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For links web sites in Cuba, see our Cuba Links page.


African American Historytop
Gates & Gates encyclopedia's entry on Cuba

African American and African News

African American News Service

African Diaspora News Service

Africa Newswire Network
News from all around Africa

African Perspective
Source for news about Sundiata, Mumia, and many other topics. 
Great artistic & musical programming.

Black Consciousness On-line
Newsletter, books, links

BlackLight Online
Black and gay in Cuba

Black Vue

Black Web Sites - we're listed!

Black World
News, virtual Sankofa University and many other sections

Blu Magazine
Hip hop and politics!

Detroit Community Activists

Essence Magazine

Institute for Global Communications

Kalamu Magazine

Net Noir

The Tennessee Tribune

The Black World Today

Yahoo News - African American News

African and Diaspora Religions

Ashe Online
Covers the NY area and elsewhere

Lots of info, in Portuguese and English

Caribbean Religion Center
Some interesting materials on the African religions of the Caribbean

Caridad del Cobre

CECTA, Centro de estudios cultura y tradición africana

Culto Sincretico

Cultural Excellence
Features outstanding artists, articles on African culture, and lots of resources

Egbe Lukumi

Home Page for Ifa

Ijo Orunmila
"Welcome to IJO ORUNMILA (formerly the Home Page for Ifa), a gathering place for students of wisdom and seekers of truth."

Ile Oshun Funke
Nice page from some hermanos in Florida

Ile Tawo Lona
Babalawo Ifa Karade's site

Odu'Ifa for 1997
Divination with Ikin is performed at Oyotunji Village in South Carolina at the beginning of each year. Find out what Ifa says is in store this year for the world, the United States, and the African American community.

A lively guest book and lots of information



Santeria in South Florida

Santeria: From Cuba to New York, and back...

Yemaya site

Yo soy hechicero ~ I am a sorcerer [bilingual]
"Spirit possession, animal sacrifice, mythic storytelling, and physical healing in a subdivision near Atlantic City."
Review of  "Yo soy hechicero"
in Ethnomusicology OnLine, by Maurea Landies, with input from Felipe Garcia Villamil

Yoruba & Orisha
Lots of great linkstop


Cuban Rastas

Rastas in Cuba, AfroCubaWeb



new site, Florida

Church of the Lukumi Babalu Aye
Very extensive collection! Florida

Ashe Online
New Yorktop

Civil Liberties

The Black Holocaust Society


Gays in Cuba

Hampton, VA Fire Department
Paramedics and firemen murdering Black people through deliberate neglect

If an agent knocks
what to do if an FBI agent comes calling

iN tHE cAR
Tales of the how California Dept of Corrections officers recruit for the Klan on the job, etc.

National Security Archives
Great stuff

Nazism Exposed
Nice site with lots of info on Nazis worldwide.

Police Abuse
Very savvy site!

Postal Justice Project
Postal Inspectors and their harrassment.  Has interesting links on the use of non-lethal weapons by law enforcement.

Southern Poverty Law Center
Tracks over 500 hate groups!

The Public Eye
Political Research Associates' web site: they do a great job tracking the right wingers in the US.


Cuban American

Cuba and Cuban Americans on the Internet
From the University of Miami, Coral Gables

Trace your Cuban roots!

Cuban American Alliance
Not your usual right wing Cuban American organization, good stuff.  Alberto Jones is on their board.

La Nacion Cubana
Credible writers covering the US and Cuba

Miami New Times
Many interesting articles on the state of things in Miami

Cuban American Right Wing

Buro de Prensa Independiete de Cuba

Cuban American Foundation
Founded under Reagan's auspices with US government help, this organization has seen members of it board of directors indicted in attempted assassinations and bombings.  It also has employed individuals on the FBI watch list of known terrorist. Your usual right wing Cuban American organization. 

Has a round up from the press, many sources.  Right wing leadership. Got $98,000 in 1999 from USAID under Helms Burton. This program funnels millions of our tax dollars to what appears to be largely white dissidents in an island with a majority black population...

Cuba Free Press
Claims to be out of money soon, after receiving $280,000 from 1998 to 1999 from USAID under Helms-Burton.  Gets 250,000 hits a month, which probably translates to about 25,000 user visits. Pay off a lot of reporters in Cuba.  How many are black?

Cuba Megalink Center
Zany Cuban American stuff as only the extreme right can do it!

Cuban Political Data
As seen from Miami

No Castro nor his regime
Get the latest party line from Miami

Cuban Art

San Francisco State University
College of Creative Arts
Metaphor/Commentaries: Artists From Cuba

Great site, with lots of interesting art.

Key West - Cuba! Cuba!


Cuban Dance

Salsa & Casino

Cuban Food

Cuban Links


Cuban Literature

Casa de Occidente
Has contributions by folks on the island


Cuban Music Schedules
Site for Stage of the Arts, Los Angeles. Keep an eye on this one, especially if you are in Southern California!


