Esp)
Regla is a suburb of Havana with a long history of AfroCuban culture.

Musicwpe1.jpg (1034 bytes)

Cuba's On-line record store: Egrem, Artex, Bis Music, Caribe Production (Esp)
A must visit.  You can order direct from here.

Cuban Music Portal
A slow dog! Potential for a lot of info.

Music Catalog at CubaWeb (Esp, Eng)
Has a number of interesting listing.

Pinar del Rio - music groups

Portada de Musica - sitio de Cultura

Electronic music journal.  Juan Formel (Los Van Van) is head of the editorial advisory board.

Tropicana Internacional (Esp, Eng)
A great review of Cuban music, direct from the island: terrific, indepth articles.up.gif (123 bytes)

Real Estate
El objetivo de es simple: poner en manos de los cubanos la facilidad de publicar y realizar búsquedas de permutas en toda la Isla a través de Internet.






"On the use of 'afrocubano' in Cuba"

Some Cubans will actually tell you that specifying anything as "afrocuban" or "black" is racist, as there is no black or white, just people.... 

Out of the 5300+ pages in Cuba, as of 3/10/99, 5 had the word "afrocubano" and 7 have the word "afrocubana," paralleling the well known "invisible man" syndrome in the more traditional Cuban medias of TV and film.  However, this is changing in the traditional media... and there are a number of sites which have a heavy dose of "Cuban" culture, which of course is largely "afrocubano" even if that word is not used!  As of 7/10/99, the number with "afrocubano" went up to 12 and the number with "afrocubana" up to 21... Of course we have to remember that the word afrocubano is more of a learned word, a lot of folks would say "negro," or "prieto," or other words.  But if you do a search for negro, you will get everything that is called black, so that may not be worth doing.
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