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Contacting the US Tour


"Cucalambe is a fresh new outfit based in one of Cuba's most culture rich district, Guanabacoa, a suburb of Havana.

Unique in its mixed racial composition, the group represents all of Cuba's ethnic diversity. Its performances are not only faithful interpretations of traditional peasant foot-stomping 'zapateo' dances, Afro-Cuban rumbas and Orisha representations; but also innovative choreographies. They have succesfully managed to ingeniously incorporate the old world elegance of ballet and the contemporary immediacy of modern dance in some of their original creations. Inspired and working under the guidance and monitorship of one of Cuba's foremost exponent of traditional folk performance art, Lazaro Ros, this group is seen by some as being in the same category as Cuba's Conjunto Folklorico Nacional, which Lazaro co-founded in 1962.

1997 Tour: Lazaro Ros and Cucalambe

10/2/97: Unfortunately, this group was denied their visa while Lazaro Ros was given his. Because they were denied late, there was no possibility of organizing an effective counter to the denial. That is why it is important to get visas early, a ways before a tour is scheduled to start.

Thus, the following no longer holds true:

Lazaro Ros is touring the US with the group Cucalambe for 3 weeks in September - October, 19997. So far, we know this of their schedule:

September 27 Workshop and Demonstration, Council of Three Rivers American Indian Center - Dorseyville PA
September 28 Workshop and Demonstration, Council of Three Rivers American Indian Center - Dorseyville PA
September 29 Performance Penn State Univ., Berhend Campus - Erie, PA
September 30 Workshop and performance, Gannon Univ. - Erie, PA
October 1 Performance at the University of Pittsburgh, Greenberg campus - Greenberg, PA
October 3 Performance, University of Pittsburgh, Bellefield Hall - Pittsburgh, PA
Around Oct 3 Workshops in Erie, PA and Greensburg
October 14 Return to Cuba

The October 3rd appearance will benefit Musicians United to Send Musical Instruments to Cuba (MUSIC), which can be reached at They have a relationship with a music school in Havana.

Lazaro Ros has stated that this will be his last US appearance.

Pittsburgh is developing a sister city relationship with Matanzas.

Contacting the US Tour Manager

For bookings, contact:

Miguel Sague, Ethno-Cuba Friendship Coalition: 412 781-0586 in Pittsburgh
Fax: 412 381-7759


Miguel Sague, Ethno-Cuba Friendship Coalition
1739 E. Carson St.
Pittsburgh, PA 15203

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