Great label, hot music videos: timba, popular. Check the Event section

America's Salsa

Bands in Town 

CenterStage - lists Chicago's concerts

DLS Arts Management

Fiestalegre Promotions

Habana Promotions

Havana New York



Salsa Power

Salsa SF

Has tour dates, great site!

Timba Geek, UK


Cuban and US related Music
Site for Stage of the Arts, Los Angeles. Keep an eye on this one, especially if you are in Southern California!

Great label, hot music videos: timba, popular

Blue Jackel Entertainment

Boston Ethno

Boston World Rhythm Calendar

Congahead from LP Percussion

Cuban performing artists speak for themselves. Same link.
Latin cyber superstore

Encyclopedic Discography of Cuban Music 1925-1960

Fiestalegre Promotions

Global Carnaval Links
Cuba and Cuban music, forums, chats, traveling
News, interviews, etc.

Lukumi Productions's Cuban page


Salsa SF
Lots of info on Cuban music in the Bay Area.  Often the first hints of a US tour for a Cuban group appears here!

Salsa Web's Cuban Music Page
Great survey of Cuban clubs

Salsa Web
Great web site on salsa, 83,000 hits/day...

Dedicated to Cuban music, to casino which is Cuba's salsa

S.O.B.'S in NY
This club gets the top Cuban acts when they come into NY

Son Cubano

Texas Drums Community

"We host one of the Net's largest collections of fully-sanctioned, downloadable materials."

Timba web site
Has tour dates.

Cuban News, Guides, & History

Cuba Directory

Cuba White Pages
Look up a phone number

Historical time line to the present

Miami Herald - El Nuevo Herald  English  Spanish
The Miami Herald is in English, El Nuevo Herald is its Spanish counterpart

Mundo Maximo - Guia de Cuba

Paradero - Guia de Cuba



Virtual Institute of Caribbean Studies
Finally an organization that includes Cuba in the Caribbean!

Black Cultural Studies
"This is an experimental Black cultural studies site set up because of a lack of resources on the internet around questions of ethnicity, race, and gender among populations of the African diaspora."

Caribbean Studies
Rich set of links, from the University of North Texas

The Global African Presence - Runoko Rashidi

University of Florida, Center for Latin American Studies
Good section on AfroTropical, see Faculty Web Sites, then Allen F. Burns, then scroll down. Covers Central America.

Lists of Links:

AfroCuban Culture - Columbia University

AltaVista's African American section

BlackLABiz - Online directory

Black Radio Stations

Caribbean Studies

The Internet Black Pages

Latin American Network Information Center (LANIC)
Comprehensive database of sources from the UNiversity of Texas, Austin

LatinWorld's Cuba Page

Links to African American Sites
Nice list of links

Links to Cuba Solidarity sites
The major American solidarity organizations are represented here.

Links to other Orisha resources on the net

Lukumi - links to Black Sacramento

Sites of Interest to Black Writers and Readers

The Network Startup Resource Center (NSRC)
The Network Startup Resource Center (NSRC), a non-profit organization, has been involved for the past decade with the deployment and integration of appropriate networking technology in various projects throughout Asia, Africa, Latin America and the Caribbean, the Middle East, and Oceania. This is their Cuba page with lots of links to sites about Cuban network, many of which are out of date but still contain valuable information.   Some are in Cuba..

Telemundo's Conexión Hispana 47

University of Pennsylvania - Black/African Internet Resources
The famed & fabulous Dinar and McGee lists

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Listservers: email news

CubaSolidarity    [suspected broken link]
An email newsletter covering primarily Cuba solidarity groups.


El Nuevo Herald
the most coverage in the US, in Spanish...


The Miami Herald
Sister publication in English to El Nuevo Herald, less Cuba coverage...


Medical Relief Organizations for Cuba

Caribbean Medical Transport

Cuba Aids Project



The Black List

The Black Radical Congress
"Black people face a deep crisis. Finding a way out of this mess requires new thinking, new vision, and a new spirit of resistance. We need a new movement of Black radicalism."  Several people listed on our web site are also listed here.

Congressman Charles Rangel

Detroit Community Activists

Links to Cuba Solidarity sites
The major American solidarity organizations are represented here.

The Marcus Garvey Bulletin Board

Organization of Africans in the Americas
Check this out.

Peter's E-Texts
Great list of text on Black Liberation, Prisons, etc

"The Praetorian Guard" by John Stockwell, former CIA agent
Details CIA and USGov actions in Angola, Nicaragua, and elsewhere. The Cubans
worry about this sort of thing...

