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Frank Cabrera
Ilé Tüntun

Ilé Tüntun is a lukumi house based in Havana with a dedication towards their African roots.  The babalawos wear African clothes and are keen students of traditions from the motherland. They work with Taiwo Abimbola, son of Wande Abimbola, one of the 16 babalawos of Ife, Nigeria. Wande Abimbola is Awise Awo Ni Agbaye, "spokesperson and ambassador for the Yorůbá religion and culture in the world."

Frank Cabrera, Obeché, is a babalawo whose lineage comes from Miguel Febles Padron -- Febles learned from the old masters in Palmiras, a small town in Cienfuegos.  Febles is the padrino who propagated lukumi religion in many parts of Latin America, including Mexico and Venezuela.  Ilé Tüntun similarly has a very wide reach.

Downloads - Descargas

Mandamientos de la religion yoruba Ika Fun, Ojuani Ika, calendario 2012, PDF

Ilé Tüntun Orishas: Egúngún I y II, Primer Festival Egúngún Cuba 2011, Esú, Ňgún, Egbé, Ochun, Changó, Yemayá, Oya, Ňbatalá, Ifá, PDF

Ifa Salvara Nuestro Mundo en Crisis, traduccion de Ifá will mend our broken world por Wande Abimbola, Awise Awo Ni Agbaye, "portavoz y embajador por la relgion y cultura Yorůbá en el mundo"  y Ivor Miller. 59 paginas, PDF 7 MB. Publicado por Ilé Tüntun, reproducido aqui con permisión.

Boletínes Ilé Tüntun, 1999-2009, PDF 22 MB, 288 p. con buscador y indices. División Informativa de la Religión Yoruba Afro-Latina en Latinoamérica

Festival Calendario Yoruba XII - Ilé Tüntun, Venezuela, 1 to 7 June, 2009

Dos libros de Frank Cabrera, 2011: 1) Ilé Tüntun, la Nueva Tierra Sagrada, 256 Oddunes de Ifá 2) Ilé Tüntun, Tierra Nueva, de Frank Cabrera

Ilé Tüntun in Matanzas, 7/13top

In July 2013, Frank Cabrera-Suarez "Obeché" organized a trip to Matanzas city along with two Egungun body-masks and batá drums in order to greet Ifá practioners. They visited the 'ilé' (house) of Jorge-Luis León-Marrero in the barrio of Pueblo Nuevo, Matanzas -- he is a local representative of the Ile Tuntun movement to realign Cuban Ifá practice with that of West Africa. The many followers of Ifá in Matanzas went prostrate in the street in reverence for the Egungun masks that represent important ancestors for the Ifá practice in Cuba.  See photo gallery of Matanzas visit.

Ilé Tüntun processions in Havana, 7/13

In June and July 2013 Frank Cabrera-Suarez "Obeché" organized a series of processions throughout Havana to raise awareness of Yoruba heritage in Cuba and the growing communications between the Cuban practitioners of the Ifá system of divination and those in West Africa. On several different occasions, Cabrera led processions with Batá drummers and chanters, Nigerian Egungun body-masks sent by Professor Wande Abimbola, and a community of Ifá practitioners through the streets to publicly confirm their identification with Yoruba cultural heritage.

This was all the more remarkable because since 1961, public processions of a popular character have been banned in Cuba. For example, the cabildos of Regla, which were nationally famous celebrations for the Virgin of Regla and Yemaya with huge street processions, where last held in 1961. As part of this pan-African tradition, Cabrera's Yoruba-styled processions are continuous with the African past he focuses on.

See photo gallery of Ilé Tüntun's Havana processions.

Left to right: Frank Cabrera, his son, and Taiwo Abimbola, 
2001. Ivor Miller photo.

Festival Calendario Yoruba XII - Ilé Tüntun, Venezuelatop
1 to 7 June, 2009 - scroll down for more pics





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Urbanizacion Buena Vista
Avenida Quatro No G-7
Quinta Sta Eduviges
Cabimas, Zulia Venezuela


Frank Cabrera
Calle Octava, entre D y E
Arroyo Naranjo, Poey
La Habana, Cuba



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