Prevailing Winds
Great conspiracy material here

TransAfrica Forum


Endarkment - black travel resources

Travel to Cuba

US College Programs

Educational Exchanges with Cuba

This site is intended to assist administrators, faculty  and students in higher education in establishing educational exchanges between Cuba and the U.S. Our web mission statement is here. This page will include different pieces of information from time to time. To begin exploring this site, select one of the topics on the menu to the left, or below.

On-line forums


New York Times
On bottom left of this home page, click on forums, then after registering or loggin in, click on International, and finally on US-Cuba Relations.

Soc.culture.cuba Newsgroup
Go to you news reader and enter this as your newsgroup.  Available through your browser or through:
Lotsa polemics between right and left, lots of Miami diehards, but also many others.


African Musictop

AfroCaribbean Music   in English    in French
Extensive discography of African and Caribbean (French West Indies, Haiti) music. Sadly lacking in Cuban, but that may change!  Good tips on "Black Paris" - clubs, restaurants, bookstores, etc.

Gamton Records
Enthusiastic new label with West African music.  They love AfroCuban styles.

Protesis Productions - Afro-Blues Records
Great site, lots of music from Spain to North Africa to Africa south of the Sahara and beyondtop

Africa oriented Organizations


Accès Cinéma Africain


SOS Africa
Tremendo sitio, en español y catalan.

African Religion

Paul Aclinou's Dahomey page: The Thinking and Its Object


Event Calendars


Timeout: many cities in Europe and elsewhere

Cuban Art

Nevartos AG
Swiss-based on-line art gallery, sells over the nettop


Cuban Music

Afrojazz (Eng, Fr, Esp)
Terrific site, lots of info. Concert listings

Ahí-Namá! Welcome on the Timba Website! (Eng)
Great website on Timba, the hot new music from Cuba

Archivo Cubano, Italia, con articulos en español

Casa del Son (Esp)
Radio Rabel is in Santander, northern Spain.  Saludos a los soneros de alla!
Also which goies tot he same address
Musicians, in English
Les Musiciens, en Francais

Concert Listings (Fr)


Danza y Movimiento
German site with English pages, has nice listing of events in Cuba at

Jazz Festival List at Jazz Magazine (Fr)

LaJava (Fr)
In French, dedicated to Cuban folkloric (traditional African) and popular music. Seem to do a good job of organizing workshops and courses. Information on European tours of Cuban groups. Elegant site. Has good concert info.

Latitude Music (Eng, Fr, Port)
"A WebSite about music and mainly about Brazilian, Cuban and Latin music for musicians, booking agents, festivals & clubs , etc. with cultural and tourist information about Brazil & Cuba."  Based in Switzerland. Not much yet on Cuba, but shows great promise.  Great list of festivals and clubs in Europe.
See index of musicians:

Lotz of Music
Page of a Netherlands based musician who works with the best in Havana, including Amelia Pedroso and Miguel "Anga" Diaz.

Salsapaca (Francais)
Concert listings in France.  Also workshops in Cuba. (Esp)
Good resources on...son! May no longer be active...

La Unió Rumbera
in Catalan. Spanish rumberos, especially flamenco players, will tell you they got rumba from Cuba, even though the esteemed Cuban musicologists, usually of Spanish descent, tell you it came from Spain! In fact, rumba is Abakua in origin, as any rumbero musician will tell you, since he can compare both rhythms, knowing both intimately.

World Circuit (England)
"Home of the hottest latin and african music..."

Yeiyeba - musicas del mundo
Great spanish label that carries Vieja Trova Santiaguera, las Hermanas Ferrin, Eliades Ochoa and others.

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Cuban Music Schedule

Aché Events

Institut Superieur des Arts Afro Cubain, Paris

La Negra Salsa, Spain

Salsa Loca


SASA Music

Timba Social Club

Cuba Resources

Archivo Cubano, Italia, con articulos en español

France - Cuba Web

Olaf Pallischeck Kuba Linkarchiv
Much more extensive with a lot in German!  And up to date.

Archivo Cubano
Wide ranging resources, articles by Cubans, including many on religion and music

Cuba Solidarity

There are many solidarity groups in Europe, reputedly better organized than in the US

Amigos del Che ~ MediCuba ~ Tarragona, España


Cuba Solidarity, UK






Centro de Investigación y Formación en las artes escénicas Afro-Antillanas
Afro Caribbean Performing Arts Research and Training Lab
Centre de Recherche et Formation arts de la scene Afro-Antillais


Caribbean News Agency (CANA)

Caribbean Newspapers
Many listings!


Caribbean Religion Project
York University, Toronto


Carib Seek




Latin America

Afro-Latin - Cimarronaje, Africanías, Negritudes y Manumisiones


in Argentina


Afirma - revista negra online




Maracas - Japanese only






World Digital Library - UNESCO

Costa de Cuba desde Cabo de San Antonio a la bahía de Cardenas